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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Track and FieldProspects of a track team124:112/181897
[ ]Track and FieldHeidelberg rejoices to find itself prepared "for a new sport, track work"2:23/301916
[ ]Track and FieldAnother country heard from2:14/271916
[ ]Track and FieldNew Carlisle wins country high school meet1:25/111916
[ ]Track and FieldStudent opinion. "Let's respond when the time comes to organize2:42/81917
[ ]Track and FieldCinder devotees called; WC will not enter big 61:53/291917
[ ]Track and FieldCollege is backing coach with all her power2:23/291917
[ ]Track and FieldWinning school to receive loving cup at Clark County Field meet1:25/31917
[ ]Track and FieldWinning school to receive loving cup at Clark County Field meet1:55/101917
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Graham, Dud;Schaffer, W. E.Rain Slows Up Track Workouts3:54/121935
[ ]Track and Field1948 Tiger track team--six wins and no losses1:15/271948
[ ]Track and FieldOnly undefeated track squad in state1:55/271948
[ ]Track and FieldTrack team4:14/291955
[ ]Strack, CharlesRepresentative of freshman football players4:19/161960
[ ]Track and FieldFive trackmen qualify for meet8:43/121965
[ ]Track and FieldWU trackmen to mmet ONU5:14/21965
[ ]Track and FieldWU cindermen down Ohio Northern 81-554:44/91965
[ ]Track and FieldTigers to meet Zips, Princes6:44/301965
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen are defeated6:54/301965
[ ]Track and FieldZips edge Witt at Heidelberg6:15/71965
[ ]Track and FieldTurner stars, BW edges Witt6:15/141965
[ ]Track and FieldWitt trackmen third at ONU4:55/211965
[ ]Track and FieldMen ready for track season5:42/251966
[ ]Track and FieldSix thinclads run in finals8:33/111966
[ ]Track and FieldThinclads take 7th on O.C. indoor championships6:23/181966
[ ]Track and FieldHarriers lose to O. Wesleyan, Earlham; Turner smashes mile record for 4:23.78:24/221966
[ ]Track and FieldTiger "mudder" out-sloshed by Muskingum, B.W. in rain8:25/61966
[ ]Track and FieldTiger lose first conference game, bowing 6-5 to Kenyon6:35/131966
[ ]Track and FieldTurner is a ray of sunshine in a rather damp track season8:35/201966
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"7:44/211967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"6:15/51967
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen crash Otterbein; suffer 92-46 loss to Capital6:15/121967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"7:45/191967
[ ]Track and Field"Tiger Paws"5:15/261967
[ ]Track and FieldTigers meet 3 Ohio schools in 1st indoor track meet6:33/11968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers win over Heidelberg4/121968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers take 4 Ohio Conference titles8:14/261968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers defeat Denison,; losses to Baldwin Wallace and Muskingum7:15/31968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers show with 3rd sesason win7:45/101968
[ ]Track and FieldMeet Wesleyan May 17th an d18th6:15/171968
[ ]Track and FieldTigers place 5th in Ohio Conference season8:35/241968
[ ]Track and FieldWin 5th place in Ohio Conference8:45/241968
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track team tied for 8th place in OCITM8:33/141969
[ ]Track and FieldWins opener over Ohio Wesleyan, 79-568:34/181969
[ ]Track and FieldUndefeated in five dual meets8:15/91969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Capitol 70-666:35/161969
[ ]Track and FieldWittenberg took third place Oct. 11th7:110/171969
[ ]Track and FieldDefeated Wilberforce, 49-15; Hiram, 58-4612:110/251969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Capital, 3-27, lose to Wooster, 29-285:310/311969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Muskingum, 4-16:111/71969
[ ]Track and FieldFinish 8th in Ohio Conference7:111/141969
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Ohio Wesleyan 77-5916:24/171970
[ ]Track and FieldTie with Capitol. Finished fifth8:14/241970
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Bibbee, BillCindermen ready for OC; Bibbee starts at Ashland8:35/151970
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Ohio Wesleyan 74-616:44/81971
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Kenyon 100-3311:55/61971
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Denison 74-626:25/131971
[ ]Track and FieldFinished fourth with 47 points in the Ohio Conference Track Championship7:35/201971
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Otterbein 34-237:510/71971
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Denison 21-3711:310/141971
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Ohio Wesleyan, 75-616:54/61972
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Ohio Northern, 95-41 on April 511:34/131972
[ ]Track and FieldWon over Capital 83 1/2-53 1/2; won over Muskingum 93-43; won over Kenyon 76-6011:45/61972
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Denison 70-66; win over Wooster 80 1/2-55 1/210:45/111972
[ ]Track and FieldFifth in Ohio Conference7:25/181972
[ ]Track and FieldPlace 5th in O.A.C. relays5:34/191973
[ ]Track and FieldWin over Muskingum 97-394:34/261973
[ ]Track and FieldCapture seven firsts at Ohio Northern relays4:65/31973
[ ]Track and FieldLose to Dennison 76-60; win over Wooster 92 1/2-38 1/24:85/101973
[ ]Track and FieldTeam ends in fourth place in the Ohio Conference5:45/171973
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor meet marks new season5:71/311974
[ ]Track and FieldTrack doesn't attract7:64/171975
[ ]Track and FieldTeam second5:64/241975
[ ]Track and FieldWitt trackmen lose meet7:65/81975
[ ]Track and FieldBengals outshine Tigers5:35/151975
[ ]Track and FieldSeason tied up 4-45:34/221976
[ ]Track and FieldWins 1, loses 15:34/291976
[ ]Track and FieldMike hits 4'6"5:55/271976
[ ]Track and FieldWraps up with a tenth5:35/271976
[ ]Track and Field - WomenCompeted in the Ohio Wesleyan invitational placing 3rd out of 4 teams6:32/241977
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTeam improves at last meet at Ohio Wesleyan5:43/31977
[ ]Track and Field - MenTiger trackmen have better depth9:54/71977
[ ]Track and Field - MenLose to Cedarville 49-69 in first meet5:34/141977
[ ]Track and Field - MenTeam runs at Capitol and Otterbein, then have sole home next against Denison5:74/211977
[ ]Track and Field - MenTop Denison 83-535:75/51977
[ ]Track and FieldWinding up season with the conference championships6:75/121977
[ ]Track and FieldPlace tenth in OAC championships5:75/191977
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen start indoor seasonNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:72/191978
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen optimistic5:14/71978
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen 7th in conference5:84/141978
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen await home meets5:74/211978
[ ]Track and FieldTigers lose to Ohio Northern 86-505:64/281978
[ ]Track and FieldTigers over Capital University, 94-424:45/51978
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen topple Musky5:65/121978
[ ]Track and Field - MenTeam showing potential, other comments5:12/21979
[ ]Track and Field - MenPrepare for OAC relays5:12/91979
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackers finish fifth in Ohio Conference Indoor relays5:52/161979
[ ]Track and Field - MenTigers roll to 107-27 victory over Kenyon5:72/231979
[ ]Track and Field - MenFinish second in triangular meet5:73/21979
[ ]Track and Field - MenWill be competing in OAC meet5:13/91979
[ ]Track and Field - MenSeason opener delayed due to weather. Ohio Conference relays at Otterbein will be April 75:74/61979
[ ]Track and Field - MenDefeat Cedarville 99-456:54/131979
[ ]Track and Field - MenTigers finish second in a triangular meet, record is now 4-15:74/201979
[ ]Track and FieldTigers defeat Ohio Northern 89-565:74/271979
[ ]Track and Field - MenDefeat Wooster and Denison; Tigers 95.5, Scots 43.5, Big Red 42. Record is now 7-15:15/41979
[ ]Track and Field - MenTigers defeat Marietta and Muskingum 113.5-32.5-35. Record is now 9-17:45/111979
[ ]Track and Field - WomenFinish seventh in Otterbein Twilight invitational5:45/181979
[ ]Track and Field - MenFinish sixth in Ohio Conference meet5:45/181979
[ ]Track and Field - MenPreparing for the upcoming season5:31/251980
[ ]Track and Field - MenFinish fifth in Ohio Weleyan relays5:52/151980
[ ]Track and Field - MenTeam did well at an open meet at Otterbein5:52/221980
[ ]Track and Field - MenShowed strongly in open meet at Ohio Weleyan7:12/291980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWittenberg finishes fifth in a six team meet at the Otterbein relays. Beat Capital 110-43 in a home dual meet Wednesday5:44/181980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWitt defeats Cedarville; falls to Ohio Northern at meets5:34/251980
[ ]Track and Field - WomenBegins good 1st year season by victory over Central State and Bluffton5/45/21980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWitt beats Wooster and Dennison; 99.5-48.5-445:35/21980
[ ]Track and Field - MenWitt beats Muskingum7:15/91980
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWitt places seventh in 13-team Baldwin Wallace Invitational and defeats Otterbein7:25/91980
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWittenberg women, led by Sheila Simon; seek to establish women's indoor track team but meet difficultites4:12/131981
[ ]Track and Field - MenCraig Gilliam's shotput performance makes new field record4:64/201981
[ ]Track and Field - MenBackground of coach David Beach given5:15/11981
[ ]Track and Field - MenSome members of Wittenberg team qualify for National track meet5:55/11981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWittenberg places 6th in 16-team tournament5:25/11981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenGood performance by individuals at Ohio Wesleyan invitational5:15/81981
[ ]Track and Field - MenKenny Black qualifies for national track meet; Wittenberg places second in 5-team competition5:45/81981
[ ]Track and Field - MenFour memebers of track team will compete in NCAA Div. III championship5:55/221981
[ ]Track and Field - MenShot-put thrower Craig Gilliam prepares for NCAA track and field championships; history of lifting weights5:45/221981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWittenberg finishes 8th out of 14 teams at Otterbein Twilight Invitational5:65/221981
[ ]Track and Field - WomenPreseason team starts practices5:41/151982
[ ]Track and FieldTwelve returning lettermen to lead '82 squad5:21/221982
[ ]Track and Field - WomenCoach Mike Marshall rehired as coach5:41/291982
[ ]Track and Field - Women;Marshall, MikeWomen's track team fairs well in meet5:32/51982
[ ]Track and Field - WomenA first place start6:14/151983
[ ]Track and Field - WomenSimon & Graw shine7:34/151983
[ ]Track and Field - MenTracksters qualify8:44/201983
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrack team clicks6:24/291983
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWomen setting pace6:15/61983
[ ]Track and Field - MenThe team made it easy6:15/131983
[ ]Track and Field - MenIndoor tracksters to open season at Mt. Union8:31/181984
[ ]Track and Field - MenWhere are the runners?6:42/171984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenBroken records abound4:13/21984
[ ]Track and FieldTrack underway8:34/131984
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackmen look to improve9:34/131984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenIndividual records shattered6:14/201984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenMateris and Rittichier optimistic6:14/271984
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackmen qualify7:34/271984
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackmen qualify10:44/271984
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack concerns women8:32/11985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack team opens indoor season at Cedarville9;12/81985
[ ]Track and Field - MenIndoor track off to good start despite delays14:12/221985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenSmith Working to build program13:12/221985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack team breaking records12:32/221985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack team turns in strong performance12:12/221985
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and Women's track both take second in Otterbein meet13:43/11985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack team earns programs first trophy13:13/11985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTracksters anxious to pile up points9:14/41985
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen tracksters6:34/121985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTracksters battler weather for 2nd place finish6:34/191985
[ ]Track and Field - MenTrackters improve5:34/191985
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTracksters bid for OAC Championship1:45/31985
[ ]Track and Field - MenFive tracksters qualify for OAC Tourney8:35/21986
[ ]Track and Field - WomenLady tracksters prepare for OAC Tourney9:15/21986
[ ]Track and Field - MenTracksters prepare for Championships8=9:45/91986
[ ]Track and Field - MenTracksters prepare for Championships9:45/91986
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWomen tracksters 20-7 into OAC Championship9:15/91986
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's track places fifth in OAC9:35/161986
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWomen tracksters take third in OAC Tournament9:15/161986
[ ]Linde, Dave; Track and FieldDave Linde named track's MVP8:15/301986
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's track: season preview1/201989
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's Track: Season Preview9:41/201989
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen reap fun with work4/281989
[ ]Track and FieldTrackmen Reap Fun With Work13:14/281989
[ ]Track and FieldRunners small in number, big in desire2/91990
[ ]Track and FieldRunners Small In Number, Big In Desire13:22/91990
[ ]Track and FieldMen's track team improving times2/161990
[ ]Track and FieldMen's track starts season4/61990
[ ]Track and FieldMen's track shows marked improvement4/121990
[ ]Track and FieldMen's Track Shows Marked Improvement15:14/121990
[ ]Track and FieldMen finish sixth at Denison4/271990
[ ]Track and FieldMen Finish Sixth At Denison14:44/271990
[ ]Track and FieldHeritage NCAC Javelin winner5/251990
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's indoor track: off and runningpg. 13, co2/221991
[ ]Track and Field - WomenWitt women's indoor track NCAC championship boundpg. 13, co2/221991
[ ]Track and FieldTrack teams make improvements behind individualpg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Teams look to improve on last yearpg. 14, co5/101991
[ ]Track and Field400 meter relay team brings home crownpg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Tigers move at OWU8:32/71992
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and women's track teams look to improve at NCAC championships5:52/211992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack competes at Kenyon6:22/281992
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and women's indoor track leave their mark at NCAC championship meet5:13/61992
[ ]Track and Field - WomenTrack participates at Heidelberg5:64/101992
[ ]Track and FieldIndividuals shine in track5:14/171992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack teams compete in Championship5:64/241992
[ ]Track and FieldWittenberg track team performs in NCAC8:45/81992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack members stand up to tough competition5:45/151992
[ ]Track and FieldTrack team leaps ahead to victory in indoor competitions6:22/191993
[ ]Track and FieldChanges help to improve Wittenberg track team6:34/161993
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Softball; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's sports in a box6:44/231993
[ ]Track and Field - Men; Track and Field - WomenHollenbaugh helps both men's and women's track teams grow stronger6:14/301993
[ ]Track and Field - MenMackey given NCAC honor6:45/141993
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track team approaching third meet of season; [Dwight] Carter breaks two long-lasting indoor sprint records8:32/11994
[ ]Track and FieldOhio Northern finishes first at track meet10:32/81994
[ ]Track and FieldSprinter recognized for Oberlin success10:52/81994
[ ]Track and FieldThree school records set at indoor meet12:22/221994
[ ]Track and Field[Dwight] Carter, 400 relay team place qualifying times8:14/191994
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Carter, Dwight;Lyle, Lori;Bryant, John;[Photo]Sprinters Carter, Lyle qualify provisionally11:14/261994
[ ]Track and FieldSprinters [Dwight] Carter, [Lori] Lyle qualify provisionally11:14/291994
[ ]Track and FieldFreshman sprinter makes early impact10:45/61994
[ ]Track and FieldRecord finish for Witt track team1:25/101994
[ ]Track and FieldWittenberg Track athletes improve scores at highly competitive Bill Hayes Invitational8:15/171994
[ ]Track and Field[Dwight] Carter a two-time All-American at outdoor nationals10:35/311994
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track posting successful season8:32/281995
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's track wins NCAC title for first time8:35/161995
[ ]Track and FieldNew coaches give strength to WU runners9:1-31/231996
[ ]Track and FieldTrack and Field bring NCAC 1st place finishes home8:11/301996
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's and Men's Indoor Track and Field Teams Prepare for NCAC Tournament8:12/251997
[ ]Basketball - Men; Track and FieldSports Roundups10:12/31998
[ ]Track and FieldSports Roundups10:52/101998
[ ]Track and FieldSports Roundups10:52/171998
[ ]Track and FieldSports Roundups10:32/241998
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; Track and FieldWittenberg Spring Sports Shorts10:34/171998
[ ]Track and FieldMen's relay team breaks university records12:12/21999
[ ]Track and FieldTrack team places third at Ohio Northern Invitational12:12/231999
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and Women's track walk away in fine form11:23/231999
[ ]Track and FieldTrack and Field travel to Ohio Wesleyan University8: 44/161999
[ ]Crossgrove, Vanessa; Track and Field; Weide, SarahCrossgrove, Weide make records for Track team11:44/231999
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track and field setting numerous records this season16:12/222000
[ ]Track and FieldTigers finish in top five, await outdoor season15:13/212000
[ ]Track and FieldTrack teams win invitational18:14/42000
[ ]Track and FieldTrack teams place fifth at Defiance12:14/142000
[ ]Track and FieldPromising Season Ahead for Witt15:31/292002
[ ]Track and FieldWitt Women's Track Gets Ready for a Successful Season15:41/292002
[ ]Track and FieldWomen's Indoor Track and Field Team Shatters Records15:32/52002
[ ]Track and FieldBusy Weekend For Men's and Women's Indoor Track Teams15:42/122002
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Teams Visit Ohio State15:32/192002
[ ]Track and FieldMen's and Women's Indoor Track Show Strength at SCAC Invitational15:33/52002
[ ]Track and FieldSpring Break Trip Gears Track Teams For Outdoor Season14:13/262002
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Teams Excell at Defiance, Despite Cold and Wind13:13/262002
[ ]Gaal, Tim; Mumper, Kristen; Track and FieldTwo Tigers Excell Early In Track and Field Careers15:14/92002
[ ]Track and FieldTrack Team Excells at All-Ohio Division III Meet4/232002
[ ]Track and FieldSpotlight on The Senoirs of Track and Field15:15/72002
[ ]Track and FieldWitt Track & Field Off And Running11:11/282003
[ ]Track and Field - MenMen's Track Team Breaks NCAC Record12:52/42003
[ ]Mumper, Kristen; Track and FieldTrack & Field shattering records, competition heading towards NCAC Division III championships13:32/252003
[ ]Track and FieldIndoor track teams rtace to start of 2005 season10:12/32005
[ ]Indoor trackIndoor track teams continue early-season success10:32/172005
[ ]Track and FieldTrack team transitions from indoor to outdoor season10:13/242005
[ ]Track and FieldPre-marathon reflections6:44/282005
[ ]Track and FieldRumschlag wins NCAC decathalon; tigers take 3 of top 410:14/282005
[ ]Track and FieldSetting the bar high: track team off to a promising start 10:11/262006
[ ]Indoor TrackIndoor Track and Field team starts season off strong 10:12/12007
[ ]Bailey, Nicole; Osborne, Tara; Parker, Kristy; Shoemaker, Katie; Sports; Track and Field - Women; Walker, Alison; Wesseler, KaitlynTiger Wins at NCAC Relays10:12/72008
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Track and FieldWittenberg weekly sports wrap-up14: 32/192009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Penney, Craig; Sports; Track and FieldTrack and field wraps up indoor season 14:12/262009
[ ]Basketball - Women; Lacrosse - Men; Sports; Track and FieldWeekend sports wrap-up 15:22/262009
[ ]Sports; Track and FieldTrack and field success at Otterbein15:13/52009
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - Women; Softball; Sports; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's weekend sports wrap-up14:14/162009
[ ]Sports; Track and FieldTrack and Field looks to make their presence felt in the NCAC15:14/232009
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Women; Cross Country; Dixon, Rachel; Gardner, Katie; Lamarre, Manny; Larkin, Erik; McIlvain, Katie; Murray, Kevin; Osborne, Tara; Savage, Gabe; Seniors; Seniors; Seniors; Shoemaker, Katie; Sports; Sports; Sports; Track and FWittenberg's outstanding senior athletes14:15/72009
[ ]Sports; Track and FieldIndoor track teams improving daily 10:32/252010
[ ]Pfeifer, Mary; Track and FieldPfeifer breaks record as track and field teams make strides11:14/222010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Greek Life; Crime; Motion Pictures; Sports; Track and Field; Baseball; Student Senate; Phi Kappa PsiWhat we wrote4:0111/102010
[ ]"Sports; Track and Field; Peterson, Earl"Track & Field competes in All-Ohio meet 11:014/192011
[ ]Peterson, Earl; Sports; Track and FieldTrack Team in Trouble for Indoor Season 2012 10:111/222011
[ ]Editorials;Track and Field;Peterson, Earl;Purnell, GarnettLetter to the Editor: Student Responds to “Track Team in Trouble”¯ 9:112/72011
[ ]Track and Field; Sports; Banjo, Victor; Yates, Justin; Watson, CharlesTrack Shows Promise This Spring10:34/42012
[ ]Track and Field; SportsTrack Teams Prepare for NCAC Championships 12:15/22012
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Penny, Craig;Banjo, Victor;Johnson, ShawnaWTF: Wittenberg Track and Field Preview 7:41/232013
[ ]Sports; ; Track and Field; Track and FieldWitt Track and Field Prep for NCAC8:12/272013
[ ]Penney, Craig; [Photo]; Sports; Track and Field; Track and Field - Men; Track and Field - WomenIndoor Track Season Heats Up 7:12/52014
[ ]Sports;Track and FieldTigers on the Track Roar into April8:14/162014
[ ]Sports;Track and FieldTrack and Field Teams Excel8:44/302014
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Yates, Justin;Wallace, Laike;Melsop, Aaron;Delp, Rebecca;Myers, Aliyah;Medlock, Brea;Bowsher, Frankie;Longshore, AlainaTrack and Field Excels at NCAC Championships8:35/72014
[ ]Track and Field;Fisher, Justin;Bowsher, Frankie;Medlock, BreaTrack and Field 7:31/282015
[ ]Track and Field;Banjo, Victor;Medlock, Brea;Melsop,Aaron;[Photo]Tigers Trip to Nationals 7:13/252015
[ ]Indoor trackTiger Track Opens Strong 12:112/92015
[ ]Track and Field;Medlock, Brea;[Photo]Athlete Spotlight: Starring Brea Medlock 11:11/272016
[ ]Basketball - Men;Track and Field;Swimming and DivingSports Recap Online1/272016
[ ]Melsop, Sam;Track and Field;[Photo]Q & A with Sam Melsop 11:12/32016
[ ]Medlock, Brea;Track and Field - Women;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)Brea Medlock Named NCAC Female Athlete of the Week 11:43/22016
[ ]Baseball;Track and Field;Volleyball - Men;Lacrosse - Men;Lacrosse - WomenUpcoming Games 12:13/232016
[ ]Track and Field;[Photo]Track Home Meet Honors Seniors 12:14/132016
[ ]Track and Field;Barnes, Tyra;[Photo];National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Longshore, Alaina;Mitchell, Samantha;Gray, Alexis;Crow, Jordan;Meadlock, Brea;Stevens, Olivia;Meier, Hannah;Bowsher, Frankie;Gittins, Tyler;Farnbauch, Kyle;Branton, Tyler;Shutt, Cody;Mayes, Kenny;Hale, Ryan;Rodeheffer, Charles;Osman, JonathanTrack & Field: Don’t Stop Running 19:14/192017
[ ]Mitchell, Samantha;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);Track and FieldAthlete Spotlight: Samantha Mitchell, Sprinting Star 12:12/72018
[ ]Track and Field - Men;Track and Field - Women;Coach Rob Invitational;Robinson, Dennis;Dann, Anissa;Granito, Sydney;Pachar, Jersson;Pyle, Tomas;Gittins, Tyler;Rodeheffer, Charles;Farnbauch, Kyle;Branton, Tyler;Johnson, Brandon;Entsminger, Matthew;Clary, Ryelee;Barnhisel, Taylor;Lebold, Anna;Mitchell, Samantha;Hilley, LeahAnnual Coach Rob Invitational Honors Track & Field Seniors 10:14/42018