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[ ]TorchFirst Issue. Foreward. Its policy1:19/231914
[ ]TorchPolicy. Boosting for Wittenberg2:110/291914
[ ]TorchContributions by student body are desired. Columns open for student reporters3:111/121914
[ ]TorchResume of the first year's work1:16/41915
[ ]TorchNewpaper is merger under press club. New journalistic effort to prove success1:49/231915
[ ]TorchWittenberger and Torch join forces to make Wittenberg Torch only publication printed at Wittenberg this year1:110/211915
[ ]TorchFizzle number1:34/61916
[ ]TorchCo-ed number14/201916
[ ]TorchAcademy number1:35/251916
[ ]TorchStudent tax subscription--only sensible solution to "Knotty" problem1:210/51916
[ ]TorchWittenberger and Torch join forces--Torch only publication printed this year. To the Alumni4:310/71916
[ ]TorchTo be only publication printed at Wittenberg this year4:1-210/191916
[ ]TorchLook for the box for Torch subscriptions2:211/161916
[ ]TorchCo-ed member4/191917
[ ]TorchService issue. Dedicated to men in the Service5/231918
[ ]TorchPut on new basis--every student is now compelled to pay annual subscription1:311/201919
[ ]TorchTorch Increased With Addition of Column1:61/181923
[ ]Science Departments; Special Issue; TorchScience issue4/261923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; WomenGirls' issue5/101923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; Football; StadiumStadium Issue10/181923
[ ]Blazoned TorchBlazoned Torch Name of Sophmore Society [Changed from Blazon Torch to Blazoned Torch]1:411/221923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; WomenGirls' issue5/151924
[ ]Torch; Melching, Rue P.First Issue of College Newspaper Published Sept. 25, 1914 By Staff of Eight [Torch is 10 years old]: Co-Ed is Business Manager for First Time in History1:5-610/21924
[ ]Torch;EditorialsDiscuss Campus Problems In Open Forum, Editor Urges1:32/251926
[ ]TorchKampus Kakkle3:65/201926
[ ]TorchTorch appeared in 1915 and merged with Wittenberger a year later3:69/221927
[ ]McCleary, George;Torch;Messimore, HazelAddition Made To Torch Personnel - Twenty Try Out For Positions On Editorial Staff1:310/271927
[ ]Thompson, William;TorchEditor To Represent Torch At State Meet - Busy Sessions Planned For College Editors At Convention To Be Held At Miami4:310/271927
[ ]TorchTorch moves into office on campus1:32/21928
[ ]TorchEvaluated by W.G. Vorpe, feature editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer2:65/171928
[ ]TorchFirst appeared 1851-523:69/221928
[ ]TorchDirectory edited by Torch for first time1:39/181931
[ ]TorchHistory which concerns 17 former editors1:311/61931
[ ]TorchRated high among Ohio papers1:65/201932
[ ]TorchSecond best weekly1:35/121933
[ ]Chakeres, Christine;Sun, Paul;Fischer, William;TorchChakeres Secures Editorial Position - Sun and Fischer Are Picked For Sports Staff2:49/291933
[ ]TorchCelebrates twentieth anniversary1:59/281934
[ ]TorchTwenty ex-editors find work in numerous fields4:59/281934
[ ]TorchPaper takes second at Convention1:35/171935
[ ]Torch;Leatherman, FredTorch Tryouts Meet Today - New Students Can Apply This Week, States Leatherman1:410/21936
[ ]TorchPlaces second in "Best Weekly" contest1:55/211937
[ ]TorchCo-ed issue1/141938
[ ]TorchTo mark Silver Jubilee1:22/11939
[ ]TorchTo mark Silver Jubilee1:64/281939
[ ]TorchTo mark Silver Jubilee1:65/121939
[ ]TorchTo mark Silver Jubilee1:35/191939
[ ]TorchMarks quarter century45/261939
[ ]TorchTo mark Silver Jubilee1:55/261939
[ ]TorchStarts 30th year1:31/281944
[ ]TorchOffice gets change2:43/31944
[ ]TorchTribune tackles TORCH Thursdays3:63/241944
[ ]TorchChanges style; new type, new printer1:49/291944
[ ]TorchCentennial Issue6/111945
[ ]TorchSecond in bi-weeklies1:15/171946
[ ]TorchThe Wittenberg Itch5/161947
[ ]TorchAppears in new dress1:29/151947
[ ]TorchReceives first class award1:34/211948
[ ]TorchWins first class collegiate press award1:39/151948
[ ]TorchACP awards...first class rating1:54/271949
[ ]Mascots;Ezry (Tiger);Torchy (Tiger);[Photo]Torchy Makes Debut...1:110/261949
[ ]TorchWins four awards in OCNA convention1:15/31950
[ ]TorchHow we go to press2:32/221951
[ ]TorchHow we go to press2:33/11951
[ ]TorchApril 1 issue4/11951
[ ]TorchNational honor comes to TORCH1:54/261951
[ ]TorchWin Award4:25/11953
[ ]TorchMeet your 1953-54 staff1:19/251953
[ ]TorchK.G. Lind reveals founding2:13/121954
[ ]TorchMove marks fortieth anniversary13/121954
[ ]TorchReceives first class rating1:44/301954
[ ]Torch40th year1:39/101954
[ ]TorchMeet the staff1:410/221954
[ ]TorchMark its 40th consecutive year1:410/301954
[ ]TorchEditors number 9, including sophomore chief2:110/141955
[ ]TorchMerits four citations1:24/201956
[ ]TorchStaff, thrie ideas and goals. Meet the staff2:111/21956
[ ]TorchOCNA will convene here; ataff wins four awards1:14/271957
[ ]TorchReceives three OCNA awards1:25/81959
[ ]Sounds (publication); Torch; The WittApplications are re-opened1:44/11960
[ ]Torch; The Witt; Sounds (publication); EditorialsNot apathy again!: Disinterest is shown4:44/81960
[ ]The Witt; TorchTorch, Witt have long history4:14/81960
[ ]TorchReceives 3rd place in OCNA1:15/51961
[ ]TorchFreshman issueNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2/151962
[ ]TorchScorch14/11963
[ ]TorchReceives OCNA awards5:35/31963
[ ]TorchNoted journalists to participate in Torch anniversary observance1:32/261965
[ ]TorchFormer Torch editors continue to work in journalistic fields6:13/121965
[ ]TorchHardships of first Torch edition told by one of seven founders10:13/121965
[ ]TorchStudent needs sparked Torch; flame burns after 50 years6:43/121965
[ ]TorchTorch celebrates its gold anniversary1:13/121965
[ ]TorchNancy Benco named editor1:15/71965
[ ]TorchYAF, honor code rated top news stories1:11/71966
[ ]TorchPublishing weekly Torch complex process5:11/141966
[ ]TorchWittenberg around the world; students and news span globe7:55/201966
[ ]TorchAwarded 3 prizes at Ohio College Newspaper Assoc. Conference1:14/191968
[ ]TorchEditor named for next year--Pat McCubbin. Tim RItter named as business manager3:35/291969
[ ]TorchCo-editors will again head the paper1:45/61971
[ ]TorchBiographical information on staff2;19/221978
[ ]TorchSGA covers costs of two Torch staffers to attend conference. Other general information6:19/291978
[ ]TorchEditor explains mistake in football article5:31/261979
[ ]TorchLate Torch issues explained. Delay due to finding work-study student1:51/261979
[ ]TorchTorch advertises for distributor, call 322-52321:31/261979
[ ]TorchTorch needs sports editor for Spring Term5:52/21979
[ ]Torch3000 copies stolen, disciplinary action by university pending1:22/91979
[ ]TorchSports editor sought. If interested call 64425:52/91979
[ ]TorchIdentity of the individuals that stole 3000 copies of the Torch is still unkown. Situation explained1:52/161979
[ ]TorchSGA reimburses Torch $200 to cover money lost when 3000 copies of the paper were stolen1:33/21979
[ ]TorchEditor defends story, coverage before SGA body1:54/201979
[ ]TorchReporters denied access to police reports1:110/261979
[ ]TorchRegains access to police reports1:111/21979
[ ]TorchNew editors selected2:22/291980
[ ]TorchNew editorial format2:14/201981
[ ]TorchEmployment available3:55/81981
[ ]TorchThe Torch: How it all happens8:12/251983
[ ]TorchSenate funds computer1:15/81987
[ ]Torch; WUSOTorch, WUSO Face Financial Troubles1:31/151988
[ ]TorchTorch advisor resigns4:39/231988
[ ]Torch; Barth, Allan G.Torch Gets Faculty Advisor13:11/131989
[ ]TorchBolls contributes 17 years of commitment to Torch3/31989
[ ]TorchTorch closes book on 755/261989
[ ]TorchFormer Torch Editor Retires After Career With News-Sun4:11/261990
[ ]TorchTorch To Turn Spotlight On Top Decor Rooms6:14/121990
[ ]TorchChanges for the reader4:11/171992
[ ]TorchQuestions of censorship are answered2:42/71992
[ ]TorchTorch's connection to Student Senate explained2:12/141992
[ ]TorchProgress of Torch pleases editors11:111/151994
[ ]TorchHolocaust ad causes debate on first amendment rights1:45/121995
[ ]TorchTechnology changes Torch8:19/261995
[ ]TorchTorch receives face-lift4:1-29/261995
[ ]TorchTorch Day: a chance for YOU to get involved9:1-22/61996
[ ]TorchTorch spoofs tabloids with April Fools' Day issue2:1-24/21996
[ ]TorchTorch presents proposal to initiate media freedom1:411/181997
[ ]Math Workshop; TorchMath Workshop and The Torch leave Shouvlin3:12/31998
[ ]TorchDating survey finds majority of students dateless3:1`3/241998
[ ]Grefe, Ethan R.;TorchPropagating circles: final thoughts on an editorship6:112/52000
[ ]TorchThe news at Wittenberg, a year in review3:14/242001
[ ]TorchThe Torch advances to web publication1:512/42001
[ ]Letters; Editorials-Letter to the editor; Torch'Flame' Issue of The Torch Makes One Wittenberg Student Hot6:14/92002
[ ]TorchShots From The Cupola7:42/192004
[ ]TorchThe Torch joins Associated College Press 2:312/82005
[ ]TorchWhere are you people? 6:110/52006
[ ]Letters - TorchLetter to the editor3:14/52007
[ ]Letters - TorchLetter to the Editor-In Response to the "The Hottest __H__ On Campus"5:14/52007
[ ]Letters - TorchTo all readers3:14/52007
[ ]Letters - Torch; Psychology DepartmentTorch controversy11:14/52007
[ ]Torch controversyWhat are our community values6:14/52007
[ ]Torch controversyGreat strides made toward a better torch1:14/192007
[ ]Editorials; Letters - TorchTorch controversy5:14/192007
[ ]Letters - TorchTorch controversy11:34/192007
[ ]TorchFrom the editor5:111/12007
[ ]Whitney, Craig; New York Times; Torch; Torch Controversy"Times" editor speaks about life after Blair3:111/82007
[ ]Advice; TorchFrom the editor9:111/82007
[ ]Editorials; TorchFrom the editor9:112/62007
[ ]Letters; Torch; Ross, Ronnie; Honors ProgramLetter to the editor: Ronnie Ross [Response to artice "Matthies House: Study Haven or Love Shack?"9:12/72008
[ ]Opinion; TorchTorch's take: Some stories arouse strong emotions9:12/212008
[ ]Letters; Torch; Deaths; Fazli, KarlLetter to the Editor: Delta Sigma Phi Beta Iota [Response to article on Karl Fazli that was printed in memorium]9:12/282008
[ ]Opinion; TorchThe Torch's take: How far we've come9:14/242008
[ ]Alpha Delta Pi; Diversity; Opinion; Fraternities and Sororities; Racism; Torch controversyThe Torch's Take: Cultural sensitivity at Witt and beyond 9:19/252008
[ ]Editorials; TorchOpportunity for conversation with peers 9:110/92008
[ ]TorchTorch Corrections 3:410/92008
[ ]Opinion; TorchThe Torch's take... Anonymity: Strong Comment, weak ownership9:110/302008
[ ]Hart, Bethany; Torch;The Torch's take: Editor-in-chief Bethany Hart signs off9:112/112008
[ ]Torch; Torch ControversyPassing a new Torch to the Wittenberg community3:12/52009
[ ]Editorials; TorchThe Torch's take...13:12/52009
[ ]Sports; Wiler-Romans, Greg; TorchOvertime10:19/102009
[ ]Choiniere, Drew; Torch; Cronkite, Walter; DeathThe Torch's take... "And that's the way it is": Drew Choiniere signs off4:112/102009
[ ]Opinion; Torch Controversy; TorchThe Torch's Take... Dues paid, time to give timidness the toss 4:14/12010
[ ]Torch; Panstingel, Joe"If you will, I will": Academic attainment achieveable at any age5:14/292010
[ ]Torch; Rezayat, MaryamThe Torch's take...Play to your passion: Maryam Rezayat signs off4:14/292010
[ ]Torch; Academics; Campus"University ranking system 'mysterious,' flawed"2:019/152010
[ ]Opinion; TorchDon't like The Torch? Be proactive9:0110/62010
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Football; Edwards, Bill; Kennedy, John F.; Dating; World News"What we wrote4:0111/32010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Greek Life; Crime; Motion Pictures; Sports; Track and Field; Baseball; Student Senate; Phi Kappa PsiWhat we wrote4:0111/102010
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Buildings; Koch Hall; Politics; Kennedy, John F.; Nixon, Richard"What we wrote5:0211/172010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Drinking and Traffic Accidents; Campus ActivitiesWhat we wrote4:0112/82010
[ ]TorchCorrections2:032/22011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:022/92011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:022/232011
[ ]Torch; Internet; TechnologyThe Torch is now online 3:022/232011
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Torch; Wittenberg Community"A family that reads together 8:013/292011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:023/292011
[ ]TorchCorrections2:024/122011
[ ]Opinion; McKune, Maggie; TorchLetter from the Editor9:19/72011
[ ]TorchCentennial1:19/52012
[ ]Irwin, Ken; Torch; A Curious Tale: History of the Wittenberg Torch2:19/192012
[ ]Letters - Torch; McKune, Margaret E.; Torch; Letter From the Editor2:112/52012
[ ]Mauch, Katie; TorchLetter from the Editor 6:15/72014
[ ]Torch;Heath, Keri;[Photo]Editor in Chief Introduction 2:14/292015
[ ]Fallon, D'Arcy;TorchD’Arcy Signing Off 11:35/32016
[ ][Photo];Burnett, Molly;TorchFreshmen Reflection: Molly Burnett, Growing as a Journalist 8:14/262017
[ ][Photo];Karavakis, Nicole;TorchJunior Reflection: Nicole Karavakis, Excited for Senior Year 8:14/262017