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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Thomas Library"The Nuremberg Chronicles" donated; valued at $15,0001:55/51977
[ ]Thomas LibraryA-V Center expands its capabilities1:310/281977
[ ]Thomas LibraryCenter hit by thieves1:710/281977
[ ]Thomas LibraryBurglary - valuable items stolen - estimate cost over $12,0001:19/91978
[ ]Thomas LibrarySections of library rearranged. Students encouraged to ask for reference help. Donations to library cited4:19/91978
[ ]Thomas LibraryOriental rug and bust of Plato stolen from Treasure Room4:19/81979
[ ]Thomas LibraryBooks are returning6:39/221979
[ ]Thomas LibraryHas graffiti problems1:12/201981
[ ]Mower, Bob L.;Thomas Library;[Photo]Library director talks of past6:12/51982
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary not a country club2:62/51982
[ ]Thomas LibraryAcidic paper ruining library book collection12:110/31986
[ ]Thomas Library - Special CollectionsLibrary Acquires Caricature Prints3:14/81988
[ ]Thomas LibrarySmokers Snubbed In Library Ban6:410/141988
[ ]Buildings; Thomas Library; FiresFire Triggers Library Smoke Alarms1:11/131989
[ ]Thomas LibraryThomas Library closes for Easter4/61990
[ ]Thomas LibraryThomas Library Closes For Easter3:34/61990
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary reconsiders Easter closing4/121990
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary Reconsiders Easter Closing1:14/121990
[ ]Thomas LibraryWitt Archives: Scholar's Feast5/181990
[ ]Thomas Library - Special CollectionsWitt Archives: Scholars Feast4:15/181990
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary Plans to Upgrade Systemp. 1, col.9/211990
[ ]Thomas LibraryMontag Explains Need For Library Policypg. 3, col11/91990
[ ]Thomas LibraryStricter library policy imposes finespg. 2, col1/181991
[ ]Thomas LibraryEvolution of a library: brick to steel in 100pg. 5.2/151991
[ ]Thomas LibraryMontag planning new library collectionpg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Thomas LibraryOnly empty cups permitted in librarypg. 2, col5/241991
[ ]Thomas LibrarySurvey reveals students use the librarypg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary automation progresses1:110/111991
[ ]Thomas LibraryWitt receives speeches by the late Matsushita3:410/111991
[ ]Thomas Library - Special CollectionsSpecial collections houses numerous rare works20:110/251991
[ ]Thomas LibraryComputer virus plagues Microlab at Thomas Library1:22/141992
[ ]Thomas LibraryWittenberg receives grant; will help with library improvements5:41/291993
[ ]Thomas LibraryHumanities grant helps automation of Thomas Library1:22/121993
[ ]Thomas LibraryBothersome construction will clear path to Witt library1:510/11993
[ ]Thomas libraryThomas Library on edge of technology3:1-210/101995
[ ]Campus; Physical Plant; Thomas Library; Weaver ChapelFrozen pipes cause flooding in campus buildings1:22/131996
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary flasher makes second apperarance1:59/241996
[ ]Thomas LibraryNew director of Thomas Library keeps up with change9:49/161997
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary hiring two reference librarians3:111/111997
[ ]Thomas LibraryOhioLINK provides network of outside library resources3:110/131998
[ ]Thomas LibraryOhioLINK gives Thomas Library over 24 million items; Witt above state average2:32/161999
[ ]Thomas LibraryLibrary requires new water line1:13/311999
[ ]Thomas Library; Schulz, KathyLibrary director addresses students' requests of later hours4:110/102000
[ ]Student Senate, Thomas LibrarySenate studies library hours, possible extension1:111/212000
[ ]Thomas Library--HistoryEvolution of a Library: brick to steel in 100 years7:112/112001
[ ]Thomas LibrarySevere Water Damage in Thomas Library1:12/52002
[ ]Thomas LibraryHidden study nook 4:12/162006
[ ]Thomas Library; National Library WeekWitt recognizes national library week 1:43/232006
[ ]Library; Thomas LibraryTrue or False: The library keeps back issues of "Playboy" archived - True12:19/202007
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested for indecent exposure in Thomas Library1:0111/32010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested in Thomas Library not connected to past incidences on Campus2:0311/102010
[ ]Faculty Evaluation;Thomas Library;MyWittFaculty and Course Evaluations: The Mystery Debunked Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:111/82012
[ ]Technology;Campus;Thomas LibraryTiger-Print Allie Ogden 9/102014
[ ]Thomas Library;Curriculum Resource Center;Education Department;Snyder, Kara;Pallant, Joan;[Photos]CRC Grand Reopening 2:14/222015
[ ]Center for Engaged Learning (CEL);Student Senate;Southard, Michael J.;Thomas LibraryPlans for CEL Move Forward 3:11/272016
[ ]COMPASS;Center for Engaged Learning (CEL);Thomas Library;Student Senate;Lough, ZacharyThomas Library Introduces Compass 9/72016
[ ]COMPASS;Thomas Library;Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Center for Engaged Learning (CEL);[Photo]Campus Community EnCOMPASSed By New Student Success Center 1:19/282016
[ ]COMPASS;Final exams;Thomas Library;Midnight BreakfastFinals Freakout: How To Prepare Yourself 5:212/72016