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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]TheatreWere you there? An editorial on theatre going56:212/11880
[ ]Theatre attendancePresident Payne of Ohio Wesleyan defends action of faculty40:212/11885
[ ]Little Theatre; Sittler, JosephTheatre to be in Blair Hall; equipped under the direction of Paul R. Brees, Head of Public speaking dept.; Joseph Sittler added to Public Speaking Department1:29/221927
[ ]Little TheatreEdgar Schwyn's play, "Rolling Stones" to be opening play1:412/81927
[ ]Little TheatreFirst photograph of theatre4:212/151927
[ ]Little TheatreStudent production opens new theatre4:212/151927
[ ]Little TheatreMonthly dramatic features promised1:61/121928
[ ]Springfield;TheatreSpringfield Civic Theater Hunts Talent4:512/151948
[ ]Theatre GuildInaugurated on campus1:411/51954
[ ]Theatre GuildSponsors three drama interpretations1:51/211955
[ ]Theatre GuildPasses one year mark2:55/61955
[ ]Theatre GuildArrange for speaker1:22/171961
[ ]Theatre GuildThe Stage--them of the season1;111/91962
[ ]Theatre Study TourItinerary set for tour of New York theatres in fall5:14/301965
[ ]Theatre Study TourTour scheduled1:210/81965
[ ]Theatre of ConcernTheatre of Concern comes to campus6:33/111966
[ ]Theatre of ConcernUnique thespian presentation slated6:43/251966
[ ]Theatre Study TourTour announced4:45/131966
[ ]Tuesday TheatreNewly formed group to produce "The Man with a Flower in his Mouth" by Luigi Pirandello4:611/161972
[ ]Tuesday Theatre"The Lady Aoi" and "Far from the Valley of Green" draw large crowd6:53/11973
[ ]Tuesday TheatreTo present "The Puppet Show"6:74/121973
[ ]Theatre"Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris" a different type of production on October 31st and November 1st-3rd1:310/41973
[ ]Theatre"Jacques Brel" players discuss roles6:110/181973
[ ]TheatreJacques Brel comes alive on Wittenberg's Stage2511/81973
[ ]TheatreBeautiful emotions bloom in "Marigolds"4:11/311974
[ ]TheatreStudents present plays by Albee6:72/211974
[ ]TheatreTheatre is not afraid of "Virginia Woolf"6:42/211974
[ ]TheatrePlays by Albee Fest6:13/71974
[ ]TheatreTheatre majors in New York city4:54/251974
[ ]TheatreTo present "Spoon River"6:710/101974
[ ]Theatre"River" excites TUT4:710/171974
[ ]Theatre"Spoon River" challenging4:110/241974
[ ]TheatreCast announced for "A Doll's House"4:410/241974
[ ]TheatreTakes trip via "Spoon River"1:710/311974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Scores again with "Spoon River"8:111/71974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Ibsen play opens4:111/141974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House" performed at Blair Nov. 20-236:611/211974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Godspell" opens Feb. 171:51/131975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)In need of new facilities6:31/161975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Presents "Godspell" Feb. 12-154:61/231975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Godspell" entertains6:32/201975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented Mar. 5-8, 12-156:32/271975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Plan one major production for each term4:39/251975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Hay fever" to open6:611/61975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Hay Fever" performance superb3:211/131975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)To present "Three Penny Opera"5:31/151976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Three Penny Opera" opens February 212:12/191976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Three Penny" twists adn entices3:52/251976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Transparent Morning" cast4:74/81976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Literature, experience inspire "Morning"4:14/291976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Transparent Morning" reflects our changing history1:65/61976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The importance of being Earnest" to be presented Sept. 22, 23 & Nov. 3, 74:49/231976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The Importance . . . ." to be first production3:710/71976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Once upon a mattress" performed Feb. 23-276:31/201977
[ ]TheatreActing II class will present a "mini-tour" in other departments4:11/271977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Ex Miss Copper Queen on a set of Pills" done as Senior Comp. by Gary Stross4:82/31977
[ ]TheatreActing II stages mini-tour4:62/171977
[ ]Theatre Artists GuildPerformed "The Cherry Orchard" April 4 in the union dining room5:24/71977
[ ]Theatre DepartmentStudents to stage own plays1:65/191977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)TUT schedule very busy1:79/231977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)TUT stages "Crucible"4:210/141977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Prepare to stage "A raisin in the sun"4:311/41977
[ ]TheatreTUT will produce children's musical6:62/31978
[ ]TheatreTheatre tour set for Great Britain4:64/71978
[ ]TheatreActors enter new roles44/211978
[ ]TheatreTheatre plans revamped1:54/211978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Actors take on technical designing responsibility for senior comprehensive projects4:14/281978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Plans to renovate Tower Dining Room into Theatre Dept.1:54/281978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Stages Twelfth Night - May 10-14, 8:00PM $2.50 per ticket3:35/51978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Theatre to present "The school for scandal" October 25-29 in Blair Hall Theatre. Cast list, information3:59/291978
[ ]TUT(Theatre);To present "The school for scandal," and other upcoming plays3:59/291978
[ ]Theatre DepartmentTo present the play "Firebugs" Feb. 14-18. Directed by Mr. William Balling, Jr. - Witt prof4:71/191979
[ ]Theatre DepartmentSpring production "Night of January 16" at Blair Theatre may 9-13 at 8:15 p.m., 2:30 Matinee May 126:25/41979
[ ]University TheatreShould be completed and workable by Oct 5 (pic)1:19/221979
[ ]University TheatreTheatre will open new season with "The Fantastiks" (pic)1:110/261979
[ ]University TheatreTo open new season with "The Fantastiks" (pic)1:110/261979
[ ]University Theatre"The Fantastiks" will continue through Nov. 36:111/21979
[ ]University TheatreBlack comedy to be presented (pic)1:22/81980
[ ]TheatreSenior discusses many aspects of the theatre4:42/81980
[ ]University TheatreSoph. Robert Bones directs play with elderly for course project in "Aging in American Society"8:35/91980
[ ]University TheatreWill present variety of plays during term4:510/171980
[ ]TheatreWitt will present "The Mikado"6:310/241980
[ ]TheatrePlays to be presented by student directors6:311/141980
[ ]TheatreDr. Laming, assoc. prof. of speech & theatre at Wittenberg directs "Who is Afrai of Virginia Woolf?" at University of Dayton1:52/201981
[ ]TheatreWittenberg actors will present Sophocles' and Anouilh's versions of "Antigone" under the direction of Dr. Dorothy W. Laming3:25/151981
[ ]TheatreNew Dance floor almost complete; dancers excited3:410/21981
[ ]TheatreFall production "The Shadow Box" discussed in detail; the year's schedule given1:110/231981
[ ]Theatre"The Shadow Box" to open Witt's 1981-82 season, Nov. 4-7 at 8:15 pm, in Tower Theatre, directed by Dr. Georges2:610/301981
[ ]TheatreFall theatre production8:310/11982
[ ]Theatre"The Miser" captivates audience11/121982
[ ]TheatreWenchus displays enthusiasm for the theatre8;111/121982
[ ]TheatreAll my sons choosen4:34/81983
[ ]Theatre; Chakeres Memorial TheatreUniversity names theatre in ceremony10:14/221983
[ ]TheatreProduction combines experience with intensity8:15/131983
[ ]TheatreHedda Gabler1:211/31983
[ ]TheatreGreat Gabler10:111/111983
[ ]TheatreGibson directs "Godspell"9:11/201984
[ ]TheatreWorld Premier Hits Witt5:11/201984
[ ]Theatre"Luther" makes world wide debut8:12/171984
[ ]TheatreGodspell: "Says so much"9:12/241984
[ ]TheatrePlay cast chosen4:24/131984
[ ]TheatreA Midsummer Night's Dream5:15/181984
[ ]TheatreAudition dates set for student theatre production8:29/281984
[ ]TheatreThe table is set for "The Dining Room"10:111/21984
[ ]TheatreWittenberg is "Waiting for Godot"5:12/221985
[ ]TheatreIs anyone out there?14:35/31985
[ ]TheatreThe night Luther died premiers at Witt10:15/31985
[ ]TheatreThe importance of being Earnest: "A delicate bubble of fancy"1:15/171985
[ ]Theatre"'Anything goes' is going on at Chakeres"8:101/311986
[ ]Theatre"Much Ado" succeeds in providing laughter5:15/301986
[ ]Theatre"Crimes of the Heart" opens Parents' Weekend10:311/71986
[ ]TheatreOne Acts display many styles10?111/71986
[ ]TheatreNational Theatre of the Deaf to perform tonight14:12/131987
[ ]TheatreWittenberg theatre to present "The Cherry Orchard"1:45/151987
[ ]TheatreWilder's: Skin of our teeth10/211988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWilder's: Skin Of Our Teeth11:110/211988
[ ]TheatreThe One Acts11/41988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe One Acts9:111/41988
[ ]TheatreStafford Reviews "The Skin of our teeth"11/111988
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStafford Reviews `The Skin Of Our Teeth'8:111/111988
[ ]TheatreJebsen Announces one act auditions1/131989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJebsen Announces One Act Auditions11:11/131989
[ ]TheatreAckerman casts main stage production1/201989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCroston Directs Play12:31/201989
[ ]TheatrePlay cast announced1/271989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPlay Cast Announced13:21/271989
[ ]TheatreMarshall, Harvey Star in "On Tiding Endings"2/171989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMarshall, Harvey Star In 'On Tidings Endings'11:42/171989
[ ]Alley TheatreAlley Theater Performs4/71989
[ ]TheatreCast Set for Production4/71989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast Set for Production6:34/71989
[ ]TheatreReal town raises conscience4/71989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMoliere Teaches, Entertains5:15/191989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreMoliere teaches, entertains5:15/191989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreActress pleased with "Imaginary Invalid"5/261989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentActress Pleased With `Imaginary Invalid'7:15/261989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFall Performance Cast Is Choosen7:59/291989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTidwell Adds Life To theatre With Three-Hat Act7:110/61989
[ ]Wittenberg Theatre"Good Woman" good show11/31989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreSatire, comedy and drama characterize the one acts11/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSatire, Comedy, and Drama Characterize The One Acts6:411/31989
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department`Good Woman' Good Show6:111/31989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreAuditions are scheduled11/101989
[ ]Theatre DepartmentMainstage rehearsals on1/121990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentModern Dance class up + running1/191990
[ ]Blair Hall TheatreBlair Theatre Undergoes Major Makeover7:12/91990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMainstage Challenges Witt Actors8:22/161990
[ ]Theatre Department"Boys next door" challenges both actors and audience2/231990
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department`Boys Next Door' Challenges Both Actors And Audience7:42/231990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentVictorian "Insanity" to come alive on Blair stage3/21990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentFew roles left open for male leads in "Tales"4/61990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentSummer theatre tour offers credit and fun4/121990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCanterbury Tales Offer Humerous Account Of Novel4:25/181990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentCanterbury Tales offer humorous account of novel5/181990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentStars shine in Risque "Tales"5/181990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStars Shine In Risque `Tales'6:15/181990
[ ]Theatre DepartmentPlaywrite Milan Stitt to pay second visit to Witt5/251990
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'A Doll House' To Open At Witt This Fallp. 7, col.9/211990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudents to Direct Upcoming One Actspg. 6, col10/51990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre Events Announcedpg. 6, col10/51990
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'A Doll House' To Explore Genderpg. 7, col10/261990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCaraker Prepares 'A Doll House' For Productionpg. 7, col10/261990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast Brings Ibsen's Characters To Lifepg. 7, col11/21990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentUpcoming Theatre Eventspg. 7, col11/91990
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJazzy 'Comedy of Errors' to run 8th weekpg. 7, col1/111991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Night of Sex' to be offered to all Wittenbergpg. 6, col1/251991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'LBJ' appeals to imaginationpg. 5, col2/81991
[ ]Theatre Department'Comedy of Errors' is professional quality 6, col2/221991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'91 dance concert choreography to offer jazz, bluepg. 8, col4/51991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'91 Dance Concert team to make its debutpg. 8, col4/121991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Miss Firecracker' coming May 16pg. 8, col5/31991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAllard to direct 'Strenuous Exercise'pg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWitt's Dance Program wins honorspg. 6, col5/241991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDr. Georges directs Sophocles' 'Antigone' set in 1940's France6:19/271991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRevised 'Antigone' to open11:110/251991
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-act plays by student directors to be performed this weekend6:411/81991
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'The Meeting' to be performed at Witt7:41/311992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentUpcoming events in Theatre Department7:41/311992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre presents 'Prelude to a Kiss'6:32/211992
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Prelude' to be performed this weekend5:12/281992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSpring dance concert displays talent8:54/101992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThis year's Dance Company gives 'best ever' performance8:14/171992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Theatre and Dance Department offers fun and variety to acting students8:15/11992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMusical 'Fantasticks' to captivate audience6:55/151992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMusical 'Fantasticks' comes to campus7:45/221992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentBathwater entertains audience with irony and fascination7:511/61992
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentNew improvisation class to focus on education issues1:52/51993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAfrican American drama group to perform at WU7:55/141993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentChoreographer coming to Witt7:410/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFour 'One Acts' slated this week7:110/261993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentBoar's Head Feaste set by churches Jan. 7, 810:411/21993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Acts very successful11:211/21993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAugust Wilson play to be presented in Chakeres Theatre10:311/91993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentJoe Turner drama enraptures Witt audience10:311/161993
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPippin could help Wittenberg students shake off what's left of winter's blahs6:42/81994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPippin rehearsals running smoothly as musical nears opening night10:42/151994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPippin a musical and visionary delight12:13/11994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSeasoned actor Walter Rhodes direct s at Witt12:14/121994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPlay auditions brings new talent to stage12:49/271994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg theatre students direct one act plays for fall9:410/41994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentInherit cast hones its performances9:111/11994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentEvolution play packs in Chakeres Theatre1:111/81994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Acts hilariously played10:411/151994
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg's dance program expands to include minor3:41/311995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentReynolds excited about upcoming comedy13:1-32/141995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMeasure for Measure opens10:52/211995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMarsha Hanna to direct spring term theatre production13:54/111995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSenior Swan Song to be a celebration of years of preparation9:25/21995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCast gives excellent performance of Isn't it Romantic9:15/231995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's Man and Superman comes to Witt's mainstage14:2-39/121995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWiden's Prophecy gets thumbs down14:19/121995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMother-daughter relationship, universal themes explored in play, Eleemosynary9:1-311/141995
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDirecting class, student actors produce successful weekend of six one-act plays9:1-311/211995
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreInto the Woods cast and crew create memorable performance13:1-52/271996
[ ]Human Race TheatreHuman Race Theatre to present Edward Albee's Three Tall Women10:1-24/121996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent directs spoof on Shakespeare9:3-59/241996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRoad to Mecca to open threatre's season14:1-310/11996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRoad to Mecca delivers powerful performance10:1-310/81996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre rents costumes for Halloween festivities15:4-510/151996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAudience, small cast combine for laughs in abridged performance of Shakespeare13:3-510/291996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudents begin production on fall one-act plays14:1-211/51996
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreNew group promotes involvement of campus, community in theatre15:3-511/191996
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne Act performances hit the stage15:1-412/101996
[ ]TheatreWittenberg Experimental Theatre premiere production a 'splash'9:1-52/41997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMoliere's 'The Misanthrope' comments on aristocracy10:12/181997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'The Waiting Room' explores women't issues10:12/251997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Us and Them' falls short of expectations on Diversity Day15:44/111997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTear-jerking drama 'Dolores' opens in Blair15:59/231997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Amadeus' a stellar theatre season opener9:110/141997
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department'Jeffrey' thoughtful and sexy14:110/281997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDirecting Class One-Acts present a variety of new faces and talents to Witt8:411/181997
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDegrees proves a worthwhile expedition8:32/101998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMagnificence set and acting make Cabaret a hit8:12/241998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Inspector General a fitting closure to '98 season8:14/71998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Glass Menagerie" opens Theatre Department's season9:19/221998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent theatre group schedules upcoming performances at Agora and local Street Fair8:19/221998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Glass Menagerie" opens theatre season9:110/131998
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Beau Jest" incites laughter, reflection9:111/31998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWET students perform musical variety show8:111/31998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance concert reveals emotion and talent8:111/101998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent directed one act plays display talent9:111/241998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentKoch takes one-act to different level9:412/81998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSecond round of one-acts impresses audiences9:112/81998
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWET presents "Wittenberg Entertains Tonight"9:11/261999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's "You Never Can Tell" features guest director9:32/21999
[ ]Theatre Department"A Need for Brussel Sprouts" explores relationships6:42/161999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentShaw's "You Never Can Tell" delights audiences8:13/21999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCreative mask characterization stimulates imagination through expression for students in Acting II class9:23/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance concert originated from senior thesis2:53/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSeniors bid farewell at dance concert8:13/231999
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Crimes of the Heart" filled with charm and scandal6:33/311999
[ ]Zilske, Deanna; Theatre DepartmentZilske directs Godspell with 90's flavor9:39/281999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent actors leave audiences rolling in the aisles in "Hay Fever"8:110/121999
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Viillamil, RafaelCommunication not stifled by adventurous and emotional "Wings"8:410/261999
[ ]Theatre DepartmentBlair and Chakeres Theaters to host student-directed one-acts9:211/21999
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance Concert artistic and humorous9:311/91999
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreWittenberg Entertains Tonight9:12/82000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Wittenberg Experimental TheatreComedy "Lights Out" a family affair8:12/152000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWitt students perform one act play on Antioch campus8:32/152000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Little Shop of Horrors" hits main stage11:12/292000
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreW.E.T. plans exciting upcoming events10:13/212000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"Falsettoland" an impressive musical11:13/282000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Waggoner, CatherineTheatre and Dance professor up for tenure1:33/282000
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental Theatre; Unity MarchFourth Unity March slated for Thursday2:54/42000
[ ]Stroeh, Dan; Theatre and Dance Department; Keiter, JoshuaStroeh affirms life in performance12:14/42000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg mainstage, An Enemy of the People, presents talent, hardwork8:110/102000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCarnival sweeps audience into enjoyable world of puppets, crazy characters, and music9:110/242000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Stroeh, DanStroeh's show It is no Desert up for playwriting awards11:410/312000
[ ]University TheatreGreat performances, intriguing shows highlight first weekend of one-acts9:111/212000
[ ]University TheatreOne Act performances delight, provoke thought8:411/212000
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentHamlet fresh, successful in black box8:12/62001
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"All My Sons" to run Oct. 11-148:310/22001
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAll My Sons9:110/162001
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPvt. Wars, The Visitor from Forest Hills, Wasp, The Lesson and Trifles premiered in the One Act Festival8:111/202001
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentHMS Pinafore Play Is a Masterpiece All Its Own5:13/52002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentSchool Scandal Opens9:110/82002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentScandal Big Success9:410/152002
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentPerformance art center at Wittenberg a necessity?2:12/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTheatre produces Electra9:32/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentGreek tragedy meets the Middle East in Electra5:12/252003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Dreyfus Affair is coming3:43/252003
[ ]Boughrum, Jordan; Klemp, Josh; Theatre and Dance DepartmentChick Plays, two seniors' humorous final production8:14/12003
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Cornish, AnthonyLonder director brings dreamy, new interpretation to Shakespeare play5:14/12003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTHDN [Theatre and Dance] Department jumps in full force2:19/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentOne-Act plays shine throughout campus1:112/112003
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDance and Theatre Department to present spring performances5:11/292004
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentMy Fair Lady comes to life on the Wittenberg stage9:14/82004
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAdultery and blackmail in Blair: "Dial 'M' for Murder" premieres4:12/102005
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Learned Ladies to perfrom4:32/172005
[ ]Theatre DepartmentLove and laughter in the Learned Ladies at Witt8:13/242005
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department"The Cripple of Inishman" to be Wittenberg's next play1:310/62005
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentDepartment of theater and dance announces season2:39/142006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentCome see Witt's fresh talent 2:39/282006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentLights, Camera, Action: Theatre Department gets set for season 9:19/282006
[ ]Theatre DepartmentTheatre Department set for fall 8:110/52006
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentAll the world's a stage 4:11/252007
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance DepartmentParallel Lives: a hilarious theatrical act 8:12/12007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Vagina Monologues: a sure eye opener 8:32/222007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe Shape of Things 8:13/12007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentTaming of the Shrew: A preview of what to expect8:14/52007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Long, RaynaTheater to open new season with "Fuddy Meers"1:19/202007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWittenberg Department of Theatre Presents "Major Barbara"3:110/42007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsMajor Barbara: Dry script equals minor dissapointment8:110/252007
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentFall 2007 dance recital, a little somethin' for everyone8:111/12007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsFall Dance Concert leaps to center stage yet again5:211/82007
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Patton, Roxie; Body Image; Smith, April; Wenzell, Collin; Turner, Ben; Davis, JordanRoxie Patton directs "Fat Pig" to debut in Blair Hall6:12/72008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; East Asian Studies Department; Hu, XiaoqingTheater dept. brings a taste of China to Witt ["Wild Wind"]5:42/142008
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance Department; East Asian Studies Department; Hu, Xiaoqing"Wild Wind": A bit lost in translation6:12/282008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsDept. o theatre and dance thinks audiences won't be pissed by "Urinetown" 5:24/32008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Gorges, Corwin; Bodi, AmberTheater Department opens with"Bus Stop" 2:110/92008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsTake a ride on the magic "Bus" 5:110/162008
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentStudent actors and directors prep the stage for One Acts6:110/302008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Dance Concert; Reviews Dance concert flies high, but never truly soars6:111/132008
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance Department; Frank, Paden; Bailey, Jess; Rauch, Martina; Bruce, Jessica; Bodi, AmberOne act play festival: The reviews are in6:112/112008
[ ]Davis, Jordan; Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; Rosenthal, Dan"Waiting for Godot" premiers at Wittenberg's Blair Theater6:12/52009
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentRaise the curtain, Spring theatre preview 2009 7:12/262009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; Turner, Ben; Smith, Evan, Davis, Jordan; Kabbes, DavidTurmoil and Growing Up on the Upper West Side: Strong Performances and bold and brash script bolster6:13/262009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsMain stage performance of "Red Herring" stellar6:14/232009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsDance concert mixes high art with high fun for hit show10:14/302009
[ ]Theatre and Dance DepartmentWhat happens in the dining room gets revealed in "The Dining Room"8:110/12009
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; ReviewsSpend some time in "The Dining Room"8:110/152009
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance DepartmentThe 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee6-73/42010
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