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[ ]Rhodehamel, Donna G.; The WittenbergerMiss Rhodehamel's resignation1962/131901
[ ]Western Conference of the Synod of WittenbergMany pastors attend conference sessions. Pastor's Institute being held in Keller Hall this week in connection with conference2:35/61915
[ ]The Witt"The Witt" to Make Initial Apperance (The Newest Publication That Will Appear on Campus is "The Witt")1:511/91922
[ ]The WittSecond Edition of "The Witt" Has Large Circulation4:22/11923
[ ]The WittWitt To Appear on October 19th (First Issue of 1923)1:29/201923
[ ]The WittWitt To Feature Unique Contest [For the Third Time Since its Founding, a Little More Than a Year Ago, Witt Will Make its Third Appearance at the University of Cincinnati Basketball Game]1:112/131923
[ ]The Witt;Emery, Mabel;Overstreet, Irving"Girls Issue" Of Witt To Be Edited By Co-Eds - Mabel Emery and Irving Overstreet Direct Next Issue of College Humorous Publication1:43/201924
[ ]The Witt; Pansing, WilliamFirst Issue of Witt to Appear Saturday [Humorous campus publication makes initial appearance]1:410/301924
[ ]The WittWitt to Present First issue [of 1925] Nov. 7th: First Issue of Humorous Magazine to Contain Fourty Pages1:210/291925
[ ]The Witt; Bone NumberCampus Magazine to Issue "Bone Number"1:512/171925
[ ]Wittenberg Academy;Slager, Ethel St. ClairAcademy Pupils Present Comedy - French Play Is Given at Chapel By Literary Society1:32/181926
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;Scroll and QuillSophomore Class To Hold Election - Yearbook Officials To Be Named at Meeting March 31:12/181926
[ ]Scroll and Quill;The Wittenberger;Yearbook;McCleary, George;Intemann, C. AlfredScroll And Quill - Students Eligible For Yearbook Offices Named1:32/251926
[ ]The WittPublication admitted to Mid-West assoc.15/61926
[ ]The Wittenberger;Lind, K. G.Wittenberger Staff Members Are NAmed - Prof. K. G. Lind Selected As Faculty Advisor; More Positions To Be Filled1:69/301926
[ ]The Witt;HumorWork Begun On Comic Magazine - Students Invited To Tryout For Witt Staff1:59/301926
[ ]The WittTo publish Travel Number, departure from satire and wit1:31/131927
[ ]The New Wittenberg PlanAn American adaption of the "Leipsic Plan"1:65/51927
[ ]The WittEfforts to publish a journal on campus "Witt" failed3:69/221927
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;PhotographyAnnual To Sponsor Snapshot Contest - Photographic Work For 1928 Yearbook Progresses As Campus Views Are Taken1:310/271927
[ ]The Witt"Birthday" number will be 4th issue of the year2;32/91928
[ ]The WittThe birthday number of Witt appeared, celebrating it's 6th birthday4:22/161928
[ ]The WittMatrimonial number to be on campus Tuesday morning1:23/151928
[ ]Draving, Howard;The Wittenberger;Yearbook;Apple, JohnDraving Selected As Editor-In-Chief Of 1929 Yearbook - Apple Presides1:610/111928
[ ]The Witt;Humor;Bitter, Myldred;McMillen, TedWitt Will Appear At Month's Close - Bitter, McMillen Change Policies To Find New Writers On Campus1:610/111928
[ ]The Wittenberger;Draving, Howard;McMillen, Ted;Schneider, John;Malone, Margaret700 Photographs Taken For Book - Draving Announces Initial Appointments To Wittenberger Staff1:212/131928
[ ]The Wittenberger;YearbookWittenberg Editors Prepare To Campaign For 600 Subscriptions - Sororities Will Compete1:112/131928
[ ]The WittHumorous publication to characterize students and faculty1:512/51929
[ ]The WittMakes its initial appearance1:110/91931
[ ]The Wittenberger;SororitiesNames Group Photo Dates - "Miss Wittenberg" Sales Campaign To Close Tuesday1:21/131933
[ ]The Witt;Fritsche, William;Adams, LucilleN.R.A. Is Theme Of Current Witt - Fritsche Makes Announcement of Staf For 1933-342:59/291933
[ ]The Wittenberger;Wentz, Donald;Swartz, James;Hawk, Margarette;Kniesser, John;YearbookWentz Fills Year Book Vacancies - Augustine, Hawke, Swartz, Kneisser Are Given Positions1:49/291933
[ ]The Wittenberger;Wentz, Donald;YearbookTeams Sell 75 Annuals First Week - 'Hares' 'Turtles' Are Working Toward Goal of 350 Year Books1:42/91934
[ ]The Wittenberger'Annual' Staff Reopens Drive - Men's Groups To Solicit Subscriptions4:44/121935
[ ]The WittenbergerThe WITTENBERGER? It's Here1:412/151948
[ ]The WittWitt makes first appearance here during roaring decade1:33/21956
[ ]The WittThe 1959 yearbook is called Witt4:35/231958
[ ]The Witt1959 Witt receives CSPA top rating1:110/231959
[ ]The WittReceives NSYA rating1:112/41959
[ ]Sounds (publication); Torch; The WittApplications are re-opened1:44/11960
[ ]Torch; The Witt; Sounds (publication); EditorialsNot apathy again!: Disinterest is shown4:44/81960
[ ]The Witt; TorchTorch, Witt have long history4:14/81960
[ ]Movie-Wittenberg's The Big DecisionTakes award3:15/131960
[ ]The WittSue Ferrali and Carol Hagglund named editors1:15/71965
[ ]The WittKathy Woods and Jan Peters named editors3:45/291969
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreMoliere teaches, entertains5:15/191989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreActress pleased with "Imaginary Invalid"5/261989
[ ]Wittenberg Theatre"Good Woman" good show11/31989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreSatire, comedy and drama characterize the one acts11/31989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreAuditions are scheduled11/101989
[ ]Wittenberg TheatreInto the Woods cast and crew create memorable performance13:1-52/271996
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreNew group promotes involvement of campus, community in theatre15:3-511/191996
[ ]Student Senate; The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew a capella group seeks Senate recognition as Christian entity3:39/211999
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreWittenberg Entertains Tonight9:12/82000
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Wittenberg Experimental TheatreComedy "Lights Out" a family affair8:12/152000
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental TheatreW.E.T. plans exciting upcoming events10:13/212000
[ ]Wittenberg Experimental Theatre; Unity MarchFourth Unity March slated for Thursday2:54/42000
[ ]The WittMen CrewJelly Belly's and Olson Twins5:110/92001
[ ]The WittMen CrewWittMen Crew concerts benefit local music programs8:14/112003
[ ]The WittMen CrewWittMen crew to hold annual spring concert11:14/12004
[ ]The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew to hold annual concert and that's a true story1:14/212005
[ ]The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew holiday style 4:312/82005
[ ]The WittMen CrewThe WittMen Crew 2:23/12007
[ ]The WittMen CrewThe WittMen Crew Christmas Extravaganza7:112/62007
[ ]Music; The WittMen CrewSpring show and new CD in store for WittMen Crew 5:54/32008
[ ]Anes, Michael; Chemistry Department; Dudek, Ray; Faculty and Staff; Mathematics Department; Parker, Adam; Psychology Department; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldThe science of sight: High Schoolers come to Wittenberg for science program 3:12/262009
[ ]Africa; Cellular Telephones; Dating; Editorials; Facebook; Letters; Philanthropy; Rape; Rowell, Katherine; Sellers, Cleveland; Sexism; Sexual Assault; Technology; Wittenberg Series; World NewsLetters to the Editor: raisong awareness at Witt8:0112/82010
[ ]Convocations; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Sellers, Cleveland; Wittenberg Series"Unsung heroes, MLK convocation"3:011/262011
[ ]Music; The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew Holiday Concert4:312/72011
[ ]Music; Reviews; The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew Spring Show Kicks Off New Album Sales5:14/42012
[ ]Just Eve; Student Activities; The WittMen CrewWittenberg: We Are Family 5:39/122012
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]Krueger, William; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; [Photos]; Reynolds, Boddy; Thompson, Zoe; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt Students Spread Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Message to Local Kids2:31/302013
[ ]WittCON X;The Gem City Comic Con;Smith, MatthewConventions Come to Clark County3:13/272013
[ ]McLaughlin, Katie; Music; The White Panda; Union Board; WittFestWitt Fest: The White Panda1:13/272013
[ ]Wittenberg Campus;Young, John;Gill, Casey;Lucas, Don;May, Catherine;Stevens, Matti;Abaye, MennaPositive Signs of Growth: Wittenberg Community Fights Back Against Hate Crimes 1:19/182013
[ ]Hagen Center for Civic and Urban Engagement;Community Service;Habitat for Humanity;Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;DeVantier, Katherine;Copeland, Warren;Brown, Benjamin;Gilbert, Tiana;[Photo]Hagen Center Provides Community Service and Personal Growth, Students Say 1:12/182015
[ ]Sports;Opinion;Wittenberg - History;LutheransLetís Go Back to the Past 11:19/302015
[ ]Wittenberg Series;Environmental Issues;Chemistry;LBM Endowed Lecture in the Sciences;[Photo]John Warner Inspires With Green Chemistry 1:12/242016
[ ]The WittMen Crew;Music;Mullins, Luke;Doyle, Sean;[Photos]Evening A Cappella with the Wittmen Crew 6:15/32016
[ ]The WittMen Crew;Hallauder, Alex;Smith, Jack D.;Goble, Levi;Goble, Josh;[Photo];Music ReviewsWittmen Crew Conquer Winter Concert 8:112/72016
[ ]Frandsen, Michael;Lough, Zachary;Just Eve;The WittMen Crew;Hoyer, Zach;[Photo]Wittís 15th President 1:12/152017
[ ][Photos];Just Eve;Hurl, Payton;The WittMen Crew;Stout, Garrett;Stout, Jillian;Kostell, AnnJust Eve Sang The Weekend Away 8:34/52017
[ ]The WittMen Crew;[Photo];Hoggatt, Bryan;Goble, Josh;ConcertsWittmen Crew Host Another Successful Concert 9:14/122017
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art;Harper, Theresa;SpectrumWittenberg Review Apologizes and Promises a Publication 4:29/132017
[ ][Photos];Homecoming;Kessner, Leighton;Miller, Casey;Just Eve;The WittMen Crew;Pohlabel, MicaelaThe Voice Contestant Angie Keilhauer Kicks Off Homecoming 7:19/202017