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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Thalian SocietyPreps' Literary Society holds its first meeting. Spirit runs high and much enthusiasm is exhibited1:3-43/31916
[ ]Thalian SocietySociety meets for election of officers3:13/91916
[ ]Thalian SocietyWill hold meetins in chapel4:33/161916
[ ]Thalian SocietyVaried program given by new organization1:13/231916
[ ]Thalian SocietyDebate on "Woman Suffrage"3:43/301916
[ ]Thalian SocietyBegin literary activities3:110/121916
[ ]Thalian SocietyPrepdom3:410/261916
[ ]Thalian SocietyLearn voting methods4:211/231916