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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team time!1:211/141958
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team time!4:22/61959
[ ]SyncopatesStarted1:59/231960
[ ]SyncopatesMake debut at game8:110/221960
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team to hae 48 members5:45/191961
[ ]SyncopatesPerform7:110/141961
[ ]SyncopatesThirty-eight added to drill team5:44/61962
[ ]SyncopatesTo march1:19/211962
[ ]SyncopatesTo march1:411/91962
[ ]SyncopatesPractice routines for precision marching at games4:310/21964
[ ]SyncopatesChoose members3:52/191965
[ ]SyncopatesEntertain fame7:210/161965
[ ]SyncopatesPicked for autumn squad8:43/251966
[ ]SyncopatesListed for 1967-68 season3:15/261967
[ ]SyncopatesAdd squad members6:35/271968
[ ]SyncopatesPicture1:611/31972