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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Students Abroad27 English majors study at Exeter spring term '67- reactions to England10:210/211967
[ ]Students AbroadWork, travel in Europe5:310/211967
[ ]Students AbroadCredit given to studies abroad4:410/271967
[ ]Students AbroadJanet Billstein admitted to the World Campus Afloat program of Chapman College for the Fall 1973 semester at sea1:19/191973
[ ]Students Abroad16 students and Dr. Balliet are in England for a three month study trip with the English Department4:35/111979
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Women; National Soccer Coaches of America; Students Abroad; Riker, Norm; Faculty and Staff; Bamberger, Jordan; Johnson, Lauren; Foley, Kelly; Amorello, Maggie; Mack, Jamie; Goss, Taylor; Keefer, Allie; McLeish, ErinWomen's soccer team recieves national recognition after returning from Europe 10:19/112008
[ ]Music;Choir;Students Abroad;Wittenberg, GermanyWittenberg Choir in Germany [Wittenberg Choir Abroad] 5:19/52012
[ ]Travel;Students Abroad;Japan;Druga, MicheleA Tiger Abroad: A Gaijin in Prince Shotokuís Court 6:19/192012
[ ]Soccer - Men;Students Abroad;Yokum, Andrew;Burgess, DwightMenís Soccer Travels Abroad 10:49/72016