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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Foreign StudentsNew privileges for foreign students175:13/101896
[ ]Students; FacultyFace to Face: In the light or the dark15:19/291900
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaConference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Feb. 15-18, 19173:11/181916
[ ]Students -- Manners and CustumsCollege customs as they are now among college men1:45/121921
[ ]Students -- Church AffiliationHalf of Wittenberg church members are followers of Luther1:411/31921
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational Conference of Lutheran Students Will Convene Friday (Second Annual Meeting Held at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.)1:54/121923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutheran Student Conference to Be Held In December; Wittenberg Honored in Being Selected for First Convention1:611/11923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents To Meet Here Next Month; Plans for Conference of Lutherans Completed1:211/151923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaFinal program For Student Convention; Sessions to be Held in College Chapel. Prominent Men are Speakers1:111/221923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutherans To Assemble Here For Conference; Sessions Will Be Held in College Chapel Dec. 7, 8, 9; Music is Featured1:612/61923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents Attend Convention Held at Springfield; Surrounding States and Southern Canada Represented [Delegates from 13 Colleges]; Over 100 Attend1:112/131923
[ ]Students' Service BureauMany given employment. Student service bureau helps ambitious collegiansNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:69/201926
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNominate for the new council1:19/301928
[ ]Foreign StudentsWitt is host to students from many lands1:310/21931
[ ]Foreign StudentsPhi Mu Delta exhange student Harold Arnold tells of life of an American collegian in Germany1:312/181931
[ ]Foreign StudentsEight arrive from abroad1:610/71932
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Degler, Ann;Foreign StudentsY.W. Women Hold Meeting - Members Are Entertained on World Fellowship Day1:31/131933
[ ]Cosmopolitan Club;Foreign StudentsClub Conducts Initial Meeting - Cosmopolitan Members Are Ghosts At Reception2:49/291933
[ ]United Students AssociationTakes decisive victory over GWP1:610/61933
[ ]Cosmopolitan Club;Foreign StudentsClub To Stage Annual Event - Sixth Cosmopolitan Nite To Be Given in Blair Theatre1:72/91934
[ ]Lambda Mu; Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaTwo groups plan college songbook3:112/111936
[ ]Foreign StudentsSix students of foreign nations enter Witt2:310/11937
[ ]Foreign StudentsExchange students from foreign countries reveal ambition, hopes4:510/71938
[ ]Foreign StudentsEuropean war bars students1:29/151939
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students arrive on campus1:310/61939
[ ]Foreign StudentsViews of America as seen through foreign eyes1:310/131939
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaRegional conferences begin today1;65/21941
[ ]Peitso, Jukka; Adlerbert, Elna; Gilbert, Paulette; Foreign StudentsMystery shrouds whereabouts of Finnish student1:59/191941
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students look to future; plan to help own people (por)1:39/291944
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaCampus LSA to host conference1:112/11944
[ ]Foreign StudentsErik, Egil, Sverre, Leif keep students listening1:210/261945
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students enrolled at Wittenberg1:29/201946
[ ]Students;Education Figures2:312/151948
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaLutheran Student Association3:212/151948
[ ]Fund Raising;Foreign Students;EducationChest Drive Opens2:110/261949
[ ]Fund Raising;World Student Service Fund;Foreign StudentsOff the Cuff - Cents Make Sense2:111/171950
[ ]Foreign StudentsIcelander among five new foreign students3:210/21952
[ ]Korean StudentsFriendship enables Hong Sung Ho to attend Wittenberg (pic)3:19/171954
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational convention. Fabian tells of experiences1:34/291955
[ ]Books for Asian StudentsWittenberg students get unique opportunity1:45/131955
[ ]Married StudentsEducators, married students advis planning to collegians anticipating campus marriage3:112/21955
[ ]Christmas; Foreign StudentsForeign students tell customs of Christmas in many lands1:312/161955
[ ]Foreign StudentsGottfried Popp from Germany3:14/221960
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students speak on U.S. Prestige211/41960
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students give view of Thanksgiving3:412/21960
[ ]Foreign StudentsClassrooms abroad, summer program planned2:112/161960
[ ]Washington Seminar for Lutheran Students15 Wittenberg students attend2:44/271962
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students at Wittenberg3:12/151963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:29/271963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:110/41963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:110/191963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:111/11963
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)New group organized to study racial problems5:211/81963
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)New group organized to study racial problems2:42/71964
[ ]Foreign StudentsChilian experimenters visit WU4:13/61964
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Sponsors tutoring program3:13/201964
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Sopnsors area conference4:12/191965
[ ]Foreign StudentsTwenty foreign students at Wittenberg3:33/191965
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Group sets program3:110/11965
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Racial bias has deep roots, SAFE is told4:110/161965
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)SDS is radical organization, say SAFE guests1:44/21966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Specializes in tutoring1:24/221966
[ ]Foreign StudentsWittenberg students and news span globe7:55/201966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Tutors needed4:310/291966
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students find America strange and exotic.4:110/131967
[ ]Students Abroad27 English majors study at Exeter spring term '67- reactions to England10:210/211967
[ ]Students AbroadWork, travel in Europe5:310/211967
[ ]Students AbroadCredit given to studies abroad4:410/271967
[ ]Students Attack White RacismNew organization on campus1:411/221968
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students Demands (Editorial)2:11/171969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students impose self-exile1:11/171969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black protests rage in major universities (extra)1:11/201969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black students end walkout (extra)1:11/201969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Walkout sparks campus dialogue (extra)1:11/201969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Walkout prompts formal invitation to HEW group (pic)1:11/241969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Awareness seminar held (pic)1:12/211969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students meet with Ad Hoc committee to consider curricular changes1:42/281969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Theatre to be presented on March 92:43/71969
[ ]Students Attack White RacismSeminar on white racism to begin April 13th3:53/141969
[ ]Students Attack White RacismPre-Civil War black history explained at lecture3:14/181969
[ ]Disadvantaged StudentsWarren R. Bellman of Dayton established $35,000 fund for students3:410/31969
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Statement on Black House submitted to HEW1:12/61970
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Racism;National NewsIn Grill Room Tuesday CBS presents questions to white Wittenberg1:15/151970
[ ]Students' DayNew program inaugurated by the Admissions Office. Prospective students are given preview of life at Wittenberg7:11/281971
[ ]American Students AssociationInformation on Europe8:12/261971
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students to present a "Night of Black Drama" on March 5 and 66:13/51971
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students sponsor "Black Visitation Day"1:72/151973
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS sponsors lecture series1:42/221973
[ ]Students AbroadJanet Billstein admitted to the World Campus Afloat program of Chapman College for the Fall 1973 semester at sea1:19/191973
[ ]Students Working Against More Pollution (SWAMP)Recycling program4:61/241974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)1969 CBS demands and 1974 response6:11/311974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Sit-in (pic)1:41/311974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Kinnison speaks to CBS concerns1:22/71974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Special meeting draws big crowd6:12/71974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS watches Wittenberg's promises. Tenets of CBS1:111/141974
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS review the black experience in the U.S.1:12/61975
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Hooper to head CBS6:55/151975
[ ]StudentsLife in Japan different, in college especially1:65/291975
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Goal is to have worthwhile program for all students8:110/91975
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS hosts a variety of speakers1:12/51976
[ ]Students, OlderTo be able to enroll in regular day classes for a reduced fee4:79/91976
[ ]Foreign StudentsBritish students comment on American life4:110/281976
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black students discuss goals for the year1:311/41976
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS sponsoring high school weekend Jan. 27-304:11/271977
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS announced schedule for Black Emphasis Week1:72/31977
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Styles in for spring fashion show5:72/241977
[ ]Graduate StudentsGrads continue studies6:39/91977
[ ]Foreign StudentsStudent visitors entich campus4:79/301977
[ ]Students PolledReactions to alcohol policy cited6:35/51978
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS seeks interaction1:55/121978
[ ]Vietnamese studentsNha Thuc, a freshman, spoke about Vietnam for international exposition week6:510/201978
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS provides help4:110/271978
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Officers Greg Hardy and Dennis Braziel clarify goals (pic)1:54/271979
[ ]Students Abroad16 students and Dr. Balliet are in England for a three month study trip with the English Department4:35/111979
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students discusses purpose on campus4:41/111980
[ ]Students In Free EnterpriseNew organization recognized by SCA4:51/181980
[ ]Vietnamese studentsNha Thuc To is enjoying Wittenberg (pic)6:11/251980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students getting ready to celebrate its tenth anniversary4:62/81980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students celebrates tenth anniversary (pic)1:22/151980
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students express views of America and Wittenberg8:12/291980
[ ]Foreign StudentsMaria Menjumea discusses Wittenberg8:52/291980
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heusinkveld, Dr. EdwinResigns post as dean of students1:12/291980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students to continue programming for Black Emphasis Week this week4:14/41980
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students presents "A Spring Fantasy" fashion show6:44/181980
[ ]Students In Free Enterprise; Awards to WittenbergWittenberg chosen at Students in Free Enterprise competition for Enterants Award3:55/21980
[ ]Students In Free EnterpriseWittenberg business students win prized in Ohio competition. SIFE is described8:45/91980
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Scott, RichardNew dean of students sets goals; discusses new job1:59/131980
[ ]Dean of StudentsRichard Scott, dean of students, sets goals; discusses new job1:59/131980
[ ]Foreign Students; Shinohara, IkukoJapanese student has lived in several countries; has very cosmopolitan outlook1:35/11981
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Pulitzer Prize-winning poet to speak on campus4:410/231981
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS and UB combined efforts to bring Spyro Gyra in (photo)1:11/221982
[ ]Foreign StudentsStudents from Liverpool face challenges in America1:31/221982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students sponsors civil rights leader/lecturer Dr. Alvin Poussaint, MD4:11/291982
[ ]Lundquist, Ingrid;International StudentsCounselor recruits foreign students1:12/51982
[ ]New Students DayNew Students Day: more than orientation4:29/241982
[ ]Prospective students weekend; Prospective StudentsProspective students welcome this weekend (pic)4:110/151982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Sen. Bond returns10:110/151982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Bond challenges audience3:310/291982
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS hosts big month8:12/181983
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Fraternities and SororitiesBlacks AppalledNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 2:34/151983
[ ]Spring Break; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Blacks see real SouthNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 10:14/151983
[ ]Prospective students weekend; Prospective Students250 Prospectives attend weekends4:25/61983
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS weekend successful1:110/281983
[ ]Prospective students weekend; Prospective StudentsProspectives given good feeling about Witt1:12/241984
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS constitution questioned1:13/21984
[ ]Society of Physic StudentsInterested in science?8:19/211984
[ ]New Students DayNew Students Days Aid4:19/211984
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS working with other groups7:110/191984
[ ]Prospective StudentsPre-College clinic prepares prospectives6:25/31985
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Raise Awareness on Issues fro Students and Education (R.A.I.S.E.)8:45/241985
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS encourages interaction2:1310/41985
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Campus organization RAISEs interest2:1410/251985
[ ]International Students"International students learning American way of life"8:71/311986
[ ]Prospective StudentsWittenberg life revealed to prospectives10:52/141986
[ ]Prospective StudentsAdmissions office holds 'honors winter weekend'11:52/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Information budget proposal affects education11:42/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) RAISE plans trip to Washington D.C.11:142/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Members lobby on capitol hill14:14/251986
[ ]Foreign StudentsDropping oil prices force foreign student exodus6:25/21986
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Stokes, Louis; SpeakersCongressman Stokes addresses Witt students4:15/301986
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS celebrates 20th year5:15/131988
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Celebrates 20th Year5:15/131988
[ ]Wittenberg Enrollment; International Students;Internationals Attracted To Witt, Record High3:39/301988
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)African scholar to speak4:110/211988
[ ]International StudentsRussians fit in at Witt10/201989
[ ]International StudentsRussians Fit In At Witt2:110/201989
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black students hope to ease tensions5:32/91990
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Students Hope To Ease Tensions5:32/91990
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black Culture House Available To All Students2:32/231990
[ ]International StudentsInternational Students Adapt To Changes4:32/231990
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS mark 22nd anniversary with festivities4:115/111990
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students Mark 22nd Anniversary With Festivities4:15/111990
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS offered open house5:55/181990
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Offered Open House5:55/181990
[ ]International StudentsInternational Record Breaksp. 6, col.9/211990
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)Senate Approves SADD Constitutionpg. 9, col10/51990
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)S.A.D.D. working with bars to promote studentpg. 4, col1/251991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Angela Moss challenges her dismissalpg. 3, col2/11991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS nominates members to take office; electionspg. 3, col2/81991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black History Month noted by CBSpg. 3, col2/221991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Documentary of college protest shown by CBSpg. 3, col5/101991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Some 1969 CBS demands still unmetpg. 2, col5/101991
[ ]Students Against Government WasteStudents Against Government Waste asks for Studentpg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Students - RecreationUpperclassmen offer tips to new students on survival at Wittenberg: the do's and dont's . . .5:19/201991
[ ]Students - RecreationAdministration invites discussion on party control1:49/271991
[ ]International StudentsInternational student shares impressions of America4:19/271991
[ ]Students Against Government WasteSAGW combats waste3:110/111991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS gives kids black role models2:310/181991
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students express ideas to President Kinnison5:21/311992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Many achievements of lesser known African-Americans are recognized . . .2:12/71992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Interaction between campus blacks, whites lacking, CBS member claims2:52/141992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)100-person walkout caps off annual Concerned Black Students Week2:52/211992
[ ]Student Senate; New studentsFreshman looking for Senate representation2:19/251992
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black students participate in tutor program1:310/91992
[ ]Wittenberg Campus; Computers for StudentsLack of computer terminals poses problems for students2:110/91992
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)Silent march puts DWI loss of life into perspective1:610/301992
[ ]Campus; Computers for studentsclass information soon to be found on VAX machines1:62/121993
[ ]New Students; ElectionsNew student elections scheduled for Tuesday2:39/241993
[ ]Acquaintance Rape; New StudentsOrientation includes session on date/acquaintancerape1:39/241993
[ ]International StudentsForeign students add diversity to Witt3:310/11993
[ ]New Students; ElectionsNew students elect Martin and Hudson as class leaders1:310/11993
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Noted sociologist to speak at Witt9:311/21993
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Wilson's speech focuses on joblessness, urban poverty1:411/91993
[ ]New StudentsFirst year students get 'forgiveness'1:51/251994
[ ]Students - RecreationSledding provides needed escape from studying6:11/251994
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS makes nominations for executive board; open candidate slated for Feb. 182:12/81994
[ ]International StudentsNadine Van Loon spaeks on differences between the United States and Holland7:33/11994
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS executive board at risk of termination; allegations of harassment are brought up2:15/311994
[ ]New StudentsTransfer Students deal with being new students and upperclassmen6:110/111994
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS finds 'strength in membership'15:111/81994
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned black students to 'show perspectives what life at Wittenberg is all about' during special weekend1:32/71995
[ ]International StudentsInternational students up recruitment5:12/281995
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of Students;[James W.] Klenke named new dean of students; [Richard R.] Scott to resign1:45/231995
[ ]New studentsNew student class revels in diversity5:1-39/121995
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students;Search for new dean begun1:4-510/171995
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean search proceeds 'slowly, but surely'1:511/211995
[ ]SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk)SADD commemorates fifteen years of success in alcohol, peer education2:2-41/301996
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsInterviews begin for new dean of students1:32/131996
[ ]Wittenberg studentsMainstream culture has commercialized the irony of alternative style5:1-42/271996
[ ]Wittenberg studentsStress is a growing trend, but we don't have to play along this time5:1-42/271996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean of students finalists to make university visits1:23/261996
[ ]Ohio studentsOhio students post low voter turnout in primary2:4-53/261996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean candidates visit campus, share ideas1:2-44/121996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean search member responds to Bowers4:14/301996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS prepares for an eventful school year8:1-39/171996
[ ]New StudentsClass of 2000 maintains admission standards despite lower enrollment6:1-29/171996
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieNew Dean faces challenging year ahead10:3-59/171996
[ ]New StudentsNew Students form class council; officers set goals for new term2:2-39/241996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS celebrates the Million Man March; candlelight vigil stirs racial controversy1:1-310/291996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS elects new officers; Sarrat reflects on two-year presidency15:1-310/291996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS, City of Springfield to facilitate race talk16:4-510/291996
[ ]International studentsInternational students face incidents of exclusion on campus10:1-511/51996
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS discusses 'what didn't happen' on King's birthday1:22/41997
[ ]Prospective StudentsPropective students spend weekend at Wittenberg2:12/181997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Unity March publicity, scheduling, and funding discussed3:12/181997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS proposes new King holiday observance1:22/251997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS sponsors 'Expectations of Triumph'9:12/251997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Unity March tops off first Diversity Day2:34/111997
[ ]New Students1997's New Student class largest in years1:39/161997
[ ]New StudentsNew Students elect 1997-97 class officers3:39/161997
[ ]New StudentsTipson descusses financial impact of New Students1:29/161997
[ ]International StudentsInternational students master English--and third language?8:19/231997
[ ]International StudentsWitt has largest international class in years3:111/41997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS constitution lacks process to replace officer3:211/181997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Haynes resigns his CBS senator post1:211/181997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Wittenberg students try to attend March, benefit from experience3:411/181997
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS will not tolerate acts of campus violence2:12/31998
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)February, black history month1:32/101998
[ ]Prospective StudentsNumber of prospectives increases3:32/241998
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Week: April 13-19th1:14/171998
[ ]Students - RecreationInterest in swing dancing continues to rise9:39/221998
[ ]New StudentsPeter, Clark voted class of 2002 officers2:39/221998
[ ]New StudentsClass of 2001's demographics coincide with previous trends2:410/61998
[ ]New StudentsLarge new student class raises questions of size, selectivity2:110/271998
[ ]Students - Recreation; TelevisionPop culture's newest fad gains Witt following8:12/21999
[ ]Prospective StudentsProspective students gain actual college experience3:12/21999
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Fraternities and SororitiesCBS, Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi plan black history month2:12/91999
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsCampus groups vote no-confidence in deans, sign petition asking for removal1:13/21999
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS weekend informs prospective students1:43/21999
[ ]International StudentsInternational students discuss being in America6:13/231999
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS "educates the campus"4:34/161999
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS week filled with events; high level of attendance expected for 30th walkout2:14/161999
[ ]Student Senate; Administration; Dean of StudentsSenate findings presented to president, deans1:14/161999
[ ]New StudentsClass of 2003 chooses Kern, Bradley for direction, leadership1:19/211999
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS sans advisor; search for multicultural director continues1:39/281999
[ ]English Department; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Student UnionPoets entertain in the CDR8:31/282000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)60s and 70s party takes place in CDR9:32/152000
[ ]Brown, Dr. Cliff; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Professor Brown speaks on "white racism"1:32/152000
[ ]Kyushu Lutheran College; International StudentsStudents from Japan to visit2:42/152000
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS weekend celebrated on campus last weekend2:12/222000
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS speaker lauds activism, stresses need for focus1:411/212000
[ ]T'Shaka, Oba; Concerned Black Students (CBS)T'Shaka, reknown activist, opens CBS celebrations of Black History Month2:12/62001
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students reiterate and revise demands, walk-our of class1:14/242001
[ ]Editorials; Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS: For those Who Don't Know Their History6:11/292002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Students Speak out Against CBS Constitution, Funding6:31/292002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Set to Celebrate Black History Month Here on Campus5:12/52002
[ ]Editorials; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Recent Alumna Responds to College Republican Website6:12/122002
[ ]Editorials; Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS set to Walk Out and Invite Others to do the Same6:24/192002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Walk-out, Speak-out, & Reiterate Demands1:14/232002
[ ]Editorials;Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Demands4:15/72002
[ ]International StudentsSpeaking Spanish . . . A Way of Connecting on Campus15:39/102002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS: The History, The Fight3:19/172002
[ ]International StudentsInterested in Spanish Gossip?15:19/172002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Gears Up for the 2002 Homecoming Celebration1:110/82002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Member of the Week3:410/82002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Greer, HoneyCBS Member of the Month2:311/52002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS Members Attend National Conference3:411/262002
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Robinson, BruceCBS member of the month2:42/182003
[ ]Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Step Afrika proclaimed a big hit5:12/182003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned Black Students sponsor Unity Week at Witt5:43/42003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Unity MarchCBS celebrates diversity with annual Unity March8:14/112003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS to hold annual formal3:54/112003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS holds annual walkout, say demands unmet1:15/62003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS in action3:410/92003
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Concerned black student turned off by CBS experience6:110/92003
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieAdministrators adjust to Dean Heida's absence8:11/292004
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieDean Heida announces departure3:12/192004
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Scott, Dick; Student ServicesDean Scott's future plans1:13/252004
[ ]satire; students - recreationGet her talking on the first date [satire]9:14/12004
[ ]Satire; Administration; Dean of StudentsNew Prsident and Dean of Students selected [satire]1:14/12004
[ ]Unity March; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Unity March breaks barriers1:14/222004
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)Black history month kick-off1:12/32005
[ ]New StudentsRAs and OAs welcome the Class of 20094:39/82005
[ ]International StudentsWitt experiences startling drop in International applicants2:19/152005
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)CBS: modern day demands4:110/272005
[ ]Student Senate; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Carter, GreggStudent Senate spotlight: CBS Senator Gregg Carter 2:112/82005
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Black History MonthWittenberg celebrates Black History Month: Conference helps students with goal-setting 2:12/232006
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Perkins, CarolynKickin' back with the Dean 1:33/22006
[ ]International StudentsClownin' around 1:39/282006
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Invisible ChildrenCatwalk for a cause - A.I.A. and C.B.S. to sponsor fashion show 2:14/262007
[ ]Prospective StudentsWittenberg at first glance 4:19/62007
[ ]Students - Recreation; Television; SportsAmerican Gladiators: Back in action on ESPN Classic8:19/202007
[ ]Students - Recreation; Television; MusicMTV's annual award show goes up in flames7:19/202007
[ ]Opinion; Students - Recreation; Music; TelevisionWhat happend to "My MTV?" The decline of music television4:19/272007
[ ]Humor; Internet; Students - Recreation'America's Funniest Home Videos' make way for YouTube9:110/42007
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Dating; Domitrz, Mike; Greek Life; Residence Life; Sexual Harassment; Student Senate; Womyn's Center; Women's StudiesWitt students ask "Can I Kiss You?"3:111/12007
[ ]Opinion; Students - Recreation; TelevisionReal vs Reality T.V.8:411/82007
[ ]Students - Recreation; TelevisionWGA Strike = End of TV favesNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:311/152007
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Guinier, Lani; IMANI; Administration; Erickson, Mark; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Strauss, EricaConvocation speaker encourages leadership4:11/242008
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Kelly, Sarah;The new dean: A close encounter with Springsteen1:11/242008
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Black History MonthWittenberg Celebrates Black History Month with a lengthy calendar of events2:12/142008
[ ]Music; Campus Life; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Black History MonthJabali Afrika rocks Wittenberg4:12/212008
[ ]Campus; Administration; Dean of Students; Kelly, Sarah;When life gives you crows...1:12/212008
[ ]Diversity; Admissions; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Is Wittenberg lacking cultural diversity? 1:13/132008
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Women; National Soccer Coaches of America; Students Abroad; Riker, Norm; Faculty and Staff; Bamberger, Jordan; Johnson, Lauren; Foley, Kelly; Amorello, Maggie; Mack, Jamie; Goss, Taylor; Keefer, Allie; McLeish, ErinWomen's soccer team recieves national recognition after returning from Europe 10:19/112008
[ ]Humor; Internet; Politics; Students - RecreationYoutube this, in case you missed it...6:29/182008
[ ]Campus Life; International Students; Alcohol; PoliticsAdapting to America and Witt 1:410/92008
[ ]Humor; Internet; Students - Recreation; TechnologyWeb obsession of the week7:110/302008
[ ]Black History Month; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Racism; Johnston, NaimaSpeaker at first Black History Month event reminds students to learn from history3:12/122009
[ ]Music; Students - RecreationSweaty fans, sunscreen, portopotties, and jam sessions dominate 2009's summer music scene8:12/122009
[ ]Freshmen; New StudentsThe freshman class: At a glance2:39/102009
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Welch, LaurenCBS president ousted after leadership questioned1:110/152009
[ ]StudentsEvery town's famous for something2/112010
[ ]Opinion; Students - Recreation; TelevisionThe Torch's take...Time to toss the unreality of reality televison 4:12/182010
[ ]Buildings; Classrooms; StudentsGraffiti or History?6:019/222010
[ ]Humor; Internet; Music; Students - RecreationWhat does it take to make a Hit YouTube Video?8:019/222010
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); ConvocationsCampus reacts to racist sign 1:011/262011
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Convocations; RacismTeach-in organized to protest racism 6:011/262011
[ ]Weather; Students - RecreationWhat did you do on your ice days? 6:012/92011
[ ]Students - Recreation; Humor"Do the Witt shuffle, do the, do the Witt shuffle"9:012/162011
[ ]Students - Recreation; Humor; DatingWittenberg Gone Wild: Where is the craziest place you've gotten busy on campus? 6:012/232011
[ ]Students - Recreation; HealthRunners lace up to hit the trails 6:013/292011
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Dean of StudentsPolice Log 2:111/162011
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Fashion Show; Gay Straight AllianceFun and Complications at AIA/CBS/GSA Fashion Show 9:13/282012
[ ]Diversity; Race Relations; Banks, Chaunta; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Students Discuss Race Relations on Campus3:14/42012
[ ]Awards;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Residence Halls;Center for Civic and Urban Engagement; Davidson, Lacey; Dooley, Scott; Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Delta Pi; Duraj, Jon; Brooks, Kent; Robinson, Dennis; Kinzler, Nicole; Moore, Aaron; Lambdi CStudents and Faculty Rewarded for Their Leadership On and Off Campus 3:14/252012
[ ]Music;Choir;Students Abroad;Wittenberg, GermanyWittenberg Choir in Germany [Wittenberg Choir Abroad] 5:19/52012
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Banks, Chaunta; Black Culture House; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Gay Straight AllianceCenter for Diversity Revamped 1:39/122012
[ ]Travel;Students Abroad;Japan;Druga, MicheleA Tiger Abroad: A Gaijin in Prince Shotoku’s Court 6:19/192012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Stevens, Casey;Dean of Students;Joyner, Laurie M.Casey Stevens New Promotion 1/232013
[ ]Dean of Students;Stevens, Casey;[Photo];Student Development;Kelly, Sarah;FinancesDean of Students Eliminated, Casey Stevens Transitions 1:11/232013
[ ]Prospective Students;Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer;Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Schmidt, Lily;Fleisch, Daniel;[Photos]Open Classroom Project Aims to Extend Classroom Experience 3:11/232013
[ ]Admissions;Sullivan, Mark;Joyner, Laurie M.;Prospective StudentsDecrease in Enrollment Leads to Increase in Deposit1:14/172013
[ ]Quigley, Maggi;Discrimination;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Gay Straight Alliance (GSA);American International Association (AIA)An Explanation of "Demands for Diversity"5:34/242013
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Bailey, Julius; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Discrimination; Diversity; Duncan, Christopher; Gay Straight Alliance (GSA); Joyner, Laurie M.; Marshall, Karlos; Mbeseha, Moses; [Photo]; Rosenberg, Scott; Smith, AuDiversity Movement Hits Campus1:14/242013
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Diversity; Milliner, Ashley; Moskowitz, Nona; One Student/No Woman Left Behind; Student Senate; Union Board; Women in PowerOpen-Mic Kicks Off Campaign for Change Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:110/22013
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Milliner, Ashley;Diversity;Simpson, Mia;Lui, Lisa W.Unity Wall Helps Tear Down Discrimination 1:111/62013
[ ]Unity Week;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Moskowitz, Nona;Bailey, Julius;Wagner, BrookeUnity: What Everyone’s Talking About 2:411/62013
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Convocations; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Wiley, MayaMLK Convocation: Speaker Calls for Community [Wittenberg Takes Day To Reflect Upon A Man and His Dream] 3:21/292014
[ ]Ayele, Yonatan;Ayele, Belule;International Students;Police and Security;[Photos];AssaultsTwins Arrested [Ayele Twin Arrests] 1:11/292014
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);National Underground Railroad Freedom CenterA Visit to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center: Celebrating Black History4:12/262014
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Rosenberg, Scott;RacismPut Both Feet on The Floor: Celebrating Black History Month4:32/262014
[ ]Ayele, Yonatan;Ayele, Belule;[Photo];International Students;Ayele, Michael;Everrett, Robert;Sexual AssaultAyele Twins Brothers' Family, Friends Speak Out 1:43/52014
[ ]Abaye, Menna; American International Association (AIA); Bennett, JoAnn; Concerned Black Students (CBS); International Education; Qiu, Iris; Lui, Lisa W.; Mackintosh, Cameron; Sallah, Ya HaddyCuts to International Office Enrage Foreign Exchange Students 1:13/52014
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Young, John;Office of Multicultural Student ProgramsCBS Commemorates Historical Walkout 1:13/262014
[ ]International StudentsMy American Experience 3:19/102014
[ ]International Students;India;Karachiwalla, RayikaInternational student: Rayika from India 4:59/172014
[ ]International Students;Student Life;Veuthey, Alexandre;[Photo]From FIFA to Witt: A Swiss Adventure - International Student of the Week 3:19/242014
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Greek Life;Moore, NaQuiana;Battle, Sha'Dawn;Black History Month;[Photo]CBS Hosts “Myth-Busting”¯ Panel on Black Greek Life 1:13/42015
[ ]Opinion;Graduate Students;National NewsGrad Assistants Are “Organizing, Organizing, Organizing!”¯ 3/252015
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Young, John;Simpson, Mia;Hanna, Peggy;Civil Rights Movement;[Photo]CBS Walkout 1:14/12015
[ ]International Students;Field Hockey - Women;Fulbright Scholars;[Photo]Dutch Students Join Women’s Field Hockey 11:19/162015
[ ]Mbeseha, Moses;Marshall, Karlos;Concerned Black Students (CBS)Party with a Purpose: CBS Passes It On with Witt Alums 8:110/142015
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Graffiti;Unity WeekUnity Walk and Wall / Breaking Down Barriers and Building Unity with CBS 6:111/42015
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., Day;Convocation - Martin Luther King;Civil Rights Movement;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Cason, Isaac;[Photo]Activist Joyce Ladner Speaks at MLK Convocation 1:11/272016
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Office of Multicultural Student Programs;Shumate, John;May, Brian;Abdullah, Shakeer A.;James, Larry H.;Bell, Tosha;Braziel, Derrick;Bayley Alumni House;Alumnae/Alumni;[Photos]Black Alumni and Life After Wittenberg 5:12/102016
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Lyrical Content;Glaser, Jade;Glover, DaShawn;McCord, Logan;[Photos]CBS and Lyrical Content Present: Love Struck 5:32/172016
[ ]Racial Issues;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United States;Colloquia;Office of Multicultural Student Programs;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Political Science Department;Black History Month;[Photo]One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Reform 1:12/242016
[ ]Soccer - Men;Students Abroad;Yokum, Andrew;Burgess, DwightMen’s Soccer Travels Abroad 10:49/72016
[ ]International Students;Zhong, Selty;China;[Photo]Here in the States 3:39/142016
[ ]Field Hockey;The Netherlands;International Students;[Photo];Van Den Berg, JosefienHere in The States 5:49/282016
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Halloween;Campus Activities;[Photos]CBS’s Haunted House Horrifies 4:111/22016
[ ]Racial Issues;Racism;African Americans;Rosenberg, Scott;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Diversity;[Photo]Let’s Talk About African-American Oppression 3:111/92016
[ ]Mora, Martin;Tennis - Men;International Students;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);[Photo]Tiger Spotlight: Martin Mora, Tennis Star, Looking to have Unbeaten Season 11:12/12017
[ ]Tiwana, Akbar;Tennis - Men;International Students;[Photo]Tiger Spotlight: Akbar Tiwana, Tennis Star from Pakistan 12:12/82017
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Toure, Asha;[Photo];Shobo, OdunayoAll About Black Hair: Breaking Stereotypes 5:14/262017
[ ]Unity Week;Bulcha, Leula;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Kombe, Jublieen;Poska, Jillian;Office of Multicultural Student Programs;Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance (GDSA)Oct. 30 Marks Start of Unity Week 3:111/12017
[ ]Diversity;Race relations;Black History Month;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Shades of Pearls;Theatre and Dance Department;[Photos]Being Black On Campus: A Discussion About Diversity Issues At Witt 6:12/282018
[ ]Alpha Xi Delta;Barren, Brad;Delta tau Delta;Bulcha, Leul;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Flechler, Luke;Delta Sigma Phi;VanTilburg, Harrison;Phi Kappa Psi;Senters, SkylarSecond Annual Xi Man Philanthropy Event a Hit 8:14/112018