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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student UnionTrustees see to it that reading room is furnished and comfortable44:112/11882
[ ]Ohio Student Volunteer UnionAnnual conference of student volunteers to be held at Muskingum1:52/11917
[ ]Student UnionWWL releases insurance for Student Center1:12/231945
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union4:210/51945
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union1:312/141945
[ ]Student UnionBoard of Directors gives approval for student center1:51/181946
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union1:41/181946
[ ]Student UnionBoard of Directors gives approval for student center5:13/11946
[ ]Student UnionStudents support Student Union Drive1:34/171946
[ ]Student UnionBoard gives approval for Union plans1:45/171946
[ ]Student UnionStudent Union work progressing rapidly3:310/111946
[ ]Student UnionStudent union to open in Myers Hall on January 61:512/201946
[ ]Student UnionFood and music welcomed1:3, 5:6,1/201947
[ ]Student UnionLounge completed4:32/141947
[ ]Student UnionCelebrates one year of cokes, coffee, crackpots3:31/141948
[ ]Student UnionStudent Union To Celebrate1:212/151948
[ ]Student UnionState of Union good on 4th birthdayNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:31/111949
[ ]Student UnionHolds grand premiere2:410/171953
[ ]Student UnionTruly the student center3:21/211955
[ ]Student UnionRedecoratedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:29/211955
[ ]Student UnionPlans for new union started1:112/91960
[ ]Student UnionPlans being made2:12/101961
[ ]Student UnionNew Student centerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:52/221961
[ ]Student UnionPresident speaks to Senate regarding plans for center1:32/241961
[ ]Student UnionCenter construction1:312/81961
[ ]Student UnionPlans continue for new center2:13/21962
[ ]Student UnionCenter to be finished by 19643:14/271962
[ ]Student UnionCenter to be finished by 19645:15/41962
[ ]Student UnionConstruction to begi5:15/41962
[ ]Student Union"The State of the Union"6:15/31963
[ ]Student UnionInitiated by class of 19671:39/131963
[ ]Student UnionBirthday party set for union1:410/21964
[ ]Student UnionUnion closes birthday week1:510/91964
[ ]Student Union"It's time for a change"3:511/181966
[ ]Student UnionCosta Rican craft display4:711/81973
[ ]Student UnionPresented "Who killed JFK?" by Williams and Yazijian (pic)4:111/151973
[ ]Student UnionLooks fishy8:12/281974
[ ]Student UnionCelebrates 11th birthday6:410/171974
[ ]Student UnionJoan Witkoskie student manager of Union (pic)6:21/161975
[ ]Phi Mu Delta; Student UnionTwo Phi Mu Deltas were suspended after admitting destructiveness1:45/51977
[ ]Student UnionRobbery--robber captured; $160 recovered by two Witt security officers; action praised6:19/91978
[ ]Student UnionStudent manager of the union applications available3:53/21979
[ ]Student UnionLate August vandalism still under investigation6:510/51979
[ ]Student UnionSteps at the Union are crumbling again4:42/81980
[ ]Student UnionAccident when worker slips on wet floor6:19/251981
[ ]Student UnionRatskeller business is low, specials announced to attract customers6:310/161981
[ ]Student Union"Students asked for input on Student Union renovations"10:42/141986
[ ]Student Union"Union to get a brand new look"10:42/141986
[ ]Student UnionUnion faces dramatic changes1:19/251987
[ ]Student Center; Student UnionStudent Center nears completion1:19/231988
[ ]Student UnionPub Opens With New Look and Policies1:110/141988
[ ]Student UnionUnion Games Room Opens12:11/131989
[ ]Student Union$5 Million Project To Finish In Spring3:11/201989
[ ]Student UnionAdministration Grants Thursday `Senior Nights'3:11/201989
[ ]Student UnionCorner Store Meets Competitive Prices5:11/201989
[ ]Student UnionStudents Pursue Pub Policy Changes1:11/201989
[ ]Student UnionCommons An Improvement12:13/31989
[ ]Student UnionWittenberg Victimized by Vandals1:14/71989
[ ]Student UnionStudent Center Expands Servive, Extends Hours2:14/141989
[ ]Student UnionStudent Center Dedication Week Set3:35/51989
[ ]Student UnionPub Policy Forwarded To Kinnison1:53/21990
[ ]Student UnionKinnison decides Pub Policy To Be reviewed By Faculty1:44/61990
[ ]Student UnionPub Policy Passed By Faculty2:44/121990
[ ]Student UnionPub Policy Apporved For `Mature and Responsible'1:44/271990
[ ]Student UnionPub Policy Prives Profitable1:15/41990
[ ]Student UnionCommons To Get Michael Flechtner Neon Sculpturepg. 5, col10/51990
[ ]Student UnionStudent and Faculty Art Adorns Student Centerpg. 4, col10/121990
[ ]Student Union - PubHugh Fink's acerbic wit leaves 'em laughingpg. 8, col4/121991
[ ]Student Union Advisory BoardProposal for Student Center Advisory Board delayedpg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Student UnionRude surprise bursts into Student Centerpg. 2, col4/261991
[ ]Student Union Advisory BoardFirst SCAB meeting a failurepg. 2, col5/171991
[ ]Student UnionReserve the Pub2:49/201991
[ ]Student UnionStudents purchase German book on discount thanks to bookstore error13:49/201991
[ ]Student UnionDemocracy Wall standing still5:310/111991
[ ]Student UnionCommons comes alive with the sounds of jazz7:41/241992
[ ]Student UnionWhat lies behind the little gray mailboxes3:41/241992
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Student UnionExtreme waste in CDR is a real eye opener1:41/311992
[ ]Student UnionJazz band Generation Gap performs with Valentine theme tonight in the Commons7:42/141992
[ ]Student UnionNot just another Commons story3:44/101992
[ ]Student UnionPub offers fun for all types8:44/101992
[ ]Student UnionAlumni paintings add color to Union8:64/171992
[ ]Student UnionCommons is to host 'Incredible' Acousti7:44/241992
[ ]Student Union'International Extravaganza' dazzles audience in the pub8:55/11992
[ ]Student Union; MusicFive man 'jazzapella' group comes to Witt CDR11:45/81992
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Food; Nutrition; Student UnionCDR [central dining room] promotes nutrition to Witt students2:410/91992
[ ]Student UnionAfter complaint, Student Center Pub posters promptly removed2:52/121993
[ ]Student UnionChanges are made in operations, menus in Witt's Commons and Center Dinning Room3:19/241993
[ ]Student Union[Bonnie] Cox brightens students' lives4:111/91993
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Student UnionCDR employee fired on charges of harassment2:42/221994
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Jones, Herman; Student UnionHerman Jones moves on from CDR7:35/311994
[ ]Student UnionCostly insurance, limmited quantities reasons for increase in prices at Commons2:110/251994
[ ]Student UnionStolen money results in new game room policy2:410/251994
[ ]Student UnionBenjamin Massey enjoys the good in life7:11/71995
[ ]Student UnionCommittee forms to discuss Pub's daytime hours1:31/241995
[ ]Student UnionFormer Witt student Eric Todd now manages the commons 'on the other side'4:12/211995
[ ]Union Board; Student Services; College BowlWittenberg freshman win College Bowl, advance to regionals in Michigan8:12/131996
[ ]Student UnionCoffeehouse negotiations suspended1:53/181997
[ ]Student Union; WeddingsWedding vows renewed between lunch and dinner in CDR9:14/111997
[ ]Student UnionUniversity planning to reopen The Pub6:19/161997
[ ]Student UnionMailroom to try opening on Saturdays7:39/301997
[ ]Student UnionPocket Lint performs in the pub10:310/71997
[ ]Student UnionUniversity broke off coffeehouse deal after finding legal problems1:210/281997
[ ]Student UnionBeer flows once again at the Pub3:111/41997
[ ]Student UnionComedy troupe Pocket Lint full of humor, surprises, and zany antics9:111/111997
[ ]Student UnionPost office removes mailbox3:411/111997
[ ]Student UnionCommons service needs improvement2:111/181997
[ ]Student UnionReopened Pub a hub of exciting activity9:12/171998
[ ]Student UnionSeniors reminisce at dessert2:43/241998
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Student UnionThere's more to Wanda than serving ice cream in the CDR6:14/281998
[ ]Student UnionWally's surpasses predecessor in activities2:111/241998
[ ]Student Union; Bizarre, JohnBizarre energizes and entertains Wally's crowd8:22/91999
[ ]Student UnionStudent led jazz night in Wally's a "Technicolor dream" success9:110/51999
[ ]Homecoming; Day, Howie; Student UnionHowie Day brings his musical talents to campus on Thursday9:210/121999
[ ]Gillian, Frank Jr.; Heaton, Anne; Student UnionFrank Gillian, Jr., Anne Heaton make dynamic duo8:411/21999
[ ]Student UnionLaughter fills Wally's Thursday9:511/21999
[ ]English Department; Student UnionEnglish Department puts artistic side under lights at Wally's8:111/301999
[ ]English Department; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Student UnionPoets entertain in the CDR8:31/282000
[ ]Student UnionOpen Mic Night9:22/82000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)60s and 70s party takes place in CDR9:32/152000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Weaver Chapel Association; Student ServicesLost and Found entertain in the CDR11:12/222000
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Echelon; Michelson, Lowell; Student UnionEchelon Entertains10:12/292000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; MusicBLOO rocks CDR during free concert10:13/282000
[ ]Ulliman, Kathy; Student UnionUlliman promoted to Student Center Director2:14/42000
[ ]Student Union;Student SenateNew café online for Student Center1:14/142000
[ ]Student UnionWally's hosts first Battle of the Bands9:14/142000
[ ]Student UnionCommons workers give job insights3:19/122000
[ ]Student Union; Cyber Café; Game RoomStudent Center undergoes changes (pic)2:19/122000
[ ]Student UnionPosting, chalking policy to become more stringent12:310/102000
[ ]Student UnionAdministrators give posting advice3:110/312000
[ ]Student UnionStudents pack Wally's for election festivities1:111/142000
[ ]Student UnionAttempted robbery shocks campus Thursday2:31/232001
[ ]Student Union--HistoryCostly insurance, limited quantities reasons given for increase in prices at Commons (October 25, 1994)7:112/112001
[ ]Student UnionCommons $.99 Value Menu12:14/232002
[ ]Student UnionFrom the CDR: What's New for Fall 2002?2:19/172002
[ ]Student UnionSenior Night at Wally's5:19/172002
[ ]Student UnionFree New Releases Right Around the Corner4:11/282003
[ ]Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Step Afrika proclaimed a big hit5:12/182003
[ ]Student UnionA common gripe: The Commons is a rip [sic] off!7:14/82004
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; Student Senate; Union Board; SupertonesSupertones to visit campus3:14/162004
[ ]Campus; International Education; Student Unionletters to the editor6:14/222004
[ ]Student UnionThe commons under construction1:310/142004
[ ]Student unionPlans for commons on the move2:111/12004
[ ]Student UnionMinority voices speak out6:22/32005
[ ]Student UnionFrustrated Sutdent writes about Post 95 criticism5:12/102005
[ ]Student UnionConcert review: live hip hop at Wally's pub8:12/242005
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Student UnionSick and tired of CDR6:34/212005
[ ]Student UnionPost 95 asks students to confront thefts1:14/282005
[ ]Student UnionStudents express pros and cons of CDR renovation1:19/82005
[ ]Student UnionCDR hosts annual midnight breakfast 2:312/82005
[ ]Student UnionPost 95 staff explains high prices 1:12/232006
[ ]Satire; student unionShocking turn of events: Hell freezes over [satire] 2:13/302006
[ ]Game Room; Student Union; Student Center; Wally's PubGame Room? What game room? 2:13/132008
[ ]Student Union; Post 95; Food Services; Shaw, Douglad Richard; MusicPlaying the harmonica: But not singing the blues 1:19/252008
[ ]Buildings; Game Room; Student Union; Student CenterPlans finalized for Benham-Pence Student Center Improvements4:111/202008
[ ]Games Room; Student UnionGames room renovation update2:32/52009
[ ]Game Room; Student Union; Student CenterDoppelganger: Game room reopens 1:12/262009
[ ]W-Day;Student Senate;Ratchford, Robert;Union Board;[Photo];Schneider, Dan;Burnett, ThomasW-Day's Legacy: History of Wittenberg Celebration3:44/242013
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Diversity; Milliner, Ashley; Moskowitz, Nona; One Student/No Woman Left Behind; Student Senate; Union Board; Women in PowerOpen-Mic Kicks Off Campaign for Change Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:110/22013
[ ]Union Board;Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC);Haab, Abigail;Orduna, Vanessa;Nydegger, Kathryn;Weaver, Hannah;Rodeheffer, Charles;Racanelli, Olivia;Bausch, Samantha;Bellanger, Erin;Tolliver, Liz;Witt WednesdaysKickball Gives Students a Different Witt Wednesday Option 3:110/42017
[ ]WittFest;Gill, Casey;Student Senate;Union Board;Ross, Allison;Carroll, Anne;Bidwill, Veronica;Kolberg, JohnB.o.B. Out: New Wittfest Headliner Upcoming 1:14/42018