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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student ServicesObjects to the 24-hour visitation proposal forwarded by fourth floor Tower and passed by R.H.A.1:42/151973
[ ]Student ServicesEscort System1:41/311974
[ ]Student ServicesCounseling services are available1:410/91975
[ ]Student ServicesHas supportive role4:44/151976
[ ]Student ServicesUniversity looks for counseling director1:14/151976
[ ]Student ServicesPosition of Sorority Affairs and Student programming filled by Sara McInerney. Background Information6:110/21981
[ ]Student ServicesDean Scott Airs Campus Alcohol Policies2:15/51989
[ ]Student ServicesRevised Version Of Student Lease Agreement Takes Effect2:15/261989
[ ]Student ServicesPeer tutors contribute to retention of black students2:110/111991
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Student UnionExtreme waste in CDR is a real eye opener1:41/311992
[ ]Student ServicesStudent Judicial Hearing Board hears serious cases of violation of university regulations2:11/311992
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Food; Nutrition; Student UnionCDR [central dining room] promotes nutrition to Witt students2:410/91992
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Student UnionCDR employee fired on charges of harassment2:42/221994
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Jones, Herman; Student UnionHerman Jones moves on from CDR7:35/311994
[ ]Student ServicesRushees not protected by 'freshman forgiveness'1:41/241995
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of Students;[James W.] Klenke named new dean of students; [Richard R.] Scott to resign1:45/231995
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsInterviews begin for new dean of students1:32/131996
[ ]Reid, Bruce; Student ServicesReid finds niche as assistant dean, coach8:12/131996
[ ]Union Board; Student Services; College BowlWittenberg freshman win College Bowl, advance to regionals in Michigan8:12/131996
[ ]Student ServicesThree new members appointed to Student Services staff2:19/161997
[ ]Student ServicesAcademic Honesty Board proposed by Heida3:32/31998
[ ]Student ServicesTipson appoints Heida as vice president of student development2:42/31998
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Faculty and Staff; Food Services; Student UnionThere's more to Wanda than serving ice cream in the CDR6:14/281998
[ ]Student ServicesStudent directory on its way2:410/271998
[ ]Student ServicesEdwards watches students learn, develop and grow7:11/261999
[ ]Student ServicesEdwards resigns1:12/91999
[ ]Student ServicesEmerging leaders program offers skills2:32/91999
[ ]Student ServicesHead orientation advisors chosen; applications for OA positions available2:32/91999
[ ]Student Services; Heida, Debbie; Henseler, DawnHeida, Henseler under fire1:52/91999
[ ]Student Services; Student HousingEarly off-campus housing release from dorms unlikely3:12/231999
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsCampus groups vote no-confidence in deans, sign petition asking for removal1:13/21999
[ ]Student ServicesStudents display mixed reactions1:13/231999
[ ]Student ServicesMayes fills student development position1:19/211999
[ ]Student ServicesTipson, Heida answer Concerned Student Movement1:19/211999
[ ]Residence Halls; Security Office; Student ServicesPower failure in Complex causes troubles; residents sleep in chapel1:311/21999
[ ]Student Services; Mayes, Edwin; Buildings; Seton Hall; FiresSeton Hall fire raises concerns on campus3:11/282000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Weaver Chapel Association; Student ServicesLost and Found entertain in the CDR11:12/222000
[ ]Nichols, Brian; Student ServicesNichols leaving for Texas A&M1:43/212000
[ ]Residence Halls; Student ServicesResidence Hall cable costs to increase soon1:43/282000
[ ]Student ServicesConduct Code undergoing changes12:110/32000
[ ]Student ServicesClub Profle: Students Taking Action Now, Dammit!8:11/232001
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Scott, Dick; Student ServicesDean Scott's future plans1:13/252004
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Student UnionSick and tired of CDR6:34/212005
[ ]Student Union; Post 95; Food Services; Shaw, Douglad Richard; MusicPlaying the harmonica: But not singing the blues 1:19/252008
[ ]Academics; Oral Communication Center (OCC); Student ServicesThe "OCC" Possibly Closing 2012-20131:12/12012
[ ]Internet;Macksamie, Matt;Hazarika, Sage;Cooper, George;Business Department;Kaplan, Thomas E.;Student ServicesFind a Job on WittJobs: New website lets community members seek and offer talents and skills4:14/242013
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Harman, Katie;Gill, Casey;Dining Services Advisory CommitteeStudent Senate Selected 1:14/62016
[ ]Mental Health;National Mental Health Awareness Alliance (NAMI);Gill, Casey;Health Center;Student ServicesWittenberg Provides New Resources for Mental Health 6:111/162016