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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student SenateMove to merge "Big 3" in student senate drive1:41/111952
[ ]Student SenateConsitution is ready for student body; revisions completed1:44/181952
[ ]Student SenateFaculty tables senate plan1:14/241952
[ ]Student SenateHas potential power34/241952
[ ]Student SenateApproves senate plann1:45/161952
[ ]Student SenateBegin second year. Organization described4:19/111953
[ ]Student SenateConstitution and role of student senate1:39/101954
[ ]Student SenateNew election system approved1:19/241954
[ ]Student SenateStudies three problems1:211/111955
[ ]Student SenateWill investigate charter revision1:111/181955
[ ]Student SenatePropose increase in unaffiliated senate delegates1:111/81957
[ ]Student SenateOrganization is three-fold5:41/291958
[ ]Student SenateAdds 3 to legislature1:42/71958
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote approaches as Senate approves constitution1:23/131959
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote needed to pass constitution1:13/41960
[ ]Alma Mater; Christian Fellowship Council; Elections; Service Chairmen; Student Senate; Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Elections will decide positions2:34/11960
[ ]Bock, Arlene; Freshmen; Student SenateMiss Bock advocates amplified frosh week (por)2:14/11960
[ ]Webster, Jerry; Student Senate; ElectionsWebster to enforce constitution if elected (por)2:44/11960
[ ]Conrad, Tom; Rilling, Beth; Student Senate; ElectionsTom Conrad is Senate veep1:44/221960
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote needed to pass constitution3:35/61960
[ ]Student SenateRevised code of elections due for consideration by legislature1:19/161960
[ ]Student SenateAdopted1:59/231960
[ ]Student SenateSuggestion box available3:112/161960
[ ]Student SenatePropose amendments5:13/301962
[ ]Student SenateSenate reviews parking signs1:3-510/81965
[ ]Student SenateO.C. student senate meet1:4-512/31965
[ ]Student SenateDynamic structural changes are initiated4:1-52/111966
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses constitutional revisions1:12/181966
[ ]Student Senate3.2 beer in Union discussed by Senate1:13/41966
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes to accept 'principle' of constitution during 3 hour meeting1:34/11966
[ ]Student SenateProposed constitution on April 20th ballot5:64/151966
[ ]Student SenateSenate stamps 'okay' on constitution1:14/221966
[ ]Student SenateElection results1:1-55/61966
[ ]Student SenateInvestigations into drinking and open dorms8:410/211966
[ ]Student SenateElection results6:510/291966
[ ]Student SenateOff campus activities and 3.2 beer pass unanimously1:311/41966
[ ]Student SenateAbolishes chaperones for all on-campus activities5:411/181966
[ ]Student SenateElection amendment proposed by speaker4:11/131967
[ ]Student SenateDiscrimination is hotly discussed in Senat Tuesday1:51/201967
[ ]Student SenateNominations made to observer posts on faculty comms1:51/271967
[ ]Student SenateCandidates listed; elections Feb. 211:12/171967
[ ]Student SenateCandidates listed; elections Feb. 218,92/171967
[ ]Student SenateFinal tally1:14/141967
[ ]Student SenateLoses another decision to council1:44/211967
[ ]Student SenateApproves apartment visitation bill1:44/281967
[ ]Student Senate93.4% vote in favor of visitation bill15/51967
[ ]Student SenateJunior keys passed, face OK by council1:15/191967
[ ]Student SenateStudy to question Witt honor code4:35/261967
[ ]Student SenateCouncil, Senate pass women's visitation1:16/21967
[ ]Student SenateMembers retreat to plan for year1:310/61967
[ ]Student SenateRequests that students be placed on faculty committee1:311/101967
[ ]Student SenateIncorporates Women's residence hall council as senate committee1:111/171967
[ ]Student SenateChallenges Board of Directors' statement of educational policy1:32/21968
[ ]Student SenateApproves new constitution1:12/91968
[ ]Student SenateUnanimously approve Jr. keys1:43/291968
[ ]Student SenateCandidates make statements; 8 officers go unopposed1:14/121968
[ ]Student SenateRatifies new constitution1:44/121968
[ ]Student SenateStudent court decision delays election1:14/261968
[ ]Student SenateSenate constitution restructures offices1:35/31968
[ ]Upward Bound; Student SenateSenate asks student financial support of program1:15/101968
[ ]Student SenateSenate constitution restructures offices1:15/101968
[ ]Student SenateAlcohol rules evaluated1:15/171968
[ ]Student SenateElection candidates' platform1:25/241968
[ ]Student Senate"Student Involvement" theme for year1:310/41968
[ ]Student SenateElection code1:310/41968
[ ]Student SenateElection results and list of appointments2:310/41968
[ ]Student SenateConstitution revisions concerning legislation1:411/81968
[ ]Student SenateProvisions for recall of elected members established1:411/81968
[ ]Student SenateVoted to consider plans for recognition of newly organized Concerned Black Students upon presentation of statement of goals and purpose1:411/81968
[ ]Student SenateApproves revised constitution1:111/151968
[ ]Student SenateDialogue fires campus revolution1:112/61968
[ ]Student SenateTo study C.B.S. demands1;11/171969
[ ]Student SenateNewsletter: Social Blues; Policy on student attendance at faculty meetings explained3:11/241969
[ ]Student SenateSlates referendum1:41/241969
[ ]Student SenateElections1:41/311969
[ ]Student SenateProposed revised constitution not yet approved by faculty1:12/71969
[ ]Student SenateCampaigns underway1:12/141969
[ ]Student SenateLaura Frants elected speaker1:12/211969
[ ]Student SenateSocial regulations revision to face faculty vote1:43/71969
[ ]Student SenateElection slated for position of Representative at Large1:24/111969
[ ]Student SenateMeeting's legality challenged3:14/181969
[ ]Student SenateSpecial election to be held Apr. 22nd2:44/181969
[ ]Student SenateMeeting rules defined1:44/251969
[ ]Student SenateSuggests student vote on two faculty committees1:44/251969
[ ]Student SenateElection deadlines Oct. 15, 19692:110/31969
[ ]Student SenateSponsors Vietnam Moratorium1:110/101969
[ ]Student SenateRevised constitution vote Tuesday3:11/301970
[ ]Student SenateMet on January 19. New constitution approved. Name of Senate changed to Student Government Assoc.3:11/211971
[ ]Student SenateQuestions authority of Superior Hearing Board1:45/131971
[ ]Student SenateBudget proposalNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:15/271982
[ ]Student SenateSenate holds first meeting8:19/241982
[ ]Student SenateStudent activities budgets1:310/11982
[ ]Student SenateFaculty shocked by advertisement1:110/221982
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses firing1:310/291982
[ ]Student SenateSenate encourages minority hiring1:111/121982
[ ]Student SenateSenate to hold referendum on fee increase1:111/121982
[ ]Student SenateSmall enrollment hurts Senate6:11/141983
[ ]Student SenateSenate meeting airs dispute1:11/211983
[ ]Student SenateCode ironed approved4;11/281983
[ ]Student SenateSenate positions for 1983-84 open to students1:12/111983
[ ]Student SenateCandidates await Tuesday vote5:12/181983
[ ]Student SenateSmith, Snyder take tops senate posts1:12/251983
[ ]Student Senate Budget CommitteeMany Organizations budgets cutNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:34/61983
[ ]Student SenateOPIRG referendum passed1:14/221983
[ ]Student SenateAnti-Nuke concert3:14/291983
[ ]Student SenateOPIRG funding still a question1:15/61983
[ ]Student SenateCommittee formed to negotiate compromise5:15/131983
[ ]Student SenateOPIRG funding passed4:15/201983
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate talks budget1:19/231983
[ ]Student SenateSenate Wealth1:210/161983
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate sets OPIRG referendum date1:110/211983
[ ]Student SenateFunding follies1:310/281983
[ ]Student SenateTying loose ends5:311/111983
[ ]Student SenateSenate starts liason4:11/201984
[ ]Student SenateAbsenteeism means cuts4:31/271984
[ ]Student SenateElection date changed1:22/31984
[ ]Student SenateIntercollegiate communication5:12/31984
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate1:12/101984
[ ]Student SenateJones not on Ballot5:42/171984
[ ]Student SenateMeet the candidates4:22/171984
[ ]Student SenateSenate corrects elcctions problem10:12/241984
[ ]Student SenateTreasurer's Candidacy contested1:12/241984
[ ]Student SenateConstitution Business4:34/61984
[ ]Student SenateSenate chooses committee5:14/131984
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate considering increase4:14/201984
[ ]Student SenateContingency fund dwindles1:14/271984
[ ]Student SenateRiddell wins senior class presidency1:15/41984
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate1:15/181984
[ ]Student SenateSenate selects acting FSG rep7:19/281984
[ ]Student SenateSenate will fund university calendar5:210/191984
[ ]Student SenateSenate students to participate in Conference4:110/261984
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate halts alcohol purchases1:22/11985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate seeks new officers7:12/11985
[ ]Student SenateAlcohol purchasing policy to go before senate9:33/11985
[ ]Student SenateNew Student Senate officers talking charge7:13/11985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate questions its own election policies6:13/11985
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate forms7:44/41985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate7:14/121985
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate speaks3:24/191985
[ ]Student SenateThefts plague Wittenberg University student Senate10:14/191985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate7:44/261985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate14:15/31985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate report5:25/171985
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate8:45/241985
[ ]Student Senate"Senate clears debate over V.P. Appointment"1:19/271985
[ ]Student Senate"Senates' $200 to save bank"3:110/111985
[ ]Student Senate"Student Senate sets referendum"3:710/251985
[ ]Student Senate"Stundent budget allocation raises debate, eyebrows"6:111/11985
[ ]Student Senate"1985-86 Seante wrapping up term"10:42/141986
[ ]Student Senate"Organizations make pleas for funds"10:42/141986
[ ]Student Senate"Suspect elections test 'Senate's Credibility'"10:12/141986
[ ]Student SenateSenate reviews off-campus housing and neighborhood10:15/301986
[ ]Student SenateClark expelled from Senate, awaits appeal1:310/101986
[ ]Student SenateBy-laws, retreat discussed at student senate meeting5:110/171986
[ ]Student SenateClark out; election set1:110/171986
[ ]Student SenateEmergency Senate funding rescues Amandla4:110/241986
[ ]Student Senate$120 Activities fee referendum passes1311/71986
[ ]Student SenateFrubee appoints committee to draft Senate Constitution1:12/61987
[ ]Student SenateMarketing 'cou' nets $42321:22/201987
[ ]Student Senate"Fritz in a Blitz"1:12/271987
[ ]Student SenateSenate studying constituion1:34/171987
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate referendum passes1:111/131987
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes to keep honorarium system1:42/191988
[ ]Student SenateSenate Votes To Keep Honorarium System1:42/191988
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate plans expansion5:14/151988
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Plans Expansion5:14/151988
[ ]Student SenateActivity Fee Rise?1:44/221988
[ ]Student SenateSenate execs divided1:35/271988
[ ]Student SenateSenate Execs Divided1:35/271988
[ ]Student SenateSenate members gain valuable experience9/231988
[ ]Student SenateAdvice offered on student stree management10/71988
[ ]Student SenateFreshmen elect Smith10/71988
[ ]Student SenateGroups move into Dietrich House10/141988
[ ]Student SenateParents weekend offers myriad of activities10/141988
[ ]Student SenateSenate ends roll-over1/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate sponsors leadership conference1/271989
[ ]Student SenateCampus leaders explore global value issues2/31989
[ ]Student SenateExcess funds rules changed2/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Budget allocations questioned2/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate reviews conference2/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate divided on allocation issue2/171989
[ ]Student SenateOfficers informed of budget plan3/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate debates redistribution of votes3/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Debates Redistribution Of Votes1:13/31989
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses elections, Alma Mater4/71989
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses registration, spring calendar of events4/141989
[ ]Student SenateCandidates address issues4/281989
[ ]Student SenateCanidates Address Issues1:34/281989
[ ]Student SenateFaculty Issue Dominates Senate Meeting2:14/281989
[ ]Student SenateFaculty issues dominates Senate meeting4/281989
[ ]Student SenateSenate elections Tuesday4/281989
[ ]Student SenateNew Vote Set For Senate's Two Top Posts2:15/51989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Approves Budget1:55/51989
[ ]Student SenateNew vote set for Senate's two top posts5/121989
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves budget5/121989
[ ]Student SenateStudents will vote again for president, VP5/191989
[ ]Student SenateStudents Will Vote Again For President, VP1:15/191989
[ ]Student SenateDenkewalkter and Cukier debate the issues5/261989
[ ]Student SenateIncoming Senate officers promise to battle apathy5/261989
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate working on new budget mechanism5/261989
[ ]Student SenateWRPS constitution voted5/261989
[ ]Student SenateHearing Board nominees tabled until Friday3:29/221989
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.;Student SenateWittenberg "presidents" share views1:59/221989
[ ]Student SenateWittenberg `Presidents' Share Views1:59/221989
[ ]Student SenateFreshmen will revote9/291989
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves nominees9/291989
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses vendor policy, Kinnison must approve10/61989
[ ]Student SenateKeller Elected Freshman Senator1:310/131989
[ ]Student SenateKeller elected freshmen senator1:310/131989
[ ]Student SenateSenate eyes allocation reins10/201989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Eyes Allocation Reins1:210/201989
[ ]Student SenateVoices Wins Recognition From Senate1:110/201989
[ ]Student SenateSenate has closed meeting10/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Has Closed Meeting2:110/271989
[ ]Student SenateSenate abolished honoraria11/101989
[ ]Student SenateSenate Abolishes Honoraria1:111/101989
[ ]Student SenateDebBurman resigns senate post1/121990
[ ]Student SenateDebBurman resigns Senate Post2:11/121990
[ ]Student SenateSenate to distribute M.L. King's famous speech1/121990
[ ]Student SenateGanem looks ahead in Senate1/191990
[ ]Student SenateConference Unites leaders1/261990
[ ]Student SenateSenate allocates funds1/261990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Allocates Funds1:21/261990
[ ]Student SenateLeadership conference confronts issues of Cultural Diversity2/21990
[ ]Student SenateStudents want open policies2/21990
[ ]Student SenateStudents Want Open Policies1:22/21990
[ ]Student SenateCukier questions existence of Union Tech; Senate tables vote2/91990
[ ]Student SenateCukier Questions Existence Of Union Tech; Senate Tables Vote1:42/91990
[ ]Student Senate'Brass' gathers in Commons: Students inquire about issues2/161990
[ ]Student SenateRepresentatives propose Saferide program2/161990
[ ]Student SenateTwo greek reps proposed2/161990
[ ]Student SenateGreek rep finds saferide a cost effective alternative2/231990
[ ]Student SenateWitt Senate Funds D&D2/231990
[ ]Student SenateBudget process revised by senate: to include "mission Statement"3/21990
[ ]Student SenateBudget Process Revised By Senate; To Include `Mission Statements'3:33/21990
[ ]Student SenateLeaders denied 'gratuity'3/21990
[ ]Student SenateAlternatives to saferides program undergo exploration by Senate4/61990
[ ]Saferides; Student SenateAlternatives To Saferides Program Undergo Explortion By Senate1:14/61990
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses Condoms, costs, classes4/61990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Discusses Condoms, Costs, Classes4:14/61990
[ ]Student SenateElections For Student Senate Offices To Be Preceeded By Deabtes2:14/121990
[ ]Student SenateElections for Student Senate offices to be preceeded by Debates4/121990
[ ]Student SenateSenate budgets upcoming 'Senate Week'4/121990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Budgets Upcoming `Senate Week'1:34/121990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate's greek rep will unite senate, Panhel, and IFC4/121990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate's Greek Rep Will Unite Senate, Panhel, and IFC2:24/121990
[ ]Student SenateForthcoming election and debate under Senate's consideration4/201990
[ ]Student SenateForthcoming Election And Debate Under Senate's Consideration1:44/201990
[ ]Student SenateBudget cuts Senate week program4/271990
[ ]Student SenateBudget Cuts Senate Week Program1:54/271990
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses funds, elections, and identity4/271990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Discusses Funds, Elections, and Identity1:34/271990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Week Promotes 'Interest in Student Affairs'4/271990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Week Promotes `Intrest In Student Affairs'1:14/271990
[ ]Student SenateDiversity: Key To Senate's New Leaders1:15/41990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate slate elected5/41990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Slate Selected1:55/41990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate: Off the record5/41990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate: Off The Record3:45/41990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate finalizes budgets for upcoming year5/181990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Finalizes Budgets For Upcoming Year1:15/181990
[ ]Student SenateNew Senators sworn in for next year5/251990
[ ]Student SenateNew Senators Sworn In For Next Year1:25/251990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Cuts Budget by 7% for Student Organizationsp. 1, col.9/211990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Introduces Finesp. 2, col.9/211990
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Election are Scheduled for Sept. 25p. 3, col.9/211990
[ ]Student SenateDebBurman Stresses Campus Unificationpg. 4, col9/281990
[ ]Student SenateQuestions Remain Over Palma's Rolepg. 3, col9/281990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Fills Vital Positions with Electionspg. 1, col9/281990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Forms Committeespg. 2, col9/281990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Eyes Neighborhood Relations Panelpg. 2, col10/51990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Forms Committes, Accepts SADDpg. 8, col10/51990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Recognizes Fencing Club, Debates On Habitatpg. 2, col10/121990
[ ]Student SenateIndependent Students Respond To Surveyspg. 14, co10/191990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Recognizes Imani, Animal Rights Group Aspg. 3, col10/191990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Crisis: Kerchiefs For Neighborspg. 1, col10/261990
[ ]Student SenateConference To Center On Wittenberg Series Themepg. 3, col11/21990
[ ]Student SenateDividio Speaks on Race Issuespg. 1, col11/21990
[ ]Student SenateFSSCC Approves Senate's Advisory Board Proposalpg. 2, col11/21990
[ ]Student SenateSeftenberg Stresses Faculty-Student Relationspg. 5, col11/21990
[ ]Student SenateSenate's Neighborhood Day A Community Relationspg. 1, col11/21990
[ ]Student SenateSenate's Question: To Freeze Or Not To Freezepg. 13, co11/21990
[ ]Student SenateSenators, Businesses React To Policypg. 3, col11/21990
[ ]Student SenateModern, Unintentional Racism Explored By Dividiopg. 1, col11/91990
[ ]Student SenateSenate Deliberates On Poster Policypg. 2, col11/91990
[ ]Student SenateAIDS/condoms policy wins approval of Senatepg. 1, col2/11991
[ ]Student SenateInterfaith panel details campus religiouspg. 2, col2/221991
[ ]Student SenateSenate reacts to administration's revised policypg. 2, col3/11991
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate President DebBurman steps downpg. 1, col3/11991
[ ]Student SenateTom Seftenberg sworn in as Senate president; WUSOpg. 2, col3/11991
[ ]Student SenateCommunicable disease policy irks Student Senatepg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]Student SenateSenate urges applications for positionspg. 3, col4/51991
[ ]Student SenatePolicy dictum smothers student input is claimpg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Student SenateReservoir marks site of junior class cookoutpg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]Student SenateSenate allocates funds to Union Techpg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Student SenateMaterial Distribution Inadequatepg. 2, col4/191991
[ ]Student SenateCandidates address issues at student senate debatepg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Student SenatePreview of the 1991-92 student senate electionpg. 14 - 14/261991
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate extravaganza debates lack ofpg. 2, col4/261991
[ ]Student SenateVote in student senate electionspg. 13, co4/261991
[ ]Student SenateAIDS proposal put on agendapg. 3, col5/31991
[ ]Student SenatePete Staubitz narrowly defeats Leigh in contestpg. 1, col5/31991
[ ]Student SenateSharp presents problems to Senatepg. 2, col5/31991
[ ]Student SenateFaculty aproves Senate Condoms proposal in partpg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]Student SenateSenate helps fund Leadership Awardspg. 2, col5/101991
[ ]Student SenateSenate's GPA rule is passedpg. 11, co5/101991
[ ]Student SenateApathy is prevalent on campus, say student leaderspg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Student SenateTreasurer asks about budgetpg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Student SenateFinance positions for Senate filledpg. 12, co5/241991
[ ]Student SenateKathleen Leigh & Student Senate named Studentpg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateSenate budget reflects dollar squeezepg. 9, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateStaubitz sworn in as new Student Senate presidentpg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]Student SenateMarime works to improve atmosphere for students2:29/201991
[ ]Student SenateBok brings experience to freshman post3:39/271991
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate appoints David Gates as senator1:19/271991
[ ]Student SenateClass cabinets subject of Senate debate13:310/41991
[ ]Student SenateDominick details university distribution policy and background2:110/41991
[ ]Student SenateSenate warns organizations to sign contracts or be fined3:410/41991
[ ]Student SenateYates details plans for Sophomore Class Cabinet1:110/41991
[ ]Student SenateSenate eyes new policy proposals1:110/111991
[ ]Student SenateSenate tackles cabinet issue4:410/111991
[ ]Student SenateSenate reacts to rejection1:310/181991
[ ]Student SenateYates, Pearson present class cabinet proposal to Student Senate3:110/181991
[ ]Student Senate; CondomsSenate proposes condom distribution through mail1:410/251991
[ ]Student SenateSophomore cabinet would solve problem of only one senator for whole class5:310/251991
[ ]Student SenateSenators brainstorm on group's function2:211/11991
[ ]Student Senate; CondomsSenate decides against distributing condoms by mail despite survey findings1:311/81991
[ ]Student SenateSenate Update: whistles, finances, semesters, cabinets, and expression3:111/81991
[ ]Student SenateSenate hosts conference5:31/171992
[ ]Student SenateStudents to elect new class cabinets2:11/171992
[ ]Student SenateADL holds prejudice workshop2:21/241992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate allocates funds to student organizations5:31/311992
[ ]Student SenateSenate campaign leave idea is tabled2:22/71992
[ ]Student SenateTalk gets tougher at this week's meeting of Student Senate1:12/141992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate rejects a proposal limiting terms of senators1:12/211992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate discusses student employment and change of semster system1:22/281992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Shorts1:43/61992
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves campus leaders1:24/101992
[ ]Student SenateSenate reallocates funds to campus groups2:44/171992
[ ]Student SenateSpike Lee placed at center of Senate debate2:14/241992
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes yes to absentee ballot1:45/11992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate elections scheduled for Tuesday, May 52:15/11992
[ ]Student SenateBendel/Niles elected as Senate President/VP1:45/81992
[ ]Student SenateSenate allocates funds for Leadership Awards Dessert, after extensive debate7:45/81992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate approves own $26,005 budget; rejects Salt House Ministry2:15/151992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate distributes free safety whistles; introduces innovative program of defense1:25/151992
[ ]Student SenateSenate deals with replacement and absence2:15/291992
[ ]Student Senate; New studentsFreshman looking for Senate representation2:19/251992
[ ]Student SenateSenate upset at apathetic freshmen2:19/251992
[ ]Student SenateElections held Tuesday for New Student positions1:610/21992
[ ]Student SenateStudy abroad aid, handicap access proposals raised2:610/21992
[ ]Student SenateHandicapped and security measures discussed2:110/91992
[ ]Student SenateSenate committee formed to look into abroad programs1:610/91992
[ ]Student Senate; Habitat for HumanitySenate rejects Habitat's 92-93 budget appeal1:310/161992
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate wraps up ad-hoc committee issues1:511/131992
[ ]Student SenateSenate introduces sexual assault policy2:11/151993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate creates committee to handle clean-up from too much advertising2:31/221993
[ ]Student SenateStudents asked to voice opinion on university budget1:61/221993
[ ]Student Senate; Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison addresses Senate; discusses current and future topics concerning WIttenberg University1:21/291993
[ ]Student SenateSenate to release survey on budget priority allocations1:62/191993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate is looking to cut down funds for student clubs1:52/191993
[ ]Student Senate; HIV (Virus)Senate to promote AIDS awareness through posters1:43/51993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate elections slated for Tuesday, May 412:14/301993
[ ]Student SenateSenate will curtail many area budgets due to overall cuts1:45/141993
[ ]Student SenateSenate answers 'Where does all the money go'1:210/11993
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate reserves funds for 'unplanned emergencies'3:410/191993
[ ]Student SenateSeniors' money used for band?3:311/21993
[ ]Student SenateBudget allocations by student senate are released for coming year5:35/311994
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate halts 24-hour visitation proposal, further revisions still needed1:310/111994
[ ]Student SenateSenate calls for four changes to 24 hr. proposal1:510/251994
[ ]Student SenateSenate to vote on visitation1:31/311995
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate budget allocations for '95-'963:45/231995
[ ]Student SenateSenate gives clubs additional funds1:4-510/171995
[ ]Student SenateStudent senate to vote on new visitation policy1:111/211995
[ ]Student SenateSenate passes new visitation policy1:1-312/51995
[ ]Student SenateStudents support Senate decision1-2-312/51995
[ ]Student SenateSenators allocate money in hopes of attracting Clinton3:2-43/191996
[ ]Student SenateVisitation decision delayed; student senators discuss proposal at weekly meeting1:3-53/261996
[ ]Student SenateDebates held for upcoming Senate election1:44/21996
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate grants AIDS group funding2:3-54/21996
[ ]Student SenateStudent senators discuss Senior Night, CBS constitution2:2-54/121996
[ ]Student Senate1996 Student Senate budget allocations raise funding questions8-9:1-104/301996
[ ]Student SenateSenators forced to cut student club budgets1:2-44/301996
[ ]Student SenateSenate considers raising student fees3:1-39/171996
[ ]Student SenateSenate debates activities fee increase1:2-39/241996
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves activities fee increase1:3-510/11996
[ ]Student SenateSenate rescues WUSO, approves pep band2:3-510/81996
[ ]Student SenateMeeting format changes to include open forum1:2-410/151996
[ ]Student SenateSenate clarifies position on halogen lamps3:1-510/291996
[ ]Student SenateSenate to reimburse Greek houses2:1-511/51996
[ ]Student SenateSenate amends funding philosophy2:1-311/121996
[ ]Student SenateSenate issues anti-prejudice declaration after'recent incidents'4:1-211/121996
[ ]Student SenateSenate forms committees to discuss condom distribution on campus2:1-311/191996
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves proposal allowing condom distribution on campus2:1-52/111997
[ ]Student SenateSenate considers UB movie problems; discusses 'Us Vs. Them,' swastika incident in South Hall2:42/181997
[ ]Sexual harassment; Student SenateStudent Senate hears suggestions for current sexual assalt, harassment policy1:32/251997
[ ]Student SenateSenate candidates face off1:33/251997
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses need for 'civility and tolerance' in future campaigning2:14/111997
[ ]Student SenateClass size and yearbook boost Senate's budget1:19/231997
[ ]Student SenateSenate creates standing budget committee to oversee appropriations2:19/231997
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate green lights Alpha Phi Alpha colonization2:29/231997
[ ]Student SenateBroken bottles move Senate to action2:310/71997
[ ]Student SenateSenate committee will consider election reforms3:410/141997
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate debates Union Board's debt2:110/141997
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senat discusses Saturday class proposal3:410/281997
[ ]Student SenateOpen forum time changed2:411/111997
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses AIA request to host Ohio International Conference3:411/111997
[ ]Student SenateSenate President/Treasurer summit could happen in 'next few weeks'2:111/111997
[ ]Student SenateSenate, in short order, allocates $26,773.75 for WUSO transmitter3:111/181997
[ ]Student SenateStudent leaders want Senate funding process refined1:111/181997
[ ]Student SenateHearing Board ends quorum dilemma by adding two new seats2:412/91997
[ ]Student SenateSenate no longer approves media leaders1:212/91997
[ ]Student SenateSenate may support WUSO with fee raise2:32/101998
[ ]Student SenateSenate approves new justices for hearing board2:12/171998
[ ]Student SenateSenate elections coming soon1:12/171998
[ ]Student SenateSenate cadidates debate in Commons Sunday night1:23/241998
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate closes in on final budget1:33/241998
[ ]Student SenateE-mail announce stirs up campaigning1:53/311998
[ ]Student SenateSenate, class officers elected1:23/311998
[ ]Student SenateSenate releases 1998-99 budget for student groups3:14/171998
[ ]Student SenateThoele named new Seanate v.p.1:19/221998
[ ]College Republicans; Student SenateSenate grants College Republicans funds to bring in speaker Lt. Col. Oliver North2:39/291998
[ ]Student SenateSenate reallocates $1,500 less to bring Oliver North1:410/61998
[ ]Student SenateDance Team looks to energize basketball halftimes3:110/131998
[ ]Student SenateMehrotra seeks committee of independent constituents1:111/101998
[ ]Student SenateSenator petitions for 24-hour coffeehouse2:112/81998
[ ]Student SenateIndependent senator hands in resignation1:12/21999
[ ]Student SenateSenate to alocate $260,000 to campus organizations1:22/91999
[ ]Finfrock, Charles; Student SenateCharles Finfrock elected independent senator; brings "fresh ideas" to position1:32/161999
[ ]Student SenateProcess for "dealing with the petition" not established1:12/161999
[ ]Student SenateSenate requests student input1:42/161999
[ ]Student SenateElection codes revised due to past problems; ticket system revamped1:12/231999
[ ]Student SenateStudent leaders outline Senate CSM procedure1:32/231999
[ ]Student SenateSenate Treasurer presents budgeting changes; groups take "critical" role2:13/21999
[ ]Residence Halls; Student SenateResidence hall telephone system produces grievances3:13/231999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News2:13/231999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate news7:13/311999
[ ]Student SenateGiffin, Freed unopposed in election; class of 2001 brings Sandoval, Gilbert to office1:14/161999
[ ]Student Senate; Administration; Dean of StudentsSenate findings presented to president, deans1:14/161999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate 1999-2000 budget approved quickly2:14/161999
[ ]Student SenateHearing Board selections to be completed next week2:14/231999
[ ]Student SenateSenate calls for action1:14/231999
[ ]Student SenateSenate revamps finance committee3:19/211999
[ ]Student Senate; The WittMen CrewWittmen Crew a capella group seeks Senate recognition as Christian entity3:39/211999
[ ]Student SenateCommittee selections3:19/281999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News10:49/281999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News3:310/51999
[ ]Student SenateSenate proposes parking solutions3:210/121999
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Student Senate; AcademicsSenate, faculty, administration discuss academic standards2:110/121999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News3:310/121999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News3:310/261999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News3:311/21999
[ ]Student Senate; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBABW money ready for use; no applications received1:111/91999
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses communication2:111/91999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News2:111/91999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News3:311/301999
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate News3:312/71999
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat10:41/282000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat10:42/82000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat10:42/152000
[ ]Student SenateLeadership Conference pulls in campus groups1:12/152000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat13:42/222000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat13:42/292000
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate to add seats1:32/292000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat3:13/212000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat13:13/282000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat3:14/42000
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Senate seat10:44/142000
[ ]Student Union;Student SenateNew café online for Student Center1:14/142000
[ ]Student SenateSenate donates money to Antioch Collge in memoriam2:44/142000
[ ]Student Senate; Garrison, Chris; Newton, Lindsey; Bryant, Katie; Seidletz, SarahFreshman class chooses Garrison, Newton to lead class1:29/192000
[ ]Student Senate; Gairson, Chris; Newton, LindsayNew Student Pres. And Vice-Pres. Share insights about election and involvement8:19/192000
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate approves committees12:39/192000
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Hearing Board: a jury of peers12:19/262000
[ ]Student SenateSenate project aids Xenia tornado victims1:110/102000
[ ]Student SenatePresident's Roundtable addresses campus concerns2:111/142000
[ ]Student Senate, Thomas LibrarySenate studies library hours, possible extension1:111/212000
[ ]Student SenateStudents take action over trash3:111/212000
[ ]Student SenatePhi Psi's out, 2001-'02 Student Senate Elected: Hooker, King win top Student Senate posts1:14/102001
[ ]Student SenateClub Profile5:110/22001
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:410/92001
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate seeks visibility3:110/92001
[ ]Student Senate; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStudent Senate goes trick-or-treating3:110/162001
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:410/302001
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:411/62001
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:411/132001
[ ]Editorials; Opinion; Student SenateNew Senate election process favored6:111/132001
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:411/202001
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:412/42001
[ ]Student SenateSenate to vote on organization guidelines bill2:112/42001
[ ]Student Senate; Fraternities and SororitiesFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/52002
[ ]Student SenateFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/122002
[ ]Student Senate; College CostsFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/262002
[ ]Opinion; Student SenateApril 9th Elections in Question by Torch6:14/192002
[ ]Student SenateForml Protest of Student Senate Elections Filed by Plummer and Morgan1:44/192002
[ ]Student Senate; Garrison, Chris; Clapp, MandyNew Student Seante President and Vice President Speak Out for First Time1:14/192002
[ ]Student SenateElected Student Senate Presidents and VPs Set Goals for the Upcoming School Year2:14/232002
[ ]Editorials; Student SenateSenate Election Flawed6:14/232002
[ ]Student SenateSenate Overturns Constitution: Approves Election3:14/232002
[ ]Editorials; Student SenateStudent Senate Election Results Challenged7:14/232002
[ ]Student Senate; Alcohol PolicyOpen Forum on Alcohol Policy Draws Large Crowds3:15/72002
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Speaks1:49/102002
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Speaks3:19/242002
[ ]Student Senate; Academic HonestyStudent Seante Speaks15:310/12002
[ ]Student SenateStudent Assessment: Who's Really Behind It?6:111/192002
[ ]Student SenateWitt Student Senate's Upcoming Projects3:111/262002
[ ]Student Senate; ComputersSenate votes to block P2P programs3:53/252004
[ ]Letters; Student SenateLetter to the class of 20056:14/12004
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; Student Senate; Union Board; SupertonesSupertones to visit campus3:14/162004
[ ]Chinn, Will; Hurst, Beth; Student SenateChinn, Hurst to lead student body2:24/222004
[ ]Student SenateSenate picks of the week2:39/162004
[ ]Student SenateClass of 2008 leaders elected1:59/232004
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate's weekly picks2:19/302004
[ ]Student SenateSenate's weekly picks2:210/72004
[ ]Student senateStudent senate picks2:110/142004
[ ]Student SenateTsunami relief2:11/272005
[ ]Student SenateAnnual Senate blood drive results1:12/102005
[ ]Student SenateFreshman class creates cabinet1:12/242005
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate elections9:14/82005
[ ]Student SenateTsunami relief concert raises money, awareness2:44/212005
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate to move meetings to Student Center2:49/222005
[ ]Student Senate; Preston, MarkStudent Senate Spotlight2:19/292005
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate spotlights senators2:110/62005
[ ]Collins, Jared; Franz, Erika; Student SenateStudent Senate spotlights senators2:110/272005
[ ]Student SenateCampus-wide tailgate hopes to unite Witt2:311/32005
[ ]Student SenateStudet Senate Spotlight2:111/32005
[ ]Student SenateAll-campus tailgate successful1:311/102005
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate spotlight senators2:111/102005
[ ]Student SenateSenate Spotlight2:111/172005
[ ]Student Senate; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Carter, GreggStudent Senate spotlight: CBS Senator Gregg Carter 2:112/82005
[ ]Student Senate; Hively, BradyStudent Senate spotlight:Athletic Senator Brady Hively 2:112/82005
[ ]Student SenateSenate election results 1:14/72006
[ ]Student Senate; Preston, MarkHow well do you know the president? Class of 2008 president shares his story4:19/282006
[ ]Student SenateGot Beef? Senate wnats to help! 3:412/72006
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Dating; Domitrz, Mike; Greek Life; Residence Life; Sexual Harassment; Student Senate; Womyn's Center; Women's StudiesWitt students ask "Can I Kiss You?"3:111/12007
[ ]Student Senate; Class of 2009; Class of 2011; Concerts; Music; Pocket Lint; Lawton, Dennis; Donofrio, David; Marian, Mike; A.C. Slater; Bayside Tiger Wrestling SquadAfter so much success, let's hope Post-It will stickNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 5:111/152007
[ ]Chasteen, Leslie; Class of 2010; Student Senate; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield'Save Your Stuff' for the needy4:212/62007
[ ]Student Senate; Class of 2009; Class of 2011; Concerts; Music; Persinger, Allie; Bruce, Jessica; Dennett, Sarah; Herde, Kelly; Pearson, Halley; Coburn, Carl; Nicely, Cody; Wiseman, BrettPost-it sticks around for another night of performances5:112/62007
[ ]Paulsen, John; Physical Plant; Recycling; Student SenateWittenberg takes steps to go green2:112/62007
[ ]Recycling; POWER; Conservation Club; Administration; Erickson, Mark; Faculty and Staff; Davis, Robert; Incorvati, Rick; Student Senate; Matesich, SarahWittenberg community: Ready, set recycle!2:11/242008
[ ]Bruce, Jessica; Class of 2009; Class of 2011; Concerts; Delestienne, Matt; Donofrio, David; Goldstein, Andrew; Hammer, Jacob; Janks, Dave; Jones, Chris; Keniston, Tyler; Lawton, Dennis; Miller, Shawn; Mitchell, Jake; Music; Persinger, Allie; Student SenateFriday's Post-It: Good times attatched2:21/312008
[ ]Student SenateClose races yield record results in senate elections 6:14/172008
[ ]Student Senate; Student Organizations; Catch and Release; Fishing; Geography ClubOpportunities for everyone on campus: New Student Organizations 3:19/252008
[ ]Student Senate; Sexual Assault; Rape; McDonald, MattStudent senate launches anti-sexual assault campaign 7:111/202008
[ ]Academics; Student Senate; WUSO; AthleticsGPA requirements: One size doesn't fit all1:12/122009
[ ]Student Senate; Freshmen"Mobama" and '13 crew take office3:110/152009
[ ]Post-It; Student Senate; Concerts; ReviewsNew artists displayed at Post It8:310/152009
[ ]Student Center; Student Senate; Student Development; Campus LifeFounders: Classic campus space gets a facelift1:110/292009
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Concerts; Donofrio, David; Post-It; Student SenateDonofrio back at "Post It"9:111/52009
[ ]Student Senate; ElectionsStudent Senate Election Results 2:24/12010
[ ]Student Senate; Newly elected leaders have big ideas, but unsure plans for the future3:14/82010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; PhilanthropyThe 2010 talent show: the next event from the busy freshman class cabinet3:44/82010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; Homosexuality; PoliticsWittenberg Student Senate denounces hateful language1:0110/62010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Greek Life; Crime; Motion Pictures; Sports; Track and Field; Baseball; Student Senate; Phi Kappa PsiWhat we wrote4:0111/102010
[ ]"Philanthropy; Student Senate; Corrigan, Brendan"Ice Cream Social raises money for Japan relief 1:014/192011
[ ]Awards; Student SenateW Award Winners Fall 2011 3:411/92011
[ ]W-Day;Traditions;Campus Life;Student SenateThe Mysterious Day: W Day Returns to Campus 2:14/182012
[ ]Gregory, Shelly;Wittenberg University;Student Senate;Opinion;Letter to the Editor: Why I Love Wittenberg University 5:311/142012
[ ]W-Day;Student Senate;Ratchford, Robert;Union Board;[Photo];Schneider, Dan;Burnett, ThomasW-Day's Legacy: History of Wittenberg Celebration3:44/242013
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Diversity; Milliner, Ashley; Moskowitz, Nona; One Student/No Woman Left Behind; Student Senate; Union Board; Women in PowerOpen-Mic Kicks Off Campaign for Change Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:110/22013
[ ]Oberschlake, Sean;Tiger Clean Up;Student SenateTiger Clean Up Program Coming to Campus 2:310/292014
[ ]Lough, Zachary;Student Senate;Student Activities;BudgetStudent Senate Pool Rumors 2:411/52014
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega;Polis House;Student Senate;Interfraternity Council;Southard, Michael J.;FraternitiesYo Bro! Here Comes ATO 2:411/192014
[ ]Student Senate;Capital Fund;Residence Halls;Campus ResourcesStudent Senate Proposals — Nikita Kelyanov 1:112/102014
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Doyle, Sean;Goins, DaVante;Campus Resources;[Photo]Student Senate to Hold Open Forum 1:12/112015
[ ]Student Senate;Hodge, Cylie;[Photo]Cylie Hodge New Class of 2018 President 1:12/182015
[ ]Letter to the Editor;Lough, Zachary;Capital Fund;Student SenateLetter to the Editor–Zach Lough 6:12/252015
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Villegas, Kayla;[Photo]New Student Senate Looks To New Year 2:14/152015
[ ]Oberschlake, Sean;Alcohol Policy;Student SenateStudent Senator Exploring Bringing Kegs back to Campus 1:44/152015
[ ]Residence Halls;Student Senate;DeVilbiss, Mark;[Photo]Student Residence Halls Are Looking At New Face-Lifts 3:49/232015
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Villegas, KaylaSaturday Senators Spotlight 1:19/302015
[ ]Student Senate;Black, CameronStudent Senate to Open up Committee Positions to Students 1:110/72015
[ ]Center for Engaged Learning (CEL);Student Senate;Southard, Michael J.;Thomas LibraryPlans for CEL Move Forward 3:11/272016
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Harman, Katie;Gill, Casey;Dining Services Advisory CommitteeStudent Senate Selected 1:14/62016
[ ]Student Senate;Office of Student Involvement;Student Activities;Ernat, Pearl;Delta Gamma;Ames, Elizabeth;Leadership Awards Ceremony;[Photo]Wittenberg Hosts Fifth Annual Leadership Awards 4:14/132016
[ ]Student Activities;Student Activity Fee;Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Possible Changes to Student Activity Fees 12:14/272016
[ ]Student SenateStudent Senate Proposes Financial Compensation for Senators Online5/32016
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Student Activities Fund;Gill, CaseyAn update on the Student Senate’s Proposal for Financial Compensation 4:19/72016
[ ]COMPASS;Center for Engaged Learning (CEL);Thomas Library;Student Senate;Lough, ZacharyThomas Library Introduces Compass 9/72016
[ ]Freshmen;Student Senate;Tehan, Olesya;Speyer, Molly;Kraus, Maya;Henderson, Moriah;Lough, Zachary;Central Dining Room (CDR);[photos]Freshmen Running For Senate Catch Attention With CDR Speeches 3:19/212016
[ ]COMPASS;Thomas Library;Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Center for Engaged Learning (CEL);[Photo]Campus Community EnCOMPASSed By New Student Success Center 1:19/282016
[ ]Student Senate;Lough, Zachary;Harman, Katie;Student Activity Fee;Student OrganizationsStudent Senate Reallocating Funds 3:11/252017
[ ][Photo];Student Senate;O'Malley, Madeline;McCarty, Alexis;Hartwell, D'Andre;SeniorsSenior Events Boost Family Weekend 4:110/112017