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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil dead2:311/41915
[ ]Student CouncilNeed felt for council2;111/221917
[ ]Lutheran Student Council;Mahr, Arthur;Council To Elect4:210/271927
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilLutheran students will ballot. Two members elected from each of the four college classes as well as from the seminary student body1:411/31927
[ ]Student CouncilPlans to aid in raising $25,000 for expansion program of the Lutheran Seminary at Leningrad, Russia1:312/81927
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilAnnual sectional conference meets at Wittenberg1:62/71929
[ ]Student CouncilStudent movement leaders plan constitution1:53/91945
[ ]Student CouncilProposed election code presented to CouncilNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:42/91948
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil hears plan of new Wittenberg student6:13/41948
[ ]Student CouncilTwo proposals made for elections code1:53/171948
[ ]Student CouncilNew...constitutions goes before students1:55/121948
[ ]Student CouncilFaculty approves council constitution1:39/291948
[ ]Student CouncilFaculty approves council constitution1:410/61948
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil Studies Change in "Wittenberger" Elections1:410/261949
[ ]Student CouncilTradition handicaps council in student-faculty meetings2:310/41951
[ ]Student CouncilStudent council speaks; needs only to be heard2:310/111951
[ ]Student CouncilLacks Cooperation from students, faculty2:411/11951
[ ]Alma Mater; Christian Fellowship Council; Elections; Service Chairmen; Student Senate; Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Elections will decide positions2:34/11960
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega;Polis House;Student Senate;Interfraternity Council;Southard, Michael J.;FraternitiesYo Bro! Here Comes ATO 2:411/192014
[ ]Office of Student Involvement;Interfraternity Council;Panhellenic Council;Food;Siebert, Emma;Kreamer, Lauren;Repucci, Nathan;[Photo]Annual Food Truck Fest Sends Students Home Full 3:39/132017