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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]StadiumStadium Work Progressing1:55/171923
[ ]StadiumNew $80,000 Stadium Nearing Completion Largest and Most Complete Stadium in Ohio Conference Practically Finished1:39/201923
[ ]Stadium; FootballVarsity Swamps Antioch in First Grid Contest 79-6 New Stadium Fittingly OPened By Dazzling Vicotry Credit Due Godfrey1:110/41923
[ ]StadiumStadium Presents Unique Features; Authorities Conced the New $100,000 Athletic Pland Secondy Only to Ohio State's Bowl1:310/111923
[ ]StadiumCeremonies To Mark Stadium Dedication; New Athletic Plant to Be Fittingly Dedicated Before Wesleyan Game Saturday1:310/181923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; Football; StadiumStadium Issue10/181923
[ ]StadiumDedication Services Brief and Impressive1:510/251923
[ ]Stadium; FootballLutherans Unable to Down Stadium "Jinx"; Wesleyan Wins Dedication Game After Being Outplayed in First Three Quarters1:110/251923
[ ]StadiumWesleyan Will Repair Stadium; Defacing of Plant Deplored by Wesleyan Student Body1:511/11923
[ ]StadiumConstruction cost of the stadium exceedes $100,000Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:1-210/181949