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[ ]Football; Songs (College)Wittenberg's Foot Ball Song: Nothing Can Beat Wittenberg (To the tune of "Yankee Doodle")3710/131900
[ ]Songs (College)"Hit the line for Wittenberg" A newly improved song2:211/11911
[ ]Songs (College)"Wittenberg, fair Wittenberg" is official song. Adopted for Wittenberg1:22/211912
[ ]Songs (College)Students urged to write original songs and yells92:110/301912
[ ]Songs (College)Musiker, attention! Let's have some college songs2:23/291917
[ ]Songs (College)It is customary for Wittenbergers to stand up and remove hats when the college song, "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]Songs (College); Alma MaterPrize of $10 offered by Dean Shatzer for appropriate words to the tune Alma Mater1:34/281921
[ ]Songs (College)Wittenberg College official song2:211/101921
[ ]Songs (College)Songs and Yells Being Published (Titled "In the Interest of the Freshman")1:19/271923
[ ]Songs (College); Administration; Miller, Ross; Immell, Ruth; Faculty and Staff; Schneider, J. Phillip; Bach, Frederick L.Dean Miller to Edit College Song Book: Musical Publication To Appear on Campus: Prize Contest Will Be Featured5:212/31925
[ ]Songs (College)Prizes are offered for college songs: Students are requested to submit contributions for book by February 16:412/171925
[ ]Songs (College)Mary O. Wolfe to receive $25.00 in gold for her contribution "Wittenberg for Mine"1:24/221926
[ ]Songs (College)President Tullose requested that the football song, beginning with the lines "When dear old Wittenberg men fall in line," be discontinued at football games4:49/221927