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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Softball - WomenTigerettes lose to Wright State 13-45:64/281978
[ ]Softball - WomenWomen fall in softball5:64/281978
[ ]Softball - WomenTiger women lose two games to Otterbein - 14-1, 14-65:45/51978
[ ]Softball - WomenTigers lose two to Capital, 2-1, 10-95:65/51978
[ ]Softball - WomenSoftballers drop pair5;75/121978
[ ]Softball - WomenEnds season with a 1-9 record5:15/261978
[ ]Softball - WomenStarts season, record now 2-25:14/201979
[ ]Softball - WomenDropped three of the last four games, record now 3-55:54/271979
[ ]Softball - WomenDefeats Capital 13-2 and 6-4, lose to Otterbein 9-2 adn 12-4 and to Wright State 10-1 and 20-35:25/41979
[ ]Softball - WomenTigers lose to Dayton 12-2 and 9-8 and to Capital 22-67:25/111979
[ ]Softball - WomenFinish season with a loss to Miami U. 9-0 and win over Rio Grande 8-7, and a loss to Wilmington 9-0, record is 6-145:25/181979
[ ]Softball - WomenWittenberg loses doubleheader to Central State, 10-5 adn 3-15:34/181980
[ ]Softball - WomenWitt beats Ohio Wesleyan; loses to Wilminton5:14/251980
[ ]SoftballWitt beats Urbana and Capital; looses to Otterbein5:15/21980
[ ]SoftballWitt loses to Cedarville; beats Ashland College. Witt will also host first Ohio Assoc. of Intercollegiate sports for women6:15/91980
[ ]SoftballWittenberg beats Central State4:44/201981
[ ]SoftballOhio Assoc. of Intercollegiate sports for women to be hosted by Wittenberg5:45/11981
[ ]SoftballWittenberg defeated by Wooster and Lakeland at OAISW5:65/81981
[ ]SoftballSoftball tryouts announced6:11/211983
[ ]SoftballSoftball Team 12-127:35/61983
[ ]Softball"Successful"7;25/201983
[ ]SoftballWomen's softball 1984 squad choser5:13/21984
[ ]SoftballSoftball team anxious to begin season6:14/61984
[ ]SoftballSoftball enjoying success1:24/201984
[ ]SoftballTigers maintain success6:14/271984
[ ]SoftballTigers hold steady5:15/41984
[ ]SoftballFast-pitch nabs win in first outing8:14/41985
[ ]SoftballFast-pitch splits wins in back-to-bak double headers6:14/121985
[ ]SoftballWitt splits with Mt. Union after 2 previous losses5:14/191985
[ ]SoftballNew softball program needs umps11;15/31985
[ ]SoftballSoftball is strong and alive12:15/31985
[ ]SoftballSoftball looks for a "Change in the weather"10:14/251986
[ ]SoftballSoftball squad finishes strong9:15/21986
[ ]SoftballSoftball preview2/241989
[ ]SoftballSoftball Preview9:42/241989
[ ]SoftballLady Tigers regain form4/211989
[ ]SoftballLady Tigers Regain Form13:54/211989
[ ]SoftballSoftball Team Earns Best Record Yet16:15/51989
[ ]SoftballSoftball team earns best record yet5/121989
[ ]SoftballWomen Softballers Ready To Battle8:12/21990
[ ]SoftballWomen softballers ready to battle3/21990
[ ]SoftballWet Weather Cancels Lady Tigers Games But Doesn't Dampen Softball Team's Spirit14:34/121990
[ ]SoftballWet weather cancels lady Tigers games, but doesn't dampen softball team's spirit4/121990
[ ]SoftballSoftball team struggles to first victorypg. 14, co4/121991
[ ]SoftballTiger softball team gets back on track in 8-3pg. 11, co4/261991
[ ]SoftballLingenfelter, Doll and Everhart invited to attendpg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]SoftballFlorida sun ripens Wittenberg softball team for their season5:14/101992
[ ]SoftballWitt softball engage Ohio Northern and Hanover5:34/171992
[ ]SoftballSoftball team's record is 10 - 12 after defeat5:15/11992
[ ]SoftballSoftball team defeats Otterbein in a winning season5:55/221992
[ ]SoftballSoftball team plays hard, studies harder6:410/231992
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Softball; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's sports in a box6:44/231993
[ ]SoftballSoftball coach feels dedication leads team to success6:14/301993
[ ]SoftballThree Witt softball Tigers recognized6:15/141993
[ ]Softball[Chris] Postler earns 3rd team All-American honors in softball10:15/311994
[ ]Softball[Michelle] Ennen having outstanding season11:34/211995
[ ]Softball[Tracy] Anderson says 'NO' to KO11:45/121995
[ ]Softball - WomenWittenberg women's softball team looks to veterans for winning season12:1-54/21996
[ ]SoftballSenior leadership and a strong recruiting class give Tigers boost8:13/181997
[ ]SoftballSoftball looks for a successful season in 9810:13/171998
[ ]SoftballSoftball vans involved in traffic accident on I-752:43/171998
[ ]Baseball; Softball; TennisSports Roundup10:33/311998
[ ]Softball; TennisSports Roundup10:24/71998
[ ]Lacrosse - Women; SoftballWittenberg Spring Sports Shorts10:24/171998
[ ]Lacrosse - Men; SoftballSports Shorts10:14/281998
[ ]SoftballSoftball comes out swinging, ends in defeat12:13/231999
[ ]SoftballSoftball sets school record12:14/231999
[ ]Davis, Brian; Pore, Randy; Oakes, Carey; Bosler, Shelley; Kallendorf, Kristin; Softball; BaseballSpring team captains15:12/292000
[ ]SoftballSoftball looks to continue success16:13/282000
[ ]SoftballSoftball goes 6-1 for the week12:34/142000
[ ]SoftballThe Capsule: Softball ready to begin new season11:12/202001
[ ]SoftballWomen's softball team coming alive before NCAC play begins this week13:14/12003
[ ]Softball; Zorn, StephanieDon't mess with Texas: Softball player hails from down South 10:14/262007
[ ]Athletic Department; Soccer - Men; Softball; McAnnis-Entenman, Benjamin; Williams, JackieNCAC Players of the week10:29/132007
[ ]Softball; Faculty and Staff; Hall, Becky; Fetters, SarahSoftball: High hopes for "green" team11:42/142008
[ ]Softball; Faculty and Staff; Hall, Becky; Boswell, Brooke; Hatcher, Rachael; O'Neill, Meghan; Shock, Melisa; Mowrey, Kim; Fetters, Sarah; Allen, Jessi; Henderson, Amanda; Chivington, JadeTigers look to keep streak alive, set sights on NCAC crown 11:14/32008
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - Women; Softball; Sports; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's weekend sports wrap-up14:14/162009
[ ]Softball; SportsSoftball looks to capitalize on the road14:24/232009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Volleyball; Graham, Kathleen; Kimble, Jessica; Sports; Seniors; Soccer - Men; Borland, Matt; Price, Shane; Sports; Seniors; Softball; Hatcher, Rachel; Ziegler, JulieWittenberg's outstanding senior athletes14:25/72009
[ ]SoftballWitt softball optimistic for 201010:12/112010
[ ]SoftballTiger softball: A case of the splits 11:44/12010
[ ]SoftballSoftball sweeps Case, breaks school record for most runs10:14/82010
[ ]SoftballThis week in photos: Wittenberg softball vs. Ohio Wesleyan11:14/152010
[ ]Boswell, Brooke; SoftballBrooke Boswell earns NCAC Pitcher of the Week award10:24/222010
[ ]Sports; SoftballSoftball looks to get back championship game 10:012/232011
[ ]Sports; SoftballTiger's split with Case Western10:013/292011
[ ]"Sports; Softball; Allen, Jessi"Softball opens conference play with sweep of Gators 10:014/122011
[ ]"Sports; Softball; Allen, Jessi"Softball earns berth in conference tournament 10:015/32011
[ ]Softball; Sports; Ross, RachelSoftball Team Enjoying Great Season 11:14/182012
[ ]Sports; SoftballSoftball Team Still Alive in Conference Race 11:14/252012
[ ]Sports;Softball;Matthews, LauraLaura Matthews Named New Softball Head Coach 7:39/122012
[ ]Sports;Softball;Harrison, Kaitie;Ross, Rachel;Making History: Wittenberg Softball7:43/202013
[ ]Sports;Softball;Combs, Loren;[Photo]Softball Team Battles Back for Thrilling Victory7:14/102013
[ ]Ross, Rachel;Sports;Softball;[Photos]Rachel Ross Tosses No-Hitter in Sweep7:14/172013
[ ]Sports;Softball;Ross, RachelLead by Ross, Tiger Softball Rises to Timely Big Wins7:14/242013
[ ]Sports;Softball;Ross, Rachel;[Photo]Rachel Ross Honored as Wooden Cup Semi-Finalist 8:11/292014
[ ]Sports;Softball;Rose, Laura;Ross, Rachel;Harrison, KatieSoftball Looks to Soar 7:33/52014
[ ]Sports;Softball;Ross, Rachel;Harrison, Kaitie;Combs, Loren;[Photos]Tiger Softball Gives the Scots a Beatdown 8:14/92014
[ ]Sports;Softball;Rose, Laura;[Photo];Durette, Alyssa;Ross, RachelWitt Team splits 3-3 in Big Week of Softball 7:14/162014
[ ]Sports;SoftballSoftball Gets Close, But Fails7:15/72014
[ ]Softball;Hobbs, Casey;[Photo]Tigers Split Home Opener with Crusaders 7:44/12015
[ ]Softball;Ficke, Emma;[Photo]Off the Field 8:14/152015
[ ]Softball;Lance, Shannon;Zang, Chelsea;Haab, Abigail;[Photo]Softball Sweeps Oberlin 7:14/222015
[ ]Softball;Bausch, Samantha;Hughes, Kaela;Hobbs, Casey;Zang, Chelsea;[Photos]Softball Recap 7:14/292015
[ ]SoftballBox Scores 11:43/232016
[ ]Softball;Baker, Abby;Matthews, Laura;[Photo]Wittenberg Softball Off to a Strong Start 11:13/232016
[ ]Baseball;Softball;Lacrosse - Men;Lacrosse - Women;Volleyball - MenBox Score 12:44/62016
[ ]Combs, Loren;Softball;[Photo]Q&A With: Lauren Combs, Veteran Softball Shortstop 11:14/62016
[ ]Baseball;Softball;Lacrosse - Men;Lacrosse - Women;Tennis - MenBox Scores 11:44/202016
[ ]Baseball;Softball;Lacrosse - Women;Lacrosse - MenBox Scores 12:44/272016
[ ]Baseball;Softball;Tennis - Women;Lacrosse - WomenBox Scores 12:45/32016
[ ]Newton, Alison;Softball;[Photo]Spotlight on a Tiger Alison Newton 12:15/32016
[ ]Baseball;Lacrosse - Men;Lacrosse - Women;SoftballBox Scores 12:43/292017
[ ]Lacrosse - Men;Lacrosse - Women;Softball;Volleyball - MenBox Scores 12:44/122017
[ ]Baseball;Softball;Lacrosse - Men;Lacrosse - WomenBox Scores 12:44/192017