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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]SmokingA recent proposal of legislation to make it impossible for cigarette smokers to be graduated with honors is under consideration4:23/41915
[ ]SmokingRule Forbids Smoking in College Buildings1:51/311924
[ ]Smoking;Geil, GusNo smoking areas3:41/201977
[ ]Library; SmokingButt out when entering library3:49/301988
[ ]University Smoking PolicyStudents express varied opinions on new universitypg. 4, col5/101991
[ ]Smoking;OpinionThere's no debate: Smoking harms everyone8:14/261994
[ ]SmokingUp In Smoke: Cigarettes, Trash, and Money7:19/172002
[ ]SmokingOhio passes ban on smoking; effective December 7 3:111/162006
[ ]Health; Smoking; Marijuana; DrugsHow much is too much? 3:012/22011
[ ]Smoking;Advice; O'Brien, CaseySaying Goodbye to a Nicotine Vice 10:14/252012