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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Sigma Pi Delta; Sigma Sigma OmicronNew Sorority Appears Here; Sigma Pi Delta Enter Sigma Sigma Omicron [Theta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Omicron]4:25/11924
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaNational honorary psychology fraternity forms a chapter at Wittenberg1:49/261929
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaPsychologists meet to organize1:311/71929
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaEighth honorary society added to Wittenberg campus.1:12/201930
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaFormally installed1:22/271930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaAccepts petition of Pi Epsilon to become one of its chapters1:55/221930
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaAssociation meets at Antioch4:35/221930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaPetitions for acceptance in Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority.1:55/221930
[ ]Sigma Pi Sigma; Psi ChiConvention votes changing Sigma Pi Sigma to Psi Chi4:32/51931
[ ]Pi Kappa Sigma;ElectionsPi Kappa Sigma Elects Offices For This Year1:71/131933
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter1:39/251947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter3:211/151947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter1:211/201947
[ ]Pi Sigma Alpha;Political Science;Political Science DepartmentPi Sigma Alpha Elects1:110/261949
[ ]Sigma Delta Pi;Hispanic Culture;Amaya, Olivia;Swaim, Callan;[Photo]Giving Back to Pachamama 4:15/32016