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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Chi Sigma NuChi Sigma Nu, new campus social group, is organized1:110/211926
[ ]Chi Sigma NuChi Sigma Nu fraternity locates on Fountain4:510/241929
[ ]Chi Sigma NuFraternity disbanded; Kappa Phi to absorb activities, alumni1:110/21931
[ ]Sigma NuNew members met for Colony Commitment3:410/51979
[ ]Sigma NuTakes new pledges4:52/81980
[ ]Sigma NuEarns charter as Witt fraternity; discusses plans1:25/91980
[ ]Sigma NuSigma Nu renovation in final stages7:11/231987
[ ]Sigma NuSNu's may drop from IFC1:12/61987