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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]ShiftersShifters increase members to 231:112/201935
[ ]Shifters; Barker, Dr. J. W.Members remain silent when quizzed on "Attitude"1:14/41941
[ ]ShiftersOdd socks and shoes, high heels and low--it's Shifter's time1:23/21949
[ ]ShiftersPaper clip, right attitude keynote band of shifters1:39/301955
[ ]ShiftersPledges Seeking Shifters' Secret5:310/311958
[ ]ShiftersRiddle defied Torch investigators3:15/231969
[ ]ShiftersWitt student speculates on the 'Shifters'6:1-32/201996
[ ]Editorials; Shifters; WizardsI Hope this doesn't Forfeit my Membership7:110/92001
[ ]Secret Societies; Security Office; Shifters; WizardsWizards, shifters, and other societies, oh my!11:110/92003
[ ]ShiftersThe Shifters: one of Witt's best kept secrets4:14/282005
[ ]Shifters;Campus Life;Campus Activities;Opinion;Letter to the Editor: Dear Shifters 5:110/102012