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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]SexualityTwo mini-courses on homan sexuality planned, information given3:54/201979
[ ]SexualityClinic to be offered by Dr. Ted Peterson1:52/61981
[ ]Homosexuality; Gay marriageGay sayings 6:111/92006
[ ]HomosexualityWhat's in a name? Same-sex couples strive for equal laws 3:112/72006
[ ]Residence Halls; Visitation Policy; SexualitySex and Curfew4:110/112007
[ ]Religion; Sexuality; Condoms; AIDS; World NewsCriticism of Pope's condom comments13:34/162009
[ ]Condoms; Opinion; Religion; Sexuality; The Torch's take: Religious ties that bind v. personal views13:14/162009
[ ]Letters; Cengel, Lauren; Religion; Sexuality; Condoms; AIDSLetter to the Editor: Re: Pope within his authority to make HIV/AIDS comments12:14/232009
[ ]Miller, Marshall; Lopez, Melissa; SexualityBoth males and females alike openly discuss the female 'O'3:111/52009
[ ]Editorials; Politics; Military Service; Gays; Homosexuality; National News"Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Discriminatory 4:12/182010
[ ]Homosexuality; Military Service; Opinion; Politics"Do ask, do tell"9:019/222010
[ ]Homosexuality; Politics; Military ServiceSeventeen-year-old military law deemed 'unconstitutional' by court2:019/222010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; Homosexuality; PoliticsWittenberg Student Senate denounces hateful language1:0110/62010
[ ]Clementi, Tyler; Editorials; Homosexuality; Panstingel, Joe"I Promise you, Tyler, I'll Listen"9:0210/132010
[ ]Homosexuality; Johnson, E. Patrick; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldAuthor performs to bring new understanding to Springfield 2:012/22011
[ ]College Life; Homosexuality; O'Neill, Kevin; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBoycott Bigotry, and McMurray’s: Student Calls for Campus-Wide Boycott of McMurray’s 1:110/52011
[ ]Sigma Kappa;Delta Tau Delta;Sexuality;Campus Activities;Sigma Kappa and Delta Tau Delta Presents: Sexplorations4:411/142012
[ ]College Life;SexualityLet's Talk About Sex: A Perspective on Hook-Up Culture 7:12/122014
[ ]Page, Ellen;Czyzselska, Jane;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT);HomosexualityBreaking the Silence [Ellen Page Breaks the Silence] 5:12/262014
[ ]Sex;Sexuality;Pornography;AddictionClearing My History 4:39/102014
[ ]Shades of Pearls;Women;Sexuality;Planned Parenthood;Moore, NaQuiana;Fletcher, Kamyia;[Photo]Pearls Provide Minority Support on Campus 4:14/12015
[ ]Health Center;Community Mercy Health Partners (CMHP);Catholic Church;DeVilbiss, Mark;Politics--Springfield;Abortion;Women's Health;Sexuality;Yontz, Erin; ContraceptionHealth Partnership Leads to Student, Faculty Concern About Contraception 1:33/22016
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Letters;Health Center;Community Mercy Health Partners (CMHP);Women's Health;Catholic Church;Sexuality;Birth ControlLetter from Alumni 10:13/22016
[ ]Faculty;Letters;Health Center;Community Mercy Health Partners (CMHP);Women's Health;Catholic Church;Sexuality;Birth ControlLetter from Faculty 10:23/22016
[ ]Health Center;Women's Health;Birth Control;Sexuality;Community Mercy Health Partners (CMHP);Yontz, Erin;Freebourn, Randy;Gill, Casey;DeVilbiss, MarkAdministration Responds to Health Center Complaints 1:13/232016