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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi;Chi Omega;Lambda Chi Alpha;Explosives;Police and SecuritySeries of Mystery Blasts Hit Campus Over Weekend1:310/261949
[ ]Security OfficeArms issues to face Monday referendum1:15/161969
[ ]Security OfficeDeath opens security study1:15/161969
[ ]Security OfficeDisarmament motion will be referred to all-campus referendum on May 19th5:25/161969
[ ]Security OfficeSubject to rules and regulations1:15/161969
[ ]Security OfficeStudy continues1:15/231969
[ ]Security OfficeMace an alternative to guns4:45/291969
[ ]Security OfficeSurvey results are in1:45/291969
[ ]Security OfficeReorganized. Staff increased to eight1:110/31969
[ ]Security Advisory CommitteeDr. William Kinnison proposes forming committee1;75/101973
[ ]Security OfficeNew Security force, Pinkerton's Inc., of Dayton, was contracted to begin operating September 17th1:69/191973
[ ]Security OfficeHead Pinkerton man considers role on campus1:310/41973
[ ]Security OfficeNight patrolling is lonely job8:111/151973
[ ]Security Advisory CommitteeNew traffic rules adopted1:72/61975
[ ]Security Officedesignate all classrooms, elevators, auditoriums, and theatres as No Smoking areas4:61/131977
[ ]Security OfficeWitt gets new ITT security force1:11/131977
[ ]Security OfficePlan new bank runns due to insurance reason. ITT to be accompanied by off-duty Springfield police1:71/271977
[ ]Security OfficeNew security chief chosen. Rod Scott, whose main concern is crime prevention education1:54/281978
[ ]Social SecurityEarnings limit increases. Information cited8:71/191979
[ ]Security OfficeRod Scott, former head of security, resigns1:52/231979
[ ]Security OfficeNew chief, Gordan Blickie, aims to work with students6:14/271979
[ ]Security OfficeNow handled by International Total Service (ITS)4:19/81979
[ ]Buildings; Security Office; Tower HallFire and violations of policy discussed1:49/221979
[ ]Security OfficeNew system outlined2:49/291979
[ ]Security OfficeCasey Collins named as the new director1:110/51979
[ ]Security OfficeReports car stereo thefts on campus1:12/11980
[ ]Security OfficeNew security director talks about goals of security and special problems1:49/251981
[ ]Security OfficeRape awareness program for campus women, and ways security can help with rape victims is discussed by Earl Rogers1:310/161981
[ ]Buildings; Ferncliff Hall; Security OfficeFalse fire alarms caused by new "Master Alert" system6:310/231981
[ ]Social SecurityBenefits drop4:11/151982
[ ]Rogers, Earl;Police and SecuritySecurity Director enjoys service1:42/51982
[ ]Security OfficeCrimewatch comes to Wittenberg12:110/261984
[ ]Security OfficeHead of Security forced to resign1:14/41985
[ ]Security Office"Eyes and Ears Alert"4:610/181985
[ ]Security Office"security steps up towing"8:81/311986
[ ]Security Office"Attacks reported on campus"10:12/141986
[ ]Security Office"Security reveals facts about recent attacks"11:12/211986
[ ]Security Office"Senior presents self-defence program for residents"11:12/211986
[ ]Security Office"Security announces new director"1:14/111986
[ ]Security OfficeKrumholtz faces challenges of being new security director6:15/301986
[ ]Security OfficeSerious campus crimes raise security concerns1;12/131987
[ ]Security OfficeCAP system to increase security1:42/121988
[ ]Security OfficeCAP System To Increase Security1:42/121988
[ ]Security OfficeGuests require escorts9/231988
[ ]Security OfficeGuests Require Escorts4:39/231988
[ ]Security OfficeSpringfield Gangs linked to Wittenberg attacks9/231988
[ ]Security Office; TheftSecurity Problems Down4:39/301988
[ ]Security OfficeStudents: Children or Adults?10/71988
[ ]Security OfficeMaster keys May Threaten Security10/211988
[ ]Security OfficeMaster Keys May Threaten Security1:110/211988
[ ]Security OfficePermits upset students10/211988
[ ]Security OfficePermits Upset Students3:310/211988
[ ]Security OfficeTheft mystery remains unsolved1/201989
[ ]Security OfficeTheft Mystery Remains Unsolved3:31/201989
[ ]Security OfficeProwlers reported in residence halls2/241989
[ ]Security OfficeProwlers Reported In Residence Halls1:22/241989
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg victimized by vandals4/71989
[ ]Security OfficeRewards for theft information5/191989
[ ]Security OfficeFirearms figure in 3 incidents on Witt campus5/261989
[ ]Security OfficeFirearms Figure In Three Incidents On Witt Campus1:45/261989
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity employee fired5/261989
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Employee Fired1:25/261989
[ ]Security OfficeTwo Students Attacked: `Could Have Been Stoped'1:19/221989
[ ]Security OfficeWoman attacked at Plum St. UDF10/271989
[ ]Security OfficeWoman Attacked at Plum St. UDF1:110/271989
[ ]Buildings; Fires; Security Office; Tower Hall1106 Tower door burns11/31989
[ ]Security OfficeSome students say escort service slow11/31989
[ ]Security Office"Students not evacuating"11/101989
[ ]Security OfficeProgram prompts safety1/191990
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity won't drive disabled students2/161990
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Won't Drive Disabled Students4:32/161990
[ ]Security OfficeStudents accosted by three youths3/21990
[ ]Security OfficeWitt's escort service continues to prosper with improvements4/61990
[ ]Security OfficeAssaults Are a Cause for Concernp. 2, col.9/211990
[ ]Security OfficeStudent Assault Awareness Encouragedpg. 2, col9/281990
[ ]Wittenberg SecurityWittenberg, Police, and News-Sun Work to Apprehendpg. 2, col9/281990
[ ]Wittenberg SecurityViolence Increases in Springfieldpg. 1, col10/51990
[ ]Security OfficeCrime Rate 'Normal', Says Krumholtzpg. 13, co10/121990
[ ]Wittenberg SecurityLimitations, Abilities Of Security Are Outlinedpg. 2, col10/191990
[ ]Security OfficeStudent Painting Stolen During Weekendpg. 1, col10/191990
[ ]Security OfficeOfficer Under Investigation: Abusive Languagepg. 1, col11/21990
[ ]Security OfficeStolen Student Painting Unfound; Security Offerspg. 1, col11/21990
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg Security Officer Suspended For Allegedpg. 1, col11/91990
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity attends new racial awareness workshoppg. 1, col1/111991
[ ]Security OfficeCar Window Smashedpg. 3, col4/121991
[ ]Security OfficeTraffic Curbs a city matter, official sayspg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Security OfficeDecrease in assaults compared to past terms,pg. 2, col4/261991
[ ]Security OfficeNo new leads on paintings stolen during fall termpg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Security OfficeStudent assault third this yearpg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Section Startedpg. 1, col5/101991
[ ]Security OfficeFemale Attacked in Games Room during weekendpg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Security OfficeOpen parties pose dangers to studentspg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity's busy weekend detailedpg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]Security OfficeThree students steal credit cardspg. 1, col5/241991
[ ]Security OfficeLoud parties, booze targets of crackdown1:59/201991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity, police give car protection tips2:210/41991
[ ]Security OfficeTwo chemical explosions set off on campus1:110/41991
[ ]Security OfficeTheft strikes Wittenberg1:110/181991
[ ]Security OfficeOff-Campus committee airs security issues20:410/251991
[ ]Marshall, Chip; Campus SecuritySaturday's attack provokes many questions for Open Forum9:110/251991
[ ]Security OfficeTeen shoots student on North Fountain Avenue1:410/251991
[ ]Security OfficeJuvenile arrested in connection with the shooting of Chip Marshall1:311/11991
[ ]Security OfficeOpen forum clears circulating rumors1:211/81991
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity questions the carrying of firearms1:21/171992
[ ]Security OfficeYouth sentenced in Marshall shooting1:11/171992
[ ]Security OfficeHit and Run involves two Wittenberg students2:11/311992
[ ]Security OfficeStudent arrested for misrepresentation2:41/311992
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg student attacked by several unknown assailants1:64/171992
[ ]Security OfficeBicycle theft remains traditional problem of Spring term; five stolen thus far1:25/221992
[ ]Security OfficeStudents responsible for registering all motor vehicles1:45/291992
[ ]Security Office; Security phonesSecurity phones installed outside halls to promote safety and convience [sic]2:39/251992
[ ]Security OfficeWeapons are a part of new security measure2:29/251992
[ ]Security OfficeNew security act requires that reported campus crimes be published annually1:310/21992
[ ]Wittenberg Security; GunsStudents concerned about presence of guns on campus1:210/21992
[ ]Security OfficeUnidentified man seen at off-campus student houses1:210/231992
[ ]Security OfficeGolf balls found to be responsible cause of recent campus vandalism1:211/61992
[ ]Security OfficeEscort reflects importance of campus safety1:211/131992
[ ]Security ad hoc committeeSecurity ad hoc committee will promote safety on Witt campus1:51/291993
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity teams adds police power to force1:41/291993
[ ]Security OfficeAddition of armed officers to Witt Security leads to student opposition1:22/51993
[ ]Security OfficeWitt crime record remains at steady rate for this year1:22/191993
[ ]Security OfficeDecision to use armed officers carefully made1:62/261993
[ ]Security OfficeTraining: requirement for bearing firearms1:33/51993
[ ]Security Office; StealingBicycle thefts remain a problem1:24/91993
[ ]Security OfficeVehicle registration presents confusion with Witt students1:64/161993
[ ]Security OfficeCampus security supplies tips1:54/231993
[ ]Security OfficeBreak-in should caution students5:39/241993
[ ]Security OfficeTwo Wittenberg Students Attacked1:29/241993
[ ]Security OfficeSpringfield residents plead not guilty to charges of assualt of Witt students1:310/11993
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity gives safety advice2:110/121993
[ ]Security OfficeEight out of ten crimes commited by students4:13/11994
[ ]Security OfficeUnidentified man spied in Hanley dorm room1:43/11994
[ ]Security OfficeHanley intruder picked up for attemtping to rob convience store1:13/81994
[ ]Security OfficeSafety becomes a heated issue on Witt campus5:13/81994
[ ]Security Office[Sheila] Gamble to go to trial on charges of menacing by stalking4:15/311994
[ ]Security OfficeToo many cars, not enough parking spaces on campus1:310/41994
[ ]Security OfficeMaster keys lost; cost projected at $9,3001:21/71995
[ ]Security DepartmentTwo juveniles vandalize campus and accost student with hammer1:11/241995
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg security force operating on full power4:11/241995
[ ]Security OfficeSpringfield man indicted in Witt robbery case1:32/211995
[ ]Residence Halls; Security Office; Vandalism; Residence HallsRock smashes third floor Hanley window1:22/281995
[ ]Security OfficeBike patrol gives added security during late hours1:3-49/191995
[ ]Security OfficeCampus secruity, Springfield police tighten down on underage drinking2:3-59/261995
[ ]Wittenberg securityStolen computer equiptment found in Witt student's apartment1:44/301996
[ ]Security OfficeCampus safer than recent crime episodes indicate1:22/251997
[ ]Security OfficeStudent parking issues considered1:23/181997
[ ]Security OfficeCampus security notes increase in unruly behavior1:59/161997
[ ]Security OfficeKrumholtz outlines Witt security plans2:19/161997
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity keeps peace among student body3:110/281997
[ ]Security OfficeTwo cars collide on Woodlawn Ave.2:111/181997
[ ]Security OfficeFalse bomb threat disrupts classes1:12/101998
[ ]Security OfficeSecret Service nabs student for forgery1:22/171998
[ ]Security OfficeFlorida murder suspect nabbed while on campus1:13/171998
[ ]Security OfficeRepeat offender apprehended burglarizing sorority house1:13/171998
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity tracks speeding via laser technology3:33/311998
[ ]Security OfficeDriver's choice: move vehicle or face ticket, fine2:54/71998
[ ]Assault and Battery; Security OfficeCampus assault on the rise2:111/31998
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity puzzled by Springfield youth's behavior1:111/171998
[ ]Krumholtz, Dan; Security OfficeKrumholtz has lived variety of experiences6:11/261999
[ ]Pranks; Security OfficeStudent admits to setting fire alarms1:41/261999
[ ]Security OfficeWitt student signs confession after thorough security investigation1:41/261999
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity advises students to avoid furniture blazes2:53/311999
[ ]Assault and Battery; Security OfficeStudent charged with felonious assault of officer in student center break-in1:33/311999
[ ]Security OfficeFemale student reports alleged sexual assault in Cliff Park1:49/211999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:59/211999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:49/281999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:410/51999
[ ]Krumholtz, Dan; Security OfficeKrumholtz explains role of security as multi-faceted2:110/121999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:510/121999
[ ]Security OfficeVandals strike: Vehicles broken into on campus3:110/121999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:510/261999
[ ]Residence Halls; Security Office; Student ServicesPower failure in Complex causes troubles; residents sleep in chapel1:311/21999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far In CRIME3:511/21999
[ ]Gemzer, Branden; Residence Halls; Security Office; Student DevelopmentTower inhabitant arrested at park1:111/21999
[ ]Assault and Battery; Security OfficeHalloween outfits may be cause of harassment for two students1:111/91999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME2:511/91999
[ ]Security Advisory CouncilSecurity Advisory Council takes up sexual assault, parking discussions3:111/301999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:511/301999
[ ]Security OfficeThus far in CRIME3:512/71999
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:41/282000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:42/82000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:52/152000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:52/222000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:52/292000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:53/212000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:54/42000
[ ]Security OfficeWhat's happening with CRIME3:54/142000
[ ]Security OfficePanhandling becoming more visible on campus1:110/32000
[ ]Security OfficeAnswers to fire safety survey announced3:211/72000
[ ]Security OfficeFaculty e-mails renew campus parking debate1:111/212000
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWhat's happening with CRIME...3:412/52000
[ ]School of the Americas; Western Hemisphere Institute for Security CooperationNew Name, Same Shame5:11/232001
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity sets new parking policies2:11/232001
[ ]Security OfficeIntruder causes commotion in complex, security sounds caution3:12/62001
[ ]Security OfficeKrumholtz cautions students to be wary of surroundings, open doors1:12/132001
[ ]Security OfficeCaution encouraged over Break1:52/202001
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Alert3:42/202001
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity fighting rise in crime3:42/272001
[ ]McKenney, Vaughn; Security OfficeNew chief revamps campus security3:19/182001
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg Police to be commended6:110/22001
[ ]Security Office; World NewsHow to handle anthrax and other biological agent threats6:110/302001
[ ]Security OfficeCampus Security cracks down on parties; car vandalism escalates on campus; Security says it's a Springfield wide problem1:111/62001
[ ]Alcohol Policy; Security OfficeUnder cover police on campus unnerve students and Witt Security1:111/132001
[ ]Security OfficeTicket angers student6:311/202001
[ ]Security OfficeStudents Voice Concern About Security Issues1:52/52002
[ ]Security OfficeA Response to Security Issues3/52002
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg Security Can Suck . . .7:13/52002
[ ]Security OfficeWittenberg Tries to Hike Up Security Through New Program 'Witt Watch'5:44/92002
[ ]Security OfficeWords From the Security Desk12:14/92002
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Update: Overview of Fall 2001 Semester Violations3:14/232002
[ ]Campus Security; OpinionLack of Safety at Witt, Kills Off-Campus Community6:110/12002
[ ]Security OfficeCrime on Campus: Poll Taken by Journalism Class5:111/52002
[ ]Security OfficeSafety and Crime Prevention: Security on Campus1:111/192002
[ ]Security OfficeStudents and Security: Respect and Cooperation Needed1:111/262002
[ ]Security OfficeWitt security deserves to get some credit every once in a while, too6:12/112003
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity at Witt: Changes you need to know about3:49/112003
[ ]Security OfficeDoes Wittenberg Security need SUVs?7:19/182003
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity justifies purchase of new Durangos6:110/22003
[ ]Security OfficeTheft crime rate on the rise1:210/22003
[ ]Secret Societies; Security Office; Shifters; WizardsWizards, shifters, and other societies, oh my!11:110/92003
[ ]Security OfficeNeed transportation?5:19/162004
[ ]Security OfficeGot bats? But no security help6:31/272005
[ ]Security OfficeSecurity Suggestions: Pointers and Tips from Chief of Security, Carl Loney 4:31/262006
[ ]Police and SecurityParty hearty, but party safely 1:12/22006
[ ]Security OfficeIs Wittenberg safe from sexual assaults? 1:110/122006
[ ]Security OfficeRx for shame: Blow the whistle! 6:110/122006
[ ]Security OfficeParking on campus - How many violations does it take? 1:13/12007
[ ]Alcohol; Campus Life; Security OfficeBusted: Campus wide crackdown on drinking 1:19/62007
[ ]Cellular Telephones; Security Office; TechnologyEmergency text messaging alert system2:411/82007
[ ]Cellular Telephones; New Residence Hall (2006); Residence Halls; Security Office; TechnologyText messaging alert system passes the test2:111/82007
[ ]Security OfficeCrime on Witt's Campus1:112/62007
[ ]Gallatin, Ryan; New Residence Hall (2006); Residence Halls; Security OfficeStudents involved in gun scare speak out2:112/62007
[ ]Alcohol; Crime; Rape; Security Office; Sexual AssaultIs Wittenberg dangerous?4:11/312008
[ ]Security Office; WeatherHang on Dorothy: Tornados present danger to U.S. colleges4:12/282008
[ ]Alcohol; Opinion; Security OfficeThe Torch's take: How to interpret police behavior 9:19/182008
[ ]Security OfficeCrime report shows decreaseNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:211/62008
[ ]Buildings; Firestine Hall; Pranks; Security OfficeSmall explosive detonates in Firestine Hall1:42/52009
[ ]Security OfficeAssist in emergency situations12:14/162009
[ ]Alcohol; Music; Security Office; WittFestWittFest: Games, bands, and handcuffs3:15/72009
[ ]Loney, Carl; Security OfficeWittenberg's Carl Loney: The police chief next door 3:22/252010
[ ]Lopez, Mark; Security OfficeHouse Fires, Flipped Cars, and Room Urinators... Oh My!6-74/152010
[ ]Crime; Homecoming; Security OfficeCriminal charges being filed against Homecoming shooter1:0110/132010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested for indecent exposure in Thomas Library1:0111/32010
[ ]Weather; Police and Security; Buildings; Hollenbeck HallTornado Warning reveals flaws in emergency plans1:0211/32010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested in Thomas Library not connected to past incidences on Campus2:0311/102010
[ ]"Police and Security; Loney, Carl E.; Technology; Cellular Telephones; Faculty and Staff"What to do in an emergency addressed by Administration and Security3:0111/172010
[ ]Buildings; Koch Hall; Crime; Police and SecurityContinuing thefts in Koch Hall leave students and professors fearfull1:0112/82010
[ ]Racism; Police and Security; Residence Halls; Tower HallSign found on door of black student 1:011/262011
[ ]Weather; Campus; Police and SecurityIce storm causes campus three day closure; first in 34 years 1:012/92011
[ ]Police and Security; Crime; HumorPolice and Security log 3:012/92011
[ ]"Crime; Automobiles; Police and Security; Loney, Carl"Car thefts leave police asking students to hide their valuables 1:012/162011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice and Security Log highlights from the past two weeks 3:012/232011
[ ]Moody, Stephen; Police and Security; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldA day in the life of Springfield's police chief 4:013/222011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice log 5:033/222011
[ ]Crime; Police and SecuritySuspects in spring break murder case indicted 2:013/222011
[ ]"Police and Security; Loney, Carl; Fires; Campus Safety"Fire alarms become habit for students 3:013/292011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice Log 3:024/122011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;AlcoholPolice Log 5:19/72011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;AlcoholPolice Log 3:19/202011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;Alcohol;DrugsPolice Log 2:110/52011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;TheftPolice Log 2:410/122011
[ ]Automobiles;Crime;Police and SecurityCar Theft Bring Chaos to Campus 1:12/222012
[ ]Police and Security;Loney, Carl;Campus Safety"Non-Students" on the Prowl [Campus Safety] 2:49/52012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Police and Security;Campus SafetySafety Sidebar 9/52012
[ ]National News;Campus Safety;SecuritySchools and Shootings: Wittenberg Reflects 3:59/52012
[ ]Police and Security;Cautionary Tale from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log2:19/122012
[ ]Police and Security;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log2:19/122012
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Residence HallsBeing Watched: Increased Surveillance on Campus 1:29/192012
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log [Police Report 9/24/2012] 3:19/262012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyLatest Campus Security Report Reveals Falling Crime Numbers 1:19/262012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus Safety;Cautionary Tale from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log3:410/32012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus Safety;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log2:410/102012
[ ]Police and Security;Sexual Assault;Kelly, Sarah M.;Wagner, Brooke M.Sexual Assaults Shock Campus: University Investigates 1:110/102012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus Safety;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log2:110/312012
[ ]Loney, Carl E.;Loney, Carl;Police and Security;Police Chief Carl Loney Leaves Wittenberg1:310/312012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyProtection in Students' Hands Too: Safety and Security Forum Brings Campus Safety to the Forefront [Safety and Security Forum Brings Campus Safety to the Forefront] Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:111/82012
[ ]Sexual Assault;Police and Security;One Student/No Woman Left BehindSexual Assault Sparks Conversation about Resources Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:411/82012
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityStaying Safe: Chief Don Lucas' Tips for Campus [Security tips from new Interim Police Chief] Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:311/82012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyPolice Log: Cautionary Tales From Campus 2:411/142012
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log [Police Log: Cautionary Tales from Campus] 4:111/282012
[ ]Police and Security;Campus Safety;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log4:412/52012
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log3:31/232013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Lucas, DonBlue C.A.P. Phones Keep us Safe or in the Way? 2:11/302013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log4:31/302013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log4:32/132013
[ ]Bowermaster, Jamie;Drugs;Springfield;Police and Security;InternshipsA Day in the Life of a Drug Unit Intern2:13/272013
[ ]Campus Safety;Burns, Levi;Harriman, Liz;Florence, Reed;Lucas, Don;Police and SecurityExpect the Unexpected: The Scoop on Wittenberg Emergency Policies2:33/272013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log2:34/102013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 3:49/252013
[ ]Campus Security;Police and Security;Lucas, Don;Residence Life;Residential Burglaries2:19/252013
[ ]Police and Security;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police LogNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:110/22013
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 3:110/92013
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 2:410/162013
[ ]Police and Security;Campus Safety;Moore-Coll, BenMany Safety Procedures on Campus Unknown 1:110/162013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Cautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 3:511/62013
[ ]National News;Ciancia, Paul;Transportation Security Administration (TSA)TSA: Trivial Security Agency? 2:111/132013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 3:511/202013
[ ]Campus Safety;Sexual Assault;Lucas, Don;Wagner, Robert;Police and Security;Wittenberg Watchdog: Springfield Sex Offenders2:111/202013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;DeVilbiss, MarkBold Robbery Over Break Puts Students on High Alert 1:112/112013
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityCautionary Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 3:512/112013
[ ]Ayele, Yonatan;Ayele, Belule;International Students;Police and Security;[Photos];AssaultsTwins Arrested [Ayele Twin Arrests] 1:11/292014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log3:11/292014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;Uecker, John;Wissinger, Jarred;CrimeBold Robberies Shake Campus 1:12/52014
[ ]Drugs;Marijuana;Police and Security;National NewsDrug Violations Getting High(er)? 1:12/52014
[ ]Police and Security;Lucas, Don;Lopez, Mark;[Photo]New Interim Chief of Police [Chief of Police Resigns, Lieutenant Takes Over] 1:42/52014
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyWittenberg Police Log 3:12/52014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log 2:42/122014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Campus Safety;Police and SecurityPolice Log 2/192014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Crime;Lopez, MarkStudent Concerns Voiced at Safety Forum 1:42/192014
[ ]Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholMeet Mark Lopez [Interview with Chief Lopez] 2:12/262014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log 3:12/262014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Campus Safety;Police and SecurityPolice Log 3/52014
[ ]Hutchins, James;DeWitt, Deborah;Police and SecurityChief of Police Chosen from Springfield Community 1:13/262014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Campus Safety;Police and SecurityPolice Log 3:13/262014
[ ]Hutchins, Jim;[Photo];Police and SecurityNew Chief of Police Enters the Campus Community 1:44/22014
[ ]Global News;Malaysia;Technology;SecurityThe Politics of Rescue 6:14/22014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and SecurityWittenberg Police Log 3:14/22014
[ ]Secret Societies;Campus Life;Police and Security;Gill, Casey;Doubt, Keith;Preston Nickoson, CarolWittenberg’s Not So Secret Societies 1:14/22014
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyWittenberg Police Log 3:54/92014
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyWittenberg Police Log 4:14/162014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Campus Safety;Police and SecurityPolice Log 4/302014
[ ]Springfield;Wellington, Jeff;Campus Safety;Police and SecuritySpringfield Teen Victim of Gun Violence 1:14/302014
[ ]Police and Security;Campus SafetyWittenberg Police Log 3:15/72014
[ ]Bailey, Julius;National News;Racial Issues;Police and Security;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United StatesThe Tape Comes Off: Witt Discusses Race and the Cops 1:39/172014
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