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[ ]PranksBy gone days18:1-212/11873
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Entertains the members of his class on Thanksgiving evening21:112/11873
[ ]Grosscup, D.P.Modocery18:112/11873
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.The literary element in sermons17:212/11873
[ ]National Lutheran Sunday School Convention at BusyrusWittenberg was well represented at this first national Lutheran Sunday school convention22:112/11873
[ ]Gorman, Edith; LecturesEdith O. Gorman, the escaped nun. She was a great disappointment28:1-21/11874
[ ]Literary SocietiesFrequent recurrence of elections detract from society28:21/11874
[ ]Steck, JacobMoved from Springfield to Tiffin, Ohio30:11/11874
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscence of Wittenberg quarter of century ago25:1-21/11874
[ ]Reminiscences of 1848Reminiscences of 1848251/11874
[ ]Party, SoireeSocial event Dec. 29, 1873 for students, girls, faculty and wives, town friends271/11874
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)The YMCA and the church26:1-21/11874
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Words of praise for the paper29:21/11874
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between societies to be March 6, after 6 years of peace36:12/11874
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscence of Wittenberg a quarter century ago. College hospitalities No. 233:22/11874
[ ]Reminiscences of 1848Reminiscences of 1848332/11874
[ ]SpringfieldSpringfield should construct decent sidewalks and a passable carriage road from the city to the college. The amount of money the college brings into the city merits it36:22/11874
[ ]Fickinger, CharlesThe village pastor38:12/11874
[ ]Alumni ProfessorshipAlumni Professorship51:24/11874
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscence of Wittenber College of a quarter of a century ago. Night score with the wrestling angel No. 449:1-24/11874
[ ]Reminiscences of 1848Reminiscences of 1848494/11874
[ ]Bowman, S.A.; GiftsThe college library. S. A. Bowman made a present of $100 to the Theological Department of the library5:110/11874
[ ]Guthrie, Dr. ThomasEloquence of Dr. Thomas Guthrie17:212/11874
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg College1812/11874
[ ]Lecture CourseLack of interest shown by Springfielders20:112/11874
[ ]Theological SeminarySaturday morning conference is one of the profitable and interesting exercises20:212/11874
[ ]Editorials; NewspapersThe paper which is to be [editorial on proposed newspaper for Wittenberg College]18:212/11874
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg College: its origin18:112/11874
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg College261/11875
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Sophomores surprise professor with gift of gild-headed cane28:11/11875
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg College: its origin26:21/11875
[ ]MinistryAn objection to entering the ministry37:22/11875
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg College342/11875
[ ]Steck, JacobPastor well received at Altoona, Pa. where he presented two sermons38:12/11875
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestSix colleges were represented in a contest in New York City. All were Eastern Colleges37:12/11875
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg College: its origin34:12/11875
[ ]MuseumAnother box of specimens. These are from California52:14/11875
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Class of 1853Class of 1853. Leaves of the past. What became of former class mates49:1-24/11875
[ ]Class of 1874; Class GiftsThe large boulder placed on the campus by the Class of 1874 as a memorial is now the only Class Memorial on campus60:15/11875
[ ]Class of 1871; Class of 1872; Class GiftsStumps of the evergreens by the classes of 1871 and '72 were removed during Commencement week74:26/11875
[ ]Brewster, AnneA lovely picture. Venice93:29/11875
[ ]Class of 1875The whereabouts of the Class of 187585:110/11875
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Resolution passed to have four editors, furnished by Theological and senior class100:112/11875
[ ]AdmissionsThe first admission of a Negro to Wittenberg College101:112/11875
[ ]Star and Crescent SocietyThe Star and Crescent Sociey entertain a public performance in their hall100:212/11875
[ ]AdmissionsA Negro was admitted to the Preparatory Dept. of Wittenberg College108:11/11876
[ ]AccidentsAccident to Student1081/11876
[ ]PhilosophyDreams at the dawn of Philosophy1071/11876
[ ]Schwarm, SamuelFell from the second floor to stone steps below108:11/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesInforming judges of what a meagre time was available for preparation takes 1/3 of speaker's alotted time109:21/11876
[ ]Thomas, JacobMr. and Mrs. Jacob Thomas celebrat their fiftieth anniversary of married life. Students remaining over vacation were invited109:21/11876
[ ]Lecture CourseRev. T. T. Everett, Dayton, initiated course; theme is "What shall we do with our girls?"114:21/11876
[ ]Scott, Sir WalterScott and Shakespeare106:1-21/11876
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestSecond contest to be held in Springfield108:11/11876
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield & Wittenberg1071/11876
[ ]Alumni AssociationAlumni Association1162/11876
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyCondition of the fund and the manner in which it is used117:22/11876
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies1172/11876
[ ]Oratorical ContestOratorical Contest of the Ohio Collegiate Association1162/11876
[ ]Ohio Collegiate AssociationSecond annual contest116:12/11876
[ ]Boarding ClubsThe Saint's Rest Boarding Club is dead. Other clubs mentioned125:23/11876
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)A plea to the alumni for support to make the college journal a success, financially and otherwise132:1-24/11876
[ ]Alumni ProfessorshipAlumni Professorship1324/11876
[ ]Breckenridge, Rev. S.F.Bloody Mary. An apology129:1-24/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesCentennial Literary Society organized by ladies133:24/11876
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1334/11876
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyLibrary fund181:24/11876
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies1314/11876
[ ]DegreesWittenberg's Doctors in prospectus138:25/11876
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1876: Class Day exercises147:26/11876
[ ]Boarding ClubsReformed Club has been organized; to be conducted on a strictly cash basis5:210/11876
[ ]Storrs, R. S.Amongst the orators27:1-31/11877
[ ]MinistryBeneficiary education26:21/11877
[ ]Evarts, Mr.Evarts amongst the orators27:1-31/11877
[ ]Rogers, H.G.Marriage and death in railroad accident382/11877
[ ]Rogers, H.G.Obituary36:22/11877
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield & Wittenberg362/11877
[ ]Alumni Endowment AssociationAlumni Endowment Association51:24/11877
[ ]Alumni Endowment AssociationAlumni Endowment Association514/11877
[ ]Literary SocietiesOur soires53:24/11877
[ ]Party, SoireeSocial event Dec. 29, 1873 for students, girls, faculty and wives, town friends534/11877
[ ]LanguagesThe study of Language52:34/11877
[ ]DegreesHereafter members of class of '74 and following will receive the a.m. degree only on application of the candidate or by a friend60:15/11877
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1877: Class day exercises77:2-36/11877
[ ]ClassroomsThere is no part of the college building that is more in need of improvement than the Recitation rooms12:12-210/11877
[ ]ClassroomsA plan suggested to raise money for the improvement of the Recitation rooms34:211/11877
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society5812/11877
[ ]Prankstook two seats from athletics5512/11877
[ ]Myers HallBenches in class rooms problem791/11878
[ ]PranksCollege students everywhere recognized as jolly, fun-loving portion of humanity76:21/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallComplaints are made against people removing papers and periodicals from the reading room78:21/11878
[ ]PranksFire-crackers, noise761/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall781/11878
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of 184873:21/11878
[ ]Reminiscences of 1848Reminiscences of 1848731/11878
[ ]Student LifeSkating791/11878
[ ]Myers HallImprovements98, 1032/11878
[ ]ClassroomsNotwithstanding hard times, the Recitation rooms have been improved98:1-22/11878
[ ]Literary ContestAnnual contest resumed after a discontinuance of several years145:24/11878
[ ]ExaminationsExaminations to be part oral, part written141:24/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall1484/11878
[ ]Graduation requirementsStudents complain of the practice of conferring degree, in cursu, upon those who have not taken the full course143:1-24/11878
[ ]Himes, T. A.The mind is its own place135:1-24/11878
[ ]OratorsWestern colleges have excelled in orations141:24/11878
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephBoston lecturer to be in Springfield and Dayton169:25/11878
[ ]Defacing WallsDefacing walls (graffiti)1645/11878
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C."The gift of Winter," a poem by Crothers at 14 years182:26/11878
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephOne of finest audiences assembled to hear Cook187:26/11878
[ ]Chestnut ExcursionChestnut Excursion3311/11878
[ ]Ingersoll, Colonel RobertColonel Robert Ingersoll delivered his lecture on "Tramps, or Hard Times and the Way Out"49:1-212/11878
[ ]Geological ExcursionGeological Excursion5312/11878
[ ]Ingersoll, Colonel RobertIngersoll lectured in Springfield4912/11878
[ ]Ingersoll, Colonel RobertLecture by Hon. G.R. Wending in criticism of R. Ingersoll's lecture of November 25th5012/11878
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra5312/11878
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Plea for literary support48:112/11878
[ ]PhilosophyClass objects to review of "Deschavel's Philosophy"68:11/11879
[ ]PhilosophyCriticisms of681/11879
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Dr. and Mrs. Stuckenberg entertain students who remain on the campus during vacation70:1-21/11879
[ ]Elocution ClassElocution Class731/11879
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies691/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall731/11879
[ ]Student LifeSleigh rides721/11879
[ ]Elocution ClassElocution Class942/11879
[ ]OratorsInterest in orations awakened in college92:12/11879
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra942/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall912/11879
[ ]Student Lifesleigh rides942/11879
[ ]Dickens, CharlesCharles Dickens1053/11879
[ ]Kirby, MorrisA short biography135:14/11879
[ ]MusicMusic and its influence127:1-24/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallQuite a bit of discussion as to what is the right object of the room131:24/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall131, 1334/11879
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Theological Dept. and the societies to elect editors130:1-24/11879
[ ]Literary ContestThere seems to be some indifference among the members of the literary societies with reference to holding their next annual contest130:24/11879
[ ]Class DayClass Day, 1879: The Class Day exercise forms one of the most interesting and amusing features of Commencement Week164:2-36/11879
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyCriticism55:112/11879
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psi Fraternity5412/11879
[ ]PranksPhysiology skeleton5312/11879
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA5412/11879
[ ]MinistryA department should be endowed to prepare ministers' wives for their part in the ministry73:21/11880
[ ]Literature-History and CriticismConscience in literature64:1-21/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyGranted two pages in the Wittenberger78:11/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society741/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyShows signs of being active again74:21/11880
[ ]PranksSweeping ashes761/11880
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA771/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyContributions by the Hesperian Literary Society98:1-22/11880
[ ]Prayer meetingsPrayer meetings992/11880
[ ]PranksTin-can on dog's tail952/11880
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA972/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyAsks for two lady professors139:24/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1394/11880
[ ]DormitoriesHesperian Society asks for dorm for men & boarding hall for women139:24/11880
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephJoseph Cook lectures1364/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesKeen rivalry shown in methods to secure members35:24/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies should make it optional for the senior attendance134:24/11880
[ ]Hemans, Mrs. FeliciteMrs. Hemans as a lyric poetess126:1-24/11880
[ ]Class ReunionsReunions of '71 and '72 planned140:1-24/11880
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephReverend Cook lectured on ultimate America April 8136:1-24/11880
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Class of 1876; EmploymentThe occupations fo the Class of '76 given184:1-26/11880
[ ]CampusCampus changes. Student Association should be formed to improve our campus39:1-211/11880
[ ]Crosby, JosephThe authorship of Shakespeare. A reply to Lancer49:211/11880
[ ]Holmes, Oliver WendellA letter from O. W. Holmes to the school children in Cincinnati who annually celebrated the birthday of the poet62:212/11880
[ ]Shakespeare, WilliamAn editorial56:112/11880
[ ]Smith, CharlesCharles, son of Rev. A.M. Smith died due to an accident65:212/11880
[ ]Lecture CourseThe champion city lecture course56:212/11880
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA6012/11880
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Author or "The History of the Augsburg Confession"78:21/11881
[ ]Erkenbrecher, Cornelius MyersMr. Cornelius Myers Erkenbrecher died Dec. 25, 188290:11/11881
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psi Fraternity841/11881
[ ]AuthorsProfessors as authors771/11881
[ ]Lutherville SeminarianThe first number of an eight page journal appears, published by the ladies of Lutherville Seminary88:21/11881
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelWrites "The ground-work of a system of evangelical lutheran theology77:21/11881
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Claims Berlin to be an intellectual center98:22/11881
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyDisbanded104:12/11881
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyDisbanded107:22/11881
[ ]Mower, Mable; Hesperian Literary SocietyMable Mower, editor, announces its discontinuence109:22/11881
[ ]Literary SocietiesSince ladies have no society of their own, they have made application to Philosophian Society104:12/11881
[ ]Carlyle, ThomasCarlyle. On the death of Carlyle126:1-23/11881
[ ]BaseballBaseball1524/11881
[ ]Carlyle, ThomasCarlyle. By W. S. H.38:1-24/11881
[ ]Springfieldchanges148:24/11881
[ ]MinistryNothing more disastrous that a mistaken calling147:14/11881
[ ]TreesPlanted on campus1524/11881
[ ]SpringfieldSpringfield1484/11881
[ ]Theological SeminaryTheological commencement set down as established fact149:24/11881
[ ]Disraeli, BenjaminDisraeli obituary1675/11881
[ ]Derwent, SydneyThe Plank Road Philosopher163/1-25/11881
[ ]ConvocationsAll students connected with the college are required to attend morning service14:210/11881
[ ]DormitoriesPlea for dorms to accomodate students51:1-212/11881
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading room is a scene of disorder52:112/11881
[ ]Hedges, J. A.The Paxton Boys34:212/11881
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Late professor of Wittenberg has published a biography of Immanuel Kant46:21/11882
[ ]Sherman, JohnMansfield, is now being convassed in the interest of removing Wittenberg Collge to Mansfield, Ohio61:1-21/11882
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)State secretary and city secretary of YMCA visits local chapter71:21/11882
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallTrustees of Reading Room are endeavoring to do their duty towards preserving order76:21/11882
[ ]Literary SocietiesJunior literary society disbanded before holidays127:24/11882
[ ]History of WittenbergA contribution commenting upon college life as he remembered it47:112/11882
[ ]Theological SeminaryArticle43:112/11882
[ ]Literary SocietiesCustom of contest between rivals revived42:112/11882
[ ]PranksInstitution is to be congratulated on the lawabiding order-loving class of students now rooming in buildings42:212/11882
[ ]SeminaryThe size of the seminary classes are small43:1-212/11882
[ ]Student UnionTrustees see to it that reading room is furnished and comfortable44:112/11882
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Keyser wrote a materialistic poem65:11/11883
[ ]Kirby, Professor MauriceProfessor returns to the campus for a visit75:21/11883
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences from a former student74:11/11883
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences84:22/11883
[ ]TraditionsClass of '83 may come out in full silk dress (silk hats and swallow tails)129:1-24/11883
[ ]Wildes, General Thomas F.Death of134:1-24/11883
[ ]PranksJunior jumble: "Crematio Psychologias"25:1-24/11883
[ ]CampusReminiscences122:1-24/11883
[ ]CampusSite of Wittenberg surpasses for beauty of natural scenery2811/11883
[ ]Robbins, MissMiss Robbins of this city presented a numver of relics to the college45:212/11883
[ ]Stephens, D. S.Prof D.S. Stephens, now President of Adrian College conducted the dedicatory services of the new M.P. Church56:112/11883
[ ]CampusShould the campus be beautified by planting roses and beds of flowers?4:112/11883
[ ]Stelling, G. F.A biographical account of the Reverand's life60:11/11884
[ ]MinistryFacts62:11/11884
[ ]Science DepartmentsWittenberg strengthens its science equipment65:21/11884
[ ]Hartwick SeminaryHartwick Seminary receives a generous bequest from James F. Clark87:22/11884
[ ]Scholl, Rev. GeorgeRev. George Scholl of the English Lutheran Church of Baltimore, Maryland, leaves the city Hanover, Pa.98:22/11884
[ ]Funk and WagnallsA large list of valuable books was presented to the college library by Funk and Wagnells136:14/11884
[ ]Jessup, E. C.Mr. Jessup, of the seminary, attended an egg breaking at West Liberty138:24/11884
[ ]Scientific Association of Wittenberg CollegeOrganization137:1-24/11884
[ ]College Stylus (newspaper); EditorialsSalutatory [editorial on the founding of a new college newspaper]2:19/191884
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentOur laboratory17:1-211/11885
[ ]Dickens, CharlesText from Dickens18:2-311/11885
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPreparation and fraternities41:212/11885
[ ]Amherst CongressAn experiment in student government has been drawing the attention of men56:11/11886
[ ]Student GovernmentAn experiment in student government, has been drawing the attention of men56:1-21/11886
[ ]LanguagesDoes the time and labor expended in the study of the languages yield a proportionate benefit in the way of mental development?49:11/11886
[ ]Literary SocietiesSociety work51:21/11886
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAlmost impossible for "neutral men" to vote in society elections73:1-22/11886
[ ]Richardson, Prof. Charles F.College manners and morals70:1-22/11886
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fifth contest of the Ohio State Oratorical Assoc. was held in the Baptist Church, Granville8:12/11886
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPresident Anderson of Rochester Univ. favors fraternities74:22/11886
[ ]JournalismArticle in "Journalist" tells how collee writing can lead to professional journalism102:24/11886
[ ]Manss, Will H.Gladstone97:24/11886
[ ]Smith, W. G.Man and his shadow96:1-24/11886
[ ]CampusThe flora of our campus100:1-24/11886
[ ]Bassett, J.C.Will Caesar act?98:24/11886
[ ]Bookwalter's Art CollectionThe Royal Mummy at Bookwalter's art collection117:1-25/11886
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyA plea for a hall for the society67:1-212/11886
[ ]Student GovernmentCooperative system of college government in vogue62:112/11886
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg: Series51:1-212/11886
[ ]Keil, D. S.Keil died suddenly in New York. In memory.7:212/11886
[ ]Association of Ohio CollegesAssociation of Ohio Colleges meeting held at Westerville82:1-21/11887
[ ]Modern Language Association of AmericaFourth annual meeting is held in Baltimore91:1-21/11887
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHistory of the Society92;11/11887
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg: Series79:1-21/11887
[ ]Smith, W. G.Immorality of Character--oration86:1-21/11887
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Krout visits artesian well in Cincinnati941/11887
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Second annual contest to be at First Lutheran Church95:11/11887
[ ]JournalismShall a journalism chair be established at Wittenberg?88:21/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents who have not joined the societies are compelled to appear before the faculty for rhetorical practice91:21/11887
[ ]Butterfield, S.SThe negro in American Politics. Oration delivered by S. S. Butterfield at the oratorical contest of Wittenberg College83:1-21/11887
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)20th annual convention to meet at Xenia118:22/11887
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestContest was success. Decision was not favorable to Wittenberg114:22/11887
[ ]Oratorical ContestIncreased interest has been shown in contests114:12/11887
[ ]Rogers, H.G.Marriage and death in railroad accident382/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesSocieties untied in holding memorial services113:22/11887
[ ]Higher education; White, Andrew DicksonThe part universities are to play in the development of our country's future.113:12/11887
[ ]Breckenridge, Rev. S.F.Biography of math professor at Wittenberg131:1-23/11887
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg: Series147:1-24/11887
[ ]Crawford, Esther A.The educated woman in politics208:1-26/11887
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesA Greek letter fraternity is a good thing in its place but its place is subordinate53:112/11887
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Notes for the Wittenberger on recent purchases of art by Dr. Stuckenberg57:212/11887
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.The battle of Gettysburg44:212/11887
[ ]Gas LightsThe new chapel was for the first time lighted with gas53:1-212/11887
[ ]Harris, M. B.The novel; its influence47:1-212/11887
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek fraternities, in defense of71:1-21/11888
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Interest lacking. Admission to be charged70:21/11888
[ ]Smith, W. G."The Hint" concerning fraternities93:22/11888
[ ]Smith, Arthur H."The Orator in History"84:1-22/11888
[ ]Humphreys, H. M.Limitation of art. Wining oration delievered by H.M. Humphreys at the oratorical contest February 2, 188881;1-22/11888
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesThe "Hint" Arguments against fraternities93:22/11888
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Third annual contest was a great success90:12/11888
[ ]Bosler, Charles H.The problem of today109-113/11888
[ ]Agassiz AssociationRobert Hiller organizing a chapter of Agassiz Association133:24/11888
[ ]Breckenridge, Rev. S.F.Breckenridge called to fill Culler Professorship made vacant by resignation of Rev. G. M. Heinel35:1-211/11888
[ ]Culler Professorship of Exegetical TheologyProfessor Breckenridge chosen to fill the Culler Professorship35:1-211/11888
[ ]Hudson, HendrickCharacter and caricature44:212/11888
[ ]Emerick, CharlesCharles Emerick entertains the members of the Senior Class at his home at Alexandersville58:1-212/11888
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.Dr. Hoskinson resigns as tutor in the preparatory department to study in Germany58:112/11888
[ ]Simon, J. S.Dr. Hoskinson's position filled by the appointment of Professors S.S. Keller and Mr. Simon51:112/11888
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.Dr. Hoskinson's position was filled by the appointment of Professor S. S. Keller and J. S. Simon51:112/11888
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Krout visited Alpha Psi chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to make arrangements for the eleventh biennial congress to be held in Springfield, OH58:112/11888
[ ]Shives, E.J.Professor and C.A. Krout visit Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to make arrangements for the eleventh biennial Congress to be held in Springfield58:112/11888
[ ]Agassiz AssociationThe Agassiz museum has added many specimen60:112/11888
[ ]Peters, George N.H.Well known because of "The Theocratic Kingdom"59:212/11888
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelAccorded a welcome by the San Diego Col. of Letters76:11/11889
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelResponse of Dr. Sprecher, to the address of welcome by Hon. James Goodwin at the college of Letters at Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif.`63:1-21/11889
[ ]Hedges, J. A.Dynamics of Literature102:1-22/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesFaculty are taking action regarding literary work in Preparatory Dept.93:12/11889
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fourth contest to be at Grand Opera House93:22/11889
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H."Truth, the perpetual element of Literature" delivered at oratorical contest Jan 22, 1889. Now entitled to 1st honor after "Moral Government" was taken out of contest117:14/11889
[ ]Modern Language Association of OhioA number of professors from Ohio colleges met Dec. 29th128:14/11889
[ ]SophomoresClass to introduce a new custom of giving a reception for the senior class129:24/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior, Philosophian and Euterpean societies entertain Mar 8128:24/11889
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelNow living in San Diego. He is in his 89th year7:14/11889
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.The furrowed whale121:24/11889
[ ]Conway, W.S.Mr. Conway donated mastodon bones to Wittenberg College145:15/11889
[ ]Inter-State Oratiorical Association; OratoryThe Interstate Contest, held held at Grinnell, Iowa, May 2135:15/11889
[ ]GymnasiumFunds raised for new building, but not for equipment63:112/11889
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Lack of contestants. Suggests that literary societies elect contestants63:212/11889
[ ]Sheeder, B. F.Our Martyr Presidents5612/11889
[ ]Hedges, J. A.The sense of the true in man60:112/11889
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fifth annual contest held December 17, 188974:11/11890
[ ]GymnasiumShall gymmasium be run by Y.M.C.A., faculty, and association, etc?73:21/11890
[ ]Ministry"Why am I a minister?"99;22/11890
[ ]Deloe, Frank S.The modern faith. Delivered by Frank S. Deloe at the ninth Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Contest94/12/11890
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestThe Ninth Inter-collegiate Oratorical contest with Wittenberg as hostess91:1-22/11890
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry R.Had typhoid fever1384/11890
[ ]Bliss, Dr. T.F.Sight restored. A brilliant operation on an eye that had been long blind3:211/11890
[ ]Gifts; Brice, Colvin S.The Hon. Mr. Brice, U. S. Senator from Ohio presented the Seminary with $50023:211/11890
[ ]Smith, Arthur H."Sword or Spirit"36:1-212/11890
[ ]PranksClass of 1893 consigned Plato to the flames46:10212/11890
[ ]Oratorical ContestContests41:212/11890
[ ]PranksOld battered hats and coats wrong side out were worn by the boys out on a tear46:212/11890
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry R.Oratorical contest41-4212/11890
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Heckert made principal of the Preparatory Dept.139:11/11891
[ ]Stanley, Henry MortonLivingstone-Stanley-Emin Pasha "In Darkest Africa"52:1-21/11891
[ ]Johnson, SamuelSamuel Johnson51:1-21/11891
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Genius of History. Oration delivered at the Ohio State Oratorical contest65:1-22/11891
[ ]Motschmann, L. J.The Inn Album71:1-22/11891
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe athletic association has been making a strong bid for admittance into the State Athletic Association.102:24/11891
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiThe third biennial convention of the third district was held in Springfield108:24/11891
[ ]Simon, R. C.The wasp and the Wittenberger, by R.C. Simon. A new college periodical98:1-24/11891
[ ]Wittenberg Weekly Wasp (newspaper)The Wasp and the Wittenberger. By R. C. Simon. A new college periodical98:1-24/11891
[ ]Student VolunteersThere are 16 volunteers104:14/11891
[ ]Farnum, Mrs. H.O.; DeathsMrs. H.O. Farnum, wife of music professor, died May 1124:25/11891
[ ]BaseballWitt's Baseball team is finally in good shape125:1-25/11891
[ ]Physical Educationtime given to the mental and the physical side of the students' education38:212/11891
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHeidelberg University students organized the Greek letter fraternities without the consent of the faculty. The students were asked to withdraw from the college64:11/11892
[ ]Sherck, C. RollinMatchless oratory. "An Uncrowned King" wins local contest61:1-21/11892
[ ]Keller, S. S."Is mathematics of any practical benefit?"67:22/11892
[ ]Eckert, Spener F.Obituary69:1-22/11892
[ ]Simon, R. C."Individual Freedom"97:1-24/11892
[ ]Jones, Walter J.Scientific Dept. progressing rapidly under Dr. Jones' supervision104:14/11892
[ ]Simon, J. D."Parasite" talk by Mr. Simon35:1-212/11892
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.President S. A. Ort (por)81:112/11892
[ ]Ohio Collegiate AssociationArticle by Prof. C.W. Ayer concerning the assoc.56:11/11893
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.; MuseumOur museum55:11/11893
[ ]ExaminationsThat exams are to be a teast of students' attainments is open to objections59:1-21/11893
[ ]Vorhees, C. S.A practical view of college work71:1-22/11893
[ ]Wittenberg Weekly Wasp (newspaper); EditorialsGreeting [introducing new college paper, Wittenberg Weekly Wasp, published from Mar 28, 1893-June 17, 1894 in addition to the Wittenberger]2:13/281893
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard sits as court of inquiry to consider charges against Rev. Luther A. Gotwald, D.D.108:1-24/11893
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Second annual conference of YMCA's college presidents99;1-24/11893
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)The association and our needs102:14/11893
[ ]Cummings, GlennThe reading of the newspaper100:1-24/11893
[ ]Class ScrapClass Scrap annual class contest between Freshmen & Sophomores1:39/241895
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Criticism for lack of interest and preparation shown at Wittenberg2:19/241895
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.How shall we read?3:19/241895
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)To be published weekly. Policy listed1:1-29/241895
[ ]Bauer, Charles L.Bauer suggested as director for Glee Club at Witt9:1-210/11895
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiLeased the Frye property on North Market St.11:110/11895
[ ]Bemis, E.W.Retirement of Prof. E. W. Bemis10-1110/11895
[ ]PranksRaid on Mr. Smith's orchard (Old Sprecher house) was foiled21:110/81895
[ ]Boarding ClubsThe Theologues organize unique boarding club on the vegetarian order31:210/151895
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Wrote "An Experience with James Russell Lowell"35:110/221895
[ ]Hastings, Daniel H.Gov. Hastings of Pennsylvania at chapel54:111/51895
[ ]Boyesen, H.H.Prof. H. H. Boyesen of Columbia College, who died last month, is a striking example of what perseverance, coupled with ability, will do58:211/121895
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) State YWCA convention was held at Muskingum college, new Concord, OH63:1-211/121895
[ ]Boarding ClubsCo-ed Boarding Clubs never tried at Witt before91:212/101895
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contests at Denison and O.W.U.108:212/171895
[ ]Oratorical ContestState contest103:112/171895
[ ]PranksTying tin cans to dogs' tails isn't worthy of college student98:212/171895
[ ]Kinsinger Missionary FundAn organization has been perfected to take care of the fund111:11/141896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationRepresentatives of colleges meet in Columbus to form association111:11/141896
[ ]Oratorical ContestTwo to enter contests106:11/141896
[ ]Literary SocietiesInterest in societies has been waning113:11/211896
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psi Reception116:11/211896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationState Athletics143:12/111896
[ ]Keller, S. S.The ways of Yale138:12/111896
[ ]Minstrel ShowWittenberg's minstrels143:12/111896
[ ]AthleticsMovement to raise standard of inter-collegiate athletics146:22/181896
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)29th convention convened at Mansfield158:22/251896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)In ninth place. Fifteenth state contest156:22/251896
[ ]Sauma, SulimanA yound Syrian visits the campus166:13/31896
[ ]BaseballBaseball facts and fancies167:1-23/31896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Echoes from Delaware. Contest is financial success165:13/31896
[ ]Athletics for womenGirls' athletics166:23/31896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Method of judging the merits of orators criticized161:23/31896
[ ]Foreign StudentsNew privileges for foreign students175:13/101896
[ ]Class ScrapA wrong construction is often put upon the practical jokes perpetrated about college177:1-23/171896
[ ]Deutche GesellschaftDeutsche gesellschaft, its aim182/23/171896
[ ]Wilson, Professor C. A.The Wartburg178:1-23/171896
[ ]Roentgen, ProfessorProfessor Roentgen, a Baron191:23/241896
[ ]Stahley, Prof. G. D.Sketch of Pennsylvania College by Prof. G.D. Stahley186:1-23/241896
[ ]Becker, Bishop H.J.Spiritualism exposed191:13/241896
[ ]Lane, Francis A.Student enters the Olympic games190:1-23/241896
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Excelsior and Philosophian literary societies open their doors to permit the senior "cads" to enjoy mature society life185:23/241896
[ ]Lane, Francis A.Well wishes for Wittenberg's victory194:23/241896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Another State Oratorical Assoc. formed199:13/311896
[ ]BasketballBasketball is coming into prominence as a college sport193:1-23/311896
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.College days194:13/311896
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyEntertainment given in hall197:13/311896
[ ]BaseballBaseball items205:1-24/71896
[ ]Sayford, S.M.Mr. Sayford lectures at Wittenberg207:24/71896
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)President's conference. 6th annual206:24/71896
[ ]Wilson, Gilbert L.the bow202:1-24/71896
[ ]Johnson-SmilyThe entertainment given under the auspices of the Athletic Association was meritorious in every way205:24/71896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationAdopts rules which will eliminate professionalism in college athletics215:24/141896
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiBiennial session meets at Cleveland, Ohio212:24/141896
[ ]Lane, Francis A.Fails to secure prize for race at Athens214:14/141896
[ ]BaseballPhotograph of Wittenberg Baseball team2104/141896
[ ]BaseballWitt beats Miami at 10-3210:1-24/141896
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.A letter from our missionary218:1-24/211896
[ ]BaseballAlmost. Game lost by two costly errors. U. Michigan 12, Witt 10220:1-24/211896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationRules adopted by the representatives of Ohio colleges will foster college spirit1:24/211896
[ ]CampusThe beauty of Wittenberg's campus225:24/281896
[ ]BaseballWitt 11; OWU 9; The scab of our Methodist Brethern, the thirs in our belt234:1-24/281896
[ ]BaseballWitt defeats Miami, 20-8 An exhibition of poor playing227:1-24/281896
[ ]Souders, J. MaudFloat day250:15/121896
[ ]BaseballOtterbein & Kenyon teams defeated244:1-25/121896
[ ]BaseballChampionship; again we win; Witt 14, Cincinnati 7253:1-25/191896
[ ]BaseballBaseball averages of six games played in the city5:1-29/221896
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Editorial policy stated. Four pages added19/221896
[ ]Spaid, James W.Expression of sympathy17:29/281896
[ ]Bryan, Free Silver ClubA Bryan Free Silver Club was organized with membership of twenty-four16:19/291896
[ ]Theta Nu EpsilonAmong the Greeks. New chapter organized17:29/291896
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.; Gotwald, Rev. Luther A.Bauslin to replace Dr Luther Alexander GotwaldNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.16:29/291896
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Bauslin will be absent from Seminary for a short time on account of Synod16:29/291896
[ ]Spaid, James W.Biographical account12:19/291896
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Prove that it pays for businesses to advertise in the Wittenberger11:1-29/291896
[ ]Reeser, Thomas F.Was drowned on a fishing excursion20:19/291896
[ ]Keller, S. S.Mathematical problems22:110/61896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationMeeting held at Wittenberg24:210/61896
[ ]Spaid, James W.Resolutions of respect by students of seminary28:210/61896
[ ]Class ScrapClass fight36:1-210/131896
[ ]Literary SocietiesA plea for literary culture71:111/101896
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Thirteenth annual convention was held in Toledo7211/101896
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.The English Ballad112:1-212/81896
[ ]Remsberg, FrankFrank Remsberg's work at O. U as coach137:1-21/121897
[ ]Kirby, MorrisKirby died in Louisville, Jan 3, 1897139:11/121897
[ ]Paschal, ClarencePedagogy of Herbart132:1-21/121897
[ ]Murphy, Geo. S.Wedding bells137:21/121897
[ ]Young Men's Literary ClubWittenbergers figure quite prominently in a Young Men's Literary Club139:21/121897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Constitution, officers, date and place of contest148:21/191897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contest will decide who will represent Wittenberg at Cleveland147:21/191897
[ ]AthleticsWitt may take stand on employing unsportsmanlike means in her contests142:11/191897
[ ]Class GiftsNew bulletin board167:22/21897
[ ]CampusA much needed improvement on the college grounds is electric lighting171:22/91897
[ ]Class GiftsPresentation of bulletin board1762/91897
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)13th annual convention192:1-22/231897
[ ]Saturday Night ClubA new club organized at Divinity Hall, to study current events200:22/231897
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestState contest held at Cleveland197:12/231897
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Elocution and oratory202:1-23/21897
[ ]Martin, Oscar T.Was present at the meeting of the Ohio organization of the Sons of the Revolution held in Cincinnatti210:13/21897
[ ]Prescott, Henry LeeCollege oratory, an article written by Mr. Henry Lee Prescott for the Indianapolis News214:1-23/91897
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Paper entitled "Ethics in a School Room" given at Seneca County Teachers' Institute220:13/91897
[ ]Ludlow, A. PhillipsIn praise of the Wittenberger and a plea for financial aid221:1-23/161897
[ ]AthleticsRules at OSU provided by the faculty shall regulate athletics in that institution227:13/161897
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest248:13/201897
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Birds about Wittenberg232:13/231897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)O.S.U., O.W.U., and Marietta refuse to pay the $30.00 assessment239:23/231897
[ ]Physical EducationSensible advice in physical culture from "Men of Dayton"237:1-23/231897
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Philo enters inter-society contest248:1-23/301897
[ ]Mosiman, S. K.The pearl of the Articles242:1-23/301897
[ ]Athletics for womenFerncliff athletics259:14/61897
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Report of work done by YMCA in 1896-97257:1-24/61897
[ ]Keyser, E. M.The streams of English by E. M. Keyser, first honor essay in Phil-Ex. contest252:1-24/61897
[ ]PranksFuneral of Horace268:1-24/131897
[ ]Circle of Prospective TeachersThe Circle of Prospective Teachers has met a more or less premature death269:1-24/131897
[ ]Shakespeare ClubThe Jolly Shakespearian Club has met a more or less premature death269:1-24/131897
[ ]Pure English ClubThe Pure English club still alive269:1-24/131897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Wittenberg coeds to publish one issue a year261:24/131897
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Wrote article about birds "the Song Festival" for the Ohio Educational Monthly265:24/131897
[ ]Snyder ParkSnyder Park recently acquired, is on the of the beauty spots at Springfield271:24/201897
[ ]BaseballThe first game274:1-24/201897
[ ]ExaminationsHalf day for each branch is allowed for examinations231:24/231897
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Life: An article2824/271897
[ ]Publishing UnionThe annual election of editors and business managers for the Wittenberger takes place at the May session of the Publishing Union291:25/41897
[ ]Heume, J. S.The Isle of Guernsey, an article by J.S. Heume293:1-25/41897
[ ]Fay, Elsie FlorenceLuther and the Swiss students302:1-25/111897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition301-3105/111897
[ ]BaseballTwo games; Indiana U and DePauw3155/181897
[ ]Kinsinger, BerthaMiss Bertha Kinsinger, Cantonment, Oklahoma Territory, works with the Indians at Mennonite Mission330:25/251897
[ ]Bauer, Charles L.Bauer returns from trip abroad9:19/251897
[ ]AthleticsIn prospect for 1897109/251897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy explained1:1-29/251897
[ ]Class ScrapFreshmen determined to break custom of Class Scrap with Sophomores to some other test of strength17:210/21897
[ ]Physical EducationWill girls be interested in physical ed. course?22:110/21897
[ ]AthleticsProspects of a football team for the season28:110/91897
[ ]Class ScrapSome signs of the annual scrap have sprung forth1:110/91897
[ ]Class ScrapSophomores reply to freshman challenge to test strength in some other contest than the usual scrap27:1-210/91897
[ ]AthleticsCoach Inison and the team34:110/161897
[ ]Free Silver ClubThe "sixteen to one men" of the dormitory had an enthusiastic meeting38:210/161897
[ ]Class ScrapAn advance step49:110/231897
[ ]AthleticsOwing to lateness of season and depleted treasury, no coach will be hired4310/231897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Productions of literary merit for the societies to be printed55:110/301897
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Wittenberger opens its pages to the literary societies to publish any of their productions of merit55:1-210/301897
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.Letter from our missionary at Vinukonda, India6211/61897
[ ]Bible InstituteBible institute will be held in First Lutheran Church conducted by Rev. Alexander Patterson of Chicago; a Union Bible Institute77:1-211/181897
[ ]Snyder, Mark A.Instructor in Violin has been appointed as first violinist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra7411/181897
[ ]Cosmopolitan UniversityThe new cosmopolitan university has been much talked about lately7111/181897
[ ]Shakespeare, WilliamWas Shakespeare's genius super-human? E.M.K. '988211/201897
[ ]Grosscup, Hon. Peter S.Delivered address on "Cuba" before Baptist Congress in Chicago100:211/271897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)The "Purpose and Value" of contests, by Frank S. Fox91:211/271897
[ ]Upsala CollegeThe greatest Lutheran college will be moved to the city of New Orange, New Jersey99:211/271897
[ ]Athletic AssociationAdmendment proposed, membership fee reduced to twenty five cents.10412/41897
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic association adopted the proposal amendment116:112/111897
[ ]Ernsberger, H.B.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall by president-elect Ernsberger114:212/111897
[ ]Williams, E. W.Inaugural address, delivered in Excelsior Hall by President elect Williams11312/111897
[ ]Young Men's Literary ClubA large number of members of the club are Alumni of Wittenberg130:212/181897
[ ]Spangler, MichaelAn accident proved fatal130:212/181897
[ ]Mission Study ClassProgram for the mission study class128:212/181897
[ ]Matheson, GeorgeA new year's greeting from a minister who is blind. The letter is to his brother134:121/151898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Address at presentation of electric bells in Reci135:1-21/151898
[ ]Dressel, F.A.Some thought from the critics report at Hotel de Pit1351/151898
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore class has installed electric bells in Recitation Hall to mark the recitation periods131:21/151898
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Class of 1870The Class of 1870 has furnished a number of persons who have become prominent in politics149:21/151898
[ ]Physical EducationThere is talk of organizing a gymnasium class for girls131:21/151898
[ ]Williams, E. W.Educational reform. An essay1421/221898
[ ]Ambrose, Jane ClementThe Sham family will be presented by the author at the M.E. High Street church159:21/221898
[ ]Williams, E. W."Educational Reform" awarded second place in oratorical contest151:11/301898
[ ]Physical EducationGymnasium class to be organized for women155:21/301898
[ ]Spangler, Colonel AaronShort biographical account106:11/301898
[ ]Hersheiser, S.LThe social movement. First honor essay in Excelsior - Philo contest1521/301898
[ ]Ambrose, Jane ClementAmbrose lecture cancelled by the interstate lecture bureau of Cincinnati168:22/51898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Chivalry. Essay delivered in Excelsior-Philosophy contest1622/51898
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteer Band held meeting1662/51898
[ ]AthleticsNeed for awakening interest in athletics175:12/121898
[ ]Scholl, Rev. GeorgeReceives serious injuries due to a fall180:12/121898
[ ]Hossom, Dr. H.K.Hosterman publ. co. presented library with 20 vols of De Prey's Univ. of English Lit180:22/191898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall185:22/191898
[ ]Pretzman, Mrs. W. H.Mrs. Pretzman gave a painting of a scene on Lake George to the library186:22/191898
[ ]Alleshouse, Albert C.Our trust. Wittenberg's oration in state contest at Athens, February 171822/191898
[ ]Olympian SocietyNew society organized198:12/241898
[ ]Williams, E. W.College comforts. Wittenberg's toast at the State banquet1922/261898
[ ]Athletic AssociationAt a called meeting of the students, W.S. Harris, President of the Athletic Association made a report of the finances and asked for financial support from the various organization.206:13/51898
[ ]Student Foreign Mission MovementEchoes from Cleveland204:23/51898
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe Athletic Association needs the support of the students financial and moral211:23/121898
[ ]Willard, Frances E.To woman of her generation214:13/121898
[ ]AthleticsAthletics 1898224:23/191898
[ ]Keller, S. S.Externals. A discussion of being correct in speech2233/191898
[ ]Harris, William S.The grammar family, an allegorical essay2223/191898
[ ]Larrick, Wilbert BigsleyModern crusade2323/261898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Annual report for the year 18972464/21898
[ ]Nungester, J.F.Woman's influence. Oration delivered in Excelsiors open session, March 182424/21898
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Annual report257:14/91898
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between Excelsiors and Philosophians258:24/91898
[ ]Burns, RobertTo A' that and A' That (with apologies to Robt. Burns) a poem254:1-24/91898
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.A day in India--extract from letter to YMCA2624/161898
[ ]Burns, RobertFor A' That and A' That in reply261:24/161898
[ ]Harris, William S.Inaugural address delivered in Excelsior Hall264:14/161898
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C.His success as a pastor280:24/231898
[ ]Martins, Paul CurtisPaul Curtis Martin, was appointed valedictorian of this class at Princeton276:14/231898
[ ]MuseumEasier availability should be made of specimen281:14/301898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Movement in Ohio by E. L. Shuey, State College committee chairman304:1-25/11898
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.Hoskinson granted D.D. Degree339:15/61898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Literary societies urged to elect capable editors291:15/71898
[ ]Military Servicewittenberg alumni in service299:25/71898
[ ]Oratorical ContestCentral League has first contest301:25/141898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Cuba. Events leading to Spanish-American War303:15/141898
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Purpose of Association3025/141898
[ ]Gorsuch, WilliamJohn Randolph of Roanoke, of Knox College, winner of first honors in the inter-state contest3125/211898
[ ]Publishing UnionElected to audit the books for the business management326:25/231898
[ ]Neisler, A. A.Inaugural address delivered in Excelsior Hall322:25/231898
[ ]Buschman, C.E.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall322:25/231898
[ ]Stoner, LouLou Stoner will be one of the faculty of the Art School327:25/231898
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe association has bet its financial indebtedness. W.B. Larrick, v.p.3245/231898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)$400 pledged for new building at Wittenberg322:26/91898
[ ]Schwarm, SamuelGranted D. D. degree339:16/91898
[ ]Alumni AssociationLocal alumni assoc of Witt has been organized335:26/91898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Purpose and aim of the employment bureau340:16/91898
[ ]Musical CourierThe first number of "The Wittenberg Musical Courier" which is to be published quarterly has appeared339:16/91898
[ ]Boarding ClubsDeparture from old time customs of Witt is formation of co-ed boarding club8:19/221898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy4:1-29/241898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-29/241898
[ ]Hersheiser, S.LSpain in America1:210/221898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)10/291898
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) History of Wittenberg YWCA2:311/121898
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.Letter from Udupitty, Jaffna, Ceylon4:111/121898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)YWCA number11/121898
[ ]PranksA student freak. Serenaders intrude upon the stewardess' social gathering5:211/191898
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.Article.1:111/191898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Kind words by way of criticism2:211/191898
[ ]Tri-Seminary AllianceThe Tri-Seminary Alliance composed of the Theological Seminaries of Dayton, Xenia, and Wittenberg held its annual meeting5:211/191898
[ ]Der Konversations KlubThe experiment began last winter of devoting one hour a week to practice German conversation3:211/261898
[ ]AthleticsAthletics 18982:112/31898
[ ]Harris, William S.Athletics for the year 18982:112/31898
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Mat to vote on judges for the state contest6:212/31898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-312/31898
[ ]Monroe, Mrs. H. E.The story of the Reformation, a lecture given by Mrs. H. E. Monroe3:212/31898
[ ]SophomoresOde to a sophomore at home2:112/101898
[ ]College Street ClubCollege Street Club notes3:212/191898
[ ]Class GiftsElectric bells to the college4:112/191898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-312/191898
[ ]Pure English ClubClub4:21/141899
[ ]Buschman, C.E.College spirit1:31/141899
[ ]BaseballPleasing prospects. The baseball attack11/271899
[ ]Pure English Club; Shakespeare ClubClub organized3:21/281899
[ ]Sinclair, D. A.D.S. Sinclair, secretary of the Dayton Young Men's Christian Association addressed the LIfe-work meeting coducted by the Y.M.C.A.4:21/281899
[ ]PranksFrank perpetrated by a rowdie5:21/281899
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Early history4:22/41899
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.In Memoriam2:12/41899
[ ]Borns, Rev. Jacob; DeathsRev. Jacob Borns of Yellow Springs dies suddenly at his home7:1-22/41899
[ ]Ort, Charles HenkingThe funeral service of Charles Ort2:1-22/41899
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Has railroad branch4:22/111899
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-32/111899
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Parlor cannot be left open for the use of students3:22/181899
[ ]Editorials; Wittenberger (newspaper)The College Paper [call for editorial changes]4:12/181899
[ ]Larrick, Wilbert BigsleyThe perils of Un-American immigration1:32/181899
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Wittenberg seventh in state contest2:12/181899
[ ]Debs, EugeneEugene V. Debs lectures on "Social Problems"5:22/251899
[ ]James, John WarrenExpansion1:32/251899
[ ]AthleticsInter-class League athletics7:13/181899
[ ]BaseballThe Champions2:33/251899
[ ]AthleticsAthletics2:14/11899
[ ]Muhlenburg MissionOur African mission1:34/11899
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg No. 6, the League and the Mantel1:1-34/11899
[ ]PranksSome of the dorm played a good joke on the college5:24/11899
[ ]Publishing UnionMeeting held to discuss action taken by faculty in regard to paper2:34/111899
[ ]Hopkins, EdnaThe crimson and blue1:14/111899
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition4/111899
[ ]Harris, William S.A factor in education1:14/151899
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fourth contest held at Antioc College6:34/151899
[ ]Publishing UnionFriction between faculty and Wittenberger has been compromised4:14/151899
[ ]AthleticsChampions defeated. Seniors vs. freshmen2:24/221899
[ ]Harris, William S.Concluded1:1-24/221899
[ ]Lewis, Charles H.Life's photography1:24/221899
[ ]Neisler, A. A.An Anglo-American Alliance1:15/41899
[ ]Thrift, MrsMrs. Thrift, the new matron welcomed7:29/161899
[ ]Registrar's OfficeNew system and change of recitation period1:39/161899
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore ClashOutwitted, but victorius in the end are the freshmen. An exciting contest of diplomacy and strength1:19/161899
[ ]Class GiftsPulpit dedicated for chapel use by the Class of '96 is pretty and useful addition2:19/161899
[ ]Oratorical ContestCommittee appointed for coming contest1:39/231899
[ ]Keller, S. S.Lay sermon suggested by "Hare and Tortoise" incident1:19/231899
[ ]AthleticsAn awakening; bright prospects for a winning football team at Witt; a stirring speech1:39/301899
[ ]PranksLanterns, the only means of illumination in the dormitory, are being willfully destroyed4:110/141899
[ ]Speer, Robert E.Robert E. Speer, Secretary of Foreign Missions for the Presbyterian Church spoke in chapel4:1-210/141899
[ ]Nordisck, L. W.The why of life2:1-210/281899
[ ]Adams, Dr. Charles Kendall; Higher educationAdvice to undergrads. How to make the most of a college course. President of University of Wisconsin speaks to the American student1:111/41899
[ ]Physical EducationPhysical culture among the colleges2:2-311/111899
[ ]Literary AwardsWe should have a literary club, distinguished from the literary societies4:1-211/181899
[ ]Story, Dr.Dr. Story of the High Street M.E. church lectures at chapel. The first of the series of lectures delivered Tuesday afternoon7:2-311/251899
[ ]Literary AwardsNew feature at Wittenberg1:311/251899
[ ]Grosscup, Hon. Peter S.Visited Zola. In Paris. The Jurist's letter1:111/251899
[ ]Grosscup, Hon. Peter S.Sent letter from Leipsic, Germany. Martin Luther chief subject of letter1:112/91899
[ ]BasketballWitt thinks about organizing a team4:112/91899
[ ]Plays"Ben Hur" dramatized5:212/161899
[ ]History of WittenbergImprovements carried out during the first term4:1-212/161899
[ ]FreshmenFreshmen tackle. A story1:11/131900
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)The contest: The long looked for oratorical battle a thing of the past1:31/131900
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Was Napoleon Bonaparte brave? A contestant in local oratorical contest1:31/131900
[ ]Lyon, Sophia B.Miss Sophia Lyon, the traveling secretary for student volunteer movement visited the YWCA4:22/31900
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelCelebration given in honor of his eight anniversary at the First Lutheran Church at Findlay, Ohio7:2-32/101900
[ ]Renn, Rev. Ambrose E.Life. It's laws and possibilities.1:12/241900
[ ]Bowers, RoyFaster than light1:1-23/31900
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg has no athletic park3:23/31900
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Recent bookmaking1:23/101900
[ ]Class ScrapAnnual Class Fight: Freshmen easily defeat Sophomores -- Sophs. Die Game3:19/221900
[ ]Deaths; Gotwald, Dr.; Ort, Dr. SamuelOration Delivered at the Funeral of Dr. Gotwald by Dr. Ort19/221900
[ ]EditorialsOur Aim as a Paper; Our Alumni and Friends5:19/221900
[ ]Ort, Dr. Samuel A.; Presidents of WittenbergThe Retirement of Dr. Ort4:29/221900
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Y.W and Y.M.C.A. Reception4:29/221900
[ ]Heaume, Miss; Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Y.W.C.A.: Miss Heaume gave a talk on Bible study4:19/221900
[ ]Ort, Dr. Samuel A.; Presidents of WittenbergA Tribute: Well deserved by our retiring President, Samuel A. Ort, D. D. (by William Rilling, Class of 1897)2:19/291900
[ ]Students; FacultyFace to Face: In the light or the dark15:19/291900
[ ]Geiger, Mrs. H. R.; Geiger, Nancy Hartford; DeathsDeath of Mrs. H. R.2610/61900
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.; Presidents of WittenbergJ. M. Ruthrauff, D.D.: A life sketch of Wittenberg's new president2510/61900
[ ]Football; Songs (College)Wittenberg's Foot Ball Song: Nothing Can Beat Wittenberg (To the tune of "Yankee Doodle")3710/131900
[ ]Higher education; Religious educationThe college man, the typical man5010/201900
[ ]Stanley, Elizabeth; Foreign Mission BoardElizabeth Stanley: A Brief sketch of her life in home and college6110/311900
[ ]Mock WeddingsNuptials at Ferncliff 6710/311900
[ ]Olympian SocietyOlympian Open Session6610/311900
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiHallowe'en Party9111/141900
[ ]BuildingsSteam Heat [poem]8511/141900
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Valiant hero, escorted a lady one block because she was afraid of a drunk man8911/141900
[ ]Day, EliasElias Day, characterist, performed at Grand opera house10211/211900
[ ]ThanksgivingThat Thanksgiving Turkey at Home [poem]9711/211900
[ ]GamesChecker Foot Ball11312/51900
[ ]Football; Rogers, Charles Warner; Miller, Harvey AppThe Squad: 'Varsity and Second Team (por)114-11512/51900
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic meeting: Reports and Election of Officers12312/121900
[ ]ChristmasDreams [poem]12212/121900
[ ]Serpent Mound; Earthworks (archaeology)Ohio Mounds12112/121900
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute to be held in the Y.M.C.A. room1491/91901
[ ]Buildings; Hamma Divinity Hall; FiresFire1361/91901
[ ]Pan-American Exposition; SportsPan-American sports committee appointed1481/91901
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelTo Dr. Samuel Sprecher, my college professor, on his ninetieth birthday [poem]1391/91901
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute1611/231901
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute: Many inspiring addresses and much wholesome instruction1571/231901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas elected to organist and director of choir at Third Presybterian Church1621/231901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas preached for his father at Monroeville, Indiana1631/231901
[ ]China; International Relations; Oratory; Gram, HarryChina [oration]1701/301901
[ ]Kaeuper, Herman H.; Holstein, Charles; Lewis, Wilmer D.; Conservatory of MusicFaculty Recital1751/301901
[ ]Beta Theta; Alpha Tau Omega; Pearson, Daisy; RecreationSleighing parties1872/61901
[ ]Ort, Dr. Samuel A; Student DisturbancesA Timely Chapel Talk1962/131901
[ ]Oratory; Nordsick, Louis W.The Battle of Sedan [oratory]1932/131901
[ ]Deaths; Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819-1901Britain's Queen2072/201901
[ ]International relationsIs universal peace dawning?2212/271901
[ ]Deaths; Simon, Rev. J. D.Sad news: African missionary Rev. J. D.Simon, class of 1893 & 1896, dies of African fever2202/271901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas called home on account of serious illness of his brother2584/31901
[ ]Rhodes, Cecil; Africa; International relationsCecil Rhodes2674/101901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Lloyd C. Douglas has returned from home; his brother is convalescing2704/101901
[ ]Student Volunteer movement for Foreign Missions; Mott, John R.The evangelization of the world in this generation2644/101901
[ ]Class GiftsShould be encouraged2794/171901
[ ]Class RushClass Rush 1901: the annual class rush2:1-29/251901
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.; Presidents of WittenbergDr. Ruthrauff, president, editor, professor, weaver, business manager8:29/251901
[ ]McKinley, PresidentMemorial services held for President McKinley5:1-29/251901
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterIn Virginia mountains1510/21901
[ ]ExaminationsNew rules for exams passed by faculty1710/21901
[ ]Dornblaser, IreneA summer vacation25:210/91901
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies--their value2910/91901
[ ]AdmissionsShould Greek language be an entrance requirement?41:110/161901
[ ]Stone, EllaThe capture of Ella Stone has been causingmuch anxiety over the United States54;110/231901
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterTo Desdemona6210/301901
[ ]Bowers, RoyWords in their relation to life6110/301901
[ ]Domer, Rev. SamuelRev. Samuel Domer died suddenly at his home, Washington, D. C.83:211/61901
[ ]Politics, CampusAbout college politics131:21/81902
[ ]Athletic AssociationAt a called meeting the student body raised fund sufficient to liquidate their debt128:11/81902
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe amendment to the constitution was passed relative to the waring of the "W".121:11/81902
[ ]Student VolunteersFourth international convention of the Student Volunteer Movement in Toronto1331/151902
[ ]Literary SocietiesNew organization: Wittenberg cooperative literary assoc.152:11/221902
[ ]Bible InstituteThe Bible institute has become an annual feature of the college association147:21/221902
[ ]Buildings; Hamma Divinity Hall; FiresHall threatened by flames160:1-21/291902
[ ]AthleticsWitt is beginning a new era in athletics162:21/291902
[ ]Bowers, RoyA sensational faculty meeting. A dream1692/51902
[ ]CampusMuddy campus entry174:1-22/51902
[ ]Inter-State Oratiorical AssociationJudges to preside at contest that is to be held at St. Paul are chosen at meeting held at Lincoln, Neb.199:12/191902
[ ]Betts, JohnMr. John Betts, a Philadelphia millionaire proposes to present a life size statue to wittenberg86:22/221902
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterAn experience with a bear2553/261902
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Nellie BaumgardnerMrs. Becker is recovering from a long continued illness2633/261902
[ ]Dornblaser, IreneHow it all came about2784/161902
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe value of a society training279:14/161902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition2774/161902
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande Walter"To Juliet" - a poem2894/231902
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Presidents of the college YMCAs of Ohio met at Ohio University293:24/231902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Dr. J. Calvin Kauffman one of first editors and publishers of the paper324:25/71902
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. J. M. Rutharauff expires3145/71902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.; DeathsNews of the death of Dr. Ruthrauff. (por)314-3155/71902
[ ]Waltz, Rev. S. S.One of the first editors of the Wittenberger324:25/71902
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore flag-raising321:25/71902
[ ]Inter-State Oratiorical AssociationOhio takes last place in contest340:25/211902
[ ]Foote, Gree Alvin; Ruthrauff, J.M.; DeathsAn ode to the memory of Dr. Ruthrauff366:1-26/41902
[ ]Bowers, RoyClass oration. Where do we stand?363:26/41902
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterOn the occasion of the graduation of the class of 1902. A poem3616/41902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Staff of 1902 (pic)3606/41902
[ ]Beta SigmaA new sorority has been organized4:29/241902
[ ]Wiles, Rev. H. L.died at his home in Mansfield, OH9:29/241902
[ ]TraditionsFreshmen and Sophomore scraps1:29/241902
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Mr. Charles Bauslin and Julia Gear married4:29/241902
[ ]Neuhauser, J. HArrested development62:110/291902
[ ]Keller, S. S.Camp and casualty8511/121902
[ ]Dornblaser, IreneOur Nation's "Seven Locks"10912/31902
[ ]Bowers, Charles R.Bowers wins oratorical contest and will represent Wittenberg at Marietta147:21/211903
[ ]Stewart, Dr. George B.The church as a career for the coming man1461/211903
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas called to North Manchester, Indiana, to conduct funeral services of one of his parishioners164:11/281903
[ ]Bible InstituteThe Institute was a great success1601/281903
[ ]Intercollegiate Prohibition AssociationThe third largest college organization in America is the inter-collegiate Prohibition Association2032/11903
[ ]Murphy, Geo. S.Retirement1702/41903
[ ]Hanshue, Harr W.The silent patriot1702/41903
[ ]Bowers, Charles R.Bowers wins 4th place in 22nd annual contest of Ohio Oratorical Association208:1-22/251903
[ ]Presidents' Training ConferenceWittenberg has the privilege of entertaining the Presidents' Training Conference2082/251903
[ ]Bowers, Charles R.A dream of the future2173/51903
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas as senior theological class member has accepted a call to the pastorate of Lutheran Church at North Manchester, Indiana2233/51903
[ ]Bottiger, C.S.God's first temples2313/111903
[ ]Minstrel ShowBig show now in preparation271:14/81903
[ ]Student EmploymentStudent employment at Wittenberg69:1-24/81903
[ ]Student EmploymentStudent employment at Wittenberg169:1-24/81903
[ ]Neuhauser, J. HThe sphere of conscience2654/81903
[ ]Minstrel ShowShow given for the benefit of athletic association2844/151903
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiBiennial convention of Fourth district council held at Springfield2914/221903
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Board meeting announcing the election of the president2904/221903
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergC. G. Heckert becomes new president2894/221903
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Celebration for the election of president Heckert293:14/221903
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Our new President2894/221903
[ ]Tressler, Victor L.The elctrion of Victor L. Tressler as professor of Greek and principal of the academy290:24/221903
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Good speaking demanded308:14/291903
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore's gift: a fine cement pavement from the steps of Recitation Hall to the driveway308:24/291903
[ ]Mosiman, EdwThe Y.M.C.A. in the college3225/61903
[ ]Northfield Student ConferenceNorthfield conference329:1-25/131903
[ ]Ultes, CarlOthello and Iago3265/131903
[ ]Ultes, CarlRomeo and Juliet2855/131903
[ ]Music DepartmentCredits shall be given in anticipation of college degree6:39/151910
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)With this issue, paper becomes official college publication1:1-29/151910
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Wittenberg's ideas set forth9/151910
[ ]Hypes, Douglas Van BrocklinDouglas Van Brocklin Hypes, Wittenberg class of 1912, died June 15, 19109/221910
[ ]Hypes, DouglasThe underground railroad in Clark County, Ohio19/221910
[ ]Student Volunteer BandA short account8:1-29/291910
[ ]Christian LeagueChristian League: aim and purpose2:29/291910
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiNotes.3:29/291910
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Organized in 18893:1-29/291910
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy stated4:110/201910
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyPresentation of a loving cup to Dr. B. F. prince110/201910
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaPresident Heckert announced to the faculty and students tha Mrs. Openlander had donated to the college a sum of money to be used in the erection of a new Ferncliff Hall2:310/271910
[ ]Literary SocietiesThings are no longer as they once were2:310/271910
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg as seen through a letter written by a student May 27, 1848311/171910
[ ]Schnearew, CharlesIn memoriam4:312/11910
[ ]History of WittenbergIn Wittenberg forty years ago. Journal kept by John Welty beginning Sept. 7, 1860112/11910
[ ]Seaman, VestaWins first prize in State Oratorical Contest. Eight men were pitted against her4:212/71910
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsBecomes provost of the U of Pennsylvania3:112/81910
[ ]Powys, Professor of CambridgeLectured on "The Brontes and George Eliot" under the auspices of the Woman's Club2:212/81910
[ ]Braunersreuther, M.A few words about Bavaria712/151910
[ ]Johnson, Judge JamesPaid a high tribute to his one time professor Dr. Samuel Sprecher4:312/151910
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Santa Claus remembers pres. Heckert. Gift presented by the Wittenberger1:1-212/151910
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerShort account2:21/81911
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Wittenberg's loss. The passing of Samuel Alfred Ort12/21911
[ ]Seaman, VestaThe sphere of woman12/91911
[ ]Ohio Intercollegiate AssociationContest to be held52/161911
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscence of 1848, by a student of Wittenberg1-32/161911
[ ]Rasmussen, RichardIn Scandanavia. A letter form Richard Rasmussen6:72/231911
[ ]Bruson, MartinThe Melting Pot12/231911
[ ]Williams, E. W.Prohibition in Springfield (pic)13/21911
[ ]PranksDummy is hanged2:33/91911
[ ]Sunday, Christine; Sunday, William Ashley "Billy"Hamma Divinity School will not lend support to the revival meeting held in this city next September by Billy Sunday4:23/91911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Heckert will tour Europe (pic)13/91911
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipRetired from the editorial management of the Wittenberger4:13/91911
[ ]Vorhis, Wilbur A.the Dean bill3:1-33/111911
[ ]Class GiftsAn elaborate entrance-way to campus is being planned3:1-33/161911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Heckert chats with boys about Golden Days for those who lived them1:13/161911
[ ]Summers, Rev. DanielRev. Daniel Summers died at the home of his son at Shelby, Ohio6:1-33/161911
[ ]Zueblin, Prof. CharlesDelivered the last of his lectures on "Democracy in American Letters"3:1-23/231911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Dr. Heckert's party en route to Europe stops at Boston Mass.23/231911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Farewell to Dr. Heckert on eve of his departure63/231911
[ ]Dormitories; Pershing, Benjamin H.A day in the dormitory13/301911
[ ]PranksAn incident. The picket fence around the little cemetery, near Divinity Hall5:2-33/301911
[ ]DormitoriesDorm activities43/301911
[ ]DormitoriesThe dorm life from the standpoint of a senior33/301911
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolWittenberger, seminary number4/61911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.A week on the ocean34/131911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Girl's number4/131911
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesThe fraternities1-64/201911
[ ]Blaser, EstherA glimpse of the Roy crofters6:34/271911
[ ]Anderson, W.ECollege athletics1:14/271911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.European trip. A letter to the pillars of Hercules6:74/271911
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.In dark Africa. On his trip abroad2:1-34/271911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Low subscription rates given2:39/271911
[ ]Class GiftsPresentation of new pillared entrance way by Class '1119/271911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)What and why? The college paper.4:2-39/271911
[ ]Smith, Harold K."Smox" Smith, starts haberdashery near entrance to OSU in Columbus10:110/41911
[ ]Nash, AlfredCrosses waters to attend Wittenberg. Alfred Nash ks from Canterbury, England6:310/41911
[ ]Harter, Professor Nathan HarterHarter accepts deanship of Thiel College in Pennsylvania2:2-310/41911
[ ]Shearer, Harold K.Mr. Shearer graduated from the University of Chicago with first honors10;210/41911
[ ]Auditorium -- GymnasiumOur great need. Auditorium-gymnasium is regarded as essential by president11:310/41911
[ ]Peschau, Rev. F.W.E.Receives congratulatory communication because of spledid baccalaureate address7:110/41911
[ ]Christian LeagueChristian League's importance on campus4:2-310/111911
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.Field representative addresses high school students in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan13:110/111911
[ ]Sunday, Christine; Sunday, William Ashley "Billy"Gives address at Wittenberg1:210/111911
[ ]MissionariesMission workers of Ohio meet at Wittenberg1:110/111911
[ ]Garver, Mrs. John N.Mrs. Garver succumbs to complication of diseases1210/111911
[ ]Cromer, S.S.S. S. Cromer has held various class positions. Intends to study scientific agriculture (por)12:310/111911
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents advised to affiliate with literary society4:110/111911
[ ]Brain's Conservatory of MusicBrain's conservatory has excellent reputation in musical circles7:310/181911
[ ]Class of 1915Some statistical information in reference to the Class of 1915110/181911
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteer Mission leaders conference is expected to enhance interest16:210/181911
[ ]Christian LeagueChristianLeague vigorous contest makes membership largest in history1:310/251911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)General condemnation and appreciation expressed by alumni to editorial staff2:310/251911
[ ]Garver, Mrs. Anna GeigerMrs. A. G. Garver died Oct. 8, 191112:210/251911
[ ]Music DepartmentRenders interesting fortnightly recital2:210/251911
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Xi Delta; FiresAlpha Xi Delta house catches fire1:210/291911
[ ]Songs (College)"Hit the line for Wittenberg" A newly improved song2:211/11911
[ ]Lecture Coursecourse arranged by Junior class. Money used to defray expense of class memorial1:111/11911
[ ]Sunday, Christine; Sunday, William Ashley "Billy"Editorial4:111/11911
[ ]Junior Lecture CourseA course to raise funds for a class memorial to be presented when the class graduates to the college4:1-211/81911
[ ]Sunday, William Ashley "Billy"Concludes six week battle against sin. Evangelist Sunday creates moral uplife unprecedented in city's history1:211/81911
[ ]Bright, Charles H.Honor grad on faculty with Yale men; gains honors in Davenport, Iowa. Elected to Academy of Science8:1-211/81911
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Marries11:111/91911
[ ]Sunday, William Ashley "Billy"$13,500 donated to Billy Sunday at conclusion of revival. Seven thousand answer appeals2:111/151911
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Biographical notes (por)6:2-311/151911
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Conference delegates present convention report. Recent YWCA conference at Toledo engages attention of members6:1-311/151911
[ ]Coeducation; Athletics for womenFifty athletic coeds training at YWCA gym1:111/151911
[ ]Zimmerman, Charles B.Meets W. B. Yeats, the Irish poet at Harvard6:311/151911
[ ]Missionary ConferenceSeminary students support two foreign mission workers3:211/151911
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipWithdrawn as Editor-in-Chief of Wittenberger4:111/151911
[ ]Harry, Professor E. J.Agamemnon will be presented by Greek Scholar. Hindred scenes of masterpiece of Aeschylus will be flashed on screen3:1-211/221911
[ ]SophomoresBlack skull caps adopted by sophs. Emblazened with orange letters2:111/221911
[ ]Christian EndeavorChristian Endeavor Leagues discussed2:311/221911
[ ]Zimmerman, LesterLester Zimmerman occupies chair of Science and Mathematics of Carthage College, Ill7:1-211/221911
[ ]Athletic AssociationConstitution and by-laws of the Wittenberg athletic association611/291911
[ ]Junior HatsGray crush hats designate juniors. Freshmen, 'tis rumored will be urged to wear green skill protectors3:311/291911
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Orinthologist and productive author (pic)1:211/291911
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationPulitzers of Ohio Colleges assemble at the Round Table. Second meeting.1:311/291911
[ ]National ElectionsWilson is college man's choice7:311/291911
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Enlarges scope by affiliation with national assoc.7:1-312/131911
[ ]Geiger, Miss HortenseMiss Hortense Geiger died8:1-312/131911
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Senior, member of Excelsior Literary Society, wins annual oratorical contest11:112/131911
[ ]Christian LeagueYMCA is new nomenclature of Christian League. Local organization enlarges scope by affiliation with national association7:1-312/131911
[ ]Folckemer, Mrs. M.E.Mrs. Folckemer, a graduate of Witt now boasts of the finest drug store in Ohio3:212/201911
[ ]Athletic AssociationProf. R. W. McKinney ignored in electing Board of Control. Members-elect refuse to serve believeing that injustice has been done McKinney1:112/201911
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.Professor R. W. McKinney ignored in electing Board of Control. Members-elect refuse to serve, believing that injustice has been done McKinney1:112/201911
[ ]AdmissionsRequiremnts changed by faculty ruling. Foreign language units decreased, more latitude in electives1:312/201911
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Wins oratorical contest (pic)3:212/201911
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Bauslin to be inducted into office of Dean of the Seminary6:11/101912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Elected president of College Assoc. of Ohio1:21/101912
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Fable of Jimmie Greencap31/101912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Formal induction into office of January 186:11/101912
[ ]First Lutheran ChurchImpressive services mark rededication of First Lutheran. Remodeling of First Church edifice makes it one of the most beautiful in the city2:31/101912
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelMinister of Fourth Church sounds noble sentiment in New Year wish2:11/101912
[ ]Hart, SchaffnerPrizes are awarded for economic essays. Chicago professor wins first place $1,00010:1-21/101912
[ ]Stomberger, JesseSpends the entire Kris Kringle season at the City Hospital6:31/101912
[ ]Pranks"We want taffy" shout the Juniors at Senior party. Upperclassmen lose sweets through depredation of rude marauders1:31/171912
[ ]BasketballCo-eds prove stars in basketball. "Reds" defeat "whites" in fast and furious contest at YWCA.5:31/171912
[ ]Woods, Dr. JohnDr. John Woods of Urbana, OH, lectured on the Book of Job to seminary students9:11/171912
[ ]History of WittenbergFather time lifts curtain for glance into years of past. Letter written by Dr. Ezra Keller, Founder of Wittenberg comes to light1:11/171912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIs there a Pan Hellenic? Organization of Greek letter societies is either defunct or dying. No session during present school year9:2-31/171912
[ ]PranksMock trial of Robert Pfanner, unlucky freshman, held at the old dorm2:1-31/171912
[ ]Intercollegiate Peace AssociationPetition is circulated. Intercollegiate Peace Association urges adoption of pending peace treaties6:2-31/171912
[ ]Wilson, WoodrowWoodrow Wilson explains function of University. Spirit of modern education should take men to some quiet upland, where they may see visions of the future10:1-21/171912
[ ]Ohio Constitutional ConventionCollege professors are taking important part in constitutional wrangles. Judge William Rockel a former Wittenberger is the representative from this district5:21/241912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Induction of professors into office11/241912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Local professor will conduct party on European tour9:11/241912
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Services mark induction into offices.11/241912
[ ]AthleticsNew era in athletics42/11912
[ ]AthleticsAthletes publically rewarded for first time at Wittenberg5:12/71912
[ ]Student VolunteersBand prepars ment to preach Christianity to a benighted Heathendom11:12/71912
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCloser relations among ministerial students planned1:22/71912
[ ]Literary ContestCompetition keen in this year's contest1:32/71912
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contest to be at Cedarville. Benjamin Pershing to compare with representatives from four other schools2:22/71912
[ ]Linn, M. F.; DeathsFather of A. F. Linn dies8:12/71912
[ ]Conway, Nell; FiresFire causes damage6:32/71912
[ ]Freshman CapsFreshmen adopt hats. Color of new headgear is not appropriate to the subjects7:32/71912
[ ]Albert, Dr. CharlesGrim reaper calls friends of college8:12/71912
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinProfessor to teach in lake laboratory10:1-22/71912
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.To compete in Ohio Oratorical Contest at Cedarville2:22/71912
[ ]Immanual College, Greensboro, N.C.Colored Lutherans have opportunities for good education11:1-32/141912
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Excellent program to be centered in popular recital1:12/141912
[ ]Ort, Mrs. AnnaMrs. Anna Ort, widow of Dr. Ort suddenly passes away Monday morning after being stricken with heart trouble12:1-22/141912
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestWooster speaker captures state oratorical fest1:32/141912
[ ]Songs (College)"Wittenberg, fair Wittenberg" is official song. Adopted for Wittenberg1:22/211912
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolBanquet. Aim is to bring seminary and college together4:12/211912
[ ]Student VolunteersCalls best brain and brawn of country to missionary service11:12/211912
[ ]BasketballKeynotes are given glad hand. Reception for visitors at ATO house. A "stag" party5:32/211912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Refuses leadership of drys. Prediction of bitter battle between wets and drys12:22/211912
[ ]Peschau, Rev. F.W.E."Beyond the Golden Gates," sermon for baccalaureate3:12/281912
[ ]TraditionsDorm boys appear in low cuts, ice cream suits, and knickerbockers for premature spring opening13:1-22/281912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Elected voters Municipal League president5:32/281912
[ ]TraditionsPlea for the observance of traditions4:32/281912
[ ]AthleticsGraduate manager praises attitude of student. Post-season statement by Dr. T. Bruce Birch lauds student support of athletics.6:33/21912
[ ]PlaysBetter dramatics4:13/61912
[ ]Theological SeminaryFive seminaries discuss academic and ministerial problems at important conference1:13/61912
[ ]Dressler, Jonas H.hark Ye, to our parting story! Class poem by Dressler counted of unusual merit103/61912
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Splendid song recital given. Enthusiastic reception accorded Prof Hiller adn Miss Shaw at Parish House3/61912
[ ]Founders DayFourth founder's day celebration1:63/81912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Conference of Ohio Assoc. presidents and vice-presidents held12:1-23/131912
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerImpecunious Pete drops us a line9:13/131912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Man of many attainments63/131912
[ ]Garver, Laura; DeathsMiss Laura Garver, former student, dies at Rockford Ill1:23/131912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan-Hellenic is held by fraternity members. Assress "Professional Types" by Dr. Ness2:13/131912
[ ]AthleticsStudents pledge $1.00 for athletic fund. Resolutions are adopted supporting movement for improvement of Zimmerman field.5:33/131912
[ ]AthleticsThousand-dollar campaign is being waged for athletics1:13/131912
[ ]Peterson, JohnBeloved janitor leaves dormitory after long service. "Dad" Peterson known to Wittenbergers far and near, resigns at seventy years9:1-23/201912
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyCo-ed's literary society considers college's history. Papers are read upon "Founding of Wittenberg" and "Life of Ezra Keller"10:13/201912
[ ]BasketballCoach Keyser praises work of 5 last season, deplores lack of gym5:1-23/201912
[ ]BasketballFinancial report shows deficit; actual loss is $52.86; total net deficit is $147.915:33/201912
[ ]Dickhaut, Chester A.Government by commission, by Chester A. Dickhaut, member of the Philosophian inter-society debating team33/201912
[ ]Lewis, Charles H.Lewis urges students to "go West"2:23/201912
[ ]Williams, E. W.Newspaper writer gets good position. Graduate of '98 promoted to Assistant Editor of Columbus paper10:33/201912
[ ]AthleticsCanada's college sports, lacrosse, ice-hockey, cricket, and Rugby football are most popular athletics8:13/271912
[ ]Class GiftsGraduating class of seminary presents bronze tablet. Fitting exercises mark presentation honoring late Dr. S. A. Ort1:1-23/271912
[ ]AthleticsCampaign to raise 1,000 for athletic field, will be vigorously prosecuted. Circular letters are ready for distribution8:34/31912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Co-eds superior to sterner sex in scholarship. Statistics compiled to show that WC is "bright"1:14/31912
[ ]Summer CoursesComprehensive courses offered in summer school. Session will extend from June 24 to August 2 -- large attendance is anticipated1:34/31912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesOhio State publication arraigns fraternities. Rapid radicalism in "Feature" of vituperative attack upon "Knights of the Jewelled Letter"94/31912
[ ]Rooting SquadRooting squad is contemplated and permanent organization may be formed5:24/31912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.A call to heroic service. Tocsin is sounder for recruiting the ranks of Christian Missionaries. Evangelization of the world is vital problem before the church. Who will volunteer?34/171912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Addresses Lutherans3:34/171912
[ ]BasketballBasketball trophies publically presented members of squad. Crystallization of greater athletic spirit is noted in awarding of letters7:1-24/171912
[ ]BaseballInter-class baseball tournament is urged7:2-34/171912
[ ]Dornblaser, MinnieOne of the saddest events of all was the death of Ruth Dornblasser, dau of Rev. and Mrs. S. G. Dornblasser of Bucyrus, Ohio6:14/171912
[ ]Funk, Dr. Isaac; DeathsProminent alumnus and publisher, dies. His last visit to Wittenberg was in 1910 at fiftieth anniversary of his class1:14/171912
[ ]Carnegie Science HallSplendid equipment & facilities give many advantages. Science grads get excellent positions10:2-34/171912
[ ]Dickhaut, Chester A.Chester A. Dickhaut argues for public control; would eliminate corruption in politics, make service more efficient, and reduce rates34/211912
[ ]BaseballBatting practice will train men to hit elusive sphere. Efforts made to increase "stick work." Batting cages to be erected.9:1-24/241912
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Allen O.Becker, Mrs. Allen O. survived steamship catastrophe. Mrs. Becker and 3 children were returning from India on Titanic6:24/241912
[ ]TennisInter-collegiate tennis matches are arranged. Contestants for singles and doubles are requested to hand in names9:24/241912
[ ]Funk, Dr. IsaacLegacy of $10,000 given to Wittenberg14/241912
[ ]PranksSeniors capture juniors trying to steal sweets6:1-24/241912
[ ]Granville, W.A. PresidentPresident Granville tells why Lutheran Young People should take advantage of church schools4354/301912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Dr. Keyser presents "the Lutheran View of Gospel Ministry"7:35/11912
[ ]Getter, Prof. Perry; DeathsGraduate of '97 superintendant of reading schools and church work, dies.6:15/11912
[ ]Bright, Charles H.Majesty of the law. Body of legal enactments seek greatest good for greatest number. Scholarly and intelligent lawyers in great demand35/11912
[ ]Clark County ElectionsSweeping landslide swings "Old Clark" into "Wet" column. Bands crash to time of "There'll be a hot time when the drys are sadly routed"2:1-25/11912
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Awarded the literary W8:1-25/81912
[ ]Hauser, ElizabethFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters2:35/81912
[ ]Woman-SuffrageFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters. Appeal is made to men of Wittenberg to extend privilege of vote to women2:35/81912
[ ]Fitzgerald, Mrs. SusanFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters. Appel is made to men of Wittenberg to extend privilege of vote to women2:35/81912
[ ]Flook, Elma S.Floyd Raymond White marries Elma S. Flook after commencement9:25/81912
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary trophies awarded winners in society contests8:1-25/81912
[ ]AthleticsVariety in athletics. Opportunities are offered for participation by every student1:15/81912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Boys of christian "assassination" hold picnic at Tecumseh7:1-35/151912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Immortality is theme of tlak10:25/151912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Seniors extol advantages of YMCA work. Benefits accruing from religious work teated from different viewpoints115/151912
[ ]Snyder ParkVote for the lake4:15/151912
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Allen O.Becker, Mrs. Allen O. survived steamship catastrophe. Mrs. Becker and 3 children were returning from India on Titanic2:1-25/221912
[ ]Evans, Rev. ArthurLive talk on theme "Learn to do well" given by Rev. Evans to the YMCA9:1-35/221912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Picnic should be annual affair7:1-25/221912
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Fitting excercises mark presentation of memorial in honor of Dr. Ort. Seniors of seminary present bronze tablet as graduation gift1:15/271912
[ ]Class of 1912Class of 1912 hunt in effigy. Underclassmen place Dummy from yard arm of tree on campus11:25/291912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)has been prominent factor in student life. Membership larger than ever before7:1-25/291912
[ ]Literary ShieldPhilo leads in field of seven, Excelsior 2nd1:35/291912
[ ]Guise, WilliamThe initiative and referendum arguments pro and con upon paramount question before people35/291912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Wittenberg Prexie gives commencement address at Springfield High in June6:35/291912
[ ]Cromer, S.S.Environment206/51912
[ ]AthleticsFamous 1912 athletes126/51912
[ ]Class GiftsGifts: past and present266/51912
[ ]Class of 1912History of Class of '1226/51912
[ ]Class of ....Portraits, short biographical notes14-196/51912
[ ]TraditionsSeniors are getting somber caps and gowns9:2-36/241912
[ ]Student GovernmentLeague of Ferncliff Hall organizes for purpose of bettering conditions among co-eds23:29/231912
[ ]Cadwagan, RoseCadwagan appointed assistant to Dr. B. F. Prince & Dr. J. Philip Schneider26:29/251912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Doctrinal preaching19:19/251912
[ ]Soper, E. D.Professor of Mission of Ohio Wesleyan University to speak on mission topic8:19/251912
[ ]SundialSundial, silent recorder of fleeting minutes and hours, dedicated to the memory of a loyal student39/251912
[ ]Class GiftsWalk extending from entrance of campus to Science Hall3:19/251912
[ ]Religious ConferenceUndergraduate leaders in religious work assemble at Otterbein University56:1-310/21912
[ ]Peschau, Clara B.Miss Clara Peschau, former student and Robert T. Fulton announce marriage40:210/91912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSentiment against secret societies finds expression. Sororities at Wesleyan abolished. Wooster's fraternities arraigned39:110/91912
[ ]Soper, E. D.According to professor, Chinese, Mohammedan and Negro problems will find their solution in Christianity50:110/161912
[ ]Wittenberg Club of ColumbusAlumni living in Columbus plan an association66:1-210/231912
[ ]Anderson, Mrs. Christel M.; DeathsAnderson, Prof. Charles M. dies very suddenly67:310/231912
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Frank Fox delivers series of addresses before Indiana Teachers Institute at Hartford City77:210/231912
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)An attack, instigated by personal malice, launched against paper82:1-210/301912
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Congratulatory letters received from alumni88:310/301912
[ ]Songs (College)Students urged to write original songs and yells92:110/301912
[ ]Anderson, Professor W. G.Wittenberg instructor, on leave of absence, attracts attention at Pennsylvania University104:1-311/61912
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonA sombre-hued pedestal installed in Dr. Ness' room123:1-211/131912
[ ]Pedderson, Rev. J.C.Lutheran Missionary to Africa gave two lectures118:111/131912
[ ]Shaffer, Rev. J. F.Rev. Shaffer one of the oldest graduates of Wittenberg College died Sunday morning at his home114:1-211/131912
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Article (pic)134:311/201912
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.Ernsberger: His life and work13111/201912
[ ]Pedderson, Rev. J.C.On campus during November135:211/201912
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipExplains election of Woodrow Wilson in unique manner. Mystic numbers important factors in success of the President-elect157:111/271912
[ ]Missionary ConferenceThird annual conference to be held at Wittenberg14511/271912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan-Hellenic council draws up a Declaration of Principles68:1-312/41912
[ ]Haas, Dr. J.A.First session of the Lutheran Students' Missionary Conference was presided over by Dr. Haas16312/111912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Honored by national Lutheran educational conference162:112/111912
[ ]Lutheran Historical AcademyLutheran Historical Academy held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Lutheran Educational Conference; Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceMeeting held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Missionary ConferenceNeed for more pastors emphasized; dearth of missionaries deprecatd16312/111912
[ ]Shaffer, Rev. J. F.Portrait and short biographical note161:212/111912
[ ]Weaver, Professor John S.Respected educator, Alumnus, spent forty one years in teaching, died at home191:1-212/181912
[ ]Wilson, William H.William H. Wilson and Mrs. Mary Dean were married187:1-212/181912
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonOne of the founder's of the journal "College Chips," published at Luther College215:11/131913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesBill introduced in legislature to abolish "frats"230:11/201913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAnti-fraternity spirit at State Univ. attracts attention of papers214:31/221913
[ ]Tuttle, Rev. H.H.; DeathsGraduate 1867, Rev. H.H. Tuttle dies after long illness. Served for many years in Baptist denomination associated with Denison214:1-21/231913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMisinterpretation is the bane of the misguided individual's life228:1-31/291913
[ ]Wallace, Rev. William FrancisSeminarian is united in marriage250:1-32/51913
[ ]Miller, ChesterCorrection to article of Feb 26, 1913324:32/121913
[ ]Wallace, Rev. William FrancisVaried careet of a seminarian. A biographical sketch2592/121913
[ ]Soper, E. D."Don't kill time" is topic of professor's address283:22/191913
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities"Fraternities must go" edict issued by Wooster trustees. No further initiation into Greek Letter Societies is text of decree280:12/191913
[ ]AthleticsFair play. Coaching system criticized276:12/191913
[ ]Lott, F. W.; DeathsFather of Lott twins, former student dies at his home in Selma282:22/191913
[ ]AthleticsLong contract is tendered present athletic coach by Board of Control. Joseph Keyser is coach22/191913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWooster's shame. To gain the favor of a Standard Oil Magnate, she abolishes fraternities285:1-32/191913
[ ]AthleticsContested election results in deafeat for "would-be" captain. Small clique attempts to oust Miller as baseball captain but are beaten.294:12/261913
[ ]Miller, ChesterContested election results in defeat for "would-be" captain. Small clique attempts to oust Miller as baseball captain but are beaten294:1-32/261913
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.; DeathsDaughter dies306:23/51913
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Essay entitled "Reform of the Bank Currency" is same one that won first place in 1911 contest3073/51913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFrats arraigned. Bill to abolish fraternities given hearing before House Committee313:33/51913
[ ]Summer CoursesSplendid opportunity afforded teachers to advance their profession310:13/51913
[ ]BasketballLutherans finish basketball season in glory. Brilliant playing swamps U of Cincinnati325:1-23/121913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAnti-Fraternity bill receives scant consideration from Ohio's Legislators341:33/191913
[ ]Baer, Dr. John WillisCollege president issues set of rules for the ideal college man and woman349:1-33/191913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDiffering opinions. Comment of Ohio College papers on fraternity question345:2-33/191913
[ ]Haas, Dr. J.A.Haas delivers five lectures at Witt. Appeal made of superior claims of ministry3393/191913
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiMany members are high in the councils of church and government337:13/191913
[ ]Ohio Theological Schools ConferenceSeminarians and theologians have annual conference.338:1-33/191913
[ ]Basketball"We must have new gym" says Coach J. J. Keyser. Season reviewed, causes for defeats given; rooting ridiculed357:1-23/261913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsior "Tragedy" Brief synopsis of 22nd burial of the society in debate.358:1-33/261913
[ ]BasketballG. Elmer Swayer charger inadequate playing quarters, insufficient practice as reasons for defeat; praises faithfulness of team3533/261913
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. Bruce; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Lenten talk given to men of YMCA; compares lives of judas, Peter, Burr and Adams362:1-23/261913
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas member of the first Academy class3774/21913
[ ]TennisTournament advocated by athletic director. Inter-collegiate games scheduled with Capitol and Otter370:34/31913
[ ]FloodsVacationists are marooned by flood conditions. Many Witt students detained while taking their Easter recess369:34/31913
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Search for the infinite. Impossible for man to live without a god3874/91913
[ ]Taft, William H. PresidentWarm welcome given to Professor and Mrs. W.H. Taft on their arrival at Yale386:34/91913
[ ]Petter, Bertha KinsingerGraduate assists in translation of Bible in Cheyenne402:1-24/161913
[ ]Imadzu, KentsuchiVolume treating of the land of the Jap sent by graduate410:1-34/161913
[ ]Ayer, Prof. C.W.; DeathsFormer English professor dies at Cambridge, Mass.421:34/231913
[ ]Steinfurth, AlbertIndustrial unrest. The oration won first place in the annual Literary League oratorical contest at Wittenberg adn was delivered at the annual State oratorical contest at Muskingum4194/231913
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.President for 10 years. Many improvements made124:14/231913
[ ]FloodsOhio State helps, students and faculty give aid to flood victims440:24/301913
[ ]Scharf, Ed P.A short biography458:25/71913
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Frank Fox very much in demand for commencement addresses. Frank S. Fox is of "The Capitol College of Oratory and Music"456:35/71913
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Our brethren of the senior class. A message to the graduates of Hamma Divinity School 19134495/71913
[ ]Wallace, Rev. William FrancisShort biography (pic)454:25/71913
[ ]Anspach, Howard A.Short biography (por)450:25/71913
[ ]Pranks"Colored optics" given men in "Scrap". "Feed" by junior to seniors preceeded event4665/211913
[ ]Gifts; Clark, Arthur L.Former Wittenberger makes unique gift. Presents valuable Bible4966/41913
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.Principal of Wittenberg Academy (pic)485:26/41913
[ ]Simon, E. W."Dimensions of Life" topic of address given by Rev. Simon as Baccalaureate service4986/111913
[ ]History of Wittenberg"Then and Now" A condensed history of Wittenberg written by Lloyd M. Wallack, President of 1913 class5026/111913
[ ]Dickhaut, Chester A.Class oration; illiteracy in literacy (por)5166/111913
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)The 1913-1914 publications will be semi-monthly due to lack of funds from advertising4:1-210/21913
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Addresses Hamma Divinity School9:2, 13:1,10/31913
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Opening of school year address1:1-210/31913
[ ]Hamma, Dr. and Mrs. M. W.A gift of lantern slides presented to Wittenberg by Dr. and Mrs. Hamma54:2-311/201913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyELS becomes an assembly61:1-211/201913
[ ]PranksFreshman-sophomore reception disturbed by Junior-senior combination53, 5411/201913
[ ]McDowell, Rev. J. S.The value of home missionary work to young men in the ministry is discussed by Rev. McDowell, secretary of the Board of Home Missions59:111/201913
[ ]Smith, Arthur H."Religious nurture of the child" theme of lecture given at Hamma71:1-312/41913
[ ]Gettysburg CollegeCollege inaugurates a campaign to raise $150,0001041/151914
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaGave gift of $2500. Gave $1500 in previous year, to be used for Ferncliff Hall97:31/151914
[ ]Hamma, Dr. and Mrs. M. W.Gift of $8,000 to be general fund981/151914
[ ]Waltz, Rev. S. S.Honored in Louisville by congregation on his 30th anniversary as pastor101:21/151914
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Who's Who in Wittenberg111:11/271914
[ ]PranksFake suicide causes great excitement. Good stunt is pulled off at the dorm125:1-22/51914
[ ]The ThesisTo be name of the college annual1172/51914
[ ]BasketballRules interpreted. Officials meet in Columbus1:42/101914
[ ]BasketballTigers cannonball Wabash, Denison, Princes (pic)5:12/141914
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Alumni issue2/191914
[ ]AthleticsAthletic ideals134:32/191914
[ ]Alumni AssociationOrganization of graduates is a necessary part of a complete college equipment138:12/191914
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C.Short biographical account1352/191914
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas engaged in work of the YMCA, Champaign, Ill.149:23/51914
[ ]Basketball1914 Season161-1623/191914
[ ]Gifts; Clark, Arthur L.Arthur L. Clark meets with great success in newspaper field166:1-33/191914
[ ]Swartz, Rev. Joel D. D.Death of Rev. Swartz171:23/191914
[ ]AthleticsNeed for scholarships to encourage athletes to enter wittenberg161:13/191914
[ ]PranksFour freshmen in dormitory on war path179:1-24/21914
[ ]Intercollegiate Peace AssociationOratorical contest held at Columbus202:34/201914
[ ]Royer, Rev. Newton Heisler"The Church in our Generation" baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class of Hamma Divinity School1954/301914
[ ]ClassroomsTwo rooms are newly furnished and presented. Drs. Prince and Hochdoerfer are the recipients--program is enthusiastically received202:1-24/301914
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaDonor of Ferncliff Hall2135/141914
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledging and initiation rules216:25/141914
[ ]Alumni AssociationFormation of local assoc. fills a real need233:15/281914
[ ]Class GiftsGift of drinking fountain located in Reci Hall235:15/281914
[ ]Alumni AssociationLocal associations should be formed232:25/281914
[ ]The ThesisShort estimate249:36/101914
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonLatin room provided with new chairs1:29/51914
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Stag party a success. 200 men attended1:59/251914
[ ]Keyser, Joseph H.New director is imbued with spirit of his Alma Mater. All year athletic coach peculiarly qualified to assume responsibilities of office5:2-39/271914
[ ]DormitoriesNew ones get taste of real dorm life2:110/11914
[ ]TraditionsTug-of-war between freshmen and sophomores4:3-410/11914
[ ]PranksFreshmen abused by unknown persons. New ones are maliciously vilified by green posters1:410/81914
[ ]AthleticsFreshmen in athletics. Ohio Athletic conference decrees that freshmen should not play intercollegiate contests.2:210/81914
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinNew dean takes charge of school3:310/81914
[ ]TraditionsTug-of-war, its aim and purpose. Sophs lose2:1, 3:1-310/81914
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEditorial. Much anti-fraternity activity2:110/121914
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonDelivers opening address for the school year, which was on Tocharyan, the newly discovered Indo-Scythian language1:110/141914
[ ]Fullerton, H. StuartNew teacher of Spanish5:210/141914
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy and program reviewed4:1-310/141914
[ ]The ThesisJunior class will publish the yearbook1:410/151914
[ ]TraditionsUpperclassmen carry canes1:410/151914
[ ]AthleticsOhio Athletic Conference will give no concessions in regard to freshmen playing3:110/221914
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAn appreciation24:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsAthletics at Wittenberg41:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsFaculty decides that Witt remain in the Ohio conference. Coach Keyser's porposition was unanimously rejected.33:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsThe athletic problem36:110/281914
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Bauslin will address union meeting of Lutheran Churches in Detroit3:310/291914
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Lectures and sermons of late Dr. Ort to be published3:310/291914
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Xi Delta; FiresRoof catches fire at Alpha Xi Delta house1:210/291914
[ ]PranksSophs entertain freshies at Ferncliff. Party as successful although seniors furnished some excitement.1:210/291914
[ ]AthleticsAthletic policy is adopted by faculty. Professors decide upon attitude toward sports. Encourage better facilities1:411/51914
[ ]PranksDummy with big gun guards college entrance. Post-Halloween stunt. Fortifications are made against "Home Rule"1:311/51914
[ ]SophomoresTo adorn heads with distinctive headgear1:211/51914
[ ]PranksSenior seats taken from college chapel1:311/101914
[ ]The ThesisBook has begun on the 1916 issue3:211/121914
[ ]The ThesisPlans made to begin work. To be more literary3:211/121914
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shield goes to Euterpea. Trophy to winning society2:311/191914
[ ]Boarding ClubsClub conducted by M. Dean Shaffer pleases men in old dorm56:311/251914
[ ]Oratorical ContestInter-society contest to be held on December 11th3:111/251914
[ ]AthleticsTo the knocker52:311/251914
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected Vice-President of scienc men. Wittenberg is recipient of Academy of Science honors1:312/31914
[ ]Athletic AssociationBoard discusses athletic problem. The board of control will present a constitution to the association for adoption1:112/101914
[ ]AthleticsBoard of control will present a constitution to Witt Athletic association for adoption1:212/101914
[ ]Athletic AssociationIn recommending the abandonment of the position of athletic director for the college, the board of control undoubtedly took a step backward2:112/101914
[ ]PranksOutrageous. Six alarm clocks were seized, because they were used to break up a party4:112/101914
[ ]BasketballRules interpreted1:412/101914
[ ]AthleticsStudent Body, student opinion, one way out.2:212/161914
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Distinctive emplem for Witt. A reminiscence212/171914
[ ]BasketballMen leave for Fort Wayne1:412/171914
[ ]Oratorical ContestPhilo triumphs in contest. First of three held annually1:312/171914
[ ]Class GiftsGift is to fit up Dr. Schneider's Recitation room1:31/211915
[ ]Baker, Rev. Ernest EmeryBaker: An appreciation106:11/271915
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHomes of Witt's Greek letter societies1031/271915
[ ]Association of College Teachers of EducationDr. Birch a member of new association. Was elected secretary of Society for school improvement1:41/281915
[ ]Association of Ohio College Teachers of EducationThis organization was formed at at meeting of the heads of the educational departments of the various Ohio colleges1:41/281915
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Dr. Long of Mansfield addresses the student bodies of the college and seminary3:12/41915
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)O'Brien to represent Wittenberg at contest here1:42/41915
[ ]PranksClever mechanic plans enforced chapel period2:22/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudent opinion as to what is the matter with the literary spirit3:12/111915
[ ]Colors (College)Cardinal and cream. The colors were first adopted by the class of '892:1-22/181915
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Hiram orator takes 1st place. O'Brien takes fourth1:12/181915
[ ]Schrock, Rev. William H. '06An appreciation137:32/241915
[ ]Stunt DayDormitory men, cheif attraction on Stunt Day133:12/241915
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Long delivered annual sermon on the Call of the ministry143:12/241915
[ ]Stunt DayLast celebration was most successful. Custom is comparatively new2:12/251915
[ ]Stunt DayOrigin and description2:12/251915
[ ]Stunt DayOriginality is shown in stunt day costumes. Dormitory men attend classes Monday in grotesque garb -- Annual event3:1-22/251915
[ ]TraditionsStunt day. Dorm men attend classes in grotesque garb3:12/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesTrophies and shields presented.1:12/251915
[ ]SmokingA recent proposal of legislation to make it impossible for cigarette smokers to be graduated with honors is under consideration4:23/41915
[ ]Literary SocietiesA true story. The loving cup was not presented to the winning team by the defeated one3:23/41915
[ ]Literary ContestPhilo declaimers take first place. Usual small attendance greets speakers1:13/41915
[ ]Shannon, W. T.Standard of morals discussed in chapel1:33/41915
[ ]Smoke-FestCollege men plan for smoke-fest149:33/101915
[ ]AthleticsMorals and athletics152:13/101915
[ ]BasketballA review of the year's team playing2:23/111915
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Convention held at Denison3:13/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesShe turns and smiles. A reply to the above accusation3:23/111915
[ ]PranksSign reading "Fruits - Wholesale or Retail" hung in front of Ferncliff4:23/111915
[ ]BasketballWhirlwind finish marks close of 1915 season1:1-43/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesInter-society debate, annual clash1:33/181915
[ ]Literary SocietiesPresident Heckert receives volume containing data, history of societies1:23/181915
[ ]History of WittenbergPresident Heckert receives volume containing early records--history of literary societies1:23/181915
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Receives volume containing history of literary societies1:23/181915
[ ]Smoke-FestArrangement for feast of gods completed165:13/241915
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyBrief history169:2-33/241915
[ ]AthleticsFood for thought along athletic lines. A review.1663/241915
[ ]Keyser, Joseph H.Athletics, their supervision and management2:23/251915
[ ]AthleticsAthletics, their supervision and management reviewed by J.H. Keyser2:23/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior again wins decision over Philos1:1-23/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians hold joint banquet; first event of its kind3:13/251915
[ ]Summer CoursesPlans mad for summer school. Spring term training school will begin May 10th to meet the requirements for new law school1:43/251915
[ ]Varsity Nightto be celebrated in dorm1:23/251915
[ ]Folckemer, Mrs. M.E.Folckemer speaks to Euterpean Society. She is the first president of the Olympian society1:44/11915
[ ]BasketballJuniors claim school championship, defeat Frosh.3:14/11915
[ ]Ohio College PresidentsOhio College heads to hold convention. Dr. Heckert is president1:14/11915
[ ]Smoke-FestGood program and cigars at varisty night entertain students and professors181:1-24/141915
[ ]Gary Public SchoolThe wonderful Gary Public School system, by H. A. Ott182-1834/141915
[ ]BaseballAnnounce extensive inter-group schedule3:14/151915
[ ]AthleticsAthletes, their supervision and management. An up-to-date system.2:24/151915
[ ]Ohio College Association; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch appointed a member of a committee on legislation and reorganization of the Departement of Education in Arts Colleges by the Ohio College Association3:24/151915
[ ]PlaysSenior class presents "Adventure of Lady Ursula"3:14/151915
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors give complete equipment for English room; Wm. H. Sorn gives address; formal services held1:14/151915
[ ]Swimming and DivingWittenberg is invited to enter aquatic meet1:44/151915
[ ]Robbins, J.C.Speaks before joint meeting of YMCA and YWCA address "Challege of Age"3:14/221915
[ ]TennisTwo more courts: lack of funds stop work3:24/221915
[ ]Byrer, Rev. Charles E.Scholarly address given before YMCA. Byrer of Christ Episcopal Church presents valuable thoughts in speech3:14/291915
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFaculty of Hamma (pic)2015/31915
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Message to outgoing seminarians207-85/31915
[ ]Spaid, Rev. E. LutherThe message of the church to men of today197-1995/31915
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Why I am going into the Ministry208:215/31915
[ ]The Thesis1915 issue to be distributed this week. Includes many new features3:15/61915
[ ]Pastor's InstituteHeld under the direction of the seminary faculty2:35/61915
[ ]Western Conference of the Synod of WittenbergMany pastors attend conference sessions. Pastor's Institute being held in Keller Hall this week in connection with conference2:35/61915
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Co-ed number5/131915
[ ]AthleticsMuch interest shown in inter-group series3:25/131915
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinProfessor tells audience at Y.M.C.A. that adverse criticism is unethical1:35/131915
[ ]Summer CoursesSummer students to live in old dorm. Dormitory league membres vote to let rooms to summer term men3:15/131915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyThe co-ed literary society2205/131915
[ ]McWillliams, OliverThe student of this age2215/131915
[ ]TraditionsSenior oaks planed with ceremony. Tree named in honor of Dr. Prince1:15/201915
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesEligibility rules for students are adopted. Scholarship to determine right of students to engage in any college activities1;35/271915
[ ]Student ActivitiesEligivility rules for students are adopted. Scholarship to determine right of students to engage in any college activities1:35/271915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society entertains for men's societies. Philo and excelsior are guests of co-eds at last meeting3:15/271915
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Frank Fox sought as commencement speaker2:35/271915
[ ]PranksPiano again becomes victim of praksters2:35/271915
[ ]PranksUpperclassmen try to break up feed. Difficulties encountered when Dorm Juniors entertain Seniors. Preps dispersed3:35/271915
[ ]PranksWater poured over "culled spooners" at fountain4:35/271915
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Hiller to marry Florence Fellows at Ostego Lake, N.Y.3:16/41915
[ ]Anderson, W.ESome results of recent astronomical research2:39/231915
[ ]Anderson, W.ESome results of recent astronomical research2:29/231915
[ ]DormitoriesInitiation; preps haul seniors round trip to town1:39/301915
[ ]Anderson, W.ESome results of recent astronomical research3:19/301915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion -- why not?2:3-410/71915
[ ]FreshmenAh, Poor Freshmen! Rules for taking the conceit out of freshmen2:3-410/141915
[ ]Degreesannouncement: "no one after the present middler class" shall receive the Bachelor of Divinity degree upon graduaiton but it will be granted upon completion of perscribed work3:110/141915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent body favors union. Kuhns elected cheerleader, change assistant1:310/141915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion. President of Study Body to be elected3:310/141915
[ ]Johnson, Dr. W. C.Dr. Johnson pleases his chapel audience. Dr. Johnson comes from the Missionary Station in West Africa1:210/211915
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Joins with the "Torch" to publish "Torch" only this year4:110/211915
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipProfitable meeting held by literary societies1:510/211915
[ ]PranksStudent opinion. Snake story2:410/211915
[ ]PranksUninvited beseiged by water from fire hose1:510/281915
[ ]Bryan, William JenningsYesterday's work. W.J. Bryan spoke at the prohibition tent but school went on as ususal2:1-210/281915
[ ]Sergeant-of-Arms1916 downs tradition; someone loses office. The class of 1916 dared to set aside one of the traditional customs of the college when it decided to have no sergeant-of-arms1:311/41915
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil dead2:311/41915
[ ]Karpinski, Dr. L. C.Pleasing talk given by Michigan Professor. Karpinski talks for an hour on history of arithmetic1:411/41915
[ ]PranksSophomore men trick freshman into spending money, resulting in lady friend receiving unsolicited dainties in two pound box1:511/41915
[ ]Bryan, William JenningsStudent opinion. Comment by an ex '15 alum3:211/41915
[ ]PrisonThree prizes are offered for essays on prison problems. Duly matriculated eligible. One hundred dollars in prizes1:411/41915
[ ]Fullerton, H. StuartFullerton returns from England3:211/111915
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Heckert talks to men in chapel on Tuesday. Stag affair at Y.M.--talks on college life and problems1:211/111915
[ ]Bryan, William JenningsThat Bryan incident3:111/111915
[ ]Plays"The Ghosts" to be presented in 19161:211/241915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society foretastes Thanksgiving sweets; Winnie Knapp is chosen to lead literary1;411/241915
[ ]The ThesisJuniors soon flourish two dollar "Thesis tags"1:211/241915
[ ]Hanson, ProfessorProfessor Hanson of Youngstown gave a very interesting talk in chapel last Friday morning1:3-411/241915
[ ]AthleticsRadical reforms in athletics. Evidence of professionalism shown2:411/241915
[ ]PlaysSenior class to present "Esmerelda" next year1:412/61915
[ ]AthleticsAthletes are honored when students gather at annual fall dinner1:112/91915
[ ]BasketballCage-ball season opens with big lanky team and new coach1:312/91915
[ ]AthleticsOne way out. This change may be the abolition of inter-collegiate athletics.12/161915
[ ]Smith, Henry LouisCollege's true aim2:31/131916
[ ]BasketballWitt starts season with championship punch1:1-41/131916
[ ]Plays"Detective Sherlock Holmes of Wittenberg Seminary" by Harold F. Krauss presented3:31/181916
[ ]SociologyCollege girls in city juvenile court. Eight Wittenberg College girls recently attended a session of the Juvenile Court in the city2:41/181916
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaConference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Feb. 15-18, 19173:11/181916
[ ]Will, Harry S.Experimenting on freshmen. Graduate student at OSU has been carrying on a series of experimental observations in psychological research3:41/181916
[ ]Krauss, Harold F.Melodrama entitled "Detective Sherlock Holmes of Wittenberg Seminary" written by Mr. Krauss3:31/181916
[ ]BasketballTipp-off rules modified3:41/181916
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Biographical notes3:11/201916
[ ]Homrighaus, Rev. A.Biographical notes. In 1914, Wittenberg College conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Divinity3:11/201916
[ ]BasketballChampionship spirit; beats Wesleyan in fast game1:1-21/201916
[ ]BasketballCrimson & cream lead Ohio Conference after victory over Cincy and Miami1:1-31/271916
[ ]PranksFerncliff Hall changed to fresh air sanitarium. Beds and clothing minus sleepers grace front porch1:22/31916
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Long to address students. Call of ministry to be discussed3:12/41916
[ ]Plays"Prof Pepp" shows seniors' dramatic ability.3:22/101916
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAddresses meeting held in new chapel. Joint gathering of Y.W.C.A., Y.M.C.A. and Hamma1:32/101916
[ ]BasketballCincy beaten eighth time in four years; speed and accuracy too much for them.1:1-22/101916
[ ]Stunt DayDorm feature is planned1:32/101916
[ ]BaseballTerrible ordeal awaits Witt at Alliance. Wooster on the night following4:32/101916
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipAddresses Y.M.C.A. on "Ambition"3:12/171916
[ ]BasketballInteresting race in OC. OSU climbs case and varsity run neck to neck3:22/171916
[ ]PranksMiddler preps lose courage and lower their colors. Academy seniors appear too late on field3:12/171916
[ ]BaseballVarsity beats Mr. Union but loses to Wooster. Witt falls back to second place1:1-32/171916
[ ]Buffalo OriolesWorld's champions come to give varsity a tussle1:42/171916
[ ]Myers Hall"Hail to the good old dorm," students' opinions. Repairs needed2:32/241916
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Bauslin appointed Sec of the Board of Education of the General Synod of the Lutheran church3:22/241916
[ ]Stunt DayDorm men recite in freakish costumes1:52/241916
[ ]BasketballMiami beaten again1:1-22/241916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAssociation holds meet and much business done. E. G. Swingle, new president. Wheels set in motion to send big crowd over to Wesleyan.1:43/31916
[ ]BasketballConference race ends with Wesleyan game3:13/31916
[ ]Thalian SocietyPreps' Literary Society holds its first meeting. Spirit runs high and much enthusiasm is exhibited1:3-43/31916
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceSixth conference held at Thiel College, Greenville, PA3:23/31916
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) YWCA celebration long to be remembered.4:23/31916
[ ]Stelling, G. F.Accepts position of vice-president of Wittenberg.3:33/91916
[ ]Class GiftsGift problem puzzles senior class committee4:33/91916
[ ]BasketballOhio Conf. race runs up blind alley. Case & Stste lead on purely per cent basis3:33/91916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSeniors enjoy evening of progressive calling at the four fraternity houses1:43/91916
[ ]Thalian SocietySociety meets for election of officers3:13/91916
[ ]PranksTrees covered with long paper strips4:33/91916
[ ]BasketballWitt closes season with second great extra period game. Crowd goes mad1:13/91916
[ ]BasketballChampionship lost by shamefully few points1:33/161916
[ ]Wiles, Dr. Charles P.Literary editor of Lutheran publication Society gave short talk at the Seminary lecture3:13/161916
[ ]BasketballNetts makes all-Ohio team; Betchel seconds, Varsity loses two players3:13/161916
[ ]Thalian SocietyWill hold meetins in chapel4:33/161916
[ ]Thalian SocietyVaried program given by new organization1:13/231916
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg (a poem). With apologies to Longfellow2:33/231916
[ ]Thalian SocietyDebate on "Woman Suffrage"3:43/301916
[ ]BaseballDiamond athletes await drying winds and sun to make field possible1:53/301916
[ ]Student LecturesOccasional hours lead by student lectures promotes new interests3:13/301916
[ ]English DepartmentOccasional hours led by student lecturers promote new interests3:13/301916
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors decide to redecorate chapel as fitting memorial1:13/301916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestSuccess of athletics next season entrusted to new coach, E. Godfrey3:14/61916
[ ]TennisTwo new courts are in progress1:14/131916
[ ]Freshman CapsWriter advocates insignia for underclassmen2:44/131916
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyFirst affair to be given in newly decorated chapel3:44/201916
[ ]PranksFreshmen and Sophomores dragged from beds by upper classmen1:44/201916
[ ]PranksGhastly joke. Played villainous dormitory blond on innocent young freshman3:14/201916
[ ]Intercollegiate Socialist SocietyInter-collegiate talk "fest" is successful. Delegates confer on big questions. Ten years of progress described1:34/201916
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Live problems discussed. Favors suffrage1:54/201916
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Received honor. To make address at Wooster in honor of Dr. J. Campbell White2:44/201916
[ ]Plays"Esmerelda" presented. Fourth play presented in 3 yrs.1:44/271916
[ ]Theological SeminaryCommencement to held on Sunday1:54/271916
[ ]Criley, Rev. W.W.; DeathsHonor graduate dies3:24/271916
[ ]Ashelman, ClarenceSuit case. Travels to Pittsburgh but our noble senior grabs an OSU grip and plot thickens1:34/271916
[ ]BaseballWittenberg holds professional players to low score of 2-0 at Washington Park1:1-24/271916
[ ]Baseball4 games lost, varsity plays well against Miami and Oberlin but stages comedy of errors at Antioch4:2-35/11916
[ ]Plays"Esmerelda" presented. Fourth play presented in 3 yrs.1:55/111916
[ ]CampusCampus actually extended over a larger area than at present2:15/111916
[ ]PranksCouples entertained with much mosture. Spooners requested to use more hidden parts of campus4:35/111916
[ ]Class GiftsGood chapel attendance at senior procession and gift exercises; Ashelman gives memorial1:15/111916
[ ]PranksStettler pulls tooth, takes ride in auto, but is once again a free citizen1:1-25/111916
[ ]Stettler, RalphVery painful operation Stettler pulls tooth. He brought a ponerous advertisement from down town to his room1:15/111916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWhen Greek meets Greek2:45/111916
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiSociety celebrated its 50th anniversary4:15/181916
[ ]TennisTennis tips35/181916
[ ]Class GiftsClass '16 refurnishes academy language room. Professor Bahner given easy chair to assist Latin study1:1-25/251916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCliff co-eds serenade dorm and frat houses. Old order changes for one night. 1st time in college history1:55/251916
[ ]PranksDorm seniors given pie and cream and do late hour dance1:3-45/251916
[ ]DormitoriesDormitory festivity interrupted, under classmen try to break up feed3:35/271916
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipLeaves on extended trip East3:35/291916
[ ]PlaysAuthentic Greek drama presented with Dr. Hiller's help1:46/71916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestCoach1:39/221916
[ ]Thomas, JessieMissionary talks on India relates amusing incident2:29/221916
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelOccupies chair of Bible4:19/221916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestOur coaches policy (editorial)2:19/221916
[ ]Myers HallRemodeled structure to be known as Myers Hall. Self-service lunch room on first floor1:59/221916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestTwo assistant coaches chosen; Durmire and Schaeffer elected by Board1:59/221916
[ ]Patterson, W.C.W. C. Patterson of St. Joe, IN died1:29/221916
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.All college turns out. At joint reception of Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. at Ferncliff Hall1:29/281916
[ ]PranksFreshmen victimized, Jamie receives prize package while visiting a lady friend1:59/281916
[ ]The ThesisOtto elected president. Deficit in the fund, amounting to $289.201:19/281916
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinSpeaks at meeting of Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A.1:59/281916
[ ]PranksTwo travelling men pose as new students at reception given by Alpha Xi Delta. Police called in3:29/281916
[ ]CheerleadersCheer leader to be popular selection. No nomination to be popular selection1:210/51916
[ ]CheerleadersDemocratic elections2:110/51916
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyReception given to new men by oldest literary organization. 71st annual opening1:110/51916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestUses system in caring for players. Training table on Saturday4:210/51916
[ ]Thalian SocietyBegin literary activities3:110/121916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEditorial2:110/121916
[ ]Myers HallLarge columns added to front entrance4:110/121916
[ ]Myers HallMore than one hundred persons served daily in cafeteria3:410/121916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic fete4:310/121916
[ ]Scholarship FundPan Hellenic fete given for establishiing a scholarship fund4:310/121916
[ ]Siders, RobertRobert Siders is elected cheer leader. New system of electing inaugurated and is successful1:310/121916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus party by sorority fund1:210/191916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEditorial; How long O Catiline?2:1-210/191916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLetter to editory contradticting rights of fraternities' to exist. Desire is to elevate morals and improve spiritual life of college2:310/191916
[ ]National ElectionsMany students qualify for voting2:210/191916
[ ]Munson, E. H.Students hear national Y.M.C.A. Secretary talk. Young men are needed for Christian work in China1:510/191916
[ ]National ElectionsWilson first choice, Hughes second1:310/191916
[ ]Myers HallDedication to be in November with celebration to include football game and pageants, Homecoming1:510/261916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities are viewed by others2:2-310/261916
[ ]Music DepartmentLarge enrollment. Credit for work in conservatory under direction of Miriam Weaver4:210/261916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLetter to editor2:210/261916
[ ]TraditionsMores2:110/261916
[ ]Scholarship FundPan Hellenic fete given for establishiing a scholarship fund1:310/261916
[ ]PranksPiano ivories taken from chapel tune box1:410/261916
[ ]Thalian SocietyPrepdom3:410/261916
[ ]The Thesis"The Thesis" of 1916?2:111/31916
[ ]BaseballBaseball translated into French3:111/31916
[ ]Myers HallDedication to be turned over to pageants by college groups1:311/31916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesOne fraternity adopted resolutions condemning dangerous and foolish play at initiations4:211/31916
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipSpeaks at celebration of anniversary of birth of Lutheranism1:511/31916
[ ]The ThesisWhy change the name of the yearbook?2:111/31916
[ ]Myers, Francis E.Banquet given by faculty in honor of Myers', donors of Myers Hall1:211/81916
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentCity asks help of chem department1:211/81916
[ ]Myers HallFormal opening. Alumni and Springfielders invited. Glee to sing, farce pageants in lieu of dedication1:111/81916
[ ]BasketballSchedule arranges with ten conference games1:3-411/81916
[ ]PranksTo the rescue. Half a dozen girls of the freshman and sophomore classes imprisoned in their rooms1:211/81916
[ ]Myers Hall"Myers Hall day" included remodeled program. Weather interfered with pageant plans1:511/161916
[ ]Ellsworth, William W.Literary lights beware of college. Best writers have no academic training, says Ex-president of Century Company2:2-311/161916
[ ]Myers HallPresident Heckert presides over impressive dedication1:111/161916
[ ]Myers HallResidents of hall entertain guests; Myers family was guest of honor3:111/161916
[ ]BaseballUnfounded are reports that baseball will be dropped1:211/161916
[ ]BaseballWitt loses last chance to land place in Ohio conference1:311/161916
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion. The main purpose is to develop a united Wittenberg spirit3:111/181916
[ ]Theological Seminary in ChicagoChicago Seminary presents picture. Many students now in Wittenberg intend to take theological training there3:311/231916
[ ]FreshmenFreshmen display rare knowledge in answering examination questions3:111/231916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestHenchmen hand Quakers unexpected defeat1:111/231916
[ ]Athletic AssociationIgnorance or neglect? Women may become members and vote2:211/231916
[ ]Thalian SocietyLearn voting methods4:211/231916
[ ]Wireless news serviceMay have wireless service between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan4:311/231916
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Students at joint meet hear Dr. Leander Keyser speak on godliness3:111/231916
[ ]Wallace, E. S.Wittenberg graduate is appointed to high professional position. E. S. Wallace, '11 joins faculty of Massachusetts Institute4:211/231916
[ ]People's UniversityUniversity extension advances to Holland unemployed because of war enter as students in great numbers3:211/251916
[ ]AthleticsBanquet honors feted college god, athletics on Wed night. J. Philip Schneider as "Arbitrum Bibendi" enlivens the occasion with natural wit.1:112/71916
[ ]BaseballBanquet honors feted college God; athletics on Wed. night1:112/71916
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Fox honored. Spoke at teachers' meeting at Marion, IL1:212/71916
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsHead of university of Pennsylvania2:512/71916
[ ]The ThesisName changed to the "Wittenberger" at annual meeting1:412/71916
[ ]BaseballShall baseball continue?2:112/71916
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.A literary medley, give on the program at the recent Myers Hall party2:4-512/91916
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Addresses Literary Club1:212/141916
[ ]Hersh, RevRev. Hersh addresses men in seminary chapel4:312/141916
[ ]PranksTime and tide wait for no man. Homer Leonard takes a nap on Sunday afternoon4:312/141916
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Christmas party. 26 little children of the poorer districts entertained4:112/161916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic Association constitution printed3:112/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic association elects gubernatorials. constitution amended1:512/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationBut Rip Van Winkle woke up criticism of the student body for not attending the athletic meeting2:212/211916
[ ]Eaglesmere ConferenceEaglesmere Conference discussed by Y.W.C.A.3/312/211916
[ ]PlaysFirst dramatic attempt by seniors successful1:112/211916
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shields and loving cups presented, honoring two societies.4:212/211916
[ ]BasketballNo captain this season; position to rotate1:312/211916
[ ]Brass QuarterlyPortraits1:2-412/211916
[ ]Munson, E. H.Student volunteers are addressed by Mr. Munson, of the China Mission Field2:412/211916
[ ]Myers HallStudents take pride in new dorm; no more rough house2:512/211916
[ ]Student VolunteersBerger and Leonard attended student volunteer union at Muskingum College1:31/81917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAttends national convetion of Deans and Presidents at Chicago1:31/181917
[ ]BaseballBaseball to be dropped as inter-collegiate sport in coming season1:51/251917
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry A.Grad talks to students. Gelwicks speaks in chapel Thursday morning4:31/251917
[ ]University Club proposed for SpringfieldUniversity Club proposed for Springfield1:11/251917
[ ]Ohio Student Volunteer UnionAnnual conference of student volunteers to be held at Muskingum1:52/11917
[ ]Class GiftsEditorial: Class gifts and tombstones!2:12/11917
[ ]Daniels, JosephusJosephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy, will speak at Ohio State3:12/11917
[ ]Gohdes, Prof. C.B.Lectures by Prof. Gohdes of Capitol University, Columbus, Ohio1:22/11917
[ ]Student VolunteersConvention discussed by delegates in Y.M.C.A.1:42/81917
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Dr. Tressler named trustee of hospital1:22/81917
[ ]ExaminationsOhio University drops finals2:42/81917
[ ]Simon, Clarence T. Dr.To compete in Ohio State Oratorical contest at Ohio Northern University1:22/81917
[ ]PranksBecause of pranksters changing clocks, Sechrist begins his daily tasks at night time3:22/151917
[ ]Schaus, William H.Christianity vs. Business, subject of talk given at Y.M.C.A.2/151917
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contest at Ohio Northern Univ. Constitution of association redrafted4:22/151917
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Convention at Maywood, IL attracts theologians. Dr. Bauslin to give address at closing session3:22/151917
[ ]Pan-Lutheran Student's Missionary ConventionConvention at Maywood, Ill attracts theologians. Dr. Bauslin of Seminary will give address at the closing session3:22/151917
[ ]Literary ShieldEdwin Kreppert wins 1st place with "The Old Guard"1:32/151917
[ ]BasketballVarsity to meet Cincinnati on Friday night, Downstairs to be next victims on YM floor1:4-52/151917
[ ]Military ServiceWar and military training in colleges2:12/151917
[ ]AthleticsExtensive athletic program planned for spring. Coach Godfrey issues call for recruits1:12/231917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary Conference; Cassel, Charles; Courter, EarlMeeting at Chicago attended by Mr. Cassel and Mr. Courter4:22/231917
[ ]Metzger, Simon A.Metzger chosen valedictorian by faculty1:42/231917
[ ]Plays"Mater" by Percye MacKays to be presented by Junior class1:33/11917
[ ]Class GiftsDr. Anderson's room to be decorated by seniors1:13/11917
[ ]BaseballInter-collegiate baseball voted out by action of board of control1:53/11917
[ ]Stunt DayStunt Day observed by Dormitory ment. Portrait of the men in costumes1:2-43/11917
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestWe want Ernie; Coach Godfrey's position at Wittenberg hangs in the balance2:33/11917
[ ]PranksA fool there was. Stuffing Torch box with wasted paper.2:43/81917
[ ]BasketballBechtel on all-conference; other players mentioned1:23/81917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceDetailed report of conference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary2:33/81917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Presidents to meet at Otterbein3:33/81917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceReports of Mr. Rupp's and Mr. Ramser's papers3:33/81917
[ ]Davis, JeffTramp or Hobo? Editorial2/1-23/81917
[ ]AthleticsCoach Godfrey calls for assistant football managers this spring.1:33/151917
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestKing Godfrey gives "thuse" talk in chapel4:23/151917
[ ]Graduation requirementsNew requirements set by faculty committee. Courses improved to suit demands1:13/151917
[ ]Delta Sigma RhoPetition presented for honorary debate fraternity3:13/151917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Presidents convention at Otterbein.1:43/151917
[ ]MuseumWittenberg's museum2:23/151917
[ ]CampusCampus: a description3:13/221917
[ ]Dietrick, Oris J.Dietrick's five wins state championship. The Huron high school basketball five is coached by Oris J. Dietrick1:43/221917
[ ]Simon, Clarence T. Dr.Elected by sophomores. To edit next year's book with Red Seaton as Business Manager1:43/221917
[ ]BaseballIntergroup baseball schedule complete. Snyder Park diamond used for Saturday morning. Zimmerman field for other games.1:53/221917
[ ]BaseballSweaters awarded for baseball to 3 seniors3:33/221917
[ ]Swearingen, MazieThe campus by Mazie Swearinggen3:1-33/221917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWilliam H. Taft, late U.S. president gives views of fraternities2:23/281917
[ ]BaseballLettermen banquet. Coach Godfrey & Billy Baxter honor baseball men1:13/291917
[ ]Songs (College)Musiker, attention! Let's have some college songs2:23/291917
[ ]BasketballReserves defeat Plattsburg. Scrib team on Frosh1:3-43/291917
[ ]TennisTwo tournaments will be staged in spring1:53/291917
[ ]Class GiftsWork begun on room1:23/291917
[ ]Bechtolt, H.S.An opinion on scholarships by H. S. Bechtholt2:34/51917
[ ]Athletics ScholarshipsAn opinion on scholarships by H. S. Bechtolt2:34/51917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Discuss ideals of college men1:34/51917
[ ]Freshman CapsFreshmen must wear green caps next year. Pan-Hellenic Union takes initiative towards this end Monday night1:14/51917
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.History of Wittenberg synod written by Ernsberger1:54/51917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIdeas of fraternities by Newton Baker, Secretary of War, U.S.2:1-24/51917
[ ]BaseballInter-group series ushered in. Phi Gams lost to ATO in ragged game. Errors very costly1:44/51917
[ ]Intercollegiate Prohibition AssociationInteresting meeting held3:44/51917
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestRetained to direct athletics for coming year with salary increase1:14/51917
[ ]BasketballVanderwort to captain 1918 season1:54/51917
[ ]BasketballVarsity lands 7th place in Ohio Conference1:34/51917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Wittenberg responds to campaign for $250,0001:44/51917
[ ]Vandervort, RussellTo captain the 1918 basketball team1:54/81917
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S."What we get" subject of speech by Bauslin; Gen. Sec. of the Board of Education of the Synod1:14/191917
[ ]Bishop, JuliaCollege upset by Julia Bishop3:44/191917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Gives speech on war in chapel1:44/191917
[ ]Bishop, JuliaIn memoriam1:34/191917
[ ]BaseballInter-group continues with interest. Dorm leans with clean record1:34/191917
[ ]Women's Service LeagueLocal chapter formed here1:14/191917
[ ]Jones, Grace LatimarLocal chapter women's service league within American formed here1:14/191917
[ ]Schrock, Mrs. LuluResigned, to be married soon1:4-54/191917
[ ]Athletics ScholarshipsStudent opinions2:24/191917
[ ]Military ServiceVoluntary drills begun at Wittenberg1:24/191917
[ ]Ohio College Association; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch appointed Secretary of the Ohio College Association4:24/201917
[ ]Plays"Mater" by Percye MacKays to be presented by Junior class3:24/261917
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCommencement held Sunday at Fourth Church. 66th annual commencement1:34/261917
[ ]Awards; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr Birch receives honors, Witt's popular prof recognized4:24/261917
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Ham and eggs lure many to early breakfast. Proceeds to be used for delegate to Eaglesmere.1:44/261917
[ ]Military ServicePresident Heckert represent Wittenberg at Chicago Conference for colleges of Middle West. Many favor military training1:14/261917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororoties make new rushing rules adn reforms1:44/261917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.City benefits by Wittenberg, $300,000 spent annually1:25/11917
[ ]Anderson, W.EDr. and Mrs. Anderson entertain seniors. Class song written by Pauline Etter was introduced. Dr. and Mrs. Anderson are the honorary members of the class of 19171:35/31917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected head of Department of the Division of Zoology of the Ohio Academy of Science15/31917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLarge attendants at Pan-Hellenic luncheon1:35/31917
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolProgressive service at commencement. Nine receive diplomas1:15/31917
[ ]Snyder, Hamon M.Two seminarians take important step in life1:45/31917
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Honorary degree of LL.D. conferred upon Bauslin by Lenon College1:15/61917
[ ]TraditionsHats are removed when "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]Songs (College)It is customary for Wittenbergers to stand up and remove hats when the college song, "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]Durr, Mrs.; Wiggins, Mrs.New song of patriotism, written and composed by Mrs. Wiggins and Mrs. Durr of Springfield3:25/101917
[ ]Military ServiceSergeant Clark recruiting for cavalry. Students enlisting may finish school year first1:25/101917
[ ]Class GiftsSlate being installed in Dr. Anderson's room1:45/101917
[ ]Anderson, W.ESlate being installed in Dr. Anderson's room. Room will be ready for presentation by commencement week.1:45/101917
[ ]TennisTwo new faculty courts in excellent condition. Court number three reserved for girls3:45/101917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YM Caninet banquets; outlines year's work. Classes in mission study and bible study will be part of year's work. Teichemoeller to edit book1:35/101917
[ ]BaseballDorm takes 1st place in league and wins cup. Phi Psi's finish 2nd by large margin1:55/171917
[ ]Converse, Major George L.Major Converse advises on part to take in present war situation. Excitement out of place is keynote of address - finish college year1:15/171917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Summer conferece to be held at Northfield. Eaglesmore conference is not to be held this sumer3:35/171917
[ ]Class GiftsDr. Anderson's room soon to be completed1:55/241917
[ ]TennisMany entrants for tournament. Co-eds enthusiasm1:55/241917
[ ]Class GiftsSenior preps install Reci Hall lights1:15/241917
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipTo be at Ohio State University during summer1:25/241917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinTo marry Catherine Greenawalt. Wedding announcement is published4:15/241917
[ ]TennisCourts to be kept in tip-top shape. No "court hogs" permitted under new system1:15/291917
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryAstronomical building will be erected upon the campus next year. Complete observatory with ten-inch telescope have been gifts to college1:16/61917
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1917: Campus ceremony marks the Monday program and impressive event. Presentation of senior gift and ivy and oak orations. Faculty responses given by Dr. Heckert, Dean Shatzer and Dr. Anderson1:56/61917
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1917: Class day exercises on campus dissolve class as organization. Bishop provides fun of event with his last will and testament1:3-46/61917
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.McKinley tenders resignation. Benn active in Wittenberg College thirteen consecutive years1:46/61917
[ ]Class GiftsSenior preps make presentation of new lighting system. Prexy receives lamp globe after Kreppert speaks3:16/61917
[ ]Swingle, E. GraySwingle was given furlough from Ft. Thomas to attend baccalaureate sermon1:16/61917
[ ]Military ServiceWhat the war has done here. Drop in enrollment3:39/271917
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers now in service of their country1:39/271917
[ ]Military ServiceDrafted men go tomorrow1:510/41917
[ ]Military ServiceHonor Roll to be published with 1st issue3:110/41917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Dr. Heckert makes many hurried visits. Represents college at the local synods in session3:210/161917
[ ]Beard, Professor Charles A.Columbia U said to be under control of narrow group4:310/181917
[ ]Class of 1877;AwardsClass of 1877 offers a prize of $50 yearly to the student standing highest in the service of his fellow students2:2-310/251917
[ ]Foster, Rev. Edward P.Inventor of Universal tongue pays a visit1:310/251917
[ ]Ross, Mrs. E.P.Personal experience in South America. Told in a talk by Mrs. Ross before girls at Ferncliff1:310/251917
[ ]Military ServiceYM fund for soldiers will start soon. Ohio college will raise $90,0001:410/251917
[ ]PranksDean gets called by alarmed Freshman4:311/11917
[ ]Wynn, W. H.;DeathsOldest remaining Wittenberger dies2:311/11917
[ ]Weaver Observatory$5,000 gift aids in construction1:511/81917
[ ]Bauer, Charles L.Local manufacturer helps Witt raise $1500 for student friendship war fund (por)1:311/81917
[ ]Nelson, HavelockNelson, Havelock ex. 20 on his way to France3:311/81917
[ ]Red CrossRed Cross classes open to Wittenberg Girls4:311/81917
[ ]Military ServiceReunion of Wittenberg men in Camp Sherman3:111/81917
[ ]Watts, ChesterWatts visits from Camp Sherman. He spoke at chapel1:511/81917
[ ]PranksTwenty-five pounds of dust covered Latin textbooks1:211/151917
[ ]Military ServiceWar fund pledge over subscribed within 24 hours1:511/151917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Delivers first of series of four lectures to freshmen1:511/221917
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.Enlists in wireless service2:511/221917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Fund succeeds maximum pledge1:211/221917
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Latest work, "A System of Natural Theism" to be used as textbook3:111/221917
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayLeaves for France1:511/221917
[ ]Student CouncilNeed felt for council2;111/221917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAdvises freshmen about religious, literary, fraternal and athletic conduct, in 2nd letter of series4:211/281917
[ ]Military ServiceMen in service of Uncle Sam honored by fitting exercise1:1-211/281917
[ ]Military ServiceTwenty four make application for navy wireless enlistment1:311/281917
[ ]Military ServiceAll students of military age to carry registration cards2:112/61917
[ ]Buildings; Carnegie Science Hall; FiresFire in science hall discovered in time to avoid serious damage3:312/61917
[ ]Military ServiceMany valuable men lost by enlistment within last few days1;512/61917
[ ]PranksPretty poor2:2-312/61917
[ ]Bright, Charles H.Bright wins prize in story contest. Writes of cruise on Lake Michigan in the Motor Age3:212/131917
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas publishes article in "North American Student" entitled "In College 1917", shows why student should remain in college during war and his attitude while there3:112/131917
[ ]Ridger, Sergeant Hildreth BuckStar fullback of last year's Varisty is captain and quarterback on army team3:11/171918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers at Camp Sherman delight in girl's Christmas box4:31/171918
[ ]Military ServiceResolutions passed by faculty grant credit to men in war service1:41/241918
[ ]War SavingsSocieties are being formed by students at the college1:31/241918
[ ]War SavingsWar savings and Thrift Stamp campaign entered into enthusiastically2:11/241918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers receive appointments to 3rd officers training camp1:21/241918
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Dr. Long to address Witt students.3:12/41918
[ ]Christie, Chester DaleChester Dale Christie appointed an instructor in medicine at the Western Reserve School of Medicine1:22/71918
[ ]Adelsperger, NealReceives call to enter training for aviation service at the new Ground School at the University of Illinois3:12/71918
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Representative to speak at Berea. P.O. Weimer to be contestant1:22/101918
[ ]Lorton, Russell EugeneDeath occurs at the Greak Lakes Naval Training School1:12/141918
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Gives three talks at Camp Sherman1:22/141918
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Board of directors member and pastor of First Lutheran Church of Mansfield accepts call to Wicker Park Lutheran Church at Chicago4:32/211918
[ ]War SavingsWittenberg branch of savings and thrift stamp campaign is kept busy1:22/211918
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonBiographical account3:32/281918
[ ]Anderson, William ElijahShort biographical account3:22/281918
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Short biography3:22/281918
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelA short biographical account3:23/71918
[ ]Hutchinson, Charles A.A short biographical account3:33/71918
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Biographical account3:23/71918
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinShort biographical account3:13/71918
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.Short biographical account (por)3:33/71918
[ ]Savage, Emmert, W.Wittenberg man is youngest Lieutenant Colonel in U.S. Army1:43/71918
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.A short biography (por)3:23/141918
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Biography3:13/141918
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipChosen, along with Mrs. Schneider, as honorary members of the senior class of 19181:13/141918
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCourse in theology planned for summer4:23/141918
[ ]GiftsMrs. Minne Blumenshein, widow of the Rev. Elias Huber, presented to the chapel a very fine bible and other valuable books1:33/141918
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Short biography (por)3:13/141918
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteers are from central and Southern Ohio colleges gather at Springfield1:53/141918
[ ]Student VolunteersDelegates from 11 colleges attend Witt. meeting1:13/211918
[ ]Young, Roy, ViolinistMr. Roy Young pleases audience with excellent descriptive selections3:43/211918
[ ]Myers HallHistory of the building3:23/281918
[ ]Red CrossGirls' Pan Hellenic Assoc. will present a play for the benefit of the Red Cross1:54/111918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenberg should have service flag2:14/111918
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayFirst Wittenberger killed in action1:14/181918
[ ]Red CrossWar work for Wittenberg girls1:44/181918
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Will address student body1:34/191918
[ ]Unversagt, RusselSenior class play a great success. Russel Unversagt is star1:55/111918
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolShort history of building3:25/161918
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSummer school on hill proves interesting and helpful to ministers1:25/161918
[ ]Red CrossGirls show spirit in Red Cross and other war work2:45/231918
[ ]Shaffer, Lieutenant HarryShaffer wins signal honors in France1:15/231918
[ ]War Chest CampaignWittenberg takes part in great parade Tuesday and in War Chest Drive3:45/231918
[ ]Roosevelt, Theodore Col.Ex-President Roosevelt visits Wittenberg and gives address in chapel1:56/51918
[ ]TraditionsEditorial on mores2:110/261918
[ ]Dornblaser, Dr. H.Dr. Dornblaser has received a commision as surgeon in the U.S. Army with the rank of Captain4:311/91918
[ ]Military ServiceFirst five men leave of Officers' Training School (por)1:3-411/231918
[ ]Griffin, Corp. JamesWittenberg has coming homorist. Corporal Griffin is guilty of grave offense1:311/231918
[ ]Military ServiceSATC's continuance possible until next May.11/301918
[ ]Christopher, Dr. A.C.Dr. A.C. Christopher succeeds Dr. L.L. Syman as Wittenberg S.A.T.C. post surgeon1:112/71918
[ ]Military ServiceSATC men advised of clothing regulations112/71918
[ ]Halsey, Rev. JesseRev. Halsey of Cincinnati speaks to SATC soldiers about conditions in Russia1:212/171918
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors vote to give fountain to college. Heated discussions held before Committee's recommendations were accepted437:1-24/301919
[ ]MuseumTo be used as study room2:410/21919
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Annual convention made at Wittenberg1:110/161919
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.A short biography2:310/301919
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayCarl Dunean, attempted to rescue Sergeant Swingle on the battlefield of Picardy1:310/301919
[ ]Wireless StationNews from Washington, Paris, and other points are to be received under the direction of Prof. Weaver3:210/301919
[ ]Business AdministrationProspects are good for such a course at Wittenberg1:311/61919
[ ]Heistand, Dr. H. L.Bold holdup is attempted, but ruffians are cleverly eluded by Dr. H.L. Heistand1:311/131919
[ ]Wishart, Dr. Chas. F.inaugurated President of Wooster college1:312/41919
[ ]BaseballInter-collegiate baseball is to be discontinued at Wittenberg1:512/181919
[ ]Shaffer, DeanFinds mother and mothers. Reunited after 28 years2:31/61920
[ ]ScholarshipsTo be given to Springfield High School student. Granted to students with good scholastic records who are in need of financial assistance2:41/61920
[ ]Student VolunteersMet in Des Moines. 7,00 students gather1:41/151920
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayPoem dedicated to Sergeant Swingle by C.B. Galbreath, ex-state librarian1:31/151920
[ ]Beauty ContestWittenberg will have a beauty contest1:11/151920
[ ]Student VolunteersD. Zwemmer speaks on Islam. Robert Speer, Sherwood Eddy address the convention3:31/221920
[ ]Beauty ContestWittenberg will have a beauty contest1:31/221920
[ ]College RepublicansTen thousand dollars for platform suggestion by young voters3:22/121920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society revived, membership on scholarship basis1:32/191920
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) holds a Miss Steinbeck meeting.1:22/191920
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary W's to be awarded. Shield and W won by contestants in last linter-society contest1:42/191920
[ ]Homeliest Man ContestContest conducted by Torch staff1:42/261920
[ ]Best Looking Man ContestTorch staff conduct best looking man contest1:4-52/261920
[ ]Most popular man contestTorch staff conducts most popular man contest1:42/261920
[ ]Adlesberger, ErnestAdlesberger chosen as homeliest man on campus (pic)1:53/41920
[ ]Best Looking Man ContestBest looking man chosen1:53/41920
[ ]Homeliest Man ContestErnest Adlesberger receives most votes in contest1:53/41920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society holds first meeting1:13/41920
[ ]Most popular man contestMost popular man chosen: "Dutch" Trautwein1:53/41920
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestWhy not a "Godfrey" night2:13/41920
[ ]Handsomest Man ContestWilbur "Wib" Etter chosen as most handsome man1:53/41920
[ ]Myers HallMany traditions surround old dorm2:23/111920
[ ]Imadsu, KenjiForeign student tells of the introduction of Western Music in Japan1:33/131920
[ ]BasketballConference season ends in disaster1:13/181920
[ ]Larimer, Mrs. Mary ReesOn the death of Mrs. Mary Rees Larimer1:43/181920
[ ]Student VolunteersStudent band studies field and work of missions3:43/181920
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to remain as Wittenberg's coach1:43/251920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirEnthusiastically received1:14/151920
[ ]Stunt DayObserved by Myers Hall, with great success2:24/151920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirArticle2:24/221920
[ ]History of Wittenberg"To effect the promotion of theological and scientific knowledge" A restrospect1:55/61920
[ ]History of WittenbergHistorical sketch of Wittenberg, by B.F. Prince2:45/61920
[ ]Athletics"Every man get a man" is slogan adopted by students at athletic meeting.1:15/81920
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergRees Edgar Tulloss newly elected president1:39/161920
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost Wittenberg Committee has given to Wittenberg the first real representative body in its history1:19/201920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.A tribute.2:19/231920
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipDelivered opening address to the students1:19/231920
[ ]Slaeger, Ethel St. C.Joins academy staff1:69/231920
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Opens activities1:39/231920
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Called by Wittenberg to become General Secretary of the College1:310/211920
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarHistorical pageant planned as part of celebraion in honor of Dr. Tulloss' inauguration2:110/211920
[ ]History of WittenbergHistorical pageant planned as part of celebration in honor of Dr. Tulloss' inauguration2:110/211920
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Will raise $500 to carry on work for year1:410/261920
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. George BohonDr. Schmitt to give illustrated lecture. Will include views of college and student activities2:510/281920
[ ]History of WittenbergOutline of historical pageant given by author, Miss McPherson1:310/281920
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaOutline of historical pageant given by author.1:310/281920
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Portrait3:310/281920
[ ]Macmillan, FrancisSpringfield boy becomes a foremost violinist2:210/281920
[ ]History of WittenbergStudents presented pageant portraying history of college1:311/41920
[ ]History of WittenbergPageant is success2:311/111920
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarRepresentatives from other colleges pay respect to new President1:111/111920
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Finance campaign nears completion1:411/181920
[ ]Cox, Governor James M.Governor Cox donates chapel to college as a memorial to his mother (por)1:1-311/181920
[ ]Dorst, J. Wilbur"Wib" Dorst contributes services. Work is highly praised by college men6:311/241920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.A tribute (pic)2:211/241920
[ ]Schaus, William H.Annuity gift of $50,000 given by Mr. and Mrs. Schauss5:211/241920
[ ]Student VolunteersHolds interesting meetings6:411/241920
[ ]Gifts; CampusLocal resident gives $12,500 to be used to develop campus8:211/241920
[ ]Physics ClubPhysics club for academy men5:211/241920
[ ]McCauley, Elizabeth StanleyA missionary in India, expresses her gratitude to Wittenberg as a source of inspiration2:312/21920
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Carthage Collegian publishes record of Rev. Sundberg's achievements1:212/21920
[ ]Fellowship WeekChapel service being conducted this week by the YMCA and YWCA in interest of World Fellowship1:312/21920
[ ]Harris, Dr. E. C.General Secretary receives felicitations on assuming office at Wittenberg2:212/21920
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarOhio Synod expresses appreciation of work done in aiding merger2:412/21920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.To be buried today1:112/91920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Memorial services held for Dr. Heckert1:1-212/161920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Was paid many eloquent tributes1:412/161920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Was paid many eloquent tributes2:212/161920
[ ]AthleticsBreach of athletic relations with Wittenberg is denied in the Denisonian, the official publication of Dennison University3:41/61921
[ ]Pitney, Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeGive eighty and one half acre farm1:11/61921
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarGoes east in interest of college. He makes principal addresses at several meetings1:21/61921
[ ]BasketballPrinceton is badly beaten, 33-101:51/61921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioThe results of a careful investigation of conditions in this city after one year of prohibition1:31/61921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioContinued2:41/201921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioContinued2:42/31921
[ ]TraditionsTime honored customs reviewed2:22/141921
[ ]Ortlepp, Dr. Ernest E.Lutheran Hymn books presented by Dr. and his wife of Greenville, Ohio1:22/171921
[ ]Ortlepp, Dr. Ernest E.Gives two lectures at Hamma Divinity School1:22/241921
[ ]Monesmith, Rev. H. W.Appointed as new secretary to college office3:43/101921
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarLeads largest financial drive ever undertaken by Lutheran Church. Held football captaincy in 1905. Rendered valuable war service2:23/161921
[ ]Kappa Phi SigmaNew Sorority makes appearance2:43/241921
[ ]High School Honors Society of Wittenberg CollegeNew society formed which included honor students granted a $100 scholarship2:23/261921
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAccount of his life2:34/71921
[ ]Student VolunteersFalse notions of student life about 50 years ago2:44/71921
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFielder property purchased2:24/71921
[ ]Flying Dutchman's PapInteresting college paper stored in Clark County building2:44/71921
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey signs a 3-year contract; has option of staying longer1:34/141921
[ ]Diet of Worms AnniversaryThe 400th anniversary of Luther's trial will be observed Sunday by Lutheran and other Protestant churches1:24/141921
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipTo spend fifth summer at Ohio State University. Receives offer from John Hopkins University2:44/141921
[ ]Dial, Mr. George S.Mr. George S. Dial of Springfield has given a hundred volumes of law books to the library2:34/281921
[ ]Songs (College); Alma MaterPrize of $10 offered by Dean Shatzer for appropriate words to the tune Alma Mater1:34/281921
[ ]Students -- Manners and CustumsCollege customs as they are now among college men1:45/121921
[ ]Van Riper, Professor ChristianAppointed assistant professor of history and economics3:35/191921
[ ]Scholarships$100 scholarships offered to honor graduates of high schools in the honor group2:25/261921
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected as fellow by Council of American Geographical Society1:25/261921
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulAppointed as Professor of religious education1:49/221921
[ ]TennisFirst tournaments in many years to be held1:39/221921
[ ]Student VolunteersIts aim is set forth2:29/221921
[ ]Teaching CertificatesNew requirements of state law are announced by Dean1:19/221921
[ ]Lahr, Louis J.Professor of Home Economics (por)1:49/221921
[ ]Baker, Scipio E.Director of college died at Colorado Springs (por)1:49/291921
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Generosity of Heckert family benefits college1:29/291921
[ ]Gisel, Matilda S.128 year old German Bible is donated to Wittenberg College by Miss Matilda S. Gisel of Dubuque, Iowa4:2-310/61921
[ ]Chess ClubChess Club organization planned3:310/61921
[ ]Senior CouncilSenior council, an elective body, may enforce discipline at Wittenberg1:110/61921
[ ]Buildings; Recitation HallCost of repairing towers is $3,0001:210/131921
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Dean appointed member of advisory committee of the social and religions survey movement in America1:110/131921
[ ]Synod of OhioThe 2nd annual meeting will be held in Toledo, October 7th to 21st1:210/201921
[ ]Shatzer, Dean C. G.Was honored by Susquehanna University when the degree of Doctor of Science was conferred upon him1:410/201921
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society intends to set up membership bars1:210/271921
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipInjured when he was struck by a bicycle1:410/271921
[ ]MoviesMoving picture film will depict the life at Wittenberg1:110/271921
[ ]Students -- Church AffiliationHalf of Wittenberg church members are followers of Luther1:411/31921
[ ]Ojour, JacquesA frenchman studying here gives his impression of fair Wittenberg co-eds1:511/101921
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarDiscusses disarmament with Hon. Judge J. Johnson under auspices of Spfld. Trades adn Labor Assem1:411/101921
[ ]Songs (College)Wittenberg College official song2:211/101921
[ ]Williams, Dr. Elmer L.the "fighting parson" will address students and citizen of Springfield1:411/231921
[ ]Literary ShieldShield to be presented to Philosophian Society at chapel services by Pres. Tulloss1:411/281921
[ ]Literary ShieldAnother shield presented to Philos1:212/11921
[ ]Hall, Dr. Winfield ScottHall will speak to Witt students1:512/81921
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.In memoriam2:112/81921
[ ]Gifts; CampusScore of buildings to be erected on Witt campus in next fifty years, shown in prospectus1:2-412/81921
[ ]Spanish ClubStudents of Spanish create new society1:512/151921
[ ]Wireless TelephoneWittenberg has new receiving outfit4:312/151921
[ ]Treasurers' HeraldName of College's recent publication1:11/121922
[ ]Ministry RecruitsStudents of ministry are being sought1:51/121922
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarElected secretary of the Lutheran Educational Conference at Chicago1:21/191922
[ ]Ministry RecruitsScores of students won for Wittenberg1:51/191922
[ ]Masonic ClubMasons form club3:2-32/21922
[ ]Harris, MargeryOne of three Wittenberg girls injured in coasting accident1:42/21922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew rush rules adopted by Pan-Hellenic Council1:42/91922
[ ]Crowell, J.S.The hundreds of books of the late J.S. Crowell were presented to the library by the widow of J. S. crowell1:12/161922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTry ordeals are passes through by many sorority preps1:12/161922
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Will address student body1:32/161922
[ ]Ministry RecruitsClosing weeks of drive show big success1:52/231922
[ ]Skull and ChainHonorary senior fraternity has been organized at Wittenberg3:23/21922
[ ]Theses for SeniorsThis time honored requirement for graduation has been abolished1:53/21922
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Career comes to sudden end; tributes paid1:3-43/91922
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Career comes to sudden end; tributes paid2:13/91922
[ ]Science DepartmentsExpansion planned, by means of new courses, more teachers, and additional rooms5:13/91922
[ ]Missionary WorkMissionary-Engineer has great future in new field of work1:43/91922
[ ]AstronomyWider knowledge of astronomy advised5:23/91922
[ ]Wireless TelephoneWireless to flash game reports6:13/91922
[ ]BasketballTeam makes good showing; fail to win championship (por)5:53/161922
[ ]BasketballWitt to play All Stars1:53/161922
[ ]Harris, MargeryLarge areas of skin grafted on injured leg1:13/231922
[ ]BasketballVarsity clearly outplayed All-Stars1:53/231922
[ ]Harris, MargeryFall, injuring leg that was injured in coasting1:44/61922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity rushing methods consured by Torch contributor1:24/131922
[ ]ExaminationsTwo rules made by faculty in regard to carrying textbooks, notebooks, etc. into final exams3:24/131922
[ ]BaseballWitt re-enters intercollegiate baseball circles3:34/131922
[ ]Harding, President Warren G.Harding invited to be commencement speaker1:24/271922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMore support needed for Pan Hallenic Council4/271922
[ ]School of MusicCollege of Music Reorganized; Degree in Music Now Possible1:39/141922
[ ]TraditionsWittenberg Traditions to Be Followed by Freshmen1:49/141922
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsFormer Wittenberg Professor Addresses Students in Chapel2:49/211922
[ ]Registrar's OfficeIncreased Enrollment Necessitated Changes in Registration (Registration Force Enlarged to Accomodate Students)1:39/211922
[ ]Sadhe Aleph FraternitySadhe Aleph Fraternity Makes Apperance (New Organization Comes to Wittenberg)2:29/211922
[ ]Freshman HandbookThe Handbook (The "Frosh Bible" to Appear Again This Year)2:19/211922
[ ]Student Volunteer BandAims and Purposes of Student Volunteer Band2:49/281922
[ ]Lewis, BrindleyBrindly Lewis Has Leg Broken (Halfback on the Varsity Squad Had His Right Leg Fractured)3:39/281922
[ ]Miller, Coach Ernest R.Ernest R. Miller of Ironton, Ohio was selected as assistant coach at Wittenberg (por)3:3-49/281922
[ ]Organ, new; Vesper ServiceLarge Audience Enjoys First Vesper Service (The Newly Installed Organ in the College Chapel Was Heard By the Public For the First Time)3:29/281922
[ ]Ohio Masonic HomeSunday School Work at Fraternal Home Wins Recognition (Services Rendered by the Students in the Department of Religion were Appreciated)3:29/281922
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost Wittenberg Association Changes Dates of Meetings1:510/51922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew Fraternities are Well Recieved at Wittenberg: Greek Letter Groups are Increasing on Campus Due to Greater Enrollment1:110/51922
[ ]Scudder, Dr. IdaStudents Addressed in Chapel by Dr. Ida Scudder, Missionary (A Returned Missionary from India Addresses Students in Chapel)3:210/51922
[ ]Synod of OhioAnnual Convention of Ohio Synod Meets (Third Annual Convention of the Synod Being Held in Bucyrus)1:411/21922
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipCollege Represented by Dr. Schneider at Installation Service (Represents Wittenberg At the Tnstallation of Dr. Samuel Paul Capen, Chancellor of University of Buffalo)1:211/21922
[ ]News BureauWittenberg News Bureau is Commended1:511/161922
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society Announces New Plans for Membership1:311/231922
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Rev. Carl Sundberg, General Secretary of Wittenberg, Decides to Accept the Presidency of Thiel College1:211/291922
[ ]Deaths; Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Dr. Charles G. Heckert (A Tribute)2:112/71922
[ ]Oratorical ContestExcel Steps Into Lead in Shield Race by Carrying Off Honors in Oratorical Contest (Excelsior Literary Society Won in Grand Sweep)1:112/71922
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. Bruce; Hall, Dr. G. StanleyNoted Psychologist Quotes From Article Written by Dr. Birch (Birch's Work Quoted Liberally by Dr. G Stanley Hall in Recent Issue of "Pedagogical Seminary")1:112/141922
[ ]Deaths; Volk, WattonFormer Wittenberg Students Dies After Undergoing Operation For Appendicitis1:11/111923
[ ]Brees, Paul R.Professor Brees Is Chosen Chairman of (Intercollegiate) Peace Association4:21/111923
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Wittenberg Graduate Is Making Rapid Strides As Pastor In Lutheran Church (Receives Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity at Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, PA)1:41/111923
[ ]Hamma Divinity School"Fighting Preachers" Receive Publicity1:31/181923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar1923 Wittenberger Dedicated To Pres. Tulloss By Juniors1:11/181923
[ ]Deaths; Keller, SamuelFormer Wittenberg Professor Dies1:61/181923
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Inauguration of Sundberg Friday (President of Thiel College, Greenville, PA)1:32/11923
[ ]Smith, Dr. R. M.Wittenberg Professor Conducting Class at City Hospital1:62/11923
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg Spirit2:12/11923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar"The Greater Wittenberg"2:12/81923
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Dr. Tressler Will To Conduct Mission Study Class3:32/81923
[ ]Larsen, Dr. LuritzHead of the Lutheran National Council Succumbs1:42/81923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarProgressive Expanding Program Has Marked Short Administration of President Tulloss1:42/81923
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Sundberg Inauguration Marked with Fitting Ceremonies and Program1:12/81923
[ ]School of MusicThe Wittenberg School of Music Attention and Interest in College Is Made Possible by Foresight of President Tulloss.1:12/81923
[ ]English Department; Trebein, Bertha E.Assistant English Professor Is Selected - Will Begin WOrk Next September - New Courses to Be Offered in English Department1:52/151923
[ ]Miller, Dean RossDean Ross Miller Held in High Esteem By Men of the Wittenberg Student Body The "Boys" Have Discovered That He is a Man Among Men, a Friend of Them All1:12/151923
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Dr. Keyser Lectures at (Moody) Bible Institute (in Chicago)1:22/151923
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary Shield Is Present to Philos (For Three Consecutive Years)2:42/151923
[ ]Missionary WorkVolunteer band members give talks on missionary workNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.280:32/191923
[ ]AthleticsAthletics and Athletes Are an Asset to School (Athletes, Rules Governing the Scholastic Standing of Athletes)1:12/211923
[ ]Literary SocietiesDeclamation Contest Will be Held Friday Evening in Chapel 13 Contestants Philos Will Make Desperate Effort to Regain the Ground Lost in Oratorical Meet (Intersociety Contest)1:12/211923
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterp Wins First Place in Contest1:53/11923
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Prize Will Be Offered For Best Written Y.W.C.A. Song1:2-33/11923
[ ]Racer, Marion M.; Racer, ChristineAlumni Are Teaching in Same Institution (Became a Member of the Franklin College Staff, Franklin, Indiana)1:33/81923
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C.Noted Essayist and Wittenberg Alumnus Addresses Students1:33/81923
[ ]Teaching RequirementsHigh School Teaching Requirements Have Been Changed According to Report (by the Department of Education of the State of Ohio)1:23/151923
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John Philip; Schneider, Mrs. John Philip; Neve, HerbertNeve Is Selected Class Day Orator Dr. and Mrs. Schneider Are Named Honorary Members of 1923 Graduating Class [Picture]1:33/151923
[ ]Deaths; Recitation Hall; HeckertA Suggestion (Name Suggested for Recitation Hall to Honor Dr. Heckert)2:1-23/221923
[ ]Missions Course; Tressler, V.G.A.Annual Lenten All-Student Class is Brought to Close Missions Course by Dr. Tressler Ends Wednesday Evening1:13/221923
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Men of College to be Aided in Securing Work (Employment Bureau)1:53/221923
[ ]Literary SocietiesPhilo and Excel to Clash in Third Inter-Society Contest1:53/221923
[ ]Life Work Meetings; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)College "Y" Plans to Aid Students Life Work Meetings Will Be Held-Big Brother Movement Will Be Inaugurated Next Year-Paul Larimer Will Edit the Handbook4:54/121923
[ ]Brown, Dr. Charles ReynoldsDean Brown of Yale (Divinity School) Addresses Students1:34/121923
[ ]Shatzer, Dean Chas. G.Dean Granted Leave of Absence For One Year Temporary Leave Granted Dean Shatzer; to Enter Laymen's Movement of the U.L.C.1:14/121923
[ ]Neff, EstellaEstella Neff Wins Prize in Contest (On the Subject, Why I Came to Wittenberg College)1:34/121923
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational Conference of Lutheran Students Will Convene Friday (Second Annual Meeting Held at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.)1:54/121923
[ ]Bailey, Marshall; School of Music; Rhodes, WillardWillard Rhodes Is Given First Place in Piano Contest Marshall Bailey Is Awarded Second Place-Honors Are Welcomed by Friends of the College (Entered Under the Auspices of the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs. First Time School of Music Students Entered)3:34/121923
[ ]The Shadow Players' ClubAcademy Club Will Present Plays Saturday Evening (The Dramatic Organization of Wittenberg Academy Students Will Present Plays at Chapel)1:44/191923
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Fellowship Is Geven '23 Grad (Elmer G. Suhr Has Been Granted a Fellowship in Greek and Archaeology by John Hopkins University)1:34/191923
[ ]Literary SocietiesIntersociety Essay Contest Date Is May 41:54/191923
[ ]BooksOf All Books, Which Do You Like Best? The Question Is Asked Ten Members of College Faculty by Torch Staff Reporter-Interesting Replies Given1:34/191923
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio station"WNAP" Is Now Known To Many Radio "Bugs" (Wittenberg Was One of the First Colleges to Have an Official Broadcasting Station)1:14/261923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentFuture of Home Economics Department is Promising Wittenberg Co-Eds Avail Themselves of Opportunities Offered in New College Department4:44/261923
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club); Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Aims to Prepare For "Home Making"1:34/261923
[ ]Science Departments; Special Issue; TorchScience issue4/261923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; WomenGirls' issue5/101923
[ ]Deaths; Miller, Rev. John H.Re. John H. Miller Dies in Kansas City6:25/101923
[ ]Anderson, Charles M.; Volwiler, A.T.Two New Professors Are Added To the College Faculty1:55/101923
[ ]Willis, Hon. Frank B.College Commencement Date is Set For June 7 Hon. Frank B. Willis To Be the Speaker1:65/171923
[ ]Diplomatic ServiceCourses Prepratory To Career In Diplomatic Service of the U.S. May Be Offered Next Year4:35/171923
[ ]Van Riper, ChristianProf. Van Riper Hurt When Car is Hit By Train1:45/171923
[ ]StadiumStadium Work Progressing1:55/171923
[ ]Weiskotten, RobertWeiskotten Will Represent College At Peace Contest1:55/171923
[ ]School of MusicFirst Commencement of the Music School to be Featured by Recital4:25/241923
[ ]Harp, Hugh G.; Baker, BessProf. Harp Will Be Married June 23:45/241923
[ ]Weiskotten, RobertWeiskotten Wins Second Place in Intercollegiate Peace Oratorical Contest Held at Antioch1:45/241923
[ ]Deaths; Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Dr. Tressler Dies After Long Illness (Dean of Hamma Divinity School Dies)1:39/131923
[ ]Deaths; Faculty; Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Memorial to Dean Tressler is Recorded by the Faculty of Hamma Divinity School2:29/131923
[ ]Faculty; Anderson, Charles; Beaver, W.C.; Becker, Allen O.; Beiswanger, George B.; Dunbrook, Raymond F.; Flack, Elmer; Gotwald, Rev. William K.; Kruger, Frederick Konrad; Schnabel, Albert; Snyder, Hamon M.; Mock, Robert E.; Trautwein, William; White, J. GPhenomenal Is Increase Made In College Faculty For Coming Year. 22 Are Added1:59/131923
[ ]Freshmen; Freshman CapsBoost "W" Assn. Announces New Freshmen Rules (Gaudy Green Cap Changed to Cardinal Cream Knitted Helmet)1:19/201923
[ ]FreshmenDorm Freshmen Are Initiated (By Parading Downtown Streets)1:59/201923
[ ]StadiumNew $80,000 Stadium Nearing Completion Largest and Most Complete Stadium in Ohio Conference Practically Finished1:39/201923
[ ]ChemistryChemistry as a science for studentsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:5-69/261923
[ ]Traditions; Freshman CapsAs They Like It (Torch Asks student Body Views About Freshman Caps and Rules For Girls)1:39/271923
[ ]CheerleadersCheer Leaders Will Be Chosen (Through Competitive Tryouts at the Antioch Football Game)1:29/271923
[ ]Victor Tressler University Scholarship; Tressler, V.G.AScholarship Provided2:19/271923
[ ]Songs (College)Songs and Yells Being Published (Titled "In the Interest of the Freshman")1:19/271923
[ ]Business AdministrationStudents Prefer Business Courses. (One of Newest Departments Installed at Witt)2:49/271923
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg's (Population) Growth (Table of data 1918-1923, Annual Tabulations)2:19/271923
[ ]TraditionsFreshmen caps changed from green to cardinal and cream knitted helmetNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:19/301923
[ ]CheerleadersCheer Leaders Are Chosen At Tryouts1:610/41923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Classis Give Valuable Training Girls Appreciate the Advantages of Courses in Household Arts2:210/41923
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyPhilosophian Opens 77th College Year Mock Trial Presented by Old Philos-Literary Society Has Entrance Requirement1:110/41923
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororities End Rushing Period Seix Wittenberg Sororities Governed by Pan-Hell Rush Rules1:210/41923
[ ]Stadium; FootballVarsity Swamps Antioch in First Grid Contest 79-6 New Stadium Fittingly OPened By Dazzling Vicotry Credit Due Godfrey1:110/41923
[ ]Campus Tea RoomCampus Tea Room To Open Tuesday Noon; Table d'Hote Luncheons Will Be Served Each Noon By Home Economics Girls (Everyday Except Monday)1:610/111923
[ ]Historical ClubHistorical Club is Being Formed1:210/111923
[ ]Masonic ClubMasonic Club Holds Smoker3:310/111923
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMen's Pan-Hellenic Association Revived1:410/111923
[ ]Sophomore Honorary SocietySophomore Honorary Society To Be Formed1:510/111923
[ ]StadiumStadium Presents Unique Features; Authorities Conced the New $100,000 Athletic Pland Secondy Only to Ohio State's Bowl1:310/111923
[ ]StadiumCeremonies To Mark Stadium Dedication; New Athletic Plant to Be Fittingly Dedicated Before Wesleyan Game Saturday1:310/181923
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society Begins 37th Year; Entrance Requirements Announced By Girls' Literary Society at Opening Meeting2:110/181923
[ ]Opera; Sword, Charles H.Former Wittenberger has Opera Accepted (By University of Michigan Union Opera Production Club)2:210/181923
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey PUt College on the Athletic Map; Wittenberg's Mentor Deserves Greatest Credit for Placing School in Its Present Athletic Prominence3:210/181923
[ ]Men's Hiking ClubLutheran Bumming Team Gets In Action (Informal Club)2:210/181923
[ ]Sophomore Honorary SocietyOfficers are chosen2:110/181923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; Football; StadiumStadium Issue10/181923
[ ]AthleticsStadium Reflects Increase in Wittenberg's Athletic Power4:310/181923
[ ]Godfrey, Ernest R.Varsity Prepared For Wesleyan Tilt; Dedication Game Will Be Hardest on Lutherna Schedule (Coach Godfrey Pounding His "Fighting Lutherans" Into Shape)1:210/181923
[ ]Shamhart, Roy W.Advertising Expert Addresses Students; Salesmanship Class Given Pointers by R.W. Shamhart of the Wren Department Store1:410/251923
[ ]StadiumDedication Services Brief and Impressive1:510/251923
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Democracy [YMCA and YWCA Institute "Hello" Week]2:110/251923
[ ]Stadium; FootballLutherans Unable to Down Stadium "Jinx"; Wesleyan Wins Dedication Game After Being Outplayed in First Three Quarters1:110/251923
[ ]History of WittenbergThe Wittenberg of 50 Years Ago [Article Copied From Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Wittenberger. This Was the First Official College Publication That Appeared on Campus, Oct. 1893]2:310/251923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTulloss Heads Community Fund1:210/251923
[ ]Guest DayCollege Men Will Be Guests Of Luthran Families Sunday1:311/11923
[ ]Sports; Reid, JackDean of Ohio Sports Writers [Picture]4:311/11923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutheran Student Conference to Be Held In December; Wittenberg Honored in Being Selected for First Convention1:611/11923
[ ]Sophomore Honorary SocietySophomore Society Named Blazon Torch1:611/11923
[ ]StadiumWesleyan Will Repair Stadium; Defacing of Plant Deplored by Wesleyan Student Body1:511/11923
[ ]Zimmerman, Charles B.Armistice Day Service Friday1:111/81923
[ ]Smith, Arthur H.Dr. A.H. Smith Named On Executive Board [of the ULC in America]2:411/81923
[ ]Eation, Dave; Churchman, SamHusky Gridders Fight For Position at Fullback [Picture]1:311/81923
[ ]Student Club HouseNeed for Student Club House on the Campus is Felt; Old Sprecher Home Could be Remodeled to Serve College Organizations as Meeting Place1:311/81923
[ ]Student ChestCombined Financial Drive Opens Tuesday in Chapel [First Student Chest Campaign]1:511/151923
[ ]Gray, LouisHorrors of Earthquake in Japan Told by Missionary2:311/151923
[ ]Larmouth, Sister JennieSeminary Notes [One of the Lutheran Women Missionaries in Africa Talked to the Seminary Students in Chapel]2:511/151923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents To Meet Here Next Month; Plans for Conference of Lutherans Completed1:211/151923
[ ]Student ChestThe Student Fund [An Editorial]2:111/151923
[ ]Schneider, John Philip[Junior Class Voted to] Dedicate Annual to Dr. Schneider [Picture]1:511/151923
[ ]WNAP; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationAward Offered For Best Name For WNAP1:311/221923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaFinal program For Student Convention; Sessions to be Held in College Chapel. Prominent Men are Speakers1:111/221923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Department Holds Annual Open House2:311/221923
[ ]Student ChestWittenberg's First Chest Exceeds Quota [$4,748.25 Subscribed in First Two Days]1:311/221923
[ ]Student Chest$5,160.10 pledged to student chest; First Combined Financial Campaign Exceeds Quota $1,3151:611/281923
[ ]Basketball - Women; Faculty and Staff; Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to Direct Co-ed Basketball; Practice Started Last Week Shows Good Material For Girls' Athletic Teams1:211/281923
[ ]Plays; Black MasquePlay to Be Given by Academy Club; Black Masque Presents "Clarence Decides" Next Wednesday Night in Chapel1:411/281923
[ ]Football; Borman, Edwin (Rusty)Senior Out of Northern Game [The Husky Half-Back was so Badly Injured at the Mt. Union Game, that He Had to be Taken Out of the Game] [Picture]2:211/281923
[ ]Student ChestStudent Chest [Successfully terminated] [Editorial]2:111/281923
[ ]Deaths; Myers, Francis E.Benefactor of College Dies at Ashland Monday [Former President of Board of Trustees Dies]1:512/61923
[ ]WNAP; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationContest for Radio Slogan Continues; Letters WNAP Are Not Necessary in Catch Prase, According to New Ruling1:412/61923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutherans To Assemble Here For Conference; Sessions Will Be Held in College Chapel Dec. 7, 8, 9; Music is Featured1:612/61923
[ ]Student ChestStory of Campaign Will be Published [Methods of Organization to be Published as a Story of Campaign]2:412/61923
[ ]Physical EducationNew Department is Authorized; Directors Establish Pshysical Education Department2:412/131923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents Attend Convention Held at Springfield; Surrounding States and Southern Canada Represented [Delegates from 13 Colleges]; Over 100 Attend1:112/131923
[ ]Basketball - WomenBasketball Season For Co-Eds Starts; First Game to be Played Saturday with Y.W. Triangles on Local Court1:61/101924
[ ]Business AdministrationNew Course In Business Given Next Semester ["Commercial Geography" Extends Through First Semester Followed by Course in "Purchasing"]1:51/101924
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Odyssey Translation Made by Professor4:31/101924
[ ]Student VolunteersStudent Volunteers Hold International Convention [Ninth International Convention held Dec. 28, 1923 to Jan. 1, 1924 at Indianapolis]1:21/101924
[ ]Keep, CharlesVoice teacher is secured for music faculty1:41/101924
[ ]Association of College News BureausAssociation of College News Bureaus hold convention in Chicago. Wittenberg represented by Prof. K. G. LindNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect./2:51/161924
[ ]Scholarship CupPan-Hellenic Council to Award Scholarship Cup in an effort to better scholastic standing of various fraternities1:41/171924
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodSherwood Eddy To Address Students1:31/171924
[ ]Koos, Earl L.Wittenberg Elected in Science Fraternity [Wittenberg Student Elected to Membership in Kappa Alpha Kappa, National Honorary Science Fraternity]4:21/171924
[ ]Deaths; Peterson, E. JohnFormer Student Dies in Detroit1:21/311924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Heisey, Rev. PaulProf. Heisey To Return To School1:41/311924
[ ]Trueblood, Thomas C.Professor at [University of] Michigan to Give Reading [Oratorical Professor to Give Dramatic Reading of Hamlet]1:61/311924
[ ]SmokingRule Forbids Smoking in College Buildings1:51/311924
[ ]Administration; Alumnae/Alumni; Anspach, Howard A.Anspach Named As Assistant [Member of the Senior Class at Seminary, Appointed in the College Offices for One Year]1:32/71924
[ ]Swan, Dr. Eugene La ForrestDr. E. L. Swan To Talk Before Students Here [Representative of the American Social Hygiene Association]3:12/71924
[ ]Lutheran Laymen's MovementPro-Sem Men to be Aided; Lutheran Laymen's Movement Gives Promise of Help to Students2:42/71924
[ ]Basketball - WomenCo-eds Meet First Defeat at Antioch [After Winning Three Games Straight]1:12/141924
[ ]Excelsior Literary Society Hall; Recitation HallExcell Hall to Be Classroom; Literary Society Loses Meeting Placve of 37 Years [History of society given]1:52/141924
[ ]Band School; BandInterest Many in Wittenberg Band School1:32/141924
[ ]Trueblood, Thomas C.Reader Give Rendition of Shakespeare [Hamlet]2:22/141924
[ ]Honor ScholarshipsAward Honor Scholarships [Three Seniors and One Junior Have Been Awarded Wittenberg Honor Scholarships for the Second Semester]1:12/211924
[ ]Rhodes, WillardScholarships are Given to Wittenberger [Receives Scholarship in Orchestration and Composition at Columbia University; also the Walter Scott Prize for Pianists] [Picture]1:32/211924
[ ]Student Volunteers; Cronk, Mrs. E.C.Students are to be Guests of Wittenberg; Mrs. Cronk of Philadelphia Heads List of Speakers for Convention [Student Volunteer Union of Southern Ohio, Held at Wittenberg]1:12/211924
[ ]TraditionsTraditions [Editorial]2:22/211924
[ ]Clark, John Dee; Faculty and Staff; School of MusicViolin Teacher Has Studied Under World Famous Masters2:4-52/211924
[ ]BasketballWittenberg Nosed Out of Conference Basketball Championship Six Times1:22/211924
[ ]Raymond, Clifford "Spinx"Wittenberg Student Short Story Writer; "Spinx" Raymond Reveals Springfield Twenty Years Ago in "Post" Story4:42/211924
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Bauslin Is Speaker at Sem Graduation1:62/281924
[ ]College RepublicansG. O. P. Students Will Form Club; Republican Headquarters to Aid in Forming Political Club at Wittenberg4:22/281924
[ ]Extension DivisionLocal Extension Work Organized; Ten Members of College Faculty Offer Courses2:22/281924
[ ]Harry's PlaceHarry's Holds High Place at Wittenberg [Combined Restraunt and Student Supply Establishment]2:33/61924
[ ]ExaminationsNew Plan of Examinations Approved by Faculty; Instructors Must Now Give Grades Every Six Weeks. Special Test Fee Goes to Library Fund1:13/61924
[ ]The Witt;Emery, Mabel;Overstreet, Irving"Girls Issue" Of Witt To Be Edited By Co-Eds - Mabel Emery and Irving Overstreet Direct Next Issue of College Humorous Publication1:43/201924
[ ]Sports;Basketball1925 Court Schedule1:53/201924
[ ]Trautwein, William;Godfrey, Ernest;Sports;BaseballBaseball Men Answer First Call For Duty - Prospects Bright For Good Season; Assistant Coach Trautwein To Be In Charge1:63/201924
[ ]Intramural Sports;BasketballCage League Games Begin - Dorm and Pi Alpha Teams Lead Way With Two Victories Each3:33/201924
[ ]Sports;BasketballConference Title Won By Mt. Union - Former Wittenberg Stars Succeed In Leading Teams to High Positions3:33/201924
[ ]Criss, Dick;Mong, Chink;BasketballCriss Receives All-Ohio Honors - Mong, Wittenberg's Leading Scorer, Given Honorable Mention on Mythical Teams1:53/201924
[ ]FraternitiesDiscussion Group Statistics Given2:23/201924
[ ]Opinion;Association of American Universities;Academics;Phi Beta KappaDo You Stop To Think?2:13/201924
[ ]Faculty; HobbiesFaculty Members Have Pet Hobbies Like Anyone Else - Prof. Van Riper Reads Detective Stories While Hiller Prefers Latin Translation2:13/201924
[ ]Zimmerman, John L., Sr.;Founders DayFounder's Day Services Held - John L. Zimmerman, Sr., Dr. Prince and Dr. Schneider Deliver Addresses1:33/201924
[ ]Sports;Basketball - Women;Becker, AliceGirls Close Season With .500 Standing - Miss Becker Leads In Scoring, Making 47 of the Team's 91 Points3:23/201924
[ ]Men's Glee ClubGlee Club Sings In State Contest1:63/201924
[ ]Debate;Matthews, James;Van Dervoort, John;Brees, Paul R.Good Record Established By Debaters - Six Victories and Two Defeats for 0.818 of Judges' Votes Season's Result1:13/201924
[ ]Literary League;Philosophian Literary Society;Excelsior Literary SocietyInter-Society Debate Scheduled For April 41:33/201924
[ ]Seniors;PlaysMay 6 Senior Play Date1:13/201924
[ ]Honor Day;AwardsMemorial Hall Selected For Honor Day Banquet - Plans for Recognition of School's Leaders Being Made1:63/201924
[ ]Becker, A. O.;Mission Study ClassMission Study Class Being Well Attended4:43/201924
[ ]Asirvadam, J. V.;IndiaNative of India Speaks1:23/201924
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary Banquet Plans Announced - Prospective Ministerial Students To be Entertained Tuesday, March 251:23/201924
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety4:23/201924
[ ]Nelson, Frank;ProhibitionSpeaker Talks On Prohibition1:53/201924
[ ]Student Chest;Fund RaisingStudent Chest Standing Given4:43/201924
[ ]College Life;Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)The College World2:23/201924
[ ]Brief Survey;Gringle, Pete;Juergens, Martha;Coppock, Buddy;Mission Study ClassThe Inquiring Reporter4:33/201924
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Criss, Dick;Mong, ChinkWittenberg Closes Season With Defeat - Notre Dame Takes One-Sided Game; Criss and Mong End College Court Careers3:43/201924
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenberg Played Clean, Season's Statistics Show1:33/201924
[ ]Sports;Football;Godfrey, CoachWittenberg's Success On Gridiron Next Fall Depends On Students, Coach Godfrey Says1:23/201924
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Y. M. C. A. To Hold Annual Election - Thirty New Members Are Initiated Wednesday Evening2:43/201924
[ ]Football; Godfrey, ErnestCoach Godfrey Expresses Opinion on New Rules [Radical Changes Made in Rules]1:13/271924
[ ]Awards; Birch, Dr. T. Bruce; Authors' ClubDr. T.B. Birch Is Named Member of Authors' Club; Professor is Honored by Election to English Organization1:13/271924
[ ]American Association of University ProfessorsEstablish Chapter of Teachers' Association [American Association of University Professor]1:64/31924
[ ]Limberger; PranksLimberger [Cheese] Works Havoc in Wittenberg Classes [on All (April) Fools Day]2:34/31924
[ ]Graduation RequirementsNew Requirements For Graduation [At Least 7 Hours of Work to be Taken in Social Sciences]1:44/31924
[ ]AdmissionsRequirements Are Changed; Entrance Requirements Altered by College Faculty [Principal Changes are in Electives]1:14/31924
[ ]Ludgate, R. V. Eva RyersonWomen Preacher Given Constructive Sermons; Rev. Eva Ryerson Ludgate Speaks Before Student Body in College Chapel2:54/31924
[ ]Woolcott, Alexander; Women's ClubDramatic Critic To Deliver Lecture [One of the Foremost Dramatic Critics of New York to Lecture Before Members of the Women's Club]1:64/101924
[ ]Deaths; Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Hold Service for Late Dean; Memorial Tablet for Dr. Tressler Will Be Dedicated1:34/101924
[ ]ExaminationsSteps taken toward abolishing examinations4:2-34/101924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Douglas, Lloyd C.Alumnus to Speak at O.S.U. Graduation [Pastor of First Congregational Church, Akron]1:24/171924
[ ]Boe, Dr. Lars W.Commencement Speaker Will Be Pres. Boe1:24/171924
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Allen O.Titanic Disaster is Recalled by Beckers; Family of Dr. A. O. Beckers Were Rescued from Steamer Twelve Years Ago [Mrs. Allen O. Becker and 3 Children Were Returning from India on Titanic]3:24/171924
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Wittenberger Elected to Important Office [President of the Local College YMCA was Elected Chairman of State Student Council of YMCA]1:14/171924
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesFaculty Defines Major Activities1:25/11924
[ ]Koos, Earl W.Koos to Enter N.Y. School of Social Work [Chosen to Attend the Eight Weeks Conference of the YMCA school]1:45/11924
[ ]ScholarshipsMany Scholarships Offered to Students; Opportunities Given for Advanced Study in Engineering, Law, Poli. Sci., Medicine2:45/11924
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Sigma Pi Delta; Sigma Sigma OmicronNew Sorority Appears Here; Sigma Pi Delta Enter Sigma Sigma Omicron [Theta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Omicron]4:25/11924
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCo-ed Rushing Rules Changed1:45/151924
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; WomenGirls' issue5/151924
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority House Mothers Create Home Atmosphere1:35/151924
[ ]Gilbert, Herman; Hamburger, Herbert; Nettrour, Scott; Shanor, Carl; Shupe, Glennis; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)College Y launches Big Brother movement1:45/221924
[ ]Rhodes, Willard; ScholarshipsFormer Wittenberger Granted Scholarship [Granted the Clarence Barker Scholarship at Columbia]1:65/221924
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Chi Omega; Kappa Phi SigmaLocal Sorority Affiliates With National Group: Kappa Phi Sigma Becomes Tau Gamma Chapter of Chi Omega [Chi Omega Sorority organizes]1:15/221924
[ ]Gifts; Guard, John W.; Guard, William; Zimmerman, John L., Sr.;College Receives $40,000 Gift [From John W. Guard]: Pledge of Two Brothers to Aid Church and College Fulfilled - Chair to Be Founded1:19/181924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Deaths; Wagnalls, Adam W.Famous alumnus of college dies [1843-1924]1:39/181924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Gilliland, B.D.; School of Music; Studebaker, Albert H.New College Song to Be Presented ["The Spirit of Wittenberg March" is the new college song that will have its initial hearing Sept. 22nd]2:49/181924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Deaths; Kuhn, William F.Highest Officer of Royal Arch Masons Dies: Dr. William F. Kuhn Was Wittenberg Alumnus [18]75 Grad1:39/241924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Gilliland, B.D.; School of Music; MusicProf. B.D. Gilliland Occupies High Place in Musical Circles1:29/241924
[ ]Physical EducationPhysical Education is Made Compulsory: Old Field House at Zimmerman Field to Be Used as Gymnasium for Girls1:510/21924
[ ]Bescher, BobBescher one of the greatest base runners was once a Witt grid starNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:310/81924
[ ]Scholarships; Harmon FoundationApplications for Loans Fillable: Upperclassmen May Qualify For Harmon Scholarship Fund Benefits1:610/91924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Deaths; Studebaker, Albert H.Retired Lutheran Minister and Wittenberg Booster Dies Wednesday1:510/91924
[ ]Student Chest; Dayton, Russell; Boost Wittenberg AssociationRussell Dayton Manages Campaign Which Started At Chapel Time Wed. Morning: Goal For Nine in One Drive Placed at $4,645 This Year: Workers Expect to Obtain Quota by Thursday night; All Are Urged to Contribute Individual Allotment1:510/161924
[ ]Student Chest; OpinionThe Student Chest2:110/161924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Deaths; Studebaker, Albert H.Wittenberg Lays Booster to Rest: Funeral Services Are Held for Dr. Studebaker, Friend of College1:210/161924
[ ]Literary Societies; Excelsior Literary Society; Philosophian Literary SocietyThe Literary Societies [First time in history of Witt that this literary society did not function]2:110/231924
[ ]The Witt; Pansing, WilliamFirst Issue of Witt to Appear Saturday [Humorous campus publication makes initial appearance]1:410/301924
[ ]Freshmen; Traditions; Freshman CapsFreshmen are Addressed by Dr. Schneider: Blazoned Torch Presents Rules for First-Year Students [Freshmen given rules for campus conduct]1:110/301924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Hayner, Clair; Student ChestHayner Chosen As Missionary: Clair Hayner, '21, is Supported by Wittenberg Students in Foreign Field1:211/61924
[ ]Layton, Walter ThomasNoted Economist Talks in Chapel on November 10: Walter Thomas Layton of England to Lecture: Decorated by King: Authority on Political Economy Was Member of Balfour Mission in 1917 [Editor of the London Economist speaks in chapel]1:611/61924
[ ]Notoriety; Association of American UniversitiesCollege Is Placed Among Superior Schools of Country: Faculty Strength Strong Point: Reduction of Classes, Graduate Work of Alumni, and Increased Financial Strength Also Important Factors [Association of American Universities grants recognition to Witt]1:511/131924
[ ]Layton, Walter ThomasDawes Report Is Explained by Economist: Walter T. Layton, London Editor, Gives Talk in Chapel1:111/131924
[ ]Garman, Alonzo B.;DeathsRev. A. B. Garman Dies of Apoplexy [Director of Wittenberg college since 1916 dies]2:411/131924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Greek Department; Hiller, Professor Robert Henry Faculty and Staff; Greek Department; Hiller, Professor Robert Henry Professor Hiller Will Speak Before Society [Will Address American Society for the Advancement of Science on the Particle "de" in Greek Literature]1:511/201924
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost "W" Association Strengthens Wittenberg1:511/201924
[ ]Richter, JuliusGerman Professor Will Speak Here: Dr Julius Richter of Berlin to Talk on Missions1:311/201924
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarA tributeNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:111/241924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Deaths; Gifts; Wagnalls, Adam W., 1843-1924Gift is Made to Divinity School: Adam Wagnalls, Alumnus of College, Remembers Institution in His Will1:411/261924
[ ]Bach, Frederick Lewis; Faculty and Staff; School of Music; Ohl, J. F.High Tribute is Paid by Dr. Ohl4:112/41924
[ ]Administration; Alumnae/Alumni; Faculty and Staff; History Department; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince Nears 84th Milestone: "Wittenberg's Grand Old Man" Has Served College For Nearly Sixty Years (pic)1:512/111924
[ ]Opinion; History of Wittenberg; Traditions; Prince, Benjamin FranklinWittenberg as seen by a student 75 years ago2:1-212/111924
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Gives a talk in chapelNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:55/51925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Volwiler, Albert T.Dr. Volwiler is Granted Leave: History Professor Will Assume Position at Indiana State University6:35/281925
[ ]Crotti, Dr. Andre; Pre-medics ClubSurgeon Discusses Causes of Goiter: Dr. Andre Crotti, Authority on Thyroid Diseases, Gives Lecture in Chapel [on the Causes of Endemic Goiter]6:15/281925
[ ]Administration; Shatzer, C. G.Dean Shatzer is Back at Old Job [Resume duties as dean]2:59/171925
[ ]Japan; Faculty and Staff; Suss, Jur. TheodorDr. Suss Describes Conditions As Seen in Japan Last Summer [Spends his vacation in Japan]4:29/171925
[ ]Deaths; Scaus, W.H.Former Head of Directors Dies: Death Takes W.H. Schaus, Retired Leader of College Board4:19/171925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Neff, Edgar RalphFormer Teacher Becomes Rector: E.R. Neff, Member of 1923-24 Faculty, Receives Appointment [Appointed rector of Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Ala]3:59/171925
[ ]Freshmen Week; New Student DaysFreshmen Become Acquainted with College Life During Convocations: First Year Students Are Guests at College During Four Days Prior to General Registation Day; 300 Already Enrolled [he first time special attention has been paid to the incoming Freshmen]1:19/171925
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Traditions; Tug-of-WarFreshmen to Vie with Sophomores [Clash in contest instead of usual tug-of-war]1:59/171925
[ ]Japan; Shinowara, Mary; Akard, MarthaMiss Mary Shinowara, A Japanese Girl, Registers at Wittenberg1:39/171925
[ ]Library; Zimmerman Library; Prince, Grace; Jacobsen, Anna; Foley, Marie; Greenawalt, Marguerite; Middlekauff, ElaineStudents Urged to Use Library [Library personnel]1:49/171925
[ ]Campus Tea Room; Home Economics Department; Recitation HallCampus Tea Room to Open Tuesday: Sophomore Cooking Class to Conduct Miniature Restaurant1:59/241925
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Freshmen; Traditions; Tug-of-War; Freshman Caps; Maurer, Victor; Borza, John; McFarren, Robert; Keyser, Joseph; Westphal, Raymond; Gennett, Daniel; Weider, RogerFreshmen Win Student Clash: Victory Shortens Time "Frosh" Must Wear Official Caps1:39/241925
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar; Rockefeller FoundationPres. Tulloss To Deliver Address: Will Speak Before Luther League Convention Thursday [Delivers principal address at Pennsylvania State Convention of Luther Leaguers Thurs. in Pitts.]1:49/241925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; FootballWittenberg Gridiron Teams Win 137 Games [Football at Witt from 1892 to 1925]3:29/241925
[ ]Auto Parade; Fraternities and Sororities; Phi Kappa PsiCollege Relics Enters "Worst Auto" Parade: Wittenbergers Hope to Win Prizes With Old Model Cars Used Around School [Worst college relics enter parade]6:410/11925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceDoctor C.T. Pihlblad is Among New Professors at Wittenberg This Year [New professor at Wittenberg (pic)]1:310/11925
[ ]Bowe, Harriet; Fritz, Kathryn; Helvern, Dorothy; Kahn, Doris; Kantzer, Margaret; Leffel, Ruth; Meyer, Helen; Otte, Betty; Richison, Louise; Ruh, Helen; Stickney, Dorothy; Wetzel, Elsie; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); Woodrow, Mary LoisWomen's Athletic Association Starts Campaign For Members: Organization is Formed to Increase Interest in Sports and to Aid Health [New organization on the campus]1:310/11925
[ ]Wisehart, Dr. W. I.Church Moderator is Chapel Speaker: Dr. W. I. Wisehart of Pittsburg [Eighth United Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh] Talks Before Students on "The Call of the Good"1:510/81925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Keyser, Paul E.; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Former Y.M.C.A. President Tells of Pilgrimage to Europe Last Summer [Keyser's observations during trip which was under the auspices of the National YMCA]4:110/81925
[ ]Scholarships; Harmon FoundationLoans to be granted Juniors and Seniors: Harmon Foundation Increases Fund for Desrving Upper Classmen to $2,0001:210/81925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Armbruster, John M.; Buenos Aires; Missionary WorkNew from the Seminary [Armbruster writes of his experience as a missionary in Buenos Aires, Argentina]6:210/81925
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Valuable Collection of Maps Is At Disposal of Wittenberg Students5:110/81925
[ ]Student ChestPurpose of driveNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:210/91925
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. Lovina; Buildings; Residence Halls; Ferncliff HallDormitory Donor Visits At College: Mrs. Lovina Openlander is Guest of Ferncliff Co-eds1:110/151925
[ ]Awards; Faculty and Staff; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch is Elected to English Institute: Faculty Member is Honored For Third Time b y British Societies1:410/151925
[ ]Lakru, Joel; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Illinois Student Will Speak Here: Joel Lakru of Maywood Seminary to Address "Y" members1:510/151925
[ ]McNutt, Franklin Holbrook; Faculty and Staff; Education DepartmentProf. F. H. McNutt of the Education Department is a Son of Wittenberg (pic)4:210/151925
[ ]Thurston, Henry W.Students Addressed by Welfare Speaker: Dr. Henry W. Thurston, Psychologist, [Head of the New York School of Social Sciences] Talks at Luncheon Given at Ferncliff Hall [to student representatives of Ohio Colleges]1:110/151925
[ ]Blair Hall; BuildingsArchitects Receive New Academy Plans: Ground For $120,000 Blair Prepratory School To Be Broken Early Next Year1:210/221925
[ ]Euterpean Literary Society; Kalbfus, FrancesEuterpea Members Form Reading Club: Former Literary Society Is Reorganized; Frances Kalbfus Is Head of New Organization4:310/221925
[ ]Debate; Brees, Paul R.Wittenberg To Sponsor Leauge for Debate Teams in Ohio High Schools: Plans for Organization To Be Made By Educators at Luncheon To Be Held at Bancroft Hotel Saturday Noon1:110/221925
[ ]Huggins, Judge William L.Huggins, Judge William L. of Kansas City addresses students at Long Chapel1:210/291925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Van Riper, ChristianProf. Christian Van Riper Speaks to Student Body at Meeting Wednesday Morning [in reply to Judge Huggins' statements]1:111/51925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Kruger, Frederick KonradProfessor of Political Science Has Had Many Interesting Experiences5:111/51925
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.The University System of England and It's Effect on the Religious Life of Students4:111/51925
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationChapter In Society Sought By Boost "W": Wittenberg Seeks Member Ship in Blue Key [Fraternity], National Booster Organization Fraternity [ and been favorably received]1:211/121925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Awards; Gaylord, Edwin H. Jr.Honor is Received By Wittenberger: Edwin Gaylord is Elected Member of Honorary Fraternity [Ta Beta Pi, National Honorary Engineering Fraternity]1:211/121925
[ ]Gleaves, Rear Admiral AlbertNaval Officer is Chapel Speaker: Admiral Albert Gleaves Talks on "Wings of the Navy"1:111/121925
[ ]Awards; Faculty and Staff; Reymert, Martin L.Wittenberg Professor Receives Honor From Science Association [American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science] (pic)1:311/121925
[ ]World Court; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Wittenbergers to Voice Opinion on World Court By Staw Vote Nov. 25: Decision To Secure Students' Stand on Question Comes as a Result of Conference Held at Otterbein College Last Week1:611/121925
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Continental University Systems and Their Effects on the Religious Life of Students6:111/191925
[ ]Ehrhardt-Siebold, Baroness Erika von; Faculty and Staff; Languages DepartmentFrench Professor Was Born In Feudal Castle on the Danube5:211/191925
[ ]Student ChestNature of "Y" work made possible by fund explainedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:211/191925
[ ]Campus; ArboretumSteps Taken Toward Planning Arboretum: Plans for Beautifying Campus to Be Carried Out in Near Future; Walks To Be Built5:111/191925
[ ]Berg, Russell O.Wittenberg Man Has Spent Three Years Lecturing5:411/191925
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) "Y" Gospel teams conduct services [in and near springfield]: Morris Skinner Directs Activities of Three Organizations6:312/31925
[ ]Library; Zimmerman Library; Berkenmeyer Collection; Faculty and Staff; Evjen, John O.255 Volumes Brought To America In 1725 Are Now Owned By Wittenberg [Berkenmeyer Collection now a part of the Zimmerman Library]1:5-612/31925
[ ]Mathews, EdwardAntioch Man To Give Lecture on "Shoes": Edward Mathews To Speak Before Co-eds in Drive For "Better Shoes" For Girls4:412/31925
[ ]Armstrong, Gerald; Sports; BasketballArmstrong To Captain Team [of 1926 Basketball Team] (pic)4:212/31925
[ ]Songs (College); Administration; Miller, Ross; Immell, Ruth; Faculty and Staff; Schneider, J. Phillip; Bach, Frederick L.Dean Miller to Edit College Song Book: Musical Publication To Appear on Campus: Prize Contest Will Be Featured5:212/31925
[ ]Administration; Editorials; Tulloss, Rees EdgarDr. Tulloss2:112/31925
[ ]Administration; Tulloss, Rees EdgarDr. Tulloss Rejects offer from International Lay Organization: President to remain at Wittenberg; Plans to make improvements at college; Faculty and Students Voice Appreciation1:312/31925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Faculty Club; Home Economics Department; Dunbrook, R. F.Faculty to Hold Informal Dinner: Professors to Stage Gneral Jam Thursday Evening, Dec. 104:412/31925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; Board of Directors; Remsberg, FredGrowth of College Is Shown In Reports Given At Board Meeting: Directors Hold Annual Winter Session With Persons Present From Four States: Dr. Tulloss Is Commended1:112/31925
[ ]Oesterlen Orphan's Home; Knubel, FrederickOsterlen Home Edifice Dedicated: Dr. F. H. Knubel Delivers Principal Address at Service4:312/31925
[ ]Schaus Fellowship; Hauter, H. M.; Faculty and Staff; Heisey, Paul H.Schaus Fellowship Students To meet: New Group To Hold Banquet at Fifth Lutheran Church; H. M. Hauter is Chairman4:112/31925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Anderson, SherwoodSherwood Anderson, Author [Of "Winesberg, Ohio"] And Lecturer, Returns to Wittenberg [Pays His first Return Visit in Twenty-Five Years on the Campus]5:212/31925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince, "Wittenberg's Grand Old Man," As He appears at 85 [Biographical account (pic)]1:3-412/101925
[ ]Sports; Athletics; AwardsFairness in Athletics [the school should honor its athletes (an editorial)]2:112/101925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Lewis, Charles H.Lectures are given by field secretary: Wittenberg Graduate is presenting series of speeches before seminarians [Lewis delivers ten lectures to Hamma Divinity students]1:612/101925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Biology Department; Van Horn, H. A.Physician to become member of faculty: Dr. Van Horn, Springfield Man, to join teaching staff for second semester [Local physician to teach embryology]2:512/101925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Anderson, Charles M.Prof. Anderson to speak at banquet: Wittenberger has gained renown as humorous speaker [pricipal speaker at the first banquet of the Young Men's division of the Chamber of Commerce]4:312/101925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; Campus LifeWittenberg of 60 years ago offers contrast to Wittenberg of today1:3-412/101925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinWittenberger weaves legend on lost mitten1:212/101925
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Athletic and social life among students of England and Holland4:212/171925
[ ]Biology Department; Faculty and Staff; Beaver, W. C.Biology display to be presented: Work of Department to be shown at Arcade Hotel1:112/171925
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost "W" Association is granted chapter in national organization: Student Represenative body will become member of blue key; John MacKenzie is planning installation banquet1:112/171925
[ ]Administration; Dean of Men; Miller, Ross; Financial AidDeam Miller requests students to make applications for second semester aid: Reports of Dean of Men shows that $11,681 has been furnished Wittenbergers in gifts, loans, tuition credits and scholarships so far this year1:312/171925
[ ]Administration; Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince receives birthday messages: Telegrams come from East and West; Note arrives from friend in Vienna5:112/171925
[ ]Administration; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince tells how Christmas was observed when he was a boy5:2-312/171925
[ ]Songs (College)Prizes are offered for college songs: Students are requested to submit contributions for book by February 16:412/171925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Psychology Department; Arnold, Henry J.Professor makes Religious survey: Students are requested to fill out questionnaire on beliefs1:312/171925
[ ]Fellowships; Study AbroadScholarship offers are given students: Wittenbergers have opportunity to benefit from exchange fellowships [Fellowships for American students in German Universities for 1926-27 are available]1:212/171925
[ ]Shinowara, MaryThe New Year is biggest holiday among Japanese [Mary Shinowara Relates stories of Christmas customs in Japan]6:3-412/171925
[ ]Schneider, Elizebeth"First Meeting" A poem was included in Dr. Schittkind's college anthology for 1924-251:21/141926
[ ]Student dress"Sweat socks", the newest fad among flappers2:11/141926
[ ]Marshall, Earl H.Appointed comptroller1:51/141926
[ ]Awards; Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch to be given degree by Gettysburg College1:41/141926
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees will deliver address at the "Victory Day" service1:61/141926
[ ]BookstoreCollege book store. Wittenberg purchases business of Rev. Schwarm1:61/141926
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinResume full time deanship of college after twon years leave of absence1:31/141926
[ ]Plays; Piero, Elda"The Witness" by Miss Elda Piero, is accepted by ULC, Board of Education1:41/211926
[ ]Piero, Elda; Plays"The Witness", a play by Miss Elda Piero, is accepted by the Board of Education of the United Lutheran Church1:41/211926
[ ]Heffelbower, Dr. S. G.Professor of philosophy in Carthage College gives an address to Seminarians1:31/211926
[ ]Pre-Medics ClubSeeks chapter in national fraternity1:51/211926
[ ]Shelton, Prof. F. M.Superintendent of the Springfield schools addresses the Wittenberg Eta1:11/211926
[ ]Barker, Miss M. ElizabethBarker, Miss M. Elizabeth has been engaged as assistnat professor of home economics (por)1:42/41926
[ ]Mohler, Prof. LouisMohler joins the summer school faculty1:22/41926
[ ]Bauer, ErnestBauer elected president of the Ohio Valley Region of the Lutheran Students Association of America1:52/111926
[ ]Carnegie Science HallBuilding plans to be passed on by the board1:52/111926
[ ]ScholarshipsOpen to local student. Awarded by the Japanese Student Brotherhood of New York1:62/111926
[ ]Wittenberg Academy;Slager, Ethel St. ClairAcademy Pupils Present Comedy - French Play Is Given at Chapel By Literary Society1:32/181926
[ ]The Black Mask;DramaAcademy Society To Initiate Eleven - Dramatics Group Hold Services Wednesday Evening4:12/181926
[ ]Van Riper, ChristianAddress Given3:32/181926
[ ]Cheating;Birch, T. B.;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Associations - Should Curb Cheating Is Opinion of Dr. T. Bruce Birch3:42/181926
[ ]Science BuildingBoard Approves Building Plans - Ground For Laboratory To Be Broken Early In April1:62/181926
[ ]Bowling;FraternitiesCollege Bowling League Organized - Ten Teams Are Entered in Tourney To Decide Championship3:22/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;TravelCollege Glee Club Is On Annual Tour - Men's Organization Is Making Bus Trip Through Northeastern Part of State4:22/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;[Photo]College Glee Club Is Taking Annual Trip1:22/181926
[ ]Seashore, Carl E.;Psychology DepartmentDr. C. E. Seashore Speaks In Chapel - Dean of Graduate School at Iowa Is College Guest1:52/181926
[ ]FilmsFilms To Be Shown In College Chapel - Biography Department Students To Sponsor Presentation of Photoplays1:12/181926
[ ]Brief Survey;ReligionFundamentalism Prevails Religious Survey Discloses - Replies To Questionnaire Show Majority of Students Attend Church Regularly1:32/181926
[ ]Sports;FootballGridders To Be Given Letters - Thirteen Academy Players Will Be Rewarded at Banquet Friday Evening3:22/181926
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Keyser Preaches3:12/181926
[ ]Sports;BasketballOhio Northern To Play Here - Dope Shows Wittenberg Has Chance To Take Victory Over the Polar Bears3:12/181926
[ ]Sittler, Joseph;Wetzel, Elsie;Oratorical ContestOrators To Speak In State Contest - Joseph Sittler and Elsie Wetzel To Represent Wittenberg1:62/181926
[ ]Tasman, Eric M.Pastor To Speak3:12/181926
[ ]Tulloss, R. E.;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)President To Attend1:52/181926
[ ]Sports;BastetballQuintets Stage Hardest Games - Free Scoring Continues as Final Month Of Cage Competition Gets Underway3:32/181926
[ ]Reymert, Martin L.;Psychology DepartmentReymert To Attend Congress In Holland - Head of Psychological Laboratory To Represent Wittenberg at Meeting1:62/181926
[ ]Seniors;Plays;Roehner, Luther;Raker, RobertaSenior Class Sells Tickets For Comedy - "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" To Be Given at Fairbanks Theatre Monday, March 11:22/181926
[ ]Vesper ServiceServices To Be Held2:42/181926
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:32/181926
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;Scroll and QuillSophomore Class To Hold Election - Yearbook Officials To Be Named at Meeting March 31:12/181926
[ ]Student Activism;College EducationStudent Awakening2:12/181926
[ ]Radio Station WCSOTen To Broadcast2:42/181926
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Views On Church To Be Presented - Seminary Students To Give Talks at Joint Meeting1:12/181926
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)W. A. A. News3:22/181926
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenberg Cage Games3:32/181926
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Armstrong, RedWittenberg Cagers Lose To Wesleyan - Game is Loosely Played Affair; Armstrong Leads in Scoring; Keyser Stars while Leading Freshmen to Victory3:12/181926
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenbergers Lose To Miami - Miami Braves Outclass Lutherans in Saturday Night Battle at Oxford3:32/181926
[ ]Campus Appearance;Pitkin Jr., WilliamWork On Campus To Start Immediately - Officials of School Decide To Begin Improvement Program; Trees To Be Removed4:12/181926
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Harrison, ThomasYouth Movement Secretary Talks - Y. W. C. A. Members Hear Address on Outlawry of War3:42/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;Bach, Frederick Lewis;Akron Newspaper Lauds Glee Club - Songsters Sing Before 8,250 Persons While on Tour4:22/251926
[ ]Pre-medics ClubClub To Petition National Society - Pre-Medics To Seek Membership In Omicron Beta Pi1:62/251926
[ ]Beichly, RussellCoaching Job At Akron North Is Offered Lutheran Athlete 3:32/251926
[ ]Thompson, Charles A.Defense Made For Mexicans - Wittenberger Writes Article For Magazine2:12/251926
[ ]Declaration of Independence;Student ActivitiesDid Jefferson Sign With Pen? - Biographical Film To Answer This Question1:22/251926
[ ]Torch;EditorialsDiscuss Campus Problems In Open Forum, Editor Urges1:32/251926
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Dr. Keyser Speaks1:62/251926
[ ]McNutt, F. H.;MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaFaculty Members Address Students - Four Professors Will Lecture In Chapel Next Week1:52/251926
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Game Booked For 1927 - Wittenberg Will Meet University of Dayton Eleven3:32/251926
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.;Hamma Divinity SchoolHandbook Written1:22/251926
[ ]Faculty;Scholarship;AcademicsIdle Ideals2:12/251926
[ ]Vesper Service;Becker, A. O.Lenten Services Are Conducted - Vespers Are Held In Observance of Annual Season1:22/251926
[ ]Women's Missionary Society;MissionariesLutheran Women Purchase Home - Missionary Society of Ohio Synod Buys House Here1:12/251926
[ ]Roster;BasketballLutheran's Scoring In Buckeye League3:32/251926
[ ]Blue Key;Shatzer, C. G.Monthly Banquet Held By Boosters - Blue Key Members Are Addressed By Dean C. G. Shatzer1:32/251926
[ ]Honor Day Banquet;Musical GroupsMusicians To Receive Awards On Honor Day - Members of Music Organizations To Be Rewarded at Annual Banquet1:22/251926
[ ]Men's Glee ClubNot Kisses, But Kusses2:32/251926
[ ]Sports;Basketball; Oberlin Wins First Victory - Close Scores Feature Cage Games of Past Week; Cincinnati Leads in Scoring4:32/251926
[ ]Armstrong, Red;Bauer, Ralph;Sports;BasketballOhio Northern Five Loses To Lutherans - Contest Affords Fans With Amusement; "Red" Armstrong Leads Scorers; Ralph Bauer Plays Brilliant Game3:12/251926
[ ]French Club;White, John;PlaysPlays Are Given By French Club - John White Becomes Instructor In Pittsburgh1:12/251926
[ ]Sports;BasketballPrep "5" Downs St. Joseph High - Academy Boys Show Improvement on Defense; Stewart and Spitzer Star3:12/251926
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Professor Writes Volume On Origins - Macmillan Company Publishes Dr. Keyser's Book Defending Scriptures4:42/251926
[ ]Armstrong, Gerald "Red";Sports;BasketballRed-Head Leads Buck-I Scorers - Capt. Armstrong Is Showing Pace in New League With Total of 98 Points3:42/251926
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Reports Given1:52/251926
[ ]Scroll and Quill;The Wittenberger;Yearbook;McCleary, George;Intemann, C. AlfredScroll And Quill - Students Eligible For Yearbook Offices Named1:32/251926
[ ]Seniors;PlaysSeniors To Present Annual Class Play - Nine Students To Give Comedy at Fairbanks Theatre Monday Night1:42/251926
[ ]Sittler, Joseph;Oratorical Contest;Sittler Is Ranked Fourth In Contest - Women's State Oratorical Contest Is Postponed4:22/251926
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:32/251926
[ ]Publicity;Student EmploymentStory Contest Is Announced - College New Bureay To Give $50 In Prizes1:42/251926
[ ]Radio Station WCSO;Music Department;Students Broadcast Concert From WSCO - Each Department of Music School Is Represented on Radio Program4:22/251926
[ ]Wittenberg - HistoryWittenberg 10 Years Ago2:42/251926
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Wittenberg Cage Games4:32/251926
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenberg Cagers To Play 2 Contests - Denison and Muskingum to Oppose Lutherans in Games This Week; Godfreymen Have Never Defeated Big Red Quintet3:52/251926
[ ]Freshman CapsPermanent-style headgear to be chosen for Frosh1:63/41926
[ ]Huber, Dr. D. R.; Founders DayTo deliver principal address at Annual Founders' Day program1:33/41926
[ ]Mynchenberg, Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeLiberia is served by Wittenbergers8:1-23/111926
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergLife sketches of the college's 7 presidents1:33/111926
[ ]McNeill, Miss LeilaNative of Orkney Islands to join the English faculty1:13/111926
[ ]Armstrong, RedSport career reads like Merriwell Book5:33/111926
[ ]Armstrong, GeraldSports career reads like Merriwell book5:33/111926
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg from 1845 to present: a short resume3:2-33/111926
[ ]Jones, Rev. Paul Episcopal clergymanThe representative of the Fellowship of Reconciliation will speak at long chapel1:63/181926
[ ]Baldwin, Mrs. Maud JunkinMrs. Maud Junkin Baldwin, religious educator to visit Wittenberg.1:53/251926
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceBureau is organized1:24/81926
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsDelivers commencement address (pic)1:34/81926
[ ]Pfattsicher, Rev. E. P. D.D.Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church at Reading, Pa. will deliver the annual Kessler Foundation lectures4:34/81926
[ ]Schlichter, Dr. NormanPennsylvania poet speaks at Long Chapel2:44/81926
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesGiven by Dr. Pfatteicher of Reading, PA1:44/151926
[ ]Harbeson, C. C.Head of public speaking department at Oberlin College will deliver the principal address at Honor Day Banquet1:44/151926
[ ]Kiefer, Miss FriedaKiefer has been awarded a fellowship by the graduate school of Ohio State University44/151926
[ ]Krauss, Dr. Daniel T.Krauss to be assist. professor of business administration (pic)1:24/151926
[ ]Miller, Dean RossAwarded fellowship in pschology at Clark University1:54/221926
[ ]Songs (College)Mary O. Wolfe to receive $25.00 in gold for her contribution "Wittenberg for Mine"1:24/221926
[ ]Student Health ServiceTo be established by the college5:25/61926
[ ]Smith, Fred B.World traveler, chairman of the World Alliance for International Friendship, addresses the students at chapel1:65/61926
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Acting president of Thiel College, Greenville, PA to become dean of men at Wittenberg1:25/131926
[ ]Smith, Fred B.Discusses world fellowship4:25/131926
[ ]Sperow, GraceGranted a scholarship to study at Johns Hopkins1:25/201926
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Resigns from college to teach systematic theology in Hamma Divinity school1:25/201926
[ ]American Scandinavian FoundationAmerican Scandinavian Foundation elects Dr.Martin S. Remert as its head1:15/271926
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Article (pic)1:35/271926
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsCancels engagement as commencement speaker due to illness1:65/271926
[ ]Bishop, Dr. & Mrs. HomerDr. and Mrs. Homer Bishop from Smith College will become assistant professors in the psychology department5:15/271926
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInter-group song contest. Inauguration of first men's inter-group sing1:15/271926
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Keyser named assistant to Pres. R. E. Tulloss6:29/161926
[ ]Reiss, Dr. LudwigProfessor of Modern History at the University of Berlin becomes exchange professor1:59/161926
[ ]Keyser, Dorner L.Springfield Realtor becomes director of admissions. (por)1:2-39/161926
[ ]Students' Service BureauMany given employment. Student service bureau helps ambitious collegiansNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:69/201926
[ ]Australian Debate TeamAustralian Debate Team to meet Wittenberg Trio1:69/231926
[ ]Gettysburg CollegeGettysburg Theological Seminary observes its Centennial1:19/231926
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyOnly remaining literary society on campus holds its initial meeting1:69/231926
[ ]Home Economics Department;Bell, Charlotte;Jencks, ElizabethCampus Tea Room Serves Luncheons - Students To Act As Managers Each Week1:29/301926
[ ]Choir;Williams, John ThomasChorus Personnel Chosen At Tryouts - Prof. J. T. Williams To Direct Co-ed Musical Organization This Season1:39/301926
[ ]AutomobilesCollege Fords2:19/301926
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Mullendore, G. ErnestCollege Y. M. C. A. Holds Initiation - New Members To Be Inducted Wednesday Evening1:29/301926
[ ]Detrick, Raymond;BasketballDetrick Is Now Wesleyan Coach - Former Athlete Joins Bishop's Mentor Staff3:19/301926
[ ]The Ohio State UniversityDon't Be A Dumbell2:49/301926
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlDr. Carl Schneider Given Scholarship - German Student From University of Leipzig Studying at Wittenberg1;19/301926
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar;Community Fund DriveDr. Tulloss Heads Springfield Drive4:39/301926
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Drive To Close1:59/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballFigures Reveal Saturday's Game - Story In Digits Tells of Victory Over Kent Normal3:29/301926
[ ]FashionFreshman Co-eds Don Green Ribbons - Bow In Hair To Compare With Head Apparel of Men1:69/301926
[ ]Rumors;HumorGlances2:49/301926
[ ]Beemon, Bus;Sports;FootballGuards Fight To Play Against Hess - Bermon Will Probably Face State's All-American Star3:29/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;RosterHow Wittenberg Gained Ground3:29/301926
[ ]AdministrationInstructions For Interviews With Administration Heads4:29/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballKeen Competition Expected In Buckeye Conference This Year - Big Six Gridiron Teams Show Well In Season Openers Saturday3:19/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballLutheran Gridiron Team Begins Thirty-Fifth Season3:39/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballLutherans Resume Buckeye Hostilities - Cardinal and Cream Gridders Clash With Scarlet and Gray Ball Toters For First Time In Sixteen Years3:19/301926
[ ]Cheerleaders;Endley, John;Morris,Earl;Dreyer, Herbert;Geyer, RolandNew Cheer Leaders To Conduct Pep Meeting Friday Morning1:39/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryOn To Columbus2:19/301926
[ ]Travel;The Ohio State UniversityOn To Columbus Via "Bum" Route - Call of the Road to Summon Wittenbergers Saturday1:29/301926
[ ]Orchestra;Spenny, Lorin;Havens, Marabelle;Weber, Walter;Shanor, CarlOrchestra Officials - Selected At First Meeting of Group Thursday Afternoon1:19/301926
[ ]Hamma Divinity School;Bloomhardt, Paul F.Seminary Men Begin Series of Meetings - Hanna Divinity School To Hold Annual Stag In Hollow Thursday Evening1:29/301926
[ ]Campus Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:39/301926
[ ]Passenger Train;FootballSpecial Trains Chartered For Great Trek Eastward1:39/301926
[ ]Jensen, Claudius;Lindsley, DonaldStudent Assistants2:29/301926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;Ham, John Bennett;Bach, Frederick LewisThirty-one Singers Compose Glee Club - Prof. J. B. Ham Will Direct Male Songsters; Officers To Be Elected Soon1:59/301926
[ ]Football;The Ohio State UniversityTickets For State Game On Sale4:39/301926
[ ]Debate;Crowl, Lester;Gray, Theodore;Sittler, JosephVarsity Debaters Going Into Action - Trio Announced To Oppose Foreign Team; Women Tryouts To Be Held Thursday1:49/301926
[ ]Football;RosterVarsity Squad Statistics3:39/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;The Ohio State UniversityWhat State Did Last Year3:59/301926
[ ]Beemon, Bus;Bradley, Jerry;Armstrong, Red;Schroeder, Ducky;Miller, RoyWho Did It First?4:29/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Downs Kent Normal, 27 to 0 - Entire Squad Displays Great Form as Godfrey's Charges Romp to Victory in Season Opener Saturday3:59/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;Godfrey, CoachWittenberg Grid Stars To Invade Ohio State Saturday - Two Thousand Rooters Prepare For Great Trek When Lutherans Meet Buckeyes the First Time In Sixteen Years1:49/301926
[ ]Rohnert, Dr. ErnestDirector of the Kropp Institution, Schlesweig, Holstein, Germany addressed the student body on modernism1:610/71926
[ ]Riess, LudwigGerman exchange professor begins duty at Wittenberg (pic)1:310/71926
[ ]Gifts; CampusLandscapers begin work on arboretum1:410/141926
[ ]Chi Sigma NuChi Sigma Nu, new campus social group, is organized1:110/211926
[ ]Carnegie Science HallCornerstone laid1:5-610/211926
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolIndiana synod raises its quota from ten cents to twenty cents per capita for the Hamma Divinity school1:210/211926
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio station$5,000 station to be erected1:310/281926
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelAppointed to the Inner Mission Board of the United Lutheran Church1:410/281926
[ ]Board of MissionsBoard of Missions created at the International biennial convention of the United Lutheran Church1:210/281926
[ ]Mullendore, G. ErnestMullendore, G. Ernest of Indianapolis elected president of the Student Health Council1:510/281926
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaMusic fraternity organized on campus1:211/41926
[ ]Married Men's ClubOrganization of Hamma Divinity School4:311/41926
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish wit to clash with American logic1:211/111926
[ ]Riess, LudwigIll health causes professor to return to Germany1:411/111926
[ ]Kappa Phi Kappa; Pressey, Sydney L.Ohio State man is invited here. S. L. Pressey to address Kappa Phi Kappa meeting1:111/111926
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard installs 13 new members1:612/21926
[ ]Houck, Edwin S.Houck bequeaths library and museum to college departments1:1-212/21926
[ ]Student Retreat for the discussion of International RelationsOhio Wesleyan is Host1:512/21926
[ ]Board of DirectorsTreas. J. L. Zimmerman, Sr., authorized to borrow up to $75,000 to finance new laboratory building1:112/91926
[ ]Scroll and QuillOpens feature story contest1:312/161926
[ ]Shinowara, MaryReceives dolls for Japanese festival1:412/161926
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlTells how natives observe "Weinachten"4:112/161926
[ ]Shinowara, MaryTells of Japanese celebrations for New Year4:5-612/161926
[ ]Student Volunteers12 students in active missionary work4:61/131927
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Active in promoting higher religious ideals4:11/131927
[ ]Gospel TeamsAnswer need of community3:31/131927
[ ]Larsen, Miss Hanna AstrupEditor of the American-Scandanavian Review addresses the students and faculty at long chapel6:11/131927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarPrincipal speaker at Harvard's Appleton chapel exercises during the week of Apr. 24-301:61/131927
[ ]Kennedy, G. A. StuddartPrivate chaplain to King George V talks on science vs. religion at the Milwaukee Conference4:5-61/131927
[ ]International Student Association ConferenceSecond conference. Two hundred students attend World Lutheran Meet3:61/131927
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Social service commission does active work in community homes3:61/131927
[ ]Preston, W.D.Springfield freshman has passed the examination for admittance to the United States Military Academy at West Point1:11/131927
[ ]Telephone ServiceSwitchboard installed. Dorothy Mehan appointed operator and information clerk at Recitation Hall1:21/131927
[ ]National Student ConferenceThe first gathering of its kind in the history of student life in the United States. Wittenberg sends eight representatives3:11/131927
[ ]JournalismAdvance course offered1:41/201927
[ ]Arps, Dr. George F.Arps, Dr. George F. Dean of the college of education at Ohio State U will be the principal speaker at the regular meeting of Kappa Phi Kappa1:21/201927
[ ]Snyder, Frederick MerhleAssociate of the International Lyceum and Chautauqua to speak at long chapel1:21/201927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarElected director of the First National Bank1:21/201927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarElected President of National Lutheran Education Conference1:51/201927
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaInstallation plans completed4:41/201927
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlInvited to become a regular contributor to International Research Institute publication4:21/201927
[ ]Andress, Samuel C.Andress, Samuel C. '25 is on the board of editors of the Cincinnati Law Review1:62/31927
[ ]Snyder, Frederick MerhleAssociate of the International Lyceum and Chautauqua to speak at long chapel1:42/31927
[ ]Keller, FrancesMusic student died1:12/31927
[ ]Woodrow Wilson Foundationsoffer prize for essay on Wilson3:32/31927
[ ]Rose, Mrs. AliceRose, Mrs. Alice began her duties as instructor of public school music1:42/31927
[ ]Oratorical ContestState Inter-collegiate Old-Line Oratorical Contest held February 15th1:52/31927
[ ]Brief Survey"A Brief Survey" is the title of the February issue of the weekly Wittenberg bulletin, which is devoted to a summary of Wittenberg life1:12/101927
[ ]Armstrong, L.O.Armstrong, L.O., dean of the lecture staff of the Bureau of commercial economics, Washington DC, speaks at long chapel1:22/101927
[ ]Banker's CourseBanker's course offered by extension department3:32/101927
[ ]Strayer, Dr. George D.Discusses trend of Modern Education in chapel4:32/101927
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaLocal Fraternity to be installed as Alpha Tau chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia1:62/101927
[ ]Robinson, Dr. A. T.Robinson, Dr. A.T. of Southern Baptist Seminary lectures to the students of Hamma Divinity School4:22/101927
[ ]Easter Time DecreeEaster Time Decree affects college life1:12/171927
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaFormally installed4:52/171927
[ ]FellowshipFoundations announce the granting of fellowships for study in Scandanavian countries1:62/171927
[ ]Yost, CharlesDayton freshman drinks poison by mistake1:32/241927
[ ]Scroll and QuillInitiates (pic)1:22/241927
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationShall "Boost Wittenberg" merge with Women's League?2:12/241927
[ ]Mehus, O. Myking; Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceSuicide wave among students. Professors explain the situation in various ways4:1-32/241927
[ ]Arrow and Mask; Founders DayFounder's Day plans complete Arrow and Mask to give annual Pageant March 111:33/31927
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity men survey cost of living1:33/31927
[ ]Swoyer, Rev. JackSaga on "smiling Jack"1:23/31927
[ ]Health ServiceStudents benefit by new health service4:33/31927
[ ]AdmissionsHealth certificate needed at time of enrollment1:43/171927
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Long to be principal speaker at Hamma banquet1:13/171927
[ ]Hartwick SeminaryStudents organize club on campus4:33/171927
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStudio is formally opened3:13/171927
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerTo give a series of chapel addresses on "Life Problems"1:63/171927
[ ]Swoyer, Rev. Jack"Seek power through faith" is subject of address1:23/241927
[ ]Politics, CampusLet's have open politics2:13/311927
[ ]Wiles, Dr. Charles P.New president of the parish and church school board of the United Lutheran Church in America gives talk at the Schauss Fellowship meet1:63/311927
[ ]Lemen, CharlesSpringfield freshman to represent college in 3rd national intercollegiate oratorical contest1:13/311927
[ ]Burns, NormanBurns has been awarded the Sterling one-year scholarship to Yale (port)1:1-24/71927
[ ]Wiles, Dr. Charles P.New president of the parish and church school board of the United Lutheran Church in America gives talk at the1:64/71927
[ ]School of Business AdministrationTo be opened in September through the extension department and the Springfield Y.M.C.A.1:64/281927
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask will be first of the class honorary organizations to choose their successors this year1:55/51927
[ ]Lemen, CharlesCollege orator to compete in semi-finals of National contest in Detroit1:65/51927
[ ]Stecher, Mrs. Sorella M.Gives $2,000 as an endowment according to the terms of her will1:25/51927
[ ]Politics, CampusStudents express divided opinions on open politics1:15/51927
[ ]Politics, CampusWide open! Students politics maneuvered behind closed doors2:15/51927
[ ]Richison, Louisewill be entered in the State finals of the Women's State Oratorical contest1:65/51927
[ ]PlaysHaydn's "Creation" to be established as an annual affair1:65/121927
[ ]Fearless Flyer co-ed editionThe humorous sheet of the Wittenberg Torch35/121927
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulTo study abroad this summer1:15/121927
[ ]Plays"Creation" to be presented by 150 students1:35/191927
[ ]Women's Leagueinstalls officer1:55/191927
[ ]Thomas, Prof. R. P.Resigns his position1:15/191927
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlTo become Asst. professor of psychology at the University of Illinois for first semester, then resume work at Wittenberg1:15/191927
[ ]Vocational Counselis organized to advise in regard to their choice of vocation1:19/171927
[ ]Johnson, EleonoraBecomes manager of Ferncliff dining rom5:49/221927
[ ]Convocations; Krueger, Dr. F. K; German Youth Movement; Keyser, D. L.; TheologyConvocations held as College Opens: Dr. F. K. Krueger, Dr. L. S. Keyser Give Principal Address at Services1:39/221927
[ ]McPherson, WilliamDean of graduate school of Ohio State University to be principal at the National Convention of Theta Chi Delta on campus3:29/221927
[ ]Dornblaser, MinnieDornblaser becomes college nurse5:49/221927
[ ]Keopke, Richard P.; Hartwig, George H.; Purdy, Mary M.; Gebert, Otto C.; Nuberg, Maurice J.; Meredith, C. Palmer; Dornblaser, Minnie; Johnson, EleanoraEight new members of the faculty1:19/221927
[ ]Extension Division; School of Business Administration; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Extension schools will begin classes: Dayton and City YMCA co-operate with college departments1:69/221927
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Gardner, Martha; Reupsh, Carl F. ; Rilling, Roscoe C.; Warnes, AnnaFreshmen elect five members as class officials; Reupsch President; First Year Elections Are Held Under New Rules1:49/221927
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGrowth of college and higher type students prophecy more fraternities3:29/221927
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)In 1873 found the first bona fide newspaper established. It thrived until 1884 when the first weekly on the campus appeared, called the "Stylus". The Wittenberger was revived after 25 issues of the Stylus were published3:69/221927
[ ]Furlough HouseLutheran Mission House at 1132-1143 Woodlawn Ave. purchased 2 years ago3:19/221927
[ ]Wittenberg Weekly Wasp (newspaper)Made its appearance as a humorous journal in 18933:69/221927
[ ]Chemistry Department; International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions; Koch Hall; Psychology Department; Slosson, Dr. E.E.; Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsNew laboratories dedication will be featured at meet; Noted men to speak: Famous Psychologists to probe new field of science as major study1:69/221927
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulOn board Cunard Liner during dramatic search from trans-Atlantic plane "Old Glory"5:19/221927
[ ]Songs (College)President Tullose requested that the football song, beginning with the lines "When dear old Wittenberg men fall in line," be discontinued at football games4:49/221927
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Tulloss, President Rees EdgarStudent representatives confer with President Tulloss1:39/221927
[ ]Little Theatre; Sittler, JosephTheatre to be in Blair Hall; equipped under the direction of Paul R. Brees, Head of Public speaking dept.; Joseph Sittler added to Public Speaking Department1:29/221927
[ ]Wittenberger (annual); McCleary, George; Jackson, RogerWittenberg [Wittenberger?] has prosperous year: college year book makes largest profit in years9/221927
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees granted Master's degree from Michigan1:210/61927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsFirst at Wittenberg College. College center of world attention1:310/61927
[ ]Chemistry LibraryChemistry Library now open to students1:610/131927
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.; International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsChairman of the symposium on Feelings and Emotions conference1:210/201927
[ ]Chemistry BuildingChemistry building to be dedicated: description of the building4:310/201927
[ ]Reymert, Dr. Martin L.; International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsGive feelings and emotions. Biographical account (pic)1:410/201927
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsGives principal speech at dedication of new chem-psych building (pic)1:510/201927
[ ]Cattell, Dr. James; International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsHonorary chairman of Wittenberg Symposium on feelings and emotions1:110/201927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions; Stern, Prof. Welhelm; Pieron, Prof. Henri; Arnold, Dr. H. J.; Katz, Prof. David; Adler, Dr. Alfred; Claprede, Prof. E.;Speakers mix human interest with technicalities6:210/201927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsSymposium reaches second day session310/201927
[ ]School of Music;Hein, Prof.299 Registered In Music Dept. - Professor Hein Added To Faculty Of Music School1:610/271927
[ ]McCleary, George;Torch;Messimore, HazelAddition Made To Torch Personnel - Twenty Try Out For Positions On Editorial Staff1:310/271927
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesAdditional Society4:410/271927
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Blough, F. H.;ClassesAnnounce Twentieth School Anniversary - Dayton Y. M. C. A. Branch of Wittenberg Extension Department Has Rapid Growth1:510/271927
[ ]Lutheran Student Council;Mahr, Arthur;Council To Elect4:210/271927
[ ]Thompson, William;TorchEditor To Represent Torch At State Meet - Busy Sessions Planned For College Editors At Convention To Be Held At Miami4:310/271927
[ ]Ohio Synod;FacultyFaculty Renders Report At Synod - Four New Members Elected To Board Of Directors4:310/271927
[ ]Wetzel, Elsie;Famous Days4:210/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballFighting Lutherans2:110/271927
[ ]Passenger TrainGet Your Tickets Before Saturday1:410/271927
[ ]Kappa Delta;SororitiesKappa Delta Grants Theta Gam's Charter - Sixty-nine Members of Local Group Are Formally Inducted By National1:610/271927
[ ]Dad's Day;Cadwallader, HelenNew Features Are Planned For Dads - Stage and Screen Productions, Open House, and Barbecue Are On Program1:110/271927
[ ]Radio Station WCSONight Program Over WCSO4:310/271927
[ ]Orchestra;Bjorklund, AntonOrchestra Has New Manager - Plans Are Being Made For Annual State Tour4:310/271927
[ ]Heisey, Paul H.Professor Speaks4:310/271927
[ ]Reymert, Martin L.;Psychology DepartmentResults To Be Published Soon - Reymert To Arrange Pulication Of Symposium Results1:110/271927
[ ]Plays;Seniors;Brees, Paul R.Seniors To Produce Popular Broadway Play November 29 - Complete Cast Announced1:110/271927
[ ]Slater, John R.;Debate;Debate TeamSlater Announces Yearling Debaters - Fifteen Are Picked For First Year Men's Debate Squad; One Debate Booked1:410/271927
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:310/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;HumorSport Shots3:310/271927
[ ]Stryker, Harry;[Photo];FootballStellar Passer3:210/271927
[ ]Letter to the Editor;Class Registration;LibraryStudent Opinion2:210/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;Brief SurveyStudents Opinion Leans Toward A Victory Over Miami Saturday1:410/271927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsSymposium and dedication services furnish dramatic scenes1:210/271927
[ ]Humor;RumorsThis Commonwealth The Campus2:210/271927
[ ]Larimer, L. H.;Busch, G. D.;To Install Minister4:210/271927
[ ]Student Chest;Fund Raising;Veler, Herbert;Jackson, RodgerVeler And Jackson To Head Campaign - Student Chest Drive Will Likely Be Held Latter Part Of November1:210/271927
[ ]Busch, Pauline Rilling;Alumnae/AlumniVisits College1:110/271927
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)W. A. A. Board Meets3:410/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;Schroeder, DuckyWittenberg Beats Ohio University By 28 to 0 Score - Godfreymen Display Strong Running Attack and Excellent Line Threat; Schroeder Stars3:310/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Migrates To Miami Saturday - Critics Say Tilt Is State Grid Classic1:610/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Migrates To Miami Saturday - Sportdom Watches As Forces Gather1:310/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryWittenberg-Miami All-Time Dope3:310/271927
[ ]Health ServiceDeKorte, Arline named to fill vacancy1:511/31927
[ ]Song weekDevoted to the learning of Wittenberg songs4:311/31927
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilLutheran students will ballot. Two members elected from each of the four college classes as well as from the seminary student body1:411/31927
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaMusical fraternity petitioned for by group of coeds as sister organization to Phi Mu Alpha1:611/31927
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodNoted "Y" worker addresses students at long chapel1:111/31927
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationTo hold second annual meeting at Wittenberg1:311/31927
[ ]Townsend, JamesWittenberg's first coach visits city2:211/31927
[ ]Dad's DayBarbecue, Memorial Hall will be the scene4:311/101927
[ ]Dad's Day10,000 attend festivities1:111/171927
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaCharter granted for coed musical fraternity1:611/171927
[ ]Lutheran Seminary at LeningradLutheran Seminary at Leningrad will be aided in an expansion program by the Lutheran Student Council1:312/81927
[ ]Student ChestMethod of collecting pledges noted1:512/81927
[ ]Doerschuk, BeatriceMiss Beatrice Doerschuk, nationally known vocational advisor spoke at a special long chapel service1:112/81927
[ ]Student CouncilPlans to aid in raising $25,000 for expansion program of the Lutheran Seminary at Leningrad, Russia1:312/81927
[ ]Politics, CampusPolitics1:112/81927
[ ]American Psychiatric AssociationAmerican Psychiatric Association received an invitation from Witt to hold its annual meeting three years hence at Witt3:412/151927
[ ]GymnasiumBoard considers plans; will raise tuition in 1928 and 19291:212/151927
[ ]Chemistry BuildingChemistry - Psychology building dedication1:612/151927
[ ]Chemistry ConferenceCollege plans to publish record of recent chemistry conferences1:612/151927
[ ]Press and Journalis the name of Wittenberg's newest honorary group4:412/151927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsLet contracts for symposium results1:112/151927
[ ]Politics, CampusMore politics2:112/151927
[ ]Student VolunteersWittenberg sends 18 to Detroit student parley1:112/151927
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesActivities will balance activities with student grades. A report by Prof. O. Myking Mehus2:51/121928
[ ]Christiansen, Dr F. MeliusDr. Christiansen, director of the St. Olaf Choir, will present that choir at Memorial Hall Port.4:3-41/121928
[ ]Class RingsExpect senior fight on class ring discussion5:21/121928
[ ]Bay, Hassan B. KhaldiJerusalem, Palestine will enroll at Witt5:2-31/121928
[ ]Lunn, Miss EnidMember of the State Dept. of Education to be speaker at Home Economic banquet6:21/121928
[ ]Belmer, Rev. Dr. H.B.;DeathsMember of Wittenberg board of directors dies1:61/121928
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinNamed chairman of hte district of Lutheran Churches to raise $4,000,000 endowment fund for ministerial pension and relief1:51/121928
[ ]Student VolunteersReturned delegates plan to hold international student discussions5:31/121928
[ ]Class of 1871; Class ReunionsFifty years for Wittenberg. By Daniel Paul Grosscup (This poem was read at the 'Golden Reunion' of the Class of '71)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:41/181928
[ ]Lunn, Miss EnidDiscusses home and education3:11/191928
[ ]Dorst, J. WilburDorst, asst. General Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Assoc., died3:21/191928
[ ]FilmsShow first pictures today in Blair Hall, announce seven films for student entertainment at little theatre3:31/191928
[ ]Student VolunteersTo open series of international group discussions1:61/191928
[ ]ExaminationsAbolition of final exams has been agitated2:12/21928
[ ]DegreesEducation; Bachelor of Science in Ed. now offered1:22/21928
[ ]Central Ohio Industrial ExpositionCentral Ohio Industrial Exposition and Springfield Panorama of Progress: Twelve co-eds will act as fashion models1:32/91928
[ ]Cook, DorisFirst co-ed student-prof (por)1:52/91928
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlInvited to contribute articles to German symposium on Practical Theology at Univ. of Leipzig1:62/91928
[ ]Class RingsRings vs. spirit2:12/91928
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsSymposium echoes are again recorded1:12/91928
[ ]Honors coursesWittenberg to bestow honors on quartet at commencement1:22/91928
[ ]Women's LeagueAdopt shield as their insignia4:42/161928
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask recipient of $20 Alma Mater prize1:52/161928
[ ]Lindsay, BenCompanionate marriage as advocated by Judge2:12/161928
[ ]Arrow and Mask; Alma MaterPageant prize awarded to "Arrow and Mask," senior women's honorary society1:52/161928
[ ]Johnson, EleonoraCollege dietician1:32/231928
[ ]Economics DepartmentDept drops economics as a prerequisite for students wishing to major in business administration1:22/231928
[ ]Class RingsRings approved1:22/231928
[ ]Rhodes ScholarsStudents must file application with selection committee1:62/231928
[ ]Miller, Dean RossMiller receives appointment from War Dept. as Army chaplainNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:32/281928
[ ]Chemistry LibraryChemistry library criticism2:13/11928
[ ]Class RingsClass rings sample will be on display in bookstore1:63/11928
[ ]Krauss, Rev. PaulComing from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to speak at chapel4:23/11928
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlElected to membership in German Philosophical Society1:43/11928
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationFacilities have been increased at WCSO through purchase of new portable amplifier and microphones4:13/11928
[ ]Chemistry LibraryAnswer to criticism2:2-43/81928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaign for "gym" fund will be event of spring1:23/81928
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Nominate officers for election. Platforms stated1:53/81928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Now a member of National Amateur Group5:43/81928
[ ]Steiner, Edward AlfredSociologist to speak at Chapel services1:13/81928
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSponsors contest for best collegiate paper1:13/81928
[ ]Politics, CampusCome clean fellows2:13/151928
[ ]Founders DayPageant.4:13/151928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerPresent pastor of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Pittsburg Pa. to be speaker at Honor Day banquet1:23/151928
[ ]Steiner, Edward AlfredProfessor of Applied Christianity at Grinnell College, Iowa addresses long chapel1:33/151928
[ ]Student Health GroupVotes for reorganization1:13/151928
[ ]Problem-Project GroupsAppeal is made to student body for cooperation1:13/221928
[ ]Lindsay, BenFormer judge of Juvenile court in Denver, CO to debate marriage question with Rev. Sundberg2:63/221928
[ ]Sutphin ScholarshipsLaw school of Cincinnati College plans aptitude quizzes for students desiring scholarships4:13/221928
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Marriage question to be debated by Ben Lindsey and Rev. Sundberg2:63/221928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerSage of a real man; one who could play, fight study, and smile3:63/221928
[ ]ScholarshipsStudents with high grades to receive scholarships to Cincinnati School of Law4:13/221928
[ ]McPherson, WilliamDean of graduate school of Ohio State University to be principal at the National Convention of Theta Chi Delta on campus1:13/291928
[ ]Thrasher, KatherineFreshman is a member of a family which traces its lineage through a period of over a half century of continous representation on the college campus4:2-33/291928
[ ]Lindsay, BenLindsay approves small college1:23/291928
[ ]Lindsay, BenLindsay interviewed on the theory of companionate marriage1:13/291928
[ ]Washburn, CarletonSuperintendant of Winnetka, Illinois School speaks at the sixth annual Spring Education Conference of Clark County and Springfield Schools1:63/291928
[ ]Walters, Dr. J. E.Personnel expert at Purdue will address student body at chapel1:54/51928
[ ]Spelling BeeTorch sponsors old time spelling bee1:64/51928
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldEducational conference. The 6th annual session meets on the campus4:14/191928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerPortrait1:64/191928
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerAddresses annual Honor Day Banquet4:14/261928
[ ]Spelling BeeFerncliff league wins cup offered for best speller1:14/261928
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)First session of the state spring training program of the collegiate Christian organization held at Wittenberg during the past week4:54/261928
[ ]International Discussion GroupTo be entertained at Wilberforce University Sunday. Arthur Rugh, foreign Y.M.C.A. secretary in China led the discussion4:64/261928
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarHeads drive for new gymnasium and field house3:45/31928
[ ]Mills, RobertMills takes 2nd place on oratorical contest on constitution. To complete in finals Tuesday4:15/31928
[ ]Alpha Theta Alpha; Sadhe Aleph FraternityName changed to Alpha Theta Alpha4:25/31928
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSixth annual conference to be held on campus1:45/31928
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesDean hopes to limit activities. Concentration of offices in the hands of a few lowers the efficiency of the office and of the group as a whole4:15/101928
[ ]Reading and oratorical contestFirst high school meet is success4:15/101928
[ ]GymnasiumFund drive begins May 21st. Week long intensive drive to take place1:55/101928
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsSuccumb to a sudden attack of pneumonia4:65/101928
[ ]Morris, EarlTied for 1st place in the state peace oratorical contest. Awarded 2nd prize money2:65/101928
[ ]Buildings; Woodlawn Hall; Deaths; Sipe, Hilda; Fires; AccidentsOne killed, one hurt, when Woodlawn Hall burns1:65/171928
[ ]GymnasiumStudents to parade for fund drive campaign1:15/171928
[ ]Politics, CampusAgain, we say "come clean"2:15/241928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaign parade shows student interest1:25/241928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaigners give promising report at 1st luncheon1:35/241928
[ ]Honors coursesCommittee grants six honors courses1:45/241928
[ ]GymnasiumStudents launch 2 day campaign drive to aid fund drive1:55/241928
[ ]TrophiesTrophy case in new gymnasium1:65/241928
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaAlpha Delta chapter installed. Was formerly Delta Mu1:59/201928
[ ]Student ChestBoard meets on October 3 and 41:19/201928
[ ]Buckeye Athletic AssociationBuckeye Athletic Assoc. disbanded3:39/201928
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentFood course new1:49/201928
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Have a membership goal of 5001:39/201928
[ ]GymnasiumHouses razed for the new gymnasium1:49/201928
[ ]Spaeth, SigmundIntroduces civic music project. National director of community concert movement1:69/201928
[ ]Krauss, Rev. PaulAddresses chapel concerning materialistic beliefs3:19/221928
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergCollege has an enviable record in selection of seven presidents3:39/221928
[ ]Founders DayOfficials state aim of Founder's Day3:39/221928
[ ]Personnel DepartmentOpen for benefit of Wittenberg students. Vocational counseling and placement bureaus will help students3:19/221928
[ ]Flying Dutchman's PapPaper received by the appearance in 1866 of the Flying Dutchman's Pap3:69/221928
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic AssociationBuckeye Intercollegiate Athletic Association discuss athletic professionism in member schools3:39/271928
[ ]Burns, NormanBurns granted Yale Graduate scholarship for second time4:19/271928
[ ]Student ChestWittenberg in China1:39/271928
[ ]Massey, B. D.Massey, B.D. selected as an intern in John Hopkins Medical School4:39/301928
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNominate for the new council1:19/301928
[ ]Honors AwardsFaculty makes for new honors awards1:210/41928
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceService finds jobs for graduates1:110/41928
[ ]Student ChestWittenberg in China1:4, 2:210/41928
[ ]Dogs;"Bowser, Recite!" - Will Be The Next Request Made By Profs4:310/111928
[ ][Photos];Miller, Rob "Dutch";Van Hyning, Perry"Dutch" Miller, center and captain on the Wittenberg varsity... Perry Van Huning, smiling end of the squad...3:210/111928
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;Plays"Is Zat So?"1:510/111928
[ ]Plays;Brees, Paul R.;"Is Zat So?" To Be Senior Class Play - Play Coach Brees Schedules Play For Thanksgiving Appearance4:510/111928
[ ]Tsao, Ruth A."More Than Interesting" - Miss Tsao, Chinese student at Wittenberg gives her impressions of her new school1:210/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Humor;"Thru' the Line"3:510/111928
[ ]Freshman Caps;'Caps Cover Small Heads' - Such Is The Book Store Report On Freshman Caps4:310/111928
[ ]Debate;Brees, Paul R.;Sittler, Joseph8 Champs Back For Forensic Activities - 1928 Debate Conference Champions Will Be Augmented By First Year Men1:110/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Wittenberg University;Ohio University;All-Time Ohio Scores3:310/111928
[ ]College Life;ExaminationsAre You Prepared?2:210/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Athenians Feel Victory Certain - Roar Emerging From Lair Of Down State Bobcats Is 3:210/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Athens Invasion Scheduled Next - Will Be First Buckey Conference Game Of 1928 Football Season3:110/111928
[ ]Blue Key;Schneider, EarlBlue Key Meets1:110/111928
[ ]Theta Chi Delta;Ellis, ClarkChemists Meet1:510/111928
[ ]Student Chest;Fund Raising;Veler, Herbert;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Mahr, Arthur;Kleespie, GrahamChest Passes Goal Named As Minimum By $400, Says Veler - Total Is $3,9351:410/111928
[ ]Press and JournalCo-Ed Writers Plan Expansion - Press And Journal Slated To Meet At Chi Omega House Monday1:310/111928
[ ]Jackson, Florence;Vocational CounselCo-Eds Hear Speech About Occupations - Miss Florence Jackson Talks To Group At Ferncliff Hall On "Occupations Of Women Today"1:510/111928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA);Co-Eds To Hike For Eats, Prizes - Letters, Numerals, Sweaters To Be Awarded At Party; Hike On October 193:310/111928
[ ]Prince, B. F.;History of WittenbergCollege History Nears Completion - Eight Chapters Of Book Written By Dr. B. F. Prince Are Finished1:310/111928
[ ]Shaw, Avery Albert;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Denison Prexy Addresses Y. M. - Speaks To New Members of Men's Group At First Membership Meeting1:510/111928
[ ]Timmerman, Martha;Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpea Meets1:510/111928
[ ]El Khaldi, Hassan;McMillan, Ted;Dabolt, Fred;FencingFencers Divided Into Two Sections - Khaldi Names Veterans McMillan And Dabolt As Team Captains For Beginners1:410/111928
[ ]Hamma Divinity School;Larimer, L. H.;Krueger, J. F.;DeJerus, Eugene;Soler, James;Villaverde, JonasHamma Men Go To Convention - Two Faculty Members, Three South American Students Leave For Eerie Sessions1:210/111928
[ ]Heisey, Paul H.Heisey Visits1:310/111928
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;Sports;FootballInvite County Kids To Marshall Game - School Children From 11 Counties Issued Invitations To Marshall Game1:610/111928
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Keyser Speaks2:210/111928
[ ]Keyser, D. L.;Larimer, L. H.Keyser Speaks...4:310/111928
[ ]Student ElectionsPolitics2:110/111928
[ ]Radio Station WCSO;Radio Program Over WCSO4:110/111928
[ ]Shatzer, C. G.;Rhodes Scholars;Shatzer Receives Rhodes Conditions - Three Wittenberg Undergraduates Entitled To Compete For State Appointment To Oxford4:210/111928
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSocial Calendar2:410/111928
[ ]Campus Life;Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSociety2:310/111928
[ ]Sports;FootballSpirit2:110/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Big Ten Conference;State Squad Gives Locals 41-0 Defeat - Lutherans Fail To Even Threaten Goal Line of Big Ten Conference Schools3:110/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;TicketsStudent Opinion2:210/111928
[ ]Psychology Department;Reymert, M. L.Students Attend O. S. U. Psych Meets - Privilege Extended To Those Majoring In Psychology; Dr. Reymert Also Attends1:410/111928
[ ]Rumors;HumorThe Oven2:510/111928
[ ]Ulrich, Arvine;Student Elections;Mahr, Arthur;Blunt, PaulUlrich Calls Seniors To Meet Tomorrow - Will Break Blunt-Mahr Tie At 4 P. M. In Philo Hall Tomorrow Afternoon1:510/111928
[ ]Ulrich, Arvine;Raymer, Stanley;Keck, Albert;Student Elections;Blunt, Paul;Mahr, ArthurUlrich, Raymer, Keck Named Class Prexys At Monday Meetings - All Elections Close1:110/111928
[ ]Intramural Sports;Volleyball;Volley Ball Now Co-ed Sport King - Seven Teams Wage Strong Class Battle In Intra-Mural Tournaments Of School3:410/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Wittenberg's Schedule3:310/111928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA);Women Athletes Plan Hike Route - Walkers Slated To Do Six-Mile Trip Saturday Morning October 134:610/111928
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Y's Hold Retreat At Camp Knolls - Cabinets Of Both Groups Hold Annual Retreat Near Yellow Springs1:210/111928
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Schneider, AugustY. Plans To Hold Weekly Services - Schneider Schedules Supper-Devotionals At Myers Hall Each Sunday1:610/111928
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlProfessor in Australia4:210/181928
[ ]Gifts; CampusWalk project for campus begun4:110/181928
[ ]Beiswanger, George B.Beiswanger now Asst. Prof. at Ohio Wesleyan1:310/251928
[ ]Pig ChaseContest held at halftime of Bluffton and Wittenberg football game1:310/251928
[ ]Gerlough, Mrs.Gerlough will be new assistant in Home Economics until Miss Elizabeth Barker returns1:410/251928
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Mince meat sale an annual affair4:310/251928
[ ]GymnasiumBids let to contractors5:611/11928
[ ]SpringfieldBond issue for civic improvement1:211/11928
[ ]Gifts; CampusCampus improvements. Walks, drives, lighting included in program of change4:211/11928
[ ]Class GiftsClass gifts for half a century listed3:2-511/11928
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club has picture taken3:3-511/11928
[ ]Extension DivisionExtension Division holds classes in 6 cities in Wittenberg territory3:611/11928
[ ]Week Day Religious Educators of OhioFifth annual convention1:611/11928
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubFirst public meeting Nov. 91:211/11928
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHousing problem found in joint home3:111/11928
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Keyser publishes two books3:511/11928
[ ]Pig ChaseSecond annual chase1:311/11928
[ ]Crowl, LesWCSO announcer returns to announce Witt-Ohio U. game3:3-411/11928
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolUnited Lutheran Church increases seminary allotment1:611/61928
[ ]GymnasiumBreak ground on homecoming day for gymnasium1:311/151928
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubFirst campus appearance in public1:311/151928
[ ]Dengler, Joseph H.Joseph H. Dengler, Director of Austro-American Institute of Education, speaks in chapel4:111/221928
[ ]Kincaid, Mrs. E. C.Kincaid becomes first house mother for a fraternity1:111/221928
[ ]Krumbine, Dr. Miles H.Krumbine edits "American Lutheran Preaching"1:611/221928
[ ]Older Boys ConferenceOpen house. General campus open house to 1000 boys4:111/221928
[ ]Strobel, CarlSings to German classes4:311/221928
[ ]Rose, Edward E.Writes class play "The rear car"1:411/221928
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Member of advisory board of League of Evangleical students1:112/61928
[ ]Social Dances"Glide 'n Glide!" - Ball Room Artists Must Change Their Pace Now3:212/131928
[ ]Sports;Football"Thru' the Line"3:312/131928
[ ]Campus Life40 to 1,000 - That's How Many Clubs Exist For Campusites4:512/131928
[ ]The Wittenberger;Draving, Howard;McMillen, Ted;Schneider, John;Malone, Margaret700 Photographs Taken For Book - Draving Announces Initial Appointments To Wittenberger Staff1:212/131928
[ ]Thomas, B. P.At Coast Installation1:512/131928
[ ]Greenawalt, Samuel E.At Inauguration4:612/131928
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegiate Conference;AthletesB. I. A. C. Drafts Athletic Aid Rules - Coaches And Physical Directors Set Up Standard For Assistance3:612/131928
[ ]Enck, David;Ulrich, Arvine;[Photos];Blue KeyBlue Key Honors1:212/131928
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesCalendar2:412/131928
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationCheers Will Come From Stage Section - Boost "W" Will Place College Men In Special Seats For Yell Nucleus1:412/131928
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);PhilanthropyChristmas Part Given Children - Y. W. Gives Annual Party To Oesterlen Home Children4:612/131928
[ ]Sports;BaseballDiamond Sport To Open April 20 - All Buckeye Teams To Be Met In Home and Home Tilts; Others Pending3:412/131928
[ ]Edwards, Bill;Football;AwardsEdwards, Sophomore Guard, Elected Football Captain - 22 Varsity Men Receive Awards; 24 Freshmen Get Numeral Sweaters For Service In 1928 Season1:512/131928
[ ]Christmas;Student Activities;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Olson, JamesEvening of Caroling Booked To Commence At 9 P.M. In Entrance - Social Hour Planned1:412/131928
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Keyser, Joe;Knotts, Homer;Brickles, Johnny;Maurer, Red;Griest, CecilFive Veterans Form Nucleus - Sophomore Candidates Will Vie For Positions On Squad, However3:212/131928
[ ]Football;Sophomores;FreshmenFrosh Wins And Close Season - 6-0 Score Is Enough To Pass Yearlings Above One Season Veterans3:112/131928
[ ]SeniorsGo To It, Seniors!2:112/131928
[ ]Draving, Howard;HobbiesHe Keeps Stickers - Draving Spends Spare Moment Sending For College Stickers4:312/131928
[ ]Christmas;Santa ClausHe'll Come, You Bet He Will - Even Blase College Youth Makes Collegiate Attitudes Passe At Christmas Time1:312/131928
[ ]Heft, C. Donald;Schnur, Paul;Alumnae/Alumni;Tulloss, Rees EdgarHear Prexy - Graduates Attend Philadelphia Wittenberg Banquet4:412/131928
[ ]Home Economics ClubHome EC. Women Hear Authority4:312/131928
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Honors Will Be Given to Co-Eds - Hockey Girls Will Receive 100 Points Toward Athletic Insignia3:512/131928
[ ]Barker, Elizabeth;Shatzer, C. G.Is Progressing - Miss Barker Is Improving Rapidly, Shatzer Hears1:312/131928
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;PlaysNew Year's Tea Will Honor Campus Women - Dean and House Mother Will Receive, Assisted By W. W. L Members1:512/131928
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;University of Toledo;Harvard UniversityNews From Some Other Campuses2:212/131928
[ ]Radio Station WCSORadio Program Over WCSO2:512/131928
[ ]Ulrich, Arvine;SeniorsSeniors Plan Period Of Intense Second Semester Activity - Committees Named4:112/131928
[ ]Tau Kappa Alpha;Brees, Paul R.Seven Initiated Into T. K. A. Ranks - Forensic Fraternity Holds Induction Ceremonies For Platform Artists2:512/131928
[ ]Shatzer, C. G.;Beta Beta BetaShatzer Chosen - Dean Elected Honoring Member, By Tri Beta3:312/131928
[ ]Christmas;Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSociety2:312/131928
[ ]Jensen, E. A.Speaks On Loans1:612/131928
[ ]McMenamin, J. C.;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Tells Of Bowery - New York Y. M. C. A. Leader Speaks In Chapel Jane. 144:212/131928
[ ]Humor;HolidaysThe Oven2:612/131928
[ ]Humor;RumorsThe Professor's Joke Book2:112/131928
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;Kelly, Vernon G.;DebateThey're Busy1:612/131928
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Phi Kappa Psi;Pi Theta Phi;CrimeThieves Enter Campus Houses - Phi Gams, Phi Psis, Pi Phis, All Donate To Entering Robbers4:212/131928
[ ]Schwart, Charles;Wirick, Rebecca;Thomas, R. HaroldThree Winners Will Broadcast - State Prince Of Peace Declaimers For Past Three Years Now At Wittenberg4:512/131928
[ ]Intramural Sports;Volleyball;FraternitiesVolleyball3:512/131928
[ ]Christmas;FacultyWhat's Christmas to Them1:112/131928
[ ]Williams, J. T.;School of MusicWilliams Improving - Music School Prof. Will Resume Classes4:212/131928
[ ]Tsao, Ruth A.Addresses Women's Athletic Asoc. about women's athletics in China3:41/101929
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club organized as new social group1:61/171929
[ ]Schneider, EarlNamed commencement orator1:11/171929
[ ]Davis, JeromeYale Prof of sociology speaks at Witt1:41/311929
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilAnnual sectional conference meets at Wittenberg1:62/71929
[ ]Fritts, Rev. D.E.Fritts represents Wittenberg at the inauguration of Dr. James Lawrence Meader as president of Russel Sage College1:22/141929
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry A.General conference. Plans drafted by college men from 134 institutions2:62/141929
[ ]Henke, FrancesHenke named chairman of Alma Mater fete1:32/141929
[ ]Scandals, TheThe WIttenberg College comic magazine will make its first appearance in the campus1:42/141929
[ ]Todd, Professor E. S.Todd, Professor E.S. of Miami University speaks at chapel on Abraham Lincoln2:62/141929
[ ]Mills, RobertPlaced in upper four in Ohio Intercollegiate Old Line Oratorical Contest1:42/211929
[ ]Weigle, Dr. Luther; Swearingtalks on "contemporary overuse of profanity" at chapel1:12/211929
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationTo hold third annual contest4:62/211929
[ ]BlazersBlazers chosen as distinctive insignia for the senior class1:32/281929
[ ]Founders DayCelebrates 84th anniversary1:42/281929
[ ]FloodsFlood waters of 1929 disturb student morale1:62/281929
[ ]Heestand, Warren L.Heestand dramatizes life of Apostle Paul at chapel1:12/281929
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlReceives highest degree of German Universities4:32/281929
[ ]Student ChestOfficers elected1:53/71929
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipSpeaker at Founder's Day1:63/71929
[ ]Haworth, LoisA girl with a real voice1:63/141929
[ ]Powers, OliverHis life reads as a story1:1-23/141929
[ ]BlazersIdea of blazers as distinctive insignia dropped4:23/141929
[ ]Spelling BeeSecond annual contest1:53/141929
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.; Glass BlowingA course in glass blowing is given by Dr. J.W. Barker1:53/211929
[ ]Clark County Children's HomeClark County Children's HOme given an annual Y.W. party1:23/211929
[ ]Holl, LouiseHoll gives Wittenberg fourth co-ed championship in oratory1:13/211929
[ ]League of NationsOhio Wesleyan to sponsor imitation of L. of N. Wittenberg Invited4:13/211929
[ ]Student dressStyle leaders, evidenced by college men in choice of tie3:13/211929
[ ]Spelling BeeContest won by Rexana Hutchings2:63/281929
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Delivers graduating class sermon at Hamma Divinity School1:33/281929
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceTo hold session on campus1:54/111929
[ ]Tsao, Ruth A.Chinese student gives impressions of American customs1:34/181929
[ ]Carvan, Mr. & Mrs.Mr. & Mrs. Carvan present every faculty member and administrative officer with a copy of the book Chemistry in Medicine2:64/181929
[ ]Spelling BeeAll campus groups name entries for Witt-Torch contest1:14/191929
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceTo hold session on campus4:14/251929
[ ]Skull and ChainWill stage the annual Tay Day services1:14/251929
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Delivers graduating class sermon at Hamma Divinity School1:15/21929
[ ]Shinowara, MaryReturns to parents' home in Alaska after four years on Wittenberg campus1:25/21929
[ ]Seniors Recognition DayAn annual affair and marks the beginning of the graduate season1:45/91929
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask chooses four women at their annual tapping services in campus hollow1:15/91929
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Series of lectures to be given across country4:35/91929
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTo deliver Bell Foundation lecture at Gettysburg College1:45/91929
[ ]Morris, EarlTo represent Ohio colleges at the semi-final constitutional oratorical contest at Chicago1:55/91929
[ ]Oratorical ContestWittenberg sponsors 2nd annual contests to determine best orators, readers, with high school competing1:25/91929
[ ]Johnson, EleonoraBroadcasts at 10:40 on Wittenberg's radio station1:35/161929
[ ]Scroll and QuillIntroduces fourteen men at banquet at Heaume Hotel1:25/161929
[ ]CampusMemorial Circle. Classes of '29, '30, '31 cooperate to beautify the campus1:15/161929
[ ]Stobbs, William T.Becomes new head of the athletic department3:49/191929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic Code for early rushing adopted by co-eds1:19/191929
[ ]Yokoo, Mitsuevaluates the American campus1:3-59/261929
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationFor the first time six all-college dances are sponsored by the Boost Wittenberg Association1:19/261929
[ ]TraditionsMyers Hall freshmen victims of tradition4:59/261929
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaNational honorary psychology fraternity forms a chapter at Wittenberg1:49/261929
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyPrograms will be book reviews and addresses by faculty1:29/261929
[ ]Pennsylvaniansto hold banquet at semi-annual meeting4:69/261929
[ ]TraditionsTraditions2:19/261929
[ ]PennsylvaniansBanquet Tuesday1:410/31929
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty grants 14 honor course requests1:210/31929
[ ]TraditionsKettle1:110/31929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic Council revises sorority bidding method1:310/31929
[ ]FreshmenTraditional rules for freshmen set by "W" council1:610/31929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRush rules explained to Freshmen girls1:610/101929
[ ]Student ChestTag day eliminated2:210/101929
[ ]TrophiesTrophy exchange between Miami and Wittenberg1:710/101929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic rules obeyed1:110/171929
[ ]Gospel TeamsSpeak to over 3,000 people Sunday1:210/171929
[ ]Choirmaster, chair of created1:210/241929
[ ]Ames, Dr. ThaddeusAmes addresses long chapel, gives personal interviews1:410/241929
[ ]Chi Sigma NuChi Sigma Nu fraternity locates on Fountain4:510/241929
[ ]Imadsu, KenjiContrast recreation and music with America1:310/241929
[ ]GiftsElgar Weaver is donor of gift to Wittenberg1:310/241929
[ ]GiftsJ.H. Koch donor of large gift1:310/241929
[ ]Jacobsen, AnnaJacobsen leaves Zimmerman Library for the University of Cincinnati2:310/241929
[ ]Root, Mr. and Mrs. John A.Root, Mr. and Mrs. John A. of Plymouth, endow a chair of choirmaster1:210/241929
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Writes articles1:210/241929
[ ]Health ServiceHealth service open to students1:310/311929
[ ]GiftsOfficial Verifies reports of gifts by J. Koch and E. Weaver2:210/311929
[ ]TrophiesTrophy exchange rejected by Miami1:410/311929
[ ]Field House; Homecoming; FootballGrads stage annual invasion to witness traditional tilt: Faculty and students complete plans to entertain visitors Saturday; New field house will be featured in activities1:111/71929
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaPsychologists meet to organize1:311/71929
[ ]TraditionsTraditions displaced by modern customs1:311/71929
[ ]GymnasiumField house offers a new opportunity for college events2:111/141929
[ ]Fullerton, H. StuartFullerton promoted by Pres. Hoover to rank of Diplomatic Service Secretary2:311/141929
[ ]SundialInscription, "As a shadow such is life"2:311/141929
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Religious services conducted at Masonic home1:211/211929
[ ]Banker's CourseBankers meet in Extension course1:612/51929
[ ]Speech ClinicCourses offered1:31/91930
[ ]Association of American UniversitiesNational recognition if given Wittenberg1:61/91930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryWork to begin on new building soon (pic)11/91930
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club will move from Myers Hall rooms1:61/161930
[ ]Field House; Choir; BasketballGymansium Opens Feb. 14,15; Choir Sings; Team Plays1:71/161930
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Phi Kappa Psi; FiresHouse damaged by fire, causing loss of $1,5001:41/231930
[ ]Field House; Choir; Basketball; Telephone ServicePlans completed for Gymnasium's Opening Program1:11/231930
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirTo be heard by large group1:41/231930
[ ]Williams, R. P.Trainer retains world record3:61/231930
[ ]GymnasiumFormal opening of the new building1:72/131930
[ ]Cook, RosamondRosamund C. Cook, a journalist for women's magazines, will address members of the Home Economics Department4:32/131930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaEighth honorary society added to Wittenberg campus.1:12/201930
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaFormally installed1:22/271930
[ ]History of Wittenberg85th anniversary celebrated at chapel1:13/61930
[ ]Student ChestHas not been successful in the last few years4:13/61930
[ ]Morris, EarlHonored by faculty1:53/61930
[ ]Intramural SportsOfficials will inaugurate intra-mural sport program1:63/61930
[ ]Literary AwardsClub for prospective writers proposed2:13/131930
[ ]Founders DayFounder's Day marks 85th anniv. of college and 10th year of Pres. Tulloss' services as pres.1:63/131930
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Keyser heads conferences1:33/131930
[ ]Lewars, Elsie SingmasterEminent short story writer talks at long chapel4:43/201930
[ ]Class GiftsGift of Class '29 and Class '31 is a circle located at intersection of Meyers Hall walk and Reci-Blair Halls walk (description)4:13/201930
[ ]Student ChestCampus comment4/31930
[ ]PlaysDramatics move forward. The days of class plays are over2:14/31930
[ ]Spelling BeeJudge chosen4:44/31930
[ ]Varsity Night"Varsity Night" act planned1:34/101930
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiConstruction begins on new house4:34/101930
[ ]OrchestraEleven students start orchestra4:44/101930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryGround broken for new building1:74/101930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryGroundbreaking1:74/101930
[ ]Scroll and QuillLocal honorary journalistic fraternity for men becomes a chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon1:14/101930
[ ]Nursery SchoolOpens in summer1:74/101930
[ ]Pi Delta EpsilonPi Delta Epsilon accepts petition of Scroll and Quill, a local honorary fraternity1:14/101930
[ ]Convocations; Field House; Brockman, Dr. Fletcher S.; Harmon, Francis S.Students gather in gymnasium for first convocation: Noted speakers address practically whole student body1:44/101930
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInter-fraternity board adopts new constitution1:24/241930
[ ]Mother's DayMother's invited to come to the college as guests of Wittenberg1:54/241930
[ ]Student ChestPoll taken to obtain students' opinions on drive situation1:3, 4:14/241930
[ ]Varsity NightTen fraternities compete for trophy1:14/241930
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club entertains foreign students of twelve Ohio colleges and universities4:65/11930
[ ]Student ChestTorch polls show students' attitudes1:15/11930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaAccepts petition of Pi Epsilon to become one of its chapters1:55/221930
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaAssociation meets at Antioch4:35/221930
[ ]FellowshipGranted for the first time by the social group. To be known as "The Phi Mu Delta - Wittenberg College German exchange fellowship"1:15/221930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaPetitions for acceptance in Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority.1:55/221930
[ ]Student ChestStudent Chest1:6-75/221930
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyTo deliver commencement address1:35/221930
[ ]Phi Mu Delta; Wittenberg College German Exchange FellowshipWittenberg College German Exchange Fellowship1:15/221930
[ ]School of MusicFive organ studio1:59/181930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryObservatory, large telescope near completion1:49/181930
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubClub meets2:59/251930
[ ]Gianakoulis, Theodore P.Co-author with Miss Georgia Mac Pherson1:69/251930
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaCo-author with Theodore P. Gianakoulis1:69/251930
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Holds fall retreat at Cam Knolls1:59/251930
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWittenberg may relinquish radio station to WGAR1:29/251930
[ ]Patton, Prof. James W.2:410/21930
[ ]Student ChestBoard conducts unique Student Chest campaign1:710/21930
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationCleveland station buys WCSO1:310/21930
[ ]Speech ClinicOpens second year's work4:410/21930
[ ]Wittenberg PlayersStock company is organized for students1:410/21930
[ ]Masonic ClubTo meet for organization1:610/21930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; SpringfieldWittenberg is to be host for big celebration1:210/21930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; Piqua, SesquicentenialWittenberg to be host to celebrants of Battle of Piqua1:210/21930
[ ]Shinowara, MaryAlumni notes2:310/91930
[ ]Student ChestBoard conducts unique Student Chest campaign1:210/91930
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGirl's groups list...pledges1:310/91930
[ ]Dad's DayProgram planned by administration1:110/91930
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStation to sign off the air4;510/91930
[ ]Curtis, CharlesVice-President of United States will speak in special convocation1:610/91930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; SpringfieldWittenberg is to be host for big celebration4:410/91930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; Piqua, SesquicentenialWittenberg to be host to celebrants of Battle of Piqua4:210/91930
[ ]Campus CommandersWittenberger has jazz orchestra2:510/91930
[ ]Physics DepartmentBuys new equipment2:410/161930
[ ]Honors coursesHonors course students1;310/161930
[ ]Tigers ClubNewly organized Tigers Club achieves huge success in its initial effort to foster spirit1:610/161930
[ ]PlaysStock company to present war play, "Journey's End"1:510/161930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; SpringfieldWittenberg is to be host for big celebration4:510/161930
[ ]Classical ClubClassical Club is organized1:410/231930
[ ]Williams, Dr. Jesse S.2 speakers address students in convocation4:410/301930
[ ]Masonic ClubElect club officers1:110/301930
[ ]Student ChestFails to reach quota for 19301:610/301930
[ ]Sturtevant, Dr. SarahTwo speakers address students in convocation4:410/301930
[ ]PlaysCast (pic)1:311/61930
[ ]PlaysStock company to present war play, "Journey's End"1:111/61930
[ ]Plays"Journey's End"2:411/131930
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolEleven ordained by Ohio Synod1:311/131930
[ ]Hauswald, HansGerman student adopts American student method2:311/131930
[ ]Welsh Imperial SingersGroups bring famous singers to Wittenberg1:111/201930
[ ]PlaysStudents fail to insure success of campus plays1:311/201930
[ ]Welsh Imperial SingersGroups bring famous singers to Wittenberg1:512/41930
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg is readmitted to Buckeye A.A.1:112/41930
[ ]Hauswald, HansGerman tells of his country's physical work1:312/111930
[ ]Mees, Dr. OttoMees will speak1:512/111930
[ ]Hauswald, HansExchange student describes German recreational sport1:31/151931
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiNew house to be dedicated2:41/151931
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Wittenberg professor is painter, writer, musician1:21/151931
[ ]FinancesNearly 50% of students work during summer; men save more than womenNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:31/191931
[ ]BasketballBasketball 1931 Schedule3:21/221931
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club accepted by American Association of Commons Clubs1:61/221931
[ ]Les TravailleursEight students of French form campus group1:71/221931
[ ]Hauswald, HansLetter tells of Germany's unemployment conditions1:31/221931
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryClasses begin in new building1:62/51931
[ ]Sigma Pi Sigma; Psi ChiConvention votes changing Sigma Pi Sigma to Psi Chi4:32/51931
[ ]Hauswald, HansSkiing hold greatest winter attraction in Germany1:32/51931
[ ]Schaus FellowshipWill celebrate its tenth anniversary1:32/51931
[ ]Schaus FellowshipWill speak1:42/51931
[ ]Hauswald, HansWaterways furnish Holland's favorite pastime1:32/191931
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Faculty gives Springfielder highest honor1:12/261931
[ ]Founders DayProgram planned1:32/261931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesScholarship boosted1:52/261931
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg merited place as classical college 85 years ago4:32/261931
[ ]Hauswald, HansYouth inns give German travelers inexpensive lodging1:32/261931
[ ]History of Wittenberg"Way back When" men were men and classes fought1:13/51931
[ ]Founders DayProgram planned1:73/51931
[ ]Class of 1931Class of 1931 selects speaker for ceremonies1:33/191931
[ ]Kleespie, GrahamGraduate hears the stein song many times in London1:53/191931
[ ]Krauss, Rev. PaulKrauss selected as speaker for ceremonies1:33/191931
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolProfessor and Hamma students given farewell4:63/191931
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiInstallations mark passing of local groupsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:14/151931
[ ]Horseback RidingCoeds ride3:44/161931
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club accepted by American Association of Commons Clubs1:34/161931
[ ]Kleespie, GrahamConductor of tours tells of Oberammergau Passion Play1:24/161931
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNineteen will be graduated from Hamma1:14/161931
[ ]Plays"Lilac Time" to be presented as campus play1:64/301931
[ ]Honors coursesCourses are educational opportunity1:54/301931
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaMac Pherson writes original pageant.2:34/301931
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryNewest building open for student inspection1:24/301931
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaOhio Scholarship is awarded to Miss MacPherson2:3-44/301931
[ ]Mother's DayWittenberg will honor Mothers with program1:74/301931
[ ]Easton, EllenWomen elect Alma Mater Queen (por)1:44/301931
[ ]PlaysStock company to present war play, "Journey's End"1:25/71931
[ ]PlaysStock company to present war play, "Journey's End"1:65/271931
[ ]Social RegulationsFaculty and students name rule changes1:79/181931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:19/181931
[ ]History of WittenbergThe old and the new1:29/181931
[ ]Schilling, Dr. Hugo K.Two former professors died during summer2:49/181931
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma graduates to be ordaines1:29/251931
[ ]History of WittenbergLooking back4:39/251931
[ ]Commons ClubCommoners move into old hourse1:710/21931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCouncil sets forth new rushing code1:110/21931
[ ]Honors coursesEnrollment large1:210/21931
[ ]Chi Sigma NuFraternity disbanded; Kappa Phi to absorb activities, alumni1:110/21931
[ ]PlaysPresentation of long plays contemplated1:510/21931
[ ]Foreign StudentsWitt is host to students from many lands1:310/21931
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Convocation speaker talks on estimate1:410/91931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCouncil will try group buying plan1:710/91931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStewards of fraternities plan buying1:610/161931
[ ]Desclos, AugusteConvocation attended by student body2:310/301931
[ ]Bailey, MarshallInstructor to give original compositions1:510/301931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNumber of bids taken is decreased1:310/301931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSociety notes4:110/301931
[ ]Shepardson, Dr. WaylandJournalist to speak before student body1:511/61931
[ ]Bailey, MarshallThree music school artists give concert1:711/61931
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesBuildings on campus7-811/131931
[ ]Shepardson, Dr. WaylandConvocation addressed by noted man1:611/131931
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiJudges name house best decorated1:211/201931
[ ]Jack, FrancesTwice-crowned queen4:411/201931
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi accepts local group1:412/111931
[ ]National Student Federation of AmericaNSFA extends invitation to join1:212/111931
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationOCNA names Wittenberg1:712/111931
[ ]Registrar's OfficePreferential registration is adopted1:312/111931
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Resigns post at Divinity School1:312/111931
[ ]Johnson, IsabelWinner of trophy to be announced1:212/111931
[ ]Basketball1931-32 schedule3:612/181931
[ ]Foreign StudentsPhi Mu Delta exhange student Harold Arnold tells of life of an American collegian in Germany1:312/181931
[ ]Johnson, IsabelWittenberg queen named by students1:212/181931
[ ]Intercollegiate Disarmament CouncilDisarmament vote denotes student views1:41/151932
[ ]Spelling BeeFifth annual bee to be held1:41/151932
[ ]International Peace and Disarmament WeekInternational Peace and Disarmament Week1:11/151932
[ ]Spelling BeeFifth annual spelling bee to be held1:41/221932
[ ]Registrar's OfficePreferential registration is adopted1:71/221932
[ ]School of MusicReceives national recognition1:31/221932
[ ]BasketballTeam numbers 16 players (por)4:31/221932
[ ]Honors coursesEnrollment large1:22/121932
[ ]Hoge, WilsonOrator will compete at Heidelberg1:72/121932
[ ]Speech ClinicEight work in speech clinic of department1:52/191932
[ ]Hoge, WilsonOrator will compete at Heidelber1:42/191932
[ ]Founders DayConvocations will honor Founders' Day, Washington bicentennial celebration1:13/41932
[ ]BasketballReview of season3:1-23/41932
[ ]AthleticsBaseball and track not to be sponsord.1:33/181932
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Kappa PhiGroups to go national1:73/181932
[ ]Roskolm, TrygveNorwegian student tells of Easter celebrations in native land1:33/181932
[ ]Swimming and DivingWittenberg's 1st varsity team organized4:33/181932
[ ]Zanesville-Wittenberg ClubZanesville students petition to organize1:53/181932
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiMomber of group which will soon get national charter tells of local history of Alpha Theta Alpha, Sadhe Aleph1:34/11932
[ ]Roskolm, TrygveNorwegian compares America and native land2:64/11932
[ ]Alpha Theta Alpha; Sadhe Aleph FraternityTo get national charter. Member tells local history1:34/11932
[ ]Bergquist, GretaWittenberger wins first in State contest1:14/11932
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduation will be held May 11:24/81932
[ ]PlaysRevised cast will present latest play, "The Last Word"2:64/81932
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Theta AlphaTwo local fraternities to become chapters of national organizations1:24/81932
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduation will be held May 14:54/291932
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationOCNA names Wittenberg1:74/291932
[ ]PlaysRevised cast will present latest play, "The Last Word"1:64/291932
[ ]Mother's DayTo be celebrated1:24/291932
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationOCNA names Wittenberg1:75/61932
[ ]Mother's DayTo be celebrated4:65/61932
[ ]Plays"Death takes a Holiday" to be presented1:25/201932
[ ]American Bankers Association FoundationAmerican Bankers Association Foundation grants scholarship fund1:65/201932
[ ]FeesCollege cuts room rental, board costs1:65/201932
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWinner of inter-group sing1:35/201932
[ ]Coles, Dr. Henry L.Dr. Henry L. Coles opens research institute1:49/231932
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities announce freshman pledge list4:19/231932
[ ]Research InstituteOpen1:49/231932
[ ]Coles, Dr. Henry L.; Denton, Dr. Minna; Weaver, James; Weaver, Margaret; Hays, Prof. Lida; Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.; FacultySix become members of faculty; 13 leave1:69/231932
[ ]Myers HallCarry on program of redecoration in Myers2:69/301932
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty selects honors course students: 18 named1:19/301932
[ ]Foreign StudentsEight arrive from abroad1:610/71932
[ ]Sternbarger, OrrinFormer art instructor turns hermit; lives in tree 15 years1:110/141932
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities announce freshman pledge list4:110/141932
[ ]Sigma Phi BetaHas highest average for second consecutive semester4:510/141932
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGeneral Lutheran convention approves merger of seminaries1:110/211932
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarAddresses large Lutheran group2:311/41932
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodFamous lecturer, traveler, and author speaks here1:611/41932
[ ]Welsh Imperial Singersto give concert here Oct. 311:311/41932
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodFamous lecturer, traveler, and author speaks here1:511/111932
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) "Charm School" is most popular interest group; 40 attend1:211/181932
[ ]Plays"East Lynne" to be presented in January1:111/181932
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiAlpha Deltas and Phi Psis win decoration contests1:411/181932
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiAwarded plaque for scholarship2:311/181932
[ ]Varsity NightFourth annual Varisty Night planned1:711/181932
[ ]Barefoot, LoisHomecoming queen 19321:411/181932
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Professor's name is to appear in education book2:311/181932
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDirectors adopt resolutions to retain Hamma Divinity school1:512/91932
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarHonored in new volume4:512/91932
[ ]Deaths; Witzel, RalphStudent dies suddenly Sunday evening; was Theta Kappa Nu1:212/91932
[ ]Plays"East Lynne" to be presented in January4:612/161932
[ ]BasketballLutheran varsity cage squad3:212/161932
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association;Springfield High School52 Mid-Year Men Graduates of Springfield High To Visit Here - January Class To Attend Special Program Jan. 201:71/131933
[ ]Springfield High SchoolArtists Are Entertained3:21/131933
[ ]Beta Phi Alpha;Ping pong;SororitiesBeta Phi Alpha Wins Ping Pong Doubles3:71/131933
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association;Speech Department;Plays;Kany, Howard L.Boost 'W' Is Sponsor To Play Series - Department of Speech Will Co-operate With Association1:11/131933
[ ]Student ActivitiesBridge Gives Way To Jig-Saw Puzzles As Craze Hits Campus1:51/131933
[ ]Sports;Basketball - MenCagers Lose To Cincy 28-26 In Buckeye Opener - Wildcats Make Up 12-2 Lead With Rally In Second Half Of Game3:61/131933
[ ]Freshmen;SophomoresClass Battle Will Be Held At Half of Wesleyan Game1:71/131933
[ ]Debate Team;Debate;RosterDebaters Gain First Place Tie - Men Share Conference Title With Ohio University Team1:41/131933
[ ]Sports;BasketballDevils Break Even on Winter Court Journey - Detroit City, Bluffton Are Defeated; Wabash and DePauw Win3:31/131933
[ ]ExaminationsExamination Schedule4:11/131933
[ ]Sports;FencingFencers To Meet Dayton In Opener - Eight Non-Conference Meets Booked For Season3:21/131933
[ ]Ferncliff Hall;Immell, Ruth;Women's LeagueFerncliff Women Prepare For Opening of Redecorated Room1:21/131933
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Gospel TeamsGospel Team Is Active In City - Y.M.C.A. Has Conducted 14 Services Since Fall1:11/131933
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar;[Photo];Liberal ArtsHeads Liberal Arts Movement1:51/131933
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Rivalry;Letter to the EditorIn The Torch Mail2:11/131933
[ ]Lindsay, Homer;Sports;BasketballIndiana Team To Clash With Frosh - Former Wittenberg Athlete Is Coach Of Team3:71/131933
[ ]Intramural Sports;Alpha Xi DeltaIntramural Court Games Are Played - Independents II and Alpha Xi's Win first Contests3:51/131933
[ ]Kappa Phi Kappa;Heisey, Paul H.Kappa Phi Kappa To Hold Meeting - Dr. Heisey To Give Address On Danish Schools1:71/131933
[ ]Stobbs, W. T.;Detrick, Ray;Grover, Brandon T.;Maurer, Johnny;Halliday, John;Dandelet, Tom;[Photos];Sports;BasketballLead Buckeye Teams In Race3:41/131933
[ ]The Wittenberger;SororitiesNames Group Photo Dates - "Miss Wittenberg" Sales Campaign To Close Tuesday1:21/131933
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;Hanson, H. W.;Fenn College;Muskingum College;Case School of Applied Science;Einstein, AlbertOn Other Campuses3:31/131933
[ ]Humor;RumorsPeepings2:21/131933
[ ]Pi Kappa Sigma;ElectionsPi Kappa Sigma Elects Offices For This Year1:71/131933
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha;Alpha Tau Omega;Intramural Sports;BasketballPi Kaps, A.T.O. Gain Early Lead In Basketball - Eight Games Open First Week In The Intramural Cage Sport3:11/131933
[ ]Class Registration;Hannaford, GraceRegistration Being Completed Next Week; Freshmen Are Last - Juniors and Seniors To Receive Tickets Jan. 26-271:21/131933
[ ]Sports;Basketball - WomenSoph Team Leads In Women's Tourney3:51/131933
[ ]Hansen, C. R.;Elections;Politics;Gangs - ChicagoSpeaker Flays Gang Politics - C.R. Hansen Reveals Corrupt Methods of Chicago Gangsters1:51/131933
[ ]Sports;Basketbally;Intramural SportsStrictly Amateur3:21/131933
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSuperstition Disregarded as Groups Hold Dances Tonight2:31/131933
[ ]Sports;BasketballWomen Win From Antioch Cagers - Upper and Underclass Teams Score Victories3:51/131933
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Kiester, Charles;Renz, PaulY.M. To Hold Meeting Jan. 17 - Three Graduates Will Discuss Spirit of Christ on Campus1:61/131933
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Degler, Ann;Foreign StudentsY.W. Women Hold Meeting - Members Are Entertained on World Fellowship Day1:31/131933
[ ]Hansen, C. RoyCrime Lecturer thanks college1:51/201933
[ ]AthleticsProposed denominational league approved only as last resort by Wittenberg3:11/201933
[ ]Morris, EarlAlumnus named for law honor1;42/101933
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinDelivers addresses on radio1:22/101933
[ ]Burns, Vincent J.Poet talks at student gatherings1:12/101933
[ ]Plays"East Lynne" to be presented in January1:72/241933
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask plans to go national1:52/241933
[ ]Plays"East Lynne" to be presented in January1:43/31933
[ ]Founders DayFounders' program is complete1:43/31933
[ ]FinancesGrave financial situation creates tension among students and administrative heads1:13/31933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:73/31933
[ ]Bergquist, GretaFaculty selects student speaker1:43/171933
[ ]Founders DayFounders' program is complege1:23/171933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:13/171933
[ ]BaseballTen games scheduled for season after lapse of 4 yrs.3:13/171933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:33/311933
[ ]Cadman, Dr. Charles WakefieldCadman to present recital in chapel1:23/311933
[ ]League of NationsModel League of Nations will assemble in April1:13/311933
[ ]Research InstituteNew service to be installed1:53/311933
[ ]Cadman, Dr. Charles WakefieldCadman to present recital in chapel1:74/71933
[ ]FeesCollege to institute new fee plan1:24/71933
[ ]Honorary organizationsGroups asked to file data1:64/71933
[ ]League of NationsHold model assembly of league1:34/71933
[ ]Simmonds, O.E.Present British war debt views1:54/71933
[ ]Class of 1933Class of '33 selects motto, colors1:24/281933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School will graduate nine1:54/281933
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRegistrar releases semester average2:54/281933
[ ]Harris, Capt. KilroySoldier - traveler talks on Australia3:64/281933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:45/51933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School will graduate nine1:15/51933
[ ]Mother's DayMothers will be honored by students and faculty with weekend activities1:75/51933
[ ]BaseballTeam Portrait3:35/51933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:15/121933
[ ]History of Wittenberg$21 paid full tuition, fees, in 1871, old receipt shows1:75/121933
[ ]Honorary organizations22 honoraries answer query1:25/121933
[ ]Mother's DayMothers will be honored by students and faculty with weekend activities1:45/121933
[ ]Plays"Ingomar" to be presented1:45/191933
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelExpires May 11. Was in first Hamma class1:25/191933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolOhio synod ordains three Hamma grads at Wooster2:55/191933
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty names1:55/261933
[ ]Gebert, Otto O.;DeathsFormer Spanish teacher at Wittenberg dies in Detroit3:15/261933
[ ]Summer Courses492 enroll1:69/221933
[ ]Clausen, Dr. ClarenceDr. Clarence Clausen is new professor (por)1:49/221933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolList of students (fall 1933)1:59/221933
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledging4:19/221933
[ ]Coles, Dr. Henry L.Two faculty members go1:49/221933
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin Franklin;DeathsWittenberg's "grand old man" dies at age of 93; has association of 73 years with Wittenberg1:39/221933
[ ]Sports;Football;Photos;Schaefer, Tid1933 Freshman Football Squad3:39/291933
[ ]College Life;Rumors;HumorBeyond the Pale With Paschold1:49/291933
[ ]Brees, P. R.;Plays;DramaBrees Will Direct One Act Plays - "Passing of Mr. Peel" Is Title Of Play To Be Given Wednesday, Oct. 41:19/291933
[ ]Chakeres, Christine;Sun, Paul;Fischer, William;TorchChakeres Secures Editorial Position - Sun and Fischer Are Picked For Sports Staff2:49/291933
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association;Student Elections;PoliticsClasses To Elect Heads Monday - Annual Fall Elections Will Be Held in Study Hall; Split Appears in Political Set Up1:59/291933
[ ]Cosmopolitan Club;Foreign StudentsClub Conducts Initial Meeting - Cosmopolitan Members Are Ghosts At Reception2:49/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball2:19/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Contest3:79/291933
[ ]Physical EducationFree Swimming Periods for Women Announced3:29/291933
[ ]Miller, Ross;Chapel;FreshmenFreshmen Will Hold Chapels - Will Present Program Of Worship, Music, Speakers1:39/291933
[ ]Home Economics Department;Home Economics ClubHome Economics Club Gives Party - Freshmen Girls To Be Honored At Annual Dinner1:59/291933
[ ]Jensen, E. A.Jensen Is Delegate1:19/291933
[ ]Dixon, Jim;Jones, Gene;McAfee, Larry;Koenig, Bob;Barlow, Chuck;Delcig, Chief;Bradstreet, Curt;Hofelich, Chuck;Pence, MylesLutheran Athletes Secure Positions - Dixon Is Coach At Bellaire; Hofelich At Cleveland3:49/291933
[ ]Physical EducationMen's Swimming Periods Announced By Board3:79/291933
[ ]Hannaford, Grace;RegistrarMiss Grace Hannaford Returns to Duties Oct. 11:69/291933
[ ]The Witt;Fritsche, William;Adams, LucilleN.R.A. Is Theme Of Current Witt - Fritsche Makes Announcement of Staf For 1933-342:59/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballNew Member of B.A.A. Has Full Grid Schedule - Marshall College Expected To Make Strong Bid For Title3:69/291933
[ ]Weaver, James;Physics DepartmentPhysics Classes Largest In Department History3:59/291933
[ ]Greek Pledges;Fraternities;Interfraternity CouncilRushing2:19/291933
[ ]Intramural Sports;Alpha Tau OmegaSchedule Is Out For Fall Intramurals - ATO's to Defend Speedball Championship In League A3:39/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballSeven Lettermen Included In Starting Lineup Against City College of Detroit Tonight - Lutheran Gridmen Primed For 1933 Curtain Raiser3:19/291933
[ ]Sigma Alpha Iota;Musical EventsSigma Iota To Entertain Freshmen Girls3:49/291933
[ ]Budget;Humor;SororitiesSorority Budget Troubles Might Fade If Pinless Wonders Paid Lounging Fees1:69/291933
[ ]Wiles, Strawberry Blonde AddisonStudent Caterer Gets Concession - Wiles Employs Harbour As Chief Barker in 'New Deal'3:59/291933
[ ]Freshman Caps;FreshmenStudents Hold Rally Tonight - Freshman Cap Deadline Set For Tonight's Game1:69/291933
[ ]Humor;Rumors;Campus LifeThe Backbiter2:29/291933
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Student Activities;Social DancesTwo Fraternities Open Social Season with Dances; Football Is Subject of First Fall Hops4:19/291933
[ ]Brees, P. R.;Debate;Debate TeamVarsity Debate Drill Starts - Van Riper, Kruger Lecture To Men's Squad On Topic1:59/291933
[ ]The Wittenberger;Wentz, Donald;Swartz, James;Hawk, Margarette;Kniesser, John;YearbookWentz Fills Year Book Vacancies - Augustine, Hawke, Swartz, Kneisser Are Given Positions1:49/291933
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Heisey, P. H.Y.M. Cabinet Has Meeting - Heisey To Speak In First Meeting Of Group On Tuesday1:29/291933
[ ]SororitiesYearling's Ears Burn As Sorority Femmes Begin Deciding Who to Honor with Button1:19/291933
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty picks 11 for honors1:610/61933
[ ]WrestlingMay be introduced here3:310/61933
[ ]Brass QuartetQuartet starts four years ago4:410/61933
[ ]United Students AssociationTakes decisive victory over GWP1:610/61933
[ ]Von Preuschen, Baron Hans J.impressed with activities of American cities1:510/131933
[ ]Manny, RoseManny enjoys sights in Germany2:410/131933
[ ]Gehring, EstherHail the (Homecoming) Queen!2:310/201933
[ ]Football, History ofWitt has four undefeated grid teams in 40 years; was first intercollegiate sport here3:310/201933
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledging4:111/31933
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaMacPherson to speak in poetry society meeting4:211/101933
[ ]Buildings; Myers HallNew tower is not roost for birds, say authorities2:311/101933
[ ]PlaysIbsen drama "Ghosts" staged1:511/171933
[ ]ConvocationsIlls studied1:611/171933
[ ]AthleticsWithdrawal from Buckeye is final1:711/171933
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.One of three professors installed1:312/81933
[ ]Varsity NightPhi Mu Delta wins contest1:512/81933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolThree professors are installed1:312/81933
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDirectors not to merge Hamma1:612/141933
[ ]BasketballBasketball 1934, Roster3:11/121934
[ ]FinancesNearly one-third of Witt students earn portion of expenses1:31/121934
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club is to disband1:41/191934
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Stobbs, BillAlong The Sidelines3:22/91934
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Shelton, Fred;Gardner, Martha;Houk, Raymond A.;Folckemer, Mary DoryAlumni Notes2:52/91934
[ ]Arnold, Henry J.;Psychology DepartmentAnnounces New Project Topics - Book Reviews, Psychological Studies Will Be Employed1:62/91934
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega;Intramural Sports;Fraternities;Pi Kappa AlphaATOs, Dorm Undefeated In Court Race - Pi Kaps Lead In B League And Handball Competition3:32/91934
[ ]Humor;Rumors;College LifeBeyond the Pale With Paschold2:42/91934
[ ]College CostsBook Cost2:12/91934
[ ]Bridge Tournament;FraternitiesBridge Meet Starts Feb. 20 - Buescher Heads Committee In Charge Of Annual Tournament1:42/91934
[ ]Cosmopolitan Club;Foreign StudentsClub To Stage Annual Event - Sixth Cosmopolitan Nite To Be Given in Blair Theatre1:72/91934
[ ]Blough, W. H.;Brees, Paul R.;PlaysCollege To Present Promotion Play - Brees and Blough Sponsors, Plan To Dray Students1:62/91934
[ ]Student Chest;Fund RaisingDrive Short Goal By $200 - Collection Has Started With $170 Already Paid On Pledges1:32/91934
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);EnrollmentExtension Scool Enrollment Falls - Slight Decrease Is Noted In Number Of Students Entering2:32/91934
[ ]Sports;Fencing;Izenour, George;Neuman, "Spike"Fencing Team Loses To Case, Michigan State - Izenour, Former Student-Coach Returns To Squad3:52/91934
[ ]Student AidHave No New Data On CWA - Project Aimde To Provide Aid For Needy Students1:12/91934
[ ]Jensen, E. A.Jensen Talks At Junior High Of Father's Club1:52/91934
[ ]Blue Key;Boost Wittenberg AssociationLeaders2:12/91934
[ ]Holidays;Ferguson, Jack;James, RoyLent Is Next Ordeal Taxing Student Body1:42/91934
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving - MenMermen Drop Meets To Case And Cincinnati - Meet Western Reserve, Fenn At Cleveland This Weekend3:42/91934
[ ]Hendricks, Clarence;[Photo];Sports;BasketballOut for Season3:42/91934
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Campus Activities;Social DancesPan-Hellenic Formal Will Close Round of Social Life Tonight4:12/91934
[ ]Arrow and Mask;Founders DayPlan Program1:32/91934
[ ]Sports;BasketballRed Devils Blast Bobcat Title Hopes In First Victory Away From Home; Win 37-32 - Lutherans Win Three of Last Four Conference Games To Take Fourth Place; Beat Ohio Twice3:12/91934
[ ]Finances;Student Loans;JobsStudents Earn and Spend According To Trend of Depression, Figures Reveal1:12/91934
[ ]Sultzbach, RichardSultzbach Places1:12/91934
[ ]Sundberg, Rosemary;Morris, Dorothy;Adams, LucilleSundberg Chosen To Give Oration - Morris To Enter Reading Competition2:32/91934
[ ]Humor;RumorsThe Backbiter2:22/91934
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenberg Meets Green Wave At Huntington Tomorrow Night; Three Games On Tap Next Week - Stobbsmen Out To Avenge Only Defeat On Home Floor3:62/91934
[ ]Thomas, Harold;International Relations;League of NationsWittenberg Will Enter State Meet - International Relations Club Will Have Change Of Affair1:12/91934
[ ]Debate;Brees, Paul R.Women Debaters To Meet Earlham Next Tuesday3:72/91934
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Matthys, Mildred;Xander, ClydeY.W.C.A. Chooses Junior Cabinet - Group Honors 25 Girls With Recognition4:42/91934
[ ]School of MusicAssociation recognizes Wittenberg1:12/161934
[ ]Plays"The Importance of Being Ernest" to go on road soon1:23/21934
[ ]Williams, John ThomasWittenberg a capella choir to visite thirteen cities on a two week tour of three sates (pic)1:53/21934
[ ]Truancy;Student LifeCutting requires a certain technique, says reporter who offers a few rules of the game1:33/161934
[ ]Founders DaySpeech and pageantdepict history and founding of college1:23/161934
[ ]Plays"The Importance of Being Ernest" to go on road soon3:73/231934
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipThirty years' service to Wittenberg, and still energetic and loyal1:23/231934
[ ]OrchestraTo take week's trip1:13/231934
[ ]Plays"The Importance of Being Ernest" to go on road soon1:34/131934
[ ]Works, Dr. George A.Commencement speaker is named1:54/131934
[ ]OrchestraComplete tour1:24/131934
[ ]Hansel and GretelMusic groups to sponsor opera1:44/131934
[ ]Plays"The Importance of Being Ernest" to go on road soon1:64/271934
[ ]Augustine, MaryCoed wins contest. W. Winchell selects1:44/271934
[ ]Plays"Liliom" to be this year's production1:15/181934
[ ]Class of 1934Seniors near year's close (1934)1:55/181934
[ ]Parents WeekendWitt to honor mothers and fathers with service, dinner, and shows this weekend1:55/181934
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas to visit campus1:65/251934
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma-ites to graduate1:15/251934
[ ]PlaysSet for "liliom" to cost $3001:55/251934
[ ]Wilson, Hon. P. WhitwellFormer M.P. to speak here soon1:19/281934
[ ]Sternheim, Dr. EmanuelAuthor to speak here on Monday1:310/51934
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororities announce new members4:110/51934
[ ]Sternheim, Dr. EmanuelForm new ideas, says Sternheim1:110/121934
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulOne of 12 faculty named in "Who's Who"1:510/121934
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.One of twelve faculty members to be named to Who's Who1:510/121934
[ ]Who's Who in AmericaTwelve faculty members listed1:510/121934
[ ]Plays"Rope" to be presented on October 31st2:410/201934
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWins homecoming display contest1:310/201934
[ ]PlaysSeason opens1:511/21934
[ ]CampusRock pile will be used for new overlook4:311/91934
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; HazingBan sweat-box tactics in rushing1;411/161934
[ ]PlaysWittenberg players to present "Men must fight"1:611/161934
[ ]OrchestraPrepares for first concert program2:511/231934
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity NightBeer garden places first1:312/71934
[ ]PlaysCast to present movie favorite tomorrow evening1:112/71934
[ ]BaseballLutherans schedule 9 conference games3:112/141934
[ ]PlaysPlay depicts conflict in family of U.S. Secretary of State because of war1:112/141934
[ ]Smith, Dr. Sherman speak in convo4:21/181935
[ ]Levitski, Mischa"If in doubt, don't enter music profession", says Levitski1:41/251935
[ ]PlaysThird play. "The Doll's House" to be presented1:71/251935
[ ]Smith, Dr. Sherman speak in convo1:21/251935
[ ]Plays"Doll's House" draws close1:32/151935
[ ]Ames, Sir HubertCanadian statesman to speak on war aftermath1:33/11935
[ ]History of WittenbergCollege life of "best american essayist" reveal the Wittenberg of 65 years ago1:13/11935
[ ]Ames, Sir HubertAmes presents post-war view1:23/81935
[ ]History of WittenbergTuition of Wittenbergers in 1845 was 1/9 of present cost1;33/81935
[ ]Smith, Ethlyndewill present program in convocation at Field HouseNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:33/231935
[ ]Founders Day270 students to take part in pageant1:53/291935
[ ]PlaysStudents present "Doll's House" on radio programNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:44/31935
[ ]Founders Day270 students to take part in pageant1:54/51935
[ ]Smoller, Rabbi Phineasto speak here2:54/51935
[ ]Plays'Beer' To Flow As Players Present Bar Room Drama - Whiskers, Tin Cans, Grapefruit, Hisses Will Lend Atmosphere For Temperance Play1:14/121935
[ ]Sports;Basketball;National NewsAnnounce Next Years Basketball Schedule; Coaches Change Rules - Pivot Play, Center Jump Affected By New Rules3:44/121935
[ ]Baldwin, James;[Photo];Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Baldwin Is New Y.M. President - Plans Reorganization; Officers To Attend State Meeting1:24/121935
[ ]Theta Kappa Nu;Fraternities and Sororities;Shatzer, C. G.Banquet Commemorates Day Of Founding of Fraternity; Dean Shatzer Gives Address4:14/121935
[ ]Student Fiction;PoetryBy Student Pen: Second Calvary2:24/121935
[ ]Student Fiction;ProseBy Student Pen: Silence - A Short Story2:14/121935
[ ]Shaffer, A. B.;Pershing, B. H.;Birch, Thomas Bruce;Lind, K. G.;Miller, Ross;Izenour, George;Shatzer, C. G.;Clause, C. A.;Kruger, F. K.Classroom Quotes2:34/121935
[ ]Siewert, MinCoaches Grab Wins In Open Handball Tournament Here3:24/121935
[ ]Armstrong, Edla;Rose, Mary Swartz;Home Economics DepartmentConvention Elects Armstrong As State Secretary3:14/121935
[ ]Adams, Charles Ryan;Imhoff, RogerDr. Adams Will Speak At Meet - Hamma Students Sponsor Peace Program Today1:44/121935
[ ]Engineers' Club;Physics Department;Engineers See Demonstration - Club Will Hold Next Meeting May 21:64/121935
[ ]Student Chest;Boost Wittenberg Association;Swingle, JacobGroups Vote To Return Student Chest To Campus - Presidents of Six Member Organizations Choose Swingle To Head Executive Board1:54/121935
[ ]Sports;BasketballLutheransTo Play Ohio Conference Teams, Harvard3:34/121935
[ ]Heisey, Paul H.;[Photo];Lutheran Youth Conference;Finefrock, John C.Missionary Will Speak - Plans Near Completion For Lutheran Youth Conference1:54/121935
[ ]Ohio College Association;Arnold, H. J.Nine Professors Attend Meetings In State Capitol2:44/121935
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra Tour for Week; To Appear In Five Cities3:44/121935
[ ]Sports;Track and Field;Graham, Dud;Schaffer, W. E.Rain Slows Up Track Workouts3:54/121935
[ ]Schneider, J. P.;Wittenberg Publication - CatalogSchneider Talks On 1935 Catalog - Names of Nearly 1700 Students Appear4:54/121935
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;Wittenberg UniversitySchools Hold Joint Recital - Wittenberg, Wesleyan, Give Second Reading Program2:44/121935
[ ]Shatzer, C. G.Shatzer Leaves1:44/121935
[ ]Sports;Golf - MenSix Golfers Qualify For Links Team - Lamb Is Low Man; Postpone Denison Match To May 113:64/121935
[ ]Band;Seldon, Robert;Stough, Morrow;Lipper, Dale;Franz, John;Strouse, Karl;Holloway, WilliamSix Will Participate in Band Festival Tomorrow4:34/121935
[ ]Wittenberg University;Politics;Fraternities and Sororities;Social Groups Form Second Fusion Party - Sororities, Fraternities Join Forces1:34/121935
[ ]Sports;Golf;Football;AthleticsSpectator Comments3:24/121935
[ ]Sports;Football;Stobbs, T. W. "Bill";Bussard, Arthur;Fischel, PaulSpring Grid Drills End This Week - Mud Hampers Practice; Two More Men Receive Injuries3:14/121935
[ ]Protests;War;Global IssuesStraight Facts?2:14/121935
[ ]Honor Day;Awards;Students Are To Receive Awards - April 26 Is Date For Annual Program1:14/121935
[ ]Tau Kappa Alpha;FraternitiesTau Kappa Alpha Will Initiate Nine Tuesday, April 164:44/121935
[ ]Wittenberg - HistoryTen Years Ago2:34/121935
[ ]Sports;TennisTennis Team Idle3:34/121935
[ ]Rumors;Campus LifeThe Backbiter2:24/121935
[ ]Browne, Bitner;Seniors;Chapel;Tulloss, Rees EdgarTulloss To Speak In Senior Chapel Next Wednesday2:34/121935
[ ]Sports;BaseballWeather Forces 'Nine' Prospects To Work Indoors3:14/121935
[ ]Sororities;Swimming and Diving;Tennis;Boger, Loretta;Borchers, BettyWomen's Sports3:54/121935
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Y.W.C.A. Will Tag April 25 - Will Send Delegate To Geneva Camp With Contributions1:44/121935
[ ]PlaysBarroom play presented by Casey Troupe success1:35/31935
[ ]Parents WeekendCollege to entertain parents this week-end1:25/31935
[ ]Prominarity ContestOver 300 names appear on first ballot of first Prominarity contest1:45/171935
[ ]Class GiftsFive classes pay for new overlook2:45/241935
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates 11 seniors1:35/241935
[ ]Lawson, Dr. C. A.; Logue, Prof. FlorenceAdd three new professors to teaching staff1:29/271935
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities announce pledges4:19/271935
[ ]Schultz, Rev. Rudolph G.Hamma graduate becomes President of Carthage4:49/271935
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty honors three students1:410/41935
[ ]Honors coursesFourteen take honors courses4:210/41935
[ ]PlaysPlayers to present four plays, including "Duley"1:610/41935
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarThis man Tulloss2:410/41935
[ ]Shatzer, Charles Gallatin"This man Shatzer"2:310/111935
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities announce pledges4:110/181935
[ ]Sternheim, Dr. EmanuelGuest condemns static America1:210/181935
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.This man Pershing4:310/181935
[ ]PlaysDramatic season to open November 61:310/261935
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John Philip"This man Schneider"4:211/81935
[ ]Haines, Mrs. Betty FreemanOrchestra leader shows interest in aeornautics as well as music1:311/81935
[ ]PlaysPlayers present "Duley"1:311/81935
[ ]Seall, Harold L.Band leader will appear Saturday2:511/151935
[ ]Plays"Everyman" to follow comedy hit1:311/221935
[ ]Ness, J. Anderson"This man Ness"2:311/221935
[ ]Varsity NightNine groups compete1:611/221935
[ ]Walsh, Van WormerWorld traveler speaks in convo1:211/221935
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Develops side by side with Wittenberg during half-century1:112/131935
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Former leaders of Wittenberg YMCA are eminent Christian leaders of today1:612/131935
[ ]Patterson, Charles C.Teacher gives $25,000 to Wittenberg thus bringing his donations to $50,0001:212/131935
[ ]PlaysTo present "Everyman" Dec. 16-191:312/131935
[ ]Plays"Everyman" sets record of five performances1:112/201935
[ ]Les TravailleursFrench Club affiliates nationality1:212/201935
[ ]Phi Sigma Iota; Les TravailleursFrench club affiliates nationally1:212/201935
[ ]Meister, Rev. H. L.Meister is convo speaker1:512/201935
[ ]ShiftersShifters increase members to 231:112/201935
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.This man Hiller2:312/201935
[ ]Heisey, Rev. Paul"This man Heisey"2:41/241936
[ ]FinancesMany scholarships, fellowships open to Witt students1:31/241936
[ ]DegreesNational group approves B.S. in Ed. degree4:61/241936
[ ]PlaysPlayers to give "Peace on Earth"1:11/241936
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysPlayers to present "Peace on Earth"1:11/241936
[ ]Dassel, Prof. Virgil H.Two professors resign positions1:61/241936
[ ]PlaysAnti-war play will open February 14, 19361:62/141936
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysPlay to open on Feb. 181:52/141936
[ ]PlaysThird success of Wittenberg players this season1:12/211936
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysThird success of Wittenberg Players this season1:12/211936
[ ]Founders DayChoose cast of Founder's Day tableau1:32/281936
[ ]OratorsHoak to compete. Fifteen states represnted in sectional tournament1:12/281936
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra will present concert1:33/201936
[ ]Plays"The far off hills" to end season April 15, 161:13/271936
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra to tour Ohio1:33/271936
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra will tour Ohio cities1:64/31936
[ ]PlaysPlayers to end season with comedy1:64/31936
[ ]Higgins, Prof. HowardPsychologist will speak1:34/31936
[ ]CampusOn the campus at Wittenberg College (pic)2,35/11936
[ ]Parents WeekendParents to visit campus tomorrow1:35/11936
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigs win singing contest4:25/151936
[ ]Honors coursesAwarded to nine studentsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:35/261936
[ ]Plays"He who gets slapped" to feature satire and pessimism1:15/291936
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFifteen to receive B.D. degrees1:35/291936
[ ]Baughman, Dr. Willis J.; Beecher, Prof A.A.; Siddall, Miss Ella; Weiman, Carlos; Smith, Lucille; West, Dr. Wilbur D.; Faculty11 professors added to Wittenberg faculty1:39/251936
[ ]School of MusicReorganized plans include varied activities for year1:19/251936
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRushing, pledging take spotlight as autumn social season begins4:19/251936
[ ]CampusSeveral campus improvements greet students1:29/251936
[ ]Lambert, Charles;Intramural Sports;Football"Charley" Compares Students Of Two Campus Generations1:310/21936
[ ]Athletics;Van Why, Professor John B."Go Athletic," Profs Urged3:210/21936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Student ActivitiesBand and Orchestra2:110/21936
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;Speech Department;Drama;Debate;Browne, JeanneBrees Plans Forensic Year - Jeanne Brown, '34, Will Direct Wittenberg Players1:310/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;RosterCannon Fodder For The Varsity3:410/21936
[ ]FashionCoeds Observe Swingtime Note In Evening Wear4:310/21936
[ ]Business;Elderly;HumorCommentary - Miniature Corporations, Second Childhood, Humor Course1:210/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;Brief Survey;Van Why, John;Stobbs, T. W.;Wilhelm, Len;Koch, Jack;Hall, JimD'You Favor Owl Games?3:310/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;Diehl, WaltDiehl Too Much For Lutherans - Leads Bluffton Aerial Attack In 19 -12 Upset3:210/21936
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFourteen social groups form new political combine1:510/21936
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Student ElectionsFourteen Social Groups Form New Political Combine - Greek-Letter Coalition Presents United Front Against Independents1:510/21936
[ ]Student ElectionsFreshmen Petitions1:610/21936
[ ]Humor;RumorsGleanings2:210/21936
[ ]Intramural SportsIndependents To Organize3:510/21936
[ ]Intramural Sports;Baughman, Willis;Brief SurveyIntramural Season To Open Oct. 5 - Men Want Few Changes In Sports, Poll Reveals3:610/21936
[ ]Student Chest;Fund RaisingLet's Have a Student Chest!2:110/21936
[ ]Sports;FootballLutherans Need Win Over Scots Tomorrow To Prove Strength - Must Atone For Bluffton Fiasco By Winning First O.C. Game3:110/21936
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association;ConvocationsNew Fight Song, Parade, Speakers Feature Convocation This Morning1:310/21936
[ ]Campus Life;Phi Mu Delta;Springfield;Kamman, Paul;Voigt, Dr. Gilbert P.Observations2:410/21936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Course Credit;Musical EventsOrchestra Choir Plan Concerts - Participants In Musical Activities Now Get Credit Hours1:110/21936
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesParties, Visitations, Dances Crowd Week of Social Activity4:110/21936
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar;FreshmenPrexy Is Target of Peanut Flipper2:310/21936
[ ]Red CrossRed Cross Officials To Be Here3:110/21936
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary Students Elect1:210/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;Rivalry;Clark, Bernie;Taliaferro, Bob;Cassidy, Ray;[Photos]These Lettermen Will Aid Scots3:310/21936
[ ]Sports;FootballTwo Tiger Foes Lose Openers3:410/21936
[ ]Women's LeagueW. W. L. Plans Varied Program - Group Will Sponsor Mass Meeting For Coeds1:510/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryWittenberg and Wooster3:110/21936
[ ]Student ActivitiesWittenberg Campuscope1:510/21936
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Y.M. Will Present Speakers - Cabinet Members Will Announce Plans For Year1:210/21936
[ ]Guest DayPageant will climax festivities for visiting delegates1:4, 610/91936
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororities pledge eighty-nine women4:110/91936
[ ]Honors coursesTen students will pursue special study1:310/91936
[ ]Schwarzbek, Dr. WilliamIntroducing4:510/161936
[ ]Guest DayPageant will climax festivities for visiting delegates1:110/161936
[ ]Guest DayPageant will climax festivities for visiting delegates1:510/161936
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Introducing4:310/241936
[ ]School of MusicFaculty concerts to begin1:310/301936
[ ]Johnson, Judge James;DeathsWittenberg alumnus and eminent jurist dies1:110/301936
[ ]National ElectionsRash students pay unusual election bets1:311/61936
[ ]Gymnastics ProgramGymnastics to be new varsity sport3:211/131936
[ ]PlaysNoel Coward's "Hay Fever" to open season Thursday1:511/131936
[ ]PlaysAudience catches "Hay Fever"1:111/201936
[ ]FeesGeneral fee is convenience to student without effecting tuition or scholastic standards1:4-611/201936
[ ]Young Artists' Group of BerlinRare music to feature assembly1:611/201936
[ ]Phi Sigma IotaHonorary to present "Carmen"1:4112/111936
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSouthern Ohio journalists to convene here1:512/111936
[ ]Lambda Mu; Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaTwo groups plan college songbook3:112/111936
[ ]Plays"The thirteenth chair" to be next play--murder mystery1:112/181936
[ ]Phi Sigma IotaOpera is success4:512/181936
[ ]PlaysHoak, Lehmann have important roles in mystery1:11/151937
[ ]Eames, Dr. Henry PurmortOriental music to feature next convocation1:51/151937
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity NightDelta sig act wins4:21/221937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary students will give farewell party for Dr. Flack1:21/221937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertTo speak in contrast1:61/221937
[ ]OratorsRobert Sultzbach in state contest1:22/191937
[ ]Ames, Sir HubertAmes will address students at convocation1:52/261937
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask will give play1:12/261937
[ ]Williams, Miss KatherineHousemother views common habits, changing fads of Ferncliff coeds1:42/261937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertPlaces second in contest1:22/261937
[ ]OratorsSultzbach places second1:22/261937
[ ]ScholarshipsTwelve are perfect in scholarship1:62/261937
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.College to observe Founders' Day with pageant, Monday1:23/51937
[ ]Prominarity ContestStudents acclaim leaders in Torch Prominarity contest1:43/51937
[ ]Plays"Rebound" is third play of season1:63/241937
[ ]Sunday, ChristineCoeds elect...president of Women's League1:23/241937
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Oldest graduate gives $16,000 gift to college4:33/241937
[ ]Plays"Hell bent for Heaven" to be presented by Theta Alpha Phis1:24/91937
[ ]Kayser, Prof. JacquesFrench author speaks1:24/91937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:44/91937
[ ]PlaysLang, Sultzbach star in "Rebound"2:44/91937
[ ]Class of 1937; Class DaySeniors nominate speakers1:14/91937
[ ]Plays"Hell bent for Heaven" to be presented by Theta Alpha Phis1:64/161937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:34/161937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertIs peace orator1:44/161937
[ ]Kayser, Prof. JacquesKayser commends American students1:24/161937
[ ]Beauty ContestStudents select ten most beautiful coeds4/161937
[ ]OrchestraThree day tour opensNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:24/221937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:24/301937
[ ]Parents WeekendParents will visit college1:14/301937
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Rev. Dr. Culler recalls college life of the 1860s4:34/301937
[ ]Haddock, Mr. G. MarstenEnglish lecturer sings folk songs4:55/71937
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiInterfraternity sing 19371:25/71937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertIs peace orator1:55/71937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolPrepares for graduation of 13 seniors1:55/141937
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected Academy head1:25/211937
[ ]OratorsSultzbach's winning oration is 3rd consecutive victory in peace contest1:35/211937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertWinning oration is third consecutive vitory in Peace Contest1:35/211937
[ ]CampusAerial view shows campus45/281937
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities now lost, died various deaths on college campus1:25/281937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolPrepares for graduation of 13 seniors1:45/281937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolPrepares for graduation of 13 seniors4:45/281937
[ ]Faculty; Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertEight new educators on staff1:49/111937
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.One of eight new faculty members1:49/111937
[ ]School of MusicSchool is renovated1:19/111937
[ ]CampusThe listening tree2:39/111937
[ ]Constitutional SesquicentennialAmerican Constitution celebrates sesquicentennial of founding day2:19/171937
[ ]Anderson, SherwoodCoed describes work with Sherwood Anderson1:29/171937
[ ]Oehlsen, ArnoldFormer Northwestern conductor takes charge of Wittenberg band (por)1:39/171937
[ ]CampusOnce a museum2:49/171937
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownPortrait1:29/171937
[ ]Honors coursesEight to take honors work1:49/241937
[ ]CampusKoch Hall photo2:29/241937
[ ]Plays"Mrs. Moonlight" to be first selection of Wittenberg players1:510/11937
[ ]Constitutional SesquicentennialCoeds will model famous dresses1:310/11937
[ ]DeBoer, Dr. JosephineDr. Josephine DeBoer tells of escape from war-torn Spain1:410/11937
[ ]CampusMyers Hall cupola2:410/11937
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/11937
[ ]Foreign StudentsSix students of foreign nations enter Witt2:310/11937
[ ]Orators; Sultzbach, RichardStudent wins national prize1:210/11937
[ ]Hovdesven, E. Arne"Swing" music not popular in Europe, says Hovesven2:210/81937
[ ]CampusAlumni fountain2:310/81937
[ ]Compton, Prof. Lida HaysProfessor Lida Hays Compton resumes faculty position after two years' absence1:310/81937
[ ]PlaysRachel Lanf has lead role in play1:310/81937
[ ]Ohio College AssociationEducators will meet on campus1:110/151937
[ ]Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertInterested in teaching, research in Diderot tule2:210/151937
[ ]PlaysLapses in time in "Mrs. Moonlight" present problems1:510/151937
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonLatin classes temporarily discontinued due to death1:310/151937
[ ]CampusThe office vault2:210/151937
[ ]Plays"Mrs. Moonlight" is opener1:110/221937
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Second faculty member to die in past two weeks1:510/221937
[ ]CampusStation WCSO2:210/221937
[ ]CampusFirst in X-rays4:510/291937
[ ]PlaysFirst play of season, "Mrs. Moonlight" is success1:310/291937
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiHomecoming display wins annual contest4:410/291937
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Students of Latin resume classwork1:310/291937
[ ]CampusFirst electric power2:211/51937
[ ]Reissinger, HermanGerman exchange student arrive home after year of globe circling2:211/51937
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club); Kappa Omicron PhiLocal group receives bid to honorary1:511/51937
[ ]PlaysRehearsals begin for Ibsen's play "Hedda Gabler"1:111/51937
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.States that teachers are greatest individualists1:411/51937
[ ]Haines, Mrs. Betty Freeman(por)1:311/121937
[ ]Martin, Mrs. Dorothy TraquairNew archeology instructor tells of lure in discovering ancient ruins1:211/121937
[ ]CampusThe war memorial2:111/121937
[ ]OrchestraThirty-three members to take part in first contest1:311/121937
[ ]Galemberti, Oscar CarlosSouth American is new student at Wittenberg1:411/191937
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodWell-known author to address students at assembly2:311/191937
[ ]CampusZimmerman library2:211/191937
[ ]BasketballCagers leave Sunday on tour through East.1:412/101937
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Pershing to receive his PhD degree (por)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:3-412/151937
[ ]BasketballCagers leave Sunday on tour through East.1:512/171937
[ ]BasketballCagers leave Sunday on tour through East. (por)3:312/171937
[ ]CampusGerman herbarium2:212/171937
[ ]PlaysLandwehr portrays title role in "Hedda Gabler"1:51/141938
[ ]Sunday, ChristinePortrait1:21/141938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWomen ponder men1:11/141938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent1:41/211938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMen ponder women2:21/211938
[ ]CampusWomen donors2:31/211938
[ ]Imperial Singers and Bell RingersBell ringers will perform1:52/41938
[ ]Jackson, FlorenceConsultant to visit campus1:22/41938
[ ]CampusThe observatory2:22/41938
[ ]Imperial Singers and Bell RingersBell ringers will perform2:32/111938
[ ]Helvern, A. J.;DeathsCollege carpenter dies after illness of six months1:22/111938
[ ]CampusCollege cemetary2:22/111938
[ ]Varsity NightDropped from semester's program1:32/111938
[ ]Jackson, FlorenceFewer personnel tests is trend, speaker asserts1:52/111938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent4:62/181938
[ ]Seger, Dr. GerhardtGerman political exile denounces Nazi government2:32/181938
[ ]CampusThe Koberger Bible2:22/181938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent4:62/241938
[ ]Constitutional SesquicentennialCoeds will model famous dresses1:62/241938
[ ]CampusCollege print shop2:12/241938
[ ]Gilkey, Rev. Dr. James GordonGordon urges development of latent abilities4:32/241938
[ ]Shannon, FrankHigh scorer1:22/241938
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Professor helps children correct speech handicaps2:42/241938
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" to appear during Lent1:63/41938
[ ]BasketballCagers down Marietta for League title3:43/41938
[ ]BasketballFirst at home, first abroad, first in hearts of loyal fans13/41938
[ ]BasketballLutheran quintet sets five basketball marks during 1937-38 season3:13/41938
[ ]CampusStudy rooms2:23/41938
[ ]Founders DayTo observe annual Founder's Day1:43/41938
[ ]School of Music1500 students to be involved in weekend festival1:53/181938
[ ]ConvocationsAudiences want entertainment, survey indicates2:33/181938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownDr. Kelley selects 1938 Peace Orator1:13/181938
[ ]Dykstra, RayDykstra voted most valuable3:23/181938
[ ]Summer CoursesFourteen credit hours offered in summerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:13/271938
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaHonorary to install Wittenberg chapter1:64/11938
[ ]CampusSigns of the Zodiac2:44/11938
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.Wins in forensic contest1:54/11938
[ ]Plays"Hotel Universe" to be presented next1:44/81938
[ ]Community RelationsCollege to aid city in Northwest Territory celebration on May 122:34/81938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownDr. Kelley selects 1938 Peace Orator1:44/81938
[ ]BasketballGroup honors cage champs3:24/81938
[ ]Varsity NightRules set1:24/111938
[ ]PlaysDramatic season will end with three performances of Barry's "Hotel Universe"1:44/221938
[ ]CampusNew names identify 31 kinds of campus trees2:34/221938
[ ]Parents WeekendWeekend program to honor parents2:14/221938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownDr. Kelley selects 1938 Peace Orator1:54/291938
[ ]Pi Delta EpsilonJournalism group to initiate first coeds1:24/291938
[ ]CampusLoud speaker2:44/291938
[ ]Parents WeekendWeekend program to honor parents1:64/291938
[ ]Parents WeekendWeekend program to honor parents4:44/291938
[ ]Community RelationsCollege to aid city in Northwest Territory celebration on May 121:45/61938
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinTo preside over sessions of Ohio Academy of Science2:35/61938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownWittenberg adds another orator to "Hall of Fame"1:25/61938
[ ]OratorsWittenberg adds another orator to Hall of fame1:25/61938
[ ]Community RelationsCollege to aid city in Northwest Territory celebration on May 121:35/131938
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi wins men's contest1:45/131938
[ ]Knudsen, William S.G.M. Executive to give address in convocation1:25/131938
[ ]Plays"As you like it" to be rehearsed in campus hollow1:45/201938
[ ]Knudsen, William S.G.M. Executive to give address in convocation1:35/201938
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates 91:65/201938
[ ]Plays"As you like it" to be rehearsed in campus hollow1:25/271938
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Alumnus speaks2:35/271938
[ ]Honors coursesFour will pursue work1:35/271938
[ ]Knudsen, William S.G.M. Executive to give address in convocation1:35/271938
[ ]Sultzbach, RichardOak Orator of class of 19381;65/271938
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSchool graduates 91:35/271938
[ ]Sultzbach, RichardStudent wins national prize4:55/271938
[ ]Voitovich, SamStudent wins Ohio State scholarships1:55/271938
[ ]Hall, JamesHall takes over job of assistant football coach (por)3:69/161938
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Theological professors re-elect Dean Pershing2:19/161938
[ ]Faculty; Patmos, A. EdwardThree join staff this semester1:19/161938
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Wins recognition for achievement in many fields1:39/161938
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarArrives home after vacation in Europe1:39/231938
[ ]ActivitiesHalf-dead bodies.2:19/231938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:19/301938
[ ]Plays"She stoops to conquer" cast picked by Grant1:110/71938
[ ]Foreign StudentsExchange students from foreign countries reveal ambition, hopes4:510/71938
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Rev. Culler marks birthday (por)2:310/71938
[ ]ActivitiesTwo dissolve1:610/71938
[ ]Carnegie Science Hall'Forgotten room' becomes newest biology quarters1:210/141938
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFreshmen find reward for studies in national scholarship honoraries4:410/141938
[ ]PlaysGrant casts Freshmen in first play1:110/141938
[ ]Second Generation ClubOffspring of alumni (por)1:210/141938
[ ]Christian Youth Council of OhioChristian Youth Council of Ohio selects Springfield as 1939 site4:310/211938
[ ]History of WittenbergPompous affair marked opening of grid stadium3:410/211938
[ ]Scott-Morrison, DonaldPianist will give campus concert4:210/281938
[ ]Anspach, Carolyn; Depression, Mental"Chinese matrimonial match-makers have depression" says Miss Anspach1:411/41938
[ ]Plays"She stops to Conquer" enters third night of successful run1:511/41938
[ ]Football, History ofSpartans gave football its start in ancient Greece 2,000 years ago1:411/41938
[ ]Brown, HarrisonLondon lecturer to speak6:511/111938
[ ]Keyser, Dorner L.Statisticians name Keyser (por)1:411/111938
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodEddy will give talk Monday1:411/181938
[ ]Varsity NightRules set1:511/181938
[ ]BasketballSchedule5:211/181938
[ ]Coffer-Miller Players'Queen's education was incomplete without zippers' declares actress1:312/21938
[ ]Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertKrakeur receives recognition as a scholar4:412/21938
[ ]ActivitiesTwo less1:212/21938
[ ]Schweitzer, Mrs. AlbertWife of missionary lectures on work in equatorial Africa1:312/21938
[ ]Plays"R.U.R." gets technical crews1:512/91938
[ ]Keyser, George; Prominarity ContestKeyser, Wurtenberger win popular acclaim1:112/91938
[ ]BasketballLettermen3:2-412/91938
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Prefers American sports to European ones3:112/91938
[ ]BasketballTen Lutheran cagers prepare to embark on exhibition tour through 3 eastern states1:512/91938
[ ]Sayers, Dr. Frank G.Will speak1:312/91938
[ ]Buckeye Intercollegite Athletic AssociationBuckeye loop will disband1:312/161938
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities remove objections to rules1:312/161938
[ ]PlaysPlayers will give satire on society1:112/161938
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownPresidents declare positions1:112/161938
[ ]Plays"R.U.R." will close tonight1:11/131939
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyAlumnus opens 76th congress1:21/131939
[ ]Far Eastern Student FundDrive will aid Chinese in colleges1:51/131939
[ ]Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertKrakeur resigns to take Eastern position1:61/131939
[ ]Imperial Singers and Bell RingersPopular acclaim of student body returns bell ringers for program4:31/131939
[ ]Far Eastern Student FundCampaign brings $45 for the Far east1:21/201939
[ ]Flesner, DorrisHamma faculty picks Flesner as winner of Tressler scholarship1:41/201939
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownIllingworth wins citation as most valuable debator1:21/201939
[ ]Voitovich, SamPsychology fellowship is awarded to Voitovitch1:51/201939
[ ]Honors coursesSix will take work1;61/201939
[ ]Schaefer, W.E.Assistant coach sang in Glee Club, played for varsity sports here3:52/11939
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta Pi; FiresFire at Beta Theta Pi fraternity results in $300 loss1:62/11939
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownIllingsworth will enter state oratory contest1:22/11939
[ ]Shannon, FrankLeads scoring for Lutherans1:42/11939
[ ]Racer, Professor M.M.New instructor names music as chief avocation1:32/11939
[ ]Graham, Dean Thomas"Life teaches us power of spirit" speaker declares1:12/101939
[ ]Hovdesven, E. ArneBroadcasts2:32/171939
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownIllingsworth will enter state oratory contest1:52/171939
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulWill offer illustrated talk1:42/171939
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Wittenberg's swimming coach sets new record for summer's activities3:52/171939
[ ]Helsel, RuthActivities allow no boredom2:42/241939
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownIllingsworth will enter state oratory contest1:12/241939
[ ]OratorsIllingworth yields to Akron orator1:12/241939
[ ]BasketballFinal cage results3:33/31939
[ ]Linstrom, Dr. MartinLinstrom will talk at seminary1:23/31939
[ ]BasketballMembers of first quintet close season with more than hundred points apiece3:23/31939
[ ]Plays"The fool" to conclude tonight1:23/171939
[ ]Shannon, FrankAce hurler3:23/171939
[ ]Class of 1939; Clausen, Dr. Clarence; Commencement; Clausen, Mrs. ClarenceSpitler makes appointments: Seniors give honorary posts to Dr. and Mrs. Clausen at meeting1:23/171939
[ ]Shannon, FrankTops all cagers in scoring3:43/171939
[ ]Founders DayWittenberg will honor Founders1:63/171939
[ ]Morrison, RobertBoxing puts bee on "A" record on Morrison1:33/241939
[ ]Founders DayWittenberg will honor Founders2:33/241939
[ ]Stearns, GeorgiannaAlma Mater Queen1:44/61939
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Alumnus speaks4:$4/61939
[ ]Honors coursesBloomhardt receives early applications to take4:54/61939
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipRecalls bygone years of college's history4:64/61939
[ ]Stearns, GeorgiannaWins coed election--heads WWL1:54/141939
[ ]Morris, EarlAlumnus is speaker1:34/211939
[ ]Parents WeekendParents to visit campus April 291:54/211939
[ ]Gifts; Catherman, Clarence L.Tulloss announces $50,000 gift1:64/211939
[ ]PlaysHallauer portrays title role in Bram Stoker's play, "Dracula"1:14/281939
[ ]Sorensen, Clarence W.World-famous traveler will speak on modern Arabia at convocation1:14/281939
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Heads association (pic)3:45/51939
[ ]PlaysPlay continues1:45/51939
[ ]Taft, Senator Robert A.Senator Robert A. Taft will speak at graduation exercises on June 51:35/51939
[ ]Morrison, RobertWill speak at graduation exercises on June 51:45/51939
[ ]Honors coursesBloomhardt receives early applications to take1:55/121939
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi win interfraternity sing1:35/121939
[ ]PlaysGrant selects cast for "Little Clay Cart"1:65/121939
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.;DeathsLinn dies at home1:35/121939
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaStates that poetry enhances libraries4:35/121939
[ ]PlaysGrant selects cast for "Little Clay Cart"1:45/191939
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma graduation opens commencement exercises1:45/191939
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Presents pageant of historical highlights1:35/191939
[ ]Flesner, DorrisTwo will study at European schools1:15/191939
[ ]Stearns, GeorgiannaAlma Mater Queen1:15/261939
[ ]PlaysGrant selects cast for "Little Clay Cart"1:45/261939
[ ]Krauss, Rev. PaulProminent clergyman will speak1:15/261939
[ ]Strub, John; Ervin, Mrs. EmmyDeath calls two during summer1:59/151939
[ ]Foreign StudentsEuropean war bars students1:29/151939
[ ]Hall, JamesHall is coach3:19/221939
[ ]Winans, Mrs. MabelNew housemother4:69/221939
[ ]Honors coursesSix to engage in higher work1:39/221939
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCollege inaugurates federal program of aeronautic training1:69/291939
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:19/291939
[ ]Insurance classWeiman teaches class of insurance salesman1:29/291939
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities1939 rush party2:510/61939
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCollege inaugurates federal program of aeronautic training1:210/61939
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students arrive on campus1:310/61939
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Hiller will publish poetry collection1:110/61939
[ ]Tertulia (Spanish Club)Holds second meeting at Ferncliff2:410/61939
[ ]Plays"Inside Story" to run three days, beginning Oct. 251:310/131939
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCollege inaugurates federal program of aeronautic training1:310/131939
[ ]Basketball ClinicHardwooders to perform3:210/131939
[ ]Julian, Lester J.Off the gridiron3:310/131939
[ ]Foreign StudentsViews of America as seen through foreign eyes1:310/131939
[ ]Plays"Inside story" is year's best play1:110/271939
[ ]Aviation Training Course21 Students attend initial lecture1:510/271939
[ ]Bolander, Karl S.Bolander gives talk on color at Peace Day convocation1:311/31939
[ ]Gifts; Clarke, James R.Clarke makes gift of $80001:211/31939
[ ]Fisher, John; French, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:311/31939
[ ]Football; Thomas, Warren I. They stand in path of Big Red3:211/31939
[ ]Johnson, John Robert; Thomas, Warren I. Off the gridiron3:211/101939
[ ]Stearns, GeorgiannaPlans dance1:411/101939
[ ]Jensen, Elwood A.Portrait4:511/101939
[ ]OrchestraReceives unparalleled acclaim for intial program1:211/101939
[ ]PlaysThespians give original plays. Plays of Hallauer, O'Donnell, feature second production1:211/101939
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWins award for third time in succession1:611/101939
[ ]BasketballEastern tour is scheduled3:411/221939
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaMacPherson to publish poems1:411/221939
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity NightPhi Kappa Psi takes first place1:611/221939
[ ]PlaysThespians give original plays. Plays of Hallauer, O'Donnell, feature second production1:111/221939
[ ]BasketballEastern tour is scheduled (roster)3:312/81939
[ ]Julian, Lester J.Most valuable3:112/81939
[ ]PlaysThespians give original plays. Plays of Hallauer, O'Donnell, feature second production1:312/81939
[ ]BasketballEastern tour is scheduled3:312/151939
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Teacher of philosophy is elected1:312/151939
[ ]Shannon, FrankAccepts coaching position3:51/121940
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.;DeathsRev. Dr. Jacob H. Culler dies at 93 after brief illness (12/26/39)1:61/121940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Talks on cut system in college1:61/121940
[ ]PlaysThespians give original plays. Plays of Hallauer, O'Donnell, feature second production1:41/121940
[ ]Chatlain, Edward M.; Heskett, Cliff; Shannon, Frank; Albright, David; BasketballCardinal and cream cagers (por)3:21/191940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCampus aviators make first flight1:32/21940
[ ]Erikson, InglebordForeign beauties combine cultural pursuits with practical diversions (por)2:32/21940
[ ]Accreditation; Hamma Divinity SchoolGroup places Hamma on list1:22/21940
[ ]Heskett, CliffLeads scorers3:32/21940
[ ]Plays"Day come white" Grant announces cast of third play1:22/91940
[ ]Fiser, Mrs. Mary AliceFaculty addition advises business work in college2:42/91940
[ ]Tripp, Mrs. Phoebe L.Holds literature, arts, music as real things in life1:32/91940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Reveals new system for marking attendance1:32/91940
[ ]Plays"Day come white" Grant announces cast of third play1:22/161940
[ ]Marshall, Dr. JamesAustralian will appear on campus1:32/161940
[ ]Jensen, Elwood A.From the campus sketchbook4:32/161940
[ ]Weiland, Dr. Glenn S.Maintains purposeful yet carefree attitude towards life1:32/161940
[ ]Reese, Dr. HelenExplores, collects dolls, china during two years in France1:42/211940
[ ]Marshall, Dr. JamesMarshall speaks on native country2:42/211940
[ ]Marshall, Dr. JamesSpeaks on native country2:42/211940
[ ]Plays"Day come white" Grant announces cast of third play1:23/11940
[ ]Heskett, CliffFrom the campus sketchbook2:63/11940
[ ]Haines, Mrs. Betty FreemanHaines states marriage harmonizes with career1:33/11940
[ ]Class of 1940; Class DaySeniors elect class orators1:33/11940
[ ]Heskett, CliffSharpshooting ace hits record peak as point total shatters 300 mark3:33/11940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Speaks at annual observance program1:53/11940
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.To give sermon in chapel (pic)1:23/11940
[ ]Founders DayDr. E.G. Suhr is Founder's Day speaker1:33/81940
[ ]BasketballFinal standings3:43/81940
[ ]Bennett, Nancy Jane; Clarke, Emily; Lautner, Phyllis; Pabst, MargaretSeven vie for beauty crown1:23/81940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Speaks at annual observance program1:33/81940
[ ]PlaysVera Jeddy names cast for "Fashion"1:53/81940
[ ]Patmos, A. Edwardmaintains economic both as hobby, vocation1;33/151940
[ ]Gifts; Brophy, NathanielTulloss reveals gift of $75,000 in Florida1:53/211940
[ ]PlaysVera Jeddy names cast for "Fashion"1:13/211940
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Directs summer session4:33/291940
[ ]Stearns, GeorgiannaFrom the campus sketchbook2:53/291940
[ ]Blackwelder, Rev. Oscar F.; Piper, Rev. Otto; Preaching InstituteThree speak at institute1:33/291940
[ ]PlaysConrad, Hallauer, O'Donnell take leads in "Candida"1:24/51940
[ ]Preaching InstituteInstitute hears eminent speakers as alumni return1:54/51940
[ ]Wilson, JamesNoted author talks here1:14/51940
[ ]Plays"Candida" is close run tonight1:14/121940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisFrom the campus sketchbook4:44/121940
[ ]Wilson, JamesNoted author talks here1:44/121940
[ ]PlaysHallauer, O'Donnell to present original play "Tomorrow is a memory" in symphonic style1:34/261940
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Leads at Chicago meeting (pic)3:24/261940
[ ]Lautner, Phyllis"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." (por)1:55/31940
[ ]Busler, Rev. Vinton E.(por)2:35/31940
[ ]PlaysAudience receives play with enthusiasm1:15/31940
[ ]French, Betty; Pabst, MargaretMirror, mirror on the wall... (por)1:25/31940
[ ]Parents WeekendPhi Mu Alpha Sinfonia concert to mark1:35/31940
[ ]Jensen, Elwood A."Early bird" seniors1:25/101940
[ ]Fisher, John; Getzendaner, Mark; O'donnell, Norbert"Early Bird" seniors (por)1:25/101940
[ ]Carlson, Gordon'Early bird' seniors (por)1:25/101940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Divides time between classes, pratical jokes, limburger2:35/101940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDivinity students graduate on May 191:15/101940
[ ]PlaysAnnual campus play to be presented May 311:15/171940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDivinity students graduate on May 191:15/171940
[ ]Carlson, GordonFrom the campus sketchbook2:55/171940
[ ]Kuusisto, AllanKuusisto, Baker gain editor, business manager positions of the Torch (por)1:45/171940
[ ]PlaysAnnual campus play to be presented May 311:25/241940
[ ]Pabst, MargaretFrom the campus sketchbook4:35/241940
[ ]Gifts; CampusAlumni gift to college nears completion (pic)2:39/201940
[ ]BasketballCagers play in the east again this winter1:59/201940
[ ]Winkler, Rolf;DeathsExchange student dies in Nazi corps4:59/201940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFlack takes ever duties in seminary1:19/201940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFlack takes over duties in seminary (por)1:19/201940
[ ]Pease, RalphFrom the campus sketchbook2:49/201940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary dedicates rose window at service4:39/201940
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Speaks on educations1:39/201940
[ ]Anspach, Howard A.Anspach, Howard A. returns to Witt in role of teacher4:39/271940
[ ]Byess, Dr. William F.Avers sports, art books, his likes1:19/271940
[ ]Military ServiceCollege provisions of draft bill1:39/271940
[ ]School of MusicMusic students find their school more attractive4:69/271940
[ ]Gifts; CampusNew campus overlook opposite Recitation Hall nears completion1:29/271940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseSchatzer announces aviation course (por)1:59/271940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary dedicates rose window at service4:49/271940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary dedicates rose window at service (pic)4:49/271940
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAddresses freshmen in chapel1:510/41940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA to use local airport1:210/41940
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/41940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA classes to begin Monday1:310/111940
[ ]Peitso, JukkaFinnish exchange student hurries to Wittenberg1:410/111940
[ ]Rossi, RogerThese Lutheran sophomores3;110/111940
[ ]Trevisan, OlgaVenetian soprano sings in assembly1:410/111940
[ ]Peitso, JukkaFinnish student arrives at Wittenberg Tuesday4:210/181940
[ ]PlaysPlayers open curtain on "June Mad" November 71:410/181940
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Returns to Wittenberg as teacher after pursuing studies here for 11 years1:310/181940
[ ]Anspach, Howard A.Anspach, Howard A. speaks on Japan, China2:511/11940
[ ]Johnson, John RobertBrains as well as brawn3:111/11940
[ ]Snyder, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/11940
[ ]PlaysPlayers open curtain on "June Mad" November 71:411/11940
[ ]Snyder, BettyQueen for 1940 (por)1:211/11940
[ ]National ElectionsStudents cast votes for Wilkie1:111/11940
[ ]Alber, Louis J.Alber, Louis J. will lecture on Churchill (por)1:111/81940
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd former member of St. Olaf's choir, continues his interests as new Music School director (por)1:211/81940
[ ]Guardsmen QuartetOld-fashioned routine features1;311/81940
[ ]PlaysPlayers open curtain on "June Mad" November 71:611/81940
[ ]Wills, JaneFeminine lead4:411/151940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisMiss Wittenberger (por)11/151940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisMiss Wittenberger (por)1:311/151940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisPhoto appears in Phi Delt magazine (por)4:511/151940
[ ]Robertson, JesseFormer Ziegfried star speaks here1:211/291940
[ ]Varsity NightFraternities cancel1:211/291940
[ ]Fisher, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/291940
[ ]Athletics; FootballStudents, faculty sing praises of champion Lutherans1:111/291940
[ ]BasketballCagers play in the east again this winter1:612/131940
[ ]Smith, Arlitechampion woman diver will speak (por)1:512/131940
[ ]Peitso, Jukka; Military ServiceFinnish Jukka Peitso, Holder of Mannerheim medal, will do all his fighting with blue books this winter1:112/131940
[ ]Robertson, JesseStudents hear ancient horns2:612/131940
[ ]WIGSWigs obtain official OK of faculty1:112/131940
[ ]Plays"Ghost Train" to be presented by Wittenberg players1:512/201940
[ ]Smith, Arlitechampion woman diver will speak (por)1:212/201940
[ ]BasketballFighting Lutherans--1941 edition (por)3:312/201940
[ ]FinancesFund raising campaign: directors O.K. big campaign1:312/201940
[ ]Plays"Ghost Train"1:61/101941
[ ]Speech DepartmentReport finds speech department consists of much more than classes2:31/101941
[ ]Plays"Ghost Train"1:41/171941
[ ]Ohio Synod250 church leaders of Ohio will discuss Wittenberg's future1:11/171941
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd recalls his years as soloist in St. Olaf's choir4:31/171941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeCommittee studies aims1:51/171941
[ ]Fisher, EarlFrom the campus sketchbook4:21/171941
[ ]Ohio SynodULC luminaries attend meeting (por)1:21/171941
[ ]Plays"Gammer Gurton's Needle" to be presented by Thespians in Feb1:41/211941
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Cradle Song" to be given during Lent1:21/231941
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA Aviators make progress1:31/241941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeCommittee studies aims1:61/241941
[ ]Sarver, John M.Wittenberg gets single gift of $175,000 as campaign begins1:51/241941
[ ]GiftsMrs. Nathaniel Brophy announces $50,000 gift to college1:42/71941
[ ]Sheil, RoySophomore sharpshooter3:42/71941
[ ]Malson, DawnCoed aviatrix lands on farm, no gas left1:12/141941
[ ]Staub, GeorgeFrom the campus sketchbook2:32/141941
[ ]Armbruster, Rev. John M.Missionary talks on South America1:12/141941
[ ]Armbruster, Rev. John M.Armbruster speaks on misconceptions of Argentina1:22/211941
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards signs to lead Detroit pros (por)3:42/211941
[ ]Compton, Prof. Lida HaysProfessor Compton returns to teaching after two years, likes Wittenberg1:12/211941
[ ]Aviation Training CourseSchatzer lists seven for aeronautics1:32/211941
[ ]Berger's Continental EnsembleBerger's Continental Ensemble makes hit with students1:22/281941
[ ]Myers, Carl E.Freshman writes of revival of ancient custom in Indiana2:32/281941
[ ]FinancesCollege campaign makes progress1:33/71941
[ ]Military ServiceDefense committee links college activity to government work (por)1:53/71941
[ ]BasketballFinal cage results3:33/71941
[ ]Wilkerson, JamesFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/71941
[ ]Fisher, Earl; Heskett, CliffHeskett, Fisher chosen3:13/71941
[ ]Heskett, Cliff"Little Joe" wins records, honors3:33/211941
[ ]Berger's Continental EnsembleBerger's Continental Ensemble to present gypsy folk music1:23/211941
[ ]FinancesCollege campaign makes progress1:13/211941
[ ]FinancesCollege campaign makes progress4:43/211941
[ ]Military ServiceDean clarifies draft situation4:53/211941
[ ]Bescher, BobGreat athletes of Wittenberg3:53/211941
[ ]Snyder, BettyIvy orator1:23/211941
[ ]Founders DayLarimer reminds students of debt1:53/211941
[ ]Anderson, SherwoodRegistrar's records show that Anderson was excellent student1:43/211941
[ ]Heckathorn, Eugene; Pease, RalphSeniors honor1:23/211941
[ ]Fisher, BettySeniors honor class historian1:23/211941
[ ]Pabst, MargaretThese readers, orators perform today (por)1:33/211941
[ ]PlaysBaumgartner directs "The Importance of Being Earnest" which is hard work but enjoyable1:33/281941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeActivities study nears completion1:64/41941
[ ]Chambers, MaryEugene Heckathorn, May Chambers elected most valuable4:34/41941
[ ]Keyser, JoeGreat athletes of Wittenberg No. 43:54/41941
[ ]Shifters; Barker, Dr. J. W.Members remain silent when quizzed on "Attitude"1:14/41941
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyATOs honor famed alumnus (pic)1:54/181941
[ ]Plays; Staub, GeorgeErnest or Earnest2:34/181941
[ ]Edwards, BillGreat athletes of Wittenberg #53:54/181941
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Holds review1:44/181941
[ ]Military ServiceColelge men may be reclassified1:15/21941
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi rated top men students1:35/21941
[ ]Pi Delta Epsilon; Wackernagel, ElinoreJournalistic group chooses first coed prexy in its history4:55/21941
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaRegional conferences begin today1;65/21941
[ ]Rink String Quartetto perform Monday (por)1:35/21941
[ ]History of WittenbergTraveler's letter of 60 years ago tells how Wittenberg looked at that time2:35/91941
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd discusses values of Junior Choir2:15/161941
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA has now turned out 53 civilian pilots at Wittenberg1:45/161941
[ ]PlaysCoed directors select casts, begin work on production of final play1:15/161941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School to conduct graduation exercises for seniors1:65/161941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma to conduct graduation exercises for seniors1:65/161941
[ ]Melody MadcapsPerform on Wittenberghour.1:15/161941
[ ]Lynch, Mrs. John C.$50,000 campaign gift is revealed1:25/231941
[ ]PlaysCoed directors select casts, begin work on production of final play1:15/231941
[ ]Hovdesven, E. ArneCollege drops organ rates (por)1:65/231941
[ ]Pabst, MargaretDramatics honor group inducts ten (por)1:35/231941
[ ]Melody Madcapsharmony from 12-4 A.M., that's how the Melody Madcaps do it1:55/231941
[ ]Wills, JaneKathleen (por)1:25/231941
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulMarks 20 years at Wittenberg1:45/231941
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Studies school problems (por)4:45/231941
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinBegins forty-first year here129/191941
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaFriend makes dream come true2:49/191941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School gets record first-year class1:49/191941
[ ]Sachs, SamuelJuniors name Sachs business manager of 1942 Wittenberger1:69/191941
[ ]Thomas, Warren I. Khaki for Thomas3:39/191941
[ ]Dubuc, Daniel; de Sa Pires, ArmandoLatin Americans will study here1:29/191941
[ ]Peitso, Jukka; Adlerbert, Elna; Gilbert, Paulette; Foreign StudentsMystery shrouds whereabouts of Finnish student1:59/191941
[ ]Thompson, RalstonNew instructor to join present staff1:19/191941
[ ]Musgrave, JuneNew instructors to join present staff1:19/191941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School gets record first-year class4:69/261941
[ ]WIGStop campus in grades1:39/261941
[ ]Thompson, RalstonNew art instructor constantly seeks "Fresh outlook on things"1:310/31941
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/31941
[ ]Ambassador Quartet and Bell RingersAmbassador Quartet and Bell Ringers perform at assembly1:510/171941
[ ]GiftsAnonymous gift of $50,000 proveds for new library1:610/171941
[ ]Malson, DawnCoed aviatrix demonstrates flight ability1:510/171941
[ ]Honors coursesSix enroll for honors work1:410/171941
[ ]Second Generation ClubStudents organize4:410/171941
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteHolkesvig to be 1942 Miss Wittenberger1:110/311941
[ ]Shearer, SybleModern dance artist to perform at next Monday's assembly1:210/311941
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyNoted graduate is nominated for high church post2:410/311941
[ ]PlaysPlayers present "Taming of the shrew" next week1:610/311941
[ ]Peitso, JukkaReport comes from Finnish Ex-Student Studying at Harvard2:310/311941
[ ]Sarver, John M.;DeathsDonor, friend of Wittenberg, dies1:511/71941
[ ]Shearer, SybleExplains art of modern dancing1:611/71941
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Heads new college committee1:111/71941
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteHolkesvig plans dance (por)1:311/71941
[ ]Graham, Dean ThomasOberlin theologian speaks at convo1:211/71941
[ ]Musgrave, JuneWeathers whistles of first assembly1:311/71941
[ ]Plays"Double Door" by McFadden, presented by players1:611/191941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeActivities study nears completion1:311/191941
[ ]Brass QuartetBrass quartet formed4:511/191941
[ ]Sachs, SamuelFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/191941
[ ]Swan, HelenFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/191941
[ ]Jenkins, MiriamIn next play1:511/191941
[ ]Shirk, OwenSeniors end grid careers1:111/191941
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd says music vital to worship1:211/281941
[ ]Cadwagan, RoseClasses win official okay of English students2:511/281941
[ ]Deming, Mrs. NinaNew housemother of Alpha Delts takes pride in her two Navy sons2:311/281941
[ ]Robinson, MargaretPortias come from three countries1:411/281941
[ ]Rossi, RogerThey received their due rewards3:211/281941
[ ]Sheil, RoyLetterman3:212/191941
[ ]BasketballLutheran cage roster3:312/191941
[ ]BasketballUntried quintet faces Dayton3:112/191941
[ ]Robinson, MargaretWas injured in the Kappa Delta house when a bed collapsed on her. Was in City Hospital12/191941
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity NightWinning is old habit of Phi Psis1:112/191941
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenbergers have always wanted something: in 1893 it was boating3:512/191941
[ ]Military ServiceBlue Key seeks complete data on Wittenbergers serving country2:51/91942
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.;DeathsEvjen dies1:31/91942
[ ]Martin, Mrs. Dorothy TraquairGlories of ancient Greece live in art lectures of Scot professor1:31/91942
[ ]Gifts; Field House; Hovdesven, E. ArneOrgan dedication will be next week: Prof. E. A. Hovdesven Initiates Gift to Wittenberg4:31/91942
[ ]History of WittenbergToday's campus problems are similar to those of World War I1:11/91942
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeActivities study nears completion1:41/231942
[ ]Military ServiceCollege men find Navy V-5 plan practical4:61/231942
[ ]Defense CouncilDefense council perishing reports on work1:61/231942
[ ]PlaysDrama "Cradle song" to be presented by Players during Lent1:21/231942
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteFrom the campus sketchbook4:41/231942
[ ]History of WittenbergIt's all right to laugh now, but it was no laughing matter in 18742:31/231942
[ ]Sheil, RoyLetterman3:21/231942
[ ]Fisher, EarlWittenberg lettermen of 1942 (por)3:21/231942
[ ]Organ, Roger F.;DeathsWittenberg man dies in air service. Sgt. Organ is first to lose life in war1:51/231942
[ ]Lewis, RobertFrom the campus sketchbook4:52/121942
[ ]de Sa Pires, ArmandoExchange student gets editorial post of Portuguese Reader's Digest1:22/131942
[ ]Founders DayFaith of a founder1:33/61942
[ ]Nouse, DonFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/61942
[ ]Kuusisto, AllanSenior choose six class day orators1:53/61942
[ ]Case, AnnSeniors choose class day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Class of 1942; Class DaySeniors choose six Class Day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Jones, JaniceSeniors choose six class day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Historian and scholar knows whys, wherefores of war1:43/201942
[ ]Fisher, EarlPrecedents fall before Tiger ace3:63/201942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolConducts Kessler Lectures1:23/271942
[ ]Shefveland, Dr. O. E.Gives economist's viewpoints on today's problems1:33/271942
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.His humor is tops (por)1:33/271942
[ ]Physical FitnessRelease results3:53/271942
[ ]Pabst, MargaretBeauty queen is new alma mater (por)1:44/101942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolConducts Kessler Lectures2:44/101942
[ ]Shirk, OwenIn Marines; gets his diploma3:24/101942
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Joins list of authors1:34/101942
[ ]Wilkerson, JamesSenions pick class day orator1:34/101942
[ ]Thompson, RalstonSpeaks at activities Honor day1:14/101942
[ ]Lewis, RobertBlue Key names Lewis president (por)1:45/11942
[ ]BaseballLutheran diamond men--Stobb's crop for 1942 (por)3:25/11942
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyHis last prayer1:15/151942
[ ]Malcuit, StanMalcuit to co-edito Torch (por)1:45/151942
[ ]Swoyer, GroverTo co-edit TORCH1:45/151942
[ ]Jenkins, MiriamFrom the campus sketchbook3:15/221942
[ ]Schwarzbek, Dr. WilliamLeaves for Navy work1:65/221942
[ ]Military ServiceMen must study or face active serivce.1:15/221942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School to award degrees to seniors at graduation1:65/251942
[ ]Kuusisto, AllanFrom the campus sketchbook3:45/291942
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers swell US ranks; Axis beware4:35/291942
[ ]Aviation Training Course135 men complete CAA ground training at Wittenberg, 10 enlist2:610/21942
[ ]Gifts; Carnegie EndowmentCarnegie Endowment gives books to IRC2:110/21942
[ ]Conference on Social AffairsDeans head new committee1:410/21942
[ ]Hall, JamesGuide destiny of 1942 tigers (por)3:210/21942
[ ]Schroeder, CarlGuide destiny of 1942 Tigers (por)3:210/21942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School increases enrollment4:310/21942
[ ]Schroeder, CarlLutherans open 50th grid season (por)1:610/21942
[ ]DeChasca, Dr. EdmundNew instructor joins faculty (por)1:110/21942
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. New instructors join faculty1:110/21942
[ ]Faculty; Heisey, Rev. Paul; Morgan, Dr. J. Wayland; Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.; Tinglum, Prof. Ottar; Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradNine teachers leave staff4:410/21942
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Nystrom becomes dean2:410/21942
[ ]Norman, Paul Red; Stobbs, William T.Past mentors enter Coast Guard, Navy3:110/21942
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/21942
[ ]Winans, Mrs. MabelResigns as housemother of Ferncliff2:510/21942
[ ]Weiland, Dr. Glenn S.resigns post; will return to Alma Mater4:310/21942
[ ]School of MusicSchool has interior renovated1:510/21942
[ ]Arrow and MaskWomen make service flag for Wittenberg2:510/21942
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Models gowns for alumni in White House theme2:610/101942
[ ]Honors coursesEight students in honors courses1:610/161942
[ ]Immell, Miss MaryImmell heads girl's dorm4:610/161942
[ ]Smith, Dr. Charles CopelandSpeaks Monday1:410/161942
[ ]Plays"The Mollusc" to be given by Speech Dept. Nov. 141:110/301942
[ ]Doman, Dr. Nicholas"World not psychologically ready for peace now," states Dr. Doman1:310/301942
[ ]Dingman, Miss MaryConvos to feature fair sex1:510/301942
[ ]Military ServiceFormer coeds serve in WAF1:310/301942
[ ]WIGSmake highest point average to top campus groups4:410/301942
[ ]Risser, TomA tribute3:411/61942
[ ]Risser, TomCollided with team mate on an attempted intercepted pass. Odds not too good that he will retain sight of one eye11/61942
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas is loyal alum1:211/61942
[ ]Kaiser, DonFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/61942
[ ]Neuman, James; Seiders, DaleNeuman, Seiders will edit, manage annual1:111/61942
[ ]Class ScheduleNew schedule to aid war effort; no more 7:45's after Nov. 161:311/61942
[ ]Plays"The Mollusc" to be presented in Blair Hall1:211/201942
[ ]Schutz, Dr. J. Raymondadvises to avoid another hollow victory4:611/201942
[ ]Herman, Rev. StewartBerlin pastor speaks Nov. 241:511/201942
[ ]Fisher, EarlClass elections give senior, junior leadership to Fisher, Gosewich1:411/201942
[ ]Gosewisch, FredClass sections give Senior, Junior leadership to Fisher, Gosewisch1:411/201942
[ ]Sheil, RoyFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/201942
[ ]Military ServiceReserves required to maintain two-point2:111/201942
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Dr. Laatsch is a regular guy1:411/291942
[ ]Most Valuable Players (MVPs)1937-413:512/111942
[ ]Bowers, Rev. Louis T.Lutheran missionary visits campus1:212/111942
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesResolution favors initiations1:612/111942
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:112/111942
[ ]GiftsPrexy announces gift1:21/141943
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Gifts; CampusBoost W campaign to improve appearance of campus, buildings1:61/151943
[ ]Baggott, Mrs. RolandReporter finds new Gamma Phi Beta house mother a congenial person2:31/151943
[ ]Military ServiceReserves to be called by army1:51/151943
[ ]BasketballSeek conference title (por)3:21/151943
[ ]Jensen, Eli A.Wittenberg mourns loss of Jensen1:31/151943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:51/151943
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.; LibraryHiller donates books to Zimmerman library2:62/121943
[ ]Summer CoursesNystrom expands1:12/121943
[ ]Jensen, Eli A.Ohio State Senate expresses sorrow in Jensen's death4:32/121943
[ ]Jensen, Eli A.Ohio State Senate expresses sorrow in Jensen's death1:52/121943
[ ]Fisher, EarlRecord breaker (por)3:52/121943
[ ]Physical fitness institutewill convene here1:62/121943
[ ]Fisher, EarlFisher is most valuable3:53/121943
[ ]Swoyer, GroverIs class orator1:43/121943
[ ]McNeill, Miss LeilaMcNeill retrurns from England to relate tales of Nazi attacks1:43/121943
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Named new business manager of Torch1:43/121943
[ ]OratorsOld Line contest winners, 1925-19424:33/121943
[ ]Military ServiceReserves to be called by army1:53/121943
[ ]Sink, Dr. W. G.To teach Chemistry classes1:63/121943
[ ]Gosewisch, Fred"Abe" sets new time records during summer trip to Kentucky on bicycle2:53/261943
[ ]Homrighausen, RonaldFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/261943
[ ]Class of 1943; Kaiser, Don; Nouse, Don; Malcuit, Stan; Pabst, Margaret; Class DaySeniors elect orators for class day program1:23/261943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:13/261943
[ ]Baseball1943 Baseball Roster3:34/161943
[ ]Summer CoursesAccelerated program provides 15 hours credit in summer2:#4/161943
[ ]Summer CoursesAccelerated program provides 15 hours credit in summer2:34/161943
[ ]Ylvisaker, Maj. N. M.Army, Navy chaplain president will address fourth Wittenberg community vespers (por)1:64/161943
[ ]Homrighausen, RonaldThree who head TORCH for next year1:44/161943
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Three who head Torch for next year (por)1:24/161943
[ ]Swoyer, GroverFrom the campus sketchbook4:34/301943
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.To preach vesper sermon Sunday1:44/301943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:14/301943
[ ]Malcuit, StanFrom the campus sketchbook4:55/141943
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Hiller retires at 791:45/141943
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteLakewood coed succeeds Cutler as WWL president1:65/141943
[ ]Homrighausen, RonaldLane installs new LSA officers1:45/141943
[ ]BaseballLutheran nine end conference season; win three, lose one3:15/141943
[ ]Nichols, JanetNichols is Alma Mater Queen, Pan-Hel prexy (por)1:15/141943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:25/141943
[ ]Herman, Rev. StewartHerman tells of Germany1:49/221943
[ ]Sachs, Samuel; Hix, Ethel MaeHix, Sachs exchange vows, Tomorrow4:29/221943
[ ]Hovdesven, E. ArneHovdesven resigns (por)4:49/221943
[ ]Rich, Miss Perma A.Our new librarian3:59/221943
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:19/221943
[ ]Williams, John ThomasSucceeds Boyd as head of school of music4:49/221943
[ ]Williams, John Thomas; Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Williams succeeds Boyd as head of School of Music; Hovdesven resigns4:49/221943
[ ]Harmon, FosterWittenberg adds two profs3:29/221943
[ ]Holkesvig, Marguerite; Nichols, JanetFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/11943
[ ]Zimmerman, Attorney Charles speak at convo1:110/11943
[ ]Military ServiceCollege receives service flag1:110/151943
[ ]Clausen, Dr. ClarenceDr. Clausen general chairman (por)1:510/151943
[ ]Roed, Miss Else MargretheNoted author, journalist, to speak at convo2:410/151943
[ ]Bowling, Major Justus H.Bowling admits full, varied career1:510/291943
[ ]Roed, Miss Else MargretheConvo speaker tells of homeland, life1:210/291943
[ ]CampusImprovements being made4:610/291943
[ ]Schmitt, EmmettClasses new officers1:211/191943
[ ]Schmitt, EmmettFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/191943
[ ]Engerrand, Prof. Jacques JeanNew professor arrives1:311/191943
[ ]Holkesvig, Marguerite; Gosewisch, FredNuptuals4:511/191943
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Professor returns to Alma Mater, teaches at Hamma1:411/191943
[ ]World Student Service FundWorld Student Service Fund1:111/191943
[ ]Balzer, John H. Jr.;DeathsWittenberger dies in action1:212/31943
[ ]Basketball1943-44 Schedule3:21/141944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekCollege plans1:61/141944
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentData shows active group here4:31/141944
[ ]Smith, Wray C.From the campus sketchbook4:51/141944
[ ]CampusImprovements being made2:11/141944
[ ]Brane, R. Steve; Bushey, Howard; Garber, Clark, Jr.; Good, Cortland; Hunter, John; Kaler, Emerson; Mathias, David E.; Military Service; Neal, Frederick; Quinn, William Monroe; Reinhard, Charles; Relyea, Willard A.; Stewart, John P.; Winger, George W.In memoriam2:31/141944
[ ]Bowling, Major Justus H.Bowling leaves campus (por)1:11/281944
[ ]Thompson, RalstonDisplays paintings1:21/281944
[ ]BasketballHere are our boys (por)1:41/281944
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Laatsch accepts position1:51/281944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekProves successful2:31/281944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekReligious leaders express views1:61/281944
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Senior class chooses committees, speakers1:11/281944
[ ]Nichols, JanetSenior class chooses committees, speakers (Oak)1:11/281944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekStudent poll4:51/281944
[ ]BasketballScoring records3:62/181944
[ ]Bender, Ruth; Ellis, GwenStudents choose yearbook heads in open election1:62/181944
[ ]CampusChapel plans come to fore1:13/31944
[ ]Faris, Lt. Bertsyl W.Faris is killed in crash (por)1:23/31944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School announces Kessler Lectures4:63/31944
[ ]BasketballHere are our boys (por)3:13/31944
[ ]BasketballLutheran cagers share high honors3:53/31944
[ ]World Student Service FundWorld Student Service Fund1:13/31944
[ ]Strahler, VioletFaculty chooses..orator1:53/241944
[ ]Founders DayFounder's Day Hymn3:33/241944
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarFounders' Day Hymn3:33/241944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School announces Kessler Lectures1:63/241944
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarPrexy arrives in 1902; dedicates life to Wittenberg1:23/241944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary seniors accept calls1:53/241944
[ ]BasketballTeam scores 475 points5:13/241944
[ ]BasketballTeam sets precedents5:13/241944
[ ]Behrens, GordonThese Wittenbergers won (por)5:33/241944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School announces Kessler Lectures1:14/141944
[ ]Schricker, Gov. Henry commencement speaker (por)1:64/141944
[ ]Lauver, PhyllisLauver reigns as Alma Mater Queen (por)1:14/141944
[ ]Stirewalt, SueThose who head TORCH for next year1:24/141944
[ ]Evans, JohnThose who head Torch for next year (por)1:24/141944
[ ]CampusChapel plans come to fore1:59/291944
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.College mourns death of professor4:69/291944
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinCollege recognizes loyal service4:49/291944
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students look to future; plan to help own people (por)1:39/291944
[ ]Shope, JackGunner awarded Flying Cross3:29/291944
[ ]Plays"The Patsy" to be presented1:410/131944
[ ]Lauver, PhyllisFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/131944
[ ]Armbruster, Rev. John M.Argentina student travels from Buenos Aires to Springfield twice during schooling (por)1:111/31944
[ ]Alber, Louis J.Convo speaker to discuss Hitler and the Junkers2:511/31944
[ ]Behrens, GordonFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/31944
[ ]PlaysPositions given for "The Patsy"1:411/31944
[ ]Stirewalt, CatherineSpeaks at college convocation1:211/31944
[ ]PlaysActions portrays modern family1:512/11944
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaCampus LSA to host conference1:112/11944
[ ]Bristle, Nancy; Crockett, Ruth; Ellis, GwenClasses choose year's leaders1:312/11944
[ ]Student-Soldier FundWWL backs2:312/11944
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive2:312/11944
[ ]Snow sculpture contestBoost W sponsors1:41/191945
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Home ec club now Theta Eta Kappa1;21/191945
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Leaves at semesters1:51/191945
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Now Theta Eta Kappa1:21/191945
[ ]Jones, Dr. E. StanleyStudents hear2:31/191945
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarAccepts N.L.C. leadership1:12/231945
[ ]Paschal, Dr. FranklinCosmopolitan professor fins Wittenberg solid enjoyment1:32/231945
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekFrease begins (por)1:52/231945
[ ]BasketballHardwood resume.3:12/231945
[ ]BasketballHardwood resume.3:52/231945
[ ]Student UnionWWL releases insurance for Student Center1:12/231945
[ ]Thompson, RalstonDiscusses methods, paintings at national show1:23/91945
[ ]BasketballHardwood resume.3:53/91945
[ ]Founders DayProduction to honor Wittenberg founders1:23/91945
[ ]Student CouncilStudent movement leaders plan constitution1:53/91945
[ ]Health ServiceWittenberg to buy field ambulance1:13/91945
[ ]Plays"So this is London," Cohan comedy to be presented1:44/131945
[ ]Founders DayProduction to honor Wittenberg founders1:14/131945
[ ]BaseballTeam begins activity (closed down after 1943)3:14/131945
[ ]Wappner, LoisWittenberg's natural girl hears news; dubs it joke (por)1:14/131945
[ ]Fisher, Earl;DeathsWittenberger dies in Iowa campaign3;54/131945
[ ]Atkinson, CarolBristle, Atkinson edit Wittenberger4:35/111945
[ ]Evans, JohnStirewalt, Evans are Torch editors4:45/111945
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipHonored at completion of years at Wittenberg2:16/111945
[ ]Cadwagan, RoseProfessor completes Wittenberg years2:26/111945
[ ]Stirewalt, SueStirewalt, Evans are TORCH editors4:46/111945
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.New profs prefer Wittenberg1:210/51945
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.New profs prefer Wittenberg--beauty, contact, atmosphere1:210/51945
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Thinks college position better than lawyer's bickering3:210/51945
[ ]VeteransVeteran enrollment 34; Matthies expects more4:510/51945
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union4:210/51945
[ ]Plays"Ladies of the Jury" is season's comedy1:310/261945
[ ]Vandermeerssche, Gaston AchillesBelgian student is Monday's speaker1:210/261945
[ ]Foreign StudentsErik, Egil, Sverre, Leif keep students listening1:210/261945
[ ]Recher, Richard; Schaffer, WilliamFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/261945
[ ]World Student Service FundWSSF drive begins1:210/261945
[ ]Henderson, Mrs. WillardCollege is home to new librarian3:411/91945
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesConference states postwar program for fraternities2:411/91945
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates nine in year's third commencement1:111/91945
[ ]World Student Service FundWSSF drive begins1:211/91945
[ ]Plays"Ladies of the Jury" is season's comedy4:112/141945
[ ]Traicoff, BorisA name for sport history5:212/141945
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Directs Veteran activity5:512/141945
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall is opened4:312/141945
[ ]Myers HallStudents look at Myers4:412/141945
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union1:312/141945
[ ]Student UnionBoard of Directors gives approval for student center1:51/181946
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn1:31/181946
[ ]BasketballResume of sports news3:21/181946
[ ]Perkins, RichardThompson, Perkins submit paintings in regional show1:11/181946
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union1:41/181946
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.Addresses students5:22/151946
[ ]Christian Service InstituteCollege announces Christian Service Institute1:42/151946
[ ]Madsen, BorgeDanish scholar likes our attitude (por)1:12/151946
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn5:22/151946
[ ]Chapel; Hiller, Professor Robert H.New chancel is Hiller memorial5:12/151946
[ ]Niuffer, Miss Margaret E.; Osborne, Don W.; Zook, Paul D.New professors added to staff1:22/151946
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Nystrom becomes new acting dean1:42/151946
[ ]Honors coursesProvide for private studies2:52/151946
[ ]BasketballResume of sports news3:12/151946
[ ]Student UnionBoard of Directors gives approval for student center5:13/11946
[ ]BasketballCagers second in state and conference1:43/11946
[ ]Christian Service InstituteCollege announces Christian Service Institute1:13/11946
[ ]Rugh, Lois JeanneFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/11946
[ ]VeteransG.I. trailer homes quickly filled1:13/221946
[ ]Stetler, HarryMost valuable player3:13/221946
[ ]Stavers, Jean BeanerStavers is editor, Pieper manager1:43/221946
[ ]BasketballTeam plans eastern trip3:13/221946
[ ]Tiger MascotWittenberg Tiger3:23/221946
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAnnual honors1:44/51946
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodEddy is future speaker (por)1:34/51946
[ ]Stirewalt, SueEx-editor excells in all4:44/51946
[ ]Myers HallHow the other half lives, or at home in Myers5:44/51946
[ ]Plays"The Devil's Disciple" to be presented.1:14/171946
[ ]Jones, Norma JeanAlma Mater1:54/171946
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipRecalls dreams of old1:24/171946
[ ]Class DaySeniors cancel usual Class Day exercises1:44/171946
[ ]Student UnionStudents support Student Union Drive1:34/171946
[ ]Plays"The Devil's Disciple" to be presented. (pic)1:35/31946
[ ]Weaver ObservatorySecrets of building exposed4:15/31946
[ ]Commencement; Newell, Betty Jane; Recher, Richard; Schaffer, WilliamSeniors choose speakers1:15/31946
[ ]Rugh, Lois JeanneSeniors choose speakers (gift orator)1:15/31946
[ ]Snider, PappyUnsung hero No. 15:25/31946
[ ]Student UnionBoard gives approval for Union plans1:45/171946
[ ]VeteransCollege assigned added housing1:55/171946
[ ]Women's Guildplans new building1:35/171946
[ ]Perkins, RichardThompson, Perkins display at Chicago1:15/171946
[ ]Wappner, LoisThree honoraries elect officers1:55/171946
[ ]BaseballTigers score five wins, one loss3:15/171946
[ ]Perkins, RichardBush achieves honor1:35/311946
[ ]Basketballeastern basketball games out3:55/311946
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardPatmos to get degree1:55/311946
[ ]BaseballTigers end with 7 wins; 1 loss; down Ashland, Wilmington3:15/311946
[ ]Auten, Miss Agnes; Doughman, Betty; Fisher, Miss Ilo; Fortney, Harold B.; Keefer, Edward W.; Minich, Dr. Paul R.; Poage, Miss Leila; Silas, Paul G.; Sturm, Louis; Wilder, Harry; Wylie, Lloyd R.Faculty adds 32 new professors1:39/151946
[ ]Summer CoursesAttended by 8521:19/201946
[ ]Kline, Mrs. Randall; Boatman, Claude E.; Stewart, Lincoln; Swinebroad, Jefferson D.; Cressman, Dr. Charles P.; Gerhard, Dr. Melitta; Gire, Myron; Miller, C.; Schaffer, WilliamFaculty adds 32 new professors1:39/201946
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students enrolled at Wittenberg1:29/201946
[ ]VeteransTemporary dorms occupied1:49/201946
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Lambda Chi AlphaThree fraternities open new houses1:19/201946
[ ]Women's LeagueCompiles high campus record5:410/41946
[ ]AthleticsFall intramural program back to pre-war status3:210/41946
[ ]Stetler, HarryFrom the campus sketchbook6:410/41946
[ ]Frankenhaueser, MarianneMarianne and Barbro enjoy friendly life in America1:110/41946
[ ]Varsity NightEvent set for Nov. 161:310/111946
[ ]Dziama, SteveFrom the campus sketchbook4:410/111946
[ ]SpringfieldIntroducing2:410/111946
[ ]Tiger MascotMeet Atom1:310/111946
[ ]Student UnionStudent Union work progressing rapidly3:310/111946
[ ]Lui, Nien-tsuiChinese girl studies here (por)7:110/261946
[ ]Sheriff, RuthHomecoming Queen1:510/261946
[ ]CheerleadersTen students lead cheers3:410/261946
[ ]Thompson, RalstonArt displayed nationally1:211/81946
[ ]History of WittenbergTraditions and history unfolded1:111/81946
[ ]Varsity NightEvent set for Nov. 161:111/221946
[ ]Whittaker, Lt. James C."We thought we heard the angels sing"2:312/201946
[ ]BasketballCagers set .500 pace (por)3:312/201946
[ ]MosaicFirst MOSAIC, new magazine out today1:112/201946
[ ]Sutcliffe, HarryHanicap no bar5:212/201946
[ ]VeteransMatthies states FPHA situation1:112/201946
[ ]Student UnionStudent union to open in Myers Hall on January 61:512/201946
[ ]Plays"Ah, Wildernis" to run1/201947
[ ]Speakers BureauDr. Ward heads1:21/201947
[ ]Student UnionFood and music welcomed1:3, 5:6,1/201947
[ ]Christensen, Harold L.; Mendenhall, Helen; Jex, Mrs. Patty; Leiter, Lloyd; Young, Charles D.; Dismang, D.O.K.Faculty adds 10 new professors1:52/141947
[ ]Glass, CarlFaculty adds 10 new profs1;52/141947
[ ]Student UnionLounge completed4:32/141947
[ ]Fine Arts ClubSeven students direct new club1:22/141947
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You" comedy to be presented1:52/281947
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStatewide interfrat discusses hazing1:32/281947
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Author of new book on Poe letters1:43/141947
[ ]Basketball; Fellmeth, GeneSeason ends; Fellmeth most valuable3:33/141947
[ ]Norris, JohnnySpring marionette show now under construction1:13/141947
[ ]Stetler, HarryTo get special award3:53/141947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWins 1st in show for 3rd year1:23/141947
[ ]OratorsWittenberg to be host to contestants this year1:33/141947
[ ]Most Valuable Players (MVPs)1937-471:13/281947
[ ]Speakers BureauDr. Ward heads6:13/281947
[ ]Endter, CharlesEndter takes first in state oratory.1:13/281947
[ ]OratorsEndter takes first place in state contest1:13/281947
[ ]Spragg, DeanNew coeditors..take over next issue (por)3/281947
[ ]Summer CoursesSessions held in Mexico and Guatemala7;13/281947
[ ]Endter, CharlesEndter takes first in state oratory1:44/181947
[ ]Simon, Dr. FrankTo conduct band here1:24/181947
[ ]Plays"Mrs. Moonlight"1:15/21947
[ ]Endter, CharlesEndter excels in national oratory (por)1:55/21947
[ ]Speakers BureauLocal speakers address schools1:25/21947
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduates nine ministers1:25/291947
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTo tour Northern Europe1:55/291947
[ ]Albrecht, Walter Jr.; Alexander, Mrs. Warren; Belding, Robert; Bush, Prof. Everett; Cotterman, A.D.; Endter, Charles; Freeman, Charles; Glasoe, Dr. Paul; Hillbrink, Mrs. Jean; Humbard, Jesse; Larson, W. Douglas; Lugo-Silva, Enrique; Lund, Rev. Gene; McCulNew professors arrive on campus1:19/151947
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarReturns from Europe1:39/151947
[ ]Baughman, Dr. Willis J.Baughman's plans become reality as new lab opens4:19/251947
[ ]Broadcasting StudioNew campus broadcasting studio opens1:19/251947
[ ]Dunkel, JamesPersonality parade2:49/251947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter1:39/251947
[ ]Fok, Shiu YingShiu Ying amazed by America's wealth2:49/251947
[ ]CampusWWG board plans Home Ec building1:510/21947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonTriumphs in Dayton artists exhibit1:210/91947
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelayed rush plan rejected1:410/161947
[ ]Rollins, Mary AnnPersonality parade2:310/161947
[ ]ConvocationsStudent Council displays criticism of present convos1:410/161947
[ ]VeteransFigures show that vets are sticking1:111/61947
[ ]Roessler, JeanPortrait3:111/61947
[ ]MajorettesStrutters' steps stop students4:311/61947
[ ]Sidlinger, HankTypical of members of Wittebnerg's marching band...1:411/61947
[ ]Seiberling, JaneAttendant1:211/151947
[ ]Esping, AudreyHomecoming queen (por)1:311/151947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter3:211/151947
[ ]Football, History ofTiger records reveal 29 victories7:511/151947
[ ]Dibelius, Bishop OttoBerlin bishop to speak at Hamma1:111/201947
[ ]Pi Sigma AlphaPoli Sci fraternity granted chapter1:211/201947
[ ]Bostrum, Dr. Otto; Mendenhall, Dr. GeorgeSeminarians greet new professors1:511/201947
[ ]Engineering Science ClubTwo new groups formally installed1:211/201947
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Comments on news over WJEL1:312/41947
[ ]Basketballkentucky trip cage opener4:312/41947
[ ]PlaysMurder Mystery, "Mr. and Mrs. North" next play1:112/41947
[ ]Varsity NightPrograms hailed as best ever1:512/41947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonDiscusses art job prospects1:312/111947
[ ]AthleticsOhio conference reverses ruling4:512/111947
[ ]Seiberling, JanePortrait3:112/111947
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Voigt resigns; Ostrom new head of English department1:112/111947
[ ]Thompson, RalstonArtists exhibit in national shows1:212/181947
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingIFC changes name of men's song contest1:112/181947
[ ]Puls, Rev. speak at Christmas convocation1:512/181947
[ ]Student UnionCelebrates one year of cokes, coffee, crackpots3:31/141948
[ ]Dunmire, Rev. Howard;DeathsFormer publicity director dies1:31/141948
[ ]Dizmang, Oscar K.Oscar K. Dizmang accepts government post1:31/141948
[ ]Stavers, Jean BeanerPersonality parade1:31/141948
[ ]VeteransSubsistence raise anticipated1:11/141948
[ ]Rollins, Mary AnnTwelve chosen for Who's Who1;11/141948
[ ]Stroup, PaulTwelve chosen for Who's Who1:11/141948
[ ]Bauer, Art Bud; Brenner, Tom; Atkinson, Carol; Bristle, Nancy; Leffingwell, BobTwelve chosen for Who's Who (por)1:11/141948
[ ]Dunkel, JamesTwelve choses for Who's Who. (por)1:11/141948
[ ]Myers HallDormers propose lights for Myers1:51/211948
[ ]Makowski, EdMakowski now a promising freshman cager1:11/211948
[ ]Student CouncilProposed election code presented to CouncilNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:42/91948
[ ]Plays"Gammer Gurton's Needle" to be presented by Thespians in Feb1:22/111948
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Receives award by Cuban historical academy1:22/111948
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaBook of poems publishedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:42/131948
[ ]ConvocationsPoll indicates convos pet peeve1:52/181948
[ ]VeteransMost vetshere will gain from new law1:32/251948
[ ]Basketball"Next season to be wild and wooly"5:53/41948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years1:23/41948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years: trailer life still cramped and crazy4:33/41948
[ ]BasketballChalk talk (por)1:23/41948
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil hears plan of new Wittenberg student6:13/41948
[ ]Simojoki, Dr. MartiiFinnish student hears lectures in three languages4:13/41948
[ ]Sutcliffe, HarryPersonality parade1:33/41948
[ ]Esping, AudreyPortrait (por)3:13/101948
[ ]Tracey, Miss Minnie B.Receives Doctor's degree1:23/171948
[ ]Student CouncilTwo proposals made for elections code1:53/171948
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.Your convo speaker...1:33/171948
[ ]Stull, JamesAssumes LSA duties as prexy1:14/71948
[ ]AthleticsConference passes new eligibility law4:34/71948
[ ]Thompson, RalstonGains more plaudits1:24/71948
[ ]Anderson, RachelMiss Wittenberger, 1948 (por)1:14/71948
[ ]Lilje, Rev. HansYour convo speaker1:14/141948
[ ]Lilje, Rev. HansGerman bishop next Hamma speaker1:44/211948
[ ]Stroup, PaulRe-elected YMCA President1:54/211948
[ ]Plays"Papa is All" opening in Blair theatre1:24/281948
[ ]CampusCampus suffers $2500 hurricane loss1:4-54/281948
[ ]Fisher, EarlFisher comes home to rest1:14/301948
[ ]Plays"Importance of Being Earnest", new type production closes play season1:25/51948
[ ]Tennis1948 squad picture4:45/51948
[ ]Carrasco, RudyCarrasco's mural goes to Cincinnati1:25/51948
[ ]Norris, JohnnyNorris takes first1:35/51948
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolStudent ordained4:15/51948
[ ]Plays"Importance of Being Earnest", new type production closes play season1:35/121948
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiCaptures men's all campus sing1:15/121948
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDiplomas to be awarded sunday1:35/121948
[ ]Nygren, Rev. Prof. AndersGonvo to feature Swedish minister1:25/121948
[ ]Student CouncilNew...constitutions goes before students1:55/121948
[ ]Hobo Day -- History1912-48 Hobo Day boasts thirty-seven year span1:15/191948
[ ]Norris, JohnnyPersonality parade3:36/61948
[ ]Allison, Bernard; Brand, C.A.; Bremer, Otto; Cowdrick, Dr. Ruth; Coyle, Dr. William; Dierolf, Claude; Dueker, James E.; Hites, Dr. Laird T.; Lind, Karl G.; Mallett, Dr. D. M.; McKnight, Robert J.; Mertz, J. L.; Prichard, Wayne; Riesner, Marianna; Schrag, 21 new members added to faculty1:49/151948
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonAccepts position as Wittenberg Vice President1:59/151948
[ ]Allison, BernardNew Tiger coach directs frosh squad4:29/151948
[ ]Rhoads, HaroldRhoads and Spragg to publish Wittenberger1:19/151948
[ ]Spragg, DeanRhoads and Spragg to publish Wittenberger9/151948
[ ]CampusSummer facelifting39/151948
[ ]Brickels, John; Edwards, BillTwo ex-Tiger stars hold coaching posts with Browns4:19/151948
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees gains doctorate1:19/221948
[ ]VeteransCllege takes over titles of housing units3:59/221948
[ ]Bisesser, BettyPre-med Indian lass discovers courting wide open compared to native land3:19/221948
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolRefectory is open1:29/221948
[ ]CampusTree surgeons battle falling tree menace1:39/221948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Book on Edgar Allen Poe to be published next month1:19/291948
[ ]Student CouncilFaculty approves council constitution1:39/291948
[ ]Kretzschmar, BlaiseFrenchman finds U.S. wasteful, charming3:19/291948
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Appointed to new position (por)1:610/11948
[ ]Student CouncilFaculty approves council constitution1:410/61948
[ ]Heinlein, Dr. Christian PaulHeinlein joins psychology department3:310/61948
[ ]FinancesUCLA approves college aid program3:510/131948
[ ]Koo-Tus-Pah-He-TooIndian tenor at convocation1:210/181948
[ ]Zung, S. S.Tells of Rural China4:610/181948
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Personality parade2;310/201948
[ ]Wee, Dr. MorrisReligious week begins Oct. 24; Dr. Wee to speak1:510/201948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Book on Edgar Allen Poe to be published next month110/271948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Book on Edgar Allen Poe to be published next month4:110/271948
[ ]Bishop, Charles; Clinton, Donald; Klar, Lois; Norris, JohnnyJunior class officers110/271948
[ ]FinancesWittenberg College to get $474,000 from Lutheran Churches2:310/271948
[ ]History of WittenbergBound "Torch" issues recall events of past years4:411/61948
[ ]Schaffer, WilliamTo speak at Youth Crusade6:511/61948
[ ]Perkins, RichardBush achieves honor1:311/101948
[ ]Osmond, MurrayFormer art students gain success in painting1:311/101948
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonPublicity book rolls off press1:111/101948
[ ]Rhoads, Harold; Schreiber, Jack; Shreck, Carolyn; Stull, JamesSixteen students selected by faculty to college Who's Who1:411/101948
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Work gets favorable reviews1:211/101948
[ ]Plays"The Late George Apley" given by speech dept.1:411/171948
[ ]Plays"The Late George Apley" given by speech dept.1:411/231948
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gams win trophy1:111/231948
[ ]Plays"The Late George Apley" given by speech dept.1:312/81948
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAdmission of Negroes into frats delayed year by convention3:512/81948
[ ]Allison, Bernie;Sports;FootballAllison Holds Classes for Prospective Frosh Football Candidates4:312/151948
[ ]Alpha Phi Omega;Philanthropy;Toys for TotsAlpha Phi Omega Backs Toys For Tots Campaign1:512/151948
[ ]Billman, George;Red CrossBillman Elected Chairman Of Red Cross Unit2:312/151948
[ ]Convocations;Christmas;Choir;OrchestraChoir, Orchestra, Appear At Convo1:412/151948
[ ]Christmas;GiftsCo-Ed Ponders Her Christmas Gifts3:112/151948
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;SportsCoed Sports4:112/151948
[ ]Hites, Dr. Laird T.;DeathsDr. Hites, Psychology professor, dies1:312/151948
[ ]Schwiebert, Dr. Ernest;Military Service;[Photo]Dr. Schwiebert Accepts Post In U.S. Military Rule1:412/151948
[ ]Students;Education Figures2:312/151948
[ ]Voss, Walt;Philanthropy;Toys for TotsEt Cetera2:412/151948
[ ]Comics;Ezry (Tiger);ChristmasEzry3:112/151948
[ ]Faculty;Christmas;ChristmasFaculty Hold Christmas Party Tomorrow1:112/151948
[ ]Varsity Night;Fraternities;Withers, Carl;Abbott, Al;Mautz, Earl;Sprague, SidFraternity Presidents Agree That Varsity Night Should Be Changed; Disagree As To How1:312/151948
[ ]Hester, Keith;Radio stationFreshman Operates Radio Station4:312/151948
[ ]Basketball;Lambda Chi Alpha;FreshmenFrosh Cagers Swamp Lambda Chi Alpha4:312/151948
[ ]Traffic Accidents;His Memo Read: 'Buy Tire Chains'2:112/151948
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Christmas;Hours Without Credit2:312/151948
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaLutheran Student Association3:212/151948
[ ]Intramural Sports;FraternitiesMen's Intramurals4:412/151948
[ ]Santa Claus;No Santa Claus?2:112/151948
[ ]Comics;Christmas;Personality Parade2:212/151948
[ ]Phi Sigma IotaPhi Sigma Iota3:212/151948
[ ]Gaver, Caroline;Renz, Bill;Hanneman, Irma;Studer, Erwin;Elliot, Carol;Kendig, Walt;Selberling, Jane;Gibson, Boyd;Barrett, Jean;Minnich, Rob;Rhodes, Arlene;Hall, Jack;[Photos];Pins and Promises2:212/151948
[ ]Speech Department;Kelley, VernonSpeech Students Judge Contest4:412/151948
[ ]Springfield;TheatreSpringfield Civic Theater Hunts Talent4:512/151948
[ ]Student UnionStudent Union To Celebrate1:212/151948
[ ]Swimming and Diving;TravelSwimming Team Heads South For Florida Warmup4:112/151948
[ ]Fraternities;Dove, Dave;Christmas;[Photo]There isn't a Santa Claus? ...1:312/151948
[ ]Sports;BasketballTigers Clash With Invading Kentucky Squad Tomorrow4:512/151948
[ ]Sports;BasketballTigers Down Georgetown In Overtime - Nab 72-61 Decision For First Win4:212/151948
[ ]Study Abroad;Summer Courses;NorwayUniversity of Oslo Announces Special Summer Classes3:312/151948
[ ]Student UnionState of Union good on 4th birthdayNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:31/111949
[ ]DegreesTo offer religion degrees1:51/121949
[ ]Class of 1949Class of '49 orators elected1:41/191949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Accepts presidential call1:12/91949
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Clarence Stoughton accepts presidential call (pic)1:12/91949
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Elected to office3:22/91949
[ ]Marriage CounselingInterest in marriage counseling help rises3:22/91949
[ ]Keasey, Lester DeanNew instructor joins teaching staff4:12/91949
[ ]Stroup, PaulPersonality parade2:32/161949
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.; Tulloss, President Rees Edgar"World Biography" lists four faculty members3:32/231949
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.One of four faculty members listed in World Biography3:32/231949
[ ]CheerleadersPortrait1:22/231949
[ ]Christian Careers Conference WeekPresident of Marion College heads list of speakers1:22/231949
[ ]Tchou, Col. M. ThomasChiang Kai-Shek's former secretary convo speaker1:33/21949
[ ]ShiftersOdd socks and shoes, high heels and low--it's Shifter's time1:23/21949
[ ]Shreck, CarolynPersonality parade2:33/91949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To visit campus late in March1:23/91949
[ ]Schultz, Dr. Clarence K.Resigns1:53/161949
[ ]Plays"Death takes a holiday"; Brees and Rhodes have leads in spring play1:43/231949
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.New math instructor to join college staff in autumn1:23/231949
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Personally parade2:33/231949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To visit campus late in March1:53/231949
[ ]Plays "Death takes a holiday"; Brees and Rhodes have leads in spring play1:33/301949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Dr. and Mrs. Stoughton win place in our hearts1:13/301949
[ ]Dussel, Mrs. Catherine Anna; Rumbaugh, Mrs. MaryCollege receives $60,000 in bequests1:24/61949
[ ]Makowski, EdMakowski awarded positions on new all-Ohio lineup4:24/61949
[ ]DegreesNew religious degree opens 4 additional study fields3:34/61949
[ ]Stavers, Jean BeanerTakes AAU title4:14/61949
[ ]Fitch, Louis HarrisonAppointed business manager2:34/271949
[ ]Dickerson, KenKen Dickerson takes TORCH editorship (por)1:14/271949
[ ]Rhoads, HaroldPersonality parade2:34/271949
[ ]Schreiber, JackPresident-elect of Student Council (por)1:44/271949
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.resigns as college dean1:44/271949
[ ]Schreiber, JackElected head of Blue Key honorary3:55/41949
[ ]Miller, SuePersonality parade2:35/121949
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTo hold exercises on May 151:15/121949
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin sing (pic)1:45/121949
[ ]Hamma Divinity School To hold exercises on May 151:35/181949
[ ]Sorority SingsAlpha Delts win1:45/181949
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonHonorary degree conferred upon Reck1:35/181949
[ ]Library FundsLibrary shows balance over $9,0002:25/181949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Second book published1:35/181949
[ ]Class GiftsClass '49; a portion of Blair overlook and a new electric scoreboard for football stadium5/251949
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. R. E. Tulloss honored--Twenty-nine "Tulloss Years"15/251949
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)To head ULCA drive for $6,000,0002:15/251949
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTwenty-nin "Tulloss Years"15/251949
[ ]CampusCampus gets $15000 facelift1:19/151949
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Gives first address1:49/151949
[ ]Norquist, Nels L.New faculty and staff greet students1:59/151949
[ ]Fries, Sherwood; Shields, Harold L.New football mentors selected4:49/151949
[ ]CounselingCounseling service extended by counselors1:59/211949
[ ]Saddlemire, Dr. Gerald L.Service extended by counselors1:59/211949
[ ]Thompson, Carroll; Wrolstad, Merald E.Two appointed to staff2:19/211949
[ ]Carman, Harry S.Columbia dean to conduct symposium at Stoughton inauguration2:410/51949
[ ]Melberg, Mrs. LydiaMelberg flees Russians, Germans, looks ahead to brighter fruture here3:410/51949
[ ]International Relations ClubWorks for understanding2:310/51949
[ ]Public Relations DepartmentPRD plays the informer, tells all about everything to everyone3:110/121949
[ ]Attendance; Nicholson, Ann; Schreiber, JackStudent leads named for movie4:110/121949
[ ]StadiumConstruction cost of the stadium exceedes $100,000Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:1-210/181949
[ ]Homecoming;President's Inauguration;Stoughton, Clarence C.... Where The Heart Is2:210/261949
[ ]Homecoming;Hockey;Alumnae/Alumni;SportsAlums Tie Coeds In Hockey Game4:410/261949
[ ]Sports;BasketballCagers Begin Practice Sessions4:410/261949
[ ]Fund Raising;Foreign Students;EducationChest Drive Opens2:110/261949
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil Studies Change in "Wittenberger" Elections1:410/261949
[ ]Parking;AutomobilesDecline In Parking Violations Noted2:310/261949
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekEmphasis Week Starts Sunday2:510/261949
[ ]Ezry (Tiger);ComicsEzry3:110/261949
[ ]Blair Hall;Fires;Hamm, Mrs. John BennettFire Breaks Out In Campus Building1:310/261949
[ ]Sports;Football;President's Inauguration;Van Why, J. B.From The Sidelines4:110/261949
[ ]Student Activities;Alumnae/Alumni;Fraternities and SororitiesHours Without Credit...3:110/261949
[ ]Films;Les Miserables;Hugo, VictorHugo Film Shown1:110/261949
[ ]Campus Life;DormitoriesIntercepted Notes Of Roommates Provide Insight Of Tribulations2:410/261949
[ ]Accidents;Chemistry;Malone, Hugh;Boatman, Claude;[Photos]Lab Explosion Injures Student, Prof.1:310/261949
[ ]Sports;Football;Hammond, Bill;Walsh, Jim;DiRocco, Tony;Heath, BillLutherans Finally Click To Smother Hapless Pioneers, 27-74:410/261949
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ostrom Sited by Martha Kinney Cooper Association for Poe Letters1:110/261949
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha;Intramural Sports;FootballPi Kaps Take Lead on 7-6 I-M Grid Win4:210/261949
[ ]Pi Sigma Alpha;Political Science;Political Science DepartmentPi Sigma Alpha Elects1:110/261949
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi;Chi Omega;Lambda Chi Alpha;Explosives;Police and SecuritySeries of Mystery Blasts Hit Campus Over Weekend1:310/261949
[ ]Drama;Beck, Dorothy;Brubaker, Sallie;Myers, Kathryn;Snyder, Jim;Harmon, Dan;Johnston, Ronnie;[Photos]Stage Hands Deal In Lilliputian World3:310/261949
[ ]Sports;FootballTiger Cubs Open Against Otterbein4:310/261949
[ ]Sports;FootballTigers To Take On Capital Lutherans In Evening Grid Tilt4:310/261949
[ ]Mascots;Ezry (Tiger);Torchy (Tiger);[Photo]Torchy Makes Debut...1:110/261949
[ ]Movies;ConvocationsWhy Not Movies At Convo?2:110/261949
[ ]Reck, W. Emerson;President's Inauguration[Letter from W. Emerson Reck]1:410/261949
[ ]Warmingham, Dr. Osbert W.Author to speak at chapel service2:311/21949
[ ]Foreign Mission FellowshipMission groups address 1,000 in action move3:311/21949
[ ]PlaysParts cast for "Dear Brutus"1:211/21949
[ ]Schreiber, JackWittenberger aids in selecting queen1:311/21949
[ ]ConvocationsStoughton to discuss situation at S.C. meeting1:211/161949
[ ]Thompson, RalstonTakes leave to teach at U.C.1;411/161949
[ ]Bishop, CharlesGridders honored at banquet, (Bishop=most valuable player)4:412/71949
[ ]Heinlein, Dr. Christian PaulHeinlein resigns to complete books1:512/71949
[ ]PlaysParts cast for "Dear Brutus"1:512/71949
[ ]ConvocationsStoughton to discuss situation at S.C. meeting1:212/71949
[ ]Wolford, ThomasNamed as lead for movei4:112/101949
[ ]PlaysParts cast for "Dear Brutus" (pic)1:412/141949
[ ]BasketballPre-Yule cage trip starts tomorrow.1:412/141949
[ ]Class ColorsBoost "W" advocates establishing tradition of class colors1:112/201949
[ ]Sports;BasketballCagers Drop First Two Tilts3:212/201949
[ ]Pfeifer, Doris;Christmas;ConvocationsChristmas Convo Held Tomorrow1:112/201949
[ ]Traffic Accidents;Holidays;DeathChristmas Wreath Or Funeral Wreath?2:112/201949
[ ]Cine Association;FilmsCine Group Shows First Film January 61:312/201949
[ ]Wrolstad, Meral;Publications OfficeDirectory Distributed After Vacation1:412/201949
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesHours Without Credit...2:212/201949
[ ]Sports;BasketballTiger Subs Star In Salvaging Final Kentucky Gamel Defeat Centre, 68-653:312/201949
[ ]Who's Who in American CollegesWittenberg Refuses Invitation For Student's "Who's Who" Listing1:312/201949
[ ]Wittlinger, Robert;AdvertisingWittlinger Places In National Ad Writing Contest1:212/201949
[ ]Ezry (Tiger);Comics[Ezry (Tiger) illustration]1:212/201949
[ ]Cine AssociationGroup plans list of film classics3:11/111950
[ ]WrestlingGrunt and groan boys must conform to regular intercollegiate rules4:31/111950
[ ]Hayes, ChuckStudent wins berth as roaming scribe for Chicago paper2:41/111950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-251:32/21950
[ ]University of LifePresented here features well-known lecturers1:12/81950
[ ]March of DimesCampus-wide drive opens today12/151950
[ ]University of LifePresented here features well-known lecturers1:52/151950
[ ]March of DimesCampus-wide drive opens today1:42/221950
[ ]Thompson, CarrollTwo appointed to staff2;12/221950
[ ]Pearson, Norman ArthurChristen, Pearson take over Torch reigns as co-editors for coming year (por)1:13/81950
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceCollege offers placement service for graduates1:13/81950
[ ]Dorsey, JimmyDorsey signed for spring dance (por)1:33/81950
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Featured as Founder's Day Speaker1:23/81950
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkNamed MVP at post season hoop banquet (por)4:43/81950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-25 (pic)3:43/151950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class1:23/151950
[ ]Visual Aids Workshop; Lutheran ChurchPastors meet for workshop1:23/151950
[ ]Balazs, FredericWell-known violinist appears on Monday convocation program1:13/151950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-25 (pic)1:43/221950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class4:33/221950
[ ]Schweikart, RobertWins state meet; speech presented in national3:13/221950
[ ]Plays"Rope" set for March 22-25 (pic)3:13/291950
[ ]Taft, Mrs. MarthaTo speak, (commencement)1:34/141950
[ ]Junior-Senior PromFirst prom since war; set for Apr. 28th1:34/191950
[ ]Shields, Harold L.From the sidelines4:44/261950
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity NightPhi Psi's take first place (por)1:34/261950
[ ]Snyder, HelenVoted to reign as queen over Alma Mater pageant (por)1:14/261950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class3:15/31950
[ ]Gay Nineties PicnicGrandma to replace King Jeff with the new Gay Ninties picnic1:15/31950
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGranted research aid2:35/31950
[ ]Weiskotten, RobertTo head Wittenberger along with Warth1:45/31950
[ ]FeesTuition cut granted to family groups1:25/31950
[ ]Plays"Wallflower" picked by drama class4:45/111950
[ ]Gay Nineties PicnicGay Ninties picnic15/111950
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulMissing: One Stanley Steamer15/111950
[ ]Fortney, Harold B.; Haugse, Eugene; Hawes, Robert E.; Keasey, Lester DeanFaculty leaves for doctorates3:45/181950
[ ]Hawes, Robert E.Faculty leaves for doctorates3:$5/181950
[ ]Norris, JohnnyHottman, Norris, Pick and Pen duo, fall victims of June graduation (por)1:35/181950
[ ]Sidewalk Art ShowWittenberg artists collect works for first annual sidewalk art exhibit today1:15/181950
[ ]Plays"Night must Fall": Drama scheduled for early November run3:59/211950
[ ]Dudycha, Dr. George; Hossom, Dr. H.K.Dudycha, Hossom head list of new professors1:19/211950
[ ]Ness, Ralph E. TomEx Lakewooder to mentor new Tiger grid machine; sports good record4:49/211950
[ ]Thompson, CarrollHeads new church news service3:39/211950
[ ]ConvocationsOverall convo view improved greatly1:59/211950
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Professor's sudden departure startles campus. Ness is new athletic field4:39/211950
[ ]Tasuki, Kikychi "Polly"Tokyo girl discusses U.S., Japan2:49/211950
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Publishes new volume for laymen1:29/281950
[ ]Klive, VisvaldisStudent, sought by Reds, narrates experiences3:29/281950
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.To write intro for new series1:39/281950
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolWin over varsity of Wittenberg 6-04:19/281950
[ ]Fischer, Dr. MartinCollege donated rare book collections and color exhibit1:310/51950
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekFirst all-student Religious Emphasis Week set1:210/51950
[ ]Kissing Bridge; FiresKissing Bridge damaged by fire1:410/51950
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekFirst all-student Religious Emphasis Week set (por)1:110/121950
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesReformation authority presents Luther history lecture3:110/121950
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.Sittler, Albert heads Religious emphasis program scheduled for coming week1:110/121950
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Witt's satorical wonder has high campus personality rating.2:410/121950
[ ]Schweikart, RobertWittenberg student wins second in nation peace speech contest1:310/121950
[ ]Campus Calendar QueenCampus Calendar Queen polled2:310/191950
[ ]Christian Higher Education Year (CHEY)cHEY nets over $750,000 for Wittenberg, Hamma2:410/261950
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ravens--dank tarns vex Ostrom; "Don't call me Edgar" quoth he2:410/261950
[ ]Campus Calendar QueenSemmons Varsity "W's" Calendar Girl (por)1:210/261950
[ ]Semmons, MarleneVarsity "W"s calendar girl1:210/261950
[ ]Snyder, HelenWitt coed receives award for scholarship3:210/261950
[ ]Military ServiceDean Nystrom explains student draft situation; reserves call five6:411/41950
[ ]Laughton, CharlesLaughton at Wittenberg convo6:111/41950
[ ]Bacon, Miss KatherinePianist here Monday6:111/41950
[ ]Plays"Night must Fall": is hailed by audience1:411/171950
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;Sports;Football;RivalryBishops Tangle With Might Army As Season Opener For 19514:311/171950
[ ]Ohio Division of the National Association of Educational Buyers;Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Buyers, Busines Managers Convene1:311/171950
[ ]Hall, Harry R.;Economics;BusinessEcon Speaker Series Announces Third Man's Theme3:311/171950
[ ]Ezry (Tiger);ComicsEzry3:111/171950
[ ]Philanthropy;Women's League;Fraternities and SororitiesFood For Needy Is Theme Of Monday's Convo1:411/171950
[ ]Sports;Football;Donnelly, JimFreshman Gridders Hold Baby Bishops--Lose To Tiger Varsity4:411/171950
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettGeography prof misses winters of New England with real snow2:311/171950
[ ]Juedes, Clifford B.;BasketballJuedes New Frosh Cage Coach For 1950 Season4:111/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballLocal Gridmen Have Best Season Since Undefeated, Untied Team of '404:111/171950
[ ]Sports;RivalryMissing Skull And Stuffed Tiger Create Near Riot1:411/171950
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Maurer, Howard "Red"Mt. Union Added To Wittenberg 1950 Season Basketball Schedule4:211/171950
[ ]Cesana, Otto;Kenton, Stan;Jazz OrchestraNew Sounds In Modern Music2:211/171950
[ ]Nestler, NewtNewt Quips Merrily On; Prolific Our Boy Is2:411/171950
[ ]Fund Raising;World Student Service Fund;Foreign StudentsOff the Cuff - Cents Make Sense2:111/171950
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi;Del Medico, Vincent J.;Zimmer, Frederick P.;Phi Gamma DeltaPhi Psis Elect Officers; Phi Gamma Delta; Dorm League Parties Scheduled3:411/171950
[ ]Psi Chi;Psychology DepartmentPsi Chi, Psych Honorary, To Hold Initiation Dec. 131:311/171950
[ ]Study Abroad;Mexico;Exchange ProgramsScholarship For Study South Of The Border Granted By Government2:211/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballSecond Migration Day Planned for Valparaiso Saturday Tilt1:111/171950
[ ]Military ServiceSelective service deferment procedure announced by dean3:111/171950
[ ]Semmons, Marlene;Campus Calendar QueenSemmons one of top four beauties in Esquire Calendar Girl contest1:411/171950
[ ]Schrag, Dr. E. F;Sociology DepartmentSociology Panel Set For Nov. 201:111/171950
[ ]International Relations ClubStatewide convention on campus, Nov 17-191:211/171950
[ ]Sports;Football;Varble, Bill;Hammond, Bill;Bishop, LoyalTigers 19-0 Win Is First Denison Blank Since 19463:511/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballTigers, Bishops Tie 7-7 In Final Home Game4:111/171950
[ ]Grading;ComicsTorch Toons - Wittenberg's Grading System2:311/171950
[ ]Freshney, Bill;Freshmen-Sophomore ClashTug-Of-War Replaced By Egg Toss for Frosh-Soph Contest1:411/171950
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)WAA Sponsors Open House This Friday4:511/171950
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to speak at convocation1:211/211950
[ ]Weiser, Miss Florence SarahNew food coordinator named1:311/211950
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRevamped fraternity program receives wide publicity1:111/211950
[ ]Thompson, RalstonFine arts director penned mean poetry at undergrad2:312/71950
[ ]ConvocationsHere lies convo card 19502:112/71950
[ ]Yano, TdurskiJapanese university head lectures at Wittenberg1:212/71950
[ ]Class ScheduleSchedule change voted by faculty for replacement of school time1:112/71950
[ ]Military ServiceEffect of war scare on students discussed1:412/141950
[ ]GiftsCollege receives gifts1:112/201950
[ ]Thompson, CarrollAccepts church news/publicity editorship1:11/111951
[ ]Marriage SchoolMarriage school set for June1:31/111951
[ ]Lutz, Harry E.;DeathsOldest alum dies; class of 18791:21/111951
[ ]Military ServiceReport on draft situation given by prexy at convo1:31/181951
[ ]Saeman, HenrySports editor--Torch terror!2:31/181951
[ ]CampusThree new buildings authorized as inflation scare hastens action1:31/181951
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.;DeathsFamous author dies1:12/151951
[ ]Strock, Dr. J. RoyIndian educator, noted cellist to be featured at next convos1:42/151951
[ ]Friedrick, Rev. James K.Religious movie producer to speak Feb 191:12/151951
[ ]Winston, Miss Mildred E.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)ULCA education secretary here for student workshop1:22/151951
[ ]Roger Williams FellowshipNew religious group formed for Baptists1:52/221951
[ ]Religious GroupsRoger Williams, Lutheran Student Assoc., Canterbury, Westminster, and Newman Club are groups on campus12/221951
[ ]Eisenberg, MauriceFamous cellist featured in...convo.1:43/11951
[ ]Snyder, HelenIvy Orator1:23/11951
[ ]Christensen, Harold L.Harold Christensen resigns to join Chicago insurance staff1:53/71951
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkMVP for second consecutive season1:13/71951
[ ]Morris, EarlNoted attorney is to be convocation guest1:33/71951
[ ]Plays"Magnificent Obsession" scheduled for Apr 4, 5, 71:53/151951
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Selected member of scholastic society1:43/151951
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonWittenberg VP is writing book, not on public relations2:33/151951
[ ]Allison, BernardBernie Allison, vet of 28 trips across briny, intramural head2:34/51951
[ ]Military ServiceCollege is named draft center1:24/51951
[ ]Summer CoursesExpanded to aid accelerated curriculum1:14/51951
[ ]Anderson, BobNew Torch editors announced (por)1:34/51951
[ ]PlaysWermer scores in "Obsession" (por)1:14/51951
[ ]Plays"Night of Drama" features three student-directed plays1:24/121951
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H."Triple-threat" prof, adds more laurels to Wittenberg (por)2:34/121951
[ ]Lohnes, Mr. G. R.Ohio banker to lecture on economics1:54/121951
[ ]Semmons, Marlene...chosen to appear on an NBC television program2:34/191951
[ ]Anderson, BobAnderson elected Inter-frat prexy1:14/261951
[ ]CampusCampus facelifting reaches Reci, Keller4:54/261951
[ ]Harkness, RichardHarkness will talk Monday2:34/261951
[ ]Allison, Bernard; Cressman, Dr. Charles P.; Stewart, Lincoln; Wagner, EvelynTen faculty contracts cancelled due to expected enrollment drop2:35/31951
[ ]Schulz, MarieYearbook business manager (por)1:35/31951
[ ]Sauer, KennethTo head Theta Chi Delta1:25/101951
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin sing for third time since 19451:15/101951
[ ]Cressman, Dr. Charles P.Cressman gains degree in sociology from UP1:55/171951
[ ]Class of 1951;AwardsThirty members of Class of '51 feted by student committee sponsored poll3:35/241951
[ ]BaseballTigers cop diamond title (pic)4:15/241951
[ ]Wrolstad, Merald E.Wrols signs last "thirty" to follow Mac and fade (por)2:45/241951
[ ]Braun, Prof. Garwood; Brownson, Prof. E. James; Curry, Howard M.; Pearson, William; Roselius, Roland E.; Schultz, Robert; Van Metrign, Ralph M.Faculty adds seven profs1:49/271951
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Named full professor3:39/271951
[ ]Grimm, Paul; Bishop, LoyalBishop, Grimm named season grid captains4:310/41951
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Remsburgs tour Holy Lands, dusty Africa, Egyptian Idols2:410/41951
[ ]Student CouncilTradition handicaps council in student-faculty meetings2:310/41951
[ ]Student CouncilStudent council speaks; needs only to be heard2:310/111951
[ ]Bishop, LoyalLoyal Bishop new senior class prexy (por)3:110/201951
[ ]CampusNew look in face lifting2:310/201951
[ ]Student CouncilLacks Cooperation from students, faculty2:411/11951
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Psis and Alpha Deltas display winners2:311/11951
[ ]Balazs, FredericViolinist slated on next convo1:211/11951
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You": Gay comedy opens in campus theatre Dec. 181:412/61951
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIFC ranked 2nd best in national conference1:112/61951
[ ]Sisto, YolandaLady flier abandons horse medicine for air glamor1:412/61951
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You": Gay comedy opens in campus theatre Dec. 181:212/131951
[ ]Pearson, Norman ArthurEx-truant covets title as "family" black sheep (por)2:412/131951
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipGone, but not forgotten1:412/131951
[ ]Lundin, Jack;Phi Psi-Gamma Phi chorus;Phi Kappa;Saddlemire, Dr. Gerald;Christmas;[Photos]"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"1:112/211951
[ ]Plays"You Can't Take it With You" scores in Blair Theatre opening this week3:112/211951
[ ]Opinion;Traffic AccidentsAs We See It - Death Likes A Holiday2:112/211951
[ ]Opinion;Student GovernmentAs We See It - Don't Read This2:112/211951
[ ]Opinion;ChristmasAs We See It - Yuletide Spirit, Etc .. 2:112/211951
[ ][Photo];Fraternities;ChristmasBig boys become little boys as fraternity fetes county home youngsters4:112/211951
[ ]Campus Life;Theta Eta Kappa;Psi Chi;Streich, MarjorieBy The Way....2:212/211951
[ ]Student Activities;Brief SurveyCampus Crier2:212/211951
[ ][Photo];Dunn, Eddie;BasketballEDDIE DUNN DOOD IT! 4:212/211951
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Maurer, Howard "Red"Four Xmas Contests Slated For Cagers4:212/211951
[ ]Maurer, Howard "Red";Sports;Basketball;Robins, Perk;Dunn, Eddie;[Photo];Pair of Wins Evens Hoop Record - Tigers Down Hiram,Case in Two Conference Wins4:212/211951
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Christmas;Snow and Cold Highlight Pre-Xmas Formal Dances3:412/211951
[ ]Student Accounts;Riots;Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.;[Photos]Student Bank Crashes; Campus Riot Quelled2:312/211951
[ ]Vesper Service;Reccius, Barbara;Neda, Donna;Pospesel, Miriam;Vespers In Ferncliff3:312/211951
[ ]Military ServiceConfused draft status explained by Hershey2:41/111952
[ ]Student SenateMove to merge "Big 3" in student senate drive1:41/111952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Poe scholar to receive honor from Gettysburg1:11/111952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:41/171952
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWork shown in Texas art exhibition3:21/171952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:12/81952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins:22/81952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:12/141952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority Courtesy Week appears on way out1:12/281952
[ ]Springfield Wittenberg campaignMillion dollar dive begins1:43/61952
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkSets record in cage finals (por)4:13/61952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSorority Courtesy Week appears on way out1:43/61952
[ ]Hites, Dr. Laird T.College receives fossil2:23/131952
[ ]Thompson, CarrollDirects Midland publicity1:23/131952
[ ]Rapkin, Thomas D.Pi Kap president deported1:13/131952
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkRobins sets another4:43/131952
[ ]Swimming and DivingThe Lutheran tankmen4:13/131952
[ ]English ClubCouncil approved new organization (por)1:13/201952
[ ]Hayes, ChuckHayes elected new TORCH editor for 19520=-531:43/201952
[ ]CampusOne-way campus traffic1:13/201952
[ ]Student SenateConsitution is ready for student body; revisions completed1:44/181952
[ ]Student SenateFaculty tables senate plan1:14/241952
[ ]Student SenateHas potential power34/241952
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Honored (por)2:44/241952
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Nightcapture varsity night1:45/11952
[ ]Varsity NightDorm League takes top honors1:45/11952
[ ]Stacy, JohnHeads LSA3:25/11952
[ ]Schulz, MarieSchulz, Albl new business managers for publication (por)1:45/11952
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTo graduate on May 18th2:45/11952
[ ]Stacy, JohnAnother presidency (Psi Chi)1:25/81952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Impulse carries away prof3:35/81952
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Joins faculty1:45/81952
[ ]Sidewalk Art ShowAnnual show stimulates interest, controversies3:45/161952
[ ]Student SenateApproves senate plann1:45/161952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.English text is accepted for publication3:15/161952
[ ]Mourouzis, GeorgeClass of '52 officers4:15/231952
[ ]Mourouzis, GeorgeClass of '52 officers2:55/231952
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkClass of '52 officers (por)4:15/231952
[ ]Johnson, JoanClass of 1952 officers4:15/231952
[ ]Awards; Ostrom, Dr. John W.; Kantzer, Margaret; Bishop, LoyalFete Faculty (por4:15/231952
[ ]Anderson, BobHere are the top 20 in campus service2:55/231952
[ ]Booth, Fred; Johnson, Joan; Mitchell, Marilyn; Robins, Hugh Perk; Sauer, KennethHere are top twenty in campus service2:55/231952
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Laatsch to cruise around the world2:45/231952
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettReturn of the native (pic)3:25/231952
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettReturn of the native (por)3:25/231952
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonTwelve faculty are in '52 "Who's Who"1:15/231952
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Twelve faculty are in '52 Who's Who1:15/231952
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.; Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Twelve faculty are in Who's Who1:15/231952
[ ]Auten, Miss AgnesAuten, Miss Agnes succumbs1:39/251952
[ ]CampusCampus building boom2:19/251952
[ ]Schweikart, RobertFive new two returning professors join faculty5:19/251952
[ ]Bush, Prof. Everett; Glasoe, Dr. Paul; Timmons, L. R.Five new, two returning professors join faculty5:19/251952
[ ]Juedes, Cliff; McCormick, Robert W.; Ness, Ralph E. TomLutheran leaders6:49/251952
[ ]Pearson, WilliamLutheran leaders (por)6:49/251952
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettOne of seven professors joining faculty5:19/251952
[ ]CampusCampus gets face lift3:310/21952
[ ]Hatton, Mrs. AdaCashier...breeds worms that won't turn2:410/21952
[ ]FeesCollege approves 7% tuition raise for first semester 19531:410/21952
[ ]Foreign StudentsIcelander among five new foreign students3:210/21952
[ ]Russi, Mrs. Harold E. AnneAlums, undergrads pay homage to reverend Russi (por)2:210/111952
[ ]Preaching Missionto replace Emphasis Week1:410/231952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus pledge project1:110/301952
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Faith gives life meaning, Pastor Shanor tells convo.1:210/301952
[ ]Eisenhower, Dwight D.National student poll picks1:310/301952
[ ]President's homePresident's new home (por)1:410/301952
[ ]Preaching Missionto replace Emphasis week (por)1:510/301952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:311/61952
[ ]Plays"Caludia"1:311/61952
[ ]Eisenhower, Dwight D.As Wittenberg goes, so goes the nation (por)1:511/61952
[ ]Brownson, Prof. E. JamesBrush to baton (por)4:211/61952
[ ]Plays"Claudia"1:311/201952
[ ]Dunkel, James; FootballDunkel looks back over...season4:311/201952
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesNew ideas in Albright lectures, from ruins (pic)1:411/201952
[ ]Traub, StanleyNew Phi Psi prexy2:311/201952
[ ]International Relations ClubReorganize IRC group2:111/201952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSenate legislature debates IFC, Panhell jurisdiction over Greeks1:111/201952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:312/41952
[ ]Sjoholm, ThorstenU.S. "Buys" foreign friends2:412/41952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:212/111952
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose" was two hours of fun: critic.1:112/111952
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIFC wins national award for training program1:112/111952
[ ]Juedes, CliffA coach who knows his stuff4:11/151953
[ ]PlaysClever, well-acted ("Claudia")1:21/151953
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Psis and Phi Gams plan annual Jefferson duo3:41/221953
[ ]Brownson, Prof. E. JamesBrownson writes series (por)3:12/121953
[ ]Sjoholm, ThorstenCivic appearance2:32/121953
[ ]International Relations ClubReorganize IRC group4:42/121953
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.; Braun, Prof. Garwood; Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Seniors honor three faculty members1:32/191953
[ ]Arashiro, Mitsunori GusTells of Okinawa and "new democracy" (por)1:12/191953
[ ]Kessner, Prof. Robert H.Glories2:32/261953
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesWill discuss teacher aims (por)3:42/261953
[ ]Plays"Cuckoos on the Hearth" is thrill-tickler opener (pic)1:13/51953
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities"Shelve" discrimination issue1:33/51953
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Torch salutes: three youngsters3:23/51953
[ ]History of WittenbergFounder's Day 1848-19533:13/121953
[ ]DiscriminationMinority students burst race prejudice bubble1:53/121953
[ ]Plays"Abie's Irish Rose"1:43/201953
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth announces new associate professor of history here (por)4:33/201953
[ ]OratorsSpeech squad wins first place in state contest4:13/201953
[ ]SophomoresFollies to open April 84:43/261953
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaMacPherson to study in Paris, tour Europe in summer (pic)4:13/261953
[ ]Brown, Mrs. MarthaTotal 36 years service3:23/261953
[ ]Watkins, Mrs. MyraTotal 36 years service3:13/261953
[ ]Plays"Craig's Wife" is presented (pic)4:14/171953
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ostrom English text released by publisher5:14/171953
[ ]Varsity NightA good judge gives varisty night to DL1:44/241953
[ ]Hoge, WilsonHoge announces new admissions director (pic)1:34/241953
[ ]Metzger, Miss Pauline E.New Home Ec. head (por)3:14/241953
[ ]Bishop, RogerRoger Bishop honored with Best Athlete award (por)4:14/241953
[ ]Plays"Craig's Wife" is presented1:45/11953
[ ]Henderson, Don"best athlete"4:15/71953
[ ]Spring, MiriamElected new Phi Delt prexy3:55/71953
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.Alpha Kappa Delta to initiate Snyder (por)3:35/151953
[ ]Student DayCollegians romp on free day1:15/151953
[ ]Graves, CynthiaGraves selected to edit publications1:15/151953
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School to graduate 231:55/151953
[ ]Lyders, Mary AnneLyders selected to edit publications (por)1:15/151953
[ ]Student SenateBegin second year. Organization described4:19/111953
[ ]CampusCampus welcomes improvements1:19/181953
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth announces new associate professor of history here (por)1:49/181953
[ ]Henderson, DonNew captains and coach4:3, 59/181953
[ ]Metzger, Miss Pauline E.New Home Ec. Head1:49/181953
[ ]Posposel, MiriamReceives $300 scholarship (por)1:19/181953
[ ]Auman, Dr. Russell; Johns, Dr. Constantine; Nave, Dr. Floyd R.Three among "new 12" return to Alma Mater1:49/181953
[ ]MacPherson, Miss Georgia"I love Paris in the summer."3:49/251953
[ ]Weiser, Miss Florence SarahA glance at the dietician3:49/251953
[ ]Plays"Curse of an Aching Heart" is new play5:310/21953
[ ]Juedes, CliffPlucky Cliff6:310/21953
[ ]Preaching MissionHamma formulates2:110/91953
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettGeographic ties brighten campus (por)3:410/171953
[ ]Student UnionHolds grand premiere2:410/171953
[ ]Juedes, Cliff; Knauer, BernardMeet the coaches4:610/171953
[ ]Ness, Ralph E. TomMeet the coaches4:410/171953
[ ]Reck, W. EmersonPublic relations imortance mounts3:710/171953
[ ]Football, History ofWill history repeat?4:210/171953
[ ]Plays"Curse of an Aching Heart" is new play1:410/231953
[ ]Preaching Mission"Where shall men turn?" is theme1:110/231953
[ ]Plays"Curse of an Aching Heart" is new play1:110/301953
[ ]Preaching Mission"Where shall men turn?" is theme1:410/301953
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.He is a Pennsylvanian still (por)3:410/301953
[ ]Student CourtSelf-analyses1:210/301953
[ ]Lesher, BillStudent court self-analysis (por)1:210/301953
[ ]Dad's DayDads have their annual campus day1:411/61953
[ ]Lesher, BillFrom the campus sketchbook2:411/61953
[ ]Plays"Lost Horizon" portrays human nature1:311/201953
[ ]Gifts; Cromer, Charles, S.College places gift in general assets1:411/201953
[ ]Plays"Lost Horizon" portrays human nature1:112/41953
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesQuota system adopted1:312/41953
[ ]Plays"Lost Horizon" portrays human nature1:412/111953
[ ]BookstoreNew bookstore to serve three-fold purpose5:112/111953
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSits High4:112/111953
[ ]Owens, LeeLambda Chi chooses 1953 "Crescent Queen"1:512/181953
[ ]FeesStudents paid 57% of educational costs1:312/181953
[ ]Marshall, Earl H.; Hayes, Ernest M.Mr. Earl Marshall welcomes his successor1:11/151954
[ ]Founders DayAlums to celebrate1:32/121954
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCoeds express frank views on Wittenberg sorority3:12/121954
[ ]Class of 1957; Honorary organizations;Class of '57 sets high honorary record with 211:42/191954
[ ]ConvocationsStudents OK convo with better programs2:32/191954
[ ]Schoelkopf, Dean (University of Minnesota)College editor looks at radio and newspapers in Russia4:12/261954
[ ]GiftsFour gifts help convert Prince home5:12/261954
[ ]CampusNew girls' dorm plans proposed1:22/261954
[ ]Mental hygiene surveySurvey determines home influence on college life3:12/261954
[ ]Founders Day; Lind, Karl G.Alums to celebrate; Lind featured at Founders Day convocation (por)1:33/51954
[ ]CampusBoard bitten by building bug3:23/51954
[ ]Foreign Mission FellowshipForeign Mission Fellowship studies foreign missions5:13/51954
[ ]Plays"Seeds of Suspicion", "The Hitch Hiker", "Sorry, Wrong Number" : Blair Theatre spotlights three one-act plays1:43/121954
[ ]Tiger-Fish Swimming ClubPresent water ballet "Aqua Holicay" on Thursday1:13/121954
[ ]Hsieh, Frank; Hsieh, DavidStudents can view morale and school life of Formosa through Hsieh Brother's eyes2:33/121954
[ ]Volt, Artise deWell-known guest harpist to appear at Friday's convo1:33/121954
[ ]Plays "Seeds of Suspicion", "The Hitch Hiker", "Sorry, Wrong Number" : Three one-act plays mark dramatic achievement (por)1:13/191954
[ ]Student CourtIs NOT dead1:43/191954
[ ]Morse, MarilynStars in lead role of "Sorry Wrong Number"1:13/191954
[ ]FeesStudent fee breakdown given2:33/191954
[ ]Plays"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" : Drama takes Blair stage1:34/21954
[ ]Student CourtPresents new code, requests campus support, action2:34/21954
[ ]Plays "The Passing of the Third Floor Back" : Drama takes Blair stage1:14/91954
[ ]Johns, Dr. Constantinegives viola recital here1:44/91954
[ ]Psycho-showOpens doors to all-campus Saturday1:44/91954
[ ]Traub, StanleyWins law scholarship1:54/91954
[ ]Student CourtExpells multi-violators1:44/251954
[ ]Shupe, G.F.Alumnus appointed new superintendent3:34/301954
[ ]Hauck, Don; Lucas, Norman; Norman, William E.Committee selects new editors1:34/301954
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Dean given top positions3:14/301954
[ ]OrganizationsGroups rated on activity2:54/301954
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolOpens school designed for laymen3:14/301954
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gamma delta captures top trophy1:14/301954
[ ]Morton, C. S.Rare portrait has come to Hamma3:24/301954
[ ]Williams, JanetChosen Alma Mater for 1954 (por)1:45/71954
[ ]Williams, JanetPsychology honorary elects new officer1:35/71954
[ ]Student DayCarnival "cure all" remedies dull, draggy spring feeling2:35/141954
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduates 26 at Fourth Lutheran1:55/141954
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkSigned by Cincinnati Redlegs (por)4:45/141954
[ ]Schoelkopf, Dean (University of Minnesota)There is talk of peace despite propaganda4:45/191954
[ ]Herman, Rev. StewartDr. Stewart W. Herman...will be the speaker1:45/211954
[ ]CampusNew dormitory will house 1771:35/211954
[ ]Student SenateConstitution and role of student senate1:39/101954
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Inaugurated on campus2:19/101954
[ ]Hong, Song HoFriendship enable Korean to attend Wittenberg3:19/171954
[ ]Korean StudentsFriendship enables Hong Sung Ho to attend Wittenberg (pic)3:19/171954
[ ]Bermuda ShortsGirls will be girls (editorial)1:1, 3:39/171954
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHushing aims stated by IFC, Panhell1:19/171954
[ ]CampusPlans made for new parking lot3:49/171954
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Religious groups to unite2:39/171954
[ ]Lutheran Brotherhood ScholarshipScholarship to Linda Neal2:49/171954
[ ]Haeussler, Dr. H.H.Seven new professors join Wittenberg faculty (por)1:39/171954
[ ]Berggrav, Bishop EivindBerggrav honored at first evening convo (por)1:49/241954
[ ]Morse, MarilynDrama scholarship given2:39/241954
[ ]Student SenateNew election system approved1:19/241954
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Possibilities2:59/241954
[ ]Berggrav, Bishop EivindBerggrav honored at first evening convo1:410/11954
[ ]American Chemical Society; Chemistry ClubChem honorary to be replaced3:310/11954
[ ]Metzger, Miss Pauline E.Gift repeated after 110 years2:410/11954
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerVaried interests mark professor's life3:410/11954
[ ]President's homeFirst lady thrilled2:410/81954
[ ]MajorettesMajorettes prepare for the game1:310/81954
[ ]Webster, MargaretNoted dramatist will be featured at October 15th convocation1:410/81954
[ ]CampusPlans for new dorms reported complete1:310/81954
[ ]Student CourtReady to function actively3:110/81954
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Stauffer is believer in student ability3:310/81954
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To visit Canada and Germany3:210/81954
[ ]Anderson, HolstAnderson, Holst, foreign student3:110/151954
[ ]Janosek, GeraldAppointed to fill new post1:410/151954
[ ]Spicer, EarleBallad singer to be guest artist3:410/151954
[ ]Bermuda ShortsBermuda shorts now permitted on campus1:310/151954
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesContributes to new textbook1:310/151954
[ ]Speech ClinicSpeech rehabilitation course offered2:510/151954
[ ]Butcher, Jim; George, Allaire; Larsen, DaveThree appointed to Student Court1:510/151954
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisWins national oratory1:210/151954
[ ]Plays"Silver cord" presented1:110/221954
[ ]Plays"The Curious Savage" rehearsals begin5:410/221954
[ ]Purvis, John S., RevDistinguished guest will visit campus5:110/221954
[ ]Applebee, ConstanceFirst lady of field hockey visits campus--Miss Applebee introduced field hockey to America in 19016:410/221954
[ ]Victor, Gosh BoForeign student from Sweden2:510/221954
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma is integral part of Wittenberg--short facts about Hamma5:210/221954
[ ]Urbanski, GeneMeet the team (por)6:10/221954
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall gets plush atmosphere1:210/221954
[ ]Inner MissionOffers means for practical display of faith2:310/221954
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Student committees5:410/221954
[ ]Morse, MarilynAttendant1:310/301954
[ ]CheerleadersDrill for opening game (por)310/301954
[ ]Krauss, Dr. Daniel T.Faculty members serve on board for college problem study2:410/301954
[ ]Janosek, GeraldIs new assistant director of Admissions2:110/301954
[ ]Plays"The Curious Savage" rehearsals begin2:311/51954
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders plan to ignite spark of campus spirit3:211/51954
[ ]Ebert, Anne (Sister)Ebert stresses service projects1:311/51954
[ ]Library Funds; Weaver ChapelHonorary rooms set for chapel-library1:411/51954
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolLargest choir in Hamma's history marks current season1:111/51954
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Style show set3:411/51954
[ ]Plays"The Curious Savage" rehearsals begin2:311/121954
[ ]Dad's DayActivities completed1:111/121954
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Claims that Church is strongest link of people of West Germany1:111/121954
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolClinical training program enters 16th year1:411/121954
[ ]Hayes, Ernest M.College accountant looks back on past experiences3:311/191954
[ ]DormitoriesMiss Sallee announces new women's hour1:211/191954
[ ]PlaysStudents, faculty, critics hail production (The Curious Savage?)1:411/191954
[ ]FeesTuition and fees will be advanced1:111/191954
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolConducts suppply service1;112/31954
[ ]CampusDirectors will consider dorms1:312/31954
[ ]Byerly, Mrs. LucileGrandmother eyes law career2:312/31954
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Wittenberg College--change of structure. Enumerated problems ahead for Witrtenberg1:412/31954
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club enables understanding2:312/101954
[ ]CampusDirectors will consider dorms1:112/101954
[ ]Driscoll, Rev. ClarkDriscoll will speak at Christmas convo (por)1:212/101954
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Named to newly created campus office1:412/101954
[ ]Library FundsReference work typifies library2:512/101954
[ ]Weaver ObservatorySun, moon, and stars3:112/101954
[ ]Yingst, HarryThree Tigers make all conference (por)1:112/101954
[ ]Reccius, Barbara J.Wittenberg graduate wins national contest1:212/171954
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Area teachers like workshop2:51/71955
[ ]Auman, Dr. Russell; Loudenback, Miss MargretFour faculty members honored1:31/71955
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesRegards teaching as mission2:31/71955
[ ]Buildings; Weaver Chapel; ArchitectureTower will boast sculptured figures1:11/71955
[ ]Schweikart, RobertLeaves post at Wittenberg3:21/141955
[ ]Juedes, CliffLeaves Wittenberg (in letter to sports editor)4:41/141955
[ ]Plays"So this is London" to be presented to March 4 and 5 by junior class1:11/211955
[ ]Snider, PappyCares for one hundred girls2:41/211955
[ ]Graves, CynthiaGraves writes adn illustrates book for children1:41/211955
[ ]Kline, Mrs. RandallKline begins 9th year at Wittenberg3:51/211955
[ ]Student UnionTruly the student center3:21/211955
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Wittenberg shared1:31/211955
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Grass seed lives on chemicals alone3:42/111955
[ ]Victor, Gosh Bois foreign correspondent2:42/111955
[ ]Richards, JohnMeet the team (por)4:12/111955
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Sponsors new study group2:32/111955
[ ]Class of 1955; ElectionsClass of '55 Senior class elections1:22/181955
[ ]Class GiftsHymnals for entire chapel1:22/181955
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Laatsch appointed to committees3:52/181955
[ ]ScholarshipsScholarship program approved by alumni2:42/181955
[ ]Founders DayFounder's Day set for March 111:52/251955
[ ]Student CourtOpens preliminary discussion for honor system1:12/251955
[ ]Lucas, NormanTorch editor symbolizes principles and objectives2:32/251955
[ ]Brownson, Prof. E. JamesBrownson resigns1:43/111955
[ ]History of WittenbergChanges have been made2:13/111955
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDelta Gamma will be Wittenberg's seventh Sorority1:43/111955
[ ]Hsieh, Frank; Hsieh, DavidDoubt WWIII will come2:53/111955
[ ]Ebert, Anne (Sister)Ebert presents paper at convention4:13/111955
[ ]Whonsetler, Dickfills Schweikart's shoes (por)3:43/111955
[ ]Robson, MrsPrankless life is worthless3;13/111955
[ ]Compton, Mrs. Mary; Rhoads, MrsPrankless life is worthless (por)3:13/111955
[ ]Williams, John Thomasresigns as head of School of Music1:13/111955
[ ]AdmissionsAll time record is in jeopardy3:13/181955
[ ]Westberg, Rev. Granger E.U. of Chicago man will deliver annual Kessler Lectures (por)1:23/251955
[ ]Priestly, Dr. S. E.Will speak at Friday's convo1:13/251955
[ ]OratorsWittenbergers cop contest awards1:33/251955
[ ]Richards, Johnis Psi Chi prexy1:44/221955
[ ]TennisLutheran netmen4:14/221955
[ ]Eutsler, LuellaNew reference librarian2:54/221955
[ ]Edwards, BillNewly appointed athletic director3:14/221955
[ ]Psi ChiOffers aptitude examinations1:34/221955
[ ]Simon, Clarence T. Dr.Pathologist in speech difficulties and correction will speak on campus1:54/221955
[ ]Sussman, WilburStudent succeeds in business and full time college course2:34/221955
[ ]BaseballTeam picutre44/221955
[ ]Hess, Lowell; Tinholt, BarbaraTinholt, Hess rule diamond activities2:54/221955
[ ]Plays"Time Out for Ginger" to be presented by Speech Dept.1:54/291955
[ ]Krueger, Rev. Ralph M.; Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.German children send silver cross to Wittenberg2:34/291955
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational convention. Fabian tells of experiences1:34/291955
[ ]Prince-Davis HouseOnce can see to believe it...your opportunity is Sunday (Dedication)3:14/291955
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gams win1:44/291955
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaWin (varsity night)1:44/291955
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaLay cornerstone3:55/61955
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesShrag says "Criminal type doesn't exist"3:15/61955
[ ]PlaysAll praise1:55/131955
[ ]Student DayBrings campus gaiety1:15/131955
[ ]Books for Asian StudentsWittenberg students get unique opportunity1:45/131955
[ ]Prince-Davis HouseOnce can see to believe it...your opportunity is Sunday (Dedication)1:15/201955
[ ]Juedes, CliffRegrets4:15/201955
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWell-known artist is staunch believer in individualism3:45/201955
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveTwelve professors join Wittenberg faculty39/151955
[ ]CampusAnyone failing to see Operation Big Ditch?3:59/161955
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaBetas and Phi Gams in new homes3:29/161955
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards brings desire for victory4:29/161955
[ ]Bartels, Gerald L.Twelve professors join Witt faculty (por)3:19/161955
[ ]Hertz, Mrs. BarbaraTwelve professors join Wittenberg faculty3, 5:19/161955
[ ]Schilke, Dr. Elliot; Hammond, Ronald T.Twelve professors join Wittenberg faculty3:19/161955
[ ]Hartman, Neva Jeanne; Walters, William R.; Wolfenden, Dr. James W.Twelve professors join Wittenberg faculty (por)3:19/161955
[ ]Miller, Mrs. J.Twelve professors join Wittenberg faculty (por)3:1, 59/161955
[ ]Student UnionRedecoratedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:29/211955
[ ]Women's GuildBegins $50,000 fund campaign3:19/231955
[ ]Neill, Miss Millicent E.Five new "mothers" here have varied backgrounds3:49/231955
[ ]HousemothersFive new mothers have varied backgrounds3:49/231955
[ ]Grant, Mrs. Joseph; Neale, Millicent E.; Nelson, Ruth B.; Wessel, BlancheHousemother3:49/231955
[ ]Freshman CapsSenate settles beanie question1:39/231955
[ ]Dad's DayWeekend begins Friday1:29/231955
[ ]Women's GuildBegins $50,000 fund campaign, Koch will aid in fundraising1:59/301955
[ ]Food Services; Ferncliff Dining HallFerncliff Dining Hall opens1:29/301955
[ ]Bacchus, DoreenForeign student3:49/301955
[ ]ShiftersPaper clip, right attitude keynote band of shifters1:39/301955
[ ]Inner MissionStudents can take part in work1:29/301955
[ ]Women's Missionary SocietyTriennial convention--Dean, girls will attend national WMS meeting3:49/301955
[ ]DegreesWittenberg offers Education degree1:29/301955
[ ]Bartels, Gerald L.Wittenberg's new publicity director (In "I love it" says Bartels)3:39/301955
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Committee plans visitation3:210/71955
[ ]Williams, John ThomasDies of heart attack2:210/141955
[ ]Sward, DaveLutheran 11 ready for battle5:210/141955
[ ]Pierce, Gene; Waters, JimLutheran 11 ready for battle (por)5:210/141955
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveMeet the Tiger coaching staff5:510/141955
[ ]Nishikawa, SadasukeNishikawa speaks to cosmopolitan club3:210/141955
[ ]Edwards, BillThen and now6:110/141955
[ ]Area Evangelism MissionWittenberg to participate in Area Evangelism Mission1:310/141955
[ ]Plays"The Heiress" will open on Blair stage with victorian set1:110/231955
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Gives $1,500,000 to college1:110/231955
[ ]Heisel, Mrs. Elmore G.Housemother3:#10/231955
[ ]Thompson, RalstonExhibits at international show2:410/281955
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.; Schrag, Dr. F. JamesSchrag, Hertz will do community projects1:410/281955
[ ]Southwood-HistoryDoomed dormitory drops, coed cavortings curtailed3:111/111955
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiFraternity moves3:311/111955
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Gives $1,500,000 to college1:411/111955
[ ]Southwood-HistoryHome of tin bathtubs, Beta initiations, reveals history1:211/111955
[ ]Preaching MissionMission will begin on campus Sunday1:111/111955
[ ]Student SenateStudies three problems1:211/111955
[ ]Washburn, Gordon B.Will be convo speaker1:111/111955
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Widow's Mite", choir music, to be featured at special convocation Wednesday1:411/181955
[ ]Brown, Les; Brown, Dr. E. LeonardBand of Renown to appear at WU3:411/181955
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Gives $1,500,000 to college1:311/181955
[ ]Preaching MissionRally will climax1:511/181955
[ ]Dueker, James E.Research fellowship awarded to Dueker1:211/181955
[ ]UNESCOStudents attend meeting1:211/181955
[ ]Student SenateWill investigate charter revision1:111/181955
[ ]Brown, Les; Brown, Dr. E. LeonardBand of Renown to appear at WU1:212/21955
[ ]Campus Cover GirlChoose your cover girl!1:112/21955
[ ]Women's GuildContributes $42,000 toward new home ec. dept.2:212/21955
[ ]Married StudentsEducators, married students advis planning to collegians anticipating campus marriage3:112/21955
[ ]BasketballLettermen return for season's opener112/21955
[ ]Smith, Janisewrites Sun college column5:212/21955
[ ]Plays"Letter to Lucerne" will be staged next week1:212/91955
[ ]DormitoriesCollege changes dorm regulation2:312/91955
[ ]Campus Cover GirlGroups Choose Twelve Nominees1:512/91955
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Master of the Inn" to be highlight of Chirstmas service1:112/161955
[ ]Campus Cover Girl; Mitchell, Shirley; Osborn, Nancy; Reininger, GertCampus Cover Girl Ballot3:112/161955
[ ]Keller, CharlesCharles Keller notes changes between 1918-19552:112/161955
[ ]American Association for the Advancement of ScienceDrs. Beaverand Bodenberg to attend 121st annual meeting3:212/161955
[ ]Basketball - HistoryFirst Tiger basketball team loses initial contest 23-214:312/161955
[ ]Christmas; Foreign StudentsForeign students tell customs of Christmas in many lands1:312/161955
[ ]Thompson, RalstonChoose "The Catboat" for art exhibition1:21/131956
[ ]CampusCollege acquires new class site1:41/131956
[ ]Crooks, Mrs. Beatrice I.; Pfanner, John A.Dayton residents will $18,250 dower to Wittenberg1:41/131956
[ ]GiftsDayton residents will $18,250 to Wittenberg1:41/131956
[ ]Telephone ServiceDial system completed1:51/131956
[ ]DormitoriesDormitories excavations end, building will begin (South and Firestine)1:21/131956
[ ]American LutheransDr. Willard D. Allbeck writes for American Lutherans1:51/131956
[ ]TemponairesHave varied backgrounds as singers3:11/131956
[ ]Campus Cover Girl; Mitchell, ShirleyShirley Mitchell is Campus Cover Girl (por)1:51/131956
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiTwo fraternities redecorate houses5:21/131956
[ ]Plays"The Cloak" and "The Dear Departed" are the two one-act plays to be presented on Feb. 21:41/201956
[ ]Library Funds100,000th volume cataloged3:11/201956
[ ]Men's Glee ClubLegislature, faculty approve establishing men's chorus, chapel choir1:41/201956
[ ]PhilosophyOrganizes chapter1:31/201956
[ ]Phi Sigma TauPhilosophy society organized chapter1:31/201956
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Italian makes translation of Ostrom's book-The Letters of the Edgar Allen Poe3:42/101956
[ ]Richards, Johnleads eleven Tiger tankers in competition4:22/101956
[ ]Lindsay, KennethLindsay led first team to America3:12/101956
[ ]Library FundsRare books housed by library1:12/101956
[ ]TraditionsScience may end kissing customs2:32/101956
[ ]Buildings; Weaver Chapel; ArchitectureSix statues on chapel tower symbolize the college's heritage2:42/101956
[ ]Honors coursesArticle about honors courses2:42/171956
[ ]Auman, Dr. RussellAuman will lead writing workshop1:52/171956
[ ]Newsom, Mrs. Marjorie BruntonHarpist will play at next convo3:32/171956
[ ]GreenhouseVarieties of strange plants1:32/171956
[ ]Founders Day; Veler, HerbertAlum council meet, banquet will commemorate anniversary of founding; Veler to speak at convocation1:43/21956
[ ]Anderson, Joyce; Hinkel, JoHinkel, Anderson will edit yearbook1:13/21956
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationPhysicists begin radio station in 18951:13/21956
[ ]Bermuda ShortsRules reannounced3:33/21956
[ ]McClelland, Carolyn; Richards, JohnSeniors select motto, flower, orators, colors1:53/21956
[ ]Thompson, JamesWins scholarship3:23/21956
[ ]Plays"Ladies in returement" : Thespians will stage drama next week1:53/91956
[ ]Janosek, GeraldAccepts new GM position1:33/91956
[ ]Crusade for FreedomCrusade for Freedom1:13/91956
[ ]BaseballTeam will travel to Carolina1:23/91956
[ ]North Hall; South HallDorms will sport modern features2:43/231956
[ ]Miller, PhyllisHonorary elects Miller president3:33/231956
[ ]Lewis, TuckieLewis plans to run speech clinic (por)2:33/231956
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Add names "Who's Who"2:34/131956
[ ]BaseballOut to win (por)4:34/131956
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Presides at Oslo meeting1:44/131956
[ ]Shields, DonReceives law scholarship1:14/131956
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceTo convene here next weekend1:44/131956
[ ]Fisher, Randy; Ware, GilbertWare, Fisher take tourney honors1:14/131956
[ ]Bowles, HildaWittenberg's switchboard operator2:44/131956
[ ]Plays"Madwoman of Chaillot" to be presented4:24/201956
[ ]Ohio Science AcademyConvene at Witt for 65th annual meeting5:14/201956
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceOne thousand attend meetings54/201956
[ ]Henderson, Gayle; Hessong, CarolynPublications committee tells appointment of editors1:24/201956
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; Varsity NightBetas score1:14/271956
[ ]Stine, MiresName Mires Stine to chapel position1:14/271956
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaRed buck stands on Phi Gam lawn2:44/271956
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTo dedicate new chapter house3:14/271956
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)to sponsor old books drive for Asia3:14/271956
[ ]Hobo Day -- History; Student DayChapel going coeds enstate student day antics in 19123:45/41956
[ ]Class GiftsClass '28 gives Memorial Fountain2:55/41956
[ ]Little, SheilaLittle will reign as Alma Mater for 1956 (por)1:15/41956
[ ]Intersorority singSAI devises code for sorority sing3:15/41956
[ ]Little, SheilaPresent Alma Mater tells of varied interests, plans1:15/111956
[ ]Student PrincesQuartet makes summer plans1:45/111956
[ ]Ohio Valley Writers ConferenceSecond annual1:15/111956
[ ]Women's GuildTo sponsor fashion coffee hour1:45/111956
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF) to sponsor old books drive for Asia3:15/181956
[ ]Plays"Murder in the Cathedral" to be staged in Weaver Chapel1:25/181956
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkCollege names Robins to admissions post1:15/181956
[ ]Ebert, Anne (Sister)Ebert wil speat at June 3 Baccalaureate1:45/181956
[ ]Iserman, BarbaraPi Delta Epsilon winner presents "Farewell Concert"1:35/181956
[ ]AthleticsThe world of sports4:45/181956
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTo graduate 1000th man1:15/181956
[ ]Spidel, Georgetops poetry competition2:35/181956
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWill celebrate local founding date on May 262:45/181956
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. Jameswill teach at Calif. Summer school1:55/181956
[ ]Plays"Everyman" (a scene from) (por)8:49/211956
[ ]Knoderer, William; Robins, Hugh PerkIntroducing four new faces5:39/211956
[ ]Library FundsNew library and new system4:49/211956
[ ]Mueller, Dr. Frederick; Saylor, Robert; Stinetorf, Dr. Roscoe; Torgerson, Dr. MalcalmWittenberg faculty augmented by fourteen59/211956
[ ]Fickert, Dr. Kurt; Hartje, Dr. Robert G; Kommel, Miss Margaret; Lubbers, Arend; Wilson, WoodrowWittenberg faculty augmented by fourteen (por)59/211956
[ ]Johnson, Mrs. AudreyWittenberg facutly augmented by fourteen59/211956
[ ]Mansell, T. Norman; Reed, Dr. Luther D.Wittenberg honors four at dedication3:59/211956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:19/281956
[ ]Library FundsExhibitions1:29/281956
[ ]Edwards, Bill; Maurer, F. Davis Dave; Mears, Ramon; Ness, Ralph E. TomRoaring with the Tigers5:19/281956
[ ]Library FundsTreasure room1:19/281956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:510/51956
[ ]Cheerleaders1956-57 cheerleaders (por)4:110/51956
[ ]AutomobilesRules now in effect4:310/51956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:310/121956
[ ]Emphasis programDr. Gladsoe heads emphasis program1:310/121956
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe heads "emphasis" program1:310/121956
[ ]Library FundsStudy opportunity1:410/121956
[ ]World University ServiceAid to foreign colleges1:410/191956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"4:110/261956
[ ]Morris, Earl"Hats off to Earl Morris"2:110/261956
[ ]Schwartz, G.Alum returns7:310/261956
[ ]Liberal Arts Study CommitteeCommittee submits report2:310/261956
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day is coming6:310/261956
[ ]Miller, Sharon E.Miller reigns as queen (por)1, 2:510/261956
[ ]Buildings; Weaver ChapelTower chimes are permanent feature of Weaver Chapel7:110/261956
[ ]Manley, Mrs. Marie"We are students and we lov it."3:211/21956
[ ]Student CourtChief justice Larson says "this is the year of trial"1:111/21956
[ ]Bower, Mrs. GlennaWe are students...and we love it3:211/21956
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day is coming1:511/91956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneHonors to Urbanski5:111/91956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneSaturday...Urbanski day1:111/91956
[ ]Waters, JimThese five (et al) may be conference champs (por)3:211/91956
[ ]Sward, DaveThese five may be conference champs3:211/91956
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity alumni organize CouncilNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:211/131956
[ ]Benson, GeorgeBenson represents IFC at convention1:411/161956
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Dean of Wittenberg College retires1:111/161956
[ ]Ladies of the White HouseLadies of the White House1:211/161956
[ ]Inaugural gowns of the past 167 yearsLadies of White House pageant to be given1:211/161956
[ ]Malin, Mr. And Mrs. HenryPeace corps volunteers recruit; relate experiences in Turkey1:112/21956
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon"1:312/71956
[ ]Grestenmeier, Dr. EugenGerman leader awarded degree1:412/71956
[ ]Yingst, HarryOhio Conference all stars (por)3:112/71956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneOhio Conference All-stars (por)3:212/71956
[ ]Gerstenmeier, Dr. EugenPresident of lower house of the West German parlaiment awarded an honorary degree by Wittenberg1:412/71956
[ ]Wolfenden, Dr. James W.Text of address5:412/71956
[ ]AthleticsWinter sports schedule3:512/71956
[ ]Urbanski, GeneMost Valuable Player 19563:412/191956
[ ]Edwards, DaveNovice...ties point record set by Jack Hawkins3:212/191956
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Receives government aid5:512/191956
[ ]Plays"Sabrina Fair" opens Wed night (por)_1:51/111957
[ ]Basketball1957 Wittenberg Basketball Team3:31/111957
[ ]Spenny, Edward; Sturtz, CharlesDL elects officers4:41/111957
[ ]Student CourtIssues statements1:41/111957
[ ]Miller, Sharon E.Coed enters competition '57 Cover Girl contest (por)1:11/181957
[ ]Daugherty, Carl (Mr. & Mrs.)College receives financial gift1:41/181957
[ ]GiftsCollege receives financial gifts1:41/181957
[ ]Baker, Murs EstaliahConcert artist attends classes at Wittenberg1:51/181957
[ ]Hessong, CarolynYearbook coeditors like swimming but say first love, WITTENBERGER4:11/181957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities define social membership3:31/201957
[ ]WrestlingA sports-eye view3:32/81957
[ ]Gustavus Adolphus ChoirGustavus Adolphus Choir presents concert1:22/81957
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretSymphone will feature "Midsummer Night's Dream"4:12/81957
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth uncovers fraud in course of interesting career3:12/151957
[ ]Krauss, Dr. Daniel T.Krauss chairman faculty council1:32/151957
[ ]Ladies of the White HouseLadies of the White House1:12/151957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Marks milestone2:52/151957
[ ]Little, Sheila; Schooler, RonaldTwo seniors receive Harry Gram award1:22/151957
[ ]Junior-Senior PromUnusual prom to be held in "hanger"1:52/151957
[ ]History of Wittenberg36 year possession razed--landmark gives way to progress2:42/221957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Books translated3:12/221957
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavConvocation speaker to talk at Vespers1:32/221957
[ ]Delta Sigma EpsilonDZ-DSE merger makes total 118 chapters1:52/221957
[ ]Rogers, LucindaGreek Week Queen 19571:42/221957
[ ]Guindin, JosefinsGuindin, Josefins (San Juan, Puerto Rico)3:42/221957
[ ]United States Steel FoundationLibrary receives microfilm gift1:32/221957
[ ]Library FundsLibrary recieves micro-film gift1:32/221957
[ ]MissionariesRichard Ehrhart, Liberia; Burt Elis, Japan; and Ruth Sigmon, India to visit campus2/221957
[ ]Cater, Douglass; SpeakersWashington editor of "Reporter" speaks1:22/221957
[ ]Student CourtHears 6 cases1:13/11957
[ ]Plays"Glass Menagerie" by Williams to be presented1:13/81957
[ ]Mears, Ramon"I live Basketball"4:13/81957
[ ]BasketballBasketball concludes successful season (por)1:13/81957
[ ]Founders Day; Weaver, E. O.Honor Weaver on Founder's day3:13/81957
[ ]Interfraternity Council; Ugly Man ContestIFC to sponsor Ugly Man contest1:33/81957
[ ]Thompson, RalstonShow at Columbus gallery2:33/81957
[ ]Deems, TerryElect captain, valuable player4:33/151957
[ ]Rosenberry, FrankFamiliar figure marks milestone2:13/151957
[ ]Weaver, E. O.; Founders DayHonor Weaver on Founder's Day3:13/151957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.President's duties are numerous, not easy2:33/151957
[ ]Larsen, DaveSeniors announce class day orators1:33/151957
[ ]Spenny, EdwardSeniors announce class-day orators (Oak)1:33/151957
[ ]BasketballStatistical highlights of 1956-57 season4:13/151957
[ ]Anderson, JoycePanell announces incoming officers1:33/221957
[ ]Who's Who in AmericaTwelve faculty members named in 1956-57 edition2:23/221957
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"A Man Called Peter" to be presented at Blair Hall1:33/291957
[ ]Kruembel, Mrs. Louis H.Bequest of $1,299 made to Wittenberg4:23/291957
[ ]Kruembel, Mrs. Louis H.Bequest of $1,299 made to Wittenberg4:24:23/291957
[ ]Buchanan, W. StewartBuchanan's wife wins trip abroad2:53/291957
[ ]Buchanan, W. StewartBuchanan, Veler, take top Senate posts (por)1:43/291957
[ ]Student DayDropped to alleviate calendar2:43/291957
[ ]Buchanan, W. StewartPresident sees closer relations through Senate1:33/291957
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Saturday classes seem iminent1:13/291957
[ ]Commencement; Morris, Earl; Fray, Dr. John H.Speakers for Commencement, Baccalaureate announced1:13/291957
[ ]Ugly Man ContestUglies vie in contest1:43/291957
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Three Marys" to highlight weekend1:34/51957
[ ]Shanor, StuartCops second place3:34/51957
[ ]Mansell, T. NormanMansell honored by architect's build2:44/51957
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysTwo dramas will highlight weekend1:34/51957
[ ]Urbanski, GeneElected campus ugly man (por)1:34/121957
[ ]Ugly Man ContestUrbanski elected campus ugly man (por)1:44/121957
[ ]Williamson, GaryCommittee names Joych, Williamson as editors of Torch, Wittenberger1:34/151957
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi's mark 25 years here1:34/271957
[ ]Steimle, Dr. Edmund A.Featured in College Day1:34/271957
[ ]Gifts; Petticrew, Mr. Gifts add $10,000 to record fund1:24/271957
[ ]Foster, Slamming SammyHere's our Slammin Sam3:24/271957
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Makes retirement plans1:14/271957
[ ]Schooler, RonaldReceives $2110 assistantship (por)3:14/271957
[ ]Bazzell, JamesForensic awards add two in drama (best actor)2:35/31957
[ ]Snarr, DickSnarr's successes2:25/31957
[ ]Anderson, JoyceTorch bearer "Brimstone"4:15/31957
[ ]Library FundsWorking conditions pleasant in new library4:25/31957
[ ]Campus$2,912,000 construction planned in near future4:25/91957
[ ]Benson, GeorgeBenson elected IFC president3:25/91957
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity NightCrash ends Beta winner1:55/91957
[ ]South HallGoing up...1:25/91957
[ ]FeesTuition to be $1,000 Stoughton announces1:15/91957
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Dean of Wittenberg College retires4:45/161957
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisDelta Zeta names O'Keefe DZ Man1:35/161957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities to rush earlier as result of new IFC decision1:25/161957
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolGraduates 13 men Sunday4:35/161957
[ ]Haas, MaryHaas will join Home Ec. department1:15/161957
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.To head education department1:15/161957
[ ]Wolfenden, Dr. James W.To head history department1:15/161957
[ ]Ohio SynodMeets at WittenbergNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:45/181957
[ ]BaseballBaseball championship1:55/241957
[ ]Compton, Mrs. MaryMrs. Compton resigns as housemother1:25/241957
[ ]Compton, Mrs. LeslieMrs. Leslie Compton resigns as housemother1:25/241957
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolOrdain 12 at Synod6:35/241957
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Retires3:15/241957
[ ]Spenny, EdwardSpenny, George thank college as speakers for Oak and Ivy4:25/241957
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Stitches from history to hiking3:15/241957
[ ]Sounds (publication)Veler, Ogle publish SOUNDS4:15/241957
[ ]Freshman Counselors54 counsel class of 19613:29/121957
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Change program1:39/121957
[ ]Student CourtIs a reality1:2, 7:19/121957
[ ]Maurer, F. Davis DaveMeet the coaches4:39/121957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRushing rules5:19/121957
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeVersatiel leaders spark new class6:19/121957
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWren's sponsors game1:19/121957
[ ]Student CourtFive "F's" given exam cheaters1:29/201957
[ ]Raebeck, Dr. CharlesOne of fifteen to join faculty (pic)4:49/201957
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestSpeaker3:39/201957
[ ]Haas, MaryTen men five women join college faculty (por)4:49/201957
[ ]Wiley, JacksonTen men join faculty (por)4:49/201957
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTen men, five women join college faculty4:49/201957
[ ]Powelson, Dr. ElizabethTen men, five women join college faculty (pic)4:49/201957
[ ]Buzzard, Miss Ruth; Champney, Mrs. Ann; Chan, Dr. David B.; Dodson, Norman; Elliott, A.J.; Moessner, Rev. Paul; Richards, Willis J.; Wolf, Dr. Herbert; Young, JamesTen men, five women join college faculty (por)4:49/201957
[ ]Freshman Queen; Sivadon, CarlaVenezuelan beauty reigns over game (por)1:49/201957
[ ]Silitonga, Arsenius Robinson"Max is my name"1:39/271957
[ ]Plays"The King and I"1:19/271957
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWhy I am Greek Why I am Independent2:19/271957
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeDon Hillerick heads freshman class1:310/41957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"2:210/121957
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Boy With a Cart" to be presented Oct 181:210/121957
[ ]Student CourtAnnounces publicity policy2:510/121957
[ ]Bartos, JamesBartos serves as sophomore president2:410/121957
[ ]CheerleadersPeppy cheerleaders don Ivy League3:110/121957
[ ]Robins, Hugh PerkChosen alumni secretary (por)1:110/181957
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day organized1:110/181957
[ ]CampusElectricity goes underground on campus2:510/181957
[ ]Schauer, Martha K.First fine arts grad displays paintings2:110/181957
[ ]Madrigal SingersPlan '57 program2:510/181957
[ ]Wiley, JacksonReveals music plans2:410/181957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"1:210/251957
[ ]Dad's DayMusical program planned1:410/251957
[ ]Stephenson, JamesStephenson, Ford awarded Kemper scholarships3:2110/251957
[ ]Running, Cyrus8 paintings of Cyrus Running1:111/11957
[ ]Dad's DayMusical program planned1:411/11957
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentAn elegant new world3:511/81957
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardElected as a city commissioner1:311/81957
[ ]Student SenatePropose increase in unaffiliated senate delegates1:111/81957
[ ]Longines SymphonetteSymphonette, Bishop Players highlight convo schedule1:111/81957
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards named Ohio coach of the yearNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:111/121957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"1:111/151957
[ ]Robins, Hugh Perk"Perk" scores again3:111/151957
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardElected as a city commissioner3:411/151957
[ ]Gifts; Library Funds; Myers, Kate M.Fore edge books given1:311/151957
[ ]Edwards, BillSchools pros claim Edwards4:311/151957
[ ]Nutting, Sir AnthonySpeaks in Weaver Chapel3:111/151957
[ ]Plays "The King and I"1:311/221957
[ ]Kniskern, MaynardConvo speaker4:312/111957
[ ]Firestine, R.C.Gift exceeds $250,0001:312/111957
[ ]DormitoriesGovernment in dorms6:112/111957
[ ]Thompson, RalstonPaintings purchased7:112/111957
[ ]Student CourtPlagiarism, cheating reviewed4:412/111957
[ ]Art; Thompson, Ralston C.Two Cinci Firms Buy Thompson Paintings7:112/111957
[ ]Rho Beta EpsilonSenate grants RBE probation5:512/181957
[ ]Standard Oil CompanyStandard Oil, $3,0005:512/181957
[ ]FeesTuition plans include no increase4:212/181957
[ ]AdmissionsApplications run 54% over those of 19571:21/91958
[ ]Reissig, Rev. Herman F.At convo2:51/91958
[ ]John Chowning CollegiatesCollegiates now on record3:31/91958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDiscrimination2:11/91958
[ ]Roselius, Roland E.Granted Ph.D.3:31/91958
[ ]Schooler, Ronaldheads dorm league3:41/91958
[ ]Dickerson, KenKenneth Dickerson appointed college editor4:31/91958
[ ]Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene PatrickNativity painting given to college2:51/91958
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Tobias and the Angel" to be presented1:11/171958
[ ]Ortlepp, Dr. Ernest E.Gives $25,000 to Wittenberg3:51/171958
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Textbook used in schools1:11/171958
[ ]Schmidt, JacobThe candlestick maker4:11/171958
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.$15,000 match gift2:41/291958
[ ]Student CourtCourt report5:51/291958
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCurriculum revised1:11/291958
[ ]Student SenateOrganization is three-fold5:41/291958
[ ]Plays"The Warrior's Husband"1:22/71958
[ ]Student SenateAdds 3 to legislature1:42/71958
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiProbation terminated1:12/71958
[ ]Myers HallRehabilitation of hall1:52/71958
[ ]Plays"The Warrior's Husband" (pic)1:12/151958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDiscrimination2:12/151958
[ ]Longines SymphonetteLongines playes here Friday4:12/151958
[ ]Strong, BethReigns during Greek Week1:42/151958
[ ]Hazlitt, Joseph"Ivy Leaguers" (from Rex Magazine)2:12/211958
[ ]Sivadon, CarlaGoes to New York4:22/211958
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison appointed as asst. director of admissions1:22/211958
[ ]Walters, William R.Receives grant4:32/211958
[ ]Spenny, EdwardO'Keefe and Spenny awarded grant1:22/281958
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisO'Keefe and Spenny awarded grants1:22/281958
[ ]BasketballAkron chews up champ hopes, nudging Tigers to second seat (por)1:13/71958
[ ]Plays; Bishop CompanyBishop Company presents 3 plays1:53/71958
[ ]Fisher, Miss IloCabbage and Kings2:43/71958
[ ]Gifts; Chai, WinbergWinberg Chai, '55, gives $4002:33/71958
[ ]Finances$165,000 given 500 in scholarships, aid2:43/141958
[ ]GiftsDimon Herring estate donates $50,0001:13/141958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLegal summer rushing keynotes IFC's revision of 1957 rules1:63/141958
[ ]Lindsley, Dr. Donald B.Lindsley offers Harvard talks3:33/141958
[ ]Student CourtPoll reveals student indifference3:13/141958
[ ]Rho Beta EpsilonRefused recognition1:13/141958
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeFrosh class officers lead lively lives2:43/211958
[ ]Freshman Slave DayFrosh to sponsor slave market; beauty, service for highest bid1:23/211958
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe receives summer appointment1:13/211958
[ ]Varsity NightGuild to sponsor6:13/211958
[ ]Deems, TerryJunior. . .gets Gregory award3:43/211958
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.One of six professors promoted1:43/271958
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisOrators cop first in three events1/13/271958
[ ]Shanor, Stuart; Ware, GilbertOrators cop first in three events1:13/271958
[ ]Faculty; Kommel, Miss MargaretSix professors promoted1:43/271958
[ ]Dad's AssociationDads raise $14,000 for faculty pay1:34/111958
[ ]Schooler, Ronaldguides in World Fair pavillion (por)3:14/111958
[ ]Wolfe, Jamesto play with symphony3:54/111958
[ ]Grossett, DeanneHanes, Miss Grossett, Phillips will edit Torch, Wittenberger1:14/181958
[ ]Phillips, TylerHanes, Miss Grossett, Phillips will edit Torch, Wittenberger (por)1:14/181958
[ ]Lubbers, ArendLubbers resigns4:34/181958
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationMeets in Springfield3:14/181958
[ ]Varsity Night"Adios" said, then not said3:44/251958
[ ]Weiss, Bernard Eugene ButchA sport short on Butch Weiss4:44/251958
[ ]Ruoss, Rev. MerylAuthority to speak on "city" in convo3:54/251958
[ ]Who's Who in AmericaFaculty listed in current edition2:54/251958
[ ]Mathematics SocietyHonorary plans campus future3:24/251958
[ ]PlaysLa Barca Sin Pescador3:24/251958
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationMeets in Springfield1:14/251958
[ ]Ruoss, Rev. MerylMember of National Council speaks here3:54/251958
[ ]Ohio Association for Gifted ChildrenOAGC to meet here3:14/251958
[ ]Wise, Georgepresides over concert3:44/251958
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulProfessor receives $8,000 grant3:14/251958
[ ]Johnson, Vaughn; Swartzbaugh, MarcThree seniors given '58 graduate awards2:14/251958
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Boy With a Cart" to be played to Guild and Students3:35/21958
[ ]Deems, Terry(MVP- basketball)6:45/21958
[ ]Allion, SueAttractive Sue likes children, travelling (por)1:15/21958
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel sings lead in oratorio Sunday4:25/21958
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel will sing in recital tonight1:45/21958
[ ]PlaysLa Barca Sin Pescador1:35/21958
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingSing1:55/21958
[ ]Raebeck, Dr. CharlesFamily2:35/91958
[ ]Schein, Dr. MarcelPhysicist to lecture here1:35/91958
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingSing1:15/91958
[ ]PlaysDrama dept to present comedy "Mrs. McThing"1:45/161958
[ ]Crowl, LesExecutive scheduled to speak (por)5:15/161958
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma prepares for commencement1:15/161958
[ ]Inter-fraternity SingPhi Gamma Delta1:45/161958
[ ]Thompson, RalstonPresents Thompson paintings to college2:35/161958
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRushing rules revished1:25/161958
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaWins "sing" trophy1:45/161958
[ ]Academic GownsAcademic Gowns tell story3:35/231958
[ ]PlaysDrama dept to present comedy "Mrs. McThing"1:15/231958
[ ]Helsel, RuthHonorary members--Class of 19583:35/231958
[ ]Anderson, JoyceSeniors Recognized (Ivy Orator) (por)1:55/231958
[ ]O'Keefe, DennisSeniors recognized O'Keefe (Oak Orator)(por)1:55/231958
[ ]Benson, GeorgeSeniors recognized... (por)1:55/231958
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Traveling, tradition tell Remsburg tale2:35/231958
[ ]CampusHallowed halls of ivy4:39/111958
[ ]Freshman CounselorsSixty to offer frosh counsel1:39/111958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) "Antigone" will host delegates6:39/191958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"1:19/191958
[ ]Serviss Chemistry PrizeArticle7:19/191958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesConcerts planned by music school1:49/191958
[ ]Faculty HousesFaculty houses move3:39/191958
[ ]Gloeckler, Miss Alma; Goeser, Prof. Robert J.; Sawyer, Albert T.New members augment faculty and staff4:19/191958
[ ]Faculty; Hambrick, Thomas G.; Montgomery, John W.; Hagelberg, M. Paul; Mustaps, Miss Pauline; Ashbaugh, Dr. James; Baird, William M.; Bellam, Paul; Berlin, Dr. C.C.; Cochran, Miss Mary; Coleman, James; Coleman, Mrs. James; Dietrich, Heimtraut; Fiechter, MNew members augment faculty and staff (por)4:19/191958
[ ]Humanities ExperimentUnder Prof. Kleintop6:19/191958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesFrederick Jackisch opens music series (por)1:19/261958
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickOpens music series1:19/261958
[ ]Holm, Jon; Howes, Jon; Ludwick, JohnClasses elect officers1:110/31958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesFrances Anderson, soloist2:410/31958
[ ]Simon, JudyIs Freshman Queen1:410/31958
[ ]Freshman QueenJudy (Simon) is queen (por)1:410/31958
[ ]Anderson, FrancesSoloist featured in second concert of faculty series2:410/31958
[ ]FeesTuition fees to increase1:210/31958
[ ]Zimmerman, Attorney Charles B.Zimmerman dinner (por)1:110/31958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"2:310/101958
[ ]Dad's DayD-Day Nov. 81:210/101958
[ ]Fischer, Dr. EdgarEducator speaks5:410/101958
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center3:110/101958
[ ]Myers HallModern Myers5:310/101958
[ ]Student National Education Association (Student N.E.A.); Kappa Phi KappaN.E.A. replaces Kappa Phi Kappa5:110/101958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) Tragedy Staged for ULCA: Campus will view "Antigone" Tuesday3:310/101958
[ ]Zimmerman, Attorney Charles B.Zimmerman dinner3:310/101958
[ ]AthleticsBig plans ahead, changes in order8:110/171958
[ ]Stroup, Dr. HerbertConvocation3:310/171958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"1:110/211958
[ ]Hampton Institute ExchangeExchange student2:110/241958
[ ]Student dress; Dress RegulationsStandards are set1:310/241958
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Stoughton, Matthies get ULCA honors4:310/241958
[ ]Plays"Oklahoma"2:310/311958
[ ]Chapel;Auman, Dr. RussellAuman at Vespers5:110/311958
[ ]Weaver Observatory;Wylie, Lloyd R.Blue Moon Beams5:310/311958
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day doings1:110/311958
[ ]DormitoriesDormitory hours revised1:410/311958
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians are gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsiors and Philosophians gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]OrchestraPlay "Oklahoma" Opera and oratorio scheduled4:110/311958
[ ]ShiftersPledges Seeking Shifters' Secret5:310/311958
[ ]Sounds (publication)Staff members3:110/311958
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. FrancisTalks of "Challenge"1:310/311958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesWittenberg Trio1:110/311958
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. FrancisBiologist gives lecture series1:411/71958
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day doings1:5, 3:311/71958
[ ]SeminaryAnnouncement of plans for new compound4:111/141958
[ ]Carlson, RichardCarlson to play for Artist series1:511/141958
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team time!1:211/141958
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNew compound to augment seminary capacity, facility4:111/141958
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesRichard Carlson to play1:511/141958
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. FrancisVisiting lecturer urges science study3:411/141958
[ ]Plays"The Remembered Years:1:211/211958
[ ]Norris, JohnnyCartoonist comes for convocation1:111/211958
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Soughton receives Grand Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany1:111/211958
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.German Republic to honor President of Wittenberg1:111/211958
[ ]Norris, JohnnyCartoonist comes for convocation1:512/51958
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Soughton receives Grand Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany2:212/51958
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.German Republic to honor President of Wittenberg2:212/51958
[ ]History of Wittenberg"Wittenberg Story" to start in May1:412/121958
[ ]South HallOpens for study1:412/121958
[ ]University DayPlanned1:412/121958
[ ]Wittenberg UniversitySpecial day planned to begin University1:412/121958
[ ]ChristmasEverywhere, everywhere...Christmas near and far3:112/191958
[ ]Peterson, KjellSpotlight on Sweden4:112/191958
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWill display work5:312/191958
[ ]Plays"The Young and Fair" to be presented2:31/91959
[ ]Chapel Players'Boy' presented as Players tour3:31/91959
[ ]CampusCampus buys Sun house1:11/91959
[ ]Sommer, AnnemarieIron Curtain familiar to German pre-med major2:41/91959
[ ]Wiley, Jacksonis soloist in concert series1:31/91959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesJackson Wiley is soloist1:31/91959
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Named to head renovations1:41/91959
[ ]Plays"The Young and Fair" has all-girl cast2:21/161959
[ ]PlaysCast listed for "The Remembered Years"1:11/161959
[ ]Shepfer, Robert J.Former Wittenberger is Sunday's soloist1:11/161959
[ ]Flesner, Dr. D.A.Hamma grad becomes prof4:31/161959
[ ]Nicholson, Mrs. NancyNicholson compiles index to Poe letters2:31/161959
[ ]Sebastian, PhilSebastian's musical stars White, Willis1:11/161959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesShepfer, Robert J., former Wittenberger1:11/161959
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettSummer institute stresses science1:21/161959
[ ]CommutersVarious commuter facilities offer home away from home2:41/161959
[ ]Dressler, Mrs. MiriamBus housemother has many activities1:42/61959
[ ]Dressler, Mrs. MiriamBusy housemother has many activities3:42/61959
[ ]Nursery SchoolChildren and students enriched by program5:12/61959
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. Stoughton stricken with hear ailment2:12/61959
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team time!4:22/61959
[ ]Eckstrand, Dr. Gordon A.Eckstrand speaks of peace.1:42/61959
[ ]Mustaps, Miss PaulineLibrarian is accomplished linguist2:32/61959
[ ]Home Management HouseManagement house course revised5:42/61959
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.President stricken with heart ailment2:12/61959
[ ]Smith, JeanneQueen (Greek Week) (por)1, 22/61959
[ ]Home Management HouseTen live in Management House5:32/61959
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Work gets translation4:52/61959
[ ]Kiwanis Future Teachers ClinicClinic aids future teachers4:32/131959
[ ]Kobelius, Rev. JoachimPastor to study dorm life here3:42/131959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesRobert Wynne soloist for seventh in series1:12/131959
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWill display work1:22/131959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesPaul Bellam (por)1:42/201959
[ ]InsuranceStudent insurance today2:42/201959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Christ in the Concrete City" in production1:12/271959
[ ]Sebastian, Phil"Remembered year" refreshing2:12/271959
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Discusses beliefs; correlates religion, science3:42/271959
[ ]Plays"The Diary of Ann Frank" stars Griscott1:13/61959
[ ]Kobelius, Rev. JoachimKobelius to lead dorm discussions1:43/61959
[ ]Founders DayPlans activities to observe founding1:33/61959
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote approaches as Senate approves constitution1:23/131959
[ ]AutomobilesDriving privileges revised; women may operate cars1:43/131959
[ ]New, Inez; Oak Oration; Sebastian, Phil; Shanor, StuartOrators chosen1:53/131959
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Receives citation for service1:23/131959
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavSpeaker to travel beyond togetherness1:43/131959
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettSummer institute stresses science3:23/131959
[ ]Laux, Dr. Louis JBio department to grow in fall1:14/31959
[ ]Clevenger, Dr. SarahBio Dept. to grow in fall1:14/31959
[ ]Scott, WilliamTwo appointed to join staff1:44/31959
[ ]Schilling, Dr. Harold K.Will visit campus1:24/31959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Christ in the Concrete City" in production3:54/101959
[ ]Ham, Prof. John Bennett; Kommel, Miss MargaretFaculty featured for final concert5:44/101959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesHam and Kommel featured5:44/101959
[ ]Fisher, RebeccaJunior chosen section president for Ohio Home Economics Association (por)5:24/101959
[ ]Reynolds, Dr. EarleRadiation research subject at convo.1:34/101959
[ ]Summer Service ProgramReleased4:14/101959
[ ]Varsity NightBacklog of talent, trophies [history of Varsity Night]3:44/171959
[ ]Pi Delta EpsilonFirst publications banquet to honor campus writers1:14/171959
[ ]Pierson, ArnoldTake top honors6:34/171959
[ ]Presser, CarolTakes top honors6:34/171959
[ ]Sheperd, BarbaraBaldwin, Sheperd will edit TORCH, 1960 WITT1:14/231959
[ ]Grossett, DeanneCampus journalists honored1:34/231959
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity NightDelta Sigs take top trophy2:14/231959
[ ]Holm, Jon; Phillips, TylerHolm and Phillips victors in race for senate posts (por)1:44/231959
[ ]Coleman, JamesJames Coleman starts new sport here4:44/231959
[ ]Brandt, Diane; Hutchison, MarthaTwo receive Gram award2:14/231959
[ ]Howes, JonUniversity awards senior prexy post2:54/231959
[ ]Plays"Harvey" on stage tonight1:15/11959
[ ]ConvocationsCommittee submits recommendations2:45/11959
[ ]Deems, TerryDinner fetes sports stars4:35/11959
[ ]Intersorority singSing steeped in tradition1:45/11959
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees succumbs to stroke (por)1:15/81959
[ ]Gamo, YoshioJapanese official to visit campus1:35/81959
[ ]Pospesel, HowardReceives stipend5:35/81959
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesTo direct foreign seminars4:15/81959
[ ]Plays"The Big Decision" stars Maureen McDaniel1:35/151959
[ ]Streich, Charles E.Awarded Fulbright4:45/151959
[ ]Auten, Miss Vera; Beuschlein, Harold; Toy, Mrs. Janet P.Three instructors appointed to faculty5:45/151959
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolTwenty-four to get degrees in...graduation Sunday1:15/151959
[ ]Johnson, Lena Christine"Chris" completes 50 years on campus2:45/211959
[ ]Wehn, Mrs. Nan;Deaths'59 class member dies of meningitis1:45/211959
[ ]Ashbaugh, Mrs. NancyAshbaugh, Mrs. Nancy to direct ballet3:15/211959
[ ]Cantwell, Mrs. AnnFerncliff's 'Mother' Cantwell to terminate 10-year career (por)3:25/211959
[ ]FeesTuition plan to be initiated1:35/211959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:29/101959
[ ]CampusPlaces you'll go2:39/101959
[ ]PlaysPremiere of "Big Decision" set1:59/101959
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities1866 marks start of Social Fraternities6:19/171959
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities1866 marks start of social fratiernities6:19/171959
[ ]Class of 1963Class of 1963: first class to enter university numbers 495 from 27 states1:29/171959
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinDeath occurs Saturday1:39/171959
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards leads athletic success7:29/171959
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergEight presidents lead school during 115 years of existence4:29/171959
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Kept busy with University affairs2:39/171959
[ ]AthleticsKey to athletic policy is school correlation7:39/171959
[ ]History of WittenbergMomorable dates--1842-19594:49/171959
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergUniversity keeps president busy2:39/171959
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg4:69/171959
[ ]TraditionsWittenberg5:19/171959
[ ]Fleming, Arthur; University DayWittenberg commemorates becoming a university1:19/171959
[ ]Hoffman, George; Partridge, Janice; Scott, W. E.; Anderson, Darrel; Glick, Milton; Krato, John C.; Laux, Dr. Louis J; Lucas, James; Matthews, Dr. William R.; Mitchell, Stephen O.; Peterson, Karl S.; Shannon, Robert; Stirewalt, Dr. M. L.; Call, Prof. Regin20 join Wittenberg faculty4:29/251959
[ ]Foster, Eleanor; Miller, Mrs. JuanitaFifteen musicians to appear5:49/251959
[ ]Freshman QueenMarilyn Lydle is frosh queen (por)1:49/251959
[ ]Toy, Mrs. Janet P.Three instructors appointed to faculty4:29/251959
[ ]University DayWittenberg commemorates becoming a university2:19/251959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:210/21959
[ ]Ruml, Beardsley"Memo to a College Trustee' suggest improvements for liberal arts institutions2:310/21959
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Dr. R. Hiller composes hymn, Alman Mater among others4:110/21959
[ ]CheerleadersEight new leaders are to cheer5:310/21959
[ ]Forster, Mrs. Eleannor; Miller, Mrs. JuanitaFirst artist concert set for Sunday1:410/21959
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage laboratories now being used by students taking foreign languages5:110/21959
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeJunior justiceNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:310/91959
[ ]School of MusicAnnex being used by Music School5:410/161959
[ ]ConvocationsConvo revitalized; guest artist series to start4:410/161959
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretMusic instructor to sing in Muncie6:310/161959
[ ]Nursery SchoolTwelve pupils3:410/161959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls" (por)1:210/231959
[ ]Handschumacker, Dr. R. E.Cancer studies to be related1:310/231959
[ ]School of MusicEarns award3:310/231959
[ ]Hampton Institute ExchangeMyina Gale relates exchange experience5:310/231959
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNew uses planned for Hamma area2:410/311959
[ ]Davis, SoniSoni Davis to reighn over game, dance (por)1:510/311959
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.WU, Hamma alum to talk Monday1:110/311959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:411/61959
[ ]Dad's DayActivities scheduled for dad on his day1:211/61959
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe receives 1959-60 grant of $3,000 from Research Corp.1:211/61959
[ ]Seaver, Dr. Georgeto give lectures on work, life of Schweitzer (por)1:111/61959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:111/131959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls" proclaimed success; Adelaide steals show1:311/131959
[ ]American Student Information ServiceAmerican Student Information Service makes living, working abroad possible for students in America5:311/131959
[ ]Royer, Miss NettieGives house to university4:311/131959
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.New state advisor for gifted children's program4:111/131959
[ ]Plays"Guys and Dolls"1:311/201959
[ ]Goeser, Mrs. Isabelle McClungGoeser to be featured in concert in Hiller Sunday1:111/201959
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Management House gets new look4:411/201959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesMrs. Goeser to be featured in concert1:111/201959
[ ]Home Management HouseOld house to don new look4:411/201959
[ ]Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H.Reeds to speak at banquet for classes, convo in December1:111/201959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Guardian" set for convocation1:312/41959
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School claims largest enrollment4:112/41959
[ ]Slaymaker, Dr. John E.New state advisor for gifted children's program6:412/41959
[ ]Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H.Reeds say informed people needed for good government1:112/41959
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Guardian" set for convocation (pic)1:212/111959
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesArtist series offers singer (Kleinfeld)1:112/111959
[ ]ChristmasFlemish homes display frescoes, antiques4:112/111959
[ ]Lancaster, RonMost valuable football player chosen for 19596:412/111959
[ ]Rosevear, Lloyd...SOUNDS winners for poetry3:112/171959
[ ]ChristmasCandles, Father Christmas, dinners, carols to highlight coming holiday celebrations2:312/171959
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum at First Lutheran5:312/171959
[ ]Raebeck, Dr. CharlesExplains meaning of self-directed classroom4:412/171959
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center moves to 28 W. Madison Ave.4:312/171959
[ ]Allen, JosephSOUNDS winners for poetry3:112/171959
[ ]Neill, Miss Millicent E."Mothers" give advice, watch houses, students with care3:31/81960
[ ]Housemothers"Mothers" give advice, watch students with care3:31/81960
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardElected Springfield Mayor1:51/81960
[ ]Jensen, Dr. Otto Keiserhas critical attack1:31/81960
[ ]Thompson, RalstonOn foundation1:31/81960
[ ]Plays"The Comedian" given by players6:31/151960
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Comedian" to be presented by players6:31/151960
[ ]Gettysburg ChoirChoir to perform in Weaver5:41/151960
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School to work Air Force projects4:41/151960
[ ]Jackson, Welles F.Jackson to join faculty, succeeding Timmons6:41/151960
[ ]Shannon, RobertReceives Doctor in Education degree1:32/51960
[ ]Haas, Dr. Mary EllenEarly marriage good if couple is mature says Haas4:42/121960
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentTen live in new house1:12/121960
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Gives aid6:42/261960
[ ]Forbes, MollyGreeks' queen (por)5:32/261960
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote needed to pass constitution1:13/41960
[ ]Wiley, Jacksonconducts St. Louis orchestra3:23/41960
[ ]Student GovernmentConstitution needs campus vote1:13/41960
[ ]Cox, Governor James M.James Cox named head of development plan1:23/41960
[ ]Schmalenberger, Jerry E.To present original play, "Great Amen" at Easter Convocation1:33/41960
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Three Marys" to be presented3:33/111960
[ ]Wylie, Lloyd R.; Barker, Dr. John W.; Founders Day2 professors to be honored at Founder's Day banquet2:43/111960
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title1:53/111960
[ ]Hamma Divinity School; Ward HallBuilding progress continues5:33/111960
[ ]Mears, RamonCoach of the year1:33/111960
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum presents music for vespers4:13/111960
[ ]Jackson, MahaliaTo give concert1:23/111960
[ ]Haeussler, Dr. H.H.Haeussler to address State Convention1:23/181960
[ ]Grossett, DeanneWU coed choses for (Mademoiselle) College Board1:53/181960
[ ]Armstrong, Tom; Swimming and DivingArmstrong, Tom high point man (por)6:13/251960
[ ]Montoya, Carlos; ConcertsMontoya plans concert April 21:33/251960
[ ]Jackson, MahaliaTo give concert2:13/251960
[ ]Stephenson, JamesWilson fellowships go to three seniors1:13/251960
[ ]Schmalenberger, Jerry E. To present original play, "Great Amen" at Easter Convocation1:54/11960
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Great Amen" to be presented at convocation1:54/11960
[ ]Sounds (publication); Torch; The WittApplications are re-opened1:44/11960
[ ]Voyageur Trails (company)Camping trips offered co-eds4:34/11960
[ ]BaseballCapital is Number 1 on Spring schedules4:44/11960
[ ]Science HallDevelopment program plans million dollar building1:14/11960
[ ]Alma Mater; Christian Fellowship Council; Elections; Service Chairmen; Student Senate; Women's Athletic Association (WAA)Elections will decide positions2:34/11960
[ ]Stassen, Harold; Speakers; Russia; International RelationsFilms to give views of policy by Stassen1:44/11960
[ ]Home Economics department; Haas, Dr. Mary; Johnson, Audrey; Cochran, MaryHome Economics attend Ohio conference2:44/11960
[ ]Bishop, Betty; Smith, Don C.; Tau Pi PhiHonorary initiates two in business1:34/11960
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Interfraternity Council; LettersIFC proposed plan will cause breach between frosh, school (Proposed 2nd semester rushing)2:14/11960
[ ]Bock, Arlene; Freshmen; Student SenateMiss Bock advocates amplified frosh week (por)2:14/11960
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.President Stoughton predicts college will become a right -- "Education for Youth in Colleges and Universities" was workshop topic given by President of Wittenberg at Washington, D.C.1:24/11960
[ ]Shanor, Dr. Carl; ChapelShanor to speak1:14/11960
[ ]TennisTennis team to open season at Capital4;14/11960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTheatre Party, dinners Round-out Week for Greeks3:14/11960
[ ]Hartlage, Patricia; Mills, Virginia; OratoryThree make finals1:14/11960
[ ]FashionTip to Toes3:34/11960
[ ]The Rising Generation (television program)TV to feature 11 WU students1:54/11960
[ ]Foreign Languages Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldVisit Language Lab4:24/11960
[ ]Webster, Jerry; Student Senate; ElectionsWebster to enforce constitution if elected (por)2:44/11960
[ ]Intramural SportsWomen's Sports4:44/11960
[ ]Watson, Philip"Selected Lecturer for Year's Kessler Foundation4:44/81960
[ ]Fashion'Continental' is men's theme3:34/81960
[ ]Montoya, Carlos; ConcertsCarlos Montoya receives standing ovation3:14/81960
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDr. Watson selected for year's Kessler Foundation4:44/81960
[ ]Summer CoursesExtensive program seen for summer5:14/81960
[ ]Varsity NightFraternities give1:14/81960
[ ]Varsity Night; Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities to give Varsity Night April 231:14/81960
[ ]Protests; RacismHampton, Christian Federation give the positions on sit-downs2:14/81960
[ ]Hartman, Jeane; Home Economics department; Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Home economists see copper work4?64/81960
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Interfraternity Council; LettersIs IFC cutting own throat? (Proposed 2nd semester rushing)2:44/81960
[ ]Rose, Leonard; Concerts; Springfield Symphony OrchestraLeonard Rose, cellist, to appear on Symphony's final program1:14/81960
[ ]Torch; The Witt; Sounds (publication); EditorialsNot apathy again!: Disinterest is shown4:44/81960
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesPhilip Watson4:44/81960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesProposed 2nd semester rushing2:44/81960
[ ]Rococo Ensemble; ConcertsRococo program set for Saturday4:44/81960
[ ]CampusSchool, city plans combined1:24/81960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSurprise Party, Pinnings head Greek spring social news3:44/81960
[ ]BaseballTigers win opener; shut out Capital, 6-06:44/81960
[ ]Variety ShowVariety night set for May 12 & 134:54/81960
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; DiscriminationWarn Greeks5:14/81960
[ ]Thompson, Ralston; ArtWorks on Exhibit5:54/81960
[ ]Niebuhr, Reinhold; Search for America film series'Morality' examines Man, group values1:14/221960
[ ]Varsity Night; Fraternities and Sororities2 Dramatists, news editor to judge Varsity Night skits1:14/221960
[ ]Foreign StudentsGottfried Popp from Germany3:14/221960
[ ]International Harvester FoundationMakes $100,000 gift to Wittenberg1:44/221960
[ ]Conrad, Tom; Rilling, Beth; Student Senate; ElectionsTom Conrad is Senate veep1:44/221960
[ ]Dunkel Rating ServiceTorch to have service4:34/221960
[ ]Plays"Tragedy of Nan" to be presented2:14/291960
[ ]Minor, JessieMinor, Karen Heitanen, Jan Hedrick chosen editors (por)1:54/291960
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesPianist Heiberg to conclude series with concert1:34/291960
[ ]Student SenateCampus vote needed to pass constitution3:35/61960
[ ]Belleman, Warren R.; Kemnitz, Mrs. TheodoreGifts totalling $30,000 given1:15/61960
[ ]DiSalle, MichaelMichael DiSalle to speak at Convo1:55/61960
[ ]Hamma Divinity School27 seniors to graduate1:15/131960
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe will teach in Dakota institute4;25/131960
[ ]Kappa Mu EpsilonMath society takes Kappa My pledges4:15/131960
[ ]Mills, VirginiaPlans for senior activities complete (Ivy Orator)1:15/131960
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavPlans for senior activities complete (por)1:15/131960
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Resings post as chairman of English Department3:35/131960
[ ]Movie-Wittenberg's The Big DecisionTakes award3:15/131960
[ ]Mathematics Societytakes Kappa Mu pledges4:15/131960
[ ]BaseballTeam has 24 straight wins in OC; looking for 2nd title6:35/131960
[ ]BaseballWitt's baseball team retained its title as NCAA Mid-Eastern Regional Champions6:35/131960
[ ]Bogard, Allen; Hickes, Dr. Roy; Hillila, Dr. Bernard; Howat, Robert; King, James Roy; Klimenko, Michael; McCloy, James; Olsen, Ronald; Price, Allen T.; Wise, RonaldFaculty, staff to receive 15 new members1:59/91960
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.Hahn rejoins faculty1:49/91960
[ ]Lancaster, RonLancaster joins Ottawa Rough Riders3:19/91960
[ ]Block, Kenneth L.; Hedrick, Jan; Minor, Jessie; Rilling, Beth; Walchner, AnnaMeet student leaders (por)2:49/91960
[ ]Johnson, Bob; Nave, JimNave, Johnson serve as Tiger co-captains3:49/91960
[ ]Registrar's OfficeStudents to register by new plan1:59/91960
[ ]TraditionsBeanies, union, etc6:19/161960
[ ]Ruths, Arthur L.Board secretary speaks in chapel1:49/161960
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettBush named chairman of the Department of Earth Science3:49/161960
[ ]Strack, CharlesRepresentative of freshman football players4:19/161960
[ ]Student SenateRevised code of elections due for consideration by legislature1:19/161960
[ ]Plays"Annie Get Your Gun" directed by Hammond1:39/231960
[ ]Student SenateAdopted1:59/231960
[ ]Alard String QuartetAlard String Quartet to open faculty series1:19/231960
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Prof. will speak at church retreat2:59/231960
[ ]CheerleadersSeven join WU cheering squad (por)1:29/231960
[ ]SyncopatesStarted1:59/231960
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTo please or not2:19/231960
[ ]Edwards, BillCongratulations (por)1:39/301960
[ ]Haas, Dr. Mary EllenHaas speaks at Guild's meeting1:39/301960
[ ]Goeser, Prof. Robert J.New members augment faculty and staff4:29/301960
[ ]FeesPrexy announces coming rise in tutition, board room fees1:19/301960
[ ]Enquist, Dr. RoyReligion staff receives two new members4:29/301960
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerSpeaker for Women's Guild (biographical information)3:39/301960
[ ]Search for America film seriesTo open tonight1:49/301960
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.6 profs bowl on school team8:110/71960
[ ]Olsen, Ronald; Peterson, Karl S.; Telfer, James L.7 profs bowl on school team8:110/71960
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel to appear in artistic series1:510/71960
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolNew program arranged for pastor training6:110/71960
[ ]Nursery SchoolSeven children enrolled3:210/71960
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettSeven profs bowl on school team8:110/71960
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinWittenberg receives bequest from estate of former teacher and dean1:110/71960
[ ]Shaffer, LouiseAccepts award4:510/141960
[ ]Anderson, ShirleyAnderson, Shirley cast as "Annie" for musical1:310/141960
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day plans revealed1:110/141960
[ ]Home Management HouseCoeds pursue homemaking tasks6:210/221960
[ ]SyncopatesMake debut at game8:110/221960
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTo appear Sunday in artist series recital4:410/221960
[ ]Dad's DayGame, musical, highlight plans1:310/281960
[ ]U.S. Information AgencyTo feature Wittenberg as one out of six colleges1:510/281960
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityUniversity among six to be featured in USA film1:610/281960
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin traveling trophy1:110/281960
[ ]Flood, DennisFlood plays four large roles at once (por)4:411/41960
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students speak on U.S. Prestige211/41960
[ ]Dad's DayGame, musical highlight plans1:111/41960
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavTo be speaker at convocation1:111/41960
[ ]Plays"Annie Get Your Gun" directed by Hammond1:211/111960
[ ]Mathematics DepartmentIncreases curriculum1:211/111960
[ ]Dad's DayWeekend plans include old fire engine1:511/111960
[ ]Plays"All My Sons" to be presented1:511/181960
[ ]Heunen, Antonius J. M.Linotype operator from Holland helps publish TORCH, SOUNDS2:411/181960
[ ]Haskins, James RobertFeatures "Christmas Concerto"1:412/21960
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students give view of Thanksgiving3:412/21960
[ ]Four FreshmenHighlight senate series program1:112/21960
[ ]Stoughton, Rev. DonaldNew Hamma Director of Lay Training1:112/21960
[ ]Boese, Neal; Grohne, JudySenior board elects officers1:212/21960
[ ]Andes, EllaAndes becomes citizen of U.S.2:412/91960
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaArrested for bootlegging "way back when"3:112/91960
[ ]Morse, EdwinLeads league5:312/91960
[ ]Student UnionPlans for new union started1:112/91960
[ ]Four FreshmenTo perform tomorrow1:312/91960
[ ]Foreign StudentsClassrooms abroad, summer program planned2:112/161960
[ ]Fisher, BillGeorge, Bill Fisher provede brother combination for Tigers (por)6:412/161960
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeGeorge, Bill Fisher provide brother combination for tigers (por)6:412/161960
[ ]Four FreshmenLove to sing for colleges4:212/161960
[ ]Collegium MusicumMusical Christmas programs scheduled by Baroque group3:412/161960
[ ]Student SenateSuggestion box available3:112/161960
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth centerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:31/121961
[ ]Alumni AssociationDistinguished teaching award1:21/131961
[ ]Haas, Dr. Mary EllenHaas resigns post1:11/131961
[ ]Porgy and Bess SingersTo be on campus1:21/131961
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To speak at Student senate5:51/131961
[ ]Plays"All My Sons"5:22/31961
[ ]Manns, Xandra Sandyindia offers experience, home for sophomor4:12/31961
[ ]Porgy and Bess SingersProgram to highlight1:42/31961
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Science grant to cover costs for acid study1:52/31961
[ ]Pease, Bob"Dedicated Swimmer" (por)5:12/101961
[ ]Smith, Dr. HustonConflict of religion, science1:12/101961
[ ]Parks, NormaExchange student4:42/101961
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Group to fight with individual (por)3:22/101961
[ ]Student UnionPlans being made2:12/101961
[ ]Bolewski, Dr. HansTheologian to discuss roles of church, state1:12/101961
[ ]PlaysCurtain will go up1:12/171961
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe speaks on specialization3:12/171961
[ ]Shanor, Rev. Dr. Carl W.Specialization, ecumenical trend to confront nation3:52/171961
[ ]Student UnionNew Student centerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:52/221961
[ ]Mussulin, DanAward goes to Dan Mussulin3:42/241961
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Describes city for Britannica1:32/241961
[ ]Patmos, A. EdwardEconomy, history give indication of future (por)2:12/241961
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Gave talk at Student Senate1:32/241961
[ ]Ohio Intercollegiate AssociationIndividual events tournament. Students participate1:12/241961
[ ]Kunst, SkipKunst steps in as new prexy of frat council (por)1:42/241961
[ ]Student UnionPresident speaks to Senate regarding plans for center1:32/241961
[ ]Taylor, Mrs. Angelin E."Mom" takes on student roles; joins daughter3:33/31961
[ ]Hickes, Dr. RoyDirector of summer school1:53/31961
[ ]Illinois BalletIllinois Ballet will perform next Saturday1:23/31961
[ ]Indiana University Madrigal SingersIndian University Madrigal Singers will perform2:53/31961
[ ]Student CourtSecrecy explained4:43/31961
[ ]Smith, Dr. Hustonto speak here1:33/31961
[ ]Student scholarship fundWCF fund helps students in need3:23/31961
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Writes book on paragraph construction1:33/31961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title5:43/101961
[ ]Alumni AssociationDistinguished teaching award1:13/101961
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish proficiency policy to begin new1:13/101961
[ ]Illinois BalletIllinois Ballet will perform next Saturday1:53/101961
[ ]Mussulin, DanMussulin is named conference champ in 157-lound group6:53/101961
[ ]Student CourtUnder fire2:33/101961
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"The Way of the Cross" to be presented by chapel players3:43/171961
[ ]Haskins, James RobertArtists' recital will headline faculty, student4:23/171961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title7:53/171961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures OC title6:33/171961
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi's take up babysitting6:43/171961
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerErmarth receives teaching award1:13/171961
[ ]Walters, William R.Featured in Artists' recital4:23/171961
[ ]Alumni AssociationMrs. Ermarth1:13/171961
[ ]Peace CorpsTalk given2:43/171961
[ ]Richards, Willis J.Awarded fellowship1:23/241961
[ ]BasketballBasketball captures NCAA title1:53/241961
[ ]Marin, Mrs. Maria C.Coeds experience French living3:33/241961
[ ]French Housecustoms3:33/241961
[ ]Fisher, GeorgeSports writers elect Fisher as center on all-tourney team7:13/241961
[ ]Ancient ConcertsConcept to feature instruments from ancient musical periods3:14/71961
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesDr. Paul Qualben2:44/71961
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolInstallation of Hamma dean will begin 2-day program2:44/71961
[ ]Christensen, James B.James B. Christensen presents problems1:44/71961
[ ]Shearing, GeorgeTo appear1:24/71961
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesDr. Paul Qualben5:54/141961
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolInstallation of Hamma dean will begin 2-day program5:54/141961
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel sings at symposium5:34/141961
[ ]Walters, William R.Speaks to Philosophy Club1:54/141961
[ ]Lewis, CarolynBoard names publications' editors, business manager (por)1:24/211961
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel to sing with symphony4:14/211961
[ ]Shearing, GeorgeTo appear6:44/211961
[ ]Ragatz, Dr. Oswald give recital1:44/211961
[ ]Bodenstein, Dietrich; Tracy, Joshua I.Two scientists to visit in May1:14/211961
[ ]Plays"Nine Girls" by Wilfred H. Pettitt1:24/281961
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics major discontinued1:14/281961
[ ]Westfalian KantoreiMusical group will perform at convocation1:24/281961
[ ]Guest Artist SeriesScheduled events4:14/281961
[ ]Peace Corps"Needed Skill" is prerequisite for volunteers2:15/51961
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationGroup organizes for radio station2:25/51961
[ ]TennisTennis team makes strong bid for crown4:25/51961
[ ]Meister, LynnTorch bearers (por)1:15/51961
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Family gift of $1,000,0001:15/61961
[ ]Krieg, Sara D.Three Canton residents give $1,000,00015/61961
[ ]Freshman Counselors78 counselors plan program for new class1:15/121961
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum give concert1:15/121961
[ ]Brame, SkenderMVP- Baseball3:45/121961
[ ]Mussulin, DanMVP-wrestling3:45/121961
[ ]Minor, JessieReceived K.G. Lind Memorial Award1:35/121961
[ ]Honorary DegreesArchitect, scientist, theologian will be awarded degrees June 51:15/191961
[ ]SyncopatesDrill team to hae 48 members5:45/191961
[ ]OrchestraPlans concert3:55/191961
[ ]Shinowara, Dr. George Y.Will receive honorary degree1:15/191961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"3:19/151961
[ ]Anspach, Pastor Paul P.Anspach, Pastor Paul P. new pastor3:59/151961
[ ]Mears, RamonBasketball coach writes notebook6:29/151961
[ ]Men's Glee ClubCame before choir3:29/151961
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.; Johnson, Mrs. Rex W.Dean Stauffer announces 2 chairmanships4:39/151961
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards leads team to over 100 wins in career (por)6:49/151961
[ ]Aziz, Paul D.; Balliet, Dr. Conrad A.; Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.; Cook, Mrs. Florence; Dorsey, Mary Ann; Dunifon, Don M.; George, Miss Allaire; Graham, Jerry R.; Hitt, John B.; Koo, May; Koppenhaver, Allen J.; Lenhert, P. Galen; Lloyd, Bruce Allen; LouFaculty, staff receive 26 new members1:19/151961
[ ]Hutchison, Keith R.Faculty, staff receive 26 new members1;19/151961
[ ]Lewis, CarolynMeet campus leaders2:49/151961
[ ]Conrad, Tom; Hedrick, Jan; Kunst, Skip; Van Meter, Sue; Voeringer, Heidi; Walchner, Anna; White, LuolaMeet campus leaders (por)2:49/151961
[ ]BasketballSchedule6:39/151961
[ ]Faculty-Guest Artist SeriesSeries gets new look4:19/151961
[ ]Williams, Rogerto perform at Wittenberg1:19/151961
[ ]ConvocationsTradition in convo processions3:39/151961
[ ]Schlump, Prof. John O.Faculty, staff receive 26 new members1:19/161961
[ ]Anspach, Pastor Paul P.Anspach, Pastor Paul P. new pastor3:39/221961
[ ]Walls, GrantCoaches join staff5:59/221961
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center4:19/221961
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaReceive all-sports trophy in intramurals4:39/221961
[ ]Celebrity SeriesSeason tickets sell out1:19/221961
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary renamed1:19/221961
[ ]Mathis, JohnyTo perform1:19/221961
[ ]Dunkel Rating ServiceTorch to have service3:19/221961
[ ]Second Generation ClubClub propsed1:19/291961
[ ]Easton, Dr. ElmerEaston to speak on engineering5:39/291961
[ ]Rinehart, Dr. Joseph H.Encounters odd cases6:19/291961
[ ]Norstog, Knute J.Receives foundation grant4:39/291961
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiWho needs ladders?3:39/291961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"3:310/61961
[ ]Anspach, Pastor Paul P.Campus worships strange religion2:510/61961
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders add four to squad (por)1:210/61961
[ ]Easton, Dr. ElmerEaston to speak on engineering1:410/61961
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Established goals for campus2:310/61961
[ ]Anderson, ShirleyAnderson, Shirley is homecoming queen (por)1:110/141961
[ ]Bailey, Mrs. EldonBailey gives gift5:310/141961
[ ]Stobbs, William T.Class of '42 honors7:510/141961
[ ]Walls, GrantCoaches Cubs' football team5:510/141961
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Conducts teaching seminar5:410/141961
[ ]Bayley, Mrs. Elden, Sr.Dr. Stoughton announces gift5:310/141961
[ ]SyncopatesPerform7:110/141961
[ ]Mathis, JohnyTo perform4:410/141961
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Will serve in national post - Phi Gamma Delta1:310/141961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"5:210/201961
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentChemistry Department gets approval of American Chemical Society1:310/201961
[ ]Second Generation ClubClub proposed1:310/201961
[ ]Gifts; Carnegie CorporationGift provides Sandak slides1:210/201961
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesReturns from Austria3:110/201961
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)Sponsors informal talks4:510/201961
[ ]Mathis, JohnyTo perform1:510/201961
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin golf tourney8:210/201961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"1:310/271961
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. League of Nations meets in Recitation5:110/271961
[ ]Green, CharlesLenkaitis, Green represent freshmen on football field8:110/271961
[ ]League of NationsMeets in Recitation5:110/271961
[ ]GiftsSecond largest total received4:410/271961
[ ]Plays"Carousel"1:111/31961
[ ]Dad's DayActivities begin tomorrow1:111/31961
[ ]Enquist, Dr. RoyEnquist gives paper on worship6:411/31961
[ ]Remsburg, MaryGotwald clan keep tradition at Wittenberg4:111/31961
[ ]Davis, JeffJeff Davis is president3:411/31961
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum performs in Kentucky4:111/101961
[ ]Haskins, James RobertHaskins writes piece for band4:311/101961
[ ]Hesse, SueHesse steals "Carousel" from lead actors without singing2:111/101961
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickSolos Sunday in concert series1:511/101961
[ ]Little AshramStudent group holds annual [retreat]1:111/101961
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Advances to post of dean of collegeNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:111/161961
[ ]Hammarskjold fundcontributions1:311/171961
[ ]Plays"The Chalk Garden"1:512/11961
[ ]Heinzen, Steve4 Wittenberg football players make all-conference first team7:312/11961
[ ]Schlump, Prof. John O.Art jury accepts words6:212/11961
[ ]Bicycles on CampusBicycles on Campus5:112/11961
[ ]Home Management HouseCourse requires 560 hours of lab4:112/11961
[ ]Thomas, Harold O.Death1:112/11961
[ ]Schola CantorumTo sing for first time1:612/11961
[ ]World Affairs Seminarsto start1:112/11961
[ ]Plays"The Chalk Garden"1:212/81961
[ ]Student UnionCenter construction1:312/81961
[ ]Kissing BridgeCoeds' graduation hopes fade2:412/81961
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Holy Family" cast to include students5:412/151961
[ ]The TannersCampus quartet sings on local radio station6:212/151961
[ ]Hammarskjold fundcontributions5:212/151961
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaPresents composition recital1:412/151961
[ ]BasketballTigers to have busy holiday schedule8:212/151961
[ ]Countess, JudithJudith Countess will speak1:51/111962
[ ]Judith, Countess of ListowellJudith to talk at Wittenberg1:51/111962
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanWill succeed John N. Stauffer as college dean1:11/111962
[ ]Smith, Sue WalkerCoeds feature story takes first place1:11/121962
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center opens1:11/121962
[ ]Kommel, Miss MargaretKommel to give recital1:11/121962
[ ]Saint Augustine's HouseSenior visits Lutheran monastery3:11/121962
[ ]Carskadden, RalphSenior visits Lutheran monatery3:11/121962
[ ]Kissing BridgeStudents take initiative2:11/121962
[ ]BasketballWittenberg collects 7 straight victories6:11/121962
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesConcern expressed about brotherhood in campus groups2:11/191962
[ ]Summers, Dr. HollisSpeaks to English Club1:31/191962
[ ]World Affairs Seminarsto start1:41/191962
[ ]Wightman, Mrs. FrancesNew housemother likes her jobNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:12/11962
[ ]Shapiro, Dr. SeymourWill lecture5:42/21962
[ ]Thompson, RalstonWorks to be exhibited3:52/21962
[ ]Schrag, Dr. F. JamesBecomes fellow of institute1:32/91962
[ ]Miller, Dr. & Mrs. Harris E.Gives gift2:42/91962
[ ]Spanish HouseSpanish house turns coed4:12/91962
[ ]Williams, RogerTo perform here1:12/91962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyWill sponsor panel on architecture and church3:12/91962
[ ]Johnson, Mrs. AudreyWrites article4:52/91962
[ ]Mears, RamonBasketball: A year round thing6:12/161962
[ ]Wise, ToniBoard names Miss Greek (por)3:42/161962
[ ]Bishop, Terry;DeathsTerry Bishop dies1:22/161962
[ ]Williams, RogerTo perform here1:42/161962
[ ]Mullen, SandraTo represent wittenberg (Mademoiselle College Board)4:12/161962
[ ]American MusicaleMusical fraternities to hold American Musicale1:12/231962
[ ]Augustana ChoirAugustana Choir will sing here2:33/21962
[ ]Lickfield, Rt. Rev. Francis WilliamBishop to speak4:23/21962
[ ]Ort Hall; Sprecher HallNamed5:33/21962
[ ]Student UnionPlans continue for new center2:13/21962
[ ]Sears, Dr. Paul Bigelowto visit.1:43/21962
[ ]Hovgren, Doris; Minor, Jessie2 seniors receive awards at convocation in chapel1:13/91962
[ ]Waite, DennisIFC selects new president1:53/91962
[ ]BasketballNCAA tournament1:53/91962
[ ]Scott, Dr. NathanTo speak about Hemmingway1:13/91962
[ ]Fisher, Bill2 Tigers make OC teams7:43/161962
[ ]Grice, John; Smith, Ross; Voeringer, Heidi3 receive fellowships1:33/161962
[ ]Thrasher, AlAll American team7:23/161962
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Alums honor Krout on Founder's Day1:53/161962
[ ]Armstrong, Tom; Swimming and DivingArmstrong, Tom gets swim award7:53/161962
[ ]BasketballBasketball beats Gammpm8:13/161962
[ ]Class of 1962Class of '62 Seniors adopt giving plan1:13/161962
[ ]Petre, Mr. and Mrs. RobertDonates gifts2:53/161962
[ ]GiftsDr. Stoughton announces gift from anonymous alumnae6:43/161962
[ ]Gifts; Cummins Engine FoundationHillila announces $5000 gift to ATS2:43/161962
[ ]Maurer, Dick; Pease, BobTankers name new captains7:33/161962
[ ]Fisher, BillTwo tigers make OC team7:43/161962
[ ]Thrasher, AlTwo tigers make Ohio Conference teams7:43/161962
[ ]Miller, Dr. & Mrs. Harris E.WU receives two major gifts2:53/161962
[ ]Varsity NightGreeks to vie1:23/231962
[ ]Haskins, James RobertHaskins to present work1:43/231962
[ ]Mussulin, DanMVP5:23/231962
[ ]Sigma KappaRecognized3:53/231962
[ ]Stucky, DavidTo join University staff this September4:23/231962
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Barabas" to be presented at Easter5:33/301962
[ ]Plays"The Matchmaker"1:53/301962
[ ]Anderson, JudithAnderson, Judith will star1:13/301962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyAnnounces new appointment6:53/301962
[ ]Landis, JimDudycha, Landis run for senate presidency (por)1:33/301962
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher named most valuable6:33/301962
[ ]Varsity NightGreeks to vie4:53/301962
[ ]Student SenatePropose amendments5:13/301962
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWin in competition4:53/301962
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Barabas" to be presented at Easter1:14/61962
[ ]LacrosseClub to organize6:24/61962
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesDr. Vilmos Vajta4:34/61962
[ ]Landis, JimDudycha, Landis run for senate presidency2:44/61962
[ ]World Affairs SeminarsHistory honorar resumes seminars1:34/61962
[ ]Vajta, Dr. VilmosLWA director to lecture at Hamma4:34/61962
[ ]Perkins, Dr. DexterPerkins to speak on campus1:14/61962
[ ]SyncopatesThirty-eight added to drill team5:44/61962
[ ]Roelofs, Dr. GerritTo speak1:34/61962
[ ]Anderson, JudithAnderson, Judith will appear1:44/131962
[ ]Rosenkjaer, JornDenmark forced to decide future as member of Common market2:14/131962
[ ]Perkins, Dr. DexterPeace discussed4:34/131962
[ ]Smith, George RossReceives fellowship1:44/131962
[ ]Ballentine, Doris; Hampton Institute ExchangeStudents bring back Hampton memories4:14/131962
[ ]History of WittenbergStudents jam Hiller Chapel in 1912 for first college debate tournament5:14/131962
[ ]Harris, Guy; Honorary Degrees; Keyser, Rev. James L.; Lee, Rev. Robert E.; Wilson, John L.WU to award degrees to 61:54/131962
[ ]Burns, NormanWU to award degrees to six1:54/131962
[ ]Washington Seminar for Lutheran Students15 Wittenberg students attend2:44/271962
[ ]Student UnionCenter to be finished by 19643:14/271962
[ ]Honorary organizationsHonorary groups plan May Day ceremonies1:14/271962
[ ]King, James RoyKing leads discussion3:34/271962
[ ]Coppess, Mrs. RenaMrs. Rena Coppess will retire4:44/271962
[ ]Mears, RamonNears signs with Tennessee1:24/271962
[ ]Dodson, NormanNorman Dodson receives 3 grants5:44/271962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyTo offer course to faculty3:14/271962
[ ]Selkis, Miss HelenUniversity to add English instructor6:14/271962
[ ]Knudsen, Dr. Johannes H. V.Addresses Hamma graduating class1:45/41962
[ ]Student UnionCenter to be finished by 19645:15/41962
[ ]Student UnionConstruction to begi5:15/41962
[ ]Lovett, James SLovett to address5:35/41962
[ ]Flood, DennisSenior class president announces orators (por)1:35/41962
[ ]Field Enterprises Educational CorporationThomas Library receives Braille encyclopedia volumes2:45/41962
[ ]Hutchison, James2 senior mem receive grants1:35/111962
[ ]Marcis, Richard2 senior men receive grants1:35/111962
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis hold section convention2:15/111962
[ ]Armstrong, Tom; Swimming and DivingArmstrong, Tom coaches award MVP's5:45/181962
[ ]Celebrity SeriesCelebrity Series will expand to six concerts (schedule)1:15/181962
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher named most valuable5:45/181962
[ ]Miller, Herbert; Morse, EdwinPsychology majors get awards1:25/181962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyThe graduate 331:25/181962
[ ]Mears, RamonTribute to Mears2:45/181962
[ ]United States Steel FoundationUniversity to get gift of $20,0003:15/181962
[ ]Lewis, CarolynBoard announced publications choices (por)15/271962
[ ]Cheetwood, Pamela; Gilbert, Ron; Landis, JimBoard announces publication choices (por)15/271962
[ ]Honors ConvocationCeremonies combine1:15/271962
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. John Stauffer to be new Witt president1:19/141962
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards ready for 1962 challenge8:19/141962
[ ]Alexander, Beverly; Bash, William G.; Binz, Marion; Boyd, Miss Deborah; Dukes, Reese; Gilbert, Norman; Hartman, Rev. David; Krosnick, Aaron B.; Lanier, William J.; Richard, Benjamin H.; Wilson, Eric L.; Hefner, Rev. Philip J.Faculty, staff increase with 24 members1:19/141962
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergFifteen students to travel with USO show5:19/141962
[ ]History of WittenbergFirst catalog reveals freshman requirements39/141962
[ ]Carr, Barbara; Cheetwood, Pamela; Horn, Bob; Lewis, Carolyn; Dudycha, Art; Waite, Dennis; Campbell, PatNames and faces (por)2:49/141962
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieOne of 24 new faculty members1:19/141962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Praises choice of new president1:29/141962
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.To be new WU president1:19/141962
[ ]Plays"Brigadoon" tryouts will be held1:19/211962
[ ]American University4 students study at American University3:19/211962
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipCompetition begins1:59/211962
[ ]Trinkle, OrisDies1:19/211962
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards begins 30th year at Witt5:19/211962
[ ]Alexander, Beverly; Bash, William G.; Binz, Marion; Boyd, Miss Deborah; Dukes, Reese; Gilbert, Norman; Hartman, Rev. David; Krosnick, Aaron B.; Lanier, William J.; Richard, Benjamin H.; Wilson, Eric L.Faculty, staff increase with 24 members (por)1:19/211962
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieOne of 24 new faculty members1:19/211962
[ ]Second Generation ClubTo have picnic2:29/211962
[ ]SyncopatesTo march1:19/211962
[ ]TraditionsWitt3:49/211962
[ ]Cross CountryCross country team to organize6:59/281962
[ ]Blackmer, Elmer F.; Faculty Artist SeriesFaculty Artist series to hold first program1:29/281962
[ ]Celms, Prof. PeterHistory department adds three members to staff5:19/281962
[ ]Wussow, Prof. WalterHistory dept. moves, adds 3 members to staff5:19/281962
[ ]OrchestraString orchestra to play1:49/281962
[ ]Wells, CharlesTalks at WU1:19/281962
[ ]Jentsch, Dr. WernerWill visit1:49/281962
[ ]Albert, Dr. CharlesAlbert, Rev. Harold R. to speak1:110/51962
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to be honored1:210/51962
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day program1:110/121962
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.Hahn to attend conference1:210/121962
[ ]TraditionsKissing bridge must go2:310/121962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:210/121962
[ ]Jentsch, Dr. Wernerwill visit5:110/121962
[ ]Westervelt, DeeCoed compares rules (por)3:410/191962
[ ]Dad's DayDad's Day program1:210/191962
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison to give paper5:310/191962
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergSelected4:110/191962
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestBeaver reminisces on Godfrey4:110/271962
[ ]Steckler, Hon. William E.Dads choose2:510/271962
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey honored today4:110/271962
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Becomes VP6:211/21962
[ ]Cahill, JosephCahill receives first scholarship from alumni group4:311/21962
[ ]Brown, Clarence J.; Lausche, Frank J.Political figures speak at WU6:111/21962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:111/21962
[ ]Equitable Life Assurance SocietyCompany gives gift to WU4:311/91962
[ ]Heiges, Rev. Dr. DonaldHeiges installed as seminary head4:411/91962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:111/91962
[ ]SyncopatesTo march1:411/91962
[ ]Plays"Summer and smoke"6:111/161962
[ ]Jensen, Dr. ElwoodGuest of biology department3:511/161962
[ ]PlaysPractices start. Hightlights televised1:111/161962
[ ]Rinehart, Dr. Joseph H.Doctor's father witness to battle (por)4:111/301962
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipFourteen seniors nominated1:111/301962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Portrait1:311/301962
[ ]Plays"Summer and Smoke"1:112/71962
[ ]Ford, LeslieFord spends year in Spain4:212/71962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Portrait1:112/71962
[ ]Edwards, BillReceives award1:112/71962
[ ]Smart, John C.WU senior signs baseball contract with NY Mets7:512/71962
[ ]Collegium MusicumCollegium Musicum to present program1:112/141962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Movie studio gives plaque4:112/141962
[ ]Thrasher, AlPaces team7;112/141962
[ ]Varsity NightRemains5:112/141962
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Time of retirement moved up1:412/141962
[ ]Four PrepsFour Preps to sing at Wittenberg (por)1:31/41963
[ ]GiftsGift from Esso Foundation1:11/41963
[ ]Esso Education FoundationStoughton announces gift of $2,000 from foundation1:11/41963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergTo tour with U.S. Military to posts1:11/41963
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club sponsors international week3:11/111963
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher follows brother on WU basketball court (pic)7:11/111963
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher follows brother on WU basketball court (por)7:11/111963
[ ]Four PrepsFour Preps to sing at Wittenberg (por)1:21/111963
[ ]Edwards, BillReceives national award7:41/111963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergTo tour with U.S. Military to posts (pic)6:11/111963
[ ]Thrasher, AlPaces team4:42/11963
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.Gensel to play, speak at WU4:42/81963
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanSpeaks to faculty1:32/81963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergTelevised3:32/81963
[ ]Zhou, SifasForeign freshmen number 33:12/151963
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students at Wittenberg3:12/151963
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.Gensel to play, speak at WU1:22/151963
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselIn review5:52/151963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Awarded honorary degree1:12/221963
[ ]BasketballBasketball finishes regular OC play with 14-0 record (por)6:12/221963
[ ]Laposky, Ben F.Electronic art exhibit shown1:52/221963
[ ]Plays"Antic spring" to be produced by students1:53/11963
[ ]Gensel, Rev. John G.Church should serve, not judge, says pastor5:13/11963
[ ]Lohse, Dr. EdwardLohse visits Hamma3:23/11963
[ ]Sounds of WittenbergReturn after 6-week tour5:33/11963
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiRiflery is the latest (por)6:33/11963
[ ]American UniversityWashington semester program4:13/11963
[ ]Thrasher, AlMakes all Ohio Conference team6:43/81963
[ ]BasketballTIgers whip Zips by 18, take 5th consecutive crown [Ohio Conference]1:13/81963
[ ]Plays"The importance of being Ernest"1:43/151963
[ ]Don Cossack ChorusCossacks feature daggar dance1:13/151963
[ ]CossaksCossacks to perform1:13/151963
[ ]Swanson, SandraIs Wilson recipient1:43/151963
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipSwanson, Sandra1:43/151963
[ ]Todd, Honorable R. S. GarfieldTo speak4:13/151963
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Family Portrait" to be directed by Mr. Hammond1:13/221963
[ ]Plays"The family portrait" is directed by Mr. Hammond1:13/221963
[ ]BasketballBasketball wins OC 5th consecutive crown (pic)73/221963
[ ]CossaksCossacks to perform1:43/221963
[ ]Don Cossack ChorusDon Cossack Chorus to appear Saturday1:43/221963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Honored by alumnai1:13/221963
[ ]Smith, JoyceReceives national Science Foundation grant1:13/221963
[ ]FeesStoughton announces increase in tuition1:43/221963
[ ]Basketball; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Tigers at Evansville - 2nd place8:13/221963
[ ]National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Tigers at Evansville - 2nd place73/221963
[ ]Todd, Honorable R. S. GarfieldTo speak5:13/221963
[ ]Basketball; Thrasher, Al; Cherry, Bob; Fisher, BillWittenberg places third on All-Tourney team8:33/221963
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Family Portrait" to be directed by Mr. Hammond (pic)1:13/291963
[ ]Plays"Teahouse of the August Moon"6:33/291963
[ ]Plays"The family portrait" is directed by Mr. Hammond1:13/291963
[ ]Norris, TracyFormer FBI agent discusses propaganda in book3:13/291963
[ ]Four PrepsFour Preps to sing at Wittenberg (por)1:33/291963
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe to read three papers3:43/291963
[ ]Laming, Mrs. DorothyLaming to play leading role in "Family Portrait"1:13/291963
[ ]Chiapusso, JanPianist to play, speak at WU1:13/291963
[ ]ScorchScorch4/11963
[ ]Beatrice Foods CompanyBeatrice Foods Company donates building1:14/51963
[ ]Borkenstein, Robert F.Borkenstein will receive honorary degree1:34/51963
[ ]Citizens Dairy Co.Citizens Dairy Co. donates building1:14/51963
[ ]Geology SeminarGeology seminar takes field trip1:54/51963
[ ]Heine, Rev. Robert; Homrighausen, Rev. Tom; Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.Will receive honorary degree1:34/51963
[ ]Moser, Prof. LeoCanadian professor will speak on math5:44/191963
[ ]Parsons, Harriet K.Peace Corps representative will visit WU4:54/191963
[ ]Maurer, Dick; Pease, BobSwim team honors 2 members8:14/191963
[ ]Walters, William R.To preside at conference5:34/191963
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.To speak at Convocation1:14/191963
[ ]GiftsTwo donors give $175,0006:44/191963
[ ]Meyer, Dave; Sherwood, Dave2 receive psychology awards4:44/261963
[ ]Anderson, Richard J.Anderson, Richard J. will speak on "Man on the Moon"1:44/261963
[ ]Peace CorpsArticle (insert in Torch)4/261963
[ ]Thompson, KennethOrganist to perform1:14/261963
[ ]Shell Companies FoundationStoughton announces gift5:44/261963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To speak on radio1:14/261963
[ ]Christian College DayWittenberg U will join in observing2:44/261963
[ ]Stelle, Richard"Oak" orator1:15/31963
[ ]Student Union"The State of the Union"6:15/31963
[ ]Wasner, Harold S.2 juniors receive Bloomhardt award6:55/31963
[ ]Hahn, Dr. Samuel Wilfred.Associate dean5:45/31963
[ ]Frederick, Dave; Gilbert, Ron; Schreiber, TerryBoard chooses editors, manager (por)1:35/31963
[ ]PlaysComedy to feature veterans4:15/31963
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDeferred rush will start next year7:15/31963
[ ]Peterson, Donald N. MikeGets IU study grant6:35/31963
[ ]Peterson, Donald N. MikeGreeks choose pair as Mr., Miss Greek4:45/31963
[ ]Steele, RandySenior class elects orators1:25/31963
[ ]Thrasher, AlTeams and individuals receive awards at "Dinner of Champions"8:15/31963
[ ]Steininger, StephanieAlma Mater1:15/101963
[ ]Sounds (publication)Staff to unveil5:25/101963
[ ]Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.To retire on June 3rd1:15/171963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day4:59/131963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio opens [Celebrity] Series1:19/131963
[ ]Bates, Brian; Bolls, Dr. Nathan; Bolls, Mrs. Imogene; Brenner, Mason; Butts, Richard; Carle, Miss Phillie; Cullum, Miss Margaret; Dankert, Herbert; Faculty; Fallis, Robert; Hanes, David; Hanes, Mrs. Linda; Hartwig, Gordon; Helland, Miss Claire; Jacobson, Faculty, staff add 261:39/131963
[ ]Student UnionInitiated by class of 19671:39/131963
[ ]Albert, Jan; Frank, Mark; Gilbert, Ron; Horn, Bob; McLaughlin, John; Schreiber, Terry; Steininger, StephanieNames and faces2:49/131963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio to sing here (pic)1:39/201963
[ ]Douglas, Senator PaulDouglas to speak at Witt Nov. 21 19633:19/201963
[ ]TraditionsLittle known traditions at Wittenberg3:39/201963
[ ]Oaklief, SusanNamed to staff [of University]1:19/201963
[ ]Webster, MargaretTo appear here on October 3rd1:49/201963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio opens series1:49/271963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:29/271963
[ ]Webster, MargaretTo appear here on October 3rd1:39/271963
[ ]Celebrity Series; Chad Mitchell TrioChad Mitchell Trio scores hit with capacity audience5:410/41963
[ ]Ream, Dr. and Mrs. HowardDr. and Mrs. Howard Heam give properties valued at $32,000 to Wittenberg to be credited for music and drama building1:210/41963
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiHouse has 'face lifted'(por)4:310/41963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:110/41963
[ ]Spicer, EarleTo perform3:210/41963
[ ]Fatemi, Dr. N.S.Visiting scholar to give lecture on Middle East1:510/41963
[ ]Galens, IreneYear in Germany is "wonderful experience"3:110/41963
[ ]Community Relations"Wittenberg Week" proclaimed by Springfield5:110/111963
[ ]English ClubClub to be revitalized3:310/111963
[ ]National merit scholarsFour at Wittenberg4:110/111963
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. William A.Kinnison promoted1;510/111963
[ ]Krosnick, Aaron B.Krosnick to perform3:110/111963
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.To be inaugurated as President of WU Oct. 18, 19631:110/111963
[ ]Merit ScholarsWittenberg has four merit scholars in 1963-644:110/111963
[ ]Fox, Peggy; Johnson, CeceliaWU has 4 Merit Scholars; most since '564:110/111963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day2:310/191963
[ ]Taylor, SuzieCampus choses Suzie Taylor queen1:110/191963
[ ]Laming, Mrs. DorothyLaming to present Shakespearian reading4:310/191963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:110/191963
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.To be inaugurated as President of WU Oct. 18, 19631:110/191963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day1:210/251963
[ ]Skeldon, LarryHalfback begins fourth year on football team5:110/251963
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHistory of development of Greek letter societies3:110/251963
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Inaugural address1:310/251963
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Named to office in state English organization1:410/251963
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselStudents aid Springfield service agencies3:310/251963
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselStudents aid Springfield service agencies4:110/251963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day1:111/11963
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHistory of development of Greek letter societies4:311/11963
[ ]Foreign StudentsSeries of Torch articles by Witt students studying abroad3:111/11963
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiWinning homecoming display to be seen on TV1:111/11963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day6:111/81963
[ ]Eirich, ConstanceGeology books, journals received from Miss Constance eirich7:511/81963
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)New group organized to study racial problems5:211/81963
[ ]Quest and questionNew series of lectures and discussions started4:411/81963
[ ]Stewart, RichardWU man finds "for whites only" clause in Southern hospitality1:311/81963
[ ]Plays"Kiss me Kate" to be presented for Dad's Day2:411/151963
[ ]Ziekursch, MarionCoed 'worries about English'3:111/151963
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationCreation of FM station planned by students1:311/151963
[ ]School of MusicSchool to offer junior year abroad for Church Music Majors4:111/151963
[ ]Plays"The warrior's husband" presented by stagecraft class4:412/61963
[ ]Green, Charles; Cherry, Bob; FootballBob Cherry and Charlie Green receive Mike Gregory Awards for outstanding Conference lineman and back6:212/61963
[ ]Peace CorpsCommittee holds first meeting1:312/61963
[ ]Cherry, Bob; Green, CharlesGreen, Cherry take awards6:212/61963
[ ]Kennedy, Mrs. JacquelineMrs. Kennedy sent sympathy scroll signed by Wittenberg Students1:312/61963
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Home by the Stable", a morality play, to be presented in Weaver Chapel1:512/131963
[ ]Buck, BetsyStudent receives award for paintingNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:41/81964
[ ]Plays"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented second semester2:31/101964
[ ]White, JoshContemporary American folk singer to perform as third celebrity series concert1:31/101964
[ ]Masud, NaserDivided country has unique government3:11/101964
[ ]White, JoshConcert cancelled - illness1:51/171964
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards named coach of the year for second time1:11/171964
[ ]Bowling AlleysInstallation of eight lanes in Student Union expected to start 1/8/641:31/171964
[ ]Zhou, SifasDescribes home32/71964
[ ]Douglas, Senator PaulDouglas to speak at Weaver Chapel1:12/71964
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)New group organized to study racial problems2:42/71964
[ ]Baly, A. DenisNoted thological is speaker1:12/71964
[ ]Plays"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented second semester5:32/141964
[ ]Zhou, Sifasdescribes home3:22/141964
[ ]Douglas, Senator PaulDouglas to speak at Weaver Chapel1:32/141964
[ ]Smothers BrothersThird celebrity series concert1:32/141964
[ ]Shell Companies FoundationWittenberg receives $1500 grant5:12/141964
[ ]Plays"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented second semester1:12/211964
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanBelieves credit hours outmoded4:32/211964
[ ]Marais, Dr. Ben J.Convocation speaker1:12/211964
[ ]Thompson, RalstonPainting purchased by Columbus Art gallery6:32/211964
[ ]Military ServiceRegistrar announces selective service policies1:42/211964
[ ]Smothers BrothersThird celebrity series concert1:32/211964
[ ]Anderson, MelvinWittenberg student plans to become magician5:32/211964
[ ]Plays"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented second semester4:32/281964
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanEmphasizes need of independant colleges for corp. aid2:42/281964
[ ]Marais, Dr. Ben J.Explains problems of his nation1:12/281964
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickAwarded European study grant by Lutheran World Federation1:13/61964
[ ]Foreign StudentsChilian experimenters visit WU4:13/61964
[ ]White, JoshConcert rescheduled for March 141:33/61964
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanExamines basic educational issues3:33/61964
[ ]Fisher, BillFisher named recipient of Gregory Award (pic)1:43/61964
[ ]BasketballMike Gregory Award goes to Bill Fisher for best all-around player in OC1:43/61964
[ ]Plays"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented second semester3:43/131964
[ ]Meyer, Dave; Von Magnus, Eric; Woods, Dr. John3 seniors named Wilson Fellows1:13/131964
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipMeyer, David; Von Magnus, Eric; Woods, John E.1:13/131964
[ ]Long, Robert O.; Bowling AlleysRobert O. Long, Dean first bowler3:13/131964
[ ]Swimming and DivingRunner-up in Confernce championship6:13/131964
[ ]Stone, Donald C.Speaker cites problems of cities5:13/131964
[ ]International Christian University (Tokyo)Japanese flowering cherry tree, gift of International Christian University in Tokyo, planted on campus1:43/201964
[ ]Ness, Ralph E. TomRetires as teacher and coach after 40 years1:13/201964
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Sponsors tutoring program3:13/201964
[ ]Founders DayTwo alumni to be speakers1:13/201964
[ ]AdmissionsExchange of letters between President Stauffer and SAFE concerning admission of Negroes to Wittenberg4:13/241964
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe awarded $10,000 ACS grant1:44/31964
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Profs get LCA study grant1:14/31964
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Pros get LCA study grants1:14/31964
[ ]Student GovernmentSenat criticized on issue of Student Court7:34/31964
[ ]Meredith, JamesUniversity of Mississippi Negro graduate speaks at Wittenberg3:14/31964
[ ]Honorary Degrees1964 - Rev. J. Howard Laughner, doctor of divinity; Dr. Gerhard Lanski, Doctor of laws; Dr. Norton Nelson, doctor of science1:34/171964
[ ]International Harvester FoundationCompletes $100,000 pledge to Development program4:44/171964
[ ]Laux, Dr. Louis JLaux receives grant to complete graduate work1:44/171964
[ ]Celms, Prof. PeterProfessor Celms receives grant to complete graduate work1:44/171964
[ ]Plays"Midsummer Night's Dream" to be given May 8, 92:44/241964
[ ]Saylor, SusieBoard names editors, managers1:34/241964
[ ]Shilts, DickElection decides issues, officers, Alma Mater1:24/241964
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)$4200 grant for research in chemistry granted to WU4:45/11964
[ ]Malila, Miss Linda F.Malila to join Wittenberg faculty as instructor in German1:15/11964
[ ]Rastetter, KateOak, Ivy orators will speak at convocation1:15/11964
[ ]Dayka, Ernest; Favole, Juan G.; Fryscak, Milan; Ginaven, John; Girgis, Mikhail M.; Harris, Bruce L.; Isemonger, Leonard; Johnson, Martin E.; Milum, Richard A.; Solensten, John M.; Tomlinson, Nancy; Williams, George20 new members added to Wittenberg faculty1:49/121964
[ ]Bolls, Dr. NathanBolls promoted1:39/121964
[ ]ActivitiesCampus offers varied activities7:19/121964
[ ]Fallis, RobertFallis promoted1:39/121964
[ ]Coleman, JamesJames Coleman rates in volleyball6:19/121964
[ ]National ElectionsJohnson, Goldwater, etc. invited to campaign here1:29/121964
[ ]King, James RoyKing promoted1:39/121964
[ ]Laux, Dr. Louis JLaux promoted1:39/121964
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.LCA taps Matthies1:29/121964
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.; Matthews, Dr. William R.; Peterson, Karl S.; Powelson, Dr. Elizabeth; Schlump, Prof. John O.; Vila, Dr. Benjamin C.Promoted1:39/121964
[ ]Ortquist, Richard T.Twenty members added to Wittenberg faculty1:49/121964
[ ]Malila, Miss Linda F.Twenty new members added to faculty1:49/121964
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's Office1945-1964 registered change5:29/171964
[ ]Stewart, RichardElected president of O.L.L.1:59/181964
[ ]Celebrity SeriesHenry Mancini1:19/181964
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Speaks at convocation1:19/181964
[ ]Cross CountryWitt adds new varsity sport4:19/181964
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWitt IFC is honored Summa Cum Laude1:49/181964
[ ]CampusWittenberg development program outlined (map)59/181964
[ ]Crowl, LesLes Crowl named Director of Development1:49/251964
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities53 upperclass women pledge1:310/21964
[ ]Student UnionBirthday party set for union1:410/21964
[ ]Glueck, Dr. NelsonNoted archeologist will speak Monday1:110/21964
[ ]SyncopatesPractice routines for precision marching at games4:310/21964
[ ]Celebrity SeriesThe Lettermen1:510/21964
[ ]Cross CountryTurner stars in WU cross country opener6:110/21964
[ ]Chatfield, Earl Charles, Jr.Chatfield to speak in lecture series4:510/91964
[ ]Quest and questionDr. Chatfield to speak in lecture series4:510/91964
[ ]Glueck, Dr. NelsonGlueck speaks in convocation1:110/91964
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks to present annual style show1:210/91964
[ ]Celebrity SeriesThe Lettermen1:310/91964
[ ]Student UnionUnion closes birthday week1:510/91964
[ ]College RepublicansGOP support Senator Goldwater5:410/161964
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ostrom elected as president of EAO1:410/161964
[ ]Cross CountryTigers fourth at Valparaiso6:310/161964
[ ]Plays"Oedipus Rex" : Theatre 'reads' drama6:310/241964
[ ]Plays"Spoon River" : Broadway play to come here1:510/241964
[ ]Dombrowsky, Bernd; Saikaly, SamirForeign students give opinions about American prestige abroad5:310/241964
[ ]Steber, EleanorOpera star Eleanor Steber will present master class1:310/241964
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWU will get radio station6:410/241964
[ ]Plays"Spoon River" is scheduled1:310/301964
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitans help UNICEF1:410/301964
[ ]Wittenberg Christian Counseloutline responsibilities3:110/301964
[ ]Cross CountryRunners rout Muskie team6:310/301964
[ ]National ElectionsTownspeople favor Johnson1:510/301964
[ ]National ElectionsWittenberg supports Johnson1:310/301964
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.Writes article4:210/301964
[ ]Plays"Oedipus Rex" : Cast pioneers reading as dramatic method6:211/61964
[ ]Cross CountryCap runners defeat WU8:111/61964
[ ]OrchestraConcert given by symphony4:111/61964
[ ]PlaysHighly praised "Spoon River" tours country, plays at WU1:511/61964
[ ]Celebrity SeriesNina Simone1:111/61964
[ ]Simone, NinaQuartet will appear at WU1:111/61964
[ ]Bevel, Rev. JamesCORE leader to speak on integration1:111/131964
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek oracle predicts successful weekend1:411/131964
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororities support projects4:411/131964
[ ]Plays"Pride and Prejudice" : Sexes battle on Blair stage4:111/201964
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesA toga affair ends Greek Week5:311/201964
[ ]Barkenquast, Rev. James L.Alumnus to be chaplain5:311/201964
[ ]Sears Roebuck FoundationGrant is awarded by Sears Roebuck1:511/201964
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers end first season7:411/201964
[ ]BasketballHustle, good shooting, and team effort mark '65 basketball squad6:111/201964
[ ]Bevel, Rev. JamesJames Bevel visits campus1:111/201964
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMarcia Bauer, Dick Shilts named Mr. and Mrs. Greek1:211/201964
[ ]Peace CorpsProfessors speak on Corps7:111/201964
[ ]Johnson, Martin E.Speaks on Peace Corps7:111/201964
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiTo hold State Day1:111/201964
[ ]Plays"Pride and Prejudice" rates good review4:112/41964
[ ]Krout, Charles A.;DeathsEducator, oldest alumna dies at 1021:312/41964
[ ]Green, CharlesGreen drafted by the Patriots; cinches berth on A.P.'s first team6:412/41964
[ ]Peace CorpsLectures by Juan G. Favole and Martin E. Johnson1:112/41964
[ ]Johnson, Martin E.Lectures for Peace Corps1:112/41964
[ ]AthleticsNew ticket policy is announced5:312/41964
[ ]CampusWU board authorizes dorm, music building1:412/41964
[ ]Hanley, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M.WU gets 16th Century letters1:212/41964
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Holy Night" to be staged at Chapel Candlelight Service1:112/111964
[ ]CampusField House must wait for funds8:312/111964
[ ]BasketballKovaks, Logan outstanding as Tigers bury Kenyon, Mt. Union7:312/111964
[ ]BasketballToledo beats Tigers in 69-64 scramble8:412/111964
[ ]Swimming and DivingWittenberg tankers win Conference relay6;212/111964
[ ]AdmissionsAdmissions policy faces change1:31/81965
[ ]BasketballCage team wins 4, drops 1, now 6 & 26:11/81965
[ ]Swimming and DivingCarl Berg sets records5:31/81965
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Instructional grant for outdoor biology facilities1:21/81965
[ ]Stravinsky, SoulinaStravinsky to lecture1:51/81965
[ ]OrchestraSymphony to play1:31/81965
[ ]BasketballDunkel rates top ten in basketball6:11/151965
[ ]WrestlingMatmen's season interrupted by finals, next match Jan 305:41/151965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesStudy summarizes policy on Greek discrimination1:31/151965
[ ]BasketballTigers down high-flying Hiram in OC 77-54 basketball game6:11/151965
[ ]BasketballTigers win big one, down Otters 75-676:21/151965
[ ]Swimming and DivingWittenberg swimmers drown B-W 54-415:21/151965
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyEmma R. Miller gives $2000 to Hamma Seminary5:22/51965
[ ]Esso Education FoundationFoundation donates $3,0003:12/51965
[ ]WrestlingMatmen weakened by losses, but still confident5:12/51965
[ ]Schoenbrun, DavidNewsman to speak in convocation1:12/51965
[ ]BasketballTigers downed by Marauders; rebound with 66-52 over Eagles4:12/51965
[ ]GiftsWittenberg receives $161,600 gift anonymously1:52/51965
[ ]Wussow, Prof. WalterWussow is granted LCA study award1:32/51965
[ ]Rockefeller, Mrs. John D.Artur Schnabel's works donated to WU libraries1:22/121965
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaElects first sweetheart2:42/121965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks take 269 new members5:32/121965
[ ]Kirby Stone FourKirby Stone Four appear tonight1:32/121965
[ ]Quest and questionMr. Curry to present chemistry lecture5:12/121965
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen travel to Capital; next Thursday Tigers host Zips7:32/121965
[ ]Swimming and DivingTiger swimmers splash over Akron with 55-40 victory6:12/121965
[ ]Peace CorpsWittenberg asked to raise $1,0001:12/121965
[ ]BasketballWittenberg pads league lead; dumps Cap's Crusaders 67-596:22/121965
[ ]BasketballWittenberg sneaks by Denison; downs Wooster Scots 67-566:32/121965
[ ]Peace CorpsWittenberg student describes life in Corps3:12/121965
[ ]Matthies, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C.WU receives $20,000 gift for student aid1:52/121965
[ ]Wisner, RonWU student describes Peace Corps life3:12/121965
[ ]SyncopatesChoose members3:52/191965
[ ]Civil Rights ConferenceCivil Rights Conference begins1:22/191965
[ ]Conference on WorshipFive faculty members, choirs participate in conference1:42/191965
[ ]Nobles, Dr. LaurenceGeomorphologist to lecture here4:52/191965
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaGives recitals1:42/191965
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Sopnsors area conference4:12/191965
[ ]Swimming and DivingTiger tankmen defeat Kenyon; season record is now 8-06:12/191965
[ ]BasketballTigers beat Bishops6:42/191965
[ ]BasketballTigers wipe out BW; are no. 1 in league6:32/191965
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiTo present its annual American Musicals1:12/191965
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg will host Denison grapplers5:32/191965
[ ]Plays"Inherit the Wind" next WU production1:12/261965
[ ]Civil Rights ConferenceApproaches to civil rights discussed at college conference1:32/261965
[ ]Thompson, RalstonInstitute buys Thompson oil2:42/261965
[ ]BasketballKovaks scores 29, but Tigers still lose to Akron Zips5:42/261965
[ ]WrestlingMatmen train for tournament6:12/261965
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeRegistrar announced registration changes1:12/261965
[ ]Schoenbrun, DavidSchoenbrun labels generation as being "condemned to live"3:12/261965
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers lose to Denison5:12/261965
[ ]Baden, Mr. & Mrs. Carl$6000 fund established by Cincy couple1:53/51965
[ ]Bauer Brothers CompanyGift presented for science building6:53/51965
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiInitiates 7 coeds3:23/51965
[ ]Jensen, Dr. HaroldJensen to visit the campus5:23/51965
[ ]PlaysTheater presents "Inherit the Wind"1:43/51965
[ ]Swimming and DivingTiger swimmers end regular season by defeating Muskies6:13/51965
[ ]BasketballWittenberg drops division finals, ends season with 17-5 record6:33/51965
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg will host OC wrestling tourney5:33/51965
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)WU selected to participate in GM scholarships1:33/51965
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipAwards given1:33/121965
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaChooses Cheryl Boringer as Sweetheart4:13/121965
[ ]WrestlingConclude season 2-78:13/121965
[ ]Ostergren, Dr. David L.Three faculty members to retire, to be honored by alums tonight1:13/121965
[ ]Jensen, Dr. HaroldWittenberg hosts physics lecturer8:53/121965
[ ]Swimming and DivingWU tankmen 3rd in O.C. meet8:13/121965
[ ]Celebrity SeriesBrothers Four4:13/191965
[ ]Brothers FourBrothers Four to sing on campus4:13/191965
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe honored as WU distinguished teacher for '651:13/191965
[ ]PlaysReviewer lauds play production; actors surmount many difficulties5:13/191965
[ ]Foreign StudentsTwenty foreign students at Wittenberg3:33/191965
[ ]Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE)Unit ot organize Monday3:53/191965
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiWill give music program Tuesday night4:33/191965
[ ]Plays"Murder in the Cathedral" by T.S. Eliot to be presented1:23/261965
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanAdvocates student creativity6;13/261965
[ ]Celebrity SeriesBrothers Four1:13/261965
[ ]Brothers FourBrothers Four to sing1:13/261965
[ ]Swimming and DivingFour Wittenberg swimmers participate in NCAA swim meet5:13/261965
[ ]Plays; Bishop CompanyShaw's "St. Joan" will be presented6:53/261965
[ ]TennisStarting lineups; opponents evaluated4:23/261965
[ ]USO Troup14 students to sing overseas3:24/21965
[ ]BaseballPichaske sums up baseball squad as green, but hopeful5:44/21965
[ ]Stirewalt, Dr. M. L.Sabatical given to three faculty members1:14/21965
[ ]Thompson, RalstonSabbaticals given to 3 faculty members1:34/21965
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimmers draw 3rd at conference meet6:14/21965
[ ]Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing CorpWU to share in 3M program3:14/21965
[ ]Baseball2-0 Tiger win opens WU baseball season3:44/91965
[ ]PlaysPlayers do justice to Eliot's play ["Murder in the Cathedral"]1:14/91965
[ ]TennisRacket squad blankets Pioneers in opening match4:24/91965
[ ]Wagnalls, Adam W., 1843-1924Wittenberg adds new items to its Martin Luther collection1:34/91965
[ ]USO Troup14 students to take part in USO tour1:14/231965
[ ]Honorary Degrees1965 - Cyril dos Passos, doctor of science; Rev. Andrew Schilling, doctor of divinity; G. Luther Schnur, doctor of science; Dr. Nathan A. Scott Jr., doctor of humane letters; Andrew J. White, Jr., doctor of laws1:14/231965
[ ]BaseballBaseball team keep srecords; downs Princes6:14/231965
[ ]Haapanen, Ellen; Scott, JohnCampus elects new leaders1:54/231965
[ ]Parents WeekendMay weekend events scheduled3:34/231965
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiPledges featured in SAI musicals3:34/231965
[ ]Peace CorpsReaches goal5:14/231965
[ ]Latourette, Dr. Kenneth ScottRetired professor named as 1965 Kessler lecturer1:44/231965
[ ]TennisTeam wins 2, loses 26:14/231965
[ ]BaseballTigers smash otters 21-16:54/231965
[ ]Matthews, Dr. William R.Will succeed Dr. Hahn as associate dean1:24/231965
[ ]Mosconi, WillieWorld billiards champion to play exhibition game at WU6:44/231965
[ ]TennisBeats Kenyon6:54/301965
[ ]Westneat, Dr. David F.Chemist joins teaching staff1:14/301965
[ ]Parents WeekendEvents set2:14/301965
[ ]Theatre Study TourItinerary set for tour of New York theatres in fall5:14/301965
[ ]Peanuts (cartoon)Peanuts and the gospel to be presented on campus4:14/301965
[ ]Short, RobertPeanuts and the Gospel to be presented on campus, May 54:14/301965
[ ]TennisSquad mets Dennison; posts 1/1 Conference record6:14/301965
[ ]Pelikan, Dr. JarislavYale professor to give graduation address (pic)1:44/301965
[ ]Parents WeekendActivities set for parents1:15/71965
[ ]Sounds (publication)Alinda Dickinson is named editor1:15/71965
[ ]Banks, GeorganneAlma Mater is presented at Honors Convo (Ivy Orator)1:15/71965
[ ]Benco, Nancy; Dickinson, Alinda; Ferral, Sue; Hagglund, CarolFour coeds will head campus publications (por)1:15/71965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreeks present annual sing this weekend1:45/71965
[ ]Pichaske, DaveReceives K. G. Lind award2:35/71965
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiSeven coeds join SAI3:55/71965
[ ]TennisTiger net men down O.W. 5-46:25/71965
[ ]BaseballBaseball team romps over CS6:55/141965
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Kappa Delta; Lambda Chi AlphaKD's, Lambda Chis are winners in sings1:15/141965
[ ]Krosnick, Aaron B.Krosnick to perform with wife in music series in Hiller Hall1:15/141965
[ ]Speech and DramaRecognition banquet given and awards presented for debates and acting1:45/141965
[ ]TennisTennis squad beats Princes in meet 9-05:55/141965
[ ]BaseballTigers suffer loss to Bishops6:45/141965
[ ]Flint, J. Clifford; Scandrett, JohnOriginal works will be playedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:55/171965
[ ]Banks, Georganne2 seniors recieve awards1:15/211965
[ ]Kovacs, Gabe3 chemistry major receive awards for graduate study1:45/211965
[ ]Thompson, Ted3 Chemistry majors receive awards for graduate study1:45/211965
[ ]Pasinski, John3 chemistry majors receive awards for grauate study1:45/211965
[ ]Matthews, Dr. William R.; Solensten, John M.; Celms, Prof. Peter; Faculty; Ortquist, Richard T.Four professors receive grants1:35/211965
[ ]Hertz, Dr. Karl H.; Schlump, Prof. John O.; Schooley, JamesLCA awards go to faculty3:45/211965
[ ]CampusStauffer airs policy about proposed road1:45/211965
[ ]Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE)Students to take active part in Civil Rights this summer3:15/211965
[ ]BaseballTigers need three victories to win loop baseball title4:15/211965
[ ]Rinehart, Dr. Joseph H.To retire1:15/211965
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulGlasoe to be tennis coachNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:55/231965
[ ]Dropko, Daniel; Foster, Douglas; Gosker, Susan; Long, Karen; Schultz, Barbara; Springer, Mary Ann8 Merit Scholars enter WU3:49/171965
[ ]Merit ScholarsEight merit scholars enter college3:49/171965
[ ]Bullard, ScottEight merit scholars enter WU3:49/171965
[ ]Celebrity SeriesErroll Garner4:19/171965
[ ]Meyers, TomFormer little All-American is new graduate assistant8:19/171965
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Grant given to Geog. Dept3:39/171965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek academics honored by NIC2:39/171965
[ ]Ciardi, John; Lecture Series 1965-1966John Ciardi1:19/171965
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Karsten becomes pastor (to Wittenberg)2:39/171965
[ ]National Defense Education ActLoan aids students2:59/171965
[ ]Dulemba, JamesNew faculty, staff member hired5:39/171965
[ ]Abma, Dr. John S.; Brown, Mrs. Barbara A.; Cassens, Miss Gloria; Caudill, Gordon R.; Cook, Mrs. Florence; Ergood, Bruce; Faculty; Greene, Virginia Lee; Hahne, Dr. Rolf; Hopping, Dr. John S.; Jones, Miss Mary Ellen; Koprio, Dr. George S.; Lieb, William E.;New faculty, staff members hired5:39/171965
[ ]Harris, John B.New faculty, staff members hired5:#9/171965
[ ]Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE)SCOPE unit returns with protest1:29/171965
[ ]USO TroupTroup tours Europe3:19/171965
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysTryouts for J. B.5:29/171965
[ ]Wagner, Mrs. MargaretATO housemother is honored5:39/241965
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieLeads discussion at A.L.A. convention3:29/241965
[ ]Homecoming displaysNew rules govern displays6:49/241965
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Pres. Stauffer named advisor1:39/241965
[ ]CampusRoad project delayed; new building begins1:59/241965
[ ]Peace CorpsSchool raises WU gifts4:29/241965
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTo be first performer for Faculty-Guest artist series1:19/241965
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"J. B." readied by crew3:110/11965
[ ]CARE All-Star Jug BandBand mixes folk, blues music in unique entertainment5:410/11965
[ ]Heinzen, SteveFrosh coach builds varsity, stresses teamwork for cubs7:110/11965
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Group sets program3:110/11965
[ ]Ciardi, John; Lecture Series 1965-1966John Ciardi1:410/11965
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Karsten opens church school5:110/11965
[ ]Carlson, Donald; Dagres, JohnThree join history, poli sci department1:110/11965
[ ]Cross CountryTurner starts, harriers post win7:410/11965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesUpperclassmen join sororities4:310/11965
[ ]CampusExpansion to cost $14 million1:1-210/81965
[ ]Krosnick, Aaron B.Featured artist along with wife, Mary Lou Wesley4:110/81965
[ ]Seiberling, Dr. Frank A.Iowa prof talks on art and the atomic1:310/81965
[ ]Student SenateSenate reviews parking signs1:3-510/81965
[ ]Cross CountryTiger runners snare second6:310/81965
[ ]Theatre Study TourTour scheduled1:210/81965
[ ]Social RegulationsSeniors get keys; regulations listed6:310/151965
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysWork begins on "J. B."Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:410/151965
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.Dr. Sittler slated for worship service4:210/161965
[ ]SyncopatesEntertain fame7:210/161965
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.Ostrom elected1:310/161965
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Racial bias has deep roots, SAFE is told4:110/161965
[ ]Stewart, RichardRe-elected head of O.L.L.4:210/161965
[ ]Celebrity SeriesStop the World1:110/161965
[ ]Thompson, RalstonThompson painting shown in NYC9:110/161965
[ ]Cross CountryTurner takes two seconds; Harriers are beaten twice5:110/161965
[ ]Muscone, FredTwo former all-Ohio players captain 1965 Tiger gridders7;410/161965
[ ]USO TroupUSO tour demanding, busy11:110/161965
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"J. B. will provoke campus"4:410/221965
[ ]USO TroupDateline-Giessen, Germany1:110/221965
[ ]Sittler, Dr. Joseph Jr.Sittler calls campus pastor "nice fellow"3:110/221965
[ ]Football, History ofSports lore8:110/221965
[ ]Celebrity SeriesStop the World2:410/221965
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)YAF, revisions are senate issues1:310/221965
[ ]College RepublicansYoung Republicans outline goals6:310/221965
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers prep for O.C. match edge Central State by point8:310/291965
[ ]Hickes, Dr. RoyMorris, Hickes tour for Navy6:110/291965
[ ]Honors ProgramNew honors program planned for next fall1:210/291965
[ ]Norris, TracyNorris, Hickes tour for Navy6:110/291965
[ ]Russell, JamesPhysics assistant is stunt driver6:110/291965
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysPlay recieves finishing touches2:210/291965
[ ]Curriculum; Pfnister, Dr. AllanQuestions answered on 3-3-3 plan4:210/291965
[ ]SoccerSoccer club will face OWU Bishops7:310/291965
[ ]Military ServiceUS draft eyes deferred students1:110/291965
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWU radio station receives building permit from FCC1:410/291965
[ ]Dowouis, MurphyGrowth and life of pacifist4:111/51965
[ ]Spassoff, AlexLast season for Tiger trainer, Spassoff7:311/51965
[ ]Orchestra; Choir; OrchestraOrchestra and choir perform5:411/51965
[ ]Quest and questionQuest and question reveiwed6:111/51965
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)Senate postpones decision on YAF again1:211/51965
[ ]Gifts; Coleman, Mr. ; Gluck, Arthur; Holmann, Mrs. WilliamThomas Library receives gift5:111/51965
[ ]USO TroupUSO troup lands; show planned1:111/51965
[ ]Plays"The Coach with the Six Insides" slated1:211/121965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus in midst of Greek Week3:211/121965
[ ]Wisler, GeorgeCommercial photographer has exhibit at Crabill next week1:111/121965
[ ]Plays;Religion; PlaysDrama critique, "J. B."4:111/121965
[ ]Peeters, FlorFlor Peeters, Belgian organist, featured in Artist Series concert1:311/121965
[ ]SoccerSoccer team evens record at Antioch8:411/121965
[ ]American Oil Foundation, GiftsStauffer announces foundation grant3:211/121965
[ ]Studio StageTheatre gives German verse1:511/121965
[ ]Cross CountryTurner stars in Conference, sets new record of 20:518:211/121965
[ ]Wisner, RonWU graduate in Niger5:211/121965
[ ]Gifts; Christie, AnnaWU receives $16,000 bequest5:111/121965
[ ]Plays"Everyman" leaves world in coffin in play adaptation of Joyce novel1:211/191965
[ ]Brown, Donald; Dahlquist, Linda; Dixon, Donna; Springer, Mary AnnFive freshmen granted awards5:111/191965
[ ]PlaysO'Neill one-acters set for Dec.1:111/191965
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)Senators pass YAF1:311/191965
[ ]Ley, Dr. Willy; Lecture Series 1965-1966Dr. Willy Lay1:312/31965
[ ]Student SenateO.C. student senate meet1:4-512/31965
[ ]USO TroupPraises sund through letters to USO group4:312/31965
[ ]BasketballSchedule8:312/31965
[ ]PlaysUniv. Theatre plays feature 3 all-student casts, directors1:212/31965
[ ]Plays"Evolution" of O'Neill produced1:112/101965
[ ]ChristmasAdvent season surrounded by European history and tradition6:4-512/101965
[ ]Ley, Dr. Willy; Lecture Series 1965-1966Dr. Willy Lay4:412/101965
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)Faculty defeat YAF, senate re-evaluates1:512/101965
[ ]BasketballFast break-slow down tigers baffle OC in Raider defeat8:212/101965
[ ]Romanos, ConstantinosLack of academic aura noted7;112/101965
[ ]Schola CantorumService opens Advent season6:112/101965
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers sunk by Big Red in initial Ohio conference8:312/101965
[ ]PlaysCritique: "Evolution of a genius"2:412/171965
[ ]BasketballOC in uproar about Tigers' starting ten6:312/171965
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hel overhauls president selection4:512/171965
[ ]Myers Hall1851 roof replaced1:31/71966
[ ]American Association of University WomenAAUW assist foreign coeds3:21/71966
[ ]Gifts; Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. E.A.Gift from Colemans boost library's fine art collection4:11/71966
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Grant finances map course5:21/71966
[ ]WrestlingMatmen's season begins Jan 1215:4-51/71966
[ ]Presser FoundationMusic School receives grant3:41/71966
[ ]School of MusicReceives grant3:41/71966
[ ]Basketball"Little Three" face complex job7:41/141966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.English prof to lecture on semantics Feb. 21:41/141966
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)NSF award to WU finances Clark County math program1:21/141966
[ ]Physics DepartmentProfs attend meet6:41/141966
[ ]Sigma Alpha PhiSAI initiates patroness6:31/141966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.; Lecture Series 1965-1966Samuel I. Hayakawa1:41/141966
[ ]BasketballSecond half five of Tigers almost overtake Otterbein8:11/141966
[ ]Food Preference SurveySteak, hamburgers students' choice3:51/141966
[ ]Basketball"Lords are dead"...Nietzsche6:32/41966
[ ]Wilson, Eric L.Awarded PhD4:12/41966
[ ]Dowouis, MurphyCampus visitor in La. prison5:22/41966
[ ]Chrysler CorporationChrysler donates car to Witt4:52/41966
[ ]Schuman, WilliamComposer addresses convo; speaks at symphony concert1:12/41966
[ ]Social RegulationsCurfew extensions passed3:42/41966
[ ]Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)Faculty recognize YAF constitution4:32/41966
[ ]Watkins, Dr. Joel S.Geophysicist to speak here2:42/41966
[ ]Celebrity SeriesGlen Yarbrough1:32/41966
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E.Karsten will help produce two religious films5:42/41966
[ ]Association of College and Research LibrariesThomas Library granted $5004:32/41966
[ ]Fusco, JamesTwo students win playwright contestNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:22/51966
[ ]Watkins, Dr. Joel S.Astrogeology expert lectures4:12/111966
[ ]PlaysCast selected for "Oh Dad, Poor Dad"1:52/111966
[ ]BasketballDescription of Marietta game8:12/111966
[ ]Student SenateDynamic structural changes are initiated4:1-52/111966
[ ]Hunt, SarahLife is "high adventure" for (blind) coed1:12/111966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.; Lecture Series 1965-1966Samuel I. Hayakawa7:12/111966
[ ]Schuman, WilliamSchuman talks on NY center5:32/111966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSecond semester pledges3:42/111966
[ ]Hayakawa, Samuel I.Semantics is road to better communication - Dr. Hayakawa7:12/111966
[ ]Schuman, WilliamSymphony highly praised; composer hears own works5:12/111966
[ ]BasketballWitt survives Capitol scare after bowing to scots, 74-568:22/111966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers edged by Muskied8:32/111966
[ ]Sigma Alpha Phi7 to perform SAI musical5:12/181966
[ ]Military ServiceDeferments questioned by draft boards1:22/181966
[ ]Quest and questionEconomics2:42/181966
[ ]Schultz, RobertQuest and Question on economics2:42/181966
[ ]Student SenateSenate discusses constitutional revisions1:12/181966
[ ]Atherton, JamesAtherton, James wins playwright contest: "The Egg"1:22/251966
[ ]BasketballCagers scheduled6:52/251966
[ ]Rowan, Carl; Lecture Series 1965-1966Carl Rowan1:32/251966
[ ]Schultz, RobertClassical economics argued4:42/251966
[ ]Quest and questionClassical economists argued4:42/251966
[ ]Johnson, Dr. Benjamin A.Joins Hamma staff1:12/251966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers set three pool records6:32/251966
[ ]Witt's EndWitt coffeehouse will soon be reality3:42/251966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers lost to Dinison6:22/251966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWUSO broadcasting begins; officials salute new service1:42/251966
[ ]Student Senate3.2 beer in Union discussed by Senate1:13/41966
[ ]Crowl, Les; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio station; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationAnnouncer recalls WCSO radio6:33/41966
[ ]BasketballCagers defeated by Otters in Southern Division finals8:43/41966
[ ]Rowan, Carl; Lecture Series 1965-1966Carl Rowan4:43/41966
[ ]Wittenberg History JournalHistory Journal to stimulate student thought4:13/41966
[ ]Schultz, RobertLecture explores many economic ideas5:13/41966
[ ]WrestlingMers' wrestlers get satisfaction in last contest7:43/41966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hel, IFC chiefs chosen1:13/41966
[ ]Soker, Jo Ann; Sommer, DanPan-Hel, IFC chiefs chosen1:13/41966
[ ]Fowler, Dr. JosephPhysicist slated for lectures here6:23/41966
[ ]Quest and questionSchultz lecture explores many economic ideas5:13/41966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers ward off Muskies: prepare for weekend meet7;23/41966
[ ]Founders DayWU "Lively Liberal Artists" to perform Founder's Day1:13/41966
[ ]Plays; Bishop CompanyBishop Company presents play on Woodrow Wilson4:13/111966
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers close season with eighth place finish in finals7:43/111966
[ ]White, JoshJosh Jr. here soon1:33/111966
[ ]Celebrity SeriesJosh White Jr.1:33/111966
[ ]Witt's Endopens tonite at 85:33/111966
[ ]Flesner, David,Senior David Flesner gets Woodrow Wilson Fellowship1:13/111966
[ ]Woodrow Wilson FellowshipSenior David Flesner receives award1:13/111966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen take 2nd in Conf. meet; break 7 shool, 1 Conf. Records7:13/111966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWhy FM only is explained3:33/111966
[ ]Williamson, RuthWU coed "afraid to be herself" notes women's head resident5:13/111966
[ ]BaseballBaseball season outlook good, promising fresh aid to team5:43/181966
[ ]PlaysCritique of "Oh Dad, Poor Dad"4:13/181966
[ ]White, JoshJosh to sing; ends series1:43/181966
[ ]Celebrity SeriesJosh White Jr.1:43/181966
[ ]Witt's EndNew student hub2:13/181966
[ ]Ylvisaker, JohnSing along with5:33/181966
[ ]Witt's EndStudents throng "Witt's End" weekend entertainment slated1:13/181966
[ ]PlaysStudents to give original plays on March 251:33/181966
[ ]Association for the Eliciting of Information About Our Universities (AEIOU)AEIOU convenes6:13/251966
[ ]Springfield Civic Opera CompanyCivic Opera slates final6:33/251966
[ ]Wittenberg Christian CounselConference slated on role of church1:53/251966
[ ]Faber, Dr. James Arthur; Otten, Terry R.; Faculty; Brinkman, Dr. Elizabeth; Damaser, Harvey G.Four new faculty announced for English department1:33/251966
[ ]International Harvester FoundationGift planned to aid new science building5:13/251966
[ ]Luther, Martin;Voigt, Louis C.;Archives;Reformation;Gifts;Schreiber, Dr. Otto LouisMedallions portray Luther6:13/251966
[ ]SyncopatesPicked for autumn squad8:43/251966
[ ]Koprio, Dr. George S.Reformation letter from original WU translated here7:33/251966
[ ]Women's Residence Hall CouncilTo propose curfew modifications1:13/251966
[ ]Klopfenstein, Miss FlossAlumna presents $10,000 annuity3:14/11966
[ ]Science HallBid exceeds estimate for building4:44/11966
[ ]PlaysCritique: Student Workshop2:14/11966
[ ]Zhou, SifasRhodesian student appeals for books4:54/11966
[ ]Student SenateSenate votes to accept 'principle' of constitution during 3 hour meeting1:34/11966
[ ]Military ServiceSS drafts deferment policy; test or class rank is option3:14/11966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)SDS is radical organization, say SAFE guests1:44/21966
[ ]Science HallConstruction will begin soon on center1:4-54/151966
[ ]King, James RoyDr. King has book published3:44/151966
[ ]Spivak, Lawrence E.; Lecture Series 1965-1966Lawrence E. Spivak1:14/151966
[ ]Student SenateProposed constitution on April 20th ballot5:64/151966
[ ]Spivak, Lawrence E.Spivak will sidelight "Meet the Press" here1:14/151966
[ ]Honorary DegreesWittenberg to grant 5 honorary degrees1:14/151966
[ ]Physics Department; Biology DepartmentBiology and physics opn house slated5:34/221966
[ ]Fitch, Louis HarrisonFormer FBI agent6:24/221966
[ ]Psi ChiInitiates6:44/221966
[ ]Junior-Senior PromLou Christie set for prom1:54/221966
[ ]BaseballMaurer's nine open loop play with dual victory over Princes7:44/221966
[ ]Biology Department; Physics DepartmentOpen house slated5:34/221966
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Pres. Stauffer to assume post5:44/221966
[ ]Science HallReceive grant of $500,000 for building4:24/221966
[ ]Student SenateSenate stamps 'okay' on constitution1:14/221966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Specializes in tutoring1:24/221966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyTo present "Cain Cycle"6:44/221966
[ ]Dickenson, AlindaTwo juniors share $250 writing award7:14/221966
[ ]Karsten, Rev. Robert E."God is dead" thology is too young to be weighed in aims and dominance2:44/281966
[ ]Physics Department; Biology DepartmentBiology and Physics open house slated8:54/281966
[ ]TennisD.U. slams netters8:54/281966
[ ]Bodenstein, DietrichEmbryologist to speak here7:44/281966
[ ]Johnson, Martin E.Geography: vital to students3:14/281966
[ ]Biology Department; Physics DepartmentOpen house slated8:54/281966
[ ]Parents Weekendplanned; pageant participants named1:44/281966
[ ]BaseballWittenberg leads conference with undefeated record 3-08:14/281966
[ ]Pray, ShirleyAlma Mater1:15/61966
[ ]Science HallBuilding to be functional1:2-45/61966
[ ]Engineering Science ClubClub takes field trip7:45/61966
[ ]Student SenateElection results1:1-55/61966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity and sorority sings to highlight Parents' weekend3:15/61966
[ ]Harshman, Rev. Ralph A.; Library; Schreiber, ClaraLibrary receives 3 new collections6:35/61966
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Library receives three new collections6:35/61966
[ ]National Defense Education Act; National Defense Education Act; Pohowsky, RobertR. Pohowsky awarded fellowship7:55/61966
[ ]BaseballRain hampers Tigers' attempt at fourth win.8:15/61966
[ ]Seismographic Service CorporationSeismographic equipment given to WU6:55/61966
[ ]Fine Arts DepartmentStudents to hold art exhibit, sale6:45/61966
[ ]Voris, James L.WU photographer displays campus and travel pictures (por)6:15/61966
[ ]LacrosseWU's first lacrosse squad captures win8:25/61966
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities"Blue" and "Thirsty" Greeks win first places in weekend sings1:15/131966
[ ]Plays"Streetcar Named Desire" termed great success2:45/131966
[ ]Love, Janet; Saylor, Susie2 seniors receive awards for grad school5:35/131966
[ ]Schneider, Stanley D.Dr. Schneider to speak4:45/131966
[ ]Witt's EndEntertains enthusiastic parents3:35/131966
[ ]National Science Foundation (NSF)Grants WU $17,8001:15/131966
[ ]LacrosseLacrosse team beats Denison in win no. 26:25/131966
[ ]Freshman SeminarSeminar to center on creativity1:45/131966
[ ]TennisTiger tennis team downs O. Wesleyan6:35/131966
[ ]Theatre Study TourTour announced4:45/131966
[ ]Iglesias, Dr. Manuel J.Two new profs announced for language dept1:35/131966
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg All-sports banquet6:15/131966
[ ]Nelson, John G.Admissions office will enlarge staff3:55/201966
[ ]Publications BanquetBanquet honors WU journalists1:15/201966
[ ]Adams, Dr. PhilipDr. Adams to make address1:35/201966
[ ]Adams, Dr. Philip; CommencementDr. Philip R. Adams to make address1:35/201966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDr. Stanley Schneider speaks at graduation6:15/201966
[ ]Allport, Mary; Allport, Mary; Buehler, J. NicholasMary Allport and J. Nicholas Buehler receive grants for graduate study4:45/201966
[ ]Hetric, W. Deane; Spriggs, TanisNDEA fellowships given Spriggs, Hetric7:45/201966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySlates summer study6:45/201966
[ ]Schneider, Stanley D.Speaks at Hamma graduation6:15/201966
[ ]LacrosseStickers meet first loss; OWU triumphs 6-48:25/201966
[ ]TennisTiger net men nail sixth win8:25/201966
[ ]BaseballTiger nine edge way toward Ohio conference championship8:45/201966
[ ]Foreign StudentsWittenberg students and news span globe7:55/201966
[ ]Science HallWomen's cadaver unearthed at site of new science building4:4-55/201966
[ ]Class Registration; Registrar's OfficeRegistration process different than in 18454:39/241966
[ ]Honors ProgramSelect undergraduate students to begin program1:39/241966
[ ]Freshman SeminarSeminar opens year; sudents face demanding week1:59/241966
[ ]Lutheran Youth Leadership GrantsSix WU freshmen get $300 grants4:19/241966
[ ]S&H FoundationWU shares in grant4:59/241966
[ ]Plays"The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."4:59/301966
[ ]Freshman SeminarConvocation presents challenge; sets stage for seminar program1:39/301966
[ ]Cross CountryCross-country team predicts good season8:39/301966
[ ]Heusinkveld, Dr. Edwin D.; Sadler, Lee A.; Scott, Wayne H.Faculty adds 47 members, administrative offices add 91:19/301966
[ ]Audrieth, Elsa C.; Baer, Robert; Behrman, Dr. Cynthia F.; Borden, Dr. Robert; Briner, Mrs. Jeanne L.; Chin, Lee-Hua; Cobau, Dr. William; Cross, Dr. Henry; Dice, Dr. Stanley F.; Eick, Dr. Ronald E.; Fine, Richard B.; Gerrard, Dr. Thomas; Hamilton, Stanley;Faculty adds 47 members; administrative offices add 91:19/301966
[ ]Rodgers, Jr., Dr. Paul C.Faculty adds 47 members; administrative staff adds 91:19/301966
[ ]Pieters, EdwardNathional Merit scholarships won by 5 in freshman class (por)3:19/301966
[ ]Johnson, SarajaneSarajane Johnson spends 10 weeks in European post5:39/301966
[ ]Merit ScholarsScholarships won by 5 in freshman class3:19/301966
[ ]McCachran, Marshall T.; Thurau, Robert H.Thurau and McCachran win four-year scholarship grants5:19/301966
[ ]Freshman SeminarWhyte & Bronowski books start seminar1:39/301966
[ ]Leadership Conference200 guests to visit campus1:310/71966
[ ]Borgmann, SuellenBorgmann will spend semester on floating campus (port)4:110/71966
[ ]SoccerClub to open season agains team from Heidelberg7:410/71966
[ ]Peace CorpsDittman teaching in Libya as volunteer (pic)8:410/71966
[ ]Dobzhansky, Dr. TheodosiusEvolution theorist to open series8:310/71966
[ ]Liberal Arts SymposiumFuture of liberal arts college is theme of two-day symposium1:310/71966
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallReasons given for Tower Hall completion delay1:410/71966
[ ]Stauffer, Dr. John N.Sets 'frontiers' at opening convocation1:110/71966
[ ]Foreign StudySuellen Borgmann will spend semester on floating campus (por)4:110/71966
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.To be principal speaker at annual Poe commemorative5:310/71966
[ ]Bayley Alumni HouseAlumni House located in section of Ferncliff5:310/141966
[ ]Ohio College AssociationColleges to sponsor taped television programs6:410/141966
[ ]Dobzhansky, Dr. TheodosiusDr. Theodosius Dobzhansky speaks at WU; genetics evolution ae topics1:110/141966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationPayton predicts greater diversity when WUSO begins year1:310/141966
[ ]Cross CountrySnyder Park is home ground to busy cross country team8:310/141966
[ ]SoccerSoccer club wins 5-1; beats Otters in opener7:110/141966
[ ]Faculty Enrichment SeriesWU hosts first enrichment series6:210/141966
[ ]Liberal Arts Symposium"Generally optimistic" future seen for liberal arts colleges6:1-210/211966
[ ]Antioch String QuartetAntioch group will perform at WU tonight5:510/211966
[ ]Balmut, Marcia; West, JudyHomecoming queen finalists (por)1:110/211966
[ ]Student SenateInvestigations into drinking and open dorms8:410/211966
[ ]Cross CountryMufaro Hove paces victory, Tigers meet with Capital7:310/211966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/211966
[ ]Leadership ConferenceStauffer addresses8:110/211966
[ ]Liberal Arts SymposiumSymposium receives criticism6:1-410/211966
[ ]Studio StageTo present "The Chairs"1:210/211966
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre slates "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."1:4-510/211966
[ ]Dad's DayWeekend schedules concerts, lectures and film1:510/211966
[ ]Dad's Day(pic)8:2-510/291966
[ ]Foreign Study20 WU students will spend term in Great Britain6:110/291966
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards marks 150th victory; eyes victory over Bishops1:110/291966
[ ]West, Judyelected homecoming queen (por)1:610/291966
[ ]Student SenateElection results6:510/291966
[ ]Bruns, BevEngland correspondent writes; U. of Leeds and WU compared7:110/291966
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickPresents organ recital in Weaver, Sunday5:310/291966
[ ]SAFE (Students Advancing Freedom and Equality)Tutors needed4:310/291966
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre slates "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."4:510/291966
[ ]Community RelationsWittenbergers, townies clash. Five arrested1:310/291966
[ ]Cross CountryWU beats Otters; lose to Ashland10:410/291966
[ ]SoccerWU Soccer club bombed out, 2-310:510/291966
[ ]Student dress; Dress RegulationsDress code guidelines stress informality1:111/11966
[ ]PlaysFour cast members [of "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..." ] (por)1:111/11966
[ ]Nichols, Dwight"Magnificent Greece" to open Union Board Travel series (por)1:111/41966
[ ]Foreign Study18 WU students now studying on foreign campuses6:111/41966
[ ]SoccerClub falls to Kenyon; ties Ohio Wesleyan 3-38:411/41966
[ ]Student SenateOff campus activities and 3.2 beer pass unanimously1:311/41966
[ ]PlaysUniversity Theatre slates "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..."1:311/41966
[ ]CampusWard Street will become parking lot1:311/41966
[ ]SoccerClub trounced twice5:411/111966
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place seventh in conference finals5:211/111966
[ ]Sasaki, Dr. TetsuroRCIE scholar-in-residence visiting Wittenberg campus1:111/111966
[ ]PlaysStartling drama grips audience ["The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..." ]4:111/111966
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.To open Quest & Question series with teatre1:311/111966
[ ]Quest and questionTo open with theatre series by Wills1:311/111966
[ ]Schorr, DanielTown and Gown lecture debut saltes newsman (por)1:511/111966
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesTown and Gown lecture debut slates newsman Daniel Schorr1:511/111966
[ ]Student Union"It's time for a change"3:511/181966
[ ]Student SenateAbolishes chaperones for all on-campus activities5:411/181966
[ ]Schorr, DanielEast-west balance is topic of Town and Gown lecture1:311/181966
[ ]Town and Gown lecture seriesEast-West balance is topic of Town and Gown lecture1:311/181966
[ ]Garman, Thomas DaleGarman teaching English in Tunisia4:111/181966
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Woods, Kittyis Sweetheart of Phi Mu Alpha4:211/181966
[ ]Ermarth, Prof. Margaret SittlerLCA commission appoints Ermarth1:111/181966
[ ]Wind EnsemblePremiere scheduled1:111/181966
[ ]Wittenberg SymphonySeason to open in Weaver tonight4:411/181966
[ ]Glasoe, Dr. PaulSt. Olaf appoints Glasoe to board4:311/181966
[ ]PlaysStartling drama grips audience ["The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat..." ]1:111/181966
[ ]Wills, J. Robert Jr.To open Quest & Question series with teatre1:511/181966
[ ]Quest and questionWills opens Quest and Question with talk on American theatre1:511/181966
[ ]BasketballCagers face BGSU6:312/21966
[ ]Military ServiceDraft--yes or no?2:112/21966
[ ]Westneat, Dr. David F.Ivy ring slates encounter #21:312/21966
[ ]Lawson, Very Rev. PeterMinister, episcopal priest scheduled for Weaver chapel5:412/21966
[ ]Quest and question; Wills, J. Robert Jr.Views amateur theatre5:312/21966
[ ]Peace CorpsVolunteers recruit and relate experiences in Turkey1:112/21966
[ ]Plays"Malmedy: Case 6-24" tryouts scheduled6:312/91966
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAcademic high; WU rates summa cum laude3:112/91966
[ ]ProvostBoard of Directors approves position of University Provost5:412/91966
[ ]Burnside, JaneBurnside will work abroad this summer7:112/91966
[ ]SoccerClub ends season8:312/91966
[ ]Krosnick, Aaron B.Duo piano concert on Sunday with Mary Lou Wesley1:312/91966
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis paint mercy crest7:212/91966
[ ]BasketballFrom the bench8:112/91966
[ ]CampusNew lighting to be added5:112/91966
[ ]Strahler, Miss ClytieOne of three faculty members to study under RCIE in Latin America program6:112/91966
[ ]Honors ProgramSixty-four freshmen named as candidates1:312/91966
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStation manager resigns in face of directors' plot to oust1:512/91966
[ ]Bush, Prof. EverettThree faculty study under RCIE in Latin American program6:112/91966
[ ]Swimming and DivingTigers place fifth in Conf. relays at Hiram College7:312/91966
[ ]Jackisch, FrederickTo serve as LCA member on New Commission3:512/91966
[ ]Plays"Malmedy: Case 6-24" opens in world premiere next month1:31/131967
[ ]ProvostAllan O. Pfinster named WU provost to assume new post July 1 (por)1:31/131967
[ ]Student SenateElection amendment proposed by speaker4:11/131967
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical film series will open with Griffith classic1:11/131967
[ ]Pfnister, Dr. AllanNamed WU Provost; to assume new post, July 11:31/131967
[ ]Human Relations seminarto be held again this term3:41/131967
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers open season here as Tigers meet O. Wesleyan6:41/131967
[ ]Swimming and DivingWU tankers take Albion 58-46 set pool record6:11/131967
[ ]Football; Rennecker, Howard; Rummins, Tim4 Wittenberg Tigers named to '66 all-Lutheran squad4:11/201967
[ ]Pederson, HarryColor underwater film set for "The World Around Us" series1:51/201967
[ ]Student SenateDiscrimination is hotly discussed in Senat Tuesday1:51/201967
[ ]Distinguished Teaching AwardsDistinguished teaching awards nominations are now open1:31/201967
[ ]PlaysMalmedy Massacre inspires University Theatre production1:11/201967
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges3:11/201967
[ ]Swimming and DivingTankmen swamp Hiram, 73-91; will meet Miami6:41/201967
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen in second loss to Heidelberg1:51/201967
[ ]BasketballTigers defeat Kenyon 78-68; lose to arch-rival Zips6:11/201967