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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Rumors;HumorGlances2:49/301926
[ ]Humor;RumorsThis Commonwealth The Campus2:210/271927
[ ]Rumors;HumorThe Oven2:510/111928
[ ]Humor;RumorsThe Professor's Joke Book2:112/131928
[ ]Humor;RumorsPeepings2:21/131933
[ ]College Life;Rumors;HumorBeyond the Pale With Paschold1:49/291933
[ ]Humor;Rumors;Campus LifeThe Backbiter2:29/291933
[ ]Humor;Rumors;College LifeBeyond the Pale With Paschold2:42/91934
[ ]Humor;RumorsThe Backbiter2:22/91934
[ ]Rumors;Campus LifeThe Backbiter2:24/121935
[ ]Humor;RumorsGleanings2:210/21936
[ ]RumorsRumors feared10/281988