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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Religion DepartmentSecond Year of New College Department Is Near Completion4:45/171923
[ ]Religion DepartmentIsrael trip is planned for Dec.5:111/41976
[ ]Languages; Religion DepartmentStudents and Profs discuss sexism in classrooms (pic)1:111/121982
[ ]Religion DepartmentCopeland Book Published3:31/271989
[ ]Religion DepartmentReligion offers course in Middle East5/261989
[ ]Religion DepartmentTrip teaches Bible culture1/121990
[ ]Religion DepartmentTrip Teaches Bible Culture5:11/121990
[ ]Religion DepartmentLife in concentration camp to be relived in memory of holocaust4/201990
[ ]Religion DepartmentRose Kaplowitz recounts holocause experience5/41990
[ ]Religion DepartmentReligion Department offers tour of Middle East2:14/101992
[ ]Religion DepartmentInterested in a journey to the Middle East1:45/291992
[ ]Religion Department[Dr. Rochelle] Millen given project grant2:13/81994
[ ]Religion DepartmentWitt students travel to Middle East1:51/311995
[ ]Religion DepartmentProfessor addresses issue of religious boundaries3:14/111997
[ ]Religion DepartmentCopeland running for a seat on the Springfield City Commision2:49/301997
[ ]Religion Department; Campolo, Tony; Lerner, Michael; Wallis, JimRoundatable discusses religion's influence on poverty2:310/312000
[ ]"Religion Department; Nelson, Paul; Majors"Chairman of religion department denies rumors2:0210/132010
[ ]Secret Societies;Campus Culture;Religion Department;Oldstone-Moore, JenniferResponse to Wittenberg Torch article: “Staff Shatters Silence Surrounding Secret Societies” — Jennifer Oldstone-Moore 11/162016