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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Recitation HallA short history3:2-44/111918
[ ]Buildings; Recitation HallCost of repairing towers is $3,0001:210/131921
[ ]Deaths; Recitation Hall; HeckertA Suggestion (Name Suggested for Recitation Hall to Honor Dr. Heckert)2:1-23/221923
[ ]Excelsior Literary Society Hall; Recitation HallExcell Hall to Be Classroom; Literary Society Loses Meeting Placve of 37 Years [History of society given]1:52/141924
[ ]Recitation HallMany Interesting Documents Are in Hall Cornerstone4:44/171924
[ ]Campus Tea Room; Home Economics Department; Recitation HallCampus Tea Room to Open Tuesday: Sophomore Cooking Class to Conduct Miniature Restaurant1:59/241925
[ ]Recitation HallWorkmen restore circular windows1:33/171933
[ ]Recitation HallHPE steam heat system now serves4:210/301936
[ ]Recitation HallClock in Recy is indispensable1:12/181944
[ ]Recitation HallCollege building program booms as construction of new addition begins3:14/261950
[ ]Recitation HallHall is campus landmark for 71 years3:11/71955
[ ]Recitation HallNew main doors.1:51/131956
[ ]Recitation HallTick-tock sounds Reci's new clock1:21/131978
[ ]Recitation HallReci's best kept secrets: Beacom, Burley, and Shultz devote time and energy to Wittenberg6:12/181997
[ ]Buildings; Recitation Hall; FinancesReplacement of air conditioning system in Recitation may save University Thousands 3:015/32011
[ ]Wittenberg - History;Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;Recitation Hall;Weaver Chapel;Zimmerman Library;Inboden, RobinBuilding Up Historic Consciousness 2:14/222015