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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]RapeDiscuss Rape4:14/101975
[ ]RapeStudents, administrators, police discuss rape1:210/161975
[ ]RapeAwareness week planned1:52/291980
[ ]RapeSeries on rape to be presented at Wittenberg3:34/41980
[ ]Assaults; Rape;Assault; Student CrimeSeveral women on campus have been approached by unknown males at night1:12/271981
[ ]Acquaintance Rape"Date rape seminar: Assertive defence"10/181985
[ ]Acquaintance Rape"Students speak out on date rape"8:41/311986
[ ]RapeDate rape8:110/171986
[ ]National News; RapeSexual assault prevention sought10:19/301988
[ ]Rape;Sexual Harassment;Brookings, Jeffrey B.;Sexual violence study released1:39/301988
[ ]RapeHelp for rape victims available on campus2:41/241992
[ ]Acquaintance RapeAlleged date rape report under investigation by Security1:69/251992
[ ]Acquaintance RapeJury to review alleged rape case1:410/21992
[ ]Rape; Campus ResourcesRape resources plentiful on Wittenberg Campus3:310/21992
[ ]Acquaintance RapeAlleged date rape indictment postponed1:210/91992
[ ]Acquaintance rapeAcquaintance rape: still heavily discussed issue on Witt campus1:25/141993
[ ]Rape; Acquaintance RapeWittenberg plans to enhance sexual assault guidelines by giving pamphlets to students1:55/281993
[ ]Acquaintance Rape; New StudentsOrientation includes session on date/acquaintancerape1:39/241993
[ ]RapeOne in four women becaome victims of date rape5:42/81994
[ ]Sour Grapes (Company); Valentine's DayThis Valentine's Day, celebrate a dead relationship11:32/131996
[ ]Acquaintance Rape; Anti-Sexual Abuse ProgramASAP's seven members discuss boundaries of interaction2:110/261999
[ ]Acquaintance RapeGHB legislation passed; creates siffer penalties for offenders3:12/292000
[ ]McEvoy, Dr. Alan; Rape; Sociology DepartmentSociology professor appears on Nightline to discuss rape2:14/42000
[ ]Rape; Ivy Ring; VoicesThe Girls' Room brings up issue of date rape2:110/32000
[ ]RapeWitt woman assaulted; two rape claims denied1:310/32000
[ ]Women's Studies; RapeWomen's Studies department warns about date rape3:110/22001
[ ]RapeSuspect in Witt student's rape held to grand jury under $25,000 bond1:112/42001
[ ]Acquaintance Rape; Editorials; OpinionDate Rape More than Meets the Eye6:12/192002
[ ]RapeTo Speak or Not To Speak?8:12/192002
[ ]RapeWittenberg University Hears the National Outcry Against Rape and Sexual Assault1:12/192002
[ ]RapeStudent Speaking Out Against Sexual Assault6:12/262002
[ ]Letters; Rape; Sexual Assault; CrimeLetter to the editor: JosephWeeks [Response to anonymous letter "Wittenberg Receives the Highest Campus Crime Rate in All of Ohio"]9:11/242008
[ ]Alcohol; Crime; Rape; Security Office; Sexual AssaultIs Wittenberg dangerous?4:11/312008
[ ]Alcohol; Opinion; Rape; Sexual Assault; Spring BreakTorch's take: Witt students opt for a relaxing break 9:13/132008
[ ]Student Senate; Sexual Assault; Rape; McDonald, MattStudent senate launches anti-sexual assault campaign 7:111/202008
[ ]Africa; Cellular Telephones; Dating; Editorials; Facebook; Letters; Philanthropy; Rape; Rowell, Katherine; Sellers, Cleveland; Sexism; Sexual Assault; Technology; Wittenberg Series; World NewsLetters to the Editor: raisong awareness at Witt8:0112/82010
[ ]Sexual Assault; Rape; Dating; Technology"""Sexversations"" hits close to home for 82% of campus" Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:014/52011
[ ]Criswell, Lindsey;Jacobs, Stacy;Wagner, Brooke;Sexual Harassment;Sexual Assault;RapeAnti-Rape Posters Spark Controversy Across Campus 3:110/312012
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;National NewsAmerica's Rape Culture6:43/272013
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;National NewsOur Rape Culture5:14/102013
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Body image;Feminism;Pytel, Brandon;Causbie, KateWhat Did I Just Say: Objectification Exemplified6:14/172013
[ ]Isaacson, Sven;Rape;Sexual Assault;Feminism;Pytel, BrandonLetter to the Editor: A Man's Perspective on Objectification6:14/242013
[ ]Obama, Barack;Rape;Sexual Assault;Campus SafetyObama Gets Serious About Campus Sexual Assault [Obamaís Rape Task Force] 2:12/52014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Jacobs, StacyLetter to the Editor: Slut-Shaming is Emotionally Harmful4:12/192014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Criswell, Lindsey;Wagner, BrookeLetter to the Editor: The Surest Way to Stop Rape is to Stop Raping4:22/192014
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Campus Life;Wagner, Brooke;Askeland, Lori;Causbie, Kate;Pickelsimer, Donna;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholWittenberg's Rape Culture - Students, Faculty, and Staff Speak to the Culture of Rape that Permeates our Community4:12/192014
[ ]Sexual Assault;Rape;George, Dylan;Schichler, LaneSexual Assault: Men Are Victims Too 6:33/52014
[ ]Sexual Assault;Rape;One Student/No Woman Left Behind;Campus Safety;[Photos]The Unheard Voice 6:13/52014
[ ]Sullivan, Frank;Rape;Sexual Assault;Famile Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA);Gill, Casey;Student Handbook;[Photo]Wittenberg Student Charged with Sexual Assault 1:35/32016
[ ]Opinion;Sexual Assault;Sexual Harassment;Rape;National NewsItís Time for Society to Stop Making, and Accepting, Rape Jokes 10:12/82017
[ ]Sexual Assault;Rape;[Photo]Changing Rape Culture One Consent at a Time 3:19/202017
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Drugs;Gill, Casey;McCartney, Lee;Police and Security;Wagner, Brooke;Womyn's CenterFaculty and Police React to Student Drugging Concerns 1:110/42017