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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Protests; RacismHampton, Christian Federation give the positions on sit-downs2:14/81960
[ ]Students Attack White RacismNew organization on campus1:411/221968
[ ]Students Attack White RacismSeminar on white racism to begin April 13th3:53/141969
[ ]Students Attack White RacismPre-Civil War black history explained at lecture3:14/181969
[ ]National News;Racism;OpinionA Black speaks out - Bobby Beware2:15/151970
[ ]National News;RacismBeginnings for Wittenberg2:35/151970
[ ]Racism;Discrimination;OpinionFrom Our Side - The Cloud2:15/151970
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Racism;National NewsIn Grill Room Tuesday CBS presents questions to white Wittenberg1:15/151970
[ ]Racism; Racial IssuesBlacks charge "Lampoon" with racial insensitivity4:74/71977
[ ]Racism;National NewsEducational opportunities about race only useful with active participation9:14/261994
[ ]English Department; RacismWitt Students Travel to Indiana to Learn about Slavery5:111/122002
[ ]Student Activism; RacismApology in response to offensive postings on campus6:112/112003
[ ]Student Activism; RacismStudents outraged at offensive language1:112/112003
[ ]Student Activism; RacismWittenberg: reactive instead of proactive7:11/292004
[ ]Advice; Lamarre, Manny; Nicole, L.; Racism; Racial IssuesAsk Manny: Will racism ever end?4:310/42007
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Racism; Robinson, JessicaLetter to the editor: Jessica Robinson [Response to MLK Day CDR lunch menu]9:11/312008
[ ]Administration; Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Racism; Wortham, ForestLetter to the Editor: Dr. Forest Wortham "Collard greens, bratwurst, pizza, pirogues, hummus: Stereotypes or just plain good food?" [Response to MLK Day CDR lunch menu]9:12/142008
[ ]Alpha Delta Pi; Diversity; Opinion; Fraternities and Sororities; Racism; Torch controversyThe Torch's Take: Cultural sensitivity at Witt and beyond 9:19/252008
[ ]Bringardner, Derek; Concerts; Swearing; Music; Racism; Donofrio, David; Chasteen, LeslieExplicit lyrics put Post-it perfrmance in the spotlight1:12/52009
[ ]Black History Month; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Racism; Johnston, NaimaSpeaker at first Black History Month event reminds students to learn from history3:12/122009
[ ]Abts, Paul; Bringardner, Derek; Campus Life; Concerts; Editorials; Music; Post-It; Racism; SwearingPost-It reaction blown out of proportion13:12/192009
[ ]Letters; Post-It; Bringardner, Derek; Swearing; Racism; Music; Technology; Internet; Lamarre, MannyLetter to the editor: Re: Reaction to Post It performance blown out of proportion? 12:12/262009
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Racism; Diversity; Erickson, Mark"An ugly incident deserves an ugly response 9:011/262011
[ ]Racism; Police and Security; Residence Halls; Tower HallSign found on door of black student 1:011/262011
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS); Convocations; RacismTeach-in organized to protest racism 6:011/262011
[ ]Banks, Chaunta;Vandalism;Discrimination;Racism;DiversityLetter to the Editor: Diversity Issues on Campus2:14/172013
[ ]Smith, Autumn;Poetry;Discrimination;Racism"The Blind Can Hear but Cannot See" A Reaction to Campus Race Relations3:14/242013
[ ]Racism;National News;Davuluri, NinaAmerica, the Land of Racists and Hypocrites in the 21st Century 6:19/252013
[ ]Racism;HalloweenIs that Racist? Stereotypes in Halloween Costumes 6:111/62013
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Rosenberg, Scott;RacismPut Both Feet on The Floor: Celebrating Black History Month4:32/262014
[ ]Racism;National Football League (NFL)Racist Comments Cost Hawks' Owner Bruce Levenson8:19/172014
[ ]Miss America Pageant;Sexism;RacismMiss America?6:19/242014
[ ]Halloween;Racism;OpinionPlease donít be racist for halloween 6:410/152014
[ ]Opinion;Movies;Racism;National News#OscarsSoWhite: The White Elephant in the Room 10:11/272016
[ ]Bailey, Julius;Racial Issues;Racism;Philosophy Department;Faculty Publishing;[Photos]Letís Talk Racism: Bailey Releases ĎRacial Realities and Post-Racial Dreamsí 8:12/32016
[ ]Racial Issues;Racism;African Americans;Rosenberg, Scott;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Diversity;[Photo]Letís Talk About African-American Oppression 3:111/92016