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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Racism; Racial IssuesBlacks charge "Lampoon" with racial insensitivity4:74/71977
[ ]Racial IssuesAccount of student discussion on racism problems at WittenbergNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:32/221981
[ ]Racial IssuesAnti-racist messages found in art11/101989
[ ]Advice; Lamarre, Manny; Nicole, L.; Racism; Racial IssuesAsk Manny: Will racism ever end?4:310/42007
[ ]Bailey, Julius;National News;Racial Issues;Police and Security;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United StatesThe Tape Comes Off: Witt Discusses Race and the Cops 1:39/172014
[ ]Movie Reviews;Civil Rights Movement;Racial Issues;[Photos]Selma Review 5:11/282015
[ ]Movie Reviews;Racial Issues“Dear White People”ť: An Open Letter 5:12/252015
[ ]Voting;Prison;Racial Issues;OpinionUnshackling the Right to Vote 6:14/152015
[ ]Sociology Department;McCarter, Kellyn;Wagner, Brooke;Racial IssuesAcquired Taste 10:19/232015
[ ]Christianity;Racial Issues;ReligionSunday Morning 10:110/142015
[ ]Racial Issues;OpinionMore Than My Skin Color 10:111/182015
[ ]Bailey, Julius;Racial Issues;Racism;Philosophy Department;Faculty Publishing;[Photos]Let’s Talk Racism: Bailey Releases ‘Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams’ 8:12/32016
[ ]Racial Issues;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United States;Colloquia;Office of Multicultural Student Programs;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Political Science Department;Black History Month;[Photo]One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Reform 1:12/242016
[ ]English Department;Battle, Sha'Dawn;Racial Issues;West, Kanye;[Photo]Professor Battle Talks Empathy, Disembodiment and the Subversive Potential of Kanye West 5:12/242016
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa;English Department;MacDonald, Ian;Racial Issues;SpeakersPhi Beta Kappa Endowed Speaker: Hazel Carby 1:33/22016
[ ]Black History Month;Cason, Isaac;Richardson, Brian;Racial Issues;[Photos]Wittenberg Debates the Importance of Black History Month 9:13/22016
[ ]Racial Issues;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United StatesWhispers of Race: Celebrating Diversity at Wittenberg 9:13/232016
[ ]Racial Issues;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United States;Police brutalityPolice Brutality: Are We Still In Slavery? 6:49/72016
[ ]Opinion;Racial Issues;National News“I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag” 6:19/72016
[ ]Racial Issues;Racism;African Americans;Rosenberg, Scott;Abdul-Aziz, Mecca;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Diversity;[Photo]Let’s Talk About African-American Oppression 3:111/92016
[ ]Convocation - Martin Luther King;Civil Rights Movement;Bockhold,Carly;Tillman, Dorothy;Huck, Courtney;Racial IssuesNo More Kicking and Screaming: Dorothy Tillman on Nonviolent Activism 3:31/252017
[ ]Black History Month;Chinn, Broadwell;Washington, O'Jeanique;Ladipo, Atolani "Victoria";Diversity;Racial Issues;Wittenberg - HistoryBlack History Month: Wittenberg’s First Black Student 5:42/82017