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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]ROTCWU applies for ROTC unti3:19/291967
[ ]ROTCEditorial: WU vs. ROTC2:110/211967
[ ]ROTCWhat about Army ROTC? Queries reveal varied opinions1:310/211967
[ ]ROTCStudents have split opinions toward ROTC1:310/271967
[ ]ROTCUniversity of Dayton Students unhappy over mandatory ROTC5:111/31967
[ ]ROTCLetters to the editor expressing pro and con feelings2:211/101967
[ ]ROTCLetters to the editor expressing pro and con feelings2:211/171967
[ ]ROTCStauffer answers questions1:311/171967
[ ]ROTCProposal for Wittenberg rejected by Army, 61% of faculty1:412/11967
[ ]ROTCBoard of directors decides to reapply for ROTC unit1:412/81967
[ ]ROTCWitt student Karen L. Mellott is involved in program4:41/111980
[ ]ROTCProgram offers many options4:11/221982
[ ]ROTCROTC teaches students military skills2/161990