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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]ProhibitionProhibition5412/11879
[ ]Intercollegiate Prohibition AssociationThe third largest college organization in America is the inter-collegiate Prohibition Association2032/11903
[ ]ProhibitionCollege voters oppose Home Rule, want state-wide prohibition1:410/291914
[ ]ProhibitionCollege voters oppose home rule. Women Suffrage carries. Wilson is endorsed. Students vote for "dry" state1:410/291914
[ ]ProhibitionJohn Barleycorn, good-bye3:411/181915
[ ]Intercollegiate Prohibition AssociationInteresting meeting held3:44/51917
[ ]ProhibitionIPA Convention. Attended by C.K. Naffziger and I.R. Juenzili3:1-24/101917
[ ]Prohibitionintercollegiate Prohibition Assoc. held at Delaware, Ohio on Friday and Saturday3:14/191917
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioThe results of a careful investigation of conditions in this city after one year of prohibition1:31/61921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioContinued2:41/201921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioContinued2:42/31921
[ ]Nelson, Frank;ProhibitionSpeaker Talks On Prohibition1:53/201924
[ ]Alcohol;Prohibition;OpinionClocks turn back sixty years for the Prohibition weekend2:12/51982