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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Pre-LawStudents plan undergraduate organization1:49/171927
[ ]Pre-LawStudents eligible to compete for two scholarships valued at $425 each, offered by the University of Cincinnati, College of Law1:52/91928
[ ]Pre-Lawreorganized on April 31:54/121973
[ ]Pre-Law AssociationSponsors a dinner on Tuesday in observance of National Law Day3:85/31973
[ ]Kostroski, Dr. Warren L.; Pre-Law Association; Politics; Bindley, Dr. Joseph HooverProfs disagree on impeachment3:111/151973
[ ]Pre-Law AssociationSpecial meeting with topic "The History of Impeachment and Watergate"3:111/151973
[ ]Pre-Law AssociationWinter events planned8:11/281983
[ ]Pre-Law AssociationHarvard law looks at more than grades4:1410/181985
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Economics Department; Political Science Department; Pre-Law Association; Ramirez, CarlosWitt alumnus speaks about the economy 1:411/202008