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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Beta Theta PiElegantly refitted hall was rededicated46:112/11890
[ ]Beta Theta PiTwenty-fifth anniversary of the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was celebrated with an informal reception at te Arcade Hotel62:21/11892
[ ]Beta Theta PiA short account4:19/291910
[ ]Beta Theta PiChapter has many prominent alumni members at Witt2892/261913
[ ]Pi Theta PiNinth man's Greek letter group on campus1:62/21928
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Phi Kappa Psi;Pi Theta Phi;CrimeThieves Enter Campus Houses - Phi Gams, Phi Psis, Pi Phis, All Donate To Entering Robbers4:212/131928
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi begins wrecking for new house1:72/191931
[ ]Beta Theta PiHead work of fraternity house construction4:32/191931
[ ]Beta Theta PiFraternity to dedicate new house on Woodlawn1:111/131931
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta chapter to celebrate seventieth anniversarySec. II5/281937
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta Pi; FiresFire at Beta Theta Pi fraternity results in $300 loss1:62/11939
[ ]Beta Theta PiDebate trophy goes to Beta Theta Pi for second straight year1:311/291940
[ ]Beta Theta PiFraternity winner (homecoming displays)511/61948
[ ]Beta Theta PiBetas, Phi Gams in new house3:29/161955
[ ]Beta Theta PiDedication of new chapter house3:510/141955
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; Varsity NightBetas score1:14/271956
[ ]Beta Theta PiBetas score in varsity night1:14/271956
[ ]Beta Theta PiBetas win without motion turned on1:511/21956
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta's 2.6 tops greeks1:44/121957
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; Beta Theta Pi; Varsity NightCrash ends Beta winner1:55/91957
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi tops scholarship1:110/41957
[ ]Beta Theta PiRiver flows to victory1:510/181957
[ ]Beta Theta PiTrophies given to Betas, KD's1:511/61959
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi receives fire trumpet5:410/221960
[ ]Beta Theta PiDZ's, Betas win trophies2:15/121961
[ ]Beta Theta PiWU Betas host conclave3:45/41962
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi awards 126:411/21962
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta, KD, South-Keller win homecoming competition (pic)7:111/41966
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi wins J. Calvin Kauffman award from Alumni Assoc.4:21/191968
[ ]Beta Theta Pi;Deaths;PetsTillie, the Beta dog dies8:710/91975
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta Theta Pi visited St.John's nursing home6:52/221980
[ ]Beta Theta Pi"Servant auction"8:45/91980
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta PiArticle causes problems with Betas and Leadership11/41988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta PiArticle Causes problems With Betas And Leadership1:111/41988
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta Pi; AlcoholBeta violates alcohol policy: receives one-year probation2/21990
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta Pi; AlcoholBeta probation produces liability lecture2/161990
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta chapter completes successful turn-around7:4-510/81996
[ ]Beta Theta PiBetas foster non-violent behavior among local children7:3-52/41997
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; FraternitiesBumpin' Betas offer smart choice for DJ service 4:112/72006
[ ]Beta Theta Pi; FraternitiesBands rocked out for burn victims 8:42/12007
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Beta Theta PiThe Hottest _____ on Campus: "F" is for Fraternity 12:13/12007
[ ]Accidents; Beta Theta PiBetas collide with semi, two hospitalized1:52/112010
[ ]Awards;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Residence Halls;Center for Civic and Urban Engagement; Davidson, Lacey; Dooley, Scott; Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Delta Pi; Duraj, Jon; Brooks, Kent; Robinson, Dennis; Kinzler, Nicole; Moore, Aaron; Lambdi CStudents and Faculty Rewarded for Their Leadership On and Off Campus 3:14/252012