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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Theta AlphaTwo local fraternities to become chapters of national organizations1:24/81932
[ ]Sigma Phi BetaHas highest average for second consecutive semester4:510/141932
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaHonorary to install Wittenberg chapter1:64/11938
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFreshmen find reward for studies in national scholarship honoraries4:410/141938
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaWin (varsity night)1:44/291955
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaLay cornerstone3:55/61955
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaBetas and Phi Gams in new homes3:29/161955
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaRed buck stands on Phi Gam lawn2:44/271956
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTo dedicate new chapter house3:14/271956
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaWins "sing" trophy1:45/161958
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaArrested for bootlegging "way back when"3:112/91960
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaReceive all-sports trophy in intramurals4:39/221961
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis hold section convention2:15/111962
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis paint mercy crest7:212/91966
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaMen involved in fracasNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:13/111967
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaGamma Phis, Fijis first in Greek sings1:35/191967
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaOffers at least ning $3,000 scholarships per year2:51/171969
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaSelects officers for coming year4:15/161969
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaNational honor society for freshman men initiates 301:74/121973
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFreshman men's honorary initiates 235:14/261973
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaAwarded the Condon Cup4:610/111973
[ ]Phi Eta Sigma; Schultz, RobertProfessor of economics presented with honorary membership in Phi Eta Sigma5:510/181973
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaSchultz is initiated5:510/181973
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTops in winter intramurals7:53/71974
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaGives $100 to united way4:610/161975
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFrat will run a football to Muskingum for United Way5:311/41976
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaPhi Gamma Delat gains national recognition4:19/91977
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaSophomore joins society6:410/281977
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis take on major project52/31978
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFreshman honorary takes men6:54/211978
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaHosted a disco party for 25 children from the Clark County Children's Home3:311/31978
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTo give award to frat pledge class with the highest GPA3:71/261979
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaWinter pledge class visited St. John's home4:72/231979
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaTo offer scholarships to its members4:61/181980
[ ]Phi Eta SigmaFijis win at Billiards10:42/171984
[ ]Alpha Lambda Delta; Honoraries; Phi Eta SigmaThe Hottest ____ on Campus: "H" is for honorary 12:13/292007
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Gamma Phi Beta; Greek Week; Fraternities and Sororities[Greek Week Winners]12:310/112007
[ ][Photo];Duraj, Jon;North, Charles;Sigma Delta Pi;Celebrate Service;Jewish Culture Club;George, Lucas;Alpha Delta Pi;Lambda Chi Alpha;Beta Theta Pi;Hobson, Zachary;Fairbanks, Angela;Robinette, Joe;Whiteley, Grace;Bennett, JoAnn;LeMaster, Biran;McNeill, Elizabeth;Jones, Brandon;Kolb, Drew;Project Woman;Criswell, Lindsey;Phi Kappa Psi;Bobbitt, Megan;Hoff, Ruth;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Powers, Kyle;Lorko, Kelsey;Fletcher, Kamyia;Black, Cameron;Barnard, Evan;Winn, Kayla;Scott, Richard;Tiger Pep Band;Records, Molly;Marks, Josh;Delta Tau Delta;Alpha Phi Omega;Gill, Casey;Leadership Awards CeremonyWittenberg Hosts Seventh Annual Leadership Awards 3:14/122017
[ ]Greek Life;Delta Sigma Phi;Beta Theta Pi;Sigma Kappa;Alpha Delta PiInformal Greek Rush Draws to a Close 3:59/202017
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Greek Week;Delta Sigma Phi;Gamma Phi Beta;[Photos];Delta Gamma;Delta Sigma;Lambda Chi Alpha;Alpha Delta Pi;Mullen, Grace;Kappa Delta;Gamma Phi;Delta Sigma;Hassler, Ilsa;Pool, Drew;Sigma Kappa;Brittain, HannahOppa! Itís Greek Week! 6:111/12017