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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Peace CorpsTalk given2:43/171961
[ ]Peace Corps"Needed Skill" is prerequisite for volunteers2:15/51961
[ ]Peace CorpsArticle (insert in Torch)4/261963
[ ]Peace CorpsCommittee holds first meeting1:312/61963
[ ]Peace CorpsProfessors speak on Corps7:111/201964
[ ]Peace CorpsLectures by Juan G. Favole and Martin E. Johnson1:112/41964
[ ]Peace CorpsWittenberg asked to raise $1,0001:12/121965
[ ]Peace CorpsWittenberg student describes life in Corps3:12/121965
[ ]Peace CorpsReaches goal5:14/231965
[ ]Peace CorpsSchool raises WU gifts4:29/241965
[ ]Peace CorpsDittman teaching in Libya as volunteer (pic)8:410/71966
[ ]Peace CorpsVolunteers recruit and relate experiences in Turkey1:112/21966
[ ]Peace CorpsDittman reports from Libya (pic)55/191967
[ ]Peace CorpsThree to teach in Turkey and Brazil3:16/21967
[ ]Peace CorpsInterested students sign up3:33/21979
[ ]Peace CorpsExpects record number of openings10:35/161986
[ ]Peace CorpsPeace Corps perspectives2:112/32004
[ ]Craig, Courtney; Kennedy, John F.; Peace Corps; Taylor, Thomas; Wittenberg - History; Wittenberg UniversityA "Peace" of the Puzzle: Wittenberg's Role in the Peace Corps Story 3:13/52014