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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Brown, ParkerMr. Parker Brown, for the past two years janitor at the college, died April 22159:15/11880
[ ]Snyder ParkSnyder Park recently acquired, is on the of the beauty spots at Springfield271:24/201897
[ ]Snyder ParkVote for the lake4:15/151912
[ ]ParkingParking Rules Are Announced1:310/41923
[ ]ParkingPark Free With College Sticker - Cars Bearing Tags To Be Given Space at Columbus2:49/301926
[ ]Parker, Prof. Paul B.The man on the box2:43/51931
[ ]Parker, Prof. Paul B.Six becomes members of the faculty; 13 leave1:69/231932
[ ]Huntington, Rev. Park W.Chaplain to address assembly1:111/81935
[ ]Parking;AutomobilesDecline In Parking Violations Noted2:310/261949
[ ]Parker, VangieForeign influences mold Vangie's life3:15/21958
[ ]Gamage, ParkerExhibit features forty seascapes3:211/131959
[ ]Parks, NormaExchange student4:42/101961
[ ]Sports;Lacrosse;Parks, JimParks sparkles with four goals as Tigers smash Yeoman 10-48:45/151970
[ ]Parkening, ChristopherClassical guitarist to be featured performer with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra7:41/281971
[ ]ParkStudents finishing park (pic)6:65/91974
[ ]Parker, Dr. RobertRemarks to students taking his course, study habits, etc.2:59/91978
[ ]Parkingto become problem with new construction activities8:311/91979
[ ]Parkingto become problem for several years6:31/181980
[ ]Butson, Alex; Parker, FrankSenior Spotlight12:411/151994
[ ]John Bryan State ParkProtestors pichet John Bryan State Park, oppose new hunting policy2:4-511/211995
[ ]Parker, Star; College RepublicansParker speaks on welfare reform1:110/102000
[ ]John Bryan State ParkFocus On Fitness: Hiking Local Parks15:14/92002
[ ]ParkingStudent Laziness Adds to Parking Problems7:110/82002
[ ]Parks, JalynBig W Award9:411/52002
[ ]Career Center; Armstrong, Kia; Sparks, Rebecca; Trego, AngelaStudents intern at Career Center5:43/252004
[ ]Parks, RosaRosa Parks: the woman who changed a nation8:111/32005
[ ]Humor; ParkingDenbow's Deep Thoughts 7:411/22006
[ ]Editorials; ParkingA call to action: More student walkers means less parking tickets all around 5:13/222007
[ ]Bailey, Nicole; Osborne, Tara; Parker, Kristy; Shoemaker, Katie; Sports; Track and Field - Women; Walker, Alison; Wesseler, KaitlynTiger Wins at NCAC Relays10:12/72008
[ ]Music; Donofrio, David; Delta Sigma Phi; Alcohol; Cart, Ted; Neff, Parker; Beirut, Pat; Reilly, Anna; Kelly, Lauren; Mitchell, Jake; Jones, Chris; ReviewsPost-It returns with plenty of guitars, big vocals, and pelvic thrusts7:12/192009
[ ]Anes, Michael; Chemistry Department; Dudek, Ray; Faculty and Staff; Mathematics Department; Parker, Adam; Psychology Department; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldThe science of sight: High Schoolers come to Wittenberg for science program 3:12/262009
[ ]"Careers; Bierut, Patrick; Neff, Parker; Hall, Haily; Motion Pictures""Look out, Hollywood! Witt trio heads west"4:015/32011
[ ]Cotner, Stuart; Delta Tau Delta; Hair; Hassan, Adan; Parker, Matt; Philanthropy; Ruble, Jack; Traditions; Weible, WillMatch their 'Stache4:111/162011
[ ]Parker, Adam; Saturday Science Program; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldScience Saturdays Educate Students of All Levels 1:112/72011
[ ]Travel;Denmark;Park, MartinPark in Denmark: Bringing Hygge Back [One Student’s Experience in Denmark] Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:311/82012
[ ]Park, Martin;Denmark;Wittenberg CampusPark in Denmark: Urban Places, Urban Spaces 5:111/142012
[ ]Park, Martin;Europe;Denmark;TravelPark in Denmark: Travel and the European Experience 6:411/282012
[ ]Travel;Denmark;Park, MartinPark in Denmark: Swimming in the Adriatic Sea 6:112/52012
[ ]Study Abroad;Bennett, JoAnn;Ramey, Shaydon;Doll, Elizabeth;Ryan, Connor;Lukk, Martin;Roberts, Evan;Park, Martin;Chile;China;Germany;DenmarkWittenberg on Study Abroad – Benefits Outweigh Minor Downsides 4:42/202013
[ ]Owens, Maggie;Park, Martin;Fashion;Closet Spotlight5:19/112013
[ ]Solution Center;Information and Technology Services;Sparks, Rick;Dennis, Kathy;Mickool, Rick;QbaseSolution Center Outsourced to Major Technology Firm1:11/292014
[ ]Television;Parker, Sarah Jessica;Dunham, Lena;Women;CelebritiesLadies Who Lunch 5:12/192014
[ ]Neff, Parker;FilmsWitt Grad Knows No Bounds in Working on “Cosmos”¯ 5:14/92014
[ ]SPARK Conference;Duraj, Jon;Roberts, Eric;Campus ActivitiesFirst Inaugural SPARK Conference 1:49/102014
[ ]SPARK ConferenceSpark Conference stresses vocations with a vision2:19/172014
[ ]Cross Country;Penney, Craig;Snyder Park;[Photos]Witt Cross Country Racing at Home 12:19/92015
[ ]SPARK Conference;Barth, Amanda;Incorvati, Rick;Braziel, Derrick;Alumnae/Alumni;[Photos]Witt Gets Passionate: Spark 2015 1:19/162015
[ ]SPARK Conference;[Photo];Incorvati, RickWitt Needs a Little More Spark 4:39/232015
[ ]Campus Life;Hutchins, Jim;Parking;Campus SafetyCampus Parking: Is There Enough? 4:14/202016
[ ]Sodexo;Parkhurst Dining;Bates, Brandee;Campus;University Housekeeping;Food Services;Starbucks;Central Dining Room (CDR);[Photos]New changes make happier students, staff 1:39/72016
[ ]Snyder Park;Recreation - Springfield;[Photo]Hidden Gem: Snyder Park 8:310/52016
[ ]Founders Pub;Joseph, Max;O'Malley, Madeline;Yontz, Brian;Jurewicz, Sarah;SPARK Conference;Kesig, Hannah;Murray, MichelleVocational Event SPARKs Student Interest 3:22/12017