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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra5312/11878
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra942/11879
[ ]Orchestra;Spenny, Lorin;Havens, Marabelle;Weber, Walter;Shanor, CarlOrchestra Officials - Selected At First Meeting of Group Thursday Afternoon1:19/301926
[ ]Orchestra;Bjorklund, AntonOrchestra Has New Manager - Plans Are Being Made For Annual State Tour4:310/271927
[ ]OrchestraEleven students start orchestra4:44/101930
[ ]OrchestraTo take week's trip1:13/231934
[ ]OrchestraComplete tour1:24/131934
[ ]OrchestraPrepares for first concert program2:511/231934
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra Tour for Week; To Appear In Five Cities3:44/121935
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra will present concert1:33/201936
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra to tour Ohio1:33/271936
[ ]OrchestraOrchestra will tour Ohio cities1:64/31936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Student ActivitiesBand and Orchestra2:110/21936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Course Credit;Musical EventsOrchestra Choir Plan Concerts - Participants In Musical Activities Now Get Credit Hours1:110/21936
[ ]OrchestraThree day tour opensNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:24/221937
[ ]OrchestraThirty-three members to take part in first contest1:311/121937
[ ]OrchestraReceives unparalleled acclaim for intial program1:211/101939
[ ]Convocations;Christmas;Choir;OrchestraChoir, Orchestra, Appear At Convo1:412/151948
[ ]Cesana, Otto;Kenton, Stan;Jazz OrchestraNew Sounds In Modern Music2:211/171950
[ ]OrchestraPlay "Oklahoma" Opera and oratorio scheduled4:110/311958
[ ]Rose, Leonard; Concerts; Springfield Symphony OrchestraLeonard Rose, cellist, to appear on Symphony's final program1:14/81960
[ ]OrchestraPlans concert3:55/191961
[ ]OrchestraString orchestra to play1:49/281962
[ ]OrchestraConcert given by symphony4:111/61964
[ ]OrchestraSymphony to play1:31/81965
[ ]Orchestra; Choir; OrchestraOrchestra and choir perform5:411/51965
[ ]OrchestraJoint concert will be given2:52/171967
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraOpening set for Nov. 68:311/41976
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraFeature guest pianist Santiago Rodriquez, Feb. 124;72/101977
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraRicci Paganini concerto featured6:14/211977
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraFerritio announces orchestra season6:19/231977
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraSymphony & Wittenberg choirs to present Bach B Minor mass6:74/271979
[ ]Wittenberg Symphony OrchestraTo give first concert of the season4:311/91979
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraNine faculty members and ten students play in Springfield Symphony6:311/71980
[ ]Wittenberg OrchestraBach, Mozart, and Bizet to highlight orchestra concert7:411/61992
[ ]Chamber orchestraChamber orchestra performs its second world premiere, 'Steel Point'14:1-54/21996
[ ]Springfield Symphony OrchestraSpringfield Symphony Orchestra to close its 52nd season with guest conductor Ray Eubanks10;3-54/121996
[ ]Wittenberg OrchestraOrchestra goes Psycho14:4-512/101996