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[ ]Military Servicewittenberg alumni in service299:25/71898
[ ]Military ServiceWar and military training in colleges2:12/151917
[ ]Military ServiceVoluntary drills begun at Wittenberg1:24/191917
[ ]Military TrainingMilitary drill continues on athletic field3:34/261917
[ ]Military ServicePresident Heckert represent Wittenberg at Chicago Conference for colleges of Middle West. Many favor military training1:14/261917
[ ]Military ServiceSergeant Clark recruiting for cavalry. Students enlisting may finish school year first1:25/101917
[ ]Military ServiceWhat the war has done here. Drop in enrollment3:39/271917
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers now in service of their country1:39/271917
[ ]Military ServiceDrafted men go tomorrow1:510/41917
[ ]Military ServiceHonor Roll to be published with 1st issue3:110/41917
[ ]Military ServiceYM fund for soldiers will start soon. Ohio college will raise $90,0001:410/251917
[ ]Military ServiceReunion of Wittenberg men in Camp Sherman3:111/81917
[ ]Military ServiceWar fund pledge over subscribed within 24 hours1:511/151917
[ ]Military ServiceMen in service of Uncle Sam honored by fitting exercise1:1-211/281917
[ ]Military ServiceTwenty four make application for navy wireless enlistment1:311/281917
[ ]Military ServiceAll students of military age to carry registration cards2:112/61917
[ ]Military TrainingCompulsory military training begins here for Freshman and Sophomores1:412/61917
[ ]Military ServiceMany valuable men lost by enlistment within last few days1;512/61917
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers at Camp Sherman delight in girl's Christmas box4:31/171918
[ ]Military ServiceResolutions passed by faculty grant credit to men in war service1:41/241918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers receive appointments to 3rd officers training camp1:21/241918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenberg should have service flag2:14/111918
[ ]Military ServiceFirst five men leave of Officers' Training School (por)1:3-411/231918
[ ]Military TrainingSATC men here have "pep" meeting311/231918
[ ]Military ServiceSATC's continuance possible until next May.11/301918
[ ]Military TrainingWittenberg SATC the proud posessors of two hounds. Apolphus is killed2:411/301918
[ ]Military ServiceSATC men advised of clothing regulations112/71918
[ ]Military TrainingTorch of liberty new SATC insignia1:412/71918
[ ]Military TrainingMen have derived many advantages from the SATC. Should be man of all trades around the house when he marries3:212/141918
[ ]Military TrainingStudent army training corps free of influenza1:312/141918
[ ]Military TrainingROTC regulations received from Sec. of War Baker3:110/21919
[ ]Military TrainingSATC entitled to service buttons says Sargeant Keyes1:410/161919
[ ]Military TrainingWittenberg SATC praised by War Department2:32/231922
[ ]Military ServiceCollege provisions of draft bill1:39/271940
[ ]Peitso, Jukka; Military ServiceFinnish Jukka Peitso, Holder of Mannerheim medal, will do all his fighting with blue books this winter1:112/131940
[ ]Military ServiceDefense committee links college activity to government work (por)1:53/71941
[ ]Military ServiceDean clarifies draft situation4:53/211941
[ ]Military ServiceColelge men may be reclassified1:15/21941
[ ]Military ServiceBlue Key seeks complete data on Wittenbergers serving country2:51/91942
[ ]Military ServiceCollege men find Navy V-5 plan practical4:61/231942
[ ]Military ServiceMen must study or face active serivce.1:15/221942
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers swell US ranks; Axis beware4:35/291942
[ ]Military ServiceFormer coeds serve in WAF1:310/301942
[ ]Military ServiceReserves required to maintain two-point2:111/201942
[ ]Military ServiceReserves to be called by army1:51/151943
[ ]Military TrainingWittenberg will train 600 cadets1:12/121943
[ ]Military TrainingCadets begin training at Wittenberg1:33/121943
[ ]Military ServiceReserves to be called by army1:53/121943
[ ]Military TrainingV-12 training program to train men as officers1:13/121943
[ ]Military ServiceCollege receives service flag1:110/151943
[ ]Military TrainingDean Pershing announces V-12 ASTP program1:110/151943
[ ]Brane, R. Steve; Bushey, Howard; Garber, Clark, Jr.; Good, Cortland; Hunter, John; Kaler, Emerson; Mathias, David E.; Military Service; Neal, Frederick; Quinn, William Monroe; Reinhard, Charles; Relyea, Willard A.; Stewart, John P.; Winger, George W.In memoriam2:31/141944
[ ]Military TrainingFirst birthday for cadets1:43/31944
[ ]Schwiebert, Dr. Ernest;Military Service;[Photo]Dr. Schwiebert Accepts Post In U.S. Military Rule1:412/151948
[ ]Military ServiceDean Nystrom explains student draft situation; reserves call five6:411/41950
[ ]Military ServiceSelective service deferment procedure announced by dean3:111/171950
[ ]Military ServiceEffect of war scare on students discussed1:412/141950
[ ]Military ServiceReport on draft situation given by prexy at convo1:31/181951
[ ]Military ServiceCollege is named draft center1:24/51951
[ ]Military ServiceConfused draft status explained by Hershey2:41/111952
[ ]Military TrainingAir Force will begin program2:310/51962
[ ]Military ServiceRegistrar announces selective service policies1:42/211964
[ ]Military ServiceUS draft eyes deferred students1:110/291965
[ ]Military ServiceDeferments questioned by draft boards1:22/181966
[ ]Military ServiceSS drafts deferment policy; test or class rank is option3:14/11966
[ ]Military ServiceDraft--yes or no?2:112/21966
[ ]Military ServiceAdministrators, faculty comment on Selective Service reforms1:13/101967
[ ]Military ServiceOur modest proposal (editorial)2:13/101967
[ ]MilitaryBomb threats plague colleges that do military research4:15/91986
[ ]Military Service;OpinionEqual treatment in the Navy?8:14/261994
[ ]Foreman, Dan; Military ServiceDan Foreman: Wittenberg's own student hero 4:111/22006
[ ]Henderson, Sam; Military Service; AlcoholWittenberg Marine saves life on the home front4:111/82007
[ ]Baker, Jocelin; Editorials; Family; Military; From the editorNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 9:111/152007
[ ]Military Service; Henderson, SamWitt student serves in Georgia 4:39/182008
[ ]Military ServiceHome for the holidays: Local troops return home after 11 month service overseas1:112/112008
[ ]Editorials; Politics; Military Service; Gays; Homosexuality; National News"Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Discriminatory 4:12/182010
[ ]"Editorials; Military Service; Panstingel, Joe""Someone tell me, where is the good in goodbye?"9:029/152010
[ ]Homosexuality; Military Service; Opinion; Politics"Do ask, do tell"9:019/222010
[ ]Homosexuality; Politics; Military ServiceSeventeen-year-old military law deemed 'unconstitutional' by court2:019/222010
[ ]Politics;Republicans;National News;Finance;Military;Gay marriagePresidential Campaign Update 3:11/252012
[ ]National News;Military;Women;Wright, Heather;Wood, Molly;Panetta, Leon;Females to the Front Line: Women in Combat Ban Lifted2:32/62013