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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Tiger MascotWittenberg Tiger3:23/221946
[ ]Tiger MascotMeet Atom1:310/111946
[ ]Mascots;Ezry (Tiger);Torchy (Tiger);[Photo]Torchy Makes Debut...1:110/261949
[ ]Tiger MascotOrigin is uncovered1:310/51979
[ ]Tiger MascotTiger's true identity is revealed6:12/221980
[ ]Tiger MascotWIttenberg mascot unmasked at basketball game1:23/61981
[ ]MascotsWittenberg receives new Tiger mascot1:11/161987
[ ]Campus; MascotsDown with the Tigers; Up with the fighting Lutherans6:12/121993
[ ]Mascots;National News"Chief Illiniwek" debate continues at University of Illinois5:112/52000