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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]MarijuanaTest kit available for tainted marijuana6:411/31978
[ ]MarijuanaUsage related to alcohol usage6:12/151980
[ ]Marijuana; DrugsLegalizing marijuana: Dopey idea or all-time American high? 4:14/12010
[ ]Health; Smoking; Marijuana; DrugsHow much is too much? 3:012/22011
[ ]Drugs;Marijuana;Police and Security;National NewsDrug Violations Getting High(er)? 1:12/52014
[ ]Marijuana;Ohio Laws;PoliticsUp In Smoke – Ohio’s Marijuana Proposal Is A Bad Deal, Even For Supporters Of Legalization 10:19/162015
[ ]Marijuana;Police and Security;University Policy;Lopez, Mark;Ohio LawsStudents’ High Hopes for Marijuana On Campus May Go Up in Smoke 1:19/232015
[ ]Politics;Copeland, Dr. Warren;Voting;Marijuana;Ohio LawsPost-Election Wrap-Up: What Happened and What Does It Mean? 3:111/112015
[ ]National News;Voting;Elections;Marijuana;Guns;National IssuesMarijuana, Condoms and Guns: The Other Side of the Election Ballot 3:211/162016