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[ ]Lutheran Church, Findlay, OhioThe list of Wittenbergers who have been pastors at Findlay, Ohio30:210/61896
[ ]First Lutheran ChurchImpressive services mark rededication of First Lutheran. Remodeling of First Church edifice makes it one of the most beautiful in the city2:31/101912
[ ]Lutheran ChurchThere is a need for Lutheran ministers452:15/71913
[ ]Fourth Lutheran ChurchDr. Ness' Latin room in provided with new chairs. The chairs are a gift of the second band of the Fourth Lutheran Church to the college1:211/51914
[ ]Lutheran ChurchDr. J. L. Neve discussed "Future of Lutheranism in America"4:29/221916
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLutherans stand for loyalty to president. Three branches of this denomination issue resolutions4:24/261917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchConvention is starter in church unification3:36/61917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchGeneral council and general synod are thought to merge at conference in Philadelphia4:310/251917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchCouncils vote to unite with General Synod and United Synod of the South3:211/11917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLoyalty of Lutherans proved by resolutions4:211/11917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchUnited Synod of South upholds merger plan3:211/151917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLutheran merger commission to meet in Baltimore3:22/71918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchStatistics prove Lutherans give largest percent to War Service1:32/71918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchDelegates return from joint merger sessions1:22/141918
[ ]Buffalo Convention of the United Lutheran ChurchWittenberg Will Be Represented at the Buffalo Convention1:410/191922
[ ]Holl, A. J.;Lutheran Church in America;Columbus Pastor Delivers Address - Seminary Students Sponsor Visit of Rev. A. J. Holl4:32/251926
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchInternational session in Richmond, VA1:310/211926
[ ]Lutheran Church, UnitedStudents want a United Lutheran church3:2-41/131927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)To head ULCA drive for $6,000,0002:15/251949
[ ]Visual Aids Workshop; Lutheran ChurchPastors meet for workshop1:23/151950
[ ]Winston, Miss Mildred E.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)ULCA education secretary here for student workshop1:22/151951
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchSix to attend convention3:210/11954
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John W.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Alumnus named ULCA chaplainNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:22/121958
[ ]Miller, L. David; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)On permanent commission of Liturgy & Hymnal-ULCA5:54/181958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) "Antigone" will host delegates6:39/191958
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchConvention convenes Oct 8; campus to host delegates1:19/261958
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchConvention convenes Oct 8; campus to host delegates1:110/101958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) Tragedy Staged for ULCA: Campus will view "Antigone" Tuesday3:310/101958
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Stoughton, Matthies get ULCA honors4:310/241958
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaWU receives LCA grant1:311/131964
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaLCA sponsors study of possible East Asia Study program5:411/101967
[ ]Zion Lutheran ChurchDonates $3,000 to Wittenberg University and Hamma School of Theology2:510/171969
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaBoard to examine relationship between Wittenberg and Lutheran Church12:12/31972
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaWitt hosts conference on church and future1:19/91977
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaLCA holds education conference6:59/301977
[ ]Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches merge14:110/31986
[ ]Darcy Dillahunt, Suzanne;Tune, Rachel;Ohio;Lutheran Church;Student's Mother to be Installed Bishop1:49/112013