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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Luther CollegeA small town in Iowa, called Decorah, is the home of Luther College215:11/151913
[ ]Lutheran CollegesLeading theologian and congressman, Dr. Joseph A. Sittler, a Witt alumnus, will speak of faculty of Lutheran Colleges6:210/31980
[ ]Lutheran College Washington consortiumWashington Internship offers hands-on learning experience4:310/111994
[ ]Kyushu Lutheran College; International StudentsStudents from Japan to visit2:42/152000
[ ]Kimura, Hiroyuki; Motoba, mami; Iwamoto, Arisa; Ogata, Ayano; Kyushu Lutheran College; KumamotoJapanese exchange students try to adapt to strange new place 6:13/132008
[ ]Study Abroad;Bays, Sam;Political Science Department; Lutheran College Washington SemesterNot Your Typical Study Abroad: A Studentís Experience in DC 9:31/252012