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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]LiteratureThe 'sad' in literature50:24/11877
[ ]Literature-History and CriticismConscience in literature64:1-21/11880
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteraturePresents crayola's coffee house3:611/71980
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteratureNearly ready for publication. Collection of art and literature pleases editor1:55/81981
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art;Hilbrink, John E.;Galluci, Randy C.'Witt Review' seeks writers6:32/51982
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteratureArt/Literature review accepting submissions5:12/91990
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and ArtWittenberg Review of Literature and Art enjoys weekend success2:55/141993
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and ArtNew WRLA edition in works13:12/71995
[ ]Kelleher, Shannon;Biology;English;LiteratureThere’s Science in My English Homework 3:311/142012
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;LiteratureEnglish Department Delights With Dystopian Literature 3:12/82017
[ ]Wagner, Brooke;Womyn's Center;Feminism;Sechrist, Joseph;Torres, Irene;Literatureeminist Book Club: A Safe Space for Open Discussion 5:39/132017
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art;Harper, Theresa;SpectrumWittenberg Review Apologizes and Promises a Publication 4:29/132017