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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Literary SocietiesFrequent recurrence of elections detract from society28:21/11874
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between societies to be March 6, after 6 years of peace36:12/11874
[ ]Literary SocietiesInforming judges of what a meagre time was available for preparation takes 1/3 of speaker's alotted time109:21/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesCentennial Literary Society organized by ladies133:24/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesOur soires53:24/11877
[ ]Literary SocietiesKeen rivalry shown in methods to secure members35:24/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies should make it optional for the senior attendance134:24/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesSince ladies have no society of their own, they have made application to Philosophian Society104:12/11881
[ ]Literary SocietiesJunior literary society disbanded before holidays127:24/11882
[ ]Literary SocietiesCustom of contest between rivals revived42:112/11882
[ ]Literary SocietiesSociety work51:21/11886
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents who have not joined the societies are compelled to appear before the faculty for rhetorical practice91:21/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesSocieties untied in holding memorial services113:22/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesFaculty are taking action regarding literary work in Preparatory Dept.93:12/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior, Philosophian and Euterpean societies entertain Mar 8128:24/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesInterest in societies has been waning113:11/211896
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Excelsior and Philosophian literary societies open their doors to permit the senior "cads" to enjoy mature society life185:23/241896
[ ]Literary SocietiesA plea for literary culture71:111/101896
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest248:13/201897
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Wittenberger opens its pages to the literary societies to publish any of their productions of merit55:1-210/301897
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between Excelsiors and Philosophians258:24/91898
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies--their value2910/91901
[ ]Literary SocietiesNew organization: Wittenberg cooperative literary assoc.152:11/221902
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe value of a society training279:14/161902
[ ]Literary SocietiesThings are no longer as they once were2:310/271910
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents advised to affiliate with literary society4:110/111911
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudent opinion as to what is the matter with the literary spirit3:12/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesTrophies and shields presented.1:12/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesA true story. The loving cup was not presented to the winning team by the defeated one3:23/41915
[ ]Literary SocietiesShe turns and smiles. A reply to the above accusation3:23/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesInter-society debate, annual clash1:33/181915
[ ]Literary SocietiesPresident Heckert receives volume containing data, history of societies1:23/181915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior again wins decision over Philos1:1-23/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians hold joint banquet; first event of its kind3:13/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary W's to be awarded. Shield and W won by contestants in last linter-society contest1:42/191920
[ ]Literary SocietiesDeclamation Contest Will be Held Friday Evening in Chapel 13 Contestants Philos Will Make Desperate Effort to Regain the Ground Lost in Oratorical Meet (Intersociety Contest)1:12/211923
[ ]Literary SocietiesPhilo and Excel to Clash in Third Inter-Society Contest1:53/221923
[ ]Literary SocietiesIntersociety Essay Contest Date Is May 41:54/191923
[ ]Literary Societies; Excelsior Literary Society; Philosophian Literary SocietyThe Literary Societies [First time in history of Witt that this literary society did not function]2:110/231924
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians are gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]Literary SocietiesLove of literature draws students, faculty together5:14/112003
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary Society meets to talk poetry, watch movies5:112/112003
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Literary Society learns to use chopsticks as twelve Wittenberg students experience Japan4:19/82005
[ ]Literary SocietiesWittenberg Litereary Society hosts 1st annual Pig Pickin'1:110/62005