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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Literary LeagueSponsors four contests annually1:1-29/291910
[ ]Literary LeagueConstitution72/131912
[ ]Literary LeagueTreasury is empty15:25/151912
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague takes steps to boost debating. Rally will be given to arouse enthusiasm. Report of treasurer is read334:13/121913
[ ]Literary LeagueFirst literary contest attraction of evening. Five contestants entered1:212/91915
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague resumes activities; merger may result4:112/131917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague to elect officers4:312/131917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague cancels intercollegiate debate for at least 1 year3:31/171918
[ ]Literary LeagueWittenberg will not participate in State oratorical competition this year.1:41/171918
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague formed2:31/161920
[ ]Literary League;Philosophian Literary Society;Excelsior Literary SocietyInter-Society Debate Scheduled For April 41:33/201924