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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies1172/11876
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies1314/11876
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies691/11879
[ ]Library FundsLibrary shows balance over $9,0002:25/181949
[ ]Library Funds; Weaver ChapelHonorary rooms set for chapel-library1:411/51954
[ ]Library FundsReference work typifies library2:512/101954
[ ]Library Funds100,000th volume cataloged3:11/201956
[ ]Library FundsRare books housed by library1:12/101956
[ ]Library FundsNew library and new system4:49/211956
[ ]Library FundsExhibitions1:29/281956
[ ]Library FundsTreasure room1:19/281956
[ ]Library FundsStudy opportunity1:410/121956
[ ]Library FundsLibrary recieves micro-film gift1:32/221957
[ ]Library FundsWorking conditions pleasant in new library4:25/31957
[ ]Gifts; Library Funds; Myers, Kate M.Fore edge books given1:311/151957
[ ]Library FundsLibrary outlines goals for future1:110/21987