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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Jazz EnsemblePresent program on Feb. 19th1:12/91968
[ ]Jazz EnsembleAuditions for singer3:33/31977
[ ]Jazz EnsembleJazz group offers outlet4:34/141977
[ ]Jazz Tap EnsembleWitt to host jazz group3:34/81988
[ ]Jazz Tap EnsembleWitt To Host Jazz Group3:34/81988
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz EnsembleWitt Jazz Ensemble to play in the Commons9:35/171994
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz EnsembleJazz ensemble to gig7:32/141995
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz EnsembleJazz in commons hosts Witt ensemble, guests13:1-510/31995
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz Ensemble;Music Department;ConcertsJazz It Up a Little 9:15/32016
[ ]Wittenberg Jazz Ensemble;Zinninger, Tom;Musical Groups;[Photos]Wittenberg’s Jazz Band Steals the Spotlight 8:111/92016