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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]InternshipsUrban internships involve 16 Witt students4:110/211977
[ ]InternshipsInternships explained. Faculty member clarifies internship with Citibank Northeast Asia in Hong Kong. Interested students see Dr. Chatfield of Dr. Swanger2:64/281978
[ ]Internships; SpringfieldInterested in Internships?Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:14/151983
[ ]Internships"Internships a step through the door of reality"6:311/11985
[ ]InternshipsInternship allows students to gain experience12:12/191988
[ ]InternshipsInternship Allows Students To Gain Experience12:12/191988
[ ]InternshipsIntern to Phili: great11/41988
[ ]InternshipsStudents profit from internship opportunities1:59/191995
[ ]InternshipsInternships prove tough, rewarding3:112/71999
[ ]InternshipsWalt Disney World seeking students for internships2:410/102000
[ ]Habegger, Shelli; InternshipsWitt Students Experience D.C. Fir Hand Working at Smithsonian2:14/92002
[ ]InternshipsInternships: The world outside the Witt bubble8:110/92003
[ ]Muthoni, Lydia; InternshipsWitt student returns from D.C. internship3:112/112003
[ ]InternshipsStudent builds strong future through internships2:13/242005
[ ]Humor; InternshipsCardboard inserts: Story of the little intern that could 7:14/262007
[ ]McKinniss, Sara; Internships; New York CityBig Apple Diary: an intern's tale7:12/72008
[ ]Internships; Lamarre, MannyAn intern's perspective: Washington D.C. at a glance8:12/212008
[ ]Study Abroad; Internships; Freeman, Abby; Washington, D.C.Lutheran College Washington Semester8:12/212008
[ ]Study Abroad; Anthony, Rebekah; InternshipsStudy off-campus: gain perspective 8:44/102008
[ ]Clemente, Nick; Politics; InternshipsInternship gives taste of future for junior 8:12/252010
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Georges, Corwin; Internships; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield"Museum gets new ownership, creates opportunities for Wittenberg"1:019/82010
[ ]Internships; Communication Department; Student EmploymentStudents sharpen media skills through new internship3:029/222010
[ ]"Dollinger, Courtnay; Internships"Dollinger lands internship that is out of this world5:019/292010
[ ]"Study Abroad; Political Science Department; Smigelski, Lauren; Internships"A different kind of Hill: Stories from abroad 8:012/162011
[ ]"Study Abroad; Political Science Department; Smigelski, Lauren; Internships"Who's on the Hill?: Story from abroad 9:012/232011
[ ]Summer Jobs;Internships;WittPath Career Services;Smiseck, WendyWittenberg Summer Jobs Fair a Long Standing Tradition 3:32/62013
[ ]Internships;Radio station;Disc Jockey (DJ);Ziegler, BreanneIn the Life of an Intern: Itís Just One of Those Days 6:42/202013
[ ]Internships;Travel;China;Bennett, JoAnn;Pierce, Ashleigh;Lukk, Martin;[Photo]Lack of Grant Means No Summer China Trip for Students 2:12/272013
[ ]Internships;Spring Break;Radio station;Life of an Intern: Spring Break "Fun" Drive6:33/202013
[ ]Bowermaster, Jamie;Drugs;Springfield;Police and Security;InternshipsA Day in the Life of a Drug Unit Intern2:13/272013
[ ]Careers;InternshipsConstant Activity at This Year's Job and Internship Fair4:33/272013
[ ]Archibald, Sam;[Photo];Internships;Seniors;Careers;FinancesFeatured Senior: Sam Archibald4:14/102013
[ ]Internships;Summer Jobs;Swanson, Lauren;Gaterman, Lindsey;New York City;Ireland;Fashion;[Photo]Girls Meet World4:19/112013
[ ]Internships;WittPath Career Services;Smiseck, Wendy;Hayes, Josh;Holmes, Austin;Webster, KelcieDoes the Unpaid Internship Pay Off? 3:111/202013
[ ]Online Exclusive;Careers;Mann, Eric;Biehl, Alec;Ross, Rachel;InternshipsWittenberg Seniors Offer Insight on Post-Graduation 2/262014
[ ][Photos];WittPath Career Services;Internships;Verellen, Olivia;COMPASSInternship & Job Fair Offers Opportunities for Students 5:111/152017