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[ ]Regional Council for International Education3 faculty study under RCIE in Latin American program6:112/91966
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationSchedules "appraisal" theme conference here3:14/71967
[ ]Regional Council for International Education4 faculty members attend institute at Ohio Northern, Theme: Eastern Europe & the Soviet Union2:210/131967
[ ]Regional Council for International Education2 faculty members represent WU at Latin American Conference at Hiram College9:510/211967
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationWittenberg site of seminar. Dr. Morroe Berger of Princeton Univ. 1st lecturer4:410/111968
[ ]Committee on International EducationInvestigating study abroad programs8:12/261971
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationSummer seminar to be held in Japan6:63/11973
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationEducation program bankrupt1:11/161975
[ ]International EducationOffers information on studies abroad5:710/91975
[ ]International EducationStudy in Greece challenging6:110/231975
[ ]International EducationPaula (Epstein) talks about Taiwan8:11/151976
[ ]International EducationPaula (Radice) enjoys Tasmania6:111/221976
[ ]International EducationSummer in India6:61/291976
[ ]International EducationNancy (Beitman) enjoys England6:12/51976
[ ]International EducationScholarships open for study in Japan4:22/191976
[ ]International EducationJapan seminar open5:14/81976
[ ]International EducationThree return from Japan5:14/81976
[ ]International EducationStudents return from Mexico6:34/151976
[ ]International EducationStudents study a term in Liverpool, England4:74/291976
[ ]International EducationFrance represents opening experience6:65/61976
[ ]International EducationWitt student to revisit England4:65/201976
[ ]Council of International Educational ExchangeTravel catalog available free8:15/121977
[ ]International EducationTayo Boye from Nigeria reflects on education and lifestyle differences6:15/291981
[ ]International EducationBarbara Chen, student from China interviewed about educational system in China6:510/161981
[ ]International EducationOpportunity to study in Greece or Rome available; representation of programs on campus4:210/231981
[ ]International Education OfficeIEO announces orientation meeting10:25/91986
[ ]International Education DeptInternational education department updates new policy policies16:11/301987
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational education10/211988
[ ]International Education OfficeApply now for study abroad programs1/201989
[ ]International Education DeptForeign Studies cater to student needs2/21990
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational education broader than U.S.2/161990
[ ]International Education OfficePoland invites students to study abroad2/161990
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational students adapt to changes2/231990
[ ]International EducationInt'l workcamps combine service, travel4/121990
[ ]International EducationEurope and credit: Do they mix?5/251990
[ ]International EducationFewer study abroad as a result of Middle East war10:49/201991
[ ]International EducationWitt students study abroad to view a different culture and new way of life3:11/241992
[ ]International EducationStudents escape Wittenberg to get a taste of the real world3:45/221992
[ ]Global Issues; International EducationGreer, Bennett deny Geneva program being discontinued1:410/91992
[ ]International Education; Student AidFinancial aid available for students wishing to travel abroad says financial aid director2:11/251994
[ ]International EducationStudents offered chance to work in Germany2:42/11994
[ ]International EducationWitt students spend six weeks abroad in Wittenberg, Germany over the summer5:310/181994
[ ]International EducationWitt students safe after quake [Japan]3:11/241995
[ ]International EducationWitt's Fulbright scholars to spend year in Germany2:14/111997
[ ]International EducationOffice of International Education provides a world of opportunites6:110/61998
[ ]International EducationWittenberg continues illustrious program of studying abroad for 20 percent of students3:311/241998
[ ]International Education; Bennett, JoannJoann Bennett finds International Education "never dull"5:12/161999
[ ]International EducationPints, Pounds and Mad Cow Disease: a student's first thoughts on England9:12/62001
[ ]International EducationInternational Education a part of Witt tradition4:14/32001
[ ]College Life; International EducationPlaying Fair in the American Wonderland7:19/252001
[ ]International EducationStudy Abraod: Explore the World, Cultivate the Mind3:13/262002
[ ]International Education; Reid, SaraBeyond the Dutch Bikes, Dikes, and Tulip Fields5:14/192002
[ ]Biology Department; International EducationWitt Biology Students' Summer in the Bahamas5:19/102002
[ ]International Education; Bradley, JonWitt Student Travels to Prague for an International Youth Leadership Conference and Learn about Global Politics5:19/102002
[ ]International Education; OpinionDon't Like the Alcohol Policy?6:19/242002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish . . .15:49/242002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish . . .15:510/12002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad: Remembering a Semester in Shanghai9:110/82002
[ ]International EducationSpanish Connection: A Way of Communicating on Campus3:410/152002
[ ]International EducationYES, NOT YEEEESSSS3:210/292002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish3:111/122002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish: A Way to Communicate on Campus2:111/192002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad this Summer in Cuernavaca, Mexico5:111/192002
[ ]International EducationHappy Thanksgiving to All of You . . . A Way of Communicating on Witt Campus3:111/262002
[ ]International EducationComing Home to Witt's Campus7:41/282003
[ ]International Education; Spanish DepartmentSpeaking Spanish at Witt: A new way o communicate on campus15:32/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/112003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/182003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/252003
[ ]International EducationA semester away from Witt2:13/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt2:13/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt3:13/252003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish15:14/12003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:14/112003
[ ]International EducationInternational students give Witt a new perspective8:110/22003
[ ]International EducationStudy Abraod Fair to showcase program options in various countries5:110/92003
[ ]Hanke, Anna; International EducationLife amongst Kiwis: A reflection on a Witt student-s study abroad experience8:112/112003
[ ]Honors Program; International EducationHonors students travel to China2:21/292004
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad: How to get involved3:42/192004
[ ]International EducationWittenberg to send students overseas for summer1:12/192004
[ ]National News; International EducationShots From The Cupola7:43/252004
[ ]Campus; International Education; Student Unionletters to the editor6:14/222004
[ ]International educationLife in Denmark6:510/72004
[ ]International educationTales form an African experience4:310/72004
[ ]Faculty and Staff; International Education Office; Study Abroad; Bennett, JoAnn; Butch, LaurenStudy Abroad Fair offers students chance to go global1:110/112007
[ ]International Education Office; Study Abroad; Faculty and Staff; Bennett, JoAnn;Wittenberg goes global: The studying abroad experience7:112/62007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Bennett, JoAnn; International Education Office; Study AbroadStudy abroad fair 2:410/92008
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Faculty and Staff; Frost, Marcia"Students have summer of timeless travels4:019/82010
[ ]International Education; Study Abroad; Spanish DepartmentMemorable Summer Excursion to South America5:019/222010
[ ]"Thorgeirsdottir, Hrund; International Education; Study Abroad"Icelandic student right here at Witt5:0111/102010
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Alcohol; Douglass, Brad; Larson, Hannah"Transition from being abroad to being back at Witt 4:012/22011
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]Abaye, Menna; American International Association (AIA); Bennett, JoAnn; Concerned Black Students (CBS); International Education; Qiu, Iris; Lui, Lisa W.; Mackintosh, Cameron; Sallah, Ya HaddyCuts to International Office Enrage Foreign Exchange Students 1:13/52014
[ ]Costa Rica;Study Abroad;International Education;Ritter, John;Athletics;[Photo]íVen a Costa Rica! 4:19/212016