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[ ]Administration; Alumnae/Alumni; Faculty and Staff; History Department; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince Nears 84th Milestone: "Wittenberg's Grand Old Man" Has Served College For Nearly Sixty Years (pic)1:512/111924
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Volwiler, Albert T.Dr. Volwiler is Granted Leave: History Professor Will Assume Position at Indiana State University6:35/281925
[ ]History DepartmentO'Connor and History Department reconsider changes for senior comprehensive test2:12/281992
[ ]History DepartmentWittenberg fall colliquium honors Behrman1:210/11993
[ ]History Department[Cynthia F.] Behrman receives honorable mention for teacher award1:34/191994
[ ]History DepartmentVietnam War triggers [Patricia] Pelley's interest in history6:111/81994
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; History DepartmentAlumnae [Janet] Jackson speaks about women in politics1:44/251995
[ ]History DepartmentDr. [Joseph] O'Conner's fatherly pride emanates on campus6:15/121995
[ ]Behrman, Dr. Cynthia; History DepartmentDr. Behrman shares wisdom of history5:35/231995
[ ]Lewis, Dr. Joseph; History DepartmentLewis advocates oral history2:12/131996
[ ]History DepartmentTaylor examines film biography3:33/251997
[ ]History DepartmentHistory Professor Celms retiring at the end of the semester6:112/91997
[ ]History DepartmentHistory dept. hires female professor, Celms to retire2:14/171998
[ ]Huffman, Dr. Jim ; History DepartmentTeacher, grandfather, writer and gardener, Dr. Jim Huffman wears many different hats7:112/81998
[ ]History Department; Cutler, Dr. RobertAfter thirty years, Dr. Robert Cutler retires with happy memories of classes and students at Witt7:12/91999
[ ]Livingstone, Amy; Wood, Molly M.; Citino, Nathan J.; History DepartmentNew Profs bring new interests3:111/21999
[ ]History DepartmentChanges made to History major2:42/82000
[ ]History DepartmentThe History Department shines toward a bright future 4:42/82007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Proctor, TammyWittenberg's claim to fame: Proctor to appear in documentary directed by George Lucas3:12/142008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Proctor, Tammy; BooksProctor honors and celebrates impact of Girl Scouts1:110/82009
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; History Department; Rosenberg, Scott; Lesotho; Africa; Study Abroad"Rosenberg taking two student groups to Lesotho1:0212/82010
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Leventhal Lecture; Brands, H.W.; Politics; History DepartmentWitt Series: Author Uses History to Explore the Problems of the Present 1:19/282011
[ ]History Department;Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene;Sabbatical Leave System;Colloquia;[Photos]Semester Spent Studying Kitchens 10:39/232015
[ ]Racial Issues;Police -- Special weapons and tactics units -- United States;Colloquia;Office of Multicultural Student Programs;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Political Science Department;Black History Month;[Photo]One Hundred and Twenty Five Years of Reform 1:12/242016
[ ]Wood, Molly;History Department;ColloquiaHistory: Sometimes it Rhymes 5:44/62016
[ ]Raffensperger, Christian;History Department;Europe;Harvard University;[Photo]Raffensperger Releases New Book 1:14/272016
[ ]History Department;Wood, Molly;Milliken, MattNo Time for Stalin.. Declare History Major! 5:19/142016
[ ]History Department;Livingstone, Amy;Colloquia;EuropeHistory Colloquium with Livingstone 1:19/282016
[ ]Stankovic, Vlada;History Department;Raffensperger, Christian;Carluccios, MikeVlada Stankovic Brings Research to Wittenberg 4:21/252017
[ ]Colloquia;History Department;Cassis, MarciaMarcia Cassis Presents Çadir Höyük 4:13/12017
[ ]History Department;McCartney, HannahHistory Club Ventures to the Renaissance Festival 4:19/272017
[ ]History Department;Brooks Hedstrom, DarleneBrooks Hedstrom Releases Book and Celebrates Publishing 8:112/62017